Feb. 25, 2010 (#522)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 25, 2010:

Socialism's Plan -- Austerity to Slim the Man,
Escalation to Starvation:

"Some Say it's New Order Run by Socialist Expertise,
Big Brother from Cradle to Grave, Makes the Blood Freeze,
Optimists Say it Can't Last, Will End Up in Disaster,
Truth Be Told, We've Been Sold to Horned Guy, the Master,
His Psychopathic Servants Chant 'Only Doing Our Job, Sir,'
Forcing Poverty Down Our Throats While They're All Eating Lobster,
Equality in Austerity, Share Everything You Do,
99 Percent to Government, 1 Percent for You,
Europe's Got an Anthem to 12 Stars in Eye They Sing,
Bacon said, 'In the Land of Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King' "
© Alan Watt Feb. 25, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 25, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 25th 2010.  For the newcomers to the show, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Scroll down the front page and bookmark all the other sites I have up there for future use because once in a while the big ones go down.  The official sites are [listed above].  Remember, you are the audience that brings me to you because I donít ask for cash from the advertisers.  The ads on the show are paid directly by advertisers straight to RBN; it bypasses me completely and I have nothing to do with it.  That pays for this air time.  It pays for the staff at RBN and the broadcast through the satellite, etc and their bills and that is very, very important these days.  So you can keep me going by buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can also donate to me.  It is up to you if you spare a few pennies here and there.  Most folk things are free today but there is nothing free.  There is a big body of people behind the person who is pushing something, believe you me, and nothing is for free.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  They used to accept postal money orders from around the world at one time, just a few years ago, but they stopped all that after 9/11 except for the US to Canada because we are pretty well amalgamated under the North American Union.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, write to me at [address above]. 


Reality, reality, realityÖ everybody is clutching for some kind of reality.  Well, not everybody is clutching for reality, they think they have it because itís presented to them every day by their television and their radio and the movies that theyíre watching.  That IS their reality, to be honest with you, for most people, because the technique of indoctrination has been so well perfected with mass communication.  Of course, you understand too, that all down through time money has gone towards a military-industrial complex of one form or another.  Most folk donít even know that a knight of the Middle Ages just didnít have one horse, his lance, his spear and a squire to get him, and his little castle to live in, he had a string of horses.  He didnít have one horse.  Even during the crusades they had about 5 or 6 horses each in the train.  It cost the equivalent of a leer jet to keep them going.  So somebody was making an awful lot of money off of the military and they always have done, since long before that even.  The Phoenicians had basically the patent, you might say, because they had the secrets of where to get the materials to make the bronze for spears and swords and they kept that quiet for hundreds of years.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about reality and how it is projected TO us.  Most folk donít have much of a chance because you get brainwashed when you are born and your parents will download to YOU the reality that THEY were given because they havenít questioned anything either.  They complain about politics and this guy in politics or that guy, but they donít really understand whatís going on.  Why should they, because they truly believe the media is there to do their thinking for them. They honestly do. 


Reality is such a hard, hard thing to grasp.  Iíve talked about how the world is planned with different phases of the plan and some are 5-year plans, some are 10, some are 50, some 100, some 120-150 years.  If you go into the United Nations and the various organizations they have and their agendas, they use the same technique of 5, up to 100-year plans for different parts of the world integrated socialist system.  Youíll find that in the Economic Union of Europe, same idea from their parliament.  So we are run by these plans and we are not supposed to know.  We are supposed to play and work and have some fun and donít think too much.  Never before in history have we had such really cheap entertainment, such a mass of it, to keep our minds from thinking about anything and yet entertainment also does another function and thatís to download lots of messages for predictive programming into YOU.  It gives you your opinions in pretty well every topic you can imagine.


Iíve mentioned before how at the beginning of the 20th century, the Fabians were talking about a post-industrial society, a world society run by a socialist system.  Socialism means that the experts, those who are fittest to rule, should have the right to rule, all the intelligentsia and academia and people with the right kind of knowledge, you know.  You just cannot manage your lives properly and so with this big system, with the massesÖ The term ďthe massesĒ broke out with the industrial era.  You stopped being people anymore and you became the mass, the masses.  Itís been the same right up until the present time.  They still use that.  Everything is based on mass management but it also means that every individual HAS TO be completely predictable and hence the need for complete surveillance on every single person and the internet and all the other toys we have were given to us for that purpose. 


They also said at the beginning of the 20th century that eventually they would crowd everybody into Super Cities.  In the 90s, the United Nations had a day for the opening, of their statement at least Ė they open a lot of things in the air Ė to do with the beginning of Super Cities.  The projects were to go ahead.  Not many people looked in to what they were talking about because it seemed kind of wishy-washy at the time, not very clear at all and we tend to ignore things that arenít spelled out in, like, child-speak to us.  It was the creation, first of all, of the amalgamation of existing main cities with all those smaller ones that had grown up around them, various townships as well.  Then the push would be on to depopulate the rural areas; thatís always been a prime thing to do for socialist countries.  They move the people from the country into the mega cities where they can be more properly managed, under many different pretexts of course, as well. 


Weíve seen that happen in places like Canada and other countries across the world where they have amalgamated everything, CENTRALIZED them into the main city.  All the taxation for your state, your province, comes from your MAIN Super City where it used to be basically spread out from the different ones.  Thatís why itís so inefficient because you cannot haveÖ the further away that your government goes from YOU, the less chance there is they are going to bothered about you; you are just another one of the many around them that they donít really want to look at. 


I also mentioned that I think it was Detroit that was going to be one of the first cities to be basically demolished around the urban area.  Urban sprawl, as they call it, is a dirty thing.  Thatís why they called it Ďsprawl;í itís the linguistics they use.  Obama talked about his projects that heíd taken from someone else that came forward, to talk about how they would demolish these old urban areas, where people live, and theyíve moved all the work or the factories out.  This article shows you how they donít just say something.  Legally they have to tell you, in a sense.  It doesnít mean they have to explain it to you.  They just have to tell you, make the statement or use the term like Ďnew world orderí like Papa Bush and Mr Blair and then Brown at the different G20 meetings, as all the newspapers said.  THEY MEAN WHAT THEY SAY and we tend to ignore it thinking it doesnít really affect us.  This article is from the Detroit News.  It saysÖ


Detroit Mayor Bing emphasizes need to shrink city

Detroit mayor Dave Bing says the city plans to encourage residents to move from some neighborhoods: "If they stay where they are I absolutely cannot give them all the services they require."

Mayor says it's not 'an easy conversation,' but people, services must be focused to save city

CHRISTINE MACDONALD / The Detroit News  / February 25, 2010 / detnews.com


(Alan:  As I say, they will use any excuse, you see, so it will be easier for THEM to have all your little walk-in clinics and different things, and social work departments, itís less far to go for the Childrenís Aid to go and steal your children from you when itís all centralized and you are all squashed together like sardines living on top of each other.) 


Detroit --Mayor Dave Bing said Wednesday he "absolutely" intends to relocate residents from desolate neighborhoods and is bracing for inevitable legal challenges when he unveils his downsizing plan.  (A:  Thatís a clearance, by the way, not downsizing.  Itís called CLEARANCES; theyíve done clearances all down through history and it is a clearance project.)


In his strongest statements about shrinking the city since taking office, Bing told WJR-760 AM the city is using internal and external data to decide "winners and losers."  (A:  Winners and losersÖ thatís all you are.)  The city plans to save some neighborhoods and encourage residents to move from others, he said.  (A:  ĎEncourageíÖ ha.  What does encouragement mean, eh?)


"If we don't do it, you know this whole city is going to go down. (A:  Well no kidding.  I thought it already had.)  I'm hopeful people will understand that," Bing said. "If we can incentivize (A:  ĎIncentivizeíÖ thatís a good one.) some of those folks that are in those desolate areas, they can get a better situation."  (A:  Really?)


"If they stay where they are I absolutely cannot give them all the services they require."


He said there's no timeline, price tag or estimate on the number of people who would have to be moved, but said federal funding would be needed. (A:  Well thatís already been pretty well put on the books.)  Bing said he plans to focus on the neighborhoods in which Detroit Public Schools plans to build schools with $500.5 million in bonds voters approved last year.  (A:  So once again, itís for the children.  You understand, youíve got to sacrifice for the children because in this society we love children so much, thatís why the abortion clinics are chomping out the smoke that no one complains about in that particular case.)


"You can't support every neighborhood," Bing told WJR's Frank Beckmann. "You can't support every community across this city. (A:  Well, you see, something has happened because you shouldnít have to support them at all.  Is that what government is for?  Öto support you?  Is that what government really is there for, to support you?)  Those communities that are stable, we can't allow them to go down the tubes. That's not a good business decision from my vantage point."  (A:  So your home and where you live is really a business.)


Bing acknowledged it won't be "an easy conversation." And he's already facing opposition from activists such as Ron Scott, who said he is "adamantly opposed" and believes the business community is pushing Bing to get cheap access to large tracts of the city.  (A:  Of course, thatís also true as well.  And you know the ones they pick on first, the ones that are at rock bottom, maybe behind in a few payments, and those are the ones that they pick on first, or the unemployed.  Itís an old, old story; nothing new in it really at all, is it?)


Iíll put this link up on my site at the end of the show.  Iíll also put up the one on the Mega Cities to show you just how ALREADY there are hundreds of NGOs, non-governmental organizations working with your governments, and have been for a while, getting paid by your government and the foundations to set up this system through academia and various other sources.  Itís all across Europe as well because itís a world organization.  Itís from the United Nations who first mentioned the cramming in of all the people into the center, downtown areas.  They will be building up the way until you have the shacks on top like they did in Hong Kong at one time. They literally had shacks on top of the skyscrapers for those at the bottom of the heap, only it was a reversal, you were at the top of the heap there. 


Now, the EU, itís interesting.  I read an article recently where Hillary Clinton was addressing NATO and popping over to see her friend Madeline Albright, also as an adviser there.  The woman who loves people and starves them to death like she did with Iraq and thought it was a good thing.  Hillary mentioned that part of NATOís job and this is true because I read from the book by one of the generals from NATO who wrote a book quite a few years back about, one of its functions was to INTEGRATE, totally integrate, COMPLETELY integrate Europe until itís like ONE country.  Thatís been done, of course.  Hillary reiterated that in her late speech that that was part, still a part of its ongoing function.  Just when you think youíre integrated, no, youíve got MORE integration to go and more and more and more until itís just a mass of heaving peoples moving to and fro and most of them living not too well at all.  This is from the BBC.  Itís about the Economic Union President that was elected by, again, a very SECRETIVE COUNCIL that elects the President for this massive new Soviet bloc called the Economic Union.  Iíll read this tirade that was put against this President in front of his face, after I come back from this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  This article is from the BBC to do with a tirade from a Member of the European Parliament towards the new President that no one had actually heard of before.  So who elected him, no one really knows. 


UK MEP attacks new EU president

BBCNews.com / Wednesday, 24 February 2010


A British Eurosceptic (A:  I like Euro-septic because it sounds nice and smelly.)  MEP has unleashed a volley of insults against the President of the European Council.


Nigel Farage, who leads UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEPS in the European parliament, said Herman Van Rompuy had "the charisma of a damp rag".


He compared the former Belgian prime minister to a "low-grade bank clerk" and said he came from a "non-country".


The attack, which stunned the chamber, came as Mr Van Rompuy made his maiden appearance in parliament in Brussels.


"I don't want to be rude," Mr Farage began, before launching into a personal attack lasting several minutes.


"Who are you? I'd never heard of you, nobody in Europe had ever heard of you," Mr Farage thundered, as noisy disapproval at his intervention in the chamber rose.


"Oh, I know democracy is not popular with you lot," he said, addressing the members of parliament as they voiced their surprise.  (A:  And thatís true.  Thatís true.  Everything is done in secret; this great Soviet bloc they call the European Union and the laws are all passed from the top.  The Members of the European Parliament can suggest laws and they can suggest not putting the laws through but they have no power to block them, everything is in total secrecyÖ but thatís socialism for you.)


Mr Farage - known for his outspoken interventions - did, however, admit that he thought Mr Van Rompuy was "competent and capable", adding that this made him "dangerous".  (A:  Because he means capable for what?  Itís socialism.)


"I have no doubt that your intention is to be the quiet assassin of European democracy and of European nation states," he said.  (A:  Thatís also true because the European Union is not democratic by ANY definition whatsoever.  In fact, some of the dissidents from the old Soviet bloc have written screeds about this and said itís really very much like the Soviet Union.)


Mr Farage's party, UKIP, campaigns for the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. It has 13 representatives in the European parliament.


"You seem to have a loathing for the very concept of the existence of nation states," Mr Farage continued, adding: "Perhaps that's because you come from Belgium, which is pretty much a non-country."


Mr Van Rompuy, 62, was chosen unanimously by the governments of the EU's 27 member states to take on the role of the first permanent European Council president.  (A:  In other words, it was the governments.  This is what we are told, the governments chose this guy.  The public didnít get a vote on anything.  This is the top guy to rule over all of them.)


Described as camera-shy and sometimes given the nickname the "grey mouse", he is seen as a coalition builder, credited for steering linguistically divided Belgium out of crisis.


In a typically low-key response to the comments, Mr Van Rompuy said: "There was one contribution that I can only hold in contempt, but I'm not going to comment further."


You see, he canít deny it because his sole purpose, and thatís why he really was picked by a much higher authority than any leaders of the governments.  He was picked because he is their boy.  He will do exactly as he is told.  Socialism is going hard and fast.  In fact, Europe is gone to be honest with you.  Itís pretty well gone.  You canít unravel it.  I can remember when Bob Rae was put in as the Premier of Canada.  Everybody was so fed up with the left and the right wings, they voted in the far left.  This guy is further left than Karl Marx.  Bob Rae shook up a lot of things.  He left us with a massive debt in Ontario; we didnít have any when he came in.  He said that by the time he finished with Ontario, he and his party, the laws, interwoven laws that he put in would be impossible to unravel.  Well, thatís exactly how they set up the European Union.  In other words they are trying to tell us if we went through trying to unravel these laws legally it would take about 50 years to do so.  Well, personally I know how you do it.  You just get all that stuff and you throw it inÖ Iíve got a nice fire here; itís quite nice and as big, this stove here.  It holds quite a bit and it would burn them all pretty efficiently too because when itís really hot you donít see any smoke coming out.  But thatís the reality of life we are living in.  Itís a planned farce and has been for quite a few generations and the public are the last, itís designed that the public are the last to know what itís really all about


Another laugh I got too, was the World Heath Organization, this great Dr WHO.  From all the farces theyíve gone through, remember everything from the United Nations is a POLITICAL agency and every agency they have is for a political purpose in the big socialist plan.  Weíve seen the farces theyíve had with the IPCC that they commandeered and all the other organizations that end up with scandals and scams.  Here theyíve come out withÖ


A Surgical Safety Checklist to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality in a Global Population

Previous Volume 360:491-499  January 29, 2009  Number 5 / NEJM.org


I donít know if you know it or not, your health services are all being amalgamated.  Thatís part of the globalist plan.  You will have ONE authority over all medicine and medical authorities and everything comes down from the United Nations.  Actually it already does go through the World Health Organization, but they are putting in a Surgical Safety Checklist for SURGEONS and for the staff and itís the most basic stuff that I donít evenÖ I think even the nursing assistants probably get taught this stuff.  They have to retell them again to count the swabs, make sure they are all out of the body, make sure that they have right patient and donít remove the wrong breast.  Back after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning this World Health Organization list they put out.  This article is actually from the New England Journal of Medicine.  Iíll put this up for your perusal too and another one next to it, to do with Canadaís safety checklist.  We are so goody-two-shoes in Canada weíve already implemented this to make sure the people go through this 32-point list and itís to mandatory on April 1st.  It saysÖ [Alan laughing].  Youíve got to laugh at Canada too.


New safety checklist designed to prevent surgical errors

By Dave Waddell, The Windsor Star, February 24, 2010


The surgical safety checklist that was rolled out this week by the Ontario Ministry of Health (A:  Which they donít mention is from the World Health Organization.) is designed to prevent precisely the kind of mistakes that saw Dr. Barbara Heartwell perform two unnecessary mastectomies on a pair of local women, health officials said Wednesday.  (A:  And that is called, in medical parlance, oops.  Someone else also, I do believe, removed a babyís bladder by mistake.  Thatís an awful thing.  You could see it in a comedy show and you would laugh your head off but in realityÖ this is real.  Theyíre actually doing this kind of stuff.)


I canít understand how itís happening at all.  I really, really canít.  I really, really, really canít.  Either the training has gone down the tubes to such an extent that youíve got total incompetents in charge but I think part of it too, again, is the socialist system that runs the whole thing here.  There are more chiefs than Indians.  There are more bureaucrats running over these things than well-trained employees and thatís part of the problem.  Thatís also the same I think with Britain and other countries in Europe.  The US is taking Britain for the example to follow under Obamaís health care plan.  Donít you believe for a second that itís been shelved or they are still debating because I talk to enough medical professional in the US, frequently, who give me the scoop on whatís BEING implemented already, what was being implemented before Obama was brought in even, and where it is all going now.  There are a lot of wards getting shut down.  There are a lot of them that are getting rented out to private organizations.  Right along with the plan that Obama had suggested, from the RAND Corporation of course, they are really cutting an awful lot of the care OUT all together. 


Iíll put all these links up for you to peruse at the end of the show on cuttingthroughthematrix.com if XplorNet, that wonderful Hughes Satellite Company that gives it out to a few companies like XplorNet, GIVES ME or DEEMS to give me the speed that I need to get everything uploaded tonight, since Iím down to twice the speed of dial-up and Iím paying 3 times of what most of you are paying out there for your cable or high speed internet.  Because Iím me, I guess.  They just like me so much. 


There is a caller on the line.  I donít know if its long distance but itís from London.  Is it Honey that is there?


Honey:  Thank you for taking my call.  Iíve only been listening to your show for a few months but you are doing a good work and you are waking people up.  I just wanted to, itís good you spend so much time talking about the EU and thatís what my little comment is about.  A few weeks ago, when they were talking about Greece and the economy in the news, whether they were going to help them or not.  Someone was being interviewed and I think he was based inside the European Parliament and behind him, on one of these sort of LCD screens, was the flag of the EU.  There is the blue background and the circle of the 12 golden stars.  Above the circle and underneath it were these 2 yellow semi circles.  Basically, to me, it looks like an eye.  Iíve never seen that symbol before and when I saw that I got quite disturbed by it.  I tried finding that clip on the internet, you know a lot of them upload these into the internet, but I couldnít find it anywhere.  Iím just having a look on the EU web site now and it turns out that itís a symbol of one of their sort ofÖ one of their bodies.  Itís a symbol of the Council.  Itís something that I never saw before and it really, it just freaked me out and I wanted to call you about it and I havenít had a chance to do so until now.  Itís also interesting because when I was at school we were taught that the 12 stars are meant to symbolize the first 12 nations that signed onto the EU. 


Alan:  Thatís what they told them.


Honey:  But if you actually go on their own web siteÖ Can I read something out?  Iím on the web site now and it says, ďThe number of stars have nothing to do with the number of member states.  There are 12 stars because the number 12 is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity.  The flag therefore remains unchanged regardless of EU enlargements.Ē


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Honey:  I know that youíve mentioned in the past the UN actually means Ďoneí in French.  Does the EU have something to do with Ďeyeí in other European languages?  Does it mean Ďeye?í


Alan:  Itís from an old Greek rendition and then intoÖ it stayed in Greek actually.  The precursor of dawn was also called Ďeuaí or often they will say Ďioí and in the modern times but it used to be pronounced Ďeu.í  There is always someone who heralds the dawn, the new age, the new time.  Thatís why John the Baptist was put in; he is the heralder for a new system.  Thatís why in Freemasonry says that he is the heralder.  Thatís why they have Saint Johnís lodges and all the rest of it.  Itís the same thing here.  There is always one who heralds the dawn coming in and really thatís what thatís stands for.  They will often now say Ďioí but itís Ďeu.í 


Honey:  When that person was being interviewed, that eye in the background was the first thing that jumped out at me.  I suppose I guess, once youíve been listening to shows like yours, it changes your thinking.  I was just thinking, other people that are watching the same interview at home, surely they are seeing this but, I guess obviously that they are not.


Alan:  They donít really.  Itís the same with the American flag.  Often you will see it with the gold fringe around it, which is really maritime law, because things are run by maritime law when itís got a gold fringe round about it.  But they donít ask questions.  They really believe the media will tell them everything that is important and of course the mediaís job is not to tell you anything thatís important.  Whatís interesting too about the European Union one is if you look at the original American, the US war of independence flag, it did not have the lines of stars; it had a circle of stars in it on a blue background.  Exactly the same.  Benjamin Franklin explained that.  He said, I hope this will be a confederation for a confederation of the world because the purpose of the 12 is for a guiding council, to run behind the scenes, of wise men and 12 wise men, he says, will rule the world.  And thatís what itís always meant in Cabalism, in esoteric Cabalism.  Itís not the Parliament as you know and even the ones at the top tell you that all the decisions are done by secret panels at the top.  Well, there is obviously a TOP secret panel and it will be 12 wise men.


Honey:  Itís not every day that you get political organizations talking about perfect numbers and things like that and on their web site.


Alan:  Exactly.   Where is this in theÖ You only find this in Cabalism and thatís where it really comes from.  


Honey:  Thank you for taking my call.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Youíll find in the Rosicrucian movement they used that number and that figure too and Rosicrucianism also had, it wasnít just a Jewish Cabalism, they borrowed a lot of the Jewish concepts and brought it in.  They actually called it Christian Cabalism at the time and that became one of their high symbols, the 12 stars.  Of course, they always say there are 12 chairs laid out with an extra one that is not occupied so technically there are 13 chairs, 12 bodies, but one to come.  Thatís what they say.  The eye is interesting; itís always the same con job thatís going on.  That means from even above the panels there is another body or person watching over it all.  Some of them will say, oh itís the grand architect of the universe and all that stuff but itís much bigger than just that.  They definitely have single bosses here and there looking over individual organizations. 


Itís interesting, this article, to do with just how addicted people are today to their toys, that they were given.  They are made very, very cheap, all the toys.  The internet is cheap for most folk; even if you donít have much money at all you can get a cheap, used computer and get a cheap dealÖ unless you live in the country like I do and you have to get satellite.  They have their phones and all the rest of it.  Iíve read articles before where they were already doing studies through academia and getting all the information given to them by the authorities of your phone calls, where you are, when you do it, to find out PATTERNS all about YOU and how it is fed to the Pentagon.  I read the article FROM the Pentagon where they actually have a virtual reality world set up where there is one of EACH OF US in thatÖ an avatar, if you like, in each one of these, from all countries, IN the Pentagon setup.  The idea being, that by getting all of your daily data and information on where you travel with your cell phone Ė because they are tracking you all the time Ė getting your cluster of friends Ė they call them clusters Ė what you have in common with people, they fix out your personality profile and they can actually feed into it what you would do under certain circumstances, knowing your personality profile, and so you are UTTERLY PREDICTABLE.  This article is just another one on the same kind of thing.


Struck in a rut?

 That might be because our movements are 90% predictable

By Fiona Macrae / Daily Mail / 25th February 2010


Like to think of yourself as a spontaneous sort?  You are so predictable.


We are such creatures of habit that scientists can accurately predict where we'll go and when we'll go there more than 90 per cent of the time.


Most of us can usually be found within one to three miles of our home.


Even those with a long commute generally do the same things at around the same time each day, the journal Science reports.


In other words, most of us are stuck in a rut.


Researcher Albert-Laszlo Barbasi said: 'If you drive for one and a half hours to work and back, three hours of your day are taken away so you have little freedom to be spontaneous.


'You are working, and travelling home and pretty much crashing and preparing for the next day.'


Globetrotters also follow a well-trodden path, tending to follow familiar routes, rather than visiting new places.


Professor Barbasi, of the respected Harvard Medical School in the U.S., analysed three months of mobile phone data from 50,000 people.


Logged by billing companies when they made or received calls and text, it allowed the researchers to pinpoint their location to within two miles.


The researchers used this information to build up a pattern of each person's movements during the week and at weekends.


They found they could predict where a person would be at given time and get it right up to 93 per cent of the time.


Even the most spontaneous sorts were 80 per cent predictable.


Professor Barbasi said: 'We are far more predictable than we actually think.


'You have a regular schedule but think there are people out there who are less regular and are very spontaneous.


'What we are finding is there aren't those spontaneous people out there.  Each of us are very regular and that regularity makes us very predictable


Iíve told you before that in a totalitarian system EVERYONE must be completely predictable.  In every totalitarian society Ė that have always been socialist by the way Ė under the names of Soviet or Nazi Ė Nazi was national socialism; communism or Sovietization was supposed to be international socialism Ė they had records on EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL and all their habits and incredible amounts of data BEFORE they even had computers.  So here they are going at it and this is only one professor getting this information shared to him that is supposed to be kept private and all the rest of it.  Heís doing this data and I guarantee you this stuff will be going to the Pentagon too, from that previous article I read a few months ago, or maybe it was last summer even.  Just to let you know that thatís the kind of world we are growing up into.  Most folk donít care because a lot of people WILL like socialism.  They can be trained into liking Big Brother and believing that he is there to help them.  A lot of folk will actually like that, believe it or not. 


This article, ďWill dummies buy the fedís ďsmart meterĒ line?Ē Ė they are putting these smart meters in your electrical supply on your house all over Canada and a lot of places in the States.  In Canada we donít get the option; they just come and put it in.  These meters have 2 methods it said, in a little brochure that is slipped under your door, to transmit the readings to their head office, once itís up and running.  They said that one is by, basically, FM radio and the other one is by a Wi-Fi system that connects somehow to the internet.  So here is another spy thing in your house but not only that, they can actually read the signatures on any appliance you use in your house.  When you buy any new items you can plug them in and it will automatically register that and send that back to them too.  And if you go over a certain amount of usage you eventually will be penalized for doing so, as they bring in what they call Ďthe age of austerity.í 


The age of austerity, the cutbacks, training the animals to have less and less and less and the wonderful equality.  Thatís what they mean by equality in socialism, we are all dirt, equally poor at the bottom Ė thatís most of us Ė and you have the small elite at the top running the whole system, as Iíve explained many, many times before.  Under the austerity, if you read the articles in the papers today, do a search, youíll find that Greece is going through riots right now because their President or Prime Minister just declared heís bringing in austerity and massive clamp-downs to pay off the national debt.  Really he was ordered to do so by the Economic Union because you are no longer a sovereign nation anymore.  In fact, you have less rights than a US state has to the federal government.  You are more like a province of Britain basically and you do what you are told.  So it saysÖ


 Privacy alert: Will dummies buy the fedís ďsmart meterĒ line?

2010 February 25 / blastmagazine.com


The word ďprivacyĒ appears not once, in a 1,500-word request for public comment on the smart grid, released by the White House this week.


Thatís because your individual privacy is the obstacle that the government, aided by the utility companies, hopes to overcome with so-called smart meters ó devices that will reveal precisely how you are using the electricity you paid for.


Research into the smart grid, which includes the use of smart meters, has been paid for by hundreds of millions of your tax dollars.  (A:  Thatís a fact. Our tax money FUNDS our chains.  I keep telling you this.  WE FUND OUR OWN CHAINS.  Isnít that amazing?  We pay for all the research and development and the set-up of it and then they make us pay for it when they install it.)


So far, the only discernible benefits of the smart meters will go to the utility companies and government investigators. (No potential savings for consumers have been demonstrated.)  (A:  Your bills donít go down.)


One question from the Office of Science and Technology does glance on the privacy issue:


ďWho owns the home energy usage data? Should individual consumers and their authorized third-party service providers have the right to access energy usage data directly from the meter?Ē


Obviously, individual consumers own the juice they pay for, not the utilities. (A:  Well thatís going to be obvious but it ainít the facts.  Back with more after this break.) 


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and before leaving the smart meters, I should mention too that here in Canada theyíve been putting them in for a long time and they still havenít set up the grid, they tell us.  How theyíve been doing it before that even, was that they stopped sending it out to you because they privatized it.  The taxpayer funded and built up the whole electrical system for Ontario and then they sold it for peanuts.  Actually, Maurice Strong set it up, from the United Nations.  He was the guy they sent over to sell it off, to his private buddies, and then they cut back on even meter readers. 


So they give you an estimate of what they think it should be, according to last year or whatever, and believe you me, when they make a mistake it doesnít matter how many times you phone them up, as I do every week, they go by that original mistake.  These people you talk to are like computers themselves.  You get overbilled by some times $300-400 in a bill and that can take up to 4 months to clear up with them, maybe 5 if you stick at it.  I went through it last year, then they put in the smart meter.  The girl who read the last meter, they actually sent her out to read it when they were installing the new one.  She couldnít read it because the bowl was all full of condensation so she guessed at it and Iím supposed to just pay up her big mistake, which is out by hundreds of bucks.  So this is tacked on to every bill they give me ever since and even yet Iím still phoning in what the new meter says because they havenít sent out someone to read it and they havenít set up the system to read it remotelyÖ so they tell me.  Thatís your con with smart meters but it will be a form of making you austere, teaching you and training you Pavlovian style by cutting you off, if necessary, according to how many people are in the house as to how much electricity you should be using.  They will just cut you off and penalize you if you go above it.  Thatís whatís coming down.  I read the early articles on it a few years back. 


Freedom is a wonderful thing and Iím still looking to find someone whoís got it.  Iíve read a lot about it and Iíve read a lot about people fighting for freedom but I truly havenít met many people whoíve got it.   Maybe in a few jungles here and there where folk make sure, like they are in some parts of the Amazon, they donít let the people IN to spoil their country.  Maybe they have freedom but if they do, they are the last.


We prattle on about it a lot because we are taught by the governments that we are free.  Iíve read that quote often by Huxley and Russell and others who said we will all believe we are free because the government will tell us so.  Thatís really the freedom that we have today as we are trained, Pavlovian style, into this new socialist system thatís got a fair ways to go and itís not pleasant whatsoever.  Itís a global plantation, basically.  Depopulation will come in to it as they claim there are less resources.  It doesnít matter if there are less resources, the fact is, they are allowing less resources to be used and given to us.  That will eventually come to your food as well.  Rationing will come down the pike.  Theyíve got to bring that in, they always do in a wartime scenario and this is a WAR ON THE PUBLIC they declared a long time ago by the Fabians and the Royal Society and the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations to basically train the public into the way we SHOULD live, according to the EXPERTS, those that know better, but donít want to live like youSome are more equal than others in such utopias, said Orwell. 


I was going to read an article about a poor old woman of 61 who got arrested for standing and talking about arranging her funeral by a cop in Atlanta but Iíll leave that until tomorrow.  From Hamish and myself from a VERY cold Canada Ė amongst all this global warming and there is a cold north wind blowing Ė itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




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