March 16, 2010 (#534)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 16, 2010:

Age of 'Austerity' to Accelerate Our Brevity:

"The Public to Resemble Poor Dog with Mange,
As We're Shepherded Through this Century of Change,
Gleeful U.N. to Become Our Global Vet,
With Lots of Depopulation to Go On Yet,
Peter-Pan Adults Accept with Hardly a Mutter,
Children Brainwashed into 'Each One's a Brother,'
Who'll Punish 'The Oldies,' Decadent Generation
Which Ravaged the Earth Leaving Desertification,
We in Rags, Big Brother Will Give Gestures Symbolic,
Cheap Package Deals, Pastime Electronic"
© Alan Watt March 16, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 16, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 16th 2010.  For newcomers, look into web site, scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have up there.  Three of them went down last week actually, so if you bookmark all these other sites you can always find the latest shows and download them for free.  [Official sites listed above.]  As always, I start off the show byÖ I should really push this more often, right through the whole show.  If I was a salesman Iíd do that but I tell you that you are the audience who bring me to you.  I donít accept the cash from advertisers.  The ads on the show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN and Iíve got nothing to do with that.  That pays for this air time, their staff, bills, their board ops and all the rest of it.  So itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by looking into  You can buy the things I have for sale, the books, CDs and DVDs; sometimes there are 30-50 shows on a disk.  You can also donate to me, if itís in your heart to do so.  Itís a hard thing to get today because everyone expects everything for free.  Iím not backed by any big corporation or any foundation or the Rockefeller Foundation or any of these boys.  Itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by going into any of the web sites and buying or donating.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Those who get the disks burned and passed to them at meetings to play on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Those who missed me last night, it was a repeat show last night.  The clocks turned over and I didnít.  I donít watch the television up here; I donít listen to the local radio or anything like that.  So I was sitting and waiting for the show at MY 8pm and, my goodness, it was almost over.  It was a fast show; I missed the whole darned hour of it.  So thatís what happens when you are not keeping in touch with the so-called media.  But who cares anyway?  Most of it is junk, as we well know.  Thereís only once in a while that you get something worth knowing.  Anyway, who tampers with the time?  Who gives them the right to tamper with the time?  Itís my time as well.   Think about itÖ  I never gave permission for them to change my time.  But, thatís what the big boys do.  We live in a very different world than the one we are raised to think we truly live in.  Very different, completely different, in factÖ night and dayÖ and most folk donít have a clue.  We all live in our perfect little conditioning system, our Platoís cave and everyone around you is in the same cave.  They all think itís quite natural and they donít know whatís going down, ever.  All through their life, they go right through their life never knowing whatís going down.  Even the things they are told to object about, by the media, is always a red herring.  Red herrings, thatís all they are.  The true things the media will never mention, ever.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I have talked over the years about how the big system is controlled and how those who control the system that we live in now have controlled it for an awful, awful long time.  They understand the sciences of controlling whole nations, of creating conflicts, taking over countries, calling them empires, until they have their global empire.  Basically, itís run from the top by money.


Money, money, moneyÖ really, itís only a few families who deal with it ALL.  They lend nothingness really.  They lend blank nothings to central banks to print up cash and then demand real estate back in return.  Thatís really how it works.  We all work for the corporation, the world government in a sense.  Democracy is all about that.  Itís nothing to do with what you think it is.  We work for this corporate structure and we are really laborers and tax payers.  We build the machines and the aircraft and all the other stuff they need to go and bomb across the planet and we also do it through our taxes.


Taxation is a form of slavery.  Itís taking your income, which is really a produce of YOUR productivity away from you to work their system. Then they pay it to other slaves who pay it back to other slaves to work in factories and build the planes and the bombs and the high-tech gear and all their death ray weapons and whatever else they happen to have up their sleeves.   Thatís the real world we live in. 


The centralization of banks has been going on for an awful long time, centuries.  They even tried that in ancient times as well, when the Phoenicians went across the ancient world putting countries into debt and then when they couldnít pay up theyíd use the soldiers that they recruited from another country they had put into debt; they would conquer them and take them over.  Then they tried to standardize silver coinage at that time across the ancient world and of course they would run it all.  Nothing really changes.  These are old techniques, old sciences and as long as the world runs with money Ė in any shape or form, actually, it doesnít matter if itís credits or porcupine quills Ė itís the same people who will always get in charge of it and they are the bosses.  Itís as simple as that. 


We know that this system that we are living in now is not meant to go on forever.  These guys work in centuries.  They planned a century of industry.  They planned the century of change, as they call it.  This is the century of change we are going through right now.  Itís not a nice change.  The last one was bad enough at times but at least we were given more pocket money for ourselves and Bernays advertising kept us purchasing all the junk that lasted a little while and broke apart.  But now weíre not even going to get the junk; we have to go into an age of AUSTERITY, as they call it.  2010 seems to be one of the year markers for a lot of this to happen. 


They wanted to have the complete amalgamation of the Americas done by 2010.  I have the sites, by the way, for all the amalgamation treaties they signed, starting in 2005 from the Council on Foreign Relations own site.  They drafted up the treaties and presented it to the governments to sign into law.  The last one is to take place very shortly, in fact this year.  Thatís supposed to be total integration.  So we can see how everything is geared up, as the dollar plummets.  We owe so much money we could never, ever work our way out of this, especially when we are now non-productive; we donít manufacture.  Itís not intended that it go this way.  Weíve all to tighten our belts and pay through the nose for EVERY SINGLE THING that you normally took for granted.  The things that were fairly cheap: food, water, shelter, accommodation, all those things will be very, very expensive as they go up and up and up. 


Remember, the world, ultimately, is the whole goal.  The world is the goal for these boys.  Then, at the end of it too, by the year 2050 they HOPE to have taken down enough of the population through disease and cancers, through the food and the inoculations and everything else that you can possibly imagineÖ and things you canít imagineÖ to a nice sizeable figure for them to run.  Then, eventually, they start cloning the slaves.  What they do amongst themselves is anybodyís guess.  They might start fighting, hopefully, because thatís the only chance that we have because the people down below them donít have a chance, as the snowballís chance in hell. 


The world is SO completely rapped up.  There is not a problem in this world, a problem to do with their projections and their forecasts where they donít have multiple think tanks working on EACH ONE and the things that could possibly go wrong.  They work it out WAY in advanceÖ years before any part is ever implemented into reality.  Thatís what think tanks are for.  They work like war strategists:  if we do this, then they will do that, so how do we counter that?  This is all done abstractly through computers and think tanks long before they start the first move on the chessboard. 


Others too, have come out and spoken about this.  From the Wall Street JournalÖ  This was an article from a professor in Russia who isÖ I don't know if he is the equivalent of a Brzezinski but that was his job with their version of the NSA over there for many years.  He has written stacks of books on geopolitics and so on. 


As if Things Weren't Bad Enough,

Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S. /  DECEMBER 29, 2008 / By ANDREW OSBORN


(Alan:  This is the Wall Street Journal, this is not some little tabloid there with the ĎI had sex with an alien and have a two-headed baby.í  This is the Wall Street Journal.)


MOSCOW -- For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart in 2010.  (A:  Thatís when we are supposed to be totally amalgamated. In 2012 the United Nations is supposed to go up to its full height.)  For most of that time, he admits, few took his argument -- that an economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the U.S. -- very seriously. Now he's found an eager audience: Russian state media.


In recent weeks, he's been interviewed as much as twice a day about his predictions. "It's a record," says Prof. Panarin. "But I think the attention is going to grow even stronger."


Prof. Panarin, 50 years old, is not a fringe figure. A former KGB analyst, he is dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry's academy for future diplomats. He is invited to Kremlin receptions, lectures students, publishes books, and appears in the media as an expert on U.S.-Russia relations.


But it's his bleak forecast for the U.S. that is music to the ears of the Kremlin, which in recent years has blamed Washington for everything from instability in the Middle East to the global financial crisis. Mr. Panarin's views also fit neatly with the Kremlin's narrative that Russia is returning to its rightful place on the world stage after the weakness of the 1990s, when many feared that the country would go economically and politically bankrupt and break into separate territories.


"There's a 55-45% chance right now that disintegration will occur," he says. "One could rejoice in that process," he adds, poker-faced. "But if we're talking reasonably, it's not the best scenario -- for Russia." Though Russia would become more powerful on the global stage, he says, its economy would suffer because it currently depends heavily on the dollar and on trade with the U.S.


(A:  Heís talking about the US breaking up now.)  Mr. Panarin posits, in brief, that mass immigration (A:  Thatís how Europe was done in.), economic decline (A:  That was done in Europe too.), and moral degradation (A:  Well, thereís no better leader for the world, than Hollywood in the US.) will trigger a civil war next fall and the collapse of the dollar. Around the end of June 2010, or early July, he says, the U.S. will break into six pieces -- with Alaska reverting to Russian control.  (A:  Iíll interject here just to mention an interesting point as well.  Jacques Attali, who was the advisor to I donít know how many French Presidents, he was really the boss in fact, much the same as Kissinger was the boss over Nixon in reality.  Attali went off to the United Nations and heís written a couple of books about the catastrophes coming in the US.  He also said the US would be broken up into different small regions with maybe 4 or 5 City-States.  So here is the Russian fella saying the same thing.)


In addition to increasing coverage in state media, which are tightly controlled by the Kremlin, Mr. Panarin's ideas are now being widely discussed among local experts. He presented his theory at a recent roundtable discussion at the Foreign Ministry. The country's top international relations school has hosted him as a keynote speaker. During an appearance on the state TV channel Rossiya, the station cut between his comments and TV footage of lines at soup kitchens and crowds of homeless people in the U.S. (A:  Which they have and they donít put much on the mainstream media, do they?)  The professor has also been featured on the Kremlin's English-language propaganda channel, Russia Today.


Mr. Panarin's apocalyptic vision "reflects a very pronounced degree of anti-Americanism in Russia today," says Vladimir Pozner, a prominent TV journalist in Russia. "It's much stronger than it was in the Soviet Union."


Mr. Pozner and other Russian commentators and experts on the U.S. dismiss Mr. Panarin's predictions. "Crazy ideas are not usually discussed by serious people," says Sergei Rogov, director of the government-run Institute for U.S. and Canadian Studies, who thinks Mr. Panarin's theories don't hold water.


Thatís strange.  As I say, Jacques Attali, a top guy at the United Nations, says the same thing.  By the way, Iíve got another site up here, this professorís own site, where you can see all the books that he has written and all the lectures that heís given.


Igor Panarin


Heís no little, new character to this kind of game.  At the bottom of this article, it shows you the map of how the US, he thinks, will break up.  That fits right in, as I say, with Attali.  He also mentions that the eastern seaboard of the US would probably join with NATO into the European alliance and become part of Europe.  Thatís a strange thing too because the Prime Minster of Canada last summer was talking about that.  After the American integration, he says, then weíll try integration with Europe.  So thatís right on, right on with that kind of idea.  Remember, itís not the professorís ideas.  Thatís hisÖ well, he can guess at it.  Well, we all guess, going on what little information we are given, but the fact is the big boys have given us a lot more stuff than to guess on about all of that. 


I said ages ago, it doesnít matter if you are up to your eyes in snow with global warming, the global warming will continue because itís the big one for getting us all into utter slavery and paying through the nose for every darn thing that you need to survive personally in an age of austerity.  In other words, youíre going to pay and pay and pay with incredible costs for the items youíre paying for, even food, and massive taxes on top of it.  Thatís how theyíre going to get us down into their AUSTERITY plan, as weíre paying to supposedly bring up the third world countries, which never gets there anyway, the cash, because they donít WANT the third world countries to start having more children.  They want to bring them down, as Kissinger said himself in the 70s.  The music is coming in and Iíll tell you more of whatís happening when I come back from this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the fact that even if we are up to our eyes in snow, the global warming agenda MUST continue because theyíve got all their eggs in one basket it seems.  Theyíve got all the carbon trading all underway, all the rest of it with Mr Rothschild and his bank in Switzerland went to all that trouble with Al Gore to make sure that ALL the money, across the whole planet, all the carbon taxes were funneled through his bank.  They are not going to back off now, you see, regardless if Mother Nature doesnít comply.  But then again, Bertrand Russell said, through his experimental schools, they could train children to believe anything.  If they say the sky is black, they will say the sky is black.  Thatís a fact.  They can train you to believe anything if they get you young enough


This article is right on line with that because here is the government of Britain, the flagship for the world and weíve all to copy them, and China by the way, and theyíre going right for the children, as always, ALWAYS; the children are totally brainwashed until their parents canít recognize them very, very shortly after they go into Kindergarten.  This article is from the Mail Online.


Minister's (A:  Thatís a politician.)  global warming nursery rhyme adverts banned for overstating the risks

By Sara Nelson / mail online / 14th March 2010


Two government advertisements which use nursery rhymes to warn of the dangers of climate change have been banned for exaggerating the threat.  (A:  No kidding.)


Commissioned by Energy Secretary Ed Miliband, (A:  Ed Miliband is an interesting character with a long history.  His family fled Germany and a lot of them went to the Soviet Union where they got protection and worked for the Soviets and some of them went to Britain.  He ended up being a good Fabian over there.) the adverts are based on childrenís poems Jack and Jill and Rub-A-Dub-Dub (A:  They love children, by the way, these characters.) and assert that climate change will cause flooding and drought.


The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) ruled the adverts Ė which attracted 939 complaints - made exaggerated claims which went beyond mainstream scientific consensus.


One advert read: ĎJack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. There was none as extreme weather due to climate change had caused a drought.í


Beneath this was written: ĎExtreme weather conditions such as flooding, heat waves and storms will become more frequent and intense.í  (A:  Remember the one I read last year too, where they actually had an ad coming out and they showed that the flooding came across and drowned their little pets.  What a great way to use emotion, emotive indoctrination and psychic driving to brainwash a child forever, regardless of what age he grows up to be.  All science.)


The other read: ĎRub a dub dub, three men in a tub Ė a necessary course of action due to flash flooding caused by climate change.í


It added: ĎClimate change is happening. Temperature and sea levels are rising. (A:  Ahrgh.)  Extreme weather events such as storms, floods and heat waves will become more frequent and intense. If we carry on at this rate, life in 25 years could be very different.í  (A:  Have you seen all the movies that theyíve been churning out since, oh, for the last 16 years?  Öon barren futures with few survivors all killing each other for basic survival purposes?  Do you think thatís all coincidence?  Oh, the Sci-Fi novelists that they have been paying through the Futurist Society by the big foundations to write this kind of junk is to brainwash us all.  Most folk donít know.)


The watchdog stated the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) (A:  Youíve actually got a department of energy AND climate change.) should not publish the adverts again, ruling that the text accompanying the rhymes should have been phrased more tentatively.


Using reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as reference, the ASA determined it was not possible to make such definitive statements about Britainís future climate, the Times reported.


As a result the adverts were found to have broken the code on substantiation, truthfulness and environmental claims.  (A:  Well, they should just ban the IPCC as well because they are POLITICAL.  They have a POLITICAL agenda.  Everything at the United Nations is political.  Thatís what it was set up for.)


The ASA said: ĎAll statements about future climate were modeled on predictions, which the IPCC report itself stated still involved uncertainties in the magnitude and timing, as well as regional details, of predicted climate change.í  (A:  And depending upon the model of computer which they purchase.  I added that last bit, which is actually true.)


The watchdog found that other elements of the campaign, including a TV and cinema advert in which a father read his daughter a bedtime story about a world affected by climate change, did not breach its guidelines.


Mr Miliband said his department had been Ďcomprehensibly vindicatedí by the ASA but promised to more accurately reflect scientific uncertainty (A:  Well, they WILL reflect scientific uncertainty [Alan laughing]Ö) about global warming in future campaigns.   (A:  And it will be very one-sided.)


Then it goes on about the leaked emails and all the lies that they told. But as I say, it wonít matter because the big boys that have all the money have already banked on it, soaking us all through carbon.  Everything will be priced according to supposed carbon content or the energy that it took to make that particular product.  Thatís what itís all about folks.  Taxed into slavery.  You know something?  Donít look around you for help because the folk out there donít care:  It will never happen to me.  Thatís the story isnít it?  It will never happen to me. 


Iíve mentioned before too, there are 3 LEVELS OF REALITY in every area, and all the sciences as well.  For instance, doctors getting churned out in medical school are really getting more social engineering as they are churned out thinking that everybody dropping dead of cancer is quite a normal thing.  Guys brought out 25 years ago were taught differently and before that, differently again, different statistics.  Thatís how easy it is to train folk through universities.  I'll be back with more on this topic after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and getting to the bottom of thingsÖ I think.  Ah, the music has gone down a bit, mind you, I like that wailing bit.  I like that wailing guitar because, really, thatís all we can do now is observe and wail, everything else has been taken out of our hands, you might say, over a long period of time. 


I mentioned about the 3 levels of reality and people getting churned out of universities are given a standardized education to every group that gets turned out.  They never know what is taught by the previous bunch.  In fact, they are taught that anybody who is older doesnít know as much as they do, so they take all the propaganda they are given as fact.  As I say, cancer today is normal, male sterility in the Western world is normal, everything is normal, autism is normal, one of out of two, that kind of stuff.  So itís so easy to train everyone by use of degrees and licensing, etc and they all believe and parrot the same stuff.  We are upgraded, every area is upgraded at the same time with its particular propaganda by the pyramid at the top, the capstone, to make sure they all come into play at the right time, in the same way, all believing what they are told to believe. 


Technology is just dished out to us piecemeal, as it is made obsolete.  Often itís very obsolete, maybe 2, 3 generations down the road.  We are given something, some offshoot of research and development into high-tech weaponry and that kind of stuff and they give you a microwave oven and say, there you are, you can fry your chicken in it or something.  Everything is really old.  Theyíd never give anything brand new to the public because everything technically could be investigated, that has to do with science, and improved upon or even altered into something they didnít like you to have.  Everything is vetted, in other words.  What the CIA uses is a step above the kind of weaponry that the general military gets.  And above the CIA, the controllers have even better weaponry to make sure that the CIA doesnít get ideas either.  Not that they have to worry about them because the CIA works for them, as does all the secret services. 


Here is an example of old technology presented as the cutting edge, from the Wise Up Journal.


Old Technology Presented As Cutting Edge

Wise Up Journal / 15.03.2010 / By Gabriel OíHara


These two mainstream articles below highlight the fact that a false public perception is induced making them believe they know the cutting edge of technology when in fact we are kept in the dark with old technology presented as new. Even basic research is presented as new when in fact the technology has been in use for decades. (A:  Sometimes an awful lot longer.)  The first article is from 2010 and the second more informative article was published in 2002 by one of the UKís largest newspapers.


Press Association / Yahoo News - 14.03.2010


ďThe claim was made by scientists unravelling the secrets of spider silk, which is stronger and less brittle than steel.


ďThey believe in future it may be possible (A:  In the future, right.  This is the latest one.) to copy spider ingenuity to create new classes of materials that are both incredibly flexible and strong out of cheap, ordinary elements.


ďScientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, US, studied the fundamental properties of spider silk using computer models to simulate its structure.Ē


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are no dummies. They are a private re-search university that works with the United States Defense department. (A:  Actually it was set up by the Pentagon.  Even Noam Chomsky, I think, was there.  I donít know if he worked there but he certainly was there.)  It gets multiple grants from the United States federal government and has one the largest endowment and annual research expenditures among universities in the world.


Milk is an ordinary item that can be produced on mass. The article below is from years earlier.  (A:  On the same topic, from years earlierÖ)


 ĎSpider-goatsí start work on wonder web (A:  YEARS before, right.)

Telegraph / 18.01.2002 / By Roger Highfield


ďA HERD of goats containing spider genes is about to be milked for the ingredients of spider silk to mass-produce one of natureís most sought-after materials.


ďWebster and Peter, genetically altered goats unveiled today (A:  This is back in 2002.) by the Canadian company Nexia, are the founders of a GM herd whose offspring will produce spider silk protein in their milk that can be collected, purified and spun into the fibres. Females will begin mass-producing spider milk in the second quarter of this year (A:  2002.) for a variety of military and industrial uses.  (A:  They actually did that and itís for a sort of Kevlar that the military uses.  Itís for bulletproof materials and so on.)


ďDragline silk, which comprises the radiating spokes of a spider web, is stronger than the synthetic fibre Kevlar, stretches better than nylon and, weight for weight, is five times stronger than steel.


ďspider yarn has been spun by the US Army (A:  The US Army had already done it as well, in 2002.) and the company Nexia Biotechnologies of Montreal,Ē


Put your shock of spider-goats on hold for a moment to realise this technology is old-hat. They certainly do spin a good yarn when trying to make us believe old technology will be developed some day in the future. When we are told this or that technology is a new discovery and ďit is believed one day in the future it may be possible to make itĒ we believe it because experts in that field said so. This 2002 public announcement was old technology at the time it was revealed too, the same as the 2010 so called discovery(A:  Theyíve just discovered it again, eh?)  There is a branch of the law called National Security which allows scientific knowledge by military to be kept classified away from the public. The military use billions and billions of the publicís money to do this. Some of these technologies, when obsolete, can be chosen by the publicly unelected higher ups in the military and revealed to us and used in public mission like the triangular F-117 stealth bomber in the late 1980s. (A:  You know when they had the stealth bomber, we first saw it with Iraq, it was the latest thing.  They had it in the early 70s.  They were using it then in some places.)  Before that on classified test flights and classified missions around the world who knows what the public thought, that spotted triangular crafts in the sky, (A:  I know what they thought because all the magazines, oh, could it be a UFO? Thatís the usual stuff.  Thatís their usual stuff.) including other military pilots not in the know.


We are kept in the dark.  Weíre mushrooms.  Weíre fed, you know, fertilizer and kept in the dark; thatís what weíre fed.  Thatís what the media is FOR, by the way.  Theyíve got such a gall to present an article as new about 8 years later or whatever.  There are lots like that actually, lots like that. 


The BBC has mentioned about these body scanners.  Canada, apparently, is getting a whole whack brought in here as well to x-ray people.  IT IS AN X-RAY, by the way, and it is harmful.  There is no such thing as a non-harmful x-ray.  This article is from the BBC.


Women refuse airport body scans - 3/3/10


Two women were stopped from boarding a plane at Manchester Airport after refusing to undergo a full body scan.


The passengers were due to fly to Islamabad on 19 February when they were selected at random to go through the new scanning machine.


One, who is believed to be a Muslim, refused on religious reasons and the other cited health grounds.


They are thought to be the first people (A:  Itís a scary thing, that.  They probably are the first to refuse it.  The rest will go, ah, moo, moo and through they go.) to refuse to use the scanners since they became compulsory in February.


The machines were introduced as a trial at the airport in October 2009.


The women were warned they were legally required to go through the scanner, after being chosen at random, or they would not be allowed to fly, an airport spokesman said.


It is not clear whether the women were travelling together.


Security staff use the X-ray machine to check for any concealed weapons or explosives (A:  Then they have a good laugh and snicker as they photograph you and send it off to their pals, you know.) but they have been criticised as an invasion of privacy.


So thatís the big story on that really.  It shows you too, when the GM food was announced in Canada, 10 years after we were announced as the guinea pigs, by the way.  We only found out because of a protest in London over the same stuff.  Then they had to admit that Canada, it came out in the papers, Canada made a SECRET agreement with Monsanto and another one, to grow this stuff and test it out on the Canadian public.  By that time they had a centralized computer in Ottawa where all health data was fed regularly, on a daily basis, so they knew what affects it was having immediately.  They were using us as absolute guinea pigs.  About 5 months after that they had a big store set up in a place I was living, a vegetable and grocery store, you would need roller-skates to get around it.  It was actually owned by the Rothschild Company, I found out later.  I asked the girl if she could tell me which vegetables were GM and what was non-GM and she just stood with that dumb look they give you, like the lobster, you know, like you are from a different planet asking something like that.  Well, she didnít know so she got the manager and he went into the same lobster-look too, like ah, ah and he honestly didnít know.  He honestly didnít know.  He says you are the first person who has ever asked.  Thatís what stunned me.  Most folk are gone.  They were never here.  They canít get lost because theyíve never been conscious to get lost.  Thatís what stuns you isnít it?  Öwhen you are awake, the constant noticing, reaffirmation that these folk literally are not conscious at all.  All the CBC had to do was to show a woman selling corn at a road side on two tables and, well, I canít tell the difference, she says, as she munched on both and that was good enough for the public.  Thatís all the propaganda they had to do, plus pull out David Suzuki to tell them it was fine, the guy that said people were maggots, the geneticist who loves animals.  Ah, and folk think we are all going to stand together against this?  [Alan laughing] Öand pigs might flyÖ along with the goats that make the Kevlar. 


Itís interesting too, there is such a war going on in Latin America getting ready for the total integration of the Americas.  The US has put troops down there for many, many, many years, both running the drug trade.  Itís interesting.  I read an article a while back there from a special forces guy who was the genuine article who eventually went to work for the Coast Guard to try and stop drugs coming into the US and he met one of his buddies from his old unit who was working for the other side, for the CIA, to bring the drugs IN.  Thatís really what happens isnít it?  Anyway, they got all these guys down in the States now trying to take over the whole drug industry under the pretense of eliminating it.  They want to control it all and there are wars going on.  So this article here is called Focus on Mexico from


FBI: No evidence U.S. victims targeted

Killings of 3 Americans in Mexico a case of mistaken ID by drug gang?

The Associated Press / Tues., March. 16, 2010 /

[Article altered and found on another site.]


US employee fatally shot in Mexico

The crashed car of a US consulate employee who was shot to death in Mexico (AP) / Monday March 15 2010


CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico - A US consulate employee and her husband have been shot to death as they drove in the drug-plagued Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez with their baby in the back seat, minutes after gunmen killed the husband of another consular employee and wounded his two children, officials said Sunday.  (A:  This was on March 14th when this came out.)


US President Barack Obama (A:  Did his usual, what anybody would say.)  expressed outrage (A:  They always express outrage.) over the killings, and Mexican President Felipe Calderon promised a swift investigation.  (A:  Well, we can kiss that goodbye because they KNOW whatís going on down there.  They know darn well whatís going on and the drug boys are getting awfulÖ independent drug boys that are not going through the CIA are starting to bump folk off to try and keep their turf.  Thatís all itís about.  Thatís all.)


We are such, really, we are mice arenít we?  People are really mice.  As long as we can play, or do your favorite little thing, or go to the bar, or whatever on earth you do, it doesnít matter how much you get taxed or how many bombs they are setting off across the planet and killing folk to enlarge the empire and steal all their property and oil and everything else, we donít really care as long as our little cave is pretty secure and we can just afford it and have some money left over for the goodies to make life worth living, you see.  Even then they keep you under this constant stream of terror.  See, this is a war OF terror.  Not ON terror.  Itís a war OF terror because they realize that only through a terrorist regime can they possibly force the global warming nonsense down, tax you into the ground, cut back on your diet through weighing you and all the rest of itÖ and this is coming because they are doing it in Britain now.  They are fining parents if they claim the child is overweight, even by 1 pound.  We take it and take it and take it as long as we can play with whatever we play at, as long as we can still play in our little cave.  Here is what they do to youÖ argh, oh, anyway.  This is the Mail Online.


Residents of Dorset town left terrified after 'fake nuclear emergency' staged following distribution of 'alarmist' leaflets

By Tom Kelly - mail online / 13th March 2010


To the residents of a small town in the shadow of a nuclear submarine port, it seemed like the end of the world was nigh.


Leaflets dropped through their doors warning them to shut windows and stay indoors while a van with a loudhailer patrolled the streets announcing there was an emergency.


Rumours quickly spread that there had been a radiation leak from a submarine as elderly residents barricaded themselves in their homes and bombarded the emergency services with pleas for help.


But the authorities had neglected to tell them that it was all a drill.


The simulation was supposed to help emergency services rehearse for a worst case scenario in Fortuneswell, Dorset, which is within a mile of Portland Port where nuclear submarines can berth.


Furious residents last night accused organisers of the Nuclear Accident Emergency Plan exercise of 'scare-mongering'.  (A:  Well, no kidding.  They didnít tell them it was a drill.   Can you imagine them saying that to you, that this has been a massive radiation leak or that weíve been nuked?)


Particularly alarming was the van sent round by the local water company warning people not to drink tap water in case it was contaminated.  (A:  It already is; itís got fluoride in it.)


John Morris said: 'I went outside when I heard the loudhailer announcement. I was handed this alarmist leaflet about nuclear leaks by a bloke who said nothing about it being an exercise.


'When I got the leaflet I thought: "When's the bomb going to drop?"'


The leaflets were distributed to 1,200 homes in the town.  (A:  They love these experiments all over the world to see how the little, you know, the ants, US, we are the little people you see, how we behave and reactÖ AS predicted or not, you see.)


Vivien Hawkins, 78, said: 'It was frightening. I heard this awful noise, opened my front door but couldn't understand what they were saying.


'After that a booklet came telling me to shut all the windows and douse fires.'


Another witness, who did not wish to be named, said: 'All I heard was there may have been a radiation emergency on Portland Port.


So there ya go, little experiments all the time on the little people.  And we still pretend that there is some kind of democracy and all that rubbish that never, ever was, by the way.  There never was democracy.  We are corporations.  We are OWNED by corporations, we always were.  Always wereÖ we are the workers that keep the big boys happy and in luxury.  We make everything for them.  We build their big homes, which they have in trusts.  We pay for the servicing of their limousines and the purchasing and the maintenance and all the rest of it for them.  Folk will never get it will they? 


Here is an article, as they knock down whatís left of any remaining history in the US. 


Texas Yanks Thomas Jefferson From Teaching Standard

David Knowles / / March 12, 2010


AOL News (March 12) -- Widely regarded as one of the most important of all the founding fathers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson received a demotion of sorts Friday thanks to the Texas Board of Education.


The board voted to enact new teaching standards for history and social studies that will alter which material gets included in school textbooks. It decided to drop Jefferson from a world history section devoted to great political thinkers.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about Thomas Jefferson being demoted from the textbooks and the teachings in the Texas area, by the Texas Board of Education. 


According to Texas Freedom Network, a group that opposes many of the changes put in place by the Board of Education, the original curriculum asked students to "explain the impact of Enlightenment ideas from John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Voltaire, Charles de Montesquieu, Jean Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Jefferson on political revolutions from 1750 to the present."


That emphasis did not sit well with board member Cynthia Dunbar, who, during Friday's meeting, explained the rationale for changing it. "The Enlightenment was not the only philosophy on which these revolutions were based," Dunbar said.


The new standard, passed at the meeting in a 10-5 vote, now reads, "Explain the impact of the writings of John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Voltaire, Charles de Montesquieu, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Thomas Aquinas (A:  Ha!), John Calvin and Sir William Blackstone."  (A:  So theyíre going to put Jefferson out of it all together.)


By dropping mention of revolution, and substituting figures such as Aquinas and Calvin for Jefferson, Texas Freedom Network argues, the board had chosen to embrace religious teachings over those of Jefferson, the man who coined the phrase "separation between church and state."  (A:  That was in a letter that he wrote to a Baptist minister who was asking about itÖ for those who donít know.  Itís NOT in the Constitution.)


There is how things go and itís going along, obviously, as planned.  In Britain, I mentioned last week, again the flagship for the world to copy, that they are telling the courts to let burglars just to, donít put them in prison anymore.  Here is another article from the Mail Online from a guy who owns a curry house, a guy from India I guess. 


Curry house owner foils burglary... and then HE'S thrown in cell when yobs (A:  Yobbos, as they call them over there.) complain

By Tom Kelly - mail online / 13th March 2010


Iíll put this article up too, to show you how crazy and ridiculous itís all getting.  This is all to intensify the hype in society and the fear and tension.  It also makes all the crooks think, who actually walk about in gangs over there now, big gangs, that everything is on, even the law is on their side.  Thatís what itís about as well, you understand.  Itís quite interesting that when you really see whatís happening.  This is NOT by chance.  Believe you me, if the big boys wanted this to all end tomorrow and the hoodlums all in jail or at least put in their place, they would to it.  This keeps the PUBLIC in a state of terror.  It keeps them nervous all the time.  When you are nervous, you turn to the abuser who abuses you to protect you and thatís your government, the ones who are doing it all.  Folk donít understand that simple technique and all the pervs out that will understand that very, very well.  And there are lots of them at the top of every government.  These are the kinds who GET up there. 


Iíve talked about Land-for-Debt swap and this is the same thing under a different title.  Itís from


Billionaires and Mega-Corporations Behind Immense Land Grab in Africa

20+ African countries are selling or leasing land for intensive agriculture on a shocking scale in what may be the greatest change of ownership since the colonial era.

By John Vidal, Mail & Guardian / Posted on March 10, 2010 /


They are up to their eyes with the International Monetary Fund too.  The IMFís job is to make you take out massive loans you canít pay back and then bankrupt you and then take it overÖ and give it to their buddies for peanuts.  By the way, theyíre doing the same thing in Canada.  The Chinese are doing it in Canada.  The Chinese, theyíre not citizens of Canada, working for big corporations that are just grabbing the land hereÖ to feed the Chinese back home.  I might talk about that tomorrow night.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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