March 25, 2010 (#541)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 25, 2010:

Don't Let Them Fool You, Smart Meter Will Rule You:

"The Direction of Power's Kept 'Under the Lid',
As We Watch the Set-Up of Electric Smart Grid,
All Usage and Data Instantly Compared
To Usage of Neighbour, The Grid is Shared,
Through Your Appliances You'll Be Trained,
They'll Testify Against You, You'll Be Blamed
For Going Over Quota, You Selfish Meanie,
You Anti-Conservationist, Greedy Non-Greenie,
Now the Toaster's on Strike, Oven Non-Compliance,
Smart-Meter Informed Them of Your Poor Reliance,
So C'mon Now, Smarten-Up, Don't Be So Sour,
Let Appliances Train You to Conserve the Power"
© Alan Watt March 25, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 25, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 25, 2010.  For the newcomers out there, you should look into  web site.  I always advise you to bookmark all the other sites you see up there, these are the official sites, because once in a while the .com goes down.  [Official sites listed above.]  I always say, this is the tin can moment.  Itís very brief; I donít pester you.  I depend upon you the audience to finance me and keep me going.  I donít accept cash from organizations or companies that sell products.  The ads on this show that you hear are paid directly by the advertisers straight to RBN for the air time and for their staff, equipment, bills and the broadcast of the show.  So you have to help me out by donating to me or purchasing the books I have for sale on my sites.  There are DVDs as well, and CDs with lots of talks Iíve given in the past; sometimes 50 shows per disk at very good prices.  That keeps me going.  You can donate as well.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Cash does get through.  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them of the shows and donít like using computers Ė guys with computers obviously burn them for them and they hand them out at meetings and they play them on CD players Ė you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Over the years Iíve tried to give you, the audience, not just some ancient history but also to show you how the techniques of managing whole nations and even empires of people was a well known science back then, with the use of religion to give you a form of reality, to give you the rules and laws, to make you obey the ruling elite, and also to give a social order because we have social orders within these totalitarian societies that we live under.  The sham of democracy has been nothing more or less than a sham to be honest with you.  The elite who ran the British system, for instance in the British Empire they owned about ĺ of the globe at one point; the ordinary folk got nothing out of it.  They just supplied the troops and the tax money to build the railways to take the loot and the raw materials out of the country so that the big boys and corporations could own it.  Nothing has changed, by the way.  The United States is doing the same thing.  You find that these are structures that are well understood, very old techniques.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how reality is always very different from the way that those at the bottom, the majority, what they call the masses, how they see it.  Reality is always very different.


A long, long time ago, in fact, back in the 1800s you had CARTELS of like-minded business owners who got together in clubs.  They called them clubs at the time too.  Theyíd meet there so often and all they decided all their fortunes were dependent upon each other and the policy of the government.  Therefore they ruled the government by different means.  They put their own politicians in.  Itís been this way for an awful long time.  That way they could make sure that their business enterprises would be backed up by tax money and British troops, etc, when it was the British Empire, when required, when they went into their foreign escapades to loot other countries.  Nothing really has changed.  Itís always under the guise to help those savages, thatís how it used to be at one time, or bring civilization to them, and now itís called peacekeeping.  We go into make peace, you see, bring peace with guns and bombs and stuff like that.  So nothing really changes as they loot the country on behalf of a global elite.


This elite have not problem accepting that the ARE the natural elite.  They talk about it amongst themselves.  They ask the obvious questions, even when they are young.  Why, Daddy, are we so stinking rich?  And Daddy will say, well son, you see itís because we marry the right type, we have the right stock of breeding, your mother came from a long and successful and wealthy family and so do we and we take opportunities where we see them, meaning they plunder, and thatís why we are the elite, and thatís why the masses down there are really the workers that work for us.  Thatís how itís explained to them.  Thereís nothing really strange about that but of course they put it through a public media spin, a PR relationship organization comprising of the general media which the elite also own and television and government stations like the BBC, that the government runs, to make sure they REINFORCE THE FAKE REALITY FOR THOSE AT THE BOTTOM.


In the US itís a bit different there.  They really did a great job on making them think they were free for a long time.  Because the US had so many more radio stations than the whole world combined and television stations, it kind of gave them more of the feeling that they must be free because these were all these independent, thousands of stations.  They didnít realize that these thousands of stations, again, are cartels that got together at annual meetings and discussed the formulas and agendas for the next year.  They didnít realize that the big moguls that own these chains of radio stations and television stations go over and get knighted by the Queen, for some strange reason, for doing a good job.


Again, we have to go back into the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations to see why this is so important.  The Royalty a long time ago had no intention of giving democracy to the general public.  At the same time, they thought it was also a good idea to give the APPEARANCE of democracy because it would stop the public from having revolutions every few years.  They would just vote someone else in when they got sick of the last bunch.  People live in hope, you see.  You have this strange thing called hope and even though you get the same spiels from the same politicians, that we are going to give this to you, and give that to you, and give you more back for your tax dollar, and all that stuff, nothing really changes except you keep getting screwed further and further into the ground, but we never learn.


We are now in an age where we ARE post-democratic.  That is taught now in universities, that democracy was a phase we went through.  Some of them in the higher Ivy League universities will admit to their classes that there never really was a democracy anyway.  The brick building ones, the red bricks as they call them for the general classes going into universities, they are not taught that.  There are just taught that yeah, there was democracy and some actually still think they have it, even though the higher ones are teaching already that we are POST democratic.  Democracy doesnít work, itís too much of a time-consuming thing, very expensive and those with plans to rule the world and push it off into other formats cannot get it done with conflicting parties.  Thatís basically what the Club of Rome said in their own book, The First Global Revolution and they advise the United Nations. 


The Royal Institute of International Affairs got a Royal Charter to exist, you see, as a sort of form of parallel government that puts its own people IN government.  In fact, every Prime Minister as well as belonging to the Fabian Society, belongs to the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Every President of the United States since the late 1800s, when they first called itÖ it was the Cecil Rhodes/Lord Milner Group and THEN they called it the Council on Foreign Relations later on.  Every President of the United States has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations AND the opposition members too, at the top.  You donít need the ones at the bottom; they get their chances later if theyíre any good.  But the ones at the top are always pickedÖ and screenedÖ to make sure this global agenda that runs via this other organization, set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Milner Group Ė all bankers, by the way, the Milner Group.  They set up the United Nations to be the body that would bring this all into being.  They would be the coordinators for all the thousands of NGO groups, all the thousands of departments that now work public-privately with governments to guide it all together, down this path we are on today. 


Weíve seen, for instance, that the flagship is Britain for all the techno-surveillance.  For instance, China is the flagship for the world as a model society where they donít have a democracy; they donít pretend they have one.  They still have communism and everyone must belong to the PARTY in business.  If you go into business you must be a party member and you must go by the party in this tiered structure of the pyramid to the top.  And you donít buck the system; they are very, very rigid there.  They are the model for the way it should be, one child per family policy, which is to be promoted across the rest of the world, with an obedient population.  Britain is the flagship for total surveillance, Big Brother, very harsh when they come down on you like a ton of bricks to make sure that every citizenÖ  Itís a big experiment too, by the way, to see how the citizens ACCEPT every stage of surveillance.  There are ongoing studies going on all the time with money from the defence department, going through universities to study all of this. 


They came out last week with the proposal that their government is launching a personal web page.  Each citizen will get their personalized, governmental web page under the guise that itís going to make it so much easier for you.  We will fall for ANYTHING if they say itís going to be so much easier, donít we.  We will.  Most folk will; they will rush right into it.  You will deal directly with the government for everything including doctorís appointments via the internet.  But the real purpose is so that Big Brother, like George Orwellís 1984, can talk directly to YOU.  Now, when you are surfing away and playing yourself there, Big Brotherís face is going to come up on that screen there.  Big brother is going to say that you have been using too much kilowatt hours for this week and youíre going to get cut back, because youíve been a bad boy or girl.  Big Brother is going to demand that you DO things and scare the bejesus out of you. 


You see, in the old days, theyíd have to come to your door and at least neighbors would get around you or relatives or something.  This is what a totalitarian government always wanted to get to and this is what George Orwell said himself and HG Wells long before that.  Government will not be in charge until THEY can talk to you DIRECTLY with no relatives, no wife, no husband around to stand up for you.  YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.  It increases the fear and complianceÖ all written about a long time ago.  They say itís for your convenience.  Oh, yeah, youíll see. 


Itís the same thing with the airport, the securities at airport and all the rest of it.  The Century of Change, the 21st Century was kicked off really by the twin towers coming down.  They could never have done it without it and everyone knows it definitely wasnít what they told us about.  WE DARN WELL KNOW THIS:  this was an intentional to kick off this whole totalitarian WAR OF TERROR across the public, on the general public while all our rights are stripped away from us.  Theyíve already been stripped away, but theyíre not stopping with ID cards and all the rest of it and airport scanners.  Theyíre going beyond that.  You see, in the new SOVIETIZED world - and they are using the Soviet system remember, thatís what the Club of Rome said - they preferred the COLLECTIVIST system for managing the general public.  Thereís no back-talking in this system.  Itís compliance or youíre cut off from something, cut off from your bank account, cut off from what you need, just simply cut off. 


Not content with seeing through you and dehumanizing you, and thatís what you always do with prisoners.  Youíll dehumanize them, strip them naked, laugh away, just do it at an airport scanner, you see.  Itís true enough, the 6.8 billion people across the planet are supposed to have their whole lives turned upside-down because ONE guy had a firework, supposedly, a dud at that, strapped to his thigh.  Thatís the EXCUSE we are given for this.  Can you believe it?  Can you believe itÖ 


People use to really fight back, you know, for much, much less than this.  Theyíd fight back.  Now we get nonsense answers and excuses to strip us of all rights and get us all nakedÖ and get x-rayed to boot, which does go along with the whole theme because x-rays are accumulative and they will sterilize you even more then you already are sterilized.  So that does go along with the agenda of depopulationÖ never mind the cancers that break out too.  They also wanted not just birth control but DEATH control, stepping up the amount of diseases and illnesses folk can die of BEFORE they get to a pensionable age.  That was also part of it, discussed at the Department of Population at the United Nations a long time ago.  This is REALITY Iím giving you here folksÖ beyond the suits and ties and PR shows.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the encroachment of government right into your home in many different ways, physical and through the internet.  Thatís whatís to be worldwide fairly shortly, for everybody on planet earth. 


Weíve got to remember too, that the GATT treaty and all this free trade negotiation stuff is about the free flow of goods but ONLY for AUTHORIZED international corporations.  Itís really to keep everyone else OUT.  There is also the free flow of labor.  Once again, it sounds wonderful and people think well, we can take off to this country if there is work.  No, folks.  Itís to RESTRICT the flow of labor.  They want the labor that corporations have ASKED TO HAVE BROUGHT IN ONLY.  Thatís what itís about.  So the new world order is to have you all basically roped in to your own authorized area of your home.  Your home could be a few miles wide or even less, in fact, because this is the sovietized idea.  If youíve ever seen the talks by Bezmenov on YouTubeÖ He was an ex-KGB defector.  He showed you his card.  He had a card to travel.  All citizens had a card to travel just within their own little local area.  If you were found outside that area they could arrest you and ask you why you were outside of it without permission.  You had to get permission to go outside of it, to travel, even to visit relatives and so on.  THATíS the kind of totalitarian world structure we are coming into. 


The United Nations wants to have a nice, tidy planet as we are sterilized and quietly die off over 50 years.  We are already doing it; we are dying off NOW.  Theyíve been at this for an awful long time with the death control, as they say.  But they want the world to be nice and tidy, less problems for them, where mass fluxes of people will be trying to get out of one country and go to another, where they are setting up employment and factories or work of some kind or another.  Thatís what itís all about.  Thatís what your ID card is all about as well.  The ID card ties in with what Iím going to read here.  Here is the next step with it. 


They get the pilots to come forward now.  The airport pilots come forward with THEIR suggestion, which of course they told them to say.  This is how they do it:  Joe, youíre in charge of the pilotís association.  Yeah, I am.  We want you to do this favor, come out and make this statement to the press on our behalf.  Okay boss, whatís in it for me?  and he gets a few, you know, you know what itís like.  This is from the Independent.  It saysÖ


Pilots criticize security as Britain makes body scanners mandatory

By Relax News - INDEPENDENT.CO.UK / February 2, 2010


(Alan:  So that sounds like they may be on the side of the public, but noÖ)


A leading association of airline pilots has called for a rethink of passenger screening, claiming that "passenger trustworthiness" should be prioritized ahead of intensive physical screening measures.


The call came on January 28, three days ahead of new restrictions in Britain that force passengers to submit to controversial "body scanner" screening in order to fly. From February 1, any passengers flying from London Heathrow, the world's busiest airport, who decline scanning will not be permitted on board an aircraft. Similar restrictions are soon to be implemented at Amstedam's Schiphol airport and are currently under review in the US.  (A:  Actually, they are going in, in the United States.  They have for quite some time, some airports, and Canada as well.)


Despite the new rules, US and Canadian pilots' association ALPA has branded changes to the security system an "inadequate response." (A:  So hereís where it goes next, you see.)  The group believes that today's screening systems have been reactively modified since the 1970s to respond to a changing threat, leaving the current system effectively a "patchwork of band-aids."


"Our layered aviation security system is in dire need of major reform," said Capt. Robb Powers, ALPA's National Security Committee Chairman. "Our proposal focuses on identifying people who pose no threat to aviation and quickly moving them through a screening process that is commensurate with the level of trust they have earned. (A:  Youíve got to earn trust now, by being a goody-two-shoes.  This is combined with your interactive government Big Brother web page, whoís going to tell you if youíve been a good boy or not and getting little black points that will eventually bar you from leaving the country.  This is what this is all about.)  This approach to aviation security is more sophisticated, more efficient, and significantly more effective than the current methodology."  (A:  In other words, POLITICAL REASONS will censor you from getting a good screening.  Youíre a plus-plus-plus soís you can go out of the country.  This is what itís ALL really, really about behind the pabulum here.)


ALPA believes that a new, data-rich screening system, (A:  Thatís all your information, again.) akin to the modern "credit check" used by banks, should be introduced. (A:  Theyíve actually been using a type of it for quite some time, but this is to go the whole way now.)  Each passengers identity would be verified and then scored, (A: You get score points.)  allowing them to be marked as "no or negligible threat," "unknown threat" or "known threat".  Security officers would then adapt their actions according to each passenger's threat level, from a quick x-ray/metal detector scan to an in-person threat-assessment or flight ban. Much of the work would be done before the passenger even arrives at the airport.  (A:  Because it will be done behind you back, you see.)


According to ALPA, the new screening methods would allay privacy concerns surrounding the introduction of body scanners, speed up the boarding process and increase public confidence in aviation. (A:  I love how they always bring that up.  Oh, weíll be happy with that wonít we.However, the proposal may meet with opposition from civil rights groups such as the ACLU, which has already voiced concerns over the privacy implications of techniques such as terrorist watch lists and the use of racial profiling.  (A:  Well, it isnít going to be just racial, folks, itís to do with every thing that you believe in and every word that comes out of your mouth thatís been on record is going to go into it.  Are you good or are you not good.  Are you on you knees or are you standing.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  There is an article here from EE Times.  It ties in with the talk I gave the other night about the total integration of the electronic systems within your home via your Smart Meter, back to government agencies and so on and how they can cut you off and regulate you.  Thatís what itís really all about.  This is about something that ties right into it. 


Google, Microchip develop energy monitor software

Reference API is a step towards Google home energy monitor sensor networks

Peter Clarke / EE Times / (03/24/2010)


LONDON ó Microcontroller company Microchip Technology Inc. (Chandler, Ariz.) has announced the result of a partnership with software giant Google Inc. to produce a reference implementation of the Google PowerMeter application programming interface.


PowerMeter is free software that displays details of home energy consumption received from either a smartmeter or another electricity monitoring device.


(A:  Thatís what the greenies are using.  Itís interesting, the greenies boast about it on their Facebook and MySpace. They are so green and hereís what I used this month.  Arenít I good?  Itís like the Soviet system where the newspapers used to have the worker of the month, the guy who broke his back getting so much coal out, to be goody-two-shoes.  It didnít tell you what happened to his back afterwards mind you.  Anyway, itís the same technique thatís being used here.  Who is goody-two-shoes, who can out-do the next goody-two-shoes, as they compete actually to be goody-two-shoes.  Itís an amazing thing with the public.  Itís just astonishing but itís worked down through the many centuries in other ways too.  So PowerMeter is going to go a step further.)


Microchip has produced the first reference implementation of the Google PowerMeter API, which is key to producing compatible electricity-monitor circuits for inclusion in energy-consuming devices.  (A:  Everything you buy has got this stuff in it.)


Google PowerMeter allows consumers to view their energy consumption from their iGoogle personalized homepage. (A:  I canít believe who would want that.  Really, I donít.  Well, they are out there.  Theyíre out there.  You shake your heads folks, but they are out there.  They are gone, totally indoctrinated.)  However, to be effective it needs to be fed with data collected from energy-consuming devices. The more fine-grained the data that is collected the more detailed the picture that PowerMeter provides. (A:  It provides it for government too.)  The open-source, standards-based Google PowerMeter API allows device manufacturers to build energy-monitoring products that work with Google PowerMeter.


By developing the reference implementation of the API Microchip now supports designers trying to create Google-compatible products for the measurement and monitoring of energy usage with 16- and 32-bit PIC microcontrollers, energy-measurement ICs (A:  integrated circuits.), Ethernet controller ICs, and radios for ZigBee and embedded Wi-Fi wireless networking.  (A:  Remember, your SmartMeter also uses Wi-Fi as well to monitor you.  It can transmit signals back to the company.  It also uses the broadband too through the electrical line supply.)


Microchip's reference implementation of the API demonstrates an energy-monitoring device's activation, wired or wireless data transmission and status messages, providing a template for developers' own designs. Additionally, Microchip offers one-stop-shopping for all of the semiconductors and development tools needed to build a Google PowerMeter device. 


(A:  They are also working with the big corporationsÖ) "Google is helping to foster an ecosystem of devices (A:  There ya go.) and utilities that will provide consumers with access to their energy information.


Obviously they are working with the companies too, that provide you with the POWER so that they will all know when to cut you off and give you little MINUS CREDITS.  Minus credits for when they issue you with credits instead of money.  Minus credits for using too much of this or too much of that.  Thatís what itís all about folks.  But you will jump for itÖ oh, itís free, itís free, oh, wow, weíve got to get it.  Itís like the flu shot, God, itís free, itís free, ha-ha, Iíll get 5, oh-ho.  Thatís how stupid people are, who really believe they are in a free society.  And they really do believe theyíve got rights and everything and democracy is there.  No kidding.


I mentioned not so long ago about an article, again, where Britain tests out all these psychological experiments on the children in school.  One was where they come in one day, the young children and saw their teacher lying on the floor with fake blood around her and they told them that, I think, she had been raped or something and mugged and left.  It was all an act to observe them and to put the fear of death into them to show them that really nasty things are there and really happen.  However, to the children it would obviously mean that the teacher was acting, so ALL that kind of stuff MUST be acting and so when they see the real thing they wonít know if it was acting or not, right.  Governments are taking studies on all of this stuff.  Here is the latest con theyíve done here.  Itís just incredible.  From The Mail Online.


Children left traumatized after their teacher is gunned down in a playground in a hoax lesson. 

(A:  This is a hoax lesson, they are calling them now.  Very Pavlovian.)

By Fay Schlesinger / / 25th March 2010


Children were left in tears after their teacher was gunned down by a crazed hoodie in the playground in a sick role-playing stunt. 


Terrified children aged from 10-13 years old watched as the supposed gunman strolled into the playground, took aim and shot the teacher before running into the school science lab.


Other staff in on the stunt rushed to the popular teacherís aid and appeared to give CPR in an attempt to save his life. 


It was 10 minutes before the shocked pupils of Blackminster Middle School, in Evesham, Worcestershire, were rounded up and taken into the school hall where teachers explained that the scenario had been mocked up as part of a forthcoming science lesson.   (A:  This is how they teach science lessons now.  What a con, eh.  They traumatize the children.  These are all Pavlovian techniques they are using now, you see, and psychology.)


While pupils were left traumatized with one having a panic attack and others being sick, the shooting happened on Tuesday after pupils were originally told there was a gun somewhere in the school.  (A:  So first they let it out there to get them all hyper, you see, and children believe everything they are told you know, by these characters, these creeps.  The same type that that other article I read that gave them lap dancing lessons, you know, by 2 teachers in Canada.)


Five minutes later the alarm bell went off and over 300 pupils were sent to the playground where 3 teachers could be seen running across the field before a loud sound like gunfire was heard and science teacher Mr Kent fell to the ground and played dead.


Parents said their children were then sent back to their form rooms and called to the assembly hall 10 minutes later where the truth and a fit and healthy teacher was revealed. 


However, the damage has already been done to a selection of the pupils, and apparently included one girl whose father had been shot dead a few years ago. 


Parents with children at the school reacted angrily to the stunt and branded it ďinappropriate and beyond belief.Ē 


Some said their children were still traumatized hours later. 


Mother, Vikki Woosey, whose son is in year six, said: 'When I heard about it I just thought "Oh my God, that is so inappropriate".'   (A:  I think they should be getting a bit more upset than that and finding new uses for the trees around there, you know.) 


They were standing in a playground and then a man appeared in the distance holding a gun.  Then the teacher dropped to the ground and the teacherís assistants ran over.  They started doing CPR (A:  blah, blah, blah.  Ya-da, ya.)


Another angry parent of an 11 year old daughter at the school added, ďThere were children in tears.  They thought their teacher had been shot.Ē  (A:  Well, of course, that was the whole point of it, hey.  That was the whole point of it.  And what did they say about it at the schoolÖ)


Head Teacher Terry Holland said the role play was part of a science lesson where a selection of students and teachers acted out the scenario.Ē  (A:  A science lesson.) ďThe problem with a small minority of pupils was that there was a slight delay in getting them back into the hall to explain what happened.Ē  (A:  So it was the delay that was wrong, NOT the incident that was wrong.)


So there you go.  This is the kind of terror nonsense they do to your children now under the socialist system.  Pavlov, you know, created the whole system for schooling over in the Soviet system.  It was Eleanor Roosevelt that went over to see them.  She wanted to see her FAVORITE person first, just like HG Wells did, and meet Dr. Pavlov, the guy that loved to shock animals into hysteria and breakdowns and thatís how he made his living.  A pure sadist, of course, but he also used techniques in schools to make the children CONFORM through FEAR, PUNISHMENT and REWARD and all that kind of stuff.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, comparing the Soviet children on the way to school she said she was SO impressed with the Soviet children because they were so uniform, walking quietly and orderly towards the school, completely unlike the American school children who would laugh and play and jump up and down and that kind of stuff.  She says, the Soviet children were so ORDERLY.  That really impressed her, the ORDER of it all.  Yep, thatís your control freaks alright.  HG Wells was so impressed by Pavlov that he left his son there to be taught under him directly.  Here they go, eh, school, where you go to learn how to deal with the world.  Ha, what nonsense.  What nonsense. 


Thereís also from Philadelphia News a new video.  Itís the new battle against Philadelphian FLASH MOBS.  They call them flash mobs.  That all came out with the government saying there would be flash mobs during the Department of Defenceís briefings that I read on the air a long time ago, where folk get in touch with each other through their phones and just turn up there and do whatever theyíre told to do.  There is a video on this site as well where they show you a flash mob in action. 


New video, new battle against Philly flash mobs

South Street flash mob caught on tape.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says flash mob suspects leaving court.

Thursday, March 25, 2010 / /  By VERNON ODOM


PHILADELPHIA - March 24, 2010 (WPVI) -- Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (A:  Strange name.) and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey are revealing new all-out efforts to prevent more flash mob melees.


At a Wednesday news conference, they said the incidents have to stop, and any future flash mobs will be met with organized and relentless crackdowns by police.


"This is an issue of citywide significance and importance. It's affects all Philadelphians regardless of neighborhood, regardless of community," Mayor Nutter said.


To that end, city officials outlined a plan to fight back against the flash mobs:


*There will be tougher curfew enforcement for those under 18 years old on Friday and Saturday nights.

(A:  Theyíre going to bring in a curfew.  There you go, because theyíre giving them i-Phones and turn up at so-and-so and it flashes around all their text messaging and so on.  They turn up there and theyíre told to bring their little MP3 phones and they dance in silence and then theyíll chase offÖ or whatever else they do.  Now theyíre going to have curfews for them.)

*There will be more hard line prosecution by the district attorney.

*There will be more uniformed and undercover police during high-risk hours in known hotspots.

*There will be non-stop monitoring of social networks.


(A:  Again, now they can go even further into it and more cash and more people to lay on to monitor their social networks, which was the real aim of it all.  [Alan laughing.]  Thatís the real aim of it all.  Thatís what the real point of it is.  More monitoring of the public, you see, and the children.  Ah, itís quite something.  What a world we live in, eh.  What a world... what a world... and the folks still think theyíre free.)


This article is from    Iíve talked before about vaccines were mentioned by Lord Bertrand Russell to bring down the populations, sterilize them and make them dumber, by the way.  He said that we should use the needle to make them more compliant.  Iíve read the article from his own book many times on the air and others mentioned it too.  Julian Huxley, the first CEO of UNESCO, who was the brother of Aldous Huxley, also talked about using different means of dumbing down the public, sterilizing them and increasing the death rate of the public, introducing cancers and stuff like that.  This saysÖ


Rotarix rotavirus vaccine contaminated, officials say

By Tom Watkins, CNN / March 22, 2010


About 1 million children in the United States and about 30 million worldwide have gotten Rotarix vaccine, the FDA says.


(CNN) -- Federal health authorities recommended Monday that doctors suspend using Rotarix, one of two vaccines licensed in the United States against rotavirus, saying the vaccine is contaminated with material from a pig virus(A:  This is a fairly recent thing; theyíve been using these anti-diarrhea inoculations against ONE of the many things that can cause diarrhea, rotavirus.  To me thatís a personal con, that in itself, that all babies must get this injection to start with.  We survived fine without it.  Absolutely fine without it and if a baby has a bout of diarrhea it gets over it; thatís generally what happens.)


"There is no evidence at this time that this material poses a safety risk," Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg told reporters in a conference call.


Rotarix, made by GlaxoSmithKline, (A:  The big boys again.) was approved by (A:  Ötheir boys in the FDA because thatís what the FDA is comprised of is their boys and all the other big boys, Merck and the rest of it.) the FDA in 2008. The contaminant material is DNA from porcine circovirus 1, a virus from pigs that is not known to cause disease in humans or animals, Hamburg said.  (A:  Which is nonsense actually because it causes cancer.)


About 1 million children in the United States and about 30 million worldwide have gotten Rotarix vaccine, she said.


Rotavirus disease kills more than (A:  This is their excuse.  Itís like the flu where they always give you the same statistics of flu every year, even though when you go into the real ones, there are thousands over what it really is.)  500,000 infants around the world each year, primarily in low- and middle-income countries, she said. Before rotavirus vaccine became available, the disease was blamed for more than 50,000 hospitalizations and several dozen deaths per year in the United States, she said.  (A:  Of course, you go into the studies and look for yourself and you wonít find anything near that.)


The FDA learned about the contamination after an academic research team using a novel technique to look for viruses in a range of vaccines found the material in GlaxoSmithKline's product and told the company, Hamburg said. The drug maker confirmed its presence (A:  So they knew about it already.) in both the cell bank and the seed from which the vaccine is derived, suggesting its presence from the early stages of vaccine development, she said. The FDA then confirmed the drug maker's findings.


GlaxoSmithKline emphasized Monday that the pig virus is not known to cause illness in humans, saying "it is found in everyday meat products and is frequently eaten with no resulting disease or illness."  (A:  Well, the difference being, of course, is you COOK the meat and it kills off the viruses.  You donít just stick the raw stuff live straight into your veins, folks.)


So thatís another way they get it into you.  Just like the polio vaccine with about 100 monkey viruses contained in it, with the simian 40 virus being one of them that had only one function and they admit that it CAUSES CANCERS IN HUMANS.  But they are there to help you.  They are THERE to help you folks.  Thatís what they are there for.  Hey, itís free!  Ha.  Run and get it.  Run and get yours now, while stocks last. 


Hereís another big con of the dayÖ by the World Wildlife Fund.  This is from the Telegraph.


WWF hopes to find $60 billion growing on trees

The carbon credits scheme would make WWF and its partners much richer, but with no lowering of overall CO2 emissions, writes Christopher Booker.

By Christopher Booker / / 20 Mar 2010


Tumucumaque in northern Brazil has been designated a 'carbon sink.'  (A:  This is the greatest beautyÖ the United Nations scandal nonsense to do with carbon sinks.  So certain areas where trees are, carbon sinksÖ  Canada was told that weíd have great carbon sinks with all these trees everywhere; you canít move for trees.  But then the UN turned around and said youíve got bad trees, they are the wrong kind of trees.  So youíve got to pay carbon taxes.  Ha-ah, oh.  [Alan laughing.]  And what did our government say, okay then, okayÖ Mr Pachauri okay, uh-huh.  AnywayÖ) 


If the worldís largest, richest environmental campaigning group, the WWF (A:  Thatís the one that Prince Phillip heads.  The guy who said if he came back in another life heíd like to come back as a virus and kill off all the publicÖ in his own book.  They are going to make BILLIONS off this, this WWF.  Thatís why theyíre all for it.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just finishing off this article and Iíll try and take a phone call.  This article shows you the WWF, they bought this chunk of the Amazon jungle, for peanuts of course, and they are going to be able to sell off carbon credits worth $60 BILLION to firms that are polluting, so they can get the cash from polluters.  What a great deal.  They are all in the know, these guys, eh.  $60 billion they get back every year or two to companies for carbon credits.  We own the land, you just pay us the money, our trees will sink the carbon Ė thatís the con about it.  Fantastic.  The rich get richer and the rich get richer through these SCAMS and the public just go along and go MOOO and BAAA.  Well, thatís the world we live in. 


There is Grace from Oklahoma on the phone.  Are you there Grace?


Grace:  Nice to call in.  Iíve been listening to you show for quite a while so, I just got to say that every day itís like Iím living your show in my life. 


Alan:  You are seeing it.


Grace:  Yeah.  Iím a student at a university here and itís just insane what we are learning in these classes.  I just wanted to bring up this example.  Recently in my human physiology class we were learning about the endocrine system.  My professor was giving this example of how dangerous exogenous hormones are and her example was androgenic steroids that men take.  She was saying how that will destroy your testicles forever.  So I asked, what about the exogenous steroidal hormones that girls are supposed to take from adolescence on; if it destroys men wouldnít it also have the same affect on women because we are talking about exogenous hormones in both cases.  She was like, no.


Alan:  [Alan laughing.]


Grace:  The whole class was just like, okay letís move on to the next thing.  Iím just like, itís constant with that sort of double think.


Alan:  Yes.  Itís a double speak, a double think and no logic to it, especially in the explanations that youíre given.  But you know there is an awful lot of political agendas going through all this stuff because they are REALLY tampering with the hormonal structures of men and women.  Iíve read all the articles about the bisphenol-As and the various other contaminants that go into womenís bodies through make-ups and soaps and various other things, even shampoos and how literally it will effect especially a male fetus between 8-12 weeks and heís liable to grow up sterile and be very narrow-shouldered and so on and he might want to take up knitting later on.  Thatís literally whatís happening.  They know it.  Theyíve known it since the late 1800s that this could do this to the male.  Of course the female has been attacked tremendously as well, through all the plastics.  In fact many of them now have taken on male characteristics because too much estrogen, especially the synthetics types, can actually bring on a form of male characteristics in them.  They lose their femininity and thatís been noticed and well documented too, in the higher universities.


Grace:  But, of course, we donít learn about that in our human physiology class because we are supposed to go off to becomeÖ


Alan:  Everything you are getting through your courses at university, as you well know Iím sure, is politically correct for the agenda including the greening, the environment, all tied in together with every lecture on every topic. 


Grace:  There is new, whole departments popping up about it.  Recently there is the new interdisciplinary perspective on the environment and one of the classes after that is environmental psychology and itís all just this fluffyÖ


Alan:  Itís propaganda.  But thanks for calling; thatís the end of the show coming in, Grace.  Call again though.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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