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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 19th 2007. For newcomers to the show, look into and download to your heart's content all the free information that's available, plus you can buy a few things, that keeps me going, if you want to. Look into where you can download transcripts in the various tongues of Europe and pass them around to your friends. That's when you find out who your friends really are and that is also when you find out that you're perhaps more different from them than you thought, because this is the time of separation where some wake up and others do not. It's almost a time of choosing because even those who don't want to know are making that choice. That is an actual decision they're making not to know.


For the last few days it's been snowing again up here in jolly old Canada. I just got down from the roof after taking the snow off the satellite dish because it doesn't work very well and I've got to upload stuff after the show to get it on the site, so I've got to scrape the ice off of it. It was quite the job and why do I do this? Well, it's because I'm absolutely stark raving mad. It runs in the Celtic gene that I inherited. We're champions of lost causes and we just don't know when to give up, so one day perhaps it will pay off and that's what we keep hoping for, isn't it?


Now last Friday I noticed the satellite as I was uploading started to really fade and fade away to almost zero and it was darkish and to the south of me, where this military-industrial complex satellite happens to be (because it's owned by the Hughes Corporation), there was a massive, light, bright cloud in the darkness. I've been noticing these clouds for 10 years at least and I talked about them maybe five years ago on a show I was on. NASA apparently has just noticed them. NASA has just noticed these strange luminescent clouds that they claim they've seen for the last three years with all their satellite gizmos and observation decks and all the rest of it; they've just noticed. What it really is, is the creation of the weather problems that we're all experiencing because you see with the high technology that the Wizard of Oz has behind the curtain there, the guy who pulls all the levers and scares all the peasantry, we've got to be convinced there's a problem with the weather. The HAARP technology in combination with the spraying of metallic particles, the very stuff that Teller advocated to the Pentagon back in the '50's that we do, they're actually using it and it comes under "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" and this is a war on the minds of the public. I'll be back with a lot more on this particular luminescent topic for those who are illuminated after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and just talking about these new luminescent clouds that NASA has just noticed with all their billions that are thrown at them for their big part in the military-industrial complex, because they're military first, you see.


On this particular article is BBC News and it says Tuesday, 11th of December 2007 it was printed. It says:


            "Spacecraft Chases Highest Clouds by Jonathan Amos, Science Reporter, BBC News, San Francisco."


Alan:  They give you a photograph there that is obviously taken from a hilltop. You see other hills and some houses and there are lights in the valley down below, so they don't need a spaceship for that, but after all, they're good con men and that's the job of NASA primarily. They are the military and there's very little you can believe from them.


It says here:


            "Remarkablenew images of Earth's highest and most mysterious clouds have been captured by a NASA spacecraft. Noctilucent…"


Alan:  Very nice, isn't it, noctilucent.


            "…or "night-shining", clouds appear as thin bands in twilight skies, some 80km (50miles) above the surface. The AIM…"


Alan:  They have another probe. Another few millions dollars for a probe that probably got nothing to do with it. Probably it's got some laser beam to kill us all.


            "…AIM probe has now returned the first truly global pictures of these phenomena which appear to be increasing in frequency and extent."


Alan:  I've got photographs going back 10 years, which I took from the ground. I could have saved them the money. It says here:


            "Scientists say their observations show how the clouds alter rapidly, hour by hour and day by day. They hope their studies will reveal the key triggers to the clouds' formation and why these triggers appear to be undergoing long-term change."


Alan:  Well, let's spell it out, H-A-A-R-P. There you are, NASA. That's for free.


            "These clouds are getting brighter with time, they're seen more often and also they're being seen at lower latitudes," said James Russell from Hampton University, Virginia, US. "These are things we don't understand and they all suggest a possible connection to global change; and we need to understand that connection and what it means for the whole atmosphere," he told BBC News. Dr Russell was speaking here at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. He is the principal investigator on the Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere…"


Alan:  That's the AIM mission.


            "…a 195kg (430lb) satellite that was launched in April of this year. Sitting 600km above the Earth, the spacecraft has the perfect vantage point from which to study the clouds that are also sometimes referred to as Polar Mesospheric Clouds. They form at high latitudes during summer months in an extremely cold (-160C), dry (100,000 times drier than the Sahara Desert), and low-pressure (100,000 times less than at the Earth's surface) environment.


Alan:  Well, they just don't know why that's happening. That AIM probe managed to do a strange bit of gymnastics and take a photograph that was obviously taken from a hilltop, because you can see it from the angle. This is them superheating the atmosphere and the HAARP also uses the ionosphere way up there where these particular types of clouds are forming. Quite a coincidence. There's your little blurb there about their excuse for it. They haven't found it yet. It's probably global warming that's causing it, so they claim. Meanwhile, they're causing the global warming because we must be convinced to completely change our ways and pay through the nose for every tax that comes along to help green us all the new religion of the world.


Now we also have some callers on the line, so I should start taking them. There's Roy from Illinois. Are you there, Roy? Hello.


Roy:  Oh hi. This is Roy.


Alan:  Okay good. We've got you at last. It must be that funny luminescent cloud there.


Roy:  Yes exactly. How's everything up in the great white north?


Alan:  Oh, it's getting whiter. I was thinking of transporting this snow to the North Pole.


Roy:  Wouldn't it be nice?


Alan:  All this stuff in my back garden would restore the North Pole back to normal.


Roy:  The whole global warming issue, right?


Alan:  That's it. Where is it when you need it?


Roy:  Yes, exactly. I wanted to touch on the clouds and the chemtrails. We've all been hearing about the Real ID Act and the microchip and all the fear mongering that's going on, but what do you think about the possibility of the release of the nanotechnology through the chemtrails and breathing it in and having the emissions assimilate us in that way?


Alan:  There's no doubt that it can be done. It can be done. What's stopping it? Maybe a technical problem or it might simply get out of hand. I mean nanotechnology, each part of these tiny miniscule literally computers or circuits are programmed to attach themselves to other ones and form bigger circuits and you don't know how they'd even get out of hand if they're programmed to continue making one massive circuit across the whole planet. That's how they're geared. It's almost like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. That's how they work and at least that's all the theory that's been given to the public at the bottom. However, I'm sure they're so far ahead in this that when we were told about nanotechnology it was probably almost obsolete already, I suppose.


Roy:  This is true. I mean any information we get has been on the books for at least the past 30 or so years.


Alan:  And in use, yes.


Roy:  Maybe that's where all these cancers are coming from and the reason why are eyes are blocked from seeing the truth that's in front of us, you know.


Alan:  They started with the inoculations. That was the easiest way to get something in your body.


Roy:  Well exactly. Tell you it's good for you and then shoot you up with all the toxic soup chemicals.


Alan:  First you inoculate to make sure we're all a bit dumber than we should be. We also are more prone to infections. Everyone who's had inoculations from their birth right onwards has a vastly reduced immune system and so we are technically weak against things that are common like the common cold.


Roy:  From the day we're born.


Alan:  Literally, that was part of it and I'm not making that up, because I mean people talked about this in the 1800's at big meetings how to bring back diseases to bring the population down. As far as the 1950's, you have Charles Galton Darwin and Arthur Koestler talking about it too and they mentioned the easiest way is to inject something right into the bloodstream of people that would affect them. It would affect their virility. It would affect their immune systems and so on. Then we find out that when Kissinger was up there as the main character on Payton Place (you know the White House) he said that the greatest enemy to the state was overpopulation and he put it on the books and that was a legal act, as a big legal statement, and so he targeted overpopulation. That's when they allocated all the money towards certain things which would cause autoimmune problems that would actually attack the immune system and you'd have no ability against natural infections and outcomes; AIDS shortly thereafter. This is no coincidence. This is an agenda of eugenics and population reduction. They also went for the food big time, because even in ancient times food was used as a weapon.


Roy:  Well it still is.


Alan:  It still is.


Roy:  It still is. I mean especially with the wildfires that happened in California, I mean we look at Katrina and they had everybody crammed into the Super Dome. I mean it was horrible. It was three days before FEMA even got around and then they turn around and the next one that happens is the California wildfires and they shove everybody in there and they give them three meals a day; back massages if they need it, you know food is a weapon.


Alan:  Food is a weapon and that was stated at the Department of Agriculture at the United Nations where the woman who was in charge a few years ago said that down through history food had always been used as a weapon and if necessary, be used again. We saw that with the embargo on Iraq between the two Gulf wars where they starved to death—now they're claiming it's over a million people and they also withheld medical aid so women and children were dying too. This is the world we live in. It's run by psychopaths. There's no doubt about it.


Roy:  Oh absolutely and it's more than just psychopath. That's a human term. Let's just face it. It's pure evil is what it is.


Alan:  It's pure evil absolutely. There's no doubt about it. I can remember Madeline Albright when she was Ambassador to the UN and she was asked on television if she thought that this embargo that killed so many Iraqi men, women and children – and remember too, the U.S. Air Force went after the infrastructure. That's your water, your food supplies, everything for the whole nation.


Roy:  And speaking of water, it amazed me. I had never seen Dr. Strangelove until the other night and they were talking about fluoridation of the water 50 years ago almost.


Alan:  Yes, even further back in the '40's. In fact in the '30's they were talking about it and they did it in some places.


Roy:  It's good for you though, right? Yeah, drink up.


Alan:  They knew it did make you more compliant. It made the populations more compliant. The Soviets looked into it. Natzi Germany advocated it on countries that they'd taken over to be added to the water supply to make them more docile and compliant. However, the food today now is genetically modified. It's also de-nourishing to eat the kind of food they give us now because with intensive farming and all the chemicals with the GMO foods; they can make good looking food but there's no real minerals in it.


Roy:  Absolutely. You know you look at an apple that has been genetically modified and it's the size of a grapefruit and it's nice and bright and shiny and it looks all appealing, but exactly there's nothing in it. But one topic I wanted to touch on, you mentioned the destruction of women and children and children specifically. I've been noticing a lot of subliminal messages in magazines and other things recently.


Alan:  Hold on. We’ll continue it after these messages. Hi. I'm Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix and we've one more question from Roy from Illinois. Are you there, Roy?


Roy:  Yes, I am, Alan.


Alan:  Go ahead please.


Roy:  About the subliminal messages, like I said, I've been noticing a lot recently, very disturbing. I mean you can look at a picture of any of the new presidential candidates and like Barack Obama with the word OBEY written on his forehead. It seems like what they do is they've basically taken a simple photo shop type program, write whatever they want, whatever message they want, and then take that message and make it as a 98 percent transparency so the word is almost invisible but it's just the faintest outline. I also noticed a children's book that had the most vile message about – I'm not even going to repeat the words and I was just wondering if you had an idea of how we could raise our frequencies to a higher level where we'd be able to see these more clearly.


Alan:  You certainly will be able to see them more clearly if you're raised to a higher level, but you've got understand that most of the public are in a form of limbo consciousness, a trained consciousness. They're not really conscious at all in fact. They're working on repertoires and programs that have been indoctrinated into them and they've never even clued in that there's anything amiss in their programmed news; and that's where they get their reality from. When people start to wake up it's important that you get the right information to them and the process should start on its own and it speeds up. It speeds up the more you understand, the process of awakening speeds up and then you see things everywhere. It's much like the movie 'They Live.'


Roy:  Exactly. That's actually what it is and I've noticed that. As we get closer, it's becoming more and more apparent signs. There are more and more signs. It's easier to see. A little bit clearer but it's just I don't know what's going to happen when the time comes when everybody is able to see at once and find out who our captors are. Who they are and they're right in front of our face this whole time.


Alan:  I know. We have to move on to the next caller. There's a stack here.


Roy:  Right Alan. Well thank you so much for your time and I thank you for everything that you've done for us.


Alan:  Thanks for calling and now there's Garrin from Rhode Island. Are you there, Garrin?


Garrin:  Yes, hello Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Garrin:  Good. Keeping on track with global geological change, I want to talk about this new report by Pentra Petroleum and Chevron Corporation about supposedly what they're saying is the world's largest petroleum oil and gas reserves have now been found in Paraguay and they intend to move their center of operations to Paraguay, which will become their hub of oil and gas operations for the Americas.


Alan:  You've probably noticed that the Bush family had bought huge tracts of land down there about a year ago in preparation for just having to own the land it would be necessary to build their refineries on and so on.


Garrin: Yes. That came to mind that I remember that was an AP story, so that's factual. That strange coincidence that it just so happens to be where the Bush family is.


Alan:  They've always been at this. All through World War II you had one of the Bush's was charged with trading with the enemy because he helped create I.G. Farben that supplied the Natzi war machine with what it needed through a bank they had in New York. This family has either been dealing in drugs or laundering money or in the big business, like the true fascists they are, for centuries.


Garrin:  Yes, the Union Banking Corporation that Prescott Bush was involved with and it makes me touch upon a few elements what this means or could potentially mean. For one, it could be that these corporate types are ready to move their hub, the center of their operations to Paraguay and other places in South America rather than keeping them in the United States any longer, for one. Also, it plays into creating this American union of all the Americas, not just North America, economically, because it kind of reads as though the U.S. will invest billions. Of course it's not the U.S. it's the taxpayer that's paying for all of this and then it's in our interest to help Pentra Petroleum and Chevron Corporation build up this will benefit us, which of course we know that's not the way that it works.


Alan:  These guys, remember, are internationalists. They always were. They know how to clothe themselves in the flags and the symbols of a tribe. They go down through the centuries doing the same thing country to country.


Garrin:  Yes exactly. They cloak themselves in the American flag and say this is in the interest of the U.S., America, but actually it's just probably a way to subtly advance their program of the union of the Americas.


Alan:  You better believe it. Everything they do is a long-term agenda. I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we'll move on to Wayne from Oregon. Are you there, Wayne? Hello Wayne.


Garrin:  Hello.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead please.


Garrin:  This isn't Wayne though, this is Garrin. I'm still on the line.


Alan:  You're still on the line, okay. Did you have any last comments?


Garrin:  Yes. There's a graphic to the report and its actually pretty funny in a way that they have the graphic of north, central and South America and they have the United States in red and Texas in a pink color. Then they have central and South America in blue and then Paraguay is in red. They have this big swooping arrow that gets smaller from Texas, bigger to Paraguay. It just gives you this image of like there goes U.S. companies, oil companies, gas companies, whatever interests, with the big arrow flying over to Paraguay. Like we talked about the Bush's, they're probably flying on this big arrow right along with all the other resources or the corporate types that control the resources right over from Texas to Paraguay.


Alan:  That's why too they've had 50 years war in Latin America in preparation for all of this. They wanted a system already in place where they controlled all the dictators and all the rest of it so they'd have no problem setting all of this up. That's why they did it in Chile for years because they had Chile marked out to be the breadbasket. They would grow all the vegetables and fruits under the NAFTA agreement, so they made sure they kept the war going there and they funded their own particular side. They've been doing this for donkey's years and nothing's changed. These are pirates at the top you understand, the Skull and Bones men. They're pirates and they make no bones about it.


Garrin:  They're proud of it. They're pirates and they're proud of it.


Alan:  Yes, but I have to move on to the next caller. Thanks for calling. Wayne in Oregon, are you there?


Wayne:  Okay. I just wanted to comment about your caller there before talking about "They Live" kind of moments that I recently had. I was just listening to Alex Jones and he was talking about some guy called about the "no planes theory" and I know this is kind of like old hat. Anyway, I just kind of looked into it a little bit more and started to kind look at some of the videos and one of them was something I'd seen a long time ago where a plane was going about 500 miles and crashes into a concrete wall and just disintegrates. I guess it's a foregone conclusion but it's kind of like one of those things in a sense I mean it's like that kind of like reduces everything that you see on there of all the footage and stuff, kind of reduces it kind of trickery in a way.


Alan:  Trickery has been used; the media has been doing that for an awful long time. I always tell people that before they went into Bosnia, Yugoslavia they brought a movie out about a year beforehand called "Wag the Dog" and "Wag the Dog" was about the coming war in Yugoslavia, right down to they'd written a whole script. In fact they followed the script I think for the war because everything they had in it that was in the movie happened a year later for the same reasons and even the stunts they pulled off in the movie to fool the public were used in that war for the public in real life a year later. We're being laughed at it, to be honest with you, and I guess that's the bored guys in Hollywood because they have their relatives and of course they've got their friends too in the Pentagon.


The Pentagon you realize does fund most of Hollywood today and so they were given the scripts and they'd write the stories around the particular script they're given. Again, predictive programming. The Pentagon's admitted they spend millions and millions every year and it's not new. They've been doing this since the 1950's hand in glove with Hollywood. In fact, even during World War II, there's very good books about Hollywood and war. They're very good books on how they even convinced the young troops in World War II to go off and fight the Germans and they used actors dressed up as military soldiers that the young guys would look up to as heroes, to convince them to go off and fight, but never tell them the real reasons. Hollywood has always been used for predictive programming and it hasn't changed. Now your mainstream media – if you notice your whole media, the format of the media has entertainment mixed with what's called news with sports as well with ads, bizarre ads and the whole thing becomes surrealistic. It's all meshed together and that in itself is a PSYOPS operation. 


Wayne:  It's funny how we could be duped not to see that – think about the old footage of planes running into concrete walls. All the outside stuff surrounding the event, it's kind of like a big act.


Alan:  It was a big act.


Wayne:  A play.


Alan:  It was a big act, including the cameras that were set at the right angles to capture it all. This was known way in advance. It was a must-be operation.


Wayne:  Including some of the actors years later too. I mean just through like some of the – was there no plane or was there? It's kind of like wait a second. Planes wouldn't just melt in to a building like that.


Alan:  You see you can argue that forever. The fact is I don't think they found a single piece of a plane. That's the odd part, but they found an intact passport that they later admit was bogus. They lied about it; so if they lie about that, they lie about everything, don't they?  Every TV station on the planet was ready to go with the same clips to make sure it was repeated. They use this technique of psychic driving. It's a horror moment. They used it for years with racecars, knowing that the people would tune in and they could show crashes over and over again, and they knew it had a psychological imprinting on the brain with the psychic driving, so they used the same techniques with the towers. They were all prepared for it. It was a must-be and 2001 was the year picked to do it. They went down with demolition charges. We're not that stupid. We’ve seen it often enough on television too. They couldn't have got this plan ahead without this happening and every country came out. The top secret services of every country came out admitting they knew about it and warned them how come it was allowed to happen. It was allowed to happen because it was planned that way. Very simple. Case closed.


Wayne:  Thanks for discussing it anyway.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling.


Wayne:  Yes, talk to you later.


Alan:  Bye now. Now we've got Maggie from Texas. Are you there, Maggie?


Maggie:  Yes Mr. Watt.


Alan:  Go ahead please.


Maggie:  There has been a lot of very heavy spraying recently in our area. It's the usual stuff, parallel streaks from horizon to horizon, cross-hatching and giant X's everywhere, and in spite of all this, I have friends who can look at all that and swear they see nothing different from the moisture contrails that we saw when we were kids 40 years ago or whatever. Now you and other people too have said that this is really out in the open now and has been admitted to and I'm wondering if you can point me in the direction of documents that I can read that will establish this, because a Google search hasn't helped me much. I've gotten allusions to Project Cloverleaf and so on but they fall short of proof because it's somebody saying it, so anything you can help me find at the library or on the internet.


Alan:  Yes there's one guy. I can't vouch for him. I'm often weary of the people who are put in front of us, in front of the public on different things. They tend to give us our champions that come out with information for the first time and you know they've got an inside handle into the information they actually give you.


Maggie:  Right. There's some guy who has been based at the Philippines. He's a spokesman and that's the person I came to by myself and it falls short of proof in my opinion, although it's interesting and persuasive.


Alan:  There was one guy called William Thomas and I think he's affiliated with some UN group, I'm not quite sure on that, but he did put an article out recently on the trails, where an oversight committee leader had for this particular had come out and admitted they are doing it, spun towards they're going to help save the planet for global warming. However, it did go into the other affects the military use it for, including the HAARP technologies and how it can be used to affect people physically and mentally as well. All of that was jammed in the same article and if you email me I'll try and send it to you.


Maggie:  Right, okay. I thank you very much and also do you have any original documents or know where to find actual documents?


Alan:  You'll have to go into the Open Sky Treaty. Now it won't give you in detail. It was an odd treaty. They only gave us one paragraph in the newspapers that countries were signing this Open Skies Treaty.


Maggie:  Yes I heard about that.


Alan:  You've got to remember there's two versions. One is for commercial aircraft. The other one is for military. It's the military one that you want and also go into the writings of Teller, because he was the inventor of the H-bomb and he also came up with this idea of seeding the air, the atmosphere with metallic substances especially aluminum oxide.


Maggie:  Yes I did hear about that, but at the time he was writing about it he was only proposing it.


Alan:  That's right but he does go through, if you look at the patents, he goes through the reasons why and what it would do, the military applications it would have. Also look into the Weather Warfare Treaty that was signed at the United Nations in the 1970's because it went through the HAARP technology plus the seeding of the air and for military purposes. That's in the treaty.


Maggie:  Okay. All right. Thank you so much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now there's Daniel in California. Are you there, Daniel?


Daniel:  First of all, I'd like to say, Alan, what a pleasure it is to speak with you. You've woken me up to so much. I'd like to thank you for all the work that you're doing.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Daniel:  I have two questions regarding Carl Jung. I took your advice and I picked up his "Undiscovered Self" and in there he knows so much about the war on the individual. In there he speaks of the state and this elite that's running the state. How did he know so much?


Alan:  Carl Jung was born into an influential family and his father was the head of the high Masonic society in his country, so he mixed with those people and when he got up into the realms of psychology and psychiatry. Remember that he was picked along with Freud. He studied with Freud as well and the dispute they had is telling in itself. The dispute they had was that Freud wanted and told him to make the sexual drive, libido, the main driving force in all human endeavors.


Daniel:  It almost like he agreed with him but he was almost like a counter.


Alan:  What he did was he said I won't push this as a dogma because it's not true, and Jung was terrified. He said well there's only one other explanation for the way that humans are and if we go there we're going into the occult. You see that terrified Freud but Carl Jung knew from his own experiences there was more to the world than just what we see.


Daniel:  Do you think that this book is kind of a warning or a last cry to the individual?


Alan:  Yes, it's a warning. He also wrote a book. It was called I think "Memories, Dreams or Reflections."  It's along that kind of line, where he goes into that further with a warning to the world. He said I see a world not with just an iron curtain, a wall dividing countries like the Soviet Union had and Germany. He said I see a world, a solid wall of bureaucracy imprisoning the rights and freedoms of every individual.


Daniel:  It's amazing. I mean when I picked up this I read the first chapter and I was blown away and it opened me up so much and I couldn't put it down. I have another question regarding "2001: A Space Odyssey." I had watched this thing on YouTube that there's a couple of sections in the movie where the screen goes black but that ominous music that comes on when the monolith comes on when the monkeys are looking at it and at the end when they're on the moon and they're walking down and that music comes on. During the intermission the screen goes black and the music comes on again. Is that the monolith talking to us?


Alan:  It's the monolith talking to the ones – the monolith in the story was better in the book. It's more explicit. The monolith, which again is a flat obelisk and it's actually the same as the United Nations building if you look at it. It's black too. It was testing the different members of the group to see who had the necessary characteristics to give leadership qualities to and so it literally tested them out physically, mentally and so on and picked one, and so while they were sleeping it was actually doing all this and it picks one and conditions him. It puts the spirit in him, you might say, the programming in him.


Daniel:  Yes. Because when I had seen that today it kind of hit me because I noticed that myself when I watched that movie and I seen when that screen popped up and that music was coming on and it was really ominous. Almost like if it was hitting my subconscious.


Alan:  Yes and I'm sure in the music too it would be designed in such a way that it would affect you that way. Music can stir particular emotions. It's a science in itself and you always notice for instance they use the horns when they're doing buccaneers and pirates and the sea and that gives the flavor of the sea, even though we can't explain why. Remember notes and everything else too are sequences of mathematics and they're also part – every sense you have has its own language and you can make it programmed even through music to respond emotionally in a certain way. It's quite easy.


Daniel:  Wow. Do you think that the individual who notices these things consciously is aware of them? Blocks them out in that way? How do you think people who understand these things can block them out? Just by simple understanding?


Alan:  Being simply aware of it and also aware of the emotion it tries to bring on. Simply being aware will stop it from affecting you or programming you.


Daniel:  Because I noticed that TV, even commercials – there's this commercial about a credit card and the commercial it's like a machine. In the commercial everybody is passing around like a machine. Everybody is in order one, two, three, four, five and then somebody tries to use cash and it puts a wrench in the system and when I see that I say my God what are they trying to show us? That money is bad.


Alan:  That's right.


Daniel:  Money is bad.


Alan:  It's becoming cashless. Thanks for calling.


Daniel:  Thanks.


Alan:  Back after the following messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we've only got a few minutes left. I think the next caller is Mike from Maryland. Are you there, Mike?


Mike: Yes, thank you for taking my call. I really enjoy your program. You really have a lot of good information. You help peel away the layers of the onion and I try to recommend your show to as much people as I can.


Alan:  I appreciate that.


Mike:  Just to backtrack a little bit. What was that book that you recommended by Carl Jung that the guy was praising so highly, the first book that he mentioned a call or two ago?


Alan:  I know I mentioned the "Memories, Dreams and Reflections" once, but I've read them all.


Mike:  The one the caller was talking about.


Alan:  It's to do with perceptions. I'd have to rack my brain and go back a bit.


Mike:  Okay, that's all right.


Alan:  I mentioned them before in some of my blurbs; you'll find them in there if you go into the archives.


Mike:  Okay great. Well the main reason I called I emailed you a few days ago something I thought you might find interesting and I wondered if you had a chance to check out my email and the two sites I've had on it. My name is Mike Cunningham. I put on the email that I've got relatives – my grandfather is from Roscommon County in Ireland, by the way, but the subject matter was gang stalking and I wondered if you had a chance to check out my email and then check other websites, especially the video or two on there. I was wondering if you had a chance to check that out?


Alan:  Not yet. I seldom get a chance in fact to check out – I haven't seen a video for about a year. I don't have time.


Mike:  It was just a short little video about this one woman. There's this phenomenon, apparently it's a relatively new thing and I'm not quite sure what to make of it where people are shadowed.


Alan:  I know the whole story but it's a long story, but to be honest with you the government has been doing experiments. There's no doubt in picking certain individuals and giving them a really tough time by bizarre things happening in their lives and it's all to observe how individuals act when they're under stress from a situation that they can't comprehend. It's simply too unnatural and they do these particular things quite often on generally normal people to see how normal people would react and if they break down or go and see a psychiatrist or whatever, but I've actually visited some of the people who had this happen to them personally.


Mike:  Do you think this is merely an intellectual exercise or an experiment by the government to see how people react?


Alan:  We do get studied all the time. They study us in school. They study us out of school. They set-up situations in civilian life and pick test subjects and of course the whole thing about a study is to not let the subject know they're being tested, so the subject tries to figure out how these bizarre things are happening to them. Going into a car park and there's no cars and suddenly six cars emerge around you and hem you in. It's all this kind of stuff to make you totally frustrated to see how far you can go before you crack.


Mike:  Okay. So you don't think these are necessarily people that are political activists?


Alan:  Some will be.


Mike:  Or people going against the grain that are being targeted?


Alan:  Some people will be. You'll get both in those particular kind of circumstances. However, that's the music coming up for the end of the break, the hour actually. It just flies in. I didn't get the last two callers, Bill and Ryan, so I'll ask them to call in again.


From Hamish and myself, up here in a very snowy Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)