March 18, 2010 (#536)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 18, 2010:

Ministry of Defence Crystal Ball New Release,

Will Their Psy-Op Releases Never Cease?

"The Wise Guys at Department of Defence
Churned Out New Report, Projections and Pretense,
Foreseeing the Future, Things to Come,
All Their 'Projections' have
Already Been Done,
Funded by Taxpayers, Crystal-Ball-Versatility,
So We Don't Catch On, Prediction's
Owning Means of Production's Not the Only Solution,
To Rule World of Slaves, You Own Distribution,
As We're Trained to Reduce Purchase Consumption
To 'Save the Planet', They Restrict Production,
All 'Pocket Money' Goes for Carbon Tax,
New Order Ensures Peasants Never Relax,
Earning 'Privileges' -- You'd Wish You'd Die,
Budding Psychopaths Recruited -- Normal Needn't Apply"
© Alan Watt March 18, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 18, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 18th 2010.  For the newcomers, I always suggest you look into  web site, scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have up there because once in a while, actually itís quite frequently, one or the other ones go down and you have to go to these alternate sites to download the latest shows.  [Official sites listed above.]  At the start of the show I always do my begging act.  This is where I rattle the tin can and tell you that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I donít ask for cash from corporations, foundations, or the CIA or anybody like that.  I donít work for any of those guys.  I donít get money from the advertisers.  The ads you hear on the show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN to put out this show over the air waves and through satellite.  It pays for their staff and equipment and their bills, and we all know what bills are.  So you have to help me with mine in that case and you can go into  and see what I have for sale there.  There is not much really.  I donít have time to do much more with all these shows and all the other things that I do.  So itís up to you go keep me going, purchase the books, CDs and DVDs or you can donate to me.  You can get a lot of shows of the past, about 50 to a disk almost, at quite a very cheap rate.  How to pay for it, you go into  and you can use [Ordering and donation options listed above].  For those who get the disks of the shows burned and passed to them to play on their CD players, you can write to me at [address above].  Now, thatís out of the way. 


Iím going to just touch on reality and show you how things work again tonight because itís very important to use your own brain.  I think that Albert Pike was quite right when he said that the people who wonít use their own intellect are nothing more than meat on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  Thatís true but weíve also been trained to be that way. Weíve been trained, like Brzezinski said in his book, Between Two Ages, weíve been trained that the media is an appendage to our brain; itís there to do our reasoning and thinking for us.  Thatís the trick of giving us an alternate reality while we are ruled by a tiny clique at the top who plan the future, carry the future out AS they are also telling you that they are going to do this IN the future.  Thatís the greatest trick of all and most of what you see on the media today is all about that.  They tell you they are GOING to do this; meanwhile youíve been working towards it and implementing it for 10 years or more.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about reality again because eventually you catch on when you study and you chase the media and you chase government documents, that whatever they are talking about at the top and giving out to the public is really a form of conditioning you to accept something thatís already started to be implemented, sometimes quite a few years ago. 


I noticed a few years ago by talking to different people in the medical associations in the US that they were already setting up the system for this NEW health care system which is to go in line with the United Nations vision of the MINIMAL health care for the entire planet.  That literally is what they say at the United Nations, not good health care, not extensive health care, but really the minimal health care will be given to everyone across the planet.  Weíve seen what happened in countries across Europe, especially Britain, where it is an absolute mess now. 


What they do is they start off with telling you that your tax money is going to bring you a beautiful thing, whether itís a nuclear reactor like they did in Canada, or a gas works or something, a pipeline, whatever it is, they use your money.  The state uses the taxpayersí money, the laborersí money, the serfs, or the slaves.  Call it what you wish, itís all the same.  They build up these big structures, whether itís road highways or whatever, and then they sell it off to their buddies.  Now, thatís the plan even before they announce the beginnings of it to the public.  But they always sell it to the public so that you wonít be complaining so much about your high taxation as they build these projects:  Well, itís ours, you see, the public own it and they give you all this utter nonsense and outright lies, and right from the start they know how many years they will ALLOW it to be IN the public domain before they privatize it.  Thatís what public/private is all about today. 


Itís the same with the health care system in the socialized countries.  They start off with good systems and very efficient too.  They last for a few years and then they start to bring in crisis.  Crisis in health care is what you hear.  Then they privatize it and sell it to their buddies but now itís public/private.  The idea being, we will build them up as always, with our tax money, then they go into public/private which is a form of maintenance.  The public will maintain the costs of it while the private part takes the profits.  Thatís LITERALLY what it is. 


You see, slavery has always been here in one form or another.  Thatís what Charles Galton Darwin said.  He was quite honest about that.  He should know, being up there amongst the elite.  Itís always been here in one form or another.  When you think back through the major religions across the planet down through the ages, even pre-Christian, they made sure they had the holy days for the slaves so they could have a good booze-up or whatever they were into, like a party time once in a while, maybe 5 times a year.  Thatís what they looked forward to.  That was their little payoff for the slave who generally being kept simple was quite content with that.  They trained them that thatís the natural order.  If you want to rule people, you must TRY to get one generation trained that this IS the natural order, that this big, tall fellow here with his tall relatives have the right to dominate you.  Thatís how it all starts and it started a long time ago. 


Nothing has changed today, except the techniques of control are far more sophisticated.  They use the media as an ARM of giving fake realities and conditioning you in readiness for whatís coming down the pike.  The health care industry is one thing, so was the nuclear industry in Canada and the privatization thatís going on there.  Maurice Strong was brought over quite a few years back FROM the United Nations directly to Ontario TO privatize the electrical system for the whole of Ontario, a massive province as you can well see if you look at a map.  He said at the time that eventually, and this is going back into the early 90s, that eventually weíll be putting big diesel generators in necessary buildings and plants and offices because in the future we will be drastically reducing the energy consumption of Canada and the world.  Meaning there would be rationing for fuel and stuff like that. That was YEARS ago and they did privatize Ontario Hydro by the way, the electricity supply system.  Here we are today, years and years later going along the same route as they actually implement it allÖ austerity, cutbacks on energy, this, that and the other.  Thatís how they rule us. They rule us long after the facts and the machinery is all in place and working.  We are announced into the beginnings of it: well, it might come down the road in the future.  Thatís how weíre kept in the dark. 


Hereís an article from Old Thinker News.  Itís a really good site actually.  Itís about the Department of Defence that churns out these reports for their visions of the future for the next 20, 40 years or so.  I read the previous ones they churned out and the US ones they churned out a few years ago to the general public to see whatÖ  Now, when they give this stuff to the public you know itís on the cards.   They know that this is what they are IMPLEMENTING, not what they foresee happening through different chances conflicting with other parties or whatever they try to tell you.  The fact is, this is their vision for the future because in military strategy YOU PLAN the future, YOU PLAN battles, and YOU PLAN long-term battles.  You also look at all the repercussions to the battles, what will happen within society, who will stand up and fight back, what types of groups will form, that kind of stuff.  Then you find scenarios to deal with those.  This is all theoretical, before they start the first move.  So in the Old Thinker News, Iíll read most of this article because itís well worth reading.   


New MoD Strategic Report Extends Vision to 2040

Foresees the rise of a global elite that "sits above the level of individual states and influences the global agenda"

Old-Thinker News | March 18, 2010 / By Daniel Taylor


In 2006, the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense published the DCDC Strategic Trends 2007-2036 report, outlining possible scenarios for technology, society and world politics. Among other issues, the 2006 report accurately envisioned a "revolutionary middle class" that would revolt against economic hardship and burdens of debt, and described a future population implanted with brain chips. (Alan:  This is your tax money at work here.)  A new report from the MoD titled Global Strategic Trends - Out to 2040 was published in February of this year, and extends the Ministry's strategic vision to 2040.


Amidst the 168 pages of the report, these are a few highlights. The newest MoD paper, drawing influence from its predecessor, describes rapid changes in society that threaten to "radicalize" individuals who seek to maintain traditions and beliefs, while a global elite "...sits above the level of individual states and influences the global agenda..." (A:  Thatís already been happening for a LONG time.)  By 2040 the MoD envisions a "global society" plagued with tensions brought about by globalization, and high technology exaggerates differences between haves and have nots. The MoD report states,


"The social tensions caused by intrusive global culture are likely to be most acute amongst those who seek to maintain their indigenous and traditional customs and beliefs, and feel threatened by changes. This is likely to lead to an increasing number of individuals and groups, many of whom form around single issues that differentiate them from wider society, becoming marginalised and possibly radicalised."  (A:  When they say this kind of stuff they know itís going to happen because itís already happening; itís been happening for years.  But theyíre going ahead with their agenda so they know thereís going to be more of it.  These arenít just reports, this is their agenda.)


These issues, along with the public response to economic hardship are driving the strategic vision of governments in the western world. In 2008 the Army War College (A:  Thatís the US report.) released the report Known Unknowns: Unconventional Strategic Shocks in Defense Strategy Development.  (A:  All these links Iíll put on my web site at the end of the show.)  ďWidespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security," (A:  Thatís like mass slaughter in other words.) states the report. The western world has seen an unprecedented build up for domestic unrest as the machinery of governance (A:  There is that word again.  Governance, you donít have government, you have governance and itís global of course.) built for anti-terrorism is turned inward(A:  Thatís what I said at the beginning, all this anti-terror stuff was nothing more than a ruse to prepare for whatís coming down NOW.  Thatís why they built up the massive internal armies and security systems and layers of defense systems to deal with the people INSIDE the country.  So Iíll read that last part again for those who are hard of thinking.)  The western world has seen an unprecedented build up for domestic unrest as the machinery of governance built for anti-terrorism is turned inward(A:  So thatís an ADMISSION of why they created it in the first place.)


Additionally, the latest Global Strategic Trends report peddles the climate change fear that more and more people are rejecting as an excuse to impose draconian measures on their lives. Indeed, the MoD report foresees a move away from "freedom of choice" (A:  This is a very important partÖ) to more "sustainable" practices in response to climate change.   (A:  Thatís the big shill.  Thatís the big con, climate change.)  Chillingly, the paper states,


"The developed world is likely to experience a degree of transformation as it moves from a consumerist society based on freedom of choice to a more constrained, sustainable societal model that provides financial and social rewards to encourage greener practices and discourage waste." (A:  Greener practicesÖ Now, George Orwell said that those that own the means of production and the distribution of production, when you hear that term used, you are IN AND UNDER A TYRANNY when they control the distribution of production; you are now in austerity.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading a new Ministry of Defence Strategic Report Extends Vision to 2040.   This is the latest one thatís been turned out.  Just before I go onto the global elite, from the same report, Iíll read this part again because, as I say, George Orwell said those who have the control of not just the means of production but the DISTRIBUTION to the people of production, then you are under tyranny.  Thatís what weíre under now.  You see, oh, you canít have that water; youíre getting too much water; thatís our water; thatís the worldís water; but WE run it for the worldÖ or you canít have that food; thatís the worldís food but WE run the food system for you, these public/private partnerships.  Thatís what itís all about.  Tyranny is tyranny.  It doesnít matter how they disguise it, it is always the same thing.  Itís ALWAYS the same thing.  Iíll read this last part again. 


"The developed world is likely to experience a degree of transformation as it moves from a consumerist society (A:  What have youíve been hearing for years now, oh, there is too much waste, too much waste, too much waste, right.) based on freedom of choice to a more constrained, sustainable societal model that provides financial and social rewards to encourage greener practices (A:  What does greener practices mean, eh?) and discourage waste."  (A:  And what good is financial and social rewards if you have nothing to spend it on?  It means itís for the rich, you see, because you wonít have much to spend, and what can you buy if youíre not allowed to?)


"Emergence of a global elite" (A:  Thatís already here.  All this stuff is already here.  Thatís what Iím trying to say, whenever they come out in these think tanks, itís already been done, long ago actually.)


The state will remain the predominant player in world affairs according to the MoD report, but "...the emergence of a global elite, a powerful network of individuals and institutions that sits above the level of individual states (A:  Thatís NATIONS.) and influences the global agenda, is also possible." (A:  Well, thatís ALREADY been here.  Itís been here before I was born, or your mum or your dad.)  While the report foresees the rise of a global elite (A:  What a joke.), the existence of a global elite is a well documented fact. (A:  So, here they are double-speaking again.  They are admitting it on the one hand and saying one is going to rise.)  One method of influence that the global elite wield is through large foundations. (A:  Iíve been talking about this for years and years and years.  The parallel government, as Professor Carroll Quigley called it - he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations - they donít report to the general public, they just tell governments what to doÖ and they get things done without going through parliamentary systems of haggling.)  As the MoD report states, these operate above individual states and influence the global agenda.


In an interview with the Seattle Times, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was asked, "Some say the emergence of super rich philanthropies like the Gates Foundation has undermined the effectiveness of the U.N. and its member organizations, like the WHO."  (A:  Iíve said before, thatís how they set up the United Nations, to RUN the parallel government with all these philanthropies.  And here is what Mr Moon saysÖ) Moon responded,


"On the contrary that is what we really want -- contributions from the business community as well as philanthropies. We need to have political support, but it doesn't give us all that we need. NGOs (A:  Non-governmental organizations that are run by the foundations.) and philanthropies and many foundations such as Bill Gates Foundation -- they're taking a very important role...(A:  So why not just throw away our governments and let these guys get on with it?  It will be cheaper, right, because theyíre already doing it; theyíve been doing it for your whole life longÖ foundations.)


In May of 2009 the so called "Good club" met in New York at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, president of Rockefeller University. According to the London Times, (A:  The link is on there too.)  the meeting was so secret that, "...some of the billionairesí aides were told they were at 'security briefings'". David Rockefeller Jr, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey were all in attendance. The Times reports, "Over dinner they discussed how they might settle on an ďumbrella causeĒ that could harness their interests." The Times interviewed a guest at the meeting, who said that the group wanted to meet in secret because they didn't want their statements ending up in the media, "painting them as an alternative world government."  (A:  What was all that meeting about?  DEPOPULATION.  Good old Oprah, the world socialist that wants to depopulate.  The one who LOVES the people in Africa, wants to depopulate.  You know.  Thatís why she wants to pay and get them all sterilized.)


In defense of the secrecy, the guest said that, ďThey need to be independent of government agencies, which are unable to head off the disaster we all see looming.Ē


"To be disconnected may be considered suspicious"


By 2040 - and likely before then - many futurists and scientists are projecting that technology will have advanced exponentially, bringing the much anticipated "singularity" closer. The MoD hints at some of these possible developments, including the emergence of an internet of things, (A:  Thatís what theyíre calling it now, an internet of THINGS.) radical life extension technology, (A:  But not for the ordinary folk.) and surveillance of personnel via mood sensing devices.


Computing will become pervasive everywhere in the environment. According to the report, "The virtual networks will consist of communications servers linking individuals and objects, (A:  Iíve got articles on that.  Objects they are calling it now.) many of which will be networked through individual Internet Protocol (IP) addresses." Ultimately, as stated in the paper, it may become difficult to "turn the outside world off," (A:  Thatís the whole point of it, you see, if you canít think for yourself youíre a zombie.) and "...Even amongst those who make an explicit life-style choice to remain detached, choosing to be disconnected may be considered suspicious behaviour."  (A:  You see, if you donít go along with it you are SUSPICIOUS.) 


Itís like these movies, like They Live and stuff, where one person can see and they say, oh, heís a thinker, he knows, get him.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, going through the nonsense that the Department of Defense throws out when really itís almost like theyíve been listening to me for years because everything that Iíve been talking about and explaining how the world really works is admitted pretty well in this report.  Even though they are trying to say this is all coming, itís already been here.  Itís been here before I was born. 


If you go back into the writings of some of the would-be tyrants of the 1700s and 1800s you will find the same things were discussed even then, of how they could run parallel governments, the secret ones running the real show, while the show for the public would be put on like a Punch and Judy show.  Thatís what you have in politics, isnít it?  When the politicians yell across the floor at each other and call each other names while the real boys get things really done in secrecy.  Thatís, again, what Professor Carroll Quigley said in Tragedy and Hope and his other book, The Anglo-American Establishment.  Thatís also what the Club of Rome, another private foundational group that is the premiere think thank for the United Nations said in their own book, The First Global Revolution.  They said that they looked at all the different systems of governing the public and they favored collectivism the best because they can get things done then; in democracy there are too many squabbling parties looking for power.  Thatís what technocrats are for too, according to Quigley when he said that THEY are the ones who work behind the scenes and really are the movers and shakers who get things done and are not answerable to the public. 


This article in the Old Thinker News concludes and it says,


Furthermore, life extension technology will "have a significant impact on global society," and "...initial access... could be highly unequal and only be available to wealthier members of society." 


What they are really saying there, you see, this new kind of wealth is through privileges, a system of privileges.  Thatís how the feudal system was based and Quigley also said what they are bringing in is a new feudal system.  In the old feudal system you had Barons all the way up to the big Lords and so on, and you got more privileges with every status climb that you got; thatís also coming in. 


They already have life extension technology.  I can remember that lovely man David Suzuki who called people maggots.  Actually, the interview when he said that, itís up on YouTube and he became the champion of the United Nations for the wildlife and all the rest of it, the little furry animals.  He said on national television in Canada during a show that we now have the technology to make a person live to 500 if we want to.  Well, why not 1,000?  He just picked an arbitrary number, you see.  They can switch off the time-gene, the clock gene as they say.  Thatís old stuff.  They can do it.  They have done it to some that are still walking around today.  We really live in the past.  Our present is really ancient past in a sense because the sciences are SO far ahead of anything that you could possibly perceive. 


Iíll put this link up with all the other links to do with the Ministry of Defence Strategic Report.  I wonder how much they paid these characters to turn out stuff that Iíve been talking about for years and years and years, for the British war department.  Thatís also the Department for NATO, ALL NATO countries including the US, just to let you know. 


There is an article here too on 9/11, about the panel that went in to investigate it, this supposedly open panel, right.  Iím not even sure what paper it comes from, the way it saves on this particular desktop of mine, which is a 1998 computer.  It saysÖ


'9/11 panel was warned not to probe too deeply'

Thu, 18 Mar 2010 /


Leaked info shows the 9/11 Commission was warned against crossing the lines in its probes.


Leaked confidential documents have revealed that senior officials from the former US administration had warned a 9/11 investigation panel against probing too deeply into the terrorist attacks.


In a letter obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the 9/11 Commission was refused permission to question terror suspects, with the Bush administration arguing that by doing so the panel would "cross" a "line" and obstruct the administration's efforts to protect the nation. (A:  They can do anything to you under the guise of national security.)


Citing the need to "Safeguard the national security, including protection of Americans from future terrorist attacks," the government officials demanded the Commission not make further attempts at conducting a deeper probe into the September 11 terror attacks.


"As the officers of the United States responsible for the law enforcement, defense and intelligence functions of the Government, we urge your Commission not to further pursue the proposed request to participate in the questioning of detainees," the letter said.


The warning note dated January 6, 2004 has been signed by former Attorney General John Ashcroft, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and CIA Director George Tenet.


The 9/11 Commission was set up in November 2002 to prepare a full account of the circumstances surrounding the attacks, which still have an air of suspicion around them.


The revelation comes as according to a recent survey, one-quarter of US adults believe that the 2001 terrorist attacks were fabricated.


From Wise Up Journal there is an article about global governance as well.  It saysÖ


Earth Bureaucracy Ė An Educated Review Of Global Governance

Wise Up Journal / 18.03.2010 / By Gabriel OíHara


Itís time to get an overview when the new full-time president of the European Union said (as shown by the BBC) that ď2009 is also the first year of global governance,Ē and when major newspapers print articles with headlines such as the following (to name a few), Reuters: ďEU backs global financial transaction taxĒ, The Telegraph: ďThereíll be nowhere to run from the new world governmentĒ and ďCopenhagen climate summit: plan for EU to police countriesí emissionsĒ.   (A:  In other words, itís showing you the different articles that broke out in the newspapers.)  A few paragraphs of those articles are worth a read but first letís look at documents from the United Nations itís self on this world governing system.


(A:  There is a link here too, for the United Nations.  Itís got the whole link for the United Nations article here.  Itís calledÖ)


ďAchieving Sustainable Development and Promoting Development CooperationĒ

(A:  That goes back to the previous article from the Department of Defence.  You see, theyíve been implementing this for years, the whole set-up, machinery and actually implementing this move towards greening and austerity and poverty, basically, changing from the consumer society where you can EARN by your own sweat and labor, your own shekels and spend it the way you want to spend it and buy what you want to buy.  Thatís all to end, you see, in this new system of privileges.)

United Nations / New York, 2008 / ISBN: 978-92-1-104587-1


ďunderlying market mechanisms must be supplemented by global governance (A:  So they want the right to run all markets.  That ties right in with the ownership or the distribution of goods to all the peoples.  The United Nations wants it.)  ďunderlying market mechanisms must be supplemented by global governance (A:  Thatís all market mechanisms.) to deal simultaneously with the trade crisis, the financial crisis, and the price crisis,Ē


ďWe need to transform poorly-equipped institutions of global governance into more supranational-type institutions,Ē




Crises are great for introducing and updating big ideas but Global Governance has been in the pike for a long time. In 2005 before the financial crisis the UN held a summit on the coming update to Global Governance (but the planning goes back much longer than this as weíll see):


ďFull and Productive Employment and Decent WorkĒ

United Nations / New York, 2006 / ISBN-10: 92-1-104563-0 and ISBN-13: 978-92-1-104563-5


ďTwo informal sessions were held on issues critical to the follow-up to the 2005 World Summit Outcome that have implications for how the Council will be integrated in the new architecture of global governance.Ē  (A:  So he shows you all the way back it goes to different PRE global governance documents theyíve turned out and PDFs are also available here.)




World Trade Organisation Director-General, Pascal Lamy, in a speech published by the World Trade Organisation on the 9th of the 11th 09 said: ďThe global economic crisis we are witnessing has accelerated the move towards a new architecture of global governanceĒ (A:  So they bring on the crisis to give them the excuse to push it ahead, ALL planned.)


In March 2009 at the European Parliament Gordon Brown, UK prime minister, made a very bizarre statement. ďSome of you will know that for many years Iíve advanced the case for a global Europe and for the economic reforms to make it happen,Ē he said (the video can be watched here ). At that time it seemed one of the greatest oxymorons ever spoken, however a few months later the one-world/global governance plan with the EUís part to play would start revealing itís self as reality.


Then it goes through the different articles about the climate summit and what they really discussed there.  Itís not just about greening; itís all about your CONSUMPTION, folks, and who will be IN CHARGE of all your consumption.  Thatís really what itís all about.  The new, managed, planned societyÖ including how to bring the worldís population down.  You see, the worldís population, all the groups to do with environmentalism were pushing right up into the 70s, the only way to save the environment was to massively depopulate.  So they changed their tactic into save the environment, global warming, and all that rubbish, that was their next trick.  Who are they doing it on behalf of?  Well they all work for foundations, all these NGOs.  They are doing it on behalf of the foundations that run the world.  Thatís who they are doing it on behalf of.  They get PAID by them, full-time big salaries and pension plans and all the rest of it.  These arenít little non-governmental organizations with tin cans going around the doors.  The parallel government; thatís what Iím talking about. 


Now, who benefits at the very, very top of this?  And whenever you bring up the name of Rothschild, itís almost like ďwow, oh a conspiracy nutĒ because there is so much written on the Rothschilds and how they took over the Bank of England, the Bank of France, Italy and every other bank across the Europe, and how they run the US banking system too behind the scenes through their various protťgťs.  But the fact is they do run the world and all the carbon trading Iíve mentioned before from their official sites and when Rothschild came out himself a few months ago saying that it will all go through his bank in Switzerland.  They are also into making sure that countries comply to pay carbon taxes so that it all goes through their bank in Switzerland. 


This article here is from The Hindu national newspaper to do with their cotton plantations.  Now, for folk who remember and have been listening for a few years, they remember me reading articles where there was a massive suicide rate that happened in India because they were all losing their farms, literally.  They had taken out loans, again, through the International Monetary Fund for their farms and then the International Monetary Fund calls in all the loans, make them buy all the GMO stuff as well as the high technology, meaning the pesticides that go with it, then they call the loans in, then they own their land.  They couldnít use their old seed anymore, by different rules and regulations that they had signed.  They had to go back to Monsanto and the big boys and the Bayer Corporation who are also into the GM stuff.  Well, who was buying all these farms up in India?  Guess who it was?  It was the Rothschilds and Rothschildís wife came out on a TV show and talked about it too, how they were really wanting to help the people of India by bringing in more modernistic farming.  Well she forgot to mention they were buying them up for pennies on the dollar after they put them under.  GREAT strategy isnít it?  You canít beat these guys for strategy, long-term planning: Weíll do this, they will fall for the mouse trap, they will sign this, then we come after them and they lose their farm.  Thatís real business.  Thatís REAL business.  Psychopaths work this way.  They are great strategists.  It says hereÖ


Bt cotton ineffective against pest in parts of Gujarat, admits Monsanto

Saturday, Mar 6, 2010 / / Priscilla Jebaraj


(A:  This is the first time theyíve ever admitted their stuff doesnít workÖ on anything.)


NEW DELHI: For the first time anywhere in the world, biotech agriculture giant Monsanto has admitted that insects have developed resistance to its Bt cotton crop. Field monitoring in parts of Gujarat has discovered that the Bt crop is no longer effective against the pink bollworm pest there.  (A:  And others actually.)


The company is advocating that Indian farmers switch to its second-generation product to delay resistance further. (A:  Well, thatís more carcinogenic than the first probably and it will probably double the kill rate on humans.)  Monsanto's critics say that this just proves the ineffectiveness of the Bt technology, which was recently sought to be introduced in India in Bt brinjal as well.


Iíve got another article that ties in with this, again, from The Hindu.  The Maldives, a bunch of islands there, where Rothschild is actually put inÖ Itís amazing.  Heís in charge of all the money heís loaning them to bring in green technology.  His wife is in charge of it through another corporation.  So they loan the money out to these little countries to ensure that they install this stuff.  Theyíve got to buy it from the Rothschilds who own a lot of this so-called green technology and his wife is in charge of collecting the carbon taxes.  Iím not kidding.  So it will all go through his bank.  These arenít conspiracy sites.  Theyíre not tying in UFOs and walking reptiles or royalty that wears alligator shoes.  These are regular sitesÖ no nonsense here.  No nonsense here.  Again, itís from The Hindu. 


Maldives signs new pact to cut carbon emissions

B. Muralidhar Reddy / / Colombo, March 16, 2010


The Government of the Maldives and La Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild (CTBR) have agreed a strategic partnership to take-forward the countryís pledge to become carbon neutral by 2020, an e-mail announcement by the Maldivian Presidential Secretariat said. Under the agreement, CTBR will be mandated to secure international finance to fund a carbon footprint audit and master plan for Maldives.


Once funding is secured, BeCitizen (A:  Another corporation, thatís Rothschildís wife that runs that.) will undertake a two-month assessment of the Maldivesí ďcarbon footprint,Ē detailing emissions from all sectors of the economy, including transport, housing, tourism, energy production and waste management.  (A:  Thatís everything including the food.)


The statement said that the pact was signed on Monday, during a meeting between President Nasheed and Baron Benjamin and Baroness Ariane de Rothschild at Chateau de Pregny, the Rothschildís Geneva residence.


Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam signed the agreement on behalf of the Maldives; Baron Benjamin de Rothschild signed on behalf of CTBR, and Baroness Ariane de Rothschild signed on behalf of BeCitizen, the Rothschildís environmental advisory arm. 


What a deal eh?  What a deal when youíre WAY up yonder and you dictate to countries and groups of islands and all the rest of it what YOU must do so that YOU rule their entire lives from birth to death.  And they will pay and pay and pay to be alive.  Where does it all go?  For every breath you take?  It will be paid TO the Rothschildís private bankÖ thanks to Al Gore and Mr Rothschild, with the big bank in Switzerland.  Slavery is truly established, reestablished itself and now itís bringing back the old face.  Not the little pampered one, where youíre allowed to keep a few pennies and shekels to buy little goodies that they dangle in front of you, made by the same companies that are owned by the same characters.  Itís alive and well.  I'll be back with more after this break.

I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  There is a caller on the line, Johnny from British Columbia, Canada.  Are you there Johnny?


Johnny:  Hi.  Iím calling from Victoria and what disturbs me most, more than anything else really, is the chemtrails, all the aerosol spraying going on.


Alan:  Itís incredible isnít it?  Itís incredible.  I watched it for the last 2 weeks; I lost my voice 3 times.  Youíre dead on.  It starts off with a blue sky in the morning here.  Because Iím at the top of the jet stream, it loops right here.  They dose it heavily so it carries all the way down to Buffalo into New York.  So I get a lot of stuff here.  Sometimes there are a dozen planes.  By the time the afternoon comes, itís just an eggshell mush.  Continue John.


Johnny:  I look on the Weather Channel and it shows like a sun with no clouds, right.  Then I leave work today and my colleagues are like, oh, enjoy the sun out.  Iím like, canít you see, there is no blue sky out there; itís just haze.† Itís just almost day after day, maybe a couple of days a month there wonít be any spraying.  But it seems like itís incessant.  My question to you is, what do you think the main purposes are behind the spraying?  Iíve heard that it could be multi-purpose, like weather modification, or that it could be used for mind control, or that it is used to bring our immune system down.  What is yourÖ


Alan:  One thing is for sure, absolutely positive, it will destroy your immune system because these are chemicals.  Iíve had them tested here when I had the yellow rain Ė they actually gave me yellow rain one day, for a weekend it was Ė and there was barium in it, highly carcinogenic stuff, aluminum oxide, traces of arsenic too and various other things like that, different metals and compounds.  That stuff leaches out of your system when you urinate.  It takes a lot of your natural electrolytes and chemicals with it.  You become depleted in certain areas.  Everyone is completely depleted now in blood tests when it comes to vitamin D and various other things as well, and zinc, very low in zinc.  Zinc is ESSENTIAL for a good health system.  Everyone is depleted and I get that from guys in the labs and so on.  Thatís a fact.  They all know this at the top. 


It also ties in with weather modification, absolutely.  It also ties in with Brzezinskiís mind control, technotronic weaponry because you go back to the age of Teller with the H-bomb, he presented it to the Pentagon, how to spray the skies with barium and aluminum oxide to make it more conductive to HAARP technology.  They knew that a secondary signal put on top, piggybacking on the main HAARP signal could actually influence human behavior; make you very passive or aggressive.  They tested it out on the people of Maine.  There was a lawsuit that came in after a lot of destruction when on, when they got them aggressive.  They tried the aggressive frequency and even domestic animals were biting their masters, cows were going crazy, and the suicide rate shot up.  These are FACTS.  These arenít theories or guesses; these are facts. 


So it can do all of those things but it also definitely dumbs us down.  People today donít complain about anything at all.  They are walking zombies.  Brzezinski did talk about that in his own book, The Technotronic Era.  He was up there with the NSA, the head of it at one point, the National Security Agency.  They deal with all the electronic warfare technology as well as listening devices and he wrote about it in his own book.  Bertrand Russell also backed that up saying, shortly a way will be used on the public where they will come to decisions and be completely unaware of how they come to them or how their moods are affected.  This is in place now.  Itís so funny, on one level you have meetings in California recently with scientists talking about geo-engineering in the future and outside the guys are protesting about the geo-engineering thatís already going on for the last 12 years.  So theyíve already been doing all this stuff.  Different levels of reality even for the professors.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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