March 5, 2010 (#528)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 5, 2010:

No Family, No Land -- Nothing Left For to Stand:

"Russell and Huxley said they'd Change Children's Habits,
Pre-Pubertal Sex Could have them Rutting Like Rabbits,
Medicine Would Find Ways to Reduce their Fertility,
Boys to Become Sterile but Retain Some Virility,
Bonding Would Fade Due to Promiscuous Acts,
Now People Can't Bond, State Self-Evident Facts,
Pregnancy Outcomes can have Quick Termination,
Counselling, with Drugs, Negate Guilt-Consternation,
Hollywood -- Music, Arts, The Culture they Create
Aimed at Young Children to Emulate,
We're All -- The Divided -- Each Living Alone,
No Wife to Fight For, Nor Children, Nor Home"
© Alan Watt March 5, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 5, 2010
(Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on Friday the 5th of March 2010.


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And that’s that spiel done there and I won’t toot my horn and all that kind of stuff.


Anyway, we are really going into, we’re already in a totalitarian regime. We have been for a long time. It’s just that the media didn’t announce it to us in such a manner and only a few people really in the world, for the last fifty-odd years or more, have been aware, and I should say outside of those who are actually doing it, only a few people have been aware of what was really happening.

We don’t care much when we’re living through the good times and having fun, as has been promoted especially from the sixties onwards, ‘just have fun’ and meanwhile the big boys were just rampaging ahead with organisations, foundations and NGO’s.


Back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


Everyone in this system is used in turn to always achieve another step up the ladder of the agenda and very often they’re disposed of afterwards. Only a few get higher up. It depends how prominent they are, how needed they are by those that run the system that we’re really into now. And now most countries have felt pretty well a much fuller impact of whole ‘greening’ and cutback in the new economy and so on than the US has. The US has been hammered, mind you, and the old districts and areas in the cities that used to be manufacturing are really literally being flattened, I mean literally.

However, there’re still a lot of people in other cities who live in a service economy where they pass the bucks around and it hasn’t really hit them yet as to what’s happening but in Europe it’s really banging away there as the new system, which is not democratic and I’ve explained that so many times, that the big think tanks that work for the United Nations, like the Club of Rome has said, that democracy was really in the way of what they called ‘progress’ which means their plan. That’s what they mean by progress. So they’re not even messing around anymore when they can fine members of parliament, in the European parliament for just contradicting Mr. Rompuy at the top. You get massive fines. If he can’t really give a ‘slanging match’, or have a slanging match, with the politicians then what...That’s the only fun you got out of them was the name calling and stuff because they weren’t good for much else. But now they get fined for doing it so they’re dictatorial. That’s the new system we’re into and to understand the system I keep emphasizing, you can’t understand the system if you’re living off daily new fear; new fear.


Every day the mainstream will churn out new fears for you. You’ve got to understand the history of this. You’ve got to understand how far back it goes. You’ve got to understand the big banking institutions and their foundations and NGO’s that have been working steadily; private organisations working steadily parallel with government. They are a parallel government, to bring in this new totalitarian world system with a so-called redistribution of wealth, which means just taking form the people who are able to live without cockroaches in the Western world and take all their extra cash off them and send it off to the Third World.

And it doesn’t go to the people in the Third World either.


It’s a means of impoverishment across the board. That’s really what it’s all about; flattening us down, getting us used to less expectations in life and the ‘creme de la creme’, as they say at the top, will simply be the new ‘nomadic class’. They’ll serve the higher world bureaucracy. They’ll be nomadic because they’ll travel from international city to international city, working for the world society. The rest of us will stuck within our penned enclaves under the guise of terrorism and eventually you won’t be able to move out, in fact, of your own area when the proper regional ID’s come out.

That’s how the Soviet system worked and that is what they’re emulating right down to a ‘T’.


Wherever they go, the US is used; as I say, that’s why the US hasn’t been flattened as badly yet as the rest of the world and Europe, because the US is still putting up the military and the machines and using the taxpayer’s money to furnish it all to standardise the last few countries in the world who aren’t too happy about going under this world dictatorship.

Once it’s done though, they pull the last of the stops out. They’ve already pulled a few out but there’re some to go yet. It can be done so easily. It can be done overnight if they want another crash in fact and they’ve already put into bills, through the present administration in the US, they’ve put into bills new means of quickly bailing out the banks, when, not if, but when it happens again. So they can pull it when they want to.


Wherever this modern army goes, it’s just a mercenary army as far as I’m concerned; I don’t see any idealism in it at all on behalf of the troops, but wherever they go; and we’ve seen this in various countries like Bosnia and elsewhere, they leave all this depleted uranium behind them and there’re birth defects all over the place.


Here’s another article out of Iraq here and it’s from the Mail Online. It’s called;


“The curse of Falluja: Women warned not to have babies because of rise in birth defects since U.S. assault .”


This is the 5th of March.


“A higher number of children are being born with birth defects in an Iraqi city where U.S. forces may have used chemical weapons during a fierce battle in 2004.


Children in Fallujah are being born with limb, head, heart and nervous system defects. There is even a claim that a baby was born with three heads.”


(A: I’ve known of two. Occasionally that happens.)


“The number of heart defects among newborn babies is said to be 13 times higher than the rate in Europe.”


(A: And then it shows you some photographs of children with limbs missing and all the rest of it.)


 “The city, 40 miles west of Baghdad, was the scene of some of the fiercest fighting of the Iraq war in late 2004. U.S. marines led Operation Phantom Fury to recapture it from insurgents.


British troops were involved in manning checkpoints on the outskirts of the city as the Americans went in. The U.S. has admitted that it used white phosphorous in the attack, but only as an illumination device.”


(A: Ha, ha, ha...yeah right!)


“Under international law it is illegal if used as an offensive weapon.”


(A: This is to get you off the track of the depleted uranium that they coat the shells, the heavier shells with which has an awful long ‘half-life’ and all the rest of it. It’s there forever basically as far as we’re concerned. It says here, it does mention depleted uranium weapons against insurgents such as ‘bunker buster’ bombs. They love these terms, don’t they?)


“Both types of weapons can contaminate crops and water supplies.”


Well you see they knew all this before they did it because they already had the evidence from wherever else they’ve been before. So it’s obvious they want to bring these people down. Another side effect of this too is that it causes, in alot of the population, sterilisation because it’s radiation you see. It causes alot of cancers of ovaries, testes and all the rest of it as well. So this is the agenda. Take down the Third World as they call it or countries that are not too happy about being dominated by someone else from outside.

It makes perfect war sense if you’re all out for war. It makes perfect sense as to what they’re doing.


Now, I’ve talked about ‘land for debt’ swop for years because that was a United Nations idea. They promoted it at first. In fact, they’ve already got alot of land, under the U.N., under land for debt swop through the I.M.F. banks.


Here’s an article here where Greece has been told by Germany to sell Corfu, the island and other ones to pay off its debt. It says:


“We give you cash, you give us Corfu!” German MPs suggest Greece sell its islands (and the Acropolis) to pay its debts.”  (5th March)


(A: This is something you would think is a joke but it’s not.)


“They’ve often been accused of hogging the sunloungers and taking over the beaches.

Now, as if to confirm their boorish reputation when it comes to grabbing a place in the sun, the Germans have suggested they buy up entire Greek islands.


Corfu has been suggested as one target although a (slightly) more practical suggestion is one of the country’s thousands of small and unpopulated islets.”


(A: I wonder just how unpopulated they are.)


“Selling an island would help Greece pay off its huge national debt, say German MPs.”


(A: Most of the German MPs over there, work for the German banks. They’re big too those banks.)


“The suggestion by Marco Wanderwitz and Frank Schaeffler added fuel to the feuding between the countries over how Greece will tackle its deficit.


‘The Greek state must sell stakes in companies and also assets such as unpopulated islands’ said Mr. Schaeffler, a finance policy expert in the Free Democrats, the junior partner in Angela Merkel’s coalition.


Mr. Wanderwitz added that Athens should provide ‘collateral for any money it receives from the European Union to help it out of its debt crisis


Now, you’re going to see this happening more and more all over the place, including the U.S. I think it’s already happening in Britain where they’ve sold off sea ports and the towns that go with them to private corporations and that’s also how they do it; by selling to private corporations you see.


Remember, this is the new feudal system we’re living under and Carroll Quigley, in a book that people must read, ‘Tragedy & Hope’ and his more telling one as to the ‘whys’ of things and who’s behind it all, which is his own group in fact, that he worked for, ‘The Anglo American Establishment’. He said that the new system that was coming in is a feudal system where the new feudal overlords will be the CEO’s of international corporations.


Now, I’ve talked before too of how pre-pubertal sexual shenanigans, let’s put it that way, was promoted through schools and it was an old idea that was worked out by people like Lord Bertrand Russell a long time ago in experimental schools. The idea being that if they could encourage really obsessive, you might say, thoughts of sex before puberty and actually help and encourage them to engage in these acts then the more partners they have, the less chance they would have of mating for life with anyone or having children. They don’t want children being born you see. That’s always been a part of it.


Now here’s an article here. I’ve read so many in the past I’ve lost count. It’s the school’s system. It’s their job to do this and promote this stuff and do it again. It’s Mail Online.

“Parents’ anger after class of seven-year-olds is shown ‘graphic sex cartoon’ at school.” (5th March)


“A mother has taken her seven-year-old daughter out of school...”


(A: Seven-years-old)


“...after she was made to watch a cartoon showing a couple chasing each other around a bed and having sex.


Seven and eight-year-old pupils watched the controversial Channel 4 sex education DVD, ‘Living and Growing’ at their village primary school.


A voice-over on the DVD describes the sex as ‘exciting’.


Lisa Bullivant, from Legbourne, Lincolnshire, was so upset by the ‘graphic’ content she took her daughter out of East Wold Primary School and placed her with another school.


Mrs. Bullivant said: ‘The cartoon was very graphic. My daughter was frightened and children have unfortunately been copying what they have seen.”


(A: Exactly, of course they do. That’s what it’s all for. Why do you think there’s way more of it going on? Why do you think much music shows nothing but sex, sex, sex, sex, sex – just do it? And little children emulate it.)


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, just showing you the techniques. That’s all I do really over the years is to show you the techniques that are used and tell you what’s going to happen and sit and wait until it happens. Then tell you what’s happened because this is an agenda we’re living through and it’s a scientifically designed agenda. We’re all going through it and so much of it is aimed at the young to do with sustainability and ‘don’t have children’ and you can even offer yourself up for suicide if necessary and also be sterilised. ‘Come forth and save Mother Earth.’


Meanwhile, like Julian Huxley said, this society, and I’ve read it from his own book before, can basically have more sex than they ever had before and rut like rabbits but they’ll have no children. They’ll be sterile basically and that’s what they’ve been encouraging, pre-pubertal sex.


Now here’s an article that ties in with the last one, from the Telegraph.


“Extra small condoms for 12 year-old boys go on sale in Switzerland”


(A: It’s going to be all over Europe too. They’re moving out from there. It says, March 3rd:)

“Called the Hotshot, the condom has been produced after government research showed 12 to 14-year-olds did not use sufficient protection when having sex.”

(A: Well, you wonder why they’re all doing it. Well. I don’t know where your heads have been to ask that question. If you’ve watched television or movies at all over the years, and watched it getting worse and worse plus the much of the music that’s everywhere and the videos, that’s all it’s about; sex, sex, sex. Listen to the words if you can understand them in what they call music now. It says;)

“The study, conducted on behalf of the Federal Commission for Children and Youth, interviewed 1,480 people aged 10 to 20.”

(A: Then it goes into a whole list of links here showing you that pregnancy rates are skyrocketing and yah de yah de yah in the young age groups. Then it says;)

“It showed more 12 to 14-year-olds were having sex, in comparison with the 1990s.”

(A: So these studies you see really show those at the top that their plan is working. That’s what they’re really for. It’s not for me to complain about. It’s to show you that their plans are actually working. Now to 12 to 14-year-olds are having sex, in comparison with the 1990s. And of course they were having more in the 1990s than the 1980s etc etc.)

“The Hotshot condoms, which cost 7fr60 (£4.70) for a packet of six, have been created by Lamprecht AG, a leading condom manufacturer in Switzerland.”

And they’re also moving out into Britain and elsewhere where they’ve got, I think Britain’s got the highest very young teen pregnancy rates in the whole of Europe.

So, when you destroy the cultures and all the rest of it, you’ve no morals to stand by and you replace them, as I say, with the new values and it’s the values of the state, exactly again like Huxley said they would be. The state would give them their values. These are the new values and when they’re not bonding to anybody, lots of ‘acquaintances’ you might say but no bonding, then no-one stands up for anyone else when the big boys come for you. That’s really what it’s about too.

H.G. Wells said they’d have to do that back in the 1920s. When government can talk directly down to you with no interference from groups, or even families standing around you, then you will do what you’re told. You will obey.


Now, there’s a caller from Louisiana, Larry. Are you there Larry?


Larry:  Hi Alan. Can you hear me ok?


Alan:   Yes I can.


Larry:  They don’t just coat the shells with depleted uranium. A 105mm gun, which is a 4” cannon has a 9LB solid, what they call ‘teardrop penetrator’ in it. I know because I put them on in ’82 in the Federal Republic of Germany. So when it passes through a target, an enemy vehicle, a tank, when it passes through about half of it is aerosolised and the other half comes out on the other side and cools off. So you can see what a mess using tons of that kind of ammunition would do.

            Also, when they gave it to us the next day they took all of our, what you call ‘radiac meters’ for reading radiation, Geiger counters and all that. They took it all away from us and said that we didn’t need that stuff anymore.


Alan:   Oh really?


Larry:  Yes, really.


Alan:   I saw an interview on television about U.S. soldiers who were assigned to recover damaged tanks and every one of them said when they went up to them they were coated in a whitish powder, sometimes inside, sometimes outside it as well from these shells and they thought nothing of it. Of course they were told everything was safe and every one of these guys, including the guy who was narrating, had multiple tumours. They all had cancers.


Larry:  Well here’s what they told us in ’82. They called us down for a briefing and the ‘penetrators’ themselves did not belong to the United States Army. They were shuffled into Germany under secrecy and quietness so the Green Party wouldn’t gripe about more nukes in Germany and they told us that if the round burns, the tank burns, you must be 2km upwind because if you take one breath from the smoke of burning depleted uranium you will get sick anywhere from 2 weeks to 20 years.


Alan:   Yes, in fact we had troops coming back to Canada from Iraq in Gulf War I actually it was and I think it was in one of the magazines here; ‘Life’ magazine in Canada and they showed you one of the troopers with his son. The trooper himself had multiple problems. He had these terrible skin rashes and cancer setting in but so had his son. So had his son and some of the wives were actually, I guess it’s the transmission of fluids between the usual married couple, we getting massive irritations down below as well and they put it down to genetic alterations in the sperm.


Larry:  The same thing happened to the Japanese in Nagasaki and Hiroshima and their children came out with short arms and short legs.

 On another subject, I’m down in Louisiana, just to change subjects a little bit but it’s interesting, the Dept. Of Motor Vehicles no longer has a manual for you to go take the driver’s test. You have to buy the manual or go to a school. So I looked it up and I found the manual online and it says right in it that you have to surrender your driver’s license to any military officer or agent.


Alan:   Hold on, hold on there and we’ll come back with you after the break, will you? That’s a good topic.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix talking to Larry from Louisiana who’s mentioning the updates and changes in the driving courses and licensing and so on. Carry on Larry.


Larry: Yeah, in Louisiana, the book you have to study now to take the written test says right in it that you must surrender your driver’s license to any military officer or agent. So I guess if a Russian private asked me for my driver’s license then I’ve got to give it to him.


Alan:   You’re right on, right on with that.


Larry:  It also says that driving is a privilege, not a right.


Alan:   Oh, so you’ve become British after all eh? Ha, ha ha. Yeah, they’ve had that stuff in Britain forever. And the same thing, you buy the manual and all the rest of it. I think also that Russia has it, something to do with NATO as well. So the NATO troops will come in with all those Soviet Bloc countries, ex Soviet Blocs. They’ve already had them in Scotland by the way. They’ve had the exercises in Scotland where tourists were getting stopped by foreigners who couldn’t speak English and it really scared the bejesus out of them and it turned out they were from Czechoslovakia or somewhere. That was in the major media too. So that’s coming to America big time.


Larry:  Yeah it’s coming to a country near you. Ok Alan, well I appreciate your show. I listen to you all the time. Have a good one.


Alan:   You too, take care.


Now we’ll go to Diana in California. Are you there Diana?


Diana: Hello


Alan:   Hello


Diana: Hi, sorry I didn’t hear the first part of the show. Anyway, my question is, I wonder if you could talk about SSRI’s the anti-depressants and anxieties and people who’ve been on them, perhaps the withdrawal. The reason I ask is because I’m very close to a person who is on Paxil for 8 years, literally took 4 times the dose that he should for 9 years. So anyway he went ‘cold turkey’ and got off it. We went through 2 years of incredible massive withdrawal but in one of your talks you talked about it lodging in long bones and it may never be able to go away and I think that at one time you also mentioned that it alters the chemistry in the brain. So I was just wondering if you could elaborate on that.


Alan:   Well these drugs, these particular drugs are again more potent than the old types, the old valiums and the libriums and stuff that they used to throw out there at the public. Remember too that Big Pharma is to be part of the New World Order and Huxley and all those guys talked about it as going to be that way. So this is all part of it. They started back in the ‘60s big time with the tranquilisers. At one time ¾ of the housewives in Britain were on them. They were just throwing them out like candy. But those particular drugs, the valium related, those ones are the ones that’ll lodge in the long bones in the marrow basically and can take up to 5 years to leach out of your system and you can have withdrawals and panic attacks for 5 years as this stuff is leaching out of you.

            Now the other ones that they’re talking about here are again they’ve been well studied. I had a video on an inquiry on my website in the archive section, and if I can find it I’ll put it up; a link to the video of a government enquiry into people, adults who lost either a wife or a husband, or even one guy who lost his wife and the children, because his wife turned guns on herself and the children, and people were doing crazy things because it can cause a sudden drop into dark depression very, very quickly and obviously they’re not rational during that time and they do crazy things. Also these drugs will interrelate with anything else like any other drug or even alcohol, which is a drug.


Diana: So it interrelates with alcohol?


Alan:   Yes. All these drugs do and what happens is your liver has to break up all chemicals and drugs which come into your body so that it can be broken down and goes back into the stream taken out by the kidneys for excretion but things, especially the valium types and a lot of these new heavy anti-depressants will do a similar thing. You see they tend to switch on and off, certain chemicals in your brain. Or actually even hormones themselves as well and that’s what I was talking about last night ‘epigenomics’. You can switch things on and off, well your liver will often take a certain drug, store it up for a while and when alcohol comes into the body it’ll put that drug on hold. It’ll stop it cutting it up and processing it. It’ll go through the alcohol first and as soon as the alcohol’s dying out of your body, then it pumps all that drug right into your bloodstream as though you’ve taken an overdose and then people go crazy. They can go into a rage. They can go into a rage or a dark depression or suicidal or even homicidal rage and that kind of stuff came out at some of these meetings that were held.


Diana: Yeah, if you could find that link that would be great because it would be a great help to me.


Alan:   I’ll try to put it up at the end of the night. It’s in my archive section but I’ll see if I can find it.


Diana: Thank you. So you were talking about alcohol. I was saying that this person that I know when he was taking the Paxil for so long, in his mind, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but he started drinking very, very heavily and he felt that the alcohol somehow helped. Now he can’t explain how or why or whatever but the Paxil is now gone. It’s been done for 5 or 6 years now but the alcohol remains. Are you saying that the alcohol will go into the liver, get processed through but when the alcohol’s done the Paxil or whatever chemical will come back up and reactivate in his body?


Alan:   It’s almost like you’ve just taken an overdose of it and you can go crazy on it. And these things as I say all affect various chemicals in the brain, the serotonin levels etcetera. Something people should not interfere with at all. I’ve noticed they’ve put the similar drugs in to even painkillers now. Certain painkillers are using this as well and all animals and even insects for fight or flight and normal fight or flight survivalism, actually increase their serotonin levels for fight and flight making them more normal and aware. This stuff is suppressing it and so you’re not really all there at all times at all or having normal responses to situations while you’re on them.


Diana: Yeah, he used to explain it as if he were looking at the world through a thick plexiglass.


Alan:   Yes, exactly.


Diana: Green and that it didn’t emotionally affect him but my observations after the fact was that the withdrawal was like it almost amplified and exaggerated all the emotions that you and I would consider normal.


Alan:   That’s what it does.


Diana: There was something else I was thinking about too. His memories after going cold turkey, everyone don’t do that, there’s ways that you can do it safer but it’s just how he chose to, his memory at first would come back in these explosive tiny little clips and as time has gone on the memories are coming back more fuller, more complete and less emotional and if got to wondering that obviously it affects memory. Do you have any data on that or info?


Alan:   They’ve done surveys on them because they looked at some of these particular drugs when the military, not too long ago last year they were talking about drugs coming on the market that’ll help to eliminate painful memories and they’ve even made movies about it. Some high blood pressure medication long term will do the same thing. What it does is give them a flattened response; they can remember the event but they have no emotion attached to the event.


Diana: So coming off it would do the opposite. It would over exaggerate.


Alan:   It might but they might still not have any emotion to something that happened a year ago or 6 months ago or they’ll have a distorted memory of what actually happened because the emotional response was flattened during the actual event itself.


Diana: Right ok. I guess my last question would be, and I’ve read 4 or 5 books on this but I haven’t really found it...No-one really has any conclusive answers as to after so much time or so much whatever, it’s gone, it’s done, it’s finished and you’re back to normal. There’s nothing on this. Is a person permanently damaged for life?


Alan:   They don’t have to be. It depends on the individual. I think some people can...You’ve got to remember too that the younger you are when they put you on it the more immature you will be. When you’re drugged as a teenager, and you’ll find this too when they’re using amphetamine groups as well, the speed for children, they won’t have normal responses and they won’t meet events and crises in their lives with normal emotions. Therefore when they come off it when they’ve been on it for 5 years they’ve really missed 5 years of maturation.


Diana: That’s exactly what he said. He feels like 10 years have just gone missing entirely. It so frustrates and gets him. Wow, ok I think that’s all I have. Thank you very much.


Alan:   Thanks for calling.


It’s an awful thing because I talk to so many youngsters who’ve been on various drugs. It’s amazing what they’ve done to them and the damage it’s done to them personally and some have really come through it with enough character and determination and have really helped themselves get on. Other ones will still have problems with memory lapses and various things. This is the combination of pharma and government. You’ve got to understand that this is really all one thing now. The drug society has been approved long ago, back as far as the ‘50s and even before with some of the authors that worked for the big foundations that worked with the United Nations and the League of Nations before it.


Now there’s Sean from Utah. Is Sean there? Hello Sean


Sean:   Hi. I just wanted to call and mention the fact that I called a couple of weeks ago and mentioned when you were talking about the whole abortion thing and I’d made the comment that they have the pill that allows you to take a, it used to be the ‘day after’ pill, now it’s the ‘5 day after’ pill.  I made the point that if they have this ability to produce this 5 day after pill then they would probably have the ability to make the same pill to make your hormones shut down completely. You know, I didn’t have the Internet for so long so I haven’t been catching up on your show so I didn’t mean to get off topic there but people need to realise that the fact that it’s never about, you know they talk about abstinence, but people are really confused about that. It sounded like I misrepresented my point.


Alan:   I know what you mean though. Abstinence certainly has not been promoted. In fact, promiscuity through all culture industry, what you’ve got to understand, is that the culture industry is an industry and their job is to control and guide culture. Actors in Hollywood often refer to themselves, amongst themselves, as the culture creators and they’ll say in major speeches, ‘we are the cultural leaders.’

They give us all the porno stuff. Really a lot of the movies today are just violence and sex, especially the stuff for the youth and the music again is part of the culture industry and that’s all they show. As Julian Huxley said; the head of UNESCO, the first CEO of UNESCO, he said: ‘We’ll be able to get the children basically very promiscuous but they’ll have no offspring so that’s ok and they won’t bond for any length of time with any particular partner’.

In other words they want a society where we’re all on our own. You’ve got to understand, the U.N. has also put out articles on their own websites to do with a type of corn and a type of wheat they were experimenting on and rice which would grow its own drug inside it causing sterilisation in those that ate it and it would be very ‘handy’ in Third World countries. This is from their own website.

You’re under total attack here because it’s an agenda. These guys don’t sit with a department on population control, which means ‘depopulation’, without actually putting it into action and from the very foundation of these characters, going back even to the Fabian Society, which is heavily involved in them, they talked then about ways to kill off the people ‘humanely’, in other words, in ignorance. As long as it happens and you’re ignorant of the causes then they haven’t done too much damage to you psychically. Your mental abilities are still ok.

So they can’t fulfil their quotas without killing us off with cancers, sterilising us and all the rest of it because they don’t ask for volunteers. They just go ahead and they actually do it.

That’s a hard hurdle for people to cross. They can’t believe this. But hey, these are the same characters having wars across the planet and have killed millions already.

What makes you think we’re any different back home?


Sean:   Yeah, I agree. I feel that that’s the point I wanted to make. Look at the culture. Look at everything that is promoted. It’s the total opposite, you know, it’s just not normal.


Alan:   Everything that’s promoted is to bring in a degenerate society where the old culture that was cohesive and made you stand up for each other is destroyed. That’s the purpose of it and it’s worked very, very well.


Sean:   I’m glad you’re bringing these things up Alan and thanks for all your hard work.


Alan:   Well thanks for calling. You take care.


And there’s Jason in Ohio.


Jason:  Hey, hello.


Alan:   Hello.


Jason:  How’s it going?


Alan:   Not bad.


Jason:  I’ve got a few questions. I emailed you. I’m not sure if you got it yet but there’s an H.G. Wells book that talks about the creation of a ‘sports culture’. Which book was that in?


Alan:   I can’t remember if it was a companion to ‘The Open Conspiracy’. There was a whole slew of stuff. You’ve got to understand that just like today, by the way, H.G. Wells didn’t do all this stuff on his own. He didn’t just churn out books by himself. He had a building given to him by The Royal Institute of International Affairs and subsidised too by the Fabian Society and he had a whole range of people working on different aspects and so on. Whenever you see an author churning out book after book after book, you know they’re one of their boys because humanly you can’t do it, it’s not possible. Anyway, he churned out a whole bunch at the same time as he did ‘A Brief History of the World’ in two parts and he churned out also ‘The Open Conspiracy’. Now there’s a short edition and a long edition to ‘The Open Conspiracy’. I’ve seen the short edition. I haven’t seen all that’s cut out of it but I’ve seen a lot of stuff that’s definitely missing from it and it’s the same thing with his second edition of ‘A Brief History of the World’ you know. They put two volumes into one so it was abridged. So whenever you see ‘abridged’ you know they’ve taken a lot out of it. You have to get the original editions to get the whole thing.

            Because they were very open back in those days in what they were planning. It was even more far-fetched to the average person living then than it is today. Their plans would seem so far-fetched. You have to go into the original books and you will find them out there in used book stores and even junk shops, but thanks for calling.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


Here’s an article from Canada. It’s about the new money that’s coming in, the new currency, literally paying with plastic it says.


“Paying with plastic will take on a whole different meaning next year as the Bank of Canada begins introducing plastic dollar bills.

The federal government announced in its budget yesterday that it is “taking steps to modernize Canada’s currency and protect against counterfeiting...”


Which is nonsense of course. Because, in fact, I don’t know if you saw that Mumbai video, the link I put up there. You should see it I put it up a couple of days ago there of the people living in Mumbai, the poor folk that are living on garbage dumps, recycling plastic and believe you me they know their plastics. One guy goes through all the different kinds. He says there’re hundreds of them and he names a lot of them.


They know exactly what they’re doing so it’s not for that reason, it’s for other reasons. Obviously they haven’t told us yet. It says it’s less easy to copy but you see that’s nonsense. They’re also changing the coins as well with a new composition of steel. They don’t even use brass or anything anymore. Now we’re going to, you know, steel. I can’t even see it being steel. It’ll be something even cheaper than that. Anyway, that’s the money changing.

They say that some countries are already using it. Australia is using it they said; New Zealand, Mexico and Vietnam. So, that’s kind of news to me. Plastic money and it’ll probably have a little chip in it or something like that no doubt just to track and trace if they want it.


Now Canada also put out its final ‘Cap & Trade’ PDF from the government. I’ll put that up tonight as well. You can look into it; if Xplornet gives me the speed to upload all the show after I’ve done the broadcast of the show on the Internet and you can go in and it’ll be up there and it’s quite interesting to read through it, very interesting indeed.


What’s also interesting too, the link I put up the other day to that Brown, that Lester Brown advisor to the government with his ‘Brown Report’. You should read through that, the PDF, it’s ‘Plan B’ actually.


There’s a ‘Plan A’ and a ‘Plan B’ for the governments to follow and one of them is right down to the calories that you take. You see, you’ll be all on bicycles apparently, eventually as we go through the years. I guess through the snow in Canada we’ll have maybe skis attached to the bicycles. I don’t know. Anyway, bicycles are the way of the future and they say that they can even measure your caloric intake and how many potatoes you would need to pedal a mile something. Half a potato apparently will do you so your food really is going to be rationed right down to what they claim you need personally according to your work, your exercise or your travel by bicycle per day. I’m not kidding. This is where all these scientists and big money went into this report. Big, big money and the taxpayers paid for it all by the way, through the government.


This is what’s coming down and people will not believe it until it happens, even then they won’t believe it you know. Most folk...I use this analogy that when you see people getting shot either by the Soviets or the Nazis or whoever when they’re lined up in trenches and shot then another row’s put up there to get shot, you’ll see the rows running. They’re told to run into the trenches and they do. They see their people getting shot, they run and they do what they’re told.


What would happen if you didn’t do what you were told? I’ve often wondered. I mean, you’re going to get shot anyway. But people are obedient to authority and what goes through their minds to the last is, “that’ll never happen to me. That’s impossible. Not me. At the last second something will change.” That’s why people cannot believe what’s happening.


Utter denial.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.




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