March 1, 2010 (#524)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 1, 2010:

Culture Circus is a Clown and We're All Going Down:

"The Last Remnants in Dehumanization,
Against Unborn or Aged, No Humiliation
By Programmed Populace, Ego-Syntonic,
Hedonistic Narcissists, It's So Ironic,
Berty Russell, et al, said They'd 'Make it Be,'
Easy to Control When There's No Humanity,
In Dysfunctional, Disconnected 'Me' Society,
'Me' No Squeal When They Come for Others,
'Me' No Care What They Do to Brothers,
'Me' No Hear, 'Me' No Speak, 'Me' No See,
'Me' Squeal Like Pig When They Come for Me,
Elite are Disgusted at Our Behaviour,
We'd Avert Our Gaze if They Crucified a Saviour,
Don't Be Involved, Look to Own Salvation,
They Might Leave You Alone in Your Degradation"
© Alan Watt March 1, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 1, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 1st 2010.  I start of the show by suggesting that the newcomers that come in, and there are lots that come in all the time, should go right to web site and bookmark all the other sites I have up.  Once in a while the big ones go down or I canít upload to them and with these alternate sites you can always get the latest shows for download for free.  [Official sites listed above.]  I always mention too, the tin can moment, this is where I rattle the tin can.  You donít hear anything because there is nothing in it, but itís up to you to keep me going because you are the audience.  I could be paid by advertisers and sponsors and so on but I donít because you kind of compromise in some ways and some topics might come up that you canít really answer truthfully.  The ads on the show that you hear are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN for their broadcast time.  It pays for their staff, their board ops, their equipment, bills, and the transmission of this particular show.  So itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by going into the web sites, scroll down and look at the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation option listed above.]   For those who get the disks burned and passed at meetings of the shows I do on RBN here, you can always get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Last week I was going on about reality and showing you the differences between what youíre told and what is actually happening and what ISÖ as I say, what IS, as opposed to the propaganda.  Iím sure most of you out there now in this audience are well aware that there are different realities broadcast to the general public and different levels of classesÖ  Back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Last week I mentioned about the IPCC and how they have been caught with so many of their lies and that it doesnít matter because itís a political agenda for a brave new world.  Weíve all to be taught to parrot all the slogans that they have.  They call it Ďconsensus buildingí and all that kind of stuff.  They have all these organizations that are funded with trillions of bucks actually, and I mean TRILLIONS, all over the world to bring in a common culture in a socialist system where we obey, do what we are told to do and they bring down the populations by their nice Fabian socialist means, which means they donít tell you.  After all, you wouldnít get many volunteers, I think Ė not quite yet anyway Ė if you asked for people to come forward and just walk into an extermination booth or to become sterilized.  But the way itís going, if they can depress us enough I guess they will have a lot more takers. 


So they do it, what they call, Ďhumanelyí.  Itís a Ďhumaneí fashion.  In other words, you donít know that youíre being injected with diseases, youíre being sterilized, and youíll come down with cancers and all the rest of it.  Youíll just think itís one of those things and itís your tough luck.  The medical associations are taught that the new normal is that everybody gets cancer.  Thatís how itís all taken.  Including the professions, they also get their propaganda with every class that gets churned out there to practice on the people, in medical practice.  That, really, is how itís done.  Every LAYER is given its own propaganda.  Itís so beautiful when you have standardized, centralized education in the professions.  You can give them, across the world, updates and new theories at the same time and tell them, no, this is always been normal; everyone dies of cancer; they always have; inoculations are good and all the rest of it. 


Everyone takes their indoctrination and they go along with it too, even if what theyíve been taught defies what they are seeing in practice.  They eventually catch on to, wait a minute, I injected all these children last month and they have all these problems now with autism and this and that and the other.  Eventually you start to clue in there is something wrong.  Then you have a slight battle Ė I call it a slight battle Ė with your conscience.  Should I go along with the medical journal and say everything is okay and keep my paycheck or do I QUESTION?  Well, if you question you lose your license and you are out the door.    That would be the right thing to doÖ if you had any integrity at all.  But these characters, of course, donít have any.  Thatís why they go into these jobs now, not because they want to really help people, itís for the big bucks and the status.  Thatís really the idea of it.  Itís the same in academia too. 


I mentioned it wouldnít matter how many scandals broke out with the United Nations IPCC fake propaganda arm for the climate change nonsense.  If we were up to our eyes and our ears in snow, they will still tell you itís global warming.  And they are doing that now.  There is a whole bunch.  See, theyíve regrouped as they always do after one of these big organizations is found out, especially the United Nations.  They come out with just a mass of denials and lies and tell you, once again, all the scientists are in consensus with this.  There is still massive consensus, they say, for global warming over the long haul and thatís supposed to be good enough.  You see, everything is banked, under the big plan, the great world order plan, on us believing this scam and stopping using so much fuel, stopping heating yourself by various means.  In fact, living in igloos would make them happier I think, and still tell you itís global warming as youíre living in them. 


Weíve all to become very AUSTERE.  When they say austerity is coming, they mean POVERTY.  Itís a nice way of saying POVERTY is coming to the bulk of the populace.  Now, of course, theyíre crushing the old factory towns that are being torn down and the private homes that go with it in the suburbs because of Ďurban sprawlí; itís just too untidy.  Then governments step in, take over the land and flatten everything, sew grass and then they sell it all again to big corporations.  The corporations today want campus size organizations for themselves.  Thatís happening all over the place.  It has been, actually, for a long time. 


Whatís the fallout, as well, from those who are taking all this propaganda seriously?  Itís scary whatís really, really happening when we look at whatís happening.  Here is an article for instance, the Mail Online.


Baby girl survives after being shot in the chest in parents' 'global warming suicide pact'

By Gerard Couzens / 1st March 2010 /


A seven-month-old baby girl survived three days alone with a bullet in her chest beside the bodies of her parents and toddler brother.


Argentines Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, shot their children before killing themselves after making an apparent suicide pact over fears about global warming.  (Alan:  In other words, they are taking everything literally and seeing this, and watching all the sci-fiís no doubt.  They are just churning them out there, with a devastated planet and barbarians roaming around and they believe it all.  They cannot get it through their heads that they are being lied to on a grand scale by all these nice people on television.)


Their son Francisco, two, died instantly after being hit in the back.


But their unnamed daughter cheated death after the bullet from her dad's handgun missed her vital organs.


Paramedics rushed her to hospital covered in blood when police alerted by worried neighbours discovered the massacre three days later.


The youngster is recovering in hospital in the town of Goya in the northern Argentine province of Corrientes, where doctors say she is out of danger.


Her parents said they feared the effects of global warming in a suicide note discovered by police.


So thatís probably one of many and thatís leaked out because it came from another country probably.  Thatís the sort of thing thatís happening all over the place.  Remember, the oldest trick in the book is to terrify the public of a threat and then step in to save them all but in the process itís going to COST you to be saved.  Adolf Hitler did it.  Everyone has done the same sort of tactic, all the totalitarian systems.  And for those that donít really get it, YOU ARE UNDER A TOTALITARIAN SYSTEM AND YOU HAVE BEEN FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW.  It SHOULD be obvious to all of you.  It should really be obvious to all of you.  I really hope that it is.  But thatís the sort of thing that fear drives people to when they really believe what they are being told.  The future is hopeless, my God, weíre amongst the bottom level in poverty so what chance do we have, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da, ya.  You see.


For those who still think they are freeÖ and how bad itís getting now with the police state, there is not a movie out there that doesnít have these guys with the black combat gear on and the masks.  I donít know if you noticed, these helmets they wear are actually the old German helmets only they are made of polymer.  I hope you know that.  There was an article, about 12-13 years ago when one of the big wigs in the US, one of the guys that was on the mainstream news and was looked up to, had a little bit at the end Ė I think it was at the end of 60 Minutes Ė and they showed you this helmet at the end and he says, do you realize that the US government has looked around for the best helmet to give the most protection to the head and after spending so many millions and millions and millions of dollars on different types, they said they came up with this.  Then they showed you the German one.  He says, thatís what they modeled it on; they couldnít improve on it.  So itís quite interesting to note that thatís what theyíre really wearing, German Nazi helmetsÖ and the black outfits. 


Black signifies DEATH.  The old blue uniforms of the cops, when they called them The Thin Blue Line, meant that itís more above board; justice at least had to be SEEN, at least the appearance of it had to be seen to be done and they would come and go with the general public.  Now, the black is for authoritarian only.  Thatís the hangman. Thatís the guy who chops off the head.  It means OBEY.  Itís meant to make you fearful and itís working very well.  We are living in fear now.  Everyone is fearful and if you get fearful, you turn to the government.  I always tell you that those who are abused always turn to the abuser for help and thatís exactly the technique that is being used.  Quite something.  This article here, the Atlanta Journal, it saysÖ


Woman, 61, arrested for asking Ďwhy'

By Rhonda Cook / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Ė / Thursday, February 18, 2010


Four women, two of them well into middle age, were discussing funeral plans for a friend when an Atlanta police officer told them to move.


Three did but one asked ďwhy.Ē In answer to her question, Minnie Carey, then 61, was handcuffed, put into a police wagon and taken to jail, where she was held for nine hours.


The Citizen Review Board found that Atlanta Police officer Brandy Dolson had violated APD policies and had falsely arrested Carey.  (A:  I donít know if you know, these young cops, they live on all the violent movies that are out there.  They are IN to these movies where SWAT teams are storming places and so on and itís a police state.  Really, they act it out in real life.  Weíre all being trained by this, by the way.  They are being trained to be more violent and they act just the way they see the characters on TV act, like Ramboís.  We are being taught to be more fearful and just obey.)


ďI was blown away,Ē Carey told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ďI had heard about people in the community being harassed by the police Ö It really didnít shock me as much as it probably would have if I had not heard of people going to jail for no reason. I figured I was just another one.


ďBut I had the right to ask Ďwhy' I had to move,Ē she said.  (A:  Well, she though she did.  Maybe that was in the old days.)


The Citizen Review Board Ė resurrected after the 2006 fatal police shooting of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in her home (A:  Another dangerous person, this 92 year old woman.  They just shot her.) Ė voted in a recent meeting to sustain Careyís false arrest claim and the allegation that the officer had violated the departmentís arrest policies.


ďThis case will illustrate to the public how OPS [Office of Professional Standards] responds [to allegations of police misconduct] Ö There have been some concerns that OPS has not sustained complaints,Ē said Seth Kirschenbaum, an attorney who is vice-chairman of the board.  (A:  They investigate themselves.  This is their token to the public to show you they are not always so bad and that their judgments can fall, once in a blue moon, on the side of the civilian, as weíre called.  Now weíre called Ďciviliansí, you see.  Quite something, how the world has changed and they still say weíre free.  Iíll be back with more after these messages.)


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was going to put a link up and do a story too about a woman, who has political people backing her obviously, who is having her own abortion done with one of the pills, RU-486 or whatever.  Sheís doing it all on Facebook and Twitter as it happens and itís pretty gruesome, I guess.  I havenít looked into it because Iím not inclined to fall for the tricks that they put out in front of us.  As I say, I wonít put that link up but I just wanted to mention how degraded we are becoming and how itís being pushed from the top down.  This womanís particular site is anti-theists.  That in itself tells you sheís got thing about religion and the value of life and stuff like that.  She says, apparently, that itís no big deal, really; it wasnít human anyway.  Well, if your own child is not human and you were one of these babies in the womb, what are you?  What are you?  Hmm?  But this is to get publicity and to further get other folk and to encourage them to go along with that.  You know, people will do that kind of stuff.  There are always certain people in the community that will catch on, wow, Iíll do that too and Iíll get my name out there and blah, blah, blah and they do crazy things.  There are a lot of idiots out there but thatís what the big people rely upon are the idiots.   


This gets me back to what Iíve mentioned many times.  Julian Huxley, who was the first CEO of UNESCO, the wonderful United Nations educational society etc, to bring in a standardized, socialist world where we are all obeyed, just like lovely, happy Chinese people and work like a COMMUNE basically.  He said that we must devalue life and bring it down from its pedestal as something special, human life.  Theyíve been at that steadily for an awful long time until a lot of people, of course, have taken the bait and they do devalue life.  They truly believe all the propaganda, oh, thereís too many people, but they never stop to look at the immigration quotas and ask, why are governments doing this if you are so overcrowded and there is no work out there.  Why would you be bringing in more and more and more?  Well, thatís the agenda, TO MAKE IT APPEAR OVERCROWDED because the big cities now, the Super Cities are to be the only places on earth where the bulk of the ordinary folk are supposed to live, until we all die off, up to the year 2050 or so.  Thatís the agenda right now.


This stuff is getting pushed from different areas too.  Itís from the Daily Record in Scotland.


Nurses bequeath skeletons to tourist attraction (A:  A tourist attraction!)

 to highlight shortage of bodies for trainee doctors

Feb 26 2010 /


(A:  To be honest with you, there are so many people that die in the hospital and autopsies are done pretty well on all the elderly that go through there, I donít understand why there is a shortage, for a start.  Itís actually LAW over there in Scotland that anyone who dies at home has to have an autopsy regardless, to satisfy the cops that there is no foul play, supposedly.  Thatís the excuse for it.  Personally, I think itís another money-making racket.  They know darn well what the elderly have been dying of; theyíve been on umpteen pills for years for the same problems.)


TWO NHS nurses have bequeathed their skeletons to a dungeon visitor attraction to highlight the shortage of bodies donated to medical science, they said today.  (A:  I wonder if they will plasticize them as well, and hang up their loose flesh somewhere.  AnywayÖ)


Once they die, the bodies of Andrew and Janine Leishman will go to Edinburgh University's medical college, which will pass the skeletons to Edinburgh Dungeon when it has finished with them.


There, they will go on show as exhibits in the macabre attraction.


The couple, who both work at Bo'ness Hospital near Falkirk, said they agreed to the plan to help draw attention to the decline in the number of bodies donated for research and science.


Mrs Leishman, 45, said: "Being nurses we are both very much aware of the problem and we also wanted to do this to highlight the desperate shortage of organ donors.  (A:  You should just ask China.  They will send you as much as you want, their prisons are full.)


"We're also big fans of the dungeon and the idea of joining their exhibits after death quite appeals to us."  (A:  I wonder what they do for fun, these people.)


Mr Leishman said their 18-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter think their parents are "weird" but have accepted the plan.


He and his wife, from Bo'ness, want to make a contribution after their death.


He said: "We've been to so many funerals and we find them to be soul-destroying affairs which we don't want to inflict on our families. 


In other words, letís all make it a big fun thing, when we die.  Death is fun, didnít you know that?  Death is really fun.  There is no dignity there at all, itís all just FUN, you know, when you croak your last and all the rest of it, so we should have a big party about it and just strip them and put their skeletons up, or, put the whole lot up and plasticize it and hang them on wires, like those ridiculous Frankenstein touring shows that are attracting a lot of weirdoes.  Thatís the only people who go and see it.  So thatís whatís happening in the world. 


This is also whatís getting pushed in mainline media.  And these idiots here, as well, are also going to pay for the flesh to be stripped after itís been autopsied and theyíve taken out what they want.  They have to pay to get it stripped, the skeleton cleaned and then all the rest of it.  So I guess theyíve got money to burn, literally.  But thatís the kind of world we are living in today as we are dehumanized, dehumanized, and dehumanized. 


I wish people would truly study the history of socialism and the theories and the beliefs that are pushed and rammed along with socialism.  Itís to be a totally controlled society by those who are fittest to rule them, generally academia, politicians and bureaucrats.  Back with more after this break. 


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about socialism and its policies and its mandates and all the rest of it.  You have to go into the histories of it to do with depopulation.  Depopulation was always first on their agenda. They always said, look at all the poor people, look at the poor people.  Because of that they got all the working people behind them not realizing that one of their solutions, eventually, when they would rise and take over power would be to ELIMINATE the poor, then you couldnít say there were too many poor people and too many unemployed.  That literally is their agenda.  Thatís what you see on The Soviet Story when you hear one of the founders of the British Fabian Society talk about it.  He says, youíll have to come to us and say why we should allow you to live.  In other words, what good are you to our system?  You have to be of SERVICE in this new brave new world.  SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICEÖ thatís why they brought us into service economies and eventually weíll simply be in service all together. 


Part of it too, was to remove parents and children and bring up children separate.  In fact, they actually wanted initially to remove the children completely at birth from all parents.  Thatís what Lord Bertrand Russell initially advocated until he tried his experimental schools to see if they could scientifically indoctrinate children from Kindergarten onwards.  He found itís much more economically feasible to do it this way.  Let the parents pay for them but the state will have their minds.  That has happened.  Thatís why you still have your children, but they still go ahead and take a lot of children away from their parents.  This is from The Times.


Children taken from parents and adopted Ďto meet ministry targetsí

(A:  Thatís the government targets.)

From The Times August 24, 2007 / Frances Gibb, Legal Editor


Record numbers of young children are being taken from their parents and adopted - sometimes unjustly - to meet government targets, it is claimed today.


Each year some 1,300 babies under a month old are placed in care before adoption, compared with 500 when the Government came to power, BBC Radio 4ís Face the Facts claims today.   (A:  Remember that Labour, or Fabianism, thatís what they are by the way, because both these Prime Ministers belong to the International SocialistÖ Socialist Internationale, they call it.  They Ė Brown and Blair Ė also are members of The Fabian Society.  If you look up the Fabian Societyís membership you will see their names on it.  So here they are going along with their targets because this is what they do; everything is done to targets.)


The programme is told that there are now more than 100 cases of possible miscarriages of justice in which children have been forcibly or unjustly adopted.  (A:  There is an awful lot more than that.)


It says that the number of parents in England who have lost their children, despite insufficient evidence that they were causing them harm, has reached record levels.


One reason, according to social workers, is that they are under pressure to meet government adoption targets Ė in line with ministersí (A:  Thatís the politicians.) policy for more children in care to be adopted.


At the same time, it is claimed, parents are not always given a proper chance to challenge adoptions because of the short time limit for appeals and the secrecy of the family courts.   (A:  I hope you understand, itís not a normal court. There is a justice of the peace there, thereís the Childrenís Aid advocates there and they are all pals, probably all go to the same Eastern Star Lodge and all the rest of it and itís a done deal.)  Lawyers say that hearings in private fuel parentsí sense of injustice and can in some cases breed bad practice (A:  The parents are not allowed in, when theyíre all yapping together.), preventing them from properly defending themselves.  (A:  Öagainst whatever is being said about them.)


Sarah Harman, a family law solicitor, said: ďSecrecy breeds bad practice, it breeds suspicion. It feeds parentsí sense of injustice when they have their children removed that theyíre not able to talk about it. Theyíre not able to air their grievances. Children have been removed from their families unjustly. Thereís no two ways about that.Ē


A social work manager with 25 yearsí experience in child protection added that parents had little chance of getting a hearing and overturning a decision made by the authorities(A:  Get used to that because that is what you will hear from now on.  You donít even need names, just THE AUTHORITIES.)


The manager told the BBC: ďPeople will find that their children have been removed and freed for adoption without them having had a proper chance to defend themselves and their families and their children.Ē


MPs (A:  Members of Parliament, the politicians.) have also spoken out against the unfair adoption system and are campaigning for a public inquiry. (A:  Well, theyíll do that when theyíre in the office but they will carry on the same policies because Iíve never seen anything change in Britain.  There is just one agenda and itís been going on for 100 years or more and thatís how it really, really is.)


Before I take a caller, there is one article here and itís calledÖ


Unmade in the USA: Death of manufacturing in America

Chidanand Rajghatta, TOI Crest, Feb 27, 2010 / 

(A:  You have to go to the Times of India to see it.)


Gary Larsen's eyes light up when he talks of the glory days of American manufacturing. A retired Boeing worker in the Seattle area, Larsen is watching US industry go into coma before his very eyes. His callused hands ferret out a floor shop manual from his working days that he says would have been proprietary knowledge till a decade ago. "I'm not sure anyone cares now," he shrugs, offering it for scrutiny of a bygone era. Another yellowing in-house journal he fishes out has a picture of him on the cover. "We took great pride in making things," Larsen sighs, "Today's kids can't make a thing."  (A:  And they canít.  They canít.  They donít know what making things happens to be.)


The fact that he still has the printed handbooks in the electronic age, years after he retired, says something. Last week, Larsen drove into Seattle looking for motor parts for a small boat he is building at home. He likes to stay connected ó to reality; not in the online social networking sense today's generation is familiar with. In fact, Larsen does not own a cellphone and rarely goes on the computer. In his free time, he tinkers with his three automobiles in his garage and makes assorted gee-gaws.


A few miles from his home, his old company Boeing still manufactures one of the rare few things that come with a "Made in America" sticker ó big airplanes . But even that prowess is diminishing. More and more of the plane, including designing and manufacturing, are being outsourced. After a severe downturn in the post-9 /11 years, and a brief upswing, Boeing is in another nosedive, with its much-vaunted 787 way behind schedule. Last week, the company announced 10,000 lay-offs, and there was barely a ripple anywhere.


Here are some numbers, something Americans are not very good at these days. In the year 2000, more than 17 million Americans were employed in manufacturing. By 2009, that number had dropped to fewer than 12 million(A:  See, they had done the GATT Treaty.  Every government worked on bringing through the GATT Treaty for years and years and years, just like they brought in the EU, in secrecy.  They were setting up China to BE the manufacturer for the whole planetÖ long before that and training them, by the way, in Canada, Britain, the US and elsewhere for factories at that time they didnít have in China.  They were all trained over here, all the engineers.  The financing was all done through the GATT Treaty from your countries, with your tax money, to transport all your factories over to China.  Thatís how it was done.  Your tax money transported them over.  You tax money paid them for 10 years for any loses they incurred until they were set up and functioning and bringing in their proper profit.  Under a treaty that most folk havenít even heard of because they were too busy watching sports and having fun.)  The loss ranged across industries, and few sectors reflected it more than automobiles, America's pride and joy for decades. In 2000, more than 1.3 million Americans built automobiles. In 2009, fewer than 674,000 remained. Similarly, nearly 700,000 Americans were employed making furniture. By 2009 that had dropped to 390,000. (A:  Because they were making them down south of the border in the Mexico corridor.)  Clothes manufacturing jobs dropped two thirds, from 483,500 to 168,300


The first signs of the manufacturing demise appeared several years back when Levi Strauss, virtually America's clothiers for more than a century, shifted its last jeans manufacturing unit to Mexico (India is now a major jeans-maker ).  (A:  I watched a little documentary on that and these characters are getting the jeans for 20-25 CENTS made over there in China, and India is not far behind.  Then they sell it to you over here for whatever you Ė those that are silly enough to pay for them.)  Around the same time, in a move that sounded like a death rattle to Scrabble buffs, Hasbro, the company which made the game famous, outsourced the manufacture of the tiles (made of soft Vermont maple) to China and Malaysia. Today, American stores and supermarkets are filled with foreign-made goods(A:  Thatís all you see.)  NRIs visiting India have a tough time finding "Made in America" products for relatives.


As I say, thatís the agenda.  That was the agenda when the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs was carried out with the Star Chamber who decided who would go where and they used the taxpayerís money.  Itís incredible.  Every government that signed it agreed to use the taxpayers to up the plants, whole companies and firms and tooling and the whole lot, send it to China, rebuild it for them over there and pay them for 10 years until they started to show what they expected to for the right profits.  They were taking all the jobs away BY DESIGN.  Why?  Because it was time to bring the Western countries and especially the US and Canada down, and down fast.  Suddenly, everything was made in China.  EVERYTHING was made in China.  It was an agendaÖ which tells you that China is NOT an enemy.  You would NOT give your tooling and your die ability to China if you needed to go to war with them one day.  Believe you me, it would never happen.  Never happen. 


Thereís Dave from Arizona on the line.  Are you there Dave?


Dave:  Iíd just like to bring up one point that you made about the lady who was arrested for asking why.  Itís literally to the point where you are told what to do and youíll either do it or youíll be reprimanded for it.


Alan:  Or youíll be tazered or shot.


Dave:  Itís just ridiculous.


Alan:  It will come to that, one day.  If they allow you to.  They are getting us trained now to be tazered in public for not immediately obeying whatever.  Iím not kidding about that.  Iím not kidding, with the speed itís going.  The cop will be like Judge Dredd; heíll be the executioner as well and that will become the norm. 


Dave:  Which is why theyíve got to get rid of The Constitution because if you have freedom of speech obviously you can ask why. 


Alan:  Exactly.  Obviously they are telling you too, that you donít even have freedom of speech.  You are getting arrested for asking a simple question.


Dave:  Exactly.  Itís just so out of control.


Alan:  Well, this is the agenda.  Believe you me, itís far worse than even this one here.  Itís far, far worse.  They have literally raised a generation who look at winners and losers.  Thatís what itís all about, winners and losers.  Theyíve raised a generation who played video games.  The heroes are the guys who win.  They guys wearing all the black combat gear, the ninjas, have the power.  Thatís what they see.  Itís like joining the biggest gang in the world and thatís what they want to do.  Thatís what goes into the cops and once you are in it, itís the same as the military.  You are now a brother.  You are part of the big gang.  Theyíll all look after each other.  They become technically a law unto themselves and they KNOW THAT.  A few years ago in the US and in Canada at the same time, when they started using hollow point bullets, it was passed as okay to use hollow point bullets on citizens.  Itís banned by the United Nations treaties; they canít use it in warfare against other countries but they can use them on their own citizens.  Suddenly there was a spate of shootings, cop shootings, killing everybody because of all their targets, because hollow points kill pretty well; they leave an awful mess.  There was no outcry about it.  There was no big hoopla.  That was the message that came out clear at the time, that the cops have been given new orders now to just go ahead and basically do it.  Thatís whatís been happening for years now.


Dave:  Thatís the mind control, is that people will sell people out to be on top, to be a hero or to be rich or to beÖ They are basically just paying people to sell people out. 


Alan:  Youíre right.  They will.


Dave:  And it works, obviously. 


Alan:  It does work.  Itís the same with academia.  You get a lot of people in academia who know whatís right and wrong but they go along with what is wrong, although itís politically correct, because their big paychecks in universities and their status and their tenures and all the rest of it.  Humanity, unfortunately, can prostitute itself very, very well for survival and unfortunately, when there are tyrants in control then we are in big trouble, big trouble because academia, big money and big government are all working together on this.  Itís all part of the military-industrial complex, including, by the way, academia. 


Dave:  Which goes along with the dehumanizing through the movies and through the TV and all that.


Alan:  Yes it is.  Itís the movies they are churning out now that are so dehumanized and so full of messages for the young to copy, to emulate.  The old story was monkey see, money do, thatís what children do, thatís what they see and they will copy it.  They keep showing you a future world where, yeah, thereís lots of promiscuity and all the rest of it and violence, the big guys always win.  The toughest guys always win and donít worry about it.  Otherwise youíll be, you know, scraping for food and living in back alleys and all the rest of it as we go down the tubes.   They expect a world of violence because people are going to be crammed into these cities.  Same experiments with the rats; the rats at a certain number in a big cage will treat each other cordially.  They have little rules.  Once they get to a certain number of too many crammed in, they start to bite each other; there is deviant behavior that breaks out.  Itís the same with people and THEY KNOW THIS at the top.  They know this.  Iíve got articles here where the big boys have discussed it and that is why theyíve given us basically the black armies of ninja boys with their armaments to take care of us as we are all put into these cities for the big, big takedown, over many years. 


Dave:  They know it because they are going to make it happen. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  Thatís the agenda.  That is the agenda.


Dave:  Unreal.  Itís just sad because I think back to when I was a kid and I think things seemed a lot easier, a lot better and obviously, itís like in the last, I would say 10 years, 8 years, it has just really gone down.


Alan:  Itís on a roll, you see.  All these organizations that work over the public take orders from higher and higher authorities.  They donít do anything on their own.  When they are given the word, donít worry, itís time to put it up a notch and be a bit more hard on you, they just go ahead and do it.  They are robots, basically, but once they get authority they will put it into action, happily because they enjoy the power.  Thereís no doubt about it, itís been authorized from the very, very top, all the way down.  There are very few policemen today that are ever reprimanded for very long; they might lay them off for a week or two after killing folk or whatever, or when the SWAT teams go in and kill the wrong people by mistake which happens pretty often.  In their zeal to get it done they want to just kill folk and they go into the wrong houses; but when they do their investigations BY ex-cops, who work in an ex-cop fraternity, on copsÖ what do you expect to happen?  They are not going to condemn their own.  They get off with it.  They get off with it and what a statement that is to the rest of the police, donít worry, we get off with it. 


Dave:  They are above the law. 


Alan:  This IS the new law.


Dave:  I think whatís going to happen, Alan, is Ė I think you are in your 50s, Iím in my 40s Ė that when our generation goes, nobody is even going to remember how it was.


Alan:  They wonít remember because we adapt so quickly.  Thatís why they can even pull the cons with the climate change.  Your life is short.  It spins by you.  Most folk have no memory of even 4 years ago, what the weather was like, so they can easily pull it off.  Back after these messages.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and there is Jeff from Massachusetts.  Are you there Jeff?


Jeff:  As far as whatís going on in America, this is my paranoid fantasy.  That is, a long time ago, the leaders of Russian and China and the Middle East told our American leaders, look, we have you by the throat, we have enemy agents in your country, we can destroy your country through scalar weapons, and your country is basically screwed.  You give up all your resources, you let us have cart blanche, you let us appoint our leaders into your office, do as youíre told and you get a perfectly good life and if you donít youíre screwed.  Thatís my paranoid fantasy of why all this kookoo stuff is going on.  I was just reading the Verona Papers which vindicated Joseph McCarthy from when Joseph McCarthy had the black list on communist infiltrators, the Verona Papers adjudicated him practically.† I have a book called, American Sold Out, by Ray Hope and in one of the chapters it talks about the SPCA and they are being conditioned to kill people when the new world order finally arrives, when martial law is called.  Human beings are going to be exterminated like dogs.  I believe it will be done by foreign troops and people from these third world countries.  They are going to be running this country.


Alan:  There is no doubt, the army is almost international as it is.  I donít know if people realize their armies are directed THROUGH the United Nations.† They have been for years.  NATO goes through the United Nations.  Itís interesting when they set up NATO and they set up the United Nations with their Director General in charge of their war-making facilities and so on, itís always to be a Russian, by the way.  Still in the treaty yet, there is always to be a Russian who is in charge.  He was in charge during the Korean War.  The US couldnít make a move without telling him what they were going to do.  He then told the communist side.  He also ran the Warsaw Pact countries.  So they werenít just a referee at the United Nations, they had set up both NATO and its supposed opposition, the Warsaw Pact countries, to play this game together.  The big folk at the top know this but they are also killing us and have been killing us off since the 50s through inoculations.  Iíve got so much evidence here I could spend weeks just going on that.  Itís the same thing with India and Africa and Latin America.  Itís come up again about the free tetanus shots sterilizing all the women and aborting their children, once again.  That first broke out when they first did that openly back in the early 90s and they are still at it today.  The average IDIOT out there that goes for their shots today, whenever thereís another non-existent fluÖ donít believe for an instant that they are not going to do it for YOU as well.  Thereís no difference between the peasant of China, India, Africa or Peru or Chile and YOU, as far as the elite are concerned.


Jeff:  Exactly.  You are absolutely right.  You know, the founder of the United Nations was Alger Hiss who was a communist and he was listed in the Verona Papers.


Alan:  He was also, he worked with a Canadian who worked with Lester B Pearson and the Canadian was Escott Reid.  He wrote about it in a book called, A Canadian Diplomat at the United Nations.  He became the Prime Minster of Canada, Pearson, and Escott Reid drafted it up with Hiss.  Then Pearson afterward became head of the United Nations for a while after he was Prime Minister.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish any myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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