March 24, 2010 (#540)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 24, 2010:

What a Surprise, X-Rays Sterilize,
No Distortion -- Spontaneous Abortion:

"Grim Airport Security, They Take 'No Lip',
Ushering Sheeple Through Scanner Sheeple-Dip,
Threatening Force If You Call Their Bluff,
They'll See You Naked in the Bare-Buff,
Some Sheeple BAAA! Some Try to MOO!
Oh Well, It's for Safety, What Can You Do?
The Dehumanization's Taken in Stride,
Passengers Say 'Well, I've Nothing to Hide',
So Just Be Good, You Know You Should,
And When They Cuff You and Stick On a Hood,
Drag You Off for Interrogation,
Suffer the Pain, For Good of the Nation,
They'll Laugh at Pictures of You in the Nude,
But Swallow Your Pride, Comply, You're Good"
© Alan Watt March 24, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 24, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 24, 2010.  For the newcomers to the show, I suggest you go to  You can look at the hundreds of audio talks Iíve given in the past and you can download them for free.  Bookmark all the other sites I have up there because once in a while the .com site will somehow get jammed with the new uploads and they donít increase the bandwidth although they are supposed to do it automatically.  This way, if you have the other ones listed you can always download the latest shows.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember, I keep telling people this but they donít seem to listen much at all.  I get the same people donating all the time.  But, you bring me to you.  I donít take money from advertisers or companies to push products and that kind of stuff.  Thatís how people make their money on talk radio.  Itís up to YOU the audience to keep me going.  The ads you hear on this show are paid directly by the advertisers to RBN for the broadcast of the show and to pay for their staff, equipment and the transmission and all the bills, and we all know about that.  So itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by purchasing the things I have for sale there.  Iíd do a lot more if I had time, believe you me.  There are disks of 50 shows you can purchase pretty cheaply.  There are books I have written and there are DVDs and I hope to put out a lot more DVDs up this year in fact.  But itís up to you to keep me going and you can purchase these items on any of my web sites or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get disks burned and passed to them of the shows Iíve given in the past, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


You know, there are so many topics I could choose from about the world weíre are going IN to, weíre actually merging into this new system and adapting very well to it actually.  Most folk are oblivious that they are even adapting.  They just take everything for granted and they learn by osmosis; everything that is around them is FED to them and they donít consciously think through things.  Itís by a form of osmosis; it just sinks into their subconscious and itís normal.  And because they are all doing it at the same time, they do truly think itís normal, so much so that they are in their own Platoís cave.  Theyíre all sharing the same predesigned, preplanned cave for them to BE IN where theyíre very familiar with it, even when itís changing, because they all acknowledge itís changing at the same time.  Thatís how it happens.  It works very easily.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, perceptions that really can distort our view of things, how we perceive things, how we are TAUGHT to perceive things.  Most folk donít even realize they are actually taught how to see things, how to view things and how to even understand the language as itís presented to them. 


LANGUAGE ITSELF IS THE SIMPLEST WAY TO CON PEOPLE INTO DOING ANYTHING, anything you want if you connect the words properly, you choose the words properly, connect them properly because we work like computers.  We have a logic.  Our logic is well understood, just like a computer.  By sequencing certain sentences together and words you can make the person COME to the desired conclusion by using their logic and the language, just like a computer.  We are run very simply this way.  Whatís even amazing is that it really works so easily on the general public who are also trained, mind you, to see the people with the suits and ties on, who claim to be politicians promising them things and they want, they really want to believe it, that itís true, even though their experience should tell them once theyíve voted a couple of times that the guys are all liars.  You would really hope that would happen but it doesnít to a lot of people.  They are fixed from the time theyíre about 18 into a mode of Iím right-wing, Iím left-wing, or whatever it is, I vote this, just like Daddy and theyíre like that their whole lives long.  Itís astonishing.


THE POLITICIANS HAVE NEVER REPRESENTED THE PUBLIC.  THEY ARE PUT IN THERE BY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS AND FINANCED WITH INCREDIBLE MONEY INTO THOSE POSITIONS TO RUN.  Do you really, really think that massive corporations, CEOs of corporations give them sometimes half a million, to close to a million dollars to run without any strings attached to it?  Do you think?  Countries do it too.  There are different lobbies from different countries; the Israel lobby is a huge one.  There is a video out there, itís inside Britainís Israel lobby and you see politicians including Cameron, for the Conservatives, saying Iím with Israel.  In other words, if you get me in it doesnít matter what you do.  Thatís what they are saying really.  And the Labour party, in that same video, have all done the same speeches in front of the Israeli congress for the UK.  Itís the same in every single country but other countries as well, do the same thing with them.  I can remember when Clinton got through and there was money funneled from China through some big Buddhist organization to him.  That was all over the media at the time.  What do you think they want for this kind of cash?  We just like you, we like how you look and how you talk, so please accept this little gift and best of luck.  Do you think thatís the end of it? 


We are run by money.  Money makes the world go around, THIS world, I should say, THIS system that we live in.  There is not one politician on the planet going to ever buck the system and say, well, why donít we just create our own money and stop borrowing money and lets write of all the debts, since itís all bogus anyway.  Itís all really bogus.  What are they passing around? 


There is another video I watched a while ago, when I used to have some speed on XplorNet and they were pretending, before I signed on for 2 years, that I was going to keep getting this speed; that was a big lie there too.  I watched a video; it was very interesting.  They showed you shots of Germany just before World War II.  World War II was looming and the German delegation wanted their gold, which was in the Bank of England, taken out and transported to Germany.  You actually saw these German soldiers marching to the Bank of England under escort with British troops to collect the gold.  The astonishing thing was that the Bank of England had gold piles for every country.  When a country wanted paper money issued over something, they didnít transport the gold to Germany, prior to this, they just used to keep it in the Bank of England.  Czechoslovakia is another country, if they wanted a loan or whatever, or some money sent over to Czechoslovakia, they would get a check sent to them under the condition that their gold was moved from this part of the bank, over the floor, to that part of the bankÖ a sort of credit and debt stuff.  This is incredible. 


This is how they ran the whole system, like that.  Really, the gold was never physically, or seldom physically, transported out except when the Germans wanted theirs, they got it out.  They would just issue you paper money, or the right to go and print it, which happens today by the way.  Thatís really what you get is the right to print.  Then you have to pay back the lenders with something tangible, something real, not paper.  No politician on this planet is going to stand up, once they are in, certainly not any leader as a President or Prime Minister, and say weíve got to drop this system and cancel each otherís debt and start from some new way all together.  Thatís not on the cards because the whole system is built on debt, the necessity of debt to keep the same bankers in rulership over the countries and over the nations. 


The same bankers, remember, CREATED, CREATED the Royal Institute of International Affairs from the Milner Society that was COMPRISED of bankers.  They are also called the Council on Foreign Relations, the real parallel government that have think tanks working on every possible subject that they are bringing in, in the future, worldwide.  They are the guys that set up the United Nations with all its International Monetary Fund and all the other associations under the umbrella of the UN.  There is no way under this sprayed-sky sun - or used to be sunny skies and now itís all sprayed I should say - there is no way that they are going to give up that kind of power.  Itís all done through money.  So that will never change.  Itís incredible as they plundered the planet over and over again because, you see, we are all depended on it to live.  Not to hunt for food and stuff, no, we depend on MONEY to go and buy food and to pay rent or pay mortgages or pay whatever.  Itís a beautiful system of control.  You rule the world through it.  You ruleÖ every government in the world is ruled by it. 


Of course they want now to make sure that their cattle - thatís all of us of course - are being watched and monitored through all the different computer systems that theyíve put out there and that are increasing all the time, with their interconnectivity because we must be completely predictable.  Every single one of us is predictable and they are going to make sure we stay that way.  That makes them feel safe at the top. 


Talking about how they use words and media to con us, you have to always remember the stories that you look at from any page on the media.  Here is an example; this is from The Mail Online. 


Heathrow guard 'used scanner to leer at colleague's naked body'

By Beth Hale and Paul Bentley / / 24th March 2010


(ALAN:  I look at the headline and then I look at the right-hand side of the page Ė Iíll put this link up and you can see yourself.  This is your tabloid reporting.  Itís a strange technique.  Itís very good.  It works very well.  It creates a SURREALISTIC IMPRESSION of any topic.  Surrealism, the kaleidoscopic circus surrealism, so nothing is really REAL anymore.  For instance, Iíve read so many HORROR stories on one side in the past and Iíve got the blond bimbos down the right side, of the same page. That makes everything surrealistic and unreal.  So hereís an important topic and itís about these airport scanners and right down the right-hand side of it, what have you got?  And this is about scanning through a womanís clothing and the guy snickering and talking about her breasts.  Down the right-hand side, Female today:  Hold the sauce, Sophie is trying to dethrone Nigilla but she canít even slice the bread, or something.  Then the next:  Models TV show hard to swallow.  Then:  Melby dines at restaurant in a see-through caftan.  What does that say about the main story?  It puts the main story and this womanís trauma in to the same category as itís all fun, you see.  Itís all fun and sexy fun and naughty fun.  This is not by accident.  The article saysÖ)


An airport security guard who made lude comments about a female colleagueís breasts after taking a naked body scan of her is facing the sack. 


John Laker, 25, took the image at Heathrow airport after Jo Margetson walked into the machine by accident.  He then said, "I love those gigantic (A:  bleep.) tits".


Ms Margetson found the remarks offensive and immediately complained to managers at the BAA which runs Heathrow and the police. 


ďI canít bear to think about the body scanner thing,Ē she said.  ďIím totally traumatized by it.  Iíve spoken to the police about it.  Iím in too much of a state to go to work.Ē


Mr Laker is the first airport worker to be investigated for using the device (A:  No heís not actually.) was given a police warning for harassment.  (A:  A warningÖ for harassment.)


The body scanners have been introduced at Manchester and Heathrow after last years unsuccessful Christmas day bombing on a flight to Detroit.  They are expected to be rolled out in Birmingham and Gatwick later this year. 


Iíve got articles from 2007 where they were testing these out in England without the public even knowing it, from mainstream media.  By the way, the cops will get these portable ones.  They can go around and scan the public as they are passing you by and have a good laugh at you there too.  You know something?  Everyone will accept it.  Whoís paying for all this?  Well, YOU are folks, with your tax money.  Who benefits?  The big corporations that used to be completely in just the WAR industry but the war industry has changed into the OBSERVATION INDUSTRY.  Big bucks!  Öpaid by your tax money.  We always pay for our chains. 


Here is an article from, itís a good newspaper actually, the Sovereign Independent.  Itís about scanners as well, one of the articles is.  Itís got a lot of good topics in it but this says here. 


Transparency is 'Skin Deep', as Scanners Miscarriage Evidence Appears

April/May Issue 2010 /


If you are one of those people who believe that every thing that government tells you is true, stop reading here.  Iím sure many of you have read the article on this page regarding the farce of the Ďunderwear bomberí.  If not, then I suggest you do it before reading this. 


We are now told that because of one person, allegedly trying to blow up a plane with what amounted to nothing more than a firework, then all of us, the approximately 6.8 billion people on this planet, have to give up our rights to our health and privacy, by being naked body scanned at every major airportÖ  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading from the Sovereign Independent April/May issue, an article by Mary McNeil who is talking about the scanners and itís a very good way of putting it.  Because of this farce of one guy supposedly going through with something that amounted to something like a firework strapped to his thigh or whatever.  It saysÖ


Ö6.8 billion people on this planet, have to give up our rights to our health and privacy, by being naked body scanned at every major airport and I'm sure in time, minor airport, ferry port, train station, shopping centre, library etc, the list is endless.  (A:  Thatís bang on because this is going to expand to everywhere you go.)


I for one will never voluntarily go through one of these machines.  That doesnít mean I wonít be forced to against my will. 


What are my health concerns? Well, reports from Heathrow Airport in the UK, where these scanners were introduced, the Transport and General Workers Union are investigating claims, that 5 female security operators, involved in running the machines, have suffered miscarriages as a direct result of exposure to radiation emanating from the scanners.


Now these things are radioactive.  Itís an x-ray.  You get an x-ray.  This nonsense of it only goes skin deep, no, it goes beyond your skin folks.  Itís just what they can pick up on this particular scanner.  It goes right through your body. Rays donít stop at your body, they go right through them.  All x-rays are accumulative.  There is no safe levelÖ but itís accumulative.  Why do you think in hospitals when they give you the x-ray, the type thatís a little bit more powerful that CAN be seen with their particular scanner right through your bodyÖ why do you think they wear those lead aprons?  Hmm?  Why do you think they stand behind the lead glass shields and all the rest of it?  But youíre supposed to walk through this, without any lead shieldingÖ over and over and over again. 


It reminds me of the prisoners of war theyíve had in different wars but World War II is the example weíre always given.  The first thing they do is, when they take prisoners in or they take in - like Germany did with the ethnic groups AND Russia did the same thing with groups - they strip you naked to dehumanize you basically, to humiliate you and dehumanize you.  Itís the same thing here folks.  You are all being trained that you are NOTHING.  YOU ARE BEING DEHUMANIZED, YOU ARE BEING HUMILIATED, and the very fact that you donít yell about it makes the jailers, you might say, hate you even more in disgust.  Thatís what happens.  Itís a form or sadism that creeps in with these characters.  I donít know if you ever saw the movie V for Vendetta?  In one scene there is a doctor experimenting on prisoners and she says, theyíd line up very apatheticÖ  Every day they were brought in by the guards, the guards were all armed of course and the prisoners were either naked, semi-naked, or whatever.  Theyíd all be dejected, looking at the floor and then each one of them would get a jab as they went through with these experimental injections they were giving them.  She says, I eventually became to hate them and their apathy and the fact that they didnít say anything or rebel.  Thatís what does really happen under tyrannical systems.  I hope you get what Iím saying.  I donít think most of you really do.  Intellectually you will understand it but you canít really envisage it happening to YOU and yet it IS happening to most of you out thereÖ already. 


There are cops with all kinds of stuff that can see through your walls.  Theyíve had them and been using them since the 70s.  There are helicopters, these helicopters that can see through your walls too and they play their little games.  The old movie Blue Thunder, you should watch it again.  It said at the very beginning of the movie, it was made in the 80s, all the equipment and technology you see on this movie is actually IN useÖ  LONG BEFORE 9/11 came along.  When folk, again, still thought they were free. 


It says here that 5 women are under investigation claiming that theyíve all had miscarriages because of these machines and theyíve been working on them.  There are a lot of passengers making flights every other week, you know, back and forth to different places, getting the same bombardment of radiation.  It says hereÖ


The technology used in these machines is such (A:  This is what they tell youÖ) that the radiation wave actually penetrates beneath your skin. 


I see many women get onto flights who are clearly pregnant and who you would assume would not be scanned with radiation, but wrong.  As of this month it was announced that NOBODY could refuse to go through the scanners at Heathrow airport regardless of pregnancy or a medical condition.  If you are trying for a child and if you want to risk losing it without even realizing you were pregnant, go through one of these machines. 


Okay, so you are not allowed to refuse the radioactive scan, whether you are pregnant or you suffer from a medical condition, regardless of the severity of such a condition which may well cause you to miscarry in the case of pregnancy, or indeed, further exacerbate any medical health problems you may have, I must also assume this would include cancer patients or people with any other health conditions, it appears that there will be no exceptions and that these rules will be applied internationally.  (A:  What about the guys, folks, youíll become even more sterile than you already are.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  That last article was from the Sovereign Independent and this paper covers Ireland and Great Britain so itís a good paper to look into when youíre across the pond there. They have a lot of good articles about the real facts, not the usual political nonsense but the real facts that are going on in that country.  So people should look into it and Iíll put the link up to their web site at the end of the show on my site. 


Iíve mentioned before that long before NAFTA was signed, the think tanks worked out all the repercussions of NAFTA and then GATT - the General Agreement of Trade and Tariffs - for worldwide investment and transfer of technology and factories and all the rest of it.  They KNEW what the repercussions would be on the US, Canada and countries in the Western world.  They knew perfectly well, and Iíve no doubt too they were very accurate on their unemployment statistics and so on before we even went through it, BEFORE we went through it.  They also knew that the American dollar would no longer be the prime currency of international exchange across the worldÖ LONG AGO, years ago.  And they donít wait for things to happen, they plan it all WAY AHEAD, all the repercussions are planned.  Here is an article about the dollar, as though it was just happening now. But where is it from?  From the Wall Street Journal.  Now, this ties in.  These guys obviously are Council on Foreign Relations because the Council on Foreign Relations put an article out today as well, or March 18th I should say, 2010. 


After the Dollar

The world needs a new monetary architecture.

(A:  A new monetary ARCHITECTURE, right.  I wonder who the Grand Architect will be.  The same guy as the last one?  Of course it will.)



Are the current problems of Greece the link between the global financial crisis of 2007-09 and an international monetary crisis to come? The monetary system was reshaped in the mid-1940s in the aftermath of World War II (A:  That was the Bretton Woods Agreement.) and again in the early 1970s after the first oil price shock. In both cases, global disruption caused the monetary system to buckle. The question now is whether the current system of floating currency blocs with dollar-based trade and reserves can withstand the strains of the global adjustment ahead. We think it is time to consider alternatives.


(A:  They are getting this, obviously.  It actually says it right hereÖ) 

In a report released by Chatham HouseÖ


Now, Iíll go to the Chatham House one, the web page.  Iíll put these links all up for you to look at.  So really, the Wall Street Journal is doing a mouthpiece article for Chatham House.  Again,


Beyond the Dollar: Rethinking the International Monetary System

Chatham House Report

Edited by Paola Subacchi and John Driffill, March 2010 /


(A:  They give you the papers to download.  Iíll put this up, again, at the end of the show.)

Download Paper here

Download Executive Summary


This report maps out proposals for a new international monetary order and looks at ways in which monetary authorities and political leaders can help prepare the ground for a new system and facilitate the transition.  (A:  Remember, Chatham House is the headquarters for the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  They are the guys that TELL governments what to do.)


Key recommendations include:


*A multicurrency reserve system for a multipolar world economy.

*Promote dialogue and policy coordination to provide stability, confidence and balanced adjustment.

*Strengthen the role and legitimacy of international institutions, (A:  Thatís the United Nations folks.) including how the surveillance role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (A:  Thatís the United Nations again.) can be reinforced to address more effectively the problem of exchange rates and payments disequilibrium.

*Consideration of how the shape of the international monetary system in the 21st century will be significantly influenced by the interests and the requirements of the emerging powers, including how the dollar-based monetary system is no longer adequate for a larger and more integrated world economy. (A:  Then they give you further resources, the links to other articles theyíve done on this too.)


You see, they have think tanks working on EVERY aspect of human existence, especially the system that they are bringing in right now.  THEY ALREADY RUN THIS SYSTEM.  EVERY MAJOR REPORTER OUT THERE IS A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.  EVERY NEWSPAPER OWNER AND EDITOR IS A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.  THE TOP LEADERS OF ALL PARTIES OF POLITICIANS IN EVERY COUNTRY ARE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.  Iíve mentioned over and over Carroll Quigleyís book, Tragedy and Hope, and his other book, The Anglo-American Establishment.  Remember, he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations.  He had access to all their records.  He put the books out thinking it was time the public knew.  He thought they would all be for it.  It sold for about a year, the first edition, and then the plates for printing were bought over by MacMillan I think it was, and then they smashed the plates.  They werenít too happy that heíd put the secrets out for the public to view. 


Youíve got to get a hold of them because you wonít understand what even the history was all about unless you read the reasons FOR the wars weíve had for 100-odd years.  These guys admit theyíve been behind itÖ to bring in a global system with a socialistic flair to it for better control over the general population and the bankers prefer international socialism.  They prefer to deal with the governments to get debts back, rather than go door to door getting debts off of you.  They can also get the governments to put in policies and laws that tax more money off you that ends up in their hands as well.  They love lending money to governments; they are guaranteed to get it back, from the generations to come, by government laws. 


We never get away from it eh?  You know people really will keep votingÖ we are inside, we are already inside a figurative, metaphorical barbed-wire camp.  We really, really areÖ and the folk donít get it, and they wonít.  Even when they are really, completely in it they still wonít get it.  If they can go and shop and travel from A to B within a certain area and go to the bars or whatever they do to pass the time, or go home and sit in front of that darn screen and watch porn or whatever the heck it is theyíre into, or play their little video games, they wonít care.  Most wonít care.  So I only speak to the ones who do care.  I donít waste my time on the ones who donít; they are gone.  Theyíve never been HERE to get lost. 


Politicians are utterly crooked.  Iíve gone through the book Political Ponerology before, about the politicians and HOW THEY ARE PSYCHOPATHIC.  Well established studies have been done on them, on their personalities.  Ordinary folk donít really go into politics.  They wouldnít stand a chance if they did get in because if they didnít join the gang and fill their pockets and do all the corrupt stuff, theyíd be set up.  There was a politician in Ontario and he wrote a book about that; he tried that.  They tried to bring him into all the little cons and skims off the top that theyíre all doing and he wouldnít play along and so they tried to set him up.  So he came out.  He got so disgusted he came out and wrote a book about it.  But this is so typical.  Politicians are crooked psychopaths who can lie their teeth off to youÖ and never blush.  You HAVE to be a psychopath to run for politics because any skeletons in your cupboard are going to be laid bare and these guys can take it all without a blush.  Any normal person would run for cover, ashamed of something.  Not these guys. 


This article shows you what theyíre like.  The Economic Union Parliament that was foisted on all of the British and the French, German, Scandinavian peoples and so on, this forced union that was a secret deal, really, going onwards since 1948.  The public were not to be told it was to end up with an actual authoritarian parliament until it was all set up and done and working.  Here are the politiciansÖ


EU money spent on skiing trips and 'TV propaganda'

The European Parliament has come under fire (A:  AGAIN!) for spending millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on a "propaganda" television service, ski trips and language lessons for staff.

By Martin Banks in Brussels / / 16 Mar 2010


In a report, MEPs (A:  Member of European Parliament.) raised questions about the assembly budget, including concerns about a £72,000 fund for parliament staff which was used to pay for a trip to the Italian Alps for the children of MEPs and officials.


It also attacked the annual £8 million budget for EuroparlTV, Parliament's own dedicated online TV channel. It broadcasts live Parliamentary events, including plenary and committee meetings but has been condemned by some MEPs as "glorified propaganda." 


All these politicians are useless anyway because they have no voting rights on anything.  They canít put forward laws or amend laws; itís all done up in secret.  They admit this and I read the articles from the mainstream; a secret committee, an executive committee at the top make up the laws and pass them.  These guys can only comment.  WHY HAVE THEM?  They are there because they want to give the people the APPEARANCE, some kind, however thin it might be, of democracy and a say in things.  Theyíre all corrupt.  Theyíre all absolutely corrupt.  And the public never, ever, ever get this.  Here is another article form the Mail Online.  Labour turns on stupid, the stupid act. 


Labour turns on Stupid (A:  The stupid act.) Ex-Ministers (A:  Thatís politicians.) caught in Cash-for-Lobbying Sting but they still wonít order inquiry. 

(A:  The government still wonít order an inquiry.)

By Jason Groves / 23th March 2010


The Labour governmentís ex-ministers were suckered into a sting.  (A:  Thatís what they claim.)


This stupidity has brought Labour into disrepute (A:  I donít know how you could bring it into any further disrepute.) grumbling that blayrights [?] had been hung out to dry.


(A: Then Cameron, who plays the right wing puppet, demands a brief but comprehensive inquiry.)


Downing Street insists the matter has been dealt with.


David Cameron today warned that the cash-for-lobbying row (A:  Everything is like this. All these politicians are for hire.  It actually says it in the article here that they are for hireÖ to corporations.  The politicians are FOR HIRE, for CASH.  One of them actually said, he saysÖ)


ďIím a taxi waiting for hire.Ē 


(A:  So what happened?  Channel 4 actually did this.)


Politicians for Hire


8PM Monday 22 Mar 2010 Channel 4

Following the scandal surrounding MPs' expenses, Dispatches delves into the mostly unregulated world of political lobbying. The programme reveals how politicians are offering to help companies and lobby the government for salaries of up to £5,000 a day.


(A:   Iíll put the video link up for you to see these politicians getting approached and what they said and the article too, from the Mail Online.  It saysÖ)


A comprehensive probe was vital as he said of his own measures to clamp down on lobbying if he wins power at the next election. 


Outflanking Gordon Brown just as he did during the expenses scandal, he insisted the case for investigation was incredibly strong and that ďthe Prime Minister must think again.Ē 


But Labour remained unbowed insisting that their own internal investigations into the lobbying claims had found ďnot a scintilla of evidence of impropriety.Ē 


Business Secretary Lord Mandelson (A:   Heís a real trustworthy character, this character.)  Deputy Prime Minister in all but name, (A:   And he runs the country.) proclaimed, ďPeople in glass houses should not throw stones.Ē  (A:   So they do all this backstabbing.)


Former Labour Cabinet Ministers Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon, and Stephen Byers and back bencher Margaret Moran were suspended from the party last night.  (A:   Well, they were suspended for obvious reasons.  If they found no impropriety, right, they wouldnít suspend them.  It was for impropriety alright.)


Just days before an election set to be called, they had the whip removed after a TV documentary showed them offering to influence government policy in return for cash.


Labour peer Baroness Morgan and Tory MP Sir John Butterfill, also featured in the programme, but unlike the three blayrights [?], they are not household names.  


The Labour government is furious at the scandal and is desperately trying to distance itself from the ex-Ministers who not long ago were the leading lights in the party. 


Justice Secretary Jack Straw (A:   Heís the straw man.)  said they brought Labour into disrepute and condemned their stupidity while Lord Mandelson said their behavior was ghastly and grubby.  (A:   Lord Mandelson is the guy who said he ran Britain from Lord Rothschildís swimming pool in France.  There is nobody grubbier than Mandelson; you should see his history.)


They are all corrupt psychopaths.  They are all bought-and-paid forÖ all of themÖ in all parties.  Theyíve been around every special interest group when theyíre campaigning for cash and they promise they will be their boys.  They will be their boys:   Whatever you do, weíll be with you.  Thatís what you vote in.  You know, the United States and Canada and every other country is EXACTLY THE SAMEÖ EXACTLY THE SAME. 


Read the book, Political Ponerology.  Itís a real good eye-opener.  There was study that was actually done IN the Soviet Union by guys, psychologists and psychiatrists keeping very, very quiet because they were running an investigation on their own leaders.  They found out they were exactly the same personalities as those of the West because psychopaths always climb up to where the power is, in every country.  They have no qualms with taking money or doing whatever they are told to, to the people, on behalf of the banksters that control them and own them. 


Theyíre always talking about equality and stuff like that, in BANKING when theyíre after your cash.  They have lovely ads and the ads show the tellers always smiling Ė everybody always smiles in ads, you notice that?  Again, itís always a fantasy.  Here is an article; this is from This is Money:  Financial Web Site of the Year.  


'Apartheid' Barclays filters out poor clients

13 March 2010 /


(A:   Hereís how itís going.  This is from the Daily Mail actually.)


Thousands of struggling bank customers will be connected to Indian call centres (A:† Call centers in IndiaÖ so if youíre a struggling bank customer, you donít have a lot in the bank and youíve got a problem and you phone up, you will be connected to an INDIAN call centerÖ)  while more affluent account holders will get one in Britain. A new banking phone system will identify those with low credit approvals and put them through to India. Those who have considerable savings or a credit limit that allows them to borrow around £500 from the bank or buy its products will be connected to a British operator. Bosses hope the new line will filter out their customers who do not have the money to buy the bank's products so their British staff will potentially be able to sell to every caller. Barclays is testing the system and call centre staff have been briefed that it will start on April 1. (A:   Thatís April Foolís Day, eh.  Thatís when you phone up and [Alan speaking with an Indian accent] Hello, I am speaking from India.  And youíll say what, excuse me.  And youíll be on the phone for about 3 hours trying to figure out whatís going on.) One Barclays sales executive said: 'Before we've had people ringing up who have been overdrawn, so we haven't been able to sell them anything.' Critics say the bank is only interested in people with cash (A:   Of course it is, thatís what banks are there for.) and not the genuine concerns of millions who have queries about the state of their finances.


This is obviously a trial that other banks will be following at the same time.  When one comes out with it, the rest go the same way.  We already have it in Canada, when youíre trying to get through Bell Systems, for instance, and for your internet systems.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I talked before about the corridors, the human habitat corridors that were being pushed out from the 70s onwards through the various proclamations from the United Nations.  That really is the big boss; all governments do what they are told by them and they sign treaties every year furthering the agenda for the United Nations.  Here is a report from it. 


UN report: World's biggest cities merging into 'mega-regions'

(A:   This ties in with, of course, the militaryís future vision as well, for the next 40-50 years that they have released too.)

Trend towards 'endless cities' could significantly affect population and wealth in the next 50 years

John Vidal, environment editor, Monday 22 March 2010


The world's first mega-city, comprised of Hong Kong, Shenhzen and Guangzhou, home to about 120 million people. Photograph: Nasa (A:   It shows you the pictures of that.  This is where they are, all CRAMMED together.  This is what they want us all to be crammed into.)


The world's mega-cities are merging to form vast "mega-regions" which may stretch hundreds of kilometres across countries and be home to more than 100 million people, according to a major new UN report.


The phenomenon of the so-called "endless city" could be one of the most significant developments - and problems - in the way people live and economies grow in the next 50 years, says UN-Habitat, the agency for human settlements, (A:  Did you know you had an agency for human settlement that your government doesnít run but they signs agreements from the United Nations that they must implement all of these agreements?) which identifies the trend of developing mega-regions in its biannual State of World Cities report.  (A:  Iíll put all these links up for you.)


The largest of these, says the report - launched today at the World Urban Forum (A:  Theyíve got forums going on all time through the United Nations and the public are oblivious of it and it affects us all.) in Rio de Janeiro - is the Hong Kong-Shenhzen-Guangzhou region in China, home to about 120 million people. Other mega-regions have formed in Japan and Brazil and are developing in India, west Africa and elsewhere.


The trend helped the world pass a tipping point in the last year, with more than half the world's people now living in cities.


The UN said that urbanisation is now "unstoppable".


These long, continuous cities, thatís where they want us ALL to live.  Then they go into the statistics of the folk that used to live on the rural areas and how they are dwindling and by 2050 there will be very few except the VERY RICH PEOPLE.  Thatís what they want.  The women who is the spokesperson for this UN organization says, this is a positive thing.  Getting folk out of the rural areas is a POSITIVE THING, she says.  Why?  Because you will all be under massive control, with your tiny little chip and your little card and you canít move outside that area and you are going to be monitored EVERY where you go with everything you do.  Thatís why.  So Iíll put this link up for you as well and the one from the United Nations. 


State of the Worldís Cities 2008/2009 - Harmonious Cities


Half of humanity now lives in cities, and within two decades, nearly 60 per cent of the worldís people will be urban dwellers. Urban growth is most rapid in the developing world, where cities gain an average of 5 million residents every month. As cities grow in size and population, harmony among the spatial, social and environmental aspects of a city and between their inhabitants becomes of paramount importance. This harmony hinges on two key pillars: equity and sustainability. 


You should really go through this stuff.  Itís long.  Itís tedious.  Itís boring, but thatís where the facts are, folks.  Thatís how youíre run, by long, tedious, boring articles and treaties that are put out by the United Nations.  Amazing.  It continues on and saysÖ


"Research shows that the world's largest 40 mega-regions cover only a tiny fraction of the habitable surface of our planet and are home to fewer than 18% of the world's population [but] account for 66% of all economic activity and about 85% of technological and scientific innovation," said Moreno.


Itís a rah-rah thing as we all get crammed into the cities and they make it impossible to live in the rural areas.  OLD AGENDA, HG Wells talked about it in the 20sÖ and guys down the path since then.  And we are given politics to play with instead.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 


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