March 26, 2010 (#542)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 26, 2010:

God-Forsaken, We're Back to Pagan, Primitive and Wild, Consuming the Child:

"Human Life Degraded, Throughout All Society,
Some Countries Serve Up Fetus in Culinary Variety,
As Life Becomes Cheap, There's No Shaking Fist,
While Government's After Retirees, Adding to List
Of Non-Producing Consumers, Advising Euthanasia,
Advocating Extermination Booths, It's Enough to Craze Ya,
'Are You Just Bored with Living, Miss the Wife, the Honey?'
They'll Terminate You Cheaply, Keep Your Pension Money,
For That's What it Boils Down To, Value to Your Master,
Claim They Need Your Savings, Preventing Financial Disaster,
After All, They've Got Wars to Fight, More Lands to Plunder,
Can't Have You with Nothing to Do, 'cept Appease the God of Thunder,
Yes, Mammon is Their Only God, We're Chickens in a Coop,
Side-Effect of Promiscuity, Ending Up in Soup"
© Alan Watt March 26, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 26, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 26, 2010.  For the newcomers out there, you should look into web site, bookmark all the other sites you’ll see I have up on the front page because once in while the .com goes down – there are too many folk going into it at one time – and this way you’ll be able to get the latest shows for download for free from these alternate sites.  [Official sites listed above.]  If you want to order the books, CDs and DVD I have for sale on these sites… [ordering and donation options listed above.]  Cash does get through, by the way, so I’ve heard.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them who don’t like to use computers – they play them on CD players – you can get in touch with me at [address above].  That’s that out of the way.


I really do need you to help me because most folk listen all the time and never think about sending a couple of pennies this way, even though they are paying for other people’s archives, to get into the archives – all my stuff if free – and they will expect everyone else to do the paying for it.  That’s the unfortunate statement about humanity today, when they think that everything is free.  Most things that are free out there, believe you me, are not for your own benefit.  It’s to put a spin on something or to monitor you or something like that.  That’s how things really DO work in this day and age.  We should know that by now.  We’ve all supposedly grown up, although some people never, ever do. 


I’ve talked before about cause and effect in society… and our lives too.  For everything we do, every action that we do, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  That’s an old dictum which is very, very, very true.  We have spent so long creating cultures.  Cultures take an awful long time to create, organize, and work themselves out with conflicts until you have a fairly standardized culture.  But in this day and age, of course, the Western cultures are supposed to simply bow down and eventually fall down in front of the world’s cultures because that’s the intention.  We are supposed to all blend in with the New World Order as the Far East and other countries are brought up to be the more dominant as industrialists.  The United Nations has said that we cannot allow ourselves to be offended anymore.  So in other words, anything that used to offend you through culture is not allowed.  You are not allowed to be offended by other cultures no matter what else they do.  They, on the other hand, can be offended by whatever YOU do and they’ve found that out in Britain.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning about how the big United Nations plan - that was literally hatched in London by the bankers who set it up and run it through the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations - how they knew they’d have to destroy the Western cultures and their values over a period of time. 


So they got together and got set on a cultural war that really started during World War II and really escalated afterwards, down to debasement.  They said themselves they would use communists and various other groups; they didn’t care in fact, according to Professor Carroll Quigley who they recruited.  They could use all the causes.  The more causes the better because you’ve got radical groups that will then take cash from YOU and YOU can direct them.  All of the groups that wanted a sort of world society, a socialist society, were promoted but they also wanted to use Karl Marx ideas too and destroy the family units, religion of course, and even separate the generations from each other.  That’s been very well accomplished.


Then, with the Royal Institute of International Affairs annual meetings, if you go into their old books from the 30s for instance, you’ll find that they talked about setting up a sort of free trade zone, but not just a free trade zone, free flow of workers that were needed, that is, in the countries that signed on to the British Commonwealth that became the nucleus for the world order that we’re in today.  That’s what they used as a basis for it and the United Nations agrees with that, that the British Commonwealth was the nucleus and the ideal model to base it on. 


At that time they didn’t want so many coming in from India, for instance, into Britain.  The Ambassadors from India were complaining about that, how can you have this free flow of goods and trade and people but exclude India?  But they were told THEIR time would come and it certainly did in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  Margaret Thatcher even admitted the reason they had opened the floodgates of immigration, to a country that was massively underemployed, was that they didn’t have enough children getting born from the native Britons to pay off the national debt.  So we exist, really… See, we exist really, as ECONOMIC UNITS to serve the big banking boys and their systems. 


It went further and further and further as it was known to do, until you have many mayors of big cities in England who were not born there and often Christmas is banned, things like that are all banned.  Anything to do with the old culture is simple verboten and you get fined for putting up Christmas things in stores and so on at Christmas time.  That’s how ridiculous it all becomes and what’s even more so is the propaganda campaign that goes on at the people back home to bow down, just keep bowing down and get on your knees and show off your behind and just take it.  That’s basically what you are told to do over and over again because, in a New World Order, it’s supposed to be multicultural BUT preference is given to those who come in from the other countries.  Preference is definitely given to them because they want those countries on board with the new world order and therefore their cultures must be allowed to expand as yours declines.  Eventually theirs gets knocked on the head as well because corruption sets in and the lure of money is so great that all values, even their own religious values, go down the tubes eventually.  That’s really the New World Order’s idea of a new culture, it’s a dog-eat-dog system really.


When you start up a national health service, and I’ve mentioned this before, Karl Marx talked about this kind of idea and it was brought into a more concretized form by Lenin who said in the West SERVICES would be offered to the public, health services, police services, and so on that one day would become AUTHORITIES and they’d manage the people.  Well, you see, a health service managed through government obviously is run by political reasons.  It’s also true that whenever the IMF comes in, as it has already in Britain, they always slash and burn the easiest things, which are pension plans and your health service.  What they DO mandate as a priority is abortion, fast abortion, fast vasectomies, fast tubal ligations for women.  They want a depopulation agenda to go underway.  That’s really what they are using it for now.  If you have something seriously wrong with you, good luck to you; you might wait for months, maybe a year and possibly you will be dead by that time. 


It got so bad over there and I mentioned about a video before that was put up by I think it was Channel 4, about how bad the National Health Service had become with its slash and burn policies where the government was dictating they get more beds open.  So the CEOs of the hospitals got very ingenious and simply put trolleys in the corridors, took off the wheels, now they were stationary and they called them beds.  They also sent out flyers to all those awaiting surgeries, important surgeries, and they asked them on the flyer questionnaires, when will you be taking your holidays?  Of course folk thought, well, they want to know so they don’t send it then, when we are on holiday.  Well, the idea was yes, that’s when they WOULD send it and that’s when they DID send them to thousands of people who were on holiday at the time, so they went back to the bottom of the waiting list.  That’s how they got round all this kind of stuff.  These are the games that go on, no kidding, with governments in charge of health. 


They did admit that the priority was still going on for vasectomies, abortions and tubal ligations to do with infertility because it’s a UN mandate that every country’s signed on to.  However, here is an article to show you how lucrative it is for the system too, and how they are getting under the EU; now they are all under this super parliament.  They were conned into a super parliament and they take dictates from that.  Now people from all over Europe can go to Britain for their abortions, paid for by the British taxpayer.  This is from the Mail Online.


Get a free abortion on the NHS:

Polish women advised to travel to Britain for treatment

By Sophie Borland / / 16th March 2010


Polish women are being told to come to Britain for free NHS abortions to avoid strict laws at home.


They are being urged to take advantage of cheap flights and hotels as part of a poster campaign which features a semi-naked woman with the words 'my choice' written across her stomach.


The flyers, which are being distributed by proabortion campaigners in Poland, mimic the Mastercard series of 'priceless' adverts. The lender's campaign features different scenarios such as a first date or trip to the World Cup with various prices alongside.  (Alan:  You get a whole package deal here and the taxpayer is picking up the tab.)


In the Polish advert, the woman has various slogans around her which translate as: 'Plane ticket to England at special offer: 300 zloty (£70). Accommodation: 240 zloty (£56). Abortion in a public clinic: 0 zloty.  (A:  Was paid for by the British taxpayer, thank you very much.  Just keep bending over, bending over and bending over.  It’s all done through government and with the approval of government as the country is supposedly broke.  Supposedly broke.  As I say, if you really want something important, forget it, you’ll be dead.  You will be dead.)


Cause and effect.  Cause and effect.  Well, you see, since the 40s and 50s speeding up through the 60s with the whole push on to create pre-pubertal sex and then massive teenage sex through the music industry and the movie industry and promoted from the top DOWN, there was naturally a lot of fallout.  The idea, according to Wells and Huxley and Bertrand Russell who tried experimental schools along this subject of pre-pubertal sexual intercourse, was to ensure that the children wouldn’t bond with any one person.  That would put the end to marriage.  Remember, that was a priority, an absolute priority.  With the side effects come the effects.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  So people got pregnant.  Well, they put all their money into finding the pill, contraception pills and putting up the money to make sure they got abortions until the abortions become normal.  Apparently, I’ve heard women actually say that it’s just like getting a wart removed and that’s the value of human life.  That’s what it sinks down to.


I said years ago, eventually they will go for the elderly.  I’ve read the articles here even recently, even more of them where they are wanting to open clinics up for the elderly.  If you are just too tired of life, not physically sick but just too tired of life, you can go into a clinic and get bumped off for free.  Well, do you realize where all this goes?  …this DEHUMANIZATION of life?  Do you understand what it’s all about and where it ends up?  You see, if you can’t respect life, you can’t respect each other either.  Also, when government wants to kill you off, you’ll say well, why shouldn’t they, they’ve got the right to do it, what are we anyway.  You are DEVALUATING yourself… as you accept all these things piece by piece by piece.  Psychology, it’s understood. 


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  And what do you hear today?  Well, really it’s not my fault.  That’s what you’ll hear when a boy or a girl ends up in trouble… it’s not my fault.  Like they had nothing to do with it and the government is only too happy, through their educations, to say yeah, it’s true, you had nothing to do with it.  So you take all responsibility out of their hands.  And who takes on the responsibility?  The STATE does.  The state takes responsibility over life and death, who gets born and who doesn’t.  Do you understand what that’s all about?  This is bigger than someone’s right to decide.  It’s putting POWER into the hands of people who want to euthanize a good portion of the public.  There are far bigger consequences to everything that we do than most folk even realize. 


Remember, the government wanted to take away the community that used to help each other out and give you government agencies that have now become authorities.  All that kind of stuff comes when you allow government to take over.  The Nanny State they call it.  But then the nanny becomes rather nasty in her old age and she tells you who can be born and who can’t be born… but don’t you worry, it wasn’t your fault, you had nothing to do with it.  I'll be back with more on this topic after this break.


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the dehumanization of society and how it’s planed that way.  The whole idea, remember, Julian Huxley said we have to dethrone man from his pedestal where he thinks that he is the most supreme being on the planet, the highest creature in the world.  They’d have to get it through our thick skulls that we are now down to the level of animals, and even below in fact, according to Maurice Strong.  He actually said we would wish we had the rights of a tree or animals at the Rio Earth Summit Meeting.  And they are not kidding. 


As I say, you’re supposed to keep bowing and bowing to the different cultures.  Remember, China for instance, is the model state for the United Nations, for the world to copy for this one child per family policy, which isn’t quite true because I read an article not too long ago where the Chinese government will allow you to pay a slight kind of penalty if you are wealthy enough to have a second child.  They do believe in eugenics so the wealthier ones must be the most successful therefore they can have more than one child and they can afford to pay the little penalties that go along with it.  But for the rest, NO.  Social disapproval says, well, you’re taking food away from children to come if you have a second child, so we’re going to abort it.  


The BBC did a documentary a while back where they showed you, they were buying fetuses outside the back doors of the abortion clinics FOR FOOD, a health food.  China, they are crazy on health foods and foods that give ‘virility.’  They are fanatical about anything that gives them virility.  I can remember years ago, a documentary where they showed you about the ivory trade coming out of Africa.  At that time a lot of rhinoceroses were being destroyed just for the horn which is scraped into a powder because the Chinese believed it was very potent.  They like to eat their food when it’s still jumping around on the table.  If you watched the documentary, the Largest Chinese Restaurant in the World, you’ll see how they prepare the food and the fish are still mouthing away on your plate.  It’s the same thing with other animals as well. 


Different culture, you see, a different culture all together but we are supposed to just sit back and say, well, you know, different strokes for different folks.  However, it goes worse than that.  Remember, China IS the model state for the world.  But what happens too, is the dehumanization process when life becomes so cheap and they DO have mandatory abortion and they DO have a history of killing off especially the females in the families.  That was actually promoted.  The UN looked at that part of the Chinese tradition and didn’t stop it; they encouraged it because they wanted to drastically bring down the populations.  Now there are far too many males in China compared to women, big shortage. 


Here is an article from the Seoul Times in Korea.  It’s quite gruesome and by the way, don’t look at this article if you are really very squeamish or you have a conscience at all because there are GRAPHIC photographs in this one.  It’s in the letters to the editor, from some one in the field obviously, and they show you human fetuses being boiled and prepared for the kitchen, for health food and sexual potency. 


Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex

One Baby Policy Blamed for Killing Babies in China

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 /


A human baby is being made into soup for sexual power in China. 


Some of the Chinese people are known to be eating babies and the news circulated through the internet or via Email communication is shocking the world.


An Email report received by The Seoul Times confirmed that news with several vivid and appalling pictures of human embryos fetuses being made into a soup for human consumption.


The report went on. A town in the southern province of Canton (Guangdong) is now on trend taking baby herbal soup to increase overall health and stamina and the power of sexual performance in particular.  (A:  They really believe in this stuff.)


The cost in China currency approximately $ 4000 (it is about Rs2000).


A factory manager was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he is a frequent customer.


It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs are added to boil the baby with chicken meat for eight hours of boiling and steaming.


He pointed to his second wife next to him. She is 19 years old. The 62-year-old man testified that they have sex everyday.


After waiting for a couple of weeks he took this reporter to the restaurant when he was informed by restaurant manager that the spare rib soup (local code for baby soup) was now available.  (A:  Then they go on and on and on about it. There are lots of photographs there and it’s not for the squeamish.)


You know, we’re supposed to just accept all this kind of stuff in our stride I suppose.  But what I’m mentioning this for, you’ve got to understand that we are being dehumanized in the same way, a DELIBERATE WAY by the way, because we think nothing of it and the feminist groups were incredibly funded by the big foundations by whom?  Guys like Rockefeller, who’s up there on Google and many other videos talking about the need to drastically reduce the world’s population.  So he’s all for this stuff.  All these groups are used, you see, and they always get the most RADICAL spokespeople to come out to advocate it.


Where does it end up?  Cause and effect, remember, cause and effect… cause and effect.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and we are being dehumanized at one INCREDIBLE SPEED… incredible speed.  And it will come because the Optimum Population Trust and all the branches across the world, the guys who advise Prince Charles and all the other biggies, the guys like Sir Crispin Tickle who’s talked about the need to drastically depopulate.  You have also Mr. Holdren on Obama’s staff right now that co-authored the book, EcoScience, with the other fanatics talking about mandatory sterilization and so on.  One day you might see that on the tables here as well… for you to eat… and you probably won’t mind.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning cause and effects and how when you promote nothing but sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex and you create a culture where if you are over 25 you are over the hill because no one else really matters in this culture according to the media and entertainment.  You’re promoting nothing but sex and there’s consequences to all that and we don’t like to think of that. 


Meanwhile, you already have women in the western world having injections into their skin and there are stem cells from fetuses and creams with aborted fetuses and they think nothing of it.  Well, what’s the next step?  What’s the next step?  Is it going to be like China?  Well, yes, it will become that way, absolutely.  I’ll bet you, by the way, it’s already happening in the western world; guarantee you… already happening.  You’ve got to get the life force out of the very, very young eh.  The old ancient witchcraft stuff, so animistic magic will be transferred from the object to you.  Paganism in its extreme all the way back.  Climb up the ladder and then fall down so fast, eh.  Happily so, as we gorge our self on entertainment and the children see nothing but sex, sex, sex.  That’s all they see in Much-Music.  That’s all it ABOUT, sex.  Don’t ever get a partner for life whatever you do; just have as many as you want.  So every one is disposable, the partners are disposable and so is the outcome, the child.  Cause and effect.  Dehumanization.  Huxley, remember what he said?  CEO of UNESCO.  We’ll dethrone man from his pedestal.  Well, it’s happened folks. 


Another article that’s interesting, people have heard of the Common Purpose organization in Britain.  I personally think it’s an offshoot, authorized by the Royal Institute of International Affairs because they go by the same rules as that organization.  They have infiltrated every part of government and local authorities and even the military, even though that’s illegal.  You cannot have a so-called private, charitable organization WITH an agenda encroaching on people who are presently involved in the military.  But they’ve done it, which tells me it’s been authorized from the top. They also look for young children.  They are very interested in young children, VERY, VERY INTERESTED to get future leaders for the post-democratic society, to train them from youth to rule over us, you see.  Here is one of them.  Here is one of the characters from this organization.  I’ll put all these links up at the end of the show on my web sites if XplorNet gives me, graces me with the speed to get it up there instead of the twice-the-dial-up, which is supposed to be high speed. 


Children's charity boss admits string of sadistic sex attacks on prostitutes in 'torture chamber bedroom'

By Daily Mail Reporter / / 23rd March 2010


Matthew Byrne, 38, made his victims dress up as young schoolgirls before carrying out horrific sex assaults on them at his Wirral home.


Liverpool Crown Court heard the senior charity worker (A:  Charity worker, see, foundations and charities…) tied up, gagged and strangled his victims for his own sexual pleasure.


He then used a cane to repeatedly beat the women, who were tied to his bed while he carried out the obscene acts.


In another attack he repeatedly whipped his victim until her blood sprayed over his bedroom walls.


He then used a plastic bag to suffocate the women until she saw black spots in front of her eyes and thought she was going to die.


After being released the woman discovered she had 40 whip marks to her body and legs.


When police raided Byrne's home in New Brighton they discovered he had turned a bedroom into a torture chamber.


Officers discovered a double bed with shackles attached to each bed post, a leather collar, a cane, rope, tape and girl's clothing.


They also found a collection of violent pornography, while his computer revealed he had accessed a string of sadistic websites.


DNA and blood from Byrne's victims was also uncovered.


Byrne, who ran the Young Person's Advisory Service, previously worked with children as young as 10.  (A:  He also worked with Common Purpose.)


The charity worker changed some of his pleas shortly before he was due to stand trial on a total of 24 charges at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday.  (A:  And so on and so on and so on.)


That’s the society we now have.  To be honest with you, when you see some of the movies that they are churning out, it’s almost acceptable.  What I’m reading here is acceptable, you understand that… as we are degraded and degraded and degraded and degraded.  Sado-masochism, the cheapness of life.  Pain, punishment, death… and it’s called entertainment.  Quite something. 


The North American amalgamation is still going on.  The last signatory is to be done this year, 2010, supposedly for the complete integration of the Americas.  They hushed it up last year but they still went through and signed it.  This year is the final one because in 2005 on Canadian television, they did show the President and two Prime Ministers signing the first open agreement –  I say OPEN agreement –  and they said that the last one would be done in 2010.  They are copying Europe and that was brought up at the 2005 meeting on television where a reporter says this sounds awful like the European Union.  Then Bush jumped in and said, well, what’s wrong with that; free trade is good for us and he skipped over all the other stuff that comes with free trade, like total amalgamation and massive immigration and all the rest of it. 


Here is where this new totalitarian regime… Remember, these organizations that come out, when they amalgamate countries, are NOT democratic by any means at all.  They are a DICTATORIAL power and even ex-communists have come out and said the same thing. 



by Simon Murphy on Mar 26th, 2010 /


A new European intelligence agency Europol has been handed frightening powers to pry into everyone lives. (A:  This will come to the States too.  We’ve already amalgamated CSIS and the FBI in Canada.)  The agency of the EU can access information on everyone and anyone including their political opinions and sexual preferences if it suspects, rightly or wrongly, that they may be involved in any “preparatory act” which could lead to criminal activity.  (A:  That covers ANYTHING folks because everyone is a possible criminal given the right circumstances, like starvation.)


I’m sure some will say that calling Europol the Gestapo is unrealistic and over the top but if you consider that during the reign of the Nazi’s they would have to infiltrate Social Democratic and Communist opposition where as today the powers that be can sit in an office performing information gathering using phone tapping, email and internet usage, are Europol not a worse threat to our freedoms?


The vagueness of the Hague-based force’s (A:  That’s the UN again.) remit sparked furious protests in the UK yesterday with critics warning that the EU snoopers threaten our right to free speech. It is understood the agency will concentrate on anyone thought “xenophobic” (A:  That’s like fear of other people, other nations, other nationalities.) or likely to commit a crime involving the environment, computers or motor vehicles.


Europol Spying


This could include covert monitoring of people who deny the existence of climate change (A:  No kidding, they will.) or speak out on controversial issues(A:  That’s what they did in the Soviet Union.  They locked you up in psychiatric hospitals if you didn’t go along with any mandate, when reality would change and you suddenly had to adapt to the new new-speak.  They’d say that you had INFLEXIBILITY OF OPINION; that was considered a mental disorder.)


Paul Nuttall, chairman of the UK Independence Party, said: “I am horrified. We thought Gordon Brown’s Big Brother state was bad enough but at least we are going to kick him out in May. (A:  That won’t make and difference; who ever comes in will be the same.)  These guys we cannot sack until we leave the EU.”


James Welch, legal director of campaign group Liberty, said: “We have huge concerns that Europol appears to have been given powers to hold very sensitive information and to investigate matters that aren’t even crimes in this country. Any extension of police powers at any level needs to be properly debated and scrutinised.”  (A:  Well, fat chance because there is no debating going on at the EU parliament; even the politicians cannot make laws or adjust them or knock them out.  It’s done by a secretive group at the top and that’s a fact folks, I’ve read the articles before.  Oh, it’s going to be so wonderful, this free trade stuff.  That’s all it is, just free trade; boom, you’re amalgamated with a super parliament.)


Also under the National Health Service which is getting rammed through in the United States to bring in the MINIMALIST care, minimal care under the United Nations agenda.  That’s what they said at the World Health Organization, that every country will have MINIMAL care available to all people… but they will also have a tiered system for the very, very rich and wealthy and those who are very important to society… your status in society. 


In Britain, the National Health Service bureaucrats, the number of them…


Number of NHS bureaucrats increases SIX TIMES as fast

as number of nurses  (A:  Too many chiefs.)

By Daniel Martin / / 26th March 2010


The workforce of bureaucrats in the NHS is growing six times as quickly as the number of nurses, according to official figures.


While the number of health service managers went up 12 per cent in one year, the number of nurses increased by less than 2 per cent - and the number of health visitors plummeted.


Since Labour came to power, the number of managers has almost doubled, partly as a result of the need to monitor stringent Whitehall targets on waiting times.  (A:  So they have all these guys employed to monitor the waiting times.  Ha, like about 5 years.  What’s your problem?  Oh, I’ve got cancer.  Okay, you’re five years, five years, come back in five years, son.  Then the one next to you, what’s wrong with you?  Well, I want an abortion.  No problem, come into the clinic tomorrow, half past 2.  I’m not kidding.  That’s what’s going on there.  It’s not health care at all; it’s a POLITICAL AGENDA.  That’s what government does.  Everything government does is political.  You can’t mix it with health care.  You can’t mix it.)


I read from Jacques Attali’s book a while back.  The first one that he put out was called Millennium:  Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order.  He works at the United Nations remember and he said the next boat people would be Americans leaving their country, leaving their shores for work overseas and the crème-de-la-crème would be recruited by the leading countries in commerce.  They would travel off to other countries, a kind of new nomadic people that would go from budding countries to budding countries according to the economies.  Here is an article about the US and it’s already happening there.  It’s already been happening in Europe for a long time; in fact, they had the European paper and it’s full of ads for the crème-de-la-crème and everyone else is left behind, of course.  This is from


Business school grads flocking to Asia for jobs

Exodus of talent from U.S. may be part of structural shift in corporate world

Rodney Evans / BusinessWeek / By Michelle Conlin / March. 19, 2010


James Crawford says he hopes he can capitalize on his Columbia MBA in Shanghai.


For decades the United States manufacturing jobs have been slipping away even as the American factories churn out billions of dollars worth of goods. 


James Tsai is the sort of MBA corporate recruiters covet. He went to a good prep school, earned a degree with honors from Middlebury College, and made vice-president in Bank of America's international wealth management group at the age of 26. Today, Tsai is about to graduate, straight A's in hand, from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management, a top-rated program in America. And he's hustling to land his first post-MBA job — in China.


Executive Class strivers like Tsai used to have just one post-grad career destination, the U.S. Not anymore. "I am doing everything I think I can to get over there," he says.


Every era has its version of the MBA dream. In the 1980s, it was about conquering Wall Street and choppering off to the Hamptons. The late 1990s saw a stampede to Silicon Valley. In the mid-aughts, the gilded, clubby preserve of private equity beckoned.


Now, the emerging narrative is about steroidal Asia and its promise of growth. At premiere institutions such as the University of Chicago's Booth School, the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, and Northwestern's Kellogg, the percentage of MBAs taking jobs in Asia — including U.S. students like Tsai as well as international students — has more than doubled in the past five years, from roughly 5 percent of the graduating class to more than 10 percent.


"There is a sense that the center of gravity is shifting," says Julie Morton, Booth's associate dean for career services.


The number of students taking international jobs usually swells in a recession, says Kellogg Assistant Dean Roxanne Hori. But Hori and others believe that the refrain of "Go East, Young Man" is not a short-term response to the U.S. economic downturn but a structural shift toward an internationalized, mobile talent market. (A:  That’s exactly what Attali called it, years ago.  A new nomadic class of professionals who will move from up and coming countries to up and coming countries across the world but they will only take the crème-de-le-crème and all those with Bs and so on will all be stuck inside their vastly armed and guarded countries.  So that’s what’s coming.  It’s already here.)


We’ve all heard about nano technology.  They’ve kept it very quiet.  I’ve had articles FROM the nano technology associations to do with food where they actually disguised it and said that they didn’t want the public to know; that they weren’t too happy about it so they were going to go about is surreptitiously.  Anyway, it’s already in the food.  This is from


Regulated or Not, Nano-Foods Coming to a Store Near

Andrew Schneider /  Senior Public Health Correspondent / AOL News Second in a Three-Part Series


(March 24) -- For centuries, it was the cook and the heat of the fire that cajoled taste, texture, flavor and aroma from the pot. Today, that culinary voodoo is being crafted by white-coated scientists toiling in pristine labs, rearranging atoms into chemical particles never before seen.


At last year's Institute of Food Technologists international conference, nanotechnology was the topic that generated the most buzz among the 14,000 food-scientists, chefs and manufacturers crammed into an Anaheim, Calif., hall. Though it's a word that has probably never been printed on any menu, and probably never will, there was so much interest in the potential uses of nanotechnology for food that a separate daylong session focused just on that subject was packed to overflowing.


In one corner of the convention center, a chemist, a flavorist and two food-marketing specialists clustered around a large chart of the Periodic Table of Elements (think back to high school science class). The food chemist, from China (A:  Hmm…), ran her hands over the chart, pausing at different chemicals just long enough to say how a nano-ized version of each would improve existing flavors or create new ones.


One of the marketing guys questioned what would happen if the consumer found out.


The flavorist asked whether the Food and Drug Administration would even allow nanoingredients.


Posed a variation of the latter question, Dr. Jesse Goodman, the agency's chief scientist and deputy commissioner for science and public health, gave a revealing answer. He said he wasn't involved enough with how the FDA was handling nanomaterials in food to discuss that issue. (A:  Actually, I’ll put another link up too to show you that the FDA isn’t even looking into it.  They are way behind and the stuff is already being put in your foods.  So there are 2 articles I have on that to come up.)  And the agency wouldn't provide anyone else to talk about it.


Obsession With Nanotech Growth Stymies Regulators

Andrew Schneider  Senior Public Health Correspondent / / March 24, 2010


Then I’m going to mention Mr. Pachauri, the wonderful guy from India after this break.


I’m Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ve all heard of Mr Pachauri, the guy who writes porno novels at the IPCC; I’ve read the articles from the mainstream.  Well, he’s involved in a company, Tata, it’s called.  They own Jaguar, Land Rover and Tetley Tea…


Giant coal-fired power plant gets green subsidies

Robert Watts / From The Sunday Times June 15, 2008


A giant Indian company that has bought up famous British firms such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Tetley Tea is to get hundreds of millions of pounds in “green” subsidies to build one of the world’s biggest coal-fired power stations(A:  They are shutting them down in Britain and elsewhere but they are building them in India.  So they are getting subsidies to do this.)


Tata will receive huge sums from the West for building the power station in India, thanks to the carbon trading system (A:  Haha.) established by the Kyoto treaty. Critics say the system makes a mockery of attempts to combat climate change.


When the plant near the port of Mundra, in Gujarat, becomes operational in 2011 it will emit 25.7m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – more CO2 than any power station in Britain.


Yet it will be classed by the United Nations as a source of “clean power”. That means Tata will be able to sell surplus “carbon credits”, established under the Kyoto treaty, to firms in the West. Energy groups will be able to buy the credits as an alternative to reducing CO2 emissions.  (A:  But you have to go into Mr Pachauri because he’s also involved as a CEO of a subsidiary of Tata.  They’re all in it together.  They’re all filling their pockets with the laws that they themselves pushed through.  All these psychopaths are doing very well for themselves, mind you, under this con game of carbon credits.)


Now, briefly I’ll go to, is it Kevin in North Bay?


Kevin:  Yep, that’s me.


Alan:  How are you doing?


Kevin:  I’m doing all right.  Just about graduating radio school; I’m almost done here.  One thing I want to ask you Alan, what do you think is probably one of the best solutions to really fight off this New World Order system?


Alan:  Well, that’s a question we should have been asking 50 years ago… because it’s taken years of secret negotiations between governments, ever since the United Nations was set up in fact, with many departments attached to it all to bring in this New World Order.  The overseas economic departments for investment, all these companies were working together, private organizations working with government to bring all this in, working with your immigration policies, all of this stuff.  To be honest with you, whenever we start talking about something, it’s almost 50 years too late. 


Kevin:  Yeah.  What do you think of Max Egan’s idea of non-compliance on a mass scale?  Very quickly before the show ends, this whole New World Order system, it thrives on people paying the price for their own slavery through the tax system and the money system and I think that if you stop feeding the beast you kill it. 


Alan:  The problem is, we’ve never, ever had enough of the public getting together and going along.  You will always find the majority of them don’t want to stand above the trenches and get their heads seen.  They’d rather go along.  Mind you, they will take the benefits of a small minority who do it and suffer and win but the majority will still go along.  Again, you have a class system where the more well-to-do will not join in.  They’re okay with their jobs.  They’ll go along to their jobs and everyone else will stay off work.  But I know the idea.  Technically, we have the ability, absolutely, to stop things in their track by noncompliance. 


Kevin:  Yeah, and I think… I do think that a massive boycott, while the internet is still running strong, I think that would be the best means to do it and I think it CAN be done.  You’d be surprised how many people really are awake out there.


Alan:  They are awake but what they need is a philosophy, a common philosophy and where they would take it AFTER they’d won.  There is none of that that exists right now, you see.  That’s the problem.


Kevin:  I hear the music and just to let you know Gandhi did it and I think it can be done again.


Alan:  It certainly can be done but it’s up to us and generally when our backs are against the wall unfortunately. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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