March 3, 2010 (#526)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 3, 2010:

The Elites' Ruse -- Control by Money You Use:

"Wakening is Painful, Minds are Flipped
As We Discover We're Living a Pre-Planned Script,
Study Foundation Agenda, Not Political Clown,
To See How the Futurist Plans the Take-Down,
Governments and Banks Own All Means of Production,
Rationing Will Come to Reduce All Consumption,
Foundation-Funded Movements Preach Self-Sacrifice,
So Elite Can Live On, While Useful Idiot Dies,
'Cause Followers are Used in the 'Side' Dialectic,
Then They're Disposed of When Victory Expected,
That's Why Money Barons Survive Throughout Ages,
We Bring on Their Goal, Following Leaders and Sages,
Ancient Trick, Exchanging Goods for Money,
Slaves of Taxation, Making Elites' Future Sunny"
© Alan Watt March 3, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 3, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 3rd 2010.  For the newcomers to the show, look into, scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have up there.  You can always use these if the big ones go down.  The .com site goes down; sometimes it goes down.  This way you can always get the latest shows.  These are the official sites [listed above].  The tin can moment is very brief.  This is when I really blow my own horn and say I need your cash basically.  You must support me because I donít take money from advertisers or sponsors or other people.  The ads on the show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN for this air time.  It pays them for their staff, equipment and the transmission of this show and their bills.  So you have to support me by going into, see what I have for sale Ė the books, CDs and DVDs Ė and help me out that way.  You can also donate to me as well.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me by writing to [address above]. 


If you want to understand whatís happening in this big world of ours, you can certainly use mainstream just to keep you up to date on the parts of the big agenda that are unfolding, although they are always presenting whatís happening as happenstance, decisions made suddenly in Parliament or government by whomever, and nothing is further from the truth.  We have been managed for, pretty well since before World War II by those who already ruled the banking industries of all countries by centralized banking systems and international bankers who put their own boys into office.  We are simply going through the next phase of their plan.  I'll be back with more after this break.


I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís hard for most people to believe that their future has been mapped out for them, collectively that is.  Itís the same for every other country.  We are IN a global society.  Weíve been owned, basically, for a long time but with new owners.  There have always been owners of society down through the ages.  Even in the small tribal groups you always had someone at the top who eventually became through muscle and relatives, the kingpin, who stayed in with hereditary lineages.  They eventually got armies and kept everybody under control so that they could live better than the tribe could. 


One of the basic fears of humanity is povertyÖ poverty, sickness, lack of friends, lack of acquaintances, lack of relatives, and lack of HELP basically.  That becomes exaggerated and we turn into pretty well, monsters, in a sense.  All down through the ages, youíve had psychopaths who get to the top, unfortunately, in this system because they are the most cunning and ruthless.  They are quite happy at the top.  They know they are psychopaths at the top.  They call themselves different terms, of course, but they are psychopaths and they do believe in the Darwinian version.  If you take Darwinís theories, the psychopaths are the natural ones to be at the top.  Thatís what Darwin basically was stating with his whole theory of evolution, survival of the fittest.  Well, if the psychopath can manipulate millions of people or even a few thousand people then he deserves to lead.  Thatís what they truly believe amongst themselves AT the top. 


They, strangely enough, are the flaw in human nature.  Psychopathy is not called a mental illness; itís called a personality disorder by those, basically, that are ordinary people.  They donít call them survivalists by the Darwinian code; they call them people with disorders.  We are used to the ones at the bottom getting caught by police for various misdemeanors and so on, or smashing windows and grabbing jewelry because they fancied it at the time.  The clever ones can basically restrain themselves and their impulse for having immediate self-gratification.  They learn that from their parents as well, growing up.  So when they are born into powerful families of inbred psychopaths, you know that they always have bad things in store for the general public, off of whom they live. 


They also bring in systems with them, system that we all have to live by.  We are so used to hearing about democracy and government and communism and Nazism and all these different systems, but all these systems really were brought in by psychopathic personalities that are very good at getting followers to sacrifice themselves on their behalf.  Thatís a good thing about groups; you can always use the group.  The psychopaths hire teams of think tanks to study groups.  Theyíve got so much data on groups and large populations.  They know exactly how to tweak the emotions soís that the public will go into a war mode and sacrifice themselves for enemies, or for terrorism, or sacrifice themselves for sustainability, or whatever the cause happens to be.  The ordinary folk love causes because part of living is always having a goal, an objective, a reason for living.  The psychopaths tend to give us theirs.  So we are living in artificial systems following the psychopathsí dreams. 


They knew in the post-capitalist era and the post-productive era, when they created China to be the manufacturer for the planet, and believe you me, China did not pull itself up by its own bootstraps.  It was set up by the West, modern China, through all the different treaties that were signed.  They ALLOWED the big industries to move over to China.  Your governments did that on behalf of the international bankers.  Now we are in post-production; we are called service economies.  Those who invest are basically investing on services and resources; thatís what the big one is.  This is the next phase, post-capitalist, where they used to invest in companies and bring up companies that produced things.  Now we are post-production so they are investing in, basically, resources and things that we need to live.


That also means that we have to cut back on all the things that we NEED to live.  It always starts with the ones at the bottom first who get hit the hardest.  Thatís part of the agenda FOR depopulation as well.  I said, when 2001 came along Ė I think it was that night on a radio show Ė you are going to see rationing coming in.  All the types of things you see in a war scenario will be introduced.  Restrictions on travel, ID cards, all that stuff and right down to, eventually, you will see people moving.  Mass exoduses of people, just like refugees, only it will be internally and there will be no one bombing them from the air.  This is the big, big plan as they go into this new sustainable economy. 


In the process, as they flood the Western countries with immigration, to make, TO GIVE THE APPEARANCE that we ARE, a real appearance, that we are now overcrowded, AS the native populations are declining by the United Nationsí own statistics.  They bring them in under the guise that theyíve got to increase the population because the native ones are not having enough children to pay off the national debts.  Iíve read the articles on the air from the big high chutzpahs that said so.  Also itís to destroy the existing culturesÖ until there is a NON-culture.  The culture that is coming OUT of ALL of these cultures is basically a dog-eat-dog culture because survival is coming to the surface once again.  Winners and losers, in fact thatís why Jacques Attali in one of his books called Millennium:  Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order call it that and he should know since he worked at the United Nations.  Itís winners and losers.


The cohesive bonds that used to hold cultures together are gone.  People donít help each other out anymore.  Governments also discouraged that for a long time by creating SERVICES that are now AUTHORITIES over the public.  People really wonít help each other out in times of stress or trouble and thatís IDEAL for controllers, for totalitarian tyrannical controllers.  They LOVE that kind of scenario. 


There is so much fallout that goes along with this.  Weíve seen it happening in places like Britain before it comes elsewhere, although it is catching up in Australia, Canada and elsewhere especially since they give you national health services.  They initially run well, maybe 30 or 40 years ago, but then they start bringing them down until they are dysfunctional.  They still keep the authority part of the National Health Service but they donít give you much of a service.  Here is an article for those in the States that wonder about ObamaísÖ Itís not Obamaís; letís stop even talking about Obama.  The guy is a figurehead like theyíre all figureheads at the top.  Hillary was touting that stuff long before Obama was even heard of.  They want to bring in a health care system in the US based, basically, on sustainability.  What they mean is how much money they are willing to put OUT on a post-industrial, non-productive society, to do with a new type of economy.  Thatís what itís all about, and to bring DOWN the populations.  This article is from Britain to give you an idea of where you are going.  From the


NHS trust's litany of failure, neglect, insensitivity and ineptitude

Healthcare Commission announced report on Mid Staffordshire death rate.

(Alan:  This is just one hospital that they are giving you for an example.)

Denis Campbell, health correspondent, Thursday 25 February 2010


The Francis report found the hospital has too few doctors, especially in A&E.


A lack of compassion among staff. Patients left lying in their own urine and faeces. Others falling, sometimes sustaining a serious injury or even dying as a result, unseen by ward personnel. Meals not provided or put out of reach. Uncaring staff rejecting requests from patients and relatives for help. Lamentable hygiene standards. Family members having to clean, feed or help their loved ones get to the toilet. Too few doctors generally, especially in A&E. Reluctance among patients to ask hard-pressed staff to provide proper care, and fear among staff about the consequences of not meeting targets.  (A:  Thatís how they run it now in this bureaucratic, socialist system.  Targets, targets, targets go before the care itself AND the patients are scared to ask the staff, who are hard pressed.  Theyíve cut the staff back to the bare bones with a few qualified nurses and the rest of them are generally nursing assistants.  Thatís coming and starting already in the States.  Donít believe Obama Ė oh, I used that Obama word again Ė or The Plan isnít going ahead.  They always put it in actually BEFORE they pass in into law.  I talk to enough people in the States to see it happening as they close down whole wards in big, major hospitals in the States.)


Robert Francis QC's (A:  Queenís Counsel, a solicitor or lawyer.) damning report paints an extraordinarily detailed picture of failure, neglect, insensitivity, chronic ineptitude and poor decision-making at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. Many people who went into Stafford hospital expecting to be well looked-after instead "suffered horrific experiences that will haunt them and their loved ones for the rest of their lives", Francis said.  QC's (A:  It says here that relatives are actually taking home the bed linen, changing their own relatives in the hospital, taking the bed linen home that is soiled and cleaning it themselves.  Thatís how great Great Britain is.  The RAND report that this present government in the States is going to copy is basing all of its advice on copying the British system because I have the RAND report here.  Incredible.)


On continence and bladder and bowel care, he found: "Requests for assistance to use a bedpan or to get to and from the toilet were not responded to. Patients were often left on commodes or in the toilet for far too long. They were also often left in sheets soiled with urine and faeces for considerable periods of time. Considerable suffering, distress and embarrassment were caused to patients as a result."


The situation was so bad that some families resorted to changing beds and washing soiled bedding at home. "Some staff were dismissive of the needs of patients and their families", Francis writes. "The omissions described left patients struggling to care for themselves; this led to injury and a loss of dignity, often in the final days of their lives. The impact of this on them and their families is almost unimaginable."  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, letting that guitar wail for a bit because I feel like wailing a bit tonight myself.  We are in an awful situation as we go down the tubes, basically, in this managed society, this socialist society where experts will rule our lives.  They are already doing it from birth to the grave and shortly they will be telling us where to live and how to live.  They are already telling us how to live.  Now we are all being taught to be sustainable, meaning cut back and cut back until you are living like the third world.


Last night I talked about Mumbai and India as a model, a model slum basically, that Prince Charles advocates that we can learn a lot from because the people seem so happy living amongst all the sewage and stuff, and eating very little.  They are awful cheery.  There is very little crime but he didnít mention that there was also a mafia running even in that kind of circumstances, a mafia running up to the top dog.  These millions of people are crammed into about 1 square mile in the center of Mumbai.  Mumbai itself is putting up massive skyscrapers and some are just to house ONE familyÖ skyscrapers, maybe 54 floors just for one family.  These are the BRAHMANS, you see, that own the industry in India and get all the grants coming from the various countries, through different means through their governments.  We all put money into economic development into different countries and the Brahmans are the rulers of that system and have been for thousands of years. 


The people in the open cesspits they call sustainable, that Prince Charles was advocating.  Itís astonishing.  They want us to really LEARN to get on together, crammed together, living on top of each other with maybe 20 to a house or something like that.  Thatís what they are advocating, this kind of lifestyle.  Incredible.  I found links for those shows and you should really get them quick before maybe someone pulls them; who knows, how things are these days.  I find each time I mention something and explain it to the public, they are pulled very quickly.  A lot of articles Iíve read too, over the years from the newspapers and science magazines often get pulled that very night after the show.  So grab them quick and maybe copy them for future use. 

Slumming IT in Indian Slum


We are living, as I say, in dire times and the public truly have no idea of how fast itís going to plummet and the ORGANIZATION, the incredible massive organization ABOVE US ALL thatís interwoven, dealing with every minute part of society to make it all happen they way we are talking about right here.  Itís all intermeshed together. 


We know the population is being taken down over the years.  The West was pretty quiet when the Western governments were supplying methods to bring down the populations of third world countries.  We donít mind so much when itís always over there, whether itís a war or anything else thatís going on.  Itís always over there and it never occurs to them that if your governments are in a GLOBAL society and they are sterilizing people through inoculations and free tetanus shots in India and Africa, then perhaps they are also doing the same kind of thing to YOU back home.  Of course they have been because they envisaged this present era at the beginning of the 20th century when they set up the League of Nations with its Department of Population Control that became the United Nations with its Department of Population Control. 


They mentioned using inoculations to sterilize AND bring on diseases so that people would have to die earlier.  They are very, very economically inclined, these characters.  They LOVE doing their sums.  They are great with pencils.   They are pretty useless at the top with anything else, you know, but they love using pencils and adding things up and subtracting them.  When they get too lazy for that they can hire massive organizations to do it all for them.  We canít imagine, you canít imagine the kind of cash that the big foundations dole out every year to what they call the activist groups, the CORRECT activist groups because they are the ones they have set up themselves, these non-governmental organizations that champion all the causes towards our own imprisonment.  You have no idea of the money that is spent.  Itís in the TRILLIONS, across the world.  This is the PARALLEL GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM and no one votes them in, folks, but they have their advocates on every government boardÖ ruling over YOU. 


Here is another COINCIDENCE.  Coincidence, weíre supposed to believe in coincidence theories. 


Weed killer 'castrates' male frogs, study says

By Azadeh Ansari, CNN / March 1, 2010


(A:  Theyíve done a thousand studies on this kind of thing and itís always as though itís a BRAND NEW discovery each time they mention it.)


Recent studies have raised concerns about the potential health risks of atrazine, a herbicide widely used on farms.  (A:  Itís the most promoted, actually.)


(CNN) -- Atrazine, a weed killer widely used in the Midwestern United States and other agricultural areas of the world, can chemically "castrate" male frogs and turn some into females, according to a new study.  (A:  Another NEW study.  I think theyíve done about 25 before.)


New research suggests the herbicide may be a cause of amphibian declines around the globe, said biologists at the University of California-Berkeley, who conducted the study. The findings are being published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  (A:  These studies are handed to the big boys who have all this data and who started these agendas because it lets them know how much saturation there is in the ground and how itís affecting humans.  Thatís what these studies are actually for.  I hope you realize that.)


Researchers found that long-term exposure to low levels of atrazine -- 2.5 parts per billion of water -- emasculated three-quarters of laboratory frogs and turned one in 10 into females. Scientists believe the pesticide interferes with endocrine hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone.  (A:  But it also affects guess what?  Higher animals too.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about another way to basically alter male and female with the use of chemicals.  These things actually TRIGGER, they can switch on and off your endocrine system. They can switch them on and off, literally, and they can switch them off forever OR on forever.  So itís a whole field in itself.  Itís part of CHEMICAL WARFARE.  What Iím reading here is not a mistake.  Itís not a mistake.  Itís chemical warfare.  Youíve all heard of chemical warfare.  Itís a very old area of science and this is chemical warfare.  Of course youíll all put it down to coincidence Iím sure.  Theyíve known this stuff forever.  Itís the same with the bisphenol-A in the plastics and all the rest of it.  They make it a FAD that everybody is walking around with a plastic bottle, trying to pretend they are good yuppie, you know.  Same thing.  AnywayÖ it goes on to say in this articleÖ


"The effects of atrazine in the long term have been shown to demasculinize or chemically castrate [frogs], combined with complete feminization of some animals," said lead researcher Tyrone B. Hayes, a biologist and herpetologist at the University of Berkeley.


"We need to reconfigure how we evaluate chemicals in the environment and the impact on environmental health and public health," he said.  (A:  Thatís already being taken care of as I said, because they know exactly what itís about and they will take his finding and add it to their own to make sure theyíve got enough saturation.  Maybe weíll have to get more saturation for it, you know.)


Hayes found that 10 percent of the exposed genetic male frogs developed into functional females who copulated with unexposed males and produced viable eggs. The other 90 percent of the exposed male frogs expressed decreased libido, reduced sperm count (A:  Doesnít that sound an awful lot like whatís happening to the men todayÖ from the United Nations own statistics.  Hmm?)  and decreased fertility, among other findings.


Syngenta, a Swiss company that is the largest manufacturer of atrazine, has challenged the validity of Hayes' study.  (A:  Of course they always do.  And they get a guy who worked for the company to refute it, who lives in Canada, a Dr Keith Solomon it is.)


"We haven't seen these kinds of responses that Dr. Hayes reports," said Keith Solomon, an environmental toxicologist at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, who has served as a consultant to Syngenta. (A:  Then it goes on and on and on and it gives you the different areas that they use this stuff in and the different studies that have previously been done as well in 2006 and before it and so on and so on, and how much is in the ground water, and obviously itís in your food.  Itís IN your food obviously because plants soak up moisture from the ground, as you all know, but it also soaks up the chemicals that are put on them too, hence, also the cancers that are going on.  If you go down to the bottom youíll see another organization, NRDC, health environment program.  They did their own research too.  They sayÖ)


But Jennifer Sass, a senior scientist with the NRDC's health and environment program, believes the research by Hayes and the other University of California, Berkeley, biologists is valid.


Sass also is skeptical of Syngenta's claims.


"Their tactic is to flood the scientific literature with negative data to negate the other studies," she said. "It's only their studies that show that atrazine is not an endocrine disrupter."  (A:  And thatís what they call it, endocrine disrupters.  Epigenetics as well; they trigger your gene sequencing and your hormones to be turned on and off.)


So thereís another way that they are getting you through chemical warfare and they know it folks.  But you canít argue with big bucks and you can pay off the FDA and everybody else as they do with every other big pharma company.  You think they are out there to protect you.  Iíve read the articles here containing the emails from big pharma to employees, or guys on the board of the FDA saying who their friends are and who is hostile to them, so they can get various drugs and chemicals passed.  Iíve read them on the air, their own emails.  They were disclosed during hearings. 


The big nonsense that they are pushing is sustainability and austerity for the new system that weíve all to serve as the elites live off of us, as theyíve always done, and to eradicate all the middle classes, basically.  They are using the climate scam to do it and it doesnít matter how much data comes out to the contrary, they must convince at least one generation, who have no knowledge of past weather since they arenít very old.  Most of the older folk canít even remember what the weather was like 4 years ago unfortunately.  Thatís why they PICKED this great scam.  Theyíre using the climate change, as they call it now, rather than just global warming, to push it all ahead.  Here is another report that came outÖ


U.S. Climate Data Compromised by Sensors' Proximity to Heat Sources, Critics Say

Joseph Abrams /  - /  February 26, 2010


(A:  Iíve read this before.  This is another newspaper with the same thing.)


A critical cog in the machinery that drives the theory of global warming may be compromised, as temperature sensors across the U.S. appear to be exposed to heat sources that some critics say is corrupting their information.


The predicted temperature changes (darker red indicating greater change) due to global warming, based on data that scientists, policymakers and the public are now questioning.  (A:  They show you the pictures.)


A critical cog in the machinery that drives the theory of global warming is a small white box not too far from where you live. Inside the box sits a thermometer that tracks the local temperature, which in turn becomes part of a data trail for the monitoring of climate change on Earth.


But there's a problem: Nearly every single weather station the U.S. government uses to measure the country's surface temperature may be compromised. Sensors that are supposed to be in empty clearings (A:  Thatís like wood lots and so on.) are instead exposed to crackling electronics and other unlikely sources of heat, from exhaust pipes and trash-burning barrels to chimneys and human graves.  (A:  But they are also encased in concrete, concrete jungles, the citiesÖ where everything is reflected, all the heat is reflected back off the concrete.)


The National Climate Data Center (NCDC) uses this massive network of sensors to determine daily highs and lows at the 1,219 weather stations in its Historical Climatology Network (HCN). The network has existed since 1892, but only in the last decade has it come under intense scrutiny to determine whether the figures it measures can be trusted.  (A:  I mentioned before too, in a previous article that over 1,250 or more stations had been CLOSED DOWN, in the COLDEST REGIONS so they werenít factoring all THAT into their nonsense as well.  They know what they are doing.  If they want the right kind of data they just make sure the circumstances comply and they will get the right kind of data.  Just close down all the ones in the cold areas.  They had over 1,000 - 1,500 across Russia that are all closed as well, in the northern parts of Russia and Siberia, all gone.)


There are a couple of callers on the line.  Iíll take them before I rant on any more.  There is Debbie from Texas.  Are you there Debbie?


Debbie:  How are you?


Alan:  Iím hanginí on here with the skin of teeth. 


Debbie:  Good.  Iím glad to hear that because you are one of the only times in my day when I donít feel completely alienated from the entire world.† Iím in Texas and I have called in one time before.  My question to you tonight is Rick Perry just won the primary here last night.  Heís a republican.  Heís our current Governor.  We had a really good Tea Party person that was going against him and she barely got 18% of the vote.  I feel like the vote may or may not have been rigged.  I donít know but itís just absolutely impossible for me to understand or believe that Texans can not even remember that Perry has stood for all theÖ He tried to make the Gardasil injections mandatory.† He attended Bilderberger this last year.  He tried to land-grab land that has been in my family and my friendsí families for many generations in order to put the Trans Texas Corridor through from Mexico to Canada with the North American Union.  Itís hard for me to understand how 50% of the voters could not remember that.


Alan:  You know yourself though, that everything really, really is rigged.  You see the fact that he went to the Bilderberger meeting, itís the same with everyone who becomes a President or a Prime Minster of any country.  If they go to the Bilderberger, they are the guy whoís going to get picked in any election that comes up.  Thatís just the facts.  Every single one of them in the last 10 years, like 15 years I can remember, went to the Bilderbergers and they always got into whatever position they ran for right after it.


Debbie:  Right.  Honestly, Iíve been listening to you and Alex Jones for several years.  I just finished The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin.  He states there specifically that the further income disparity increases, the less likely that democracy can be effective or ever rule.  In fact, here we are.  Weíre in communism.  My question to you is what do we DO?  I mean, I feel very hopeless now.  I just donít think Iíve felt this hopeless before.


Alan:  Well the thing you can do, really, is to start to concentrate on yourself, number one.  Donít wait for any group or any bigÖ See, there is going to be no big change at the top.  There hasnít been since World War II, even before World War II.  This is an agenda you are living through.  They had even the end of the industrial era mapped out before World War II started.  They knew when theyíd be starting to pull outÖ Iíve got books from the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs going back to 1938 talking about building up China to be a manufacturer of the planet basically, at their main meeting in Australia that year, 1938 I think it was.  We are simply living a script here.  They have already brainwashed a young generation coming up right now from Kindergarten right through school into the greening and self-sacrifice. 


Itís typical of mass movements which THEY create.† The only successful movements in this world that succeed are those that are officially approved and CREATED by those who already rule to bring in the next phase of their network.  You canít compete with that kind of money or organization.  Iíve got foundations hereÖ There is one there, itís the United Nation Foundation, just created last year I think it was.  This foundation was given a BILLION dollars to start off with by the Ted Turner Fund.  You cannot compete with the money they dole out to their radical front organizations and NGOs.  You canít do that.  You cannot change this system from within. Theyíve also taken care of any possible rebellion.  Theyíve been building up an internal army for 25 years in preparation for whatís to come. 


So youíve got to take care of yourself.  Thatís the first thing.  And if you CAN get a few people around you of like mind, who will certainly help each other, wonít run off in tough times or give up when the going get tough.  Self-preservation is going to be awfully important as we go through the next 10 years or more.  Itís not going to get better. 


Iíve read so many articles from the top themselves, from governments and from all the different foundations and think tanks that work for governments, that are simply an appendageÖ. The governments are an appendage of the foundations actually.  Theyíve got it all mapped out for the next 100 years, including the declining population and the ideal population for the West by the year 2050.  They will not change their course or their track.  This new economy is based on sustainability and food.  They will eventually be dishing out food and money to every region, as they call it, and you will have to take down your population as they cut back on the money and the food and so on that you are allowed.  The United Nations was set up to do that, to be the distributor of all food on the planet, to different regions.  This is their agenda.  THEY MEAN WHAT THEY SAY because they know they have no opposition.  All they have to do is to humor the public through all of this, as they always do, and itís coming into being as we live.  We see it happening. 


It would take something massive, even a military coup, to alter the direction in which we are going right now.  Even Russia, Putin, he said America is becoming the most dangerous nation to the whole world because itís bringing in a form of communism across the planet.  He said itís a strange thing; they dismantled the Berlin Wall only to put it around the whole coastline of America.  Heís right too because, under communism the state was in charge of all goods and means of production and all food and everything.  When the bank bailouts happened, now theyíve got the say in the banking. They are working together of course, with the banks, FOR the banks I should say, and you now have the same system of interwoven government and the means of production.  Thereís no higher means of it than the money system itself; without money there is no production of any kind.  But itís also to do with this whole brand new system coming in based on sustainability and the reduction of populations because they donít NEED the masses anymore.  They donít need factory workers in the West.  They donít need laborers in the West; they can always bring in laborers from any third world country that will be far cheaper for them and if they die off in the process, as theyíre getting worked to death, they will bring in more.  


Thatís the same techniques as the REAL Nazi death camps were.  The Nazi death camps were based not just on bringing people in and killing them.  They worked them almost to death and then they killed them when they were no more use to them.  That was all set up by IG Farben, an umbrella group comprised of IBM and all the big internationalists that still run their big plants across the planet today.  Itís the same techniques that are being used.  These guys have so many professional, full-time organizations and think tanks working on every part of their scheme that, to be honest with you, you canít fight it by using democracy.  It wonít work. 


Debbie:  Itís justÖ so really, the actual answer is to go individually ahead and try to create a small individual community around you that can help you insulate and weather through.  Thatís the only way. 


Alan:  Thatís it.  Thatís all you can do.


Debbie:  Okay. 


Alan:  Thatís all you can do.  But you have to make sure that you have noÖ See, once you get into a political agenda, someone is sent in and they take it over.  Itís the same with any organization you set up to combat this; itís infiltrated.  I know some of the 9/11 Truthers in Canada and some places and they were taken over very quickly by hard working people; thatís what they do.  They send in hard workers that do all the volunteering, they end up being at the top of it, and then theyíve got them all into climate change and standing up for the government has got to do something about climate change.  They completely change where you are heading.  What you need are people who are trustworthy, that will truly help each other out in times of stress and know that their self-preservation will depend on each other


Debbie:  Thank you so much for that encouragement and God bless you Alan.


Alan:  Well you take care and donít be too disheartened.  We are all going through it.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before I take the next caller, Iím going to put up a bunch of PDF links for you tonight where you can go right into a lot of the big foundations and organizations that are working with this global agenda.  You can see for yourselves just how far ahead they are in every aspect of your life and what they are bringing to pass for their planned future and the kind of funding the get from it.  Iíll give you an example of the Winslow Foundation. Here is what they handed out to NGOs alone for the year ending 2001. 


Winslow Foundation

Also known as Windie Foundation c/o Drinker Biddle & Shanley, Princeton, NJ 08542

Phone 609-716-6511 | Fax 609-799-7000 |


Finances for tax year ending 12/31/2001


Total Assets $30,994,490.00   (A:  This is what they had to dish out to NGO groups.  Thatís just ONE foundationÖ amongst a thousand of them.)


Now there is Kevin from Ontario on the line.  Are you there Kevin?


Kevin:  Well, Iím all there this time I think.


Alan:  Well thatís good news.  Thatís because spring is coming. 


Kevin:  Spring is coming and Iím going back home for a week next week so I guess my sanity is slowing coming back to me.  You know, they are really planning on this whole big order out of chaos.  I think the revolution is starting to trickle above the surface here.  There is one fella that was on this chat program called Pal Talk that was, I opened up a room the other day and I donít know where this guy came from, never seen him before.  He said the first thing thatís going to go down, when you know that the whole martial law system and the revolution is really going to start is when the communication systems go down and with this whole cyber attack nonsense thatís going on, I think they are getting ready to do that in the near future. 


Alan:  They might, but to be honest with you, Iím not even worried about that.  I donít go byÖ   All that stuff is in the mainstream anyway, that kind of stuff.  We are always under cyber attack by our own government agencies.  [Alan laughing.]  I mean, thatís the only cyber attack that goes on. 


Kevin:  Iím expecting that all communications are going to go down and they are going to, with the exception of maybe a couple of mainstream media news channels, of course they are going to leave those up there to brainwash the rest of the sheeple out there.  But they are going to claim itís a huge coordinated attack by Iran and China or whatever, just to give them a reason to go war and declare martial law.


Alan:  They donít even need that to go to war, to be honest with you.  All they have to say nowÖ  See, when you read the report that was put out by the New American Century policy group, back before 2001, they published it about 1997 by Wolfowitz.  They had all the countries that they had earmarked for looting, starting with Afghanistan to be followed with Iraq, then Iran, then Syria.  Weíve still got Syria to go yet.  Weíve actually gone along in that perfect order right up until now and once they are finished with Iran they will go into Syria as well.  The whole world is to come under their dominion, you understand, and the big boys are the first in.  We build the new refineries for them by our tax money and then itís handed over to the big boys.  Iíve even read the articles from mainstream where thatís happened.  This is all planned out and they donít even need to give us much of a scare now.  They will use scares ONLY if we start going to sleep, to be honest with you.  If they think we are just too jaded and we are fed up with the movies we are watching and all the porno, they will give us a big scare then just to get us back on track.  When we are terrified we turn to them, like the abused always do to the abuser, and we ask them for help.  Thatís the technique.


Kevin:  Iíve noticed a lot of these truth chat rooms Iíve visited, theyíve been growing in number.  I do see a revolution is coming and go to [inaudible].  I think heís getting impatient for a revolution to start pretty soon there. 


Alan:  Oh, there are people out there that are; but as I say, the big boys expect that themselves.  Come what may, the fact is we are going through hell and weíve got more to go.  You always do before you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  But thatís the way it is.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




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