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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 17th, 2007. Newcomers, look into for lots of information, which hopefully will try and bring you into a reality, a different reality, a higher reality than the one you're in. The one you're in is primarily indoctrinated illusion. You can go into the site you can get lots of previous talks and it's full of information on how we got here, why it works so well (the whole system, that is) and also look into where you can download transcripts and pass them around in the various languages of Europe.


It's interesting to watch the spraying in the skies, still going on of course. It's a done deal. There's an oversight committee on aerospace and the Pentagon and so on, where they've admitted they're doing this, and on one side of their mouth they're talking about saving us from global warming, and on the other hand they talk about the military purposes that it has. Of course it's the latter that's really true because it's being used to modify the weather and convince you that the crisis in global warming and we must all react accordingly as we get conditioned into a completely new way of living or existing, because the world they're brining in is going to be one of your own servitude. You'll serve the system. Servitude is the key term they're all using today.


Tonight the weather plummeted to minus-12 Fahrenheit and it's minus-24 centigrade and I think all Canadians and some of the North American ones towards the north of the border there should all get together and complain to the military-industrial complex because we're paying the biggest carbon taxes and so on for Kyoto, and where is our share of global warming? Where has it gone? We aren't getting value for money. We're getting frozen up here so we should all get a big organization together and complain to all the politicians to make sure we get a warming and representation for all this taxation because it's freezing right now.


As we go through all these conditioned changes, we've been conditioned all our lives from every program you've watched to every cartoon you've watched, every nature program. Love the animals. Love the trees, all that stuff. We've all been conditioned to our present state, which is a form of la-la land. The big boys have us conditioned ready to go into the new system of almost an earth worship, must save the earth at all costs and that sounds all nice and wonderful. After all, it is your home but the ones behind all this and telling us to do it are the same foundations that run the corporations that exploit the Planet Earth and have moved vast mountains in order to get certain minerals and laid waste to various jungles down through the last few centuries. It's the same boys who are pushing this greening movement because the greening movement is a form of straightjacket. We'll all have to live accordingly to the new system, where we have to serve the poor old planet and they'll give us a new priesthood which will be comprised of technocrats and bureaucrats who run it all for us and we'll all bow down to them. We'll bow down for our food, our water. We'll bow down for our existence to these new priests that are coming along. They're already set-up in fact. Most folk quite enjoy it. Back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and after my last gripe about where's our share of global warming, as I say, we should all get together, get a big organization together because we're paying the biggest amount of taxes here to save the old planet and we should get our fair share of global warming. Tell your member of Parliament or congressman today.


However, getting into this other field of where the future is going and where it's actually at. We tend to be segregated in the generations, by design of course. It wasn't so long ago that generations grew up and even wore the same clothes as their great grandparents wore. The fashion never changed. All of that is a fairly recent phenomena in the course of history. We have been guided or shepherded along, not haphazardly but in a planned way, because the elite said a long, long time ago the biggest problem they had is to control the minds of the population. It's not difficult to control the minds of the population as long as you can indoctrinate all of the population in the same cultural upbringing or education. For centuries and thousands of years, in fact, religions did it very, very well. You'd bounce off your opinion of the world and your immediate environment to those around you and they'd bounce it back and you'd tend to all agree because the only information you had about reality at all came from your religion, which was indoctrinated into the culture itself, so everyone would agree with you. Everyone would agree with you that hell was down there somewhere and if you were bad you'd burn forever and if you're good you might just get a chance to go up into the clouds and become a musician and play a harp and stuff like that and everyone would nod their heads and agree.


It's simply gone on a step further. You have a better scientific indoctrination today and the movie "Matrix" wasn't just a happenstance movie where people fought battles inside the programs of the internet. It's actually a goal. I talked before of how the Pentagon and the CIA and all the combination of the Secret Services of the world really at the top in all the top countries are working towards this agenda to rob the minds of the public (what's left of them) and bring them into the next step, which is a virtual reality world. Not a real world, but an almost real world. A parallel world co-existing and people will be enticed initially into this world, until you can't do anything without going into it. It will become your real world for you, the only one you will imagine. Because they've segregated the generations, those who are older, even parents who've just had children for a few years don't notice the indoctrination their own children are getting through their cartoons. They buy them the games to play with and now you can buy games where you can create your own doppelganger. Your double or even a better double than you think you are because you're taught not to be satisfied with yourself, so they go into these games and they can build a composite of the character that they want to be.


Look at all the movies that have been churned out of Hollywood. Look at television of which most folk are glued to most of their lives. Look at the characters they present as stars, movie stars and it was around the '60's they began to look the same. The males looked all the same. The females looked pretty well all the same. Very little differences in them at all and part of that was because Hollywood was trying to give you an idealized picture of what you should be. Not real, but an idealized picture and it's worked so well that many people spend all their money and their credit cards and mortgage their homes to try and look like the ideal character that they see in the movies. It becomes an addiction, a neurosis and pretty well a psychosis for some. You can see that their faces are wasted away with so much plastic surgery, but that's what Hollywood is projecting because everything that comes out of Hollywood or even television or advertising is based on making you feel inadequate. You worship the heroes because you think they're better than you. They would do things that you'd only dream about doing because you'd be too scared to do in reality, so you follow these heroes and they always look like the perfected man or woman and you identify with that part of it and you want to be like that.


The children see the same thing. We're all different shapes and sizes and the different features. That's called normalcy. We’ve been taught not to like normalcy at all; and I mean taught, it wasn't an accident. Now they're going, and they have for quite some time, to the children to create these composite characters and the children are given selections that still look cartoonish.  It's also a form of androgyny because if you look at the characters they give in these games they can build their character and have their own friends and buy their own cars and even design their own homes and so on. A virtual world has been created for them. This is in preparation for this other world that the Pentagon, the military-industrial complex has already set-up. They have all the information and this has been in the newspapers. I've read stuff over the air about it where they have a double of everyone. A double of you with all the information they've gleaned from you, or stolen from your internet, or even opened your mail and watched all the stuff that you purchased. All that's in the persona of this double. Do you see where it's going?


The children are getting taught again to go into this thing already, to want it. We have our first cases of children who are addicted to it. They don't want to be in the real world. They want to look perfect, this perfect flawless, no blemishes on their face and so on, the character that they've created for themselves with their perfect friends and the perfect possessions. It's already here and this is the agenda, to bring us into a matrix system and to make the public want it.


For the older people they'll bring lots of sex into it of course and we already know they're going to come out shortly with equipment which will monitor your – in fact it's already been declared it basically works on your brain. It's a cap you put on your head and it monitors your brain patterns but it can also send signals in and stimulate areas of your brain and you'll have what you'll think are fantastic experiences especially sex-wise. There's no doubt about it. Sex sells, always has, always will, until we're completely altered and people won't want to come back into the real world. We already have cases of males and females who are addicted to internet sex itself. They have no contact with physical people with regards to that at all. You can see where it's going.


Here's a report from the BBC News. It was 11th of December 2007 and it's written by some character up in this particular world where they're creating all this stuff and this is a form of predictive programming where they tell you a blatant truth but they don't give it any negative connotations at all, and it's called:


            "Exodus to Virtual Worlds Predicted. The appeal of online virtual worlds such as Second Life is such that it may trigger an exodus of people seeking to "disappear from reality…"


Alan:  Again, here's that term, the holy term you've been taught is holy.


            "…an expert on large-scale online games has said. Virtual worlds have seen huge growth since they became mainstream in the early years of this decade, developing out of Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Games."


Alan:  It's role-playing games you see.  It says:


            "…And the online economies in some match those of real world countries."


Alan:  Again, a duplicate.


            "Their draw is such that they could have a profound effect on some parts of society, Edward Castronova…"


Alan:  I love the names they give these people.


"…Edward Castronova, Associate Professor in the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University, told BBC World Service's Digital Planet programme."


Alan:  I think I'm going digital.


            "My guess is that the impact on the real world really is going to involve folks disappearing from reality in a lot of places where we see them," he said. Varying involvement: Dr Castronova, who has written a book on the subject…"


Alan:  One of many. I'm sure there's a whole plethora of them emerging on the shelves right now.


            "… written a book on the subject entitled Exodus To The Virtual World…"


Alan:  Here we go. We're the slaves escaping into worse slavery here.


            "…To The Virtual World drew parallels to the 1600's when thousands of people left Britain for a new life in North America."


Alan:  This is how they're going to compare it to you.


            "That certainly changed North America - and that's usually what we focus on - but it certainly changed the UK as well," he said. So what I tried to do in this book is say, 'listen - even if the typical reader doesn't spend any time in virtual worlds, what is going to be the impact on him of people going and doing this?'" And he predicted that everyone will be involved in a virtual environment…"


Alan:  Now here you are. Everyone. That's like everyone.


            "…will be involved in a virtual environment within ten years - although the level of that involvement will vary. He said while some people will be colonists…"


Alan:  See the terms they give it, you're a pioneer.


            "…the virtual frontier opens up and off they go and disappear" - others will just use virtual worlds to get together with distant family and friends."


Alan:  It's to give presence there as though you're really there as we chat to each other.


            "…But he stressed there will be a group of people that spends all their lives there, and that the big question is the size of this group."


Alan:  I'll be back with more on this particular topic after the following messages. Hi. Alan Watt. We're back with Cutting Through the Matrix and exposing this matrix that's pretty well here already. Whenever they announce something that's coming, it's here, and believe you me, there's nothing to iron out. There's no bugs to iron out in it. It's all been done a while ago. That's how it's always done. We're the last to be told any truth and we're told through little exposés like this one, the one that's being printed at the BBC and published and the book that this particular character is flogging to us, predictive programming.


He says here:


            Escape and refuge: The appeal, he said, is not for those in a good job, but for those working low-paid, low-skill jobs."


Alan:  You know, the "losers" he's telling you here. That's what this means. It's like a fix-up house or handyman special. It means you're a loser. That's what they mean by that.


            "Would you rather be a Starbucks worker or a starship captain?" he asked."


Alan:  Oh my goodness, what a choice to make? I wonder what one I would pick.


            "…But he also stressed that since virtual worlds are social, he sees increased interaction in them as a step forward."


Alan:  They're telling you in other words that life is so boring, fearful and awful that people will just love this virtual world; and doesn't this echo exactly the speech that Aldous Huxley gave at Berkeley University? You can look into my website. It's on there in the articles section, where he said that most people are unhappy with their lives and then he goes on to explain why they could justify basically programming us and running our lives for us and making us happy with drugs or electrical stimuli or something. The exact same, because it's the same guys behind it all. This is an old agenda. This guy goes on to say, this character here. He says:


            "…he also stressed that since virtual worlds are social…"


Alan:  They're social, these virtual worlds. Everybody's nice. All people are politically correct and no blemishes, as I say, so your eyes won't be offended by a pimple or a wart or something.


            "…he sees increased interaction in them as a step forward."


Alan:  Well, yes, you're right. You can move forward to the edge of a cliff very easily. They never explain progress, do they? They just mention the term this is a step forward.


            "…And he also highlighted the difference between seeing them as an "escape" and as a "refuge."


Alan:  Oh well, we'll just go into a refuge. You know the word heaven used to be the refuge and it came from a haven; a safe haven is where you brought your ship in from the rough seas. Same old deal sold under another guise.


            "…And he also highlighted the difference between seeing them as an "escape" and as a "refuge. If reality is a bad thing…"


Alan:  Oh, reality is a bad thing and they make sure it is, don't they?


            "…and people are going into virtual worlds to reconnect…"


Alan:  You're going in to "reconnect," the trick of the elect, electric.


            "…the word you would deploy is refuge, refuge," he said."


Alan:  We're all refugees going into a virtual world.


            "A father of two spending 90 hours a week in a virtual world because he doesn't like his wife - I would say that's escapism, and it isn't anything you would say is good."


Alan:  See the baby talk. It's almost like child talk. That's how they speak to us now. That's how they did it in the Soviet Union. It's all there.


            "But if it's a heavy-set girl from a small town who gets victimised just because her body isn't the 'right' kind of body…"


Alan:  You know the Hollywood type.


            "…and she goes online to make friends because she can't get a fair shake in the real world, then I would say the virtual world is more of a refuge."


Alan:  It's more of a refuge. Mind you, if you took the wrong kind of dope they'd be banging on your doors and pulling you off to prison, but this is better you see. Making you crazy and mad, as long as they control it, is better. Isn't that something, boys and girls? So there you go. A virtual world coming to a place near you and they have the little picture on this particular article of the three boob babes. The virtual three boob babes. They're all perfect as I say. There's not a hair out of place. There's not a blemish on their skin. They're all just so perfect you see. Something you can't have in the real world, so we'll see how many refugees there are that escape into this and I do predict there will be lots of them and the more they step up the fear factor and this is the key to it all. They create our system. They keep us under stress and the people go into this in droves as predicted.


Now we've got Timothy from Massachusetts on the line. Are you there, Timothy?


Timothy:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Timothy:  I just wanted to get your comments on Hayek's book, "The Road to Serfdom."  It covers a lot of what you discuss. I'm just curious because the copy I have is from '44 and I guess one of the NGOs just has this big series out and they've rediscovered it. This book was such a huge hit supposedly with economists at the time and if you read the book it's really got nothing about that and it completely is – you know the chapters in there are wide as a bat. People rise to the top and the rule of law and it takes a lot of reading to get through it because of course it's written so sheep like me don't understand it, but I just was curious if you had read it and what your comments were on it.


Alan:  I've read that and in fact I got that book and a whole bunch of books on similar topics that I couldn't find in fact in the bookstores from a bank that had thrown them all out and this is for their higher employees. This actually was not a bank but it was the banking tower where this main branch of the bank was installed, and they had all these kind of books there and that was one of them and you're quite right. They read those ones at the top of these economic structures, because it's important to understand how their world works for them and how to manipulate even further to the next step. Hold on, I'll be back after the following messages. I'm back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we're talking to Timothy about a particular book, one of many books published on the system, the real system as it really does exist. Not the way it's promoted through propaganda which is entertainment to the general public. You'll find if you do go through the newspapers, look for book sales because they're really dumping books like crazy and they have been for the last 10 years. Look for books that are being dumped by the big banking towers, their headquarters in cities because you get an awful lot of stuff there you generally can't get made available to the general public because they're too expensive to buy. Some of the books out there you know are $500 even for a new copy or a reprint.


Timothy:  The masses aren't supposed to be reading that stuff.


Alan:  Yes, that's right and you'll find the same thing with some of the books for Bertrand Russell and others of that ilk. There's a foundation and they give out new books and it will cost you $500, $600 for one paperback because you're not supposed to read the kind of material when they talk to their own peer group. That's for their peer group and it's dangerous reading material for the public, if they can understand it.


Timothy:  I've always got a lot of questions but I mean I've been doing a lot of reading myself and I just don't understand really what we're supposed to do. I mean my only conclusion I've come to is knowing how it works is better than going through life following your shepherd blindly, I guess.


Alan:  Most people are literally going from a conditioned physical world. They've already been conditioned not to ask questions and not to even notice what's really around them, one virtual reality into another virtual reality, only this time you'll leave your body behind. Your body is going to be a battery. That's how it will be used. You'll be a robot that they can then use to do any function you wish and you will never know its happening. You'll be in the other world having a great old time to yourself, you think, and that's on the cards. If they can make people unhappy enough they'll go towards this in droves and they already are doing it to the children. There's games there that will say create a 3-D avatar; hang out with friends; you make the friends; you create them. Play games. Build a home. Design and sell things and pick the car of your dreams.


There are people who now are addicted to this other world and mainly children. They're addicted to it already. The more stress you can pump up in the world, the more people will go into fantasy. See fantasy by its nature is a healthy thing when it's done in a healthy way. That's what part of it is for. It's also a thinking process. You think through in a different realm of fantasy where you can consider things you wouldn't even normally consider in a conscious state, because some of them will touch on topics that you don't want to associate yourself with. Nonetheless, it's like a dream, you do things in a dream you wouldn't normally do in real life, but through that dreaming process you're actually learning something about nature itself. Fantasy is a good thing but like all needs that we have, you'll find that big business and then the government institutions that want to control want to exploit those needs.


They always exploit a drive or a need to the maximum and so they're exploiting fantasy. Have been doing it since the advent of books and then followed up by "cinema" as they called it, which is just "amen-is," backwards, if you speak it and it's spoken. Then it's followed by TV, television. They exploit your basic natural self for their own end and we don't realize it because we fall into it through a natural inclination but then it's exploited.


Timothy:  Well we’re trained from the start, right?


Alan:  Absolutely. If you're parents don't question it you won't question it.


Timothy:  And kindergarten is the garden of children that they can grow and cut up and put into the bigger salad?


Alan:  They put you into kindergarten and actually that's where they weed you out. They segregate them, the brighter ones and so on.


Timothy:  Okay. Nice talking to you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Chris from Texas here. Are you there, Chris? Hello Chris.


Chris:  Hey Alan?


Alan:  Yes. Go ahead.


Chris:  Good to talk to you man. I just wanted to put a plug in for your books, very, very interesting, very quality material. I got your second book and ready to go with that and it's very good.


Alan:  It's different for sure.


Chris:  Oh definitely different and it's like you said it really makes you think. You were just talking about how fantasy is the natural thing and I think like the name of the game with these elites is it takes everything good and co-ops it and turns it around and uses it and incorporates it into their system. I think like Christianity is one thing that they've done and perverted and twisted around and I wanted to ask you specifically about – you talk about the Christianity being a continuum of the sun god and that sort of thing. My question is: Where is the source material for this because I tried to research and find out more about it and I know there's that Zeitgeist movie that's out and it seems to be they're using some nefarious sources. They quote Masons and Peter Fricke and Frank Gandy and their work, and those authors you can't find where they cite any kind of source material. I don't understand where's – I guess my question is: Where's the source material? Where are the actual texts that they're going off of for these ideas?


Alan:  You can go into the other Holy Books and it's true you'll find the sameness, not similarities but sameness to do with the main hero. It's also in the wording. See, books are books. They’re not holy. The message is holy and it's perverted when you start worshiping the book. Your perception changes from the message, which is important, to believing everything that's written in that book. Once you believe the book is holy, you don't realize it's getting changed with every publication. It's been altered and you still think it's holy and that was the trick of course they've played down through the ages, even when they wrote it by hand and put them in the temples of Alexandria and other places. It wasn't the only place. Alexandria was only one of many and they all had copies of the same handwritten scripts, so nothing was ever lost. However, we know that in the coding of the Bible itself, if you read them, you'll always find the God is the 'most high God.' Now the 'most-high God' is the sun; and when he's at mid summer he's at the highest, he's the 'most high God.' They have all these terms there and if you look into the original, and you can still get them from Britain, the original books of the King James Bible, you'll find the introduction by the printers promoting the book and giving a praise to King James and it says right in there, "to the Most High. You are the Sun." S-U-N. It also calls him a Sion. It's got all that terminology in there and the previous queen was called that Occidental Star, so it's full of coding for those who understand it.


In Ancient Egypt, they used to have 10 symbols of the zodiac and they had the sun who went through the 10 symbols. Later, in Ptolemy's day they put it up to 12 symbols; and the zodiac has always changed too, because even the ecliptic that we go around, this wobble the earth has, has brought in extra constellations that weren't there before, so even the wobble of the earth wasn't always the same.


Chris:  I've tried to find the parallels.


Alan:  You can only find them by going through the actual books looking at the stories of the hero figure, the terms that he's called, the miracles that he does and how many disciples he has round him. It's always the same. They die at mid-winter because the sun dies, technically speaking. It goes east to the south. It can't go back up to the west again and set and so that's the death. That's mid-winter and the three days of hanging.


Chris:  I know what you're saying but I don't see those – I mean in the Christian religion I understand there's 12 disciples and when you're talking about this occult knowledge and the more I look into it they have allegories and symbols for just about animal, every number, so you could basically overlay that over just about anything and get a kind of a meaning – that's kind of what I see now.


Alan:  What there is, you see, if it's trying to justify a belief, then that's called faith and you understand there's no amount of proof or evidence or logic that's going to change that, because faith isn't founded upon provable fact. That's why it's called faith.


Chris:  Right, but I'm asking for sources.


Alan:  Go into the comparative religions books, especially the older ones – they had an awful lot of really good big thick ones, hundred of pages that were sold at the beginning of the 1900's. You'll pay a fair dollar for them but that's your fastest way to get to the actual parts that you want to find.


Chris:  Do you have any material that you produce yourself that goes into this more?


Alan:  Not too much more, because it's all been done before. It's all been done before and really it's up to the individual as I say to seek out comparative religions especially the older books.


Chris:  I'm looking but I just don't see anything. I mean I see they say that Horus and Osiris and parallels of Jesus.


Alan:  See the thing is what you're looking at is right in front of your face. It's right in front of your face. The oldest legends you have are about Nimrod and his wife Semiramis and then the sun became Tammuz; and you have the same story with Osiris and his wife Isis, who is always his sister or wife, and the sun Horus again.


Chris:  They were born of a virgin.


Alan:  It's all the same stories.  It's over and over again and that cannot be denied. It cannot be denied.


Chris:  The only problem is where's the citations? I know that there's – I mean we have those that material, the writings The Book of the Dead and so on and so forth, but why don't they go ahead and let that stuff out and they're clearly wanting to get beyond Christianity and get to this new worldly religion. Why do they put people out like Fricke and Gandy and these people who don't site sources, I don't understand that.


Alan:  They'll do it at the right time. At the moment, America who has had the heaviest dose of religion for a purpose, eventually America, the U.S.'s function will be over and all that was hidden will be reveled and you'll find a whole bunch of books will be given out to the public then with all of the data that you're looking for, if you cannot find it yourself. It is there. I mean you can't deny similarity after similarity and I won't get into religious disputes because it's a waste of time. It's a waste of time, but if you can't see the similarities, it is available in the comparative religious studies.


Chris:  Yes, I'm looking but I just haven't – I mean I keep hitting dead ends and I'm looking at this stuff and they're saying well this is paralleling and--


Alan:  Look into comparative religions but spend the bucks on the old books. Spend the dollars on the old books and you'll have to do the work to go through them, because it's really yourself you're going to have to convince. The battle is inside yourself you see.


Chris:  Yes.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Chris:  Okay, thank you.


Alan: Now I've got [Raduwan] from Amman, Jordan. Are you there, Raduwan?


Raduwan:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello. Go ahead.


Raduwan:  Peace be upon you, Alan.


Alan:  Yes, I can hear you.


Raduwan:  I said peace be upon you.


Alan:  Peace be upon you too.


Raduwan:  How are you doing?


Alan:  Well, I'm complaining that we're not getting our share of global warming here. If they moved all this snow off to the North Pole it would be back as it used to be, if you took it from my back garden here. That's how much snow I have.


Raduwan:  I have a comment for you, actually about global warming. I immigrated me and my family to Jordan and I've been actually observing the skies for about 10 months now and actually cannot see any chemtrails. Would you explain this?


Alan:  You may be getting it at night. That's one possibility. I know that they used to do it in some parts of the world, some parts of Australia too, were getting heavily dosed in the day. They complained and of course they started to do it at night instead or else they were doing it outside the cities and the prevailing winds would bring it across. The only way you can really tell is if you've been watching it for 10 years or more and you remember what clouds used to look like. You can now identify the new fakes ones as they come over because they have strange strands attached to them and even the shade of whiteness is different in them, so it's hard to say if they're spraying you directly.


Raduwan:  Most the time it's really clear blue skies, no clouds at all, eighty-percent of the time.


Alan:  Have you noticed any differences in your temperatures at all?


Raduwan:  Yes. Some people are saying that actually the temperatures are not normal any more. It should be colder. It was in the past. It's maybe warming but I don't know what the reason for that would be.


Alan:  We do go through cycles of warming and cooling, sometimes over 100-year periods and people forget that even during the Crusades in the Middle Ages there was 200 years of the highest heat ever, where even back in Europe they didn't build houses with fireplaces because they couldn't have fires in their homes. It was too warm. They had to cook outside and then it began to cool again and they had heavier snows over the winters; and so we go back and forth like this. People have been taught that temperature is supposed to be always the same every year. It's not. It never was, so they're using this as an excuse of course, but they are certainly spraying the skies over Canada and the states. Even California is getting it heavily and some contacts in China now are telling me that they're now seeing the spray as well. Some teachers have told me this. Hold on and we'll talk about it after these messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and we've Raduwan from Amman, Jordan on the line here talking about this lack of spraying in his particular area. I know that China initially hadn't been done. Some of the countries that did not sign the Open Sky Treaty were not being sprayed, but even the countries in Europe like Switzerland that didn't sign it are getting stuff coming in from other countries now, so they can't even escape it. One of the symptoms I noticed here, even when the sky was blue, around the horizon there's a white haze all along the horizon and that was another telltale sign that the polymer type mix (which is almost like looking through clear polythene) was in the air, so I don't know if you've noticed anything like that at all.


Raduwan:  Yes, maybe. Could it not be that because this is the capital city of Jordan and the king and some other elitists are living here?


Alan:  It could very well be, because that whole area is going to be built up. It already is. Up and through the gulf they're going to build and build all the way up, right into that area as a new place for the wealthy ultra elite of the world to live in the next 10, 15 years as the Western world goes downhill, so that could be possible.


Raduwan:  I heard you saying this in one of your blurbs on one of your radio shows, because of the building of the huge airports.


Alan:  Lots of them and even Halliburton took up from Texas and moved over to Dubai I think it was they went to. There's a lot of plans for the Middle East completely and a lot of the Arabic countries to do with the wealthy building the brand new cities and as I say it makes perfect sense as Europe starts to go down. They're projecting riots and stuff here because eventually the food and everything will go out of sight. Fuel will be so expensive we can't afford it, so the whole way of living is to be brought down in the Western world and they want a refuge for themselves to go. They'll use our tax money to build it, of course, for themselves, as they always have in the past. 


Raduwan:  I see that the government is changing from the dollar to the euro. One of those signs is that they are changing the police cars from American brand to German brand.


Alan:  Yes and again all that was predicted a long time ago by the ones who planned it. Nothing will come as a surprise, although they'll tell the public there's a period of instability, when in reality it was all planned this way. The big boys would never ever sign the GATT treaty and all the other treaties to give all their industry away to China without foreseeing what was going to happen down the road, so it's all planned together of course. We're already under a global system.


Raduwan:  I was going to go back to the main subject of this radio show is a brain chip, virtual reality brain chip.I have a theory I wanted to share with you. Would you like me to tell it in short?


Alan:  Sure.


Raduwan:  I've been studying religion and when I try to go and get the factual facts actually into it, then I find out that actually history is always repeating itself.


Alan:  Yes, you're right in that. In fact, we could talk about that next week and I've still to call you back by the way. I will do it. I'm so far behind in stuff. I'll get back to you.


Raduwan:  But if you give me your number, I can try to get a hold of you.


Alan:  I will do.  That's the music now for the end, so from Hamish and myself, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)