March 23, 2010 (#539)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 23, 2010:

Broadband, Digital Economy, Smart Meters, Appliances,
Means You're Shafted by Corporate Alliances:

"Like Numerical Priests in Numbers-Deuteronomy,
Government Lackeys Push Digital Economy,
Your Way of Life's to Be Intersected
With Broadband, Appliances Interconnected,
Personal Government Webpage, So Convenient,
Big Brother Bureaucrat, Stern, Not Lenient,
As You're Sitting Texting On Your Sofa,
Says They're Fining You 'cause Over Quota
Of Allowed Kilowatt and Appliance Use,
You'll Pay Through Penalties for that Juice,
Smart Meter via Toaster, Three Times this Week,
Informed Them Toast Burned, House All Reek,
Combined with Smoke from the Frying Pan,
Carbon was Detected En Route to Japan,
So You'll Have to Pay Extra Carbon Tax,
'After Account Deduction, We'll Text or Fax',
With All this Government Carin' and Givin'
Your Home Will Be Too Smart to Live In"
© Alan Watt March 23, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 23, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 23, 2010.  For the newcomers that are always coming into the show, I advise you to go into, scroll down the front page and bookmark all the other sites I have up there because when the big ones go down, as they sometimes do, youíll find the alternate sites are available and you can download the latest shows for free.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you because unlike most hosts out there I depend upon the audience to support me, not the advertisers.  The advertisers you hear on this show pay RBN directly for the broadcast time and they pay them for their staff and equipment and their bills.  So you help me with mine by getting the books Iíve written and the CDs and DVD on my web sites.  They are different kinds of books than youíve ever seen before because I show you the basic cons that are straight in front of your face and you miss them all the time.  Everything is hidden in plain sight but you need someone to explain them to you because we truly are mushrooms kept in the dark and fed a lot of bovine fecal matter.  So help me out by buying the stuff I have for sale or you can donate to me.  Some of the CDs have 50 shows per disk.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Lots of people hear the talks I give on CD players, they donít use computers themselves, and you can get in touch with me at [address above].  And thatís my tin can moment for the day but itís up to you to support me otherwise no one else will and Iíll just go off and do other things.  Believe you me, Iíd get a better living doing other things. 


The reason Iím doing this is because I have a lot of information, Iíve got a life of experience of observation, of watching and learning and studyingÖ investigating the reality of life and thatís what Iím trying to impart here.  We are going through the greatest changes really, since the Industrial Revolution moved all the people off of agriculture and pushed them into the cities and the factories.  We are going through the same transformation now but itís much, much worse because we are managed like cattle basically.  Thatís population reduction, sterilization and a whole host of other things including not just birth control but death control.  Thatís the term that the big players used, at the Council on Foreign Relations, an awful long time ago.  The Council on Foreign Relations is part of the world governing structure, the ones we DONíT vote for and the ones who truly run the world.  I'll be back with more on this topic after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, we are really mushrooms kept in the dark and fed bovine fecal matter because weíre governed, weíre managed.  We are really shaped in a sense and there is an ART to governing.  Itís ancient isnít it?  Civilizations have been around for many thousands of years and theyíve all figured out different ways of managing the public because the public are the only ones who produce anything for those at the top. 


We tend to think, when we swallow this nonsense of democracy, that we have a say in things but Iíve yet to ever see the public ever have a say in anything.  It doesnít work that way.  It was never intended to work that way.  Sometimes they will throw you a little bone here and there of something that doesnít really matter to them but the things that really do matter to them, you generally never even hear about until after laws are passed and it becomes the norm.  We adapt to new normals all the timeÖ without knowing it. 


You cannot understand whatís happening today unless you go into the past.  Youíve got to read the big players that were far more open about what was coming up, that we are NOW living through, the guys who helped plan it all, like the Lord Bertrand Russell and Julian Huxley.  Julian Huxley was the first CEO of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to bring in a common culture for children.  Guys like this literally worked in big organizations with the United Nations.  They also, by they way, were attached to intelligence services.  Lord Bertrand Russell was quite the character.  He literally belonged to the Royal Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  He LED and was the CEO of the anti-war establishment.  He also, according to the book that was recently released and Iíve read some parts of it before, The CIAís Cultural Cold War.  He also worked for MI-5.  So thatís how they do things.  They are all-arounders and the run ALL sides of things.  But they came up with the system that we are living through today, including the end of marriage and all these kind of things to make it far easier to have population control. 


Julian Huxley and Russell both mentioned not just birth control but death control, the need to take mankind off their pedestal of being a supreme creature on the planet and bring them down to the level of animals and GET the public to accept it.  Weíll thatís happened.  Thatís already happened, you see.  Of course they want to start killing off people throughout their lives as well.  Increase the death rate, thatís what they meant by death control.  Thatís why you have all these incredible cancers breaking out in youngsters and people before they are middle aged even.  Cancers of all kinds now are COMMON.  Itís the new normal, once again, and once again we have adapted to the new normal.  There is no crisis in health care because every year doctors are churned out with a NEW reality for THEM too.  They are now taught that cancers are normal and I guess theyíve always been normal.  They are taught that even diabetes is a normal thingÖ and it was very rare when I was young.  VERY RARE was a person ever on insulin when they were a youngster.  So rare, in fact, that when they found one they would have all the guys from the medical establishments down to study them.  Now itís as common as can be; but no one ever says, whatís causing this?  Because THEY KNOW whatís causing it. There are many ways to attack the human system and guys like Russell and others mentioned using Ďthe needleí to do so and to make people compliant. 


Professor Carroll Quigley also belonged to this world society, this parallel government, as he termed it.  He wrote the book Tragedy and Hope and the other great book, The Anglo-American Establishment where being the historian Ė they actually have their own historians for the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs.  He said that there is a parallel government and it has been running the United States, for instance, for 60 years and he wrote the book in the 1960s.  Every President had been PICKED for 60 years back then, had already been a member.  He said they have members for BOTH parties, or ALL parties and ITíS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY.  That ties in with the Club of Rome, remember, because they are the premiere think tank for the United Nations and the United Nations was a creature of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It was set up by them to be another front for world government run by the big bankers.  The big bankers set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Itís a PRIVATE organization, but it does have a Royal Charter to exist.  In other words, the elite who already ruled Britain made sure that they kept ruling Britain when they gave us the front called democracy. 


The Club of Rome said that democracy was just too untidy, you couldnít get things done, there were too many conflicting and competing parties and individuals whereas they had a plan to fulfill and theyíd have to just sidestep everything and get ahead and do it.  Thatís what technocrats are for.  Thatís the Kissingerís, Brzezinskiís and the Maurice Strongís and many, many more.  Every country has got their guys picked who work behind the scenes as technocrats.  They get the REAL work done.  Quigley said himself they are all members of the Council on Foreign RelationsÖ all of them, in every country.  They are not answerable to the general public.  They donít get voted in.  They wield more power then Presidents, Quigley said, because they had the real power to get things done AND the authority. 


You have to go into their site, the Council on Foreign Relations.  Yesterday and the day before, and last week, I talked about broadband.  Itís a vague term to the public. They think itís going to be great fun for internet and stuff like that.  They have no idea what itís really all about.  The internet was given the public, not for your fun, although thatís a side effect of it.  Thatís the cheese in the trap to get you into it.  It was to MONITOR every individual on the planet from birth to death and to tax you for everything.  You are going to pay for EVERYthing you do or eat, through carbon and so on.  Eventually, it will be deducted straight from YOU at home because everything in the next 6 years, supposedly, according to the bankers, is to go cashless.  Youíll do everything through computers.  Also government can talk DIRECTLY TO YOU via the computer.  Youíre going to have your own personalized, government-issued web page; I read that article the other day from the British newspapers.  The United States is right on step, right on board with the same agenda at the same time. 


Iím going to put up a whole bunch of links up on my web site at the end of the show and you can access them and go through these particular articles for yourself.  I donít dream this stuff up.  I donít use conspiracy sites either; you donít need to when the big boys are telling you themselves what they are doing.  What youíve got to have is a brain to think with.  Conditioned people, it doesnít matter what you give them, they cannot see.  I remember someone who was a greenie looked through Agenda 21 from the United Nations and they asked me what was wrong with it.  I didnít bother answering them.  I donít answer fools who canít think.  You canít.  You cannot waste you energy on people who are, as the communists used to call it, contaminated with their indoctrination.  You canít do it.  You will have all the energy drained out of you trying to get through to them.  People are truly, completely conditioned.  You can only try and attempt, attempt to DEcondition the person who is ASKING QUESTIONS. 


This article is about the broadband.  You have to find out whatís really happening in the world from the guys who have think tanks and UNLIMITED FUNDING and they advise all governments as to WHAT to do.  Actually, they TELL them what to do and many of their members are put in government, remember, and all through the bureaucracies of EVERY country on the planet. 


National Broadband Plan, March 2010

Published March 16, 2010 /


The FCC released this report on a plan for national broadband access to Congress on March 16, 2010. The press release states,


"Today, the Federal Communications Commission delivered to Congress a National Broadband Plan setting an ambitious agenda for connecting all corners of the nation while transforming the economy and society with the communications network of the future -- robust, affordable Internet.  (Alan:  Thatís how they are selling it to the public.  Remember, this is for public consumption, this particular one, what they give to the public, at the CFR.  They also have their SECRET ones that you canít get access to.  They admit they DO have secret ones too.)


...the Plan found that while broadband access and use have increased over the past decade, the nation must do much more to connect all individuals and the economy to broadbandís transformative benefits. (A:  The government is really so worried that they want to get everybody on broadband because they want to keep you happy and entertained, right.  Thatís for the dumb ones out there.)  Nearly 100 million Americans lack broadband at home today, and 14 million Americans do not have access to broadband even if they want it. Only 42 percent of people with disabilities use broadband at home, while as few as 5 percent of people living on Tribal lands have access.  Meanwhile, the cost of digital exclusion for the student unable to access the Internet to complete a homework assignment, or for the unemployed worker who canít search for a job online, continues to grow.  (A:  They always give you at the start of these articles the BS, basically.  Thatís what they give you at the start of all the articles.  Whenever you see that, thatís the BS.)


Other gaps threaten Americaís global competitiveness.  A looming shortage of wireless spectrum could impede U.S. innovation and leadership in popular wireless mobile broadband services.  More useful applications, devices, and content are needed to create value for consumers.  (A:  RightÖ) And the nation has failed to harness broadbandís power to transform delivery of government services (A:  So there again, thereís the BS again.  Thatís the Bothersome Stuff, by the way, bothersome stuff Ė BS.), health care, education, public safety, energy conservation, economic development, and other national priorities.  (A:  Itís the OTHER NATIONAL PRIORITIES you have to really look into.  They are the real priorities.)


...The Plan was mandated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in February 2009 and produced by an FCC task force that set new precedents for government openness, transparency, and rigor."  (A:  [Alan laughing.] and so on and so on.)


Whatís it really about?  Öthe broadband and the digital economy bill and so on that they are putting through and already put through in other countries like Britain?  Well, Iíll tell you whatís going to happen to your home and how this links to your home when I come back from this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the smart grid and broadband and all the laws that have been passed and the reasons for them, not to keep us all happy or to get jobs or compete with China, as we type away there on computers.  I donít understand how we can compete with China, but anyway...  Thatís what the nonsense they are pushing through the Council on Foreign Relations.  Governments have been giving out BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars in Britain, the United States and Canada to different private corporations to bring all this into being.  Believe you me, they are not starting off with an idea.  Whatever is happening today was planned many years ago because it takes government an awful long time to unroll anything and get it on the go.


This article is from Echelon.  Itís about home solutions, they call it.  Home solutions and home automation.  This is a part of it; they got grants as well for this.  Iím going to put a lot of links up to the different companies that are in on this and getting corporate welfare.  Billions of dollars of corporate welfare to make all this happen, to Ďmake it soí as they say, Ďmake it be.í


Home Control

The smart home. Powered by Echelon.


The smart home market is finally upon us, (A:  Smart home market, rightÖ) driven by energy scarcity, (A:  Itís suddenly scarce, you know.) advanced utility services, and consumers' awareness (A:  We are very aware...  Have you met any Ďawareí anybody today?  Öon anything?)  that they, too, can play a significant role in global climate change.  (A:  So hereís all the pabulum that all the marketers are in on as they grab the dollars from government and run with it, right, climate change... meaning changes in the weather.)  And it's powered by Echelon.


Echelon is building a smart home ecosystem around the Digital Home Alliance, (A:  Youíd better look into that; Iíll put these links up so you can look it all up for yourself.  Youíll see all the money they are having thrown at these characters to come up with the pabulum here.) a like-minded group of companies intent on bringing the promised value of home control to a worldwide market. We started this process by equipping millions of homes around the world with some type of Echelon-based control device, and new home products are being introduced every month. Typical energy awareness applications include:



Air conditioning, humidity control, and heating equipment


Home theater systems

Security, gas detection, and life/safety devices

Pool and spa controls

Irrigation equipment

Energy measurement and load control devices


While the Digital Home Alliance is all about value to consumers, the fundamental technology makes it possible. We offer a wide range of hardware, software, and reference designs to help cost-effectively and reliably add control networking to a variety of home devices. Here are some of our recent advancements that are enabling the home control market:


Power Line Signaling: (A:  This is what your broadband is all about, folks.) Networking Everything that Uses Electricity (A:  From your Smart Meter right through your whole home.)

If a device has a line cord or is otherwise connected to an electric power source, then it's a candidate for our power line signaling technology.


The same wires that carry electric power to a device can also be used to send control networking information. Now in its fifth generation, our power line products provide a highly reliable, low-cost way to communicate over virtually any existing AC and DC power circuit. In fact, our technology is so reliable that it's an international standard for power line signaling. Millions of devices that use our power line technology are in operation today.


Interoperable Self-Installation: The Devices Do All the Work

Developed by Echelon in concert with appliance manufacturers, (A:  See, theyíre all in on it together, by the way.  If you wonder why the big push is to get energy efficient, get energy efficient, they are all CHIPPED to work with THIS networking broadband system, right through your Smart Meter TO the power company that will then be fining you on every kilowatt of extra juice that you useÖ and turning you OFF if they consider you are using too much.)   Interoperable Self-Installation (ISI) lets home devices automatically self-organize (A:  They actually integrate all your system so your toaster is communicating with your microwave and all the rest of it.  What youíre going to find eventually, maybe 2 years from then, once this is all working - which it already is where I am and other places because weíve got Smart Meters - then your microwave will cut off when your toaster is on and stuff like that.  People will get used to the frustration.  Eventually it wonít be frustrating anymore, youíll just adapt and adapt and adapt.) into a fully functioning control network ó without the use of any specialized tools.


Consumers simply turn on a device ó and in some cases, press a button ó and the device starts working with other home devices. (A:  Isnít that wonderful?)  This means consumers with no technical skills can buy ISI-based products from different manufacturers and easily get them to work together. ISI, for the first time, makes it feasible for manufacturers to build mass-market home control products that consumers can install themselves.  (A:  So we install them ourselves, then weíre going to get hammered when the things switch themselves off.  [Alan laughing.]  We are such fools.  We really are such foolsÖ And our tax money is funding all of this too.  Thatís the beauty of it, eh?  No wonder the guys at the top laugh; they laugh their heads off.)


Gateways to the World

Many consumers want to use their home computer, especially their MediaCenter PCs and Macintoshes, as a user interface to control their homes. (A:  I know hundreds that want to control their homes that way; I talk to them every dayÖ donít you?)  Many utilities and telecommunication companies want to let their customers monitor and control their homes over the Internet, using a home gateway as a portal to the home.


We have solutions for both. Our LonBridge software leverages over 15 years of creating interoperability standards and our ISI protocol. The result is that homeowners will soon be able to use their favorite screens ó TVs, PCs, even iPods w/WiFi capabilities ó to manage their homes.


No folks, the government will be managing it all for you.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I love demolishing public relations, which is just propaganda.  Thatís how they put things over to the public, like weíre children.  Most folk ARE because they have no reason to believe they are being LIED to.  Thatís how it works so easily on the public.  All media knows this too, and marketing certainly does know it.  Weíre run by deception.  You donít want to spook the creatures as you lead them into the sheep pen.  Youíve got to let them kind of wander and amble and look around and have a chomp of grass and donít spook them, just lead them in there gently.  Thereís the familiar faces, thereís the familiar sheep dogs and thereís the familiar shepherd and we just amble along; itís just wonderful.  We adapt donít we?  Then we wonder how we got there once weíre in it.  Thatís when people start to wake up, when itís too late. 


Iím going to put up these links too, to show you whatís going on.  Smart Grid and Electronic Interface Companies get Cash Gifts from GovernmentÖ thatís from  He names them. 


Obamaís Power-Grid Grants May Revive Industry in ĎParalysisí

By Daniel Whitten, Nicholas Johnston and Mark Chediak /


Now who are they and how much do they get?  Hereís from the players, the actual KEY players ASSOCIATIONS.  There is a Key Players Association.   They actually have CABALS all working together called Key Players Associations.

Key Players :  Associations


Iíll put that up there too for you to look through to see the big corporations that are getting billions of dollars thrown at them by YOU, your tax money.  Then itís gotÖ


Who's Who Enterprise Systems Vendors and Service Providers

Enterprise Systems Vendors and Service Providers


Whoís Who in Smart Grid TechnologyÖ thatís a PDF you can download it as well, very interesting to see. 


There are other things happening, the Council on Foreign Relations broadband plan that I just read as well.  So much is happening.  SO MUCH I could read on this particular topic, we canít just stay on the one topic though.  But itís all to do with the government eventually running your entire life and what you do in your home and what you use.  You are going pay through the nose for every bit of juice that you useÖ until, in fact you canít go back to candles because they burn and give off carbon, right. 


You know, there are Ė and I didnít know this Ė there are actually devices that the greenies buy that they plug into their AC outlets in the wall and it tells them how much kilowatts they are using and how much theyíve used for the month.  They put it up on their MySpace and their Facebook to show how green they areÖ. Aaahhhh.  Do you realize theyíre goners?  These are contaminated goners.  They are totally brainwashed.  They have no idea whatís happening in the world; none at all.  They try to outdo each other by being greener than they guy next door.  When I was growing up, if you went green it meant you were going to throw up, going to be sick.  They have no idea of anything on anything; theyíre just here.  They exist, they think, kind of. 


Iíve mentioned before about the sting operations that are set up to ENTRAP people, especially youngsters, by all those multifarious nefarious organizations that work for governments.  Since the big thing is to be the reign of terror for God knows how long, until this whole new world order is complete and up and running and weíve all adapted to it and most folk have adapted so far already to pretty well everything, then itís going to be ongoing.  They have to keep showing you that there ARE terrorists out there by CREATING THEM.   Remember, the stings in England; there have been so many very good videos done on various Muslims being harassed and imprisoned falsely because they had some cherries Ė no kidding Ė cherries in their house and they claimed they could make bombs if they knew how to take the seeds from these cherries and work them chemically and so on and stuff like this.  But the worst thing of all is of course the provocateurs because especially Britain - that taught the United States how to create provocateurs - they have been sending them in for hundreds of years, provocateurs, into countries to stir up and foment riots and dissention.  Iíve mentioned before the movie, itís called Burn, and Marlon Brando is in it.  Itís a good portrayal, simplistically, but a good portrayal of how the British sent out these provocateurs into different islands to foment unrest amongst the slaves who were trying to get their freedomÖ and lead them up the garden path back in a circle into a new slavery.  These are all SCIENCES that have been learned over thousands of years. 


We had the same thing happen in Toronto a couple of years ago when some fellas fell for an undercover CSIS operative who was a Muslim himself.  They hire them all folks; it doesnít matter how you dress and how you look and what you say you are, youíve got to be the real thing to deceive people.  He went on the internet and roped in some youngsters who were all gung-ho; all talk, you see, all gas, more or less as youngsters tend to be.  Of course, being a good psychopath Ė and thatís who they recruit Ė their GIFT is to manipulate others.  Thatís what psychopaths do.  He convinced them that he could get real bomb material and stuff.  He set them up and framed them; sent some stuff in and then the RCMP came in and arrested them.  That would never have happened unless this guy had been sent out by CSIS to get a group started.  Thatís how they do it.  Iíve warned youngsters from all persuasions, DONíT FALL FOR IT.  DONíT FALL FOR IT!  Öeven if you meet them in person, which you will eventually after the internet.  They will look like the real thing.  Whatever religion you are, they will know all of it; they will understand the whole lot and seem like some kind of high priest to you.  Then they will give you the gear so that you get caught with it and then youíre arrested. 


The same thing happened with the first World Trade Center bombing, remember.  It came out in court, all over the major mainstream media, that one of the guys who, again, was a Muslim had an FBI handler.  He thought he was going to put in a dummy bomb and luckily enough when the FBI guy says, oh, no, itís going to be the real thing, this Muslim was smart enough to tape record the subsequent talks.  That was played in the court case.  They did supply him with real explosives and the bombs really went off the first time.  This is a continuous thing.  If you want to say, oh, there is terror, youíve got to CREATE the terrorism, right.  Here is an article from the Observer to give you an idea how it works.  Itís quite an interesting article, but not unusualÖ because they hire psychopathic types to do it.  Iíve read article where psychologists have studied these guys and claimed that they are psychopathic in their personalities.  They are able to manipulate and be VERY convincingÖ  to lie easily and know how to manipulate people. 


Undercover policeman reveals how he infiltrated UK's violent activists

(A:  This is only one of many, of course.)

For four years, Officer A lived a secret life among anti-racist activists (A:  They were the Marxist groups.) as they fought brutal battles with the police and the BNP (A:  British National Party.). Here he tells of the terrifying life he led, (A:  He probably enjoyed it.)  the psychological burden it placed on him and his growing fears that the work of his unit could threaten legitimate protest.  (A:  Thatís his spiel, but he manages to stick to it for 4 years so he pretty well enjoyed it.)

Tony Thompson The Observer, Sunday 14 March 2010 /


An officer from a secretive unit of the Metropolitan police has given a chilling account of how he spent years working undercover among anti-racist groups in Britain, during which he routinely engaged in violence against members of the public (A:  Well, shouldnít they arrest him for that?  How many heads did he bash in?  Hmm?) and uniformed police officers to maintain his cover.


During his tour of duty, the man Ė known only as Officer A Ė also had sexual relations with at least two of his female targets as a way of obtaining intelligence. (A:  Heíd have sex with the pet dogs as well if he could get any evidence from them.)  So convincing was he in his covert role that he quickly rose to become branch secretary of a leading anti-racist organisation that was believed to be a front for Labour's Militant tendency.  (A:  Because the Labour groups have the militant groups out there in front too, and so do the other groups.)


"My role was to provide intelligence about protests and demonstrations, particularly those that had the potential to become violent," he said. "In doing so, the campaigns I was associated with lost much of their effectiveness, a factor that ultimately hastened their demise."  (A:  Thatís what he claims anyway.)


His deployment, which lasted from 1993 to 1997, (A:  Of course, theyíd have other ones in that were already there before heíd left, to take over.)


This is an example.  I donít know if people know, Lord Bertrand Russell, LORD Bertrand Russell was the guy who led the anti-war establishment through the 1960s.  He led the RADICAL wing of the anti-war movement as well.  That was called The Committee of One Hundred, in the book written about Bertrand Russell. So here he is, leading the violent activists to smash down the fences of the American air bases in the UK.  Then when the book came out with the declassified information on Americaís / The CIAís Cultural Cold War, where they RAN the culture industry during the Cold War, all that porno and stuff you saw coming out in the movies and the nihilistic ideas and so on, that was all run by the CIA.  But guess what?  Every famous author you can imagine was involved in it as well.  Every single one of them.  Anybody who could sway public opinion through novels, anything at all was hired by them.  Guess who else was on it?  The guy who was leading the radical wing, protesting against nuclear weaponry, Lord Bertrand Russell, was also a member of MI-5, it came out and is now declassified, running both sides.  The people never wisen up, you know.  They never wisen up to anything.


The big boys know 50 YEARS before they implement any plan what all the outcomes will be.  Will grass roots movement start up?  Yes, in all likelihood they will.  Okay, weíll have to make sure that we put our man in to start it up.  They do this with everything and in every area, every single area; they always haveÖ always have.  This ties in with the exact same thing; hereís from NBC New York. 


Synagogue Bomb Suspects: The Feds Put Us Up to It!

(A:  Thatís what they claim, right.)



Defense attorneys say an alleged plot to bomb New York synagogues was hatched and directed by a federal informant.


Lawyers for four men from Newburgh have filed a motion to dismiss the terror indictment against them.


They said the informant badgered the defendants until they got involved in the plot.


They said the informant chose the targets, supplied fake bombs for the synagogues and a fake missile to shoot down planes. (A:  This guy was not just an informant, right.  This guy was FBI or FEMA or many of the other ones.)  The motion said he also offered to pay the defendants, who attorneys alleged weren't inclined toward any crime until the informant began recruiting them.


"The government well knew that their case had been a government-inspired creation from day one and that the defendants had not been independently seeking weapons or targets," the motion said.


Federal court spokesman Herb Hadad said the government would file its response next month.


The four men, who were arrested last May, face up to life in prison if convicted. They have been previously identified as James Cromitie, 55, David Williams, 28, Onta Williams, 32, and Laguerre Payen, 27, all of Newburgh in upstate New York, where authorities were conducting raids at their homes, sources said.


Authorities have said they had the plotters under surveillance since June of 2008 and there was "no chance" the alleged scheme could succeed. (A:  So they KNEW, all the agencies and the cops knew that it was a con to set them up from the beginning, right.)  They credited the work of a long time informant with keeping tabs on the group.  (A:  Now this guy was not just an informant, heíd be an FBI guy.)


The FBI has said the Muslim suspects were angry and full of hate for America.  (A:  Oh, bring in that, oh sure.)


According to the criminal complaint, Cromitie said "I hate those f-ing Jewish bastards." He bragged (A:  This is the guy who got them IN to it.  This is the FBI guy.) that it would be a "piece of cake" to bomb a Jewish Center in Riverdale, according to the complaint.


He said his father lives in Afghanistan and he was upset about U.S. military presence there.  (A:  See, the FBI and CSIS and the CIA and all these guys, they hire the people from all over the world to do their dirty work.  Thatís what they hired for the set up in Toronto and the guy first worked for CSIS.  He was on CBC television boasting how he did it, wearing his flowing robes and everythingÖ a member of CSIS.)


"The fact that this type of hatred exists means that we all have to be vigilant all of the time," city councilman Jeffrey Dinowitz said Thursday.


So these guys would never have gotten involved in this unless they had been manipulated by an expert and thatís what it boils down to.  Interesting, eh?  This is for all you young guys out there that are prattling away on the internet and you are texting away to people you have never met before in you lives, setting yourselves up.  Youíll be approached with some guy who looksÖ  Whatever group, ethnic group you want to put yourself in, heíll look just like you.  Heíll be even MORE of what you think you are than you are yourself to prove it.  And youíll fall for it because these are MASTER CON MEN, great psychopathic leaders, great psychopathic persuaders. 


Now this broadband and all the rest of it coming in and the digital economy, which all means weíre all going to be taxed for every thing that we do and the government is going to be popping up on your web site all the time.  When you are looking at whatever you looking at, there is the face of Big Brother with a demand, another demand on YOU.  Weíve noticed that you had 2 slices of toast today; you burnt one, thatís carbon credits right there.  Poomft, youíre hit again, deducted straight from your account.  Iím not kidding either.  Iím not kidding.  Youíre going to read about things like this in the near future; Iím not kidding.  Once youíre in the computerís file and theyíve made a mistake somewhere, you know you canít get off it.  They used to write sci-fi stories about this 50 years ago because they knew what they were bringing in, 50 years ago, because all the big sci-fi writers were funded through MI-5 and the CIA for running the cultural cold war.  They were allowed in on what was coming up in the future, the big think tanks.  They wrote about this kind of article here.


Computer snafu is behind at least 50 'raids' on Brooklyn couple's home

BY Kate Nocera and John Lauinger / / Friday, March 19th 2010


(A:  50 raids on your home. Can you imagine being an elderly couple in your 70s and 80s going through this?)


Police come to Rose and Walter Martin's home on Thursday - this time to explain reason for years of faulty raids.


Should an elderly Marine Park couple be compensated in some way because their home has been swarmed by cops more than 50 times?


Blame it on a computer.


Embarrassed cops on Thursday cited a "computer glitch" as the reason police targeted the home of an elderly, law-abiding couple more than 50 times in futile hunts for bad guys.


Apparently, the address of Walter and Rose Martin's Brooklyn home was used to test a department-wide computer system in 2002.  (A:  So they just randomly picked a house, you see, for a testÖ and never scrubbed it.  So you get 50 RAIDS.  These people should have been dead and could have been deadÖ if theyíd shown any anger at all, after the umpteenth raidÖ theyíd have been dead.)


What followed was years of cops appearing at the Martins' door looking for murderers, robbers and rapists - as often as three times a week.  (A:  Amazing, eh.  Thatís just the computerÖ weíre all going to have a wonderful future, folks.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís amazing how weíre so broke, apparently.  Weíre really, really so incredibly broke because weíve been plundered and raped and pillaged by the bankers and investors and then they got paid off for doing so by your tax money, so you got doubly raped there.  The governments are throwing out billions as they have never done before, which shows you that money is a joke in the first place isnít it.  Isnít itÖ itís a CONTROL MECHANISM for us, really.  This article is, again, from the parallel government, the Council on Foreign Relations, the guys who have all their men through all the top bureaucracies in every government on the planet.  They have deputy prime ministers, ex-prime ministers on board with them.  Guys who are SWORN TO SERVE the world global agenda; they become Prime Ministers and all that kind of stuff.  Here is an article on theÖ


Implementation of the Global Health Initiative

(A:  By the US that is just throwing more money at it than ever before.)

Document, February 2010 / Published February 1, 2010 /


The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) (A:  This is how they start off the PR for the public again.  PEPFARÖ sounds like something about a gastric ulcer doesnít it, and the gas that comes out.)  program released this consultation document on February 1, 2010; it describes a strategy for U.S. efforts towards a global health program.  (A: So not only is Obama putting out billions supposedly to get the restricted socialized, minimalistic health care program that Britain and other countries have got, but heís also trying to do it to the world and the US is going to pay for it all.)


PEPFAR states, (A:  I canít believe this word, PEPFARÖ you want to laugh.)  "Through the Global Health Initiative (GHI) the United States will invest $63 billion over six years to help partner countries (A:  Do you know youíve got PARTNERS?  That means youíve got deals with them; that means legal.  Did you know they signed them all?) improve health outcomes through strengthened health systems (A:  Now here is the real kickerÖ  So health, health, health, poor countries, blah, blah, blahÖ) - with a particular focus on improving the health of women, newborns and children (A:  Thatís the abortion plans.  Thatís the inoculation of the youngsters so they will be just as sick as we all are here in the West with all the injections, and sterile because thatís what they want, sterility and death control as well.  That means having death come out all through life as well, with people developing tumors and cancers like the West.  Thatís what it is.) through programs including infectious disease, nutrition, maternal and child health, and safe water. The GHI aims to maximize the sustainable health impact the United States achieves for every dollar invested. (A:  $63 BILLION.)  The GHI will deliver on that commitment through a business model based on: implementing a woman- and girl-centered approach (A:  Thatís always the case.  What was it Kissinger said, they could never allow the third world countries to go into production and manufacturing and become like the United States with their population growth and all the rest of it.  So it would not happen, right.); increasing impact and efficiency through strategic coordination and integration; strengthening and leveraging key partnerships, multilateral organizations, and private contributions; encouraging country ownership and investing in country-led plans; improving metrics, monitoring and evaluation; and promoting research and innovation. Through this model the GHI will build on the Bush Administration's successful record in global health


See, every government is the same as the last one and you schmucks out there keep voting thinking theyíre all different.  Theyíre all the same; the bankers put them in.  They never have come in and say, weíve got to look at this money system and how it works.  They never ever say that because the bankers put them in.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, where weíre getting dosed with heavy chemtrail spraying, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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