March 30, 2010 (#544)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 30, 2010:

Scientists Agree -- Their Minds Too Advanced
To Communicate to You and Me,
Ability the Public Lacks
To Absorb Agenda's 'Facts':

"American Academy of Science Met This Season,
Agreeing Backward Public Is Too Stupid to Reason,
Now Science is to Rule, By 'Expert' Fanatic,
Since We're Post-Democratic, They'll Be Pragmatic,
Public Live in 'Vagueness', Religion and Emotion,
So Propaganda to Be Emotional, Soothing Like a Lotion,
Which Controls the Savage Beast, Cons Him to Comply,
'Feelings' Stealthily Preyed Upon by Scientists Who Lie,
To Guide this Witless Peasant, Please Understand Their View,
As They Usher in 'Green' Taxes, Living Well Off Me and You,
Plans to Drug You, Inject You, with 'Scientific Stuff',
Stepping Up the Death Rate, (Sterilization Not Enough),
Now Try and See it Their Way, Scientists Live Above the Herd,
Thoughts're Evolved and Lofty, For Simple, Average Nerd,
Behaviourists Use Conditioning - See Poor Willie - Free the Whale!
No Trick Low Enough for Scientists, Their Morals Up for Sale,
Ads,  Media You Guzzle, Music, Movies that You Buy,
Ensuring Agenda Adaptation, And in Ignorance, Comply"
© Alan Watt March 30, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 30, 2010
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Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix on March 30th 2010.


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The art of conology is the art of managing vast amounts of people and it’s an ancient art that even the Pharaohs were taught by the high priests.


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Now, we’re going into, we are living through the greatest change in history, modern history. It’s the greatest change since the industrial revolution began and that’s how it’s referred to at the Council on Foreign Relations. Before they even put us through it they were talking about this greatest change since that era. Now the industrial revolution displaced 97% of the people who lived on the land and put them into the cities. In the US that was followed and hastened by the great depression in the 20’s and I’ll be going into some of that tonight. I’ll talk to you after this break.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, just talking about the conology that rules the world. If you want to rule a world, and it was the same in ancient times, once you had basically a bigger family you could take over neighbouring families and eventually dominate them or kill them and the survivors simply became your soldiers and you went off and plundered other peoples and that’s how kings and queens eventually arose down through the ages; they were mass slaughterers and very aggressive and psychopathic basically. Then the leaders and those kings and queens would marry other leaders and kings and queens and make sure the psychopathic traits were kept within the family. That was what they called ‘Royal Blood’ you see.

They eventually hired courtiers around them. Courtiers would gravitate towards them; those other psychopaths with other skills and manipulations would become hired as advisors. It was their job really to find ways of controlling the public and the courtiers had spies, lots and lots of spies which they employed and they went throughout the public and listened at the bazaars and different places for gossip and how the public felt about different things. So they kept the pulse of the public and therefore could always divert them off if they were getting a bit restless. They’d divert them off with threats of war and stuff like that.

Nothing really has changed especially when you looked back and you found out that currency, currency is something that flows supposedly. It’s something that flows. If you are in charge of the currency then you’re in charge of everything because you decide how much is going to be out there. Is the flow of currency going to flood the banks or is it going to be a trickle down through a stream in drought season?


That’s what the Phoenicians were all about. Wherever the Phoenicians went in ancient times they tried to introduce their silver standard, initially it was silver, not gold, wherever they went with weights and measures. They didn’t do much fighting themselves. They weren’t into fighting. They were more into merchandising, controlling the money system of different countries by lending and also in new territories, they would advise countries that owed them money to go off and fight the countries that owed them money and they get their money back and also demand a percentage of the slaves. With these slaves they used to send them off to their different mines, owned by the Phoenicians. They had basically mining camps all over the ancient world, even right into the Urals in Russia. They valued the silver and then later on when they ran the gold system they valued the slave’s life at about 3 ounces of gold. That’s how much the average slave would get out before he was killed in these mines or worked to death. So labour was very, very cheap in those days especially as I say, when you got the excess of the losers in battles as part of the deal.


This went down through the ages and became more clever in the way they ran things through kings and queens and governments. The first things the kings and queens must do eventually is to pacify the people they’ve conquered and be beneficent to them, give them a few holidays and feasts and stuff like that and maybe 2 or 3 years of little taxation. Then they come in with the heavier taxes, generally for war to protect the public they’d start taxing you because ‘there’re invaders over that water there and they’re coming this way and we’ve got to protect you.’

So the fearful would give up everything they had, their pigs, their cattle, their chickens, whatever, their men as well, their sons to go off and fight these wars. Sometimes they never happened. Sometimes they were ruses and sometimes it was really so your king could go off and invade someone else and conquer them too. That generally was the real reason.


The kings also, through their courtiers who managed everything for them, would get royal historians and the historians were called ‘authors’ because you see, they were authorised by the king to write the authorised version and such historians always wrote glowing reports about the kings or the queens because you see, the penalty was quite severe if you didn’t. Therefore it was always a glowing report and many, many a tyrant across the world had glowing reports. It’s not much different than today.

You always find that the authorised historians are called ‘authorised’ and these are the ones that are quoted to people who talk about ‘conspiracies’, or you’re called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you go by a different version of history even with recent events; “Well you’re not authorised. How silly! We have so-and-so to write this and he went to Cambridge or Oxford” and you see that overrides any other version of history. Nothing changes. Nothing ever changes. It’s astonishing.


Sometimes kings and queens and even prime ministers are involved in the writing of their own histories because even with their own biographies in fact, they’re all ghost-written for them. They casually go over bits and pieces and say if they agree or disagree or ‘take this part out there’ and take out a few scandals and stuff and make sure everything is a glowing report. Therefore the next generation grows up and all they have to turn to are these authorised histories to go by. This is an ancient, ancient art you understand.


Now part of the technique of ruling the public was to give them religions which make them very docile and obedient because even a bad thought, a wicked thought such as: “Gee, these people are tyrants, should we do something about it, maybe do them physical harm?” That became a sort of Pavlovian response as soon as you thought it because right into your mind immediately would come the thought of sin; “that was a sin”. So that was your Pavlovian block you see? A very good technique that’s used today because they’re using that and other techniques post-religious, the same techniques.

Once the thought comes into you, boom! The idea of sin comes in and somebody’s watching you and you can’t see him because he’s invisible but he knows your every thought and that’s wicked.


Kings and queens never believed in the religions which they gave the general public. They never, never really believed in them. Across the world they did not believe in them because you see they were part of the educated class. However, religion was essential, essential to rule over the public. That doesn’t negate the validity of any religion or its basics or its basis. When anybody really came up to stand up for the people and said basic truths, they’d usually kill them and then use what they were saying against the people to keep them pacified. So it wouldn’t matter if God himself came down again and got killed, they’d still get crucified and then they’d use that and add a few other things onto it too like; ‘Thou shalt take the brain chip and be a good citizen and be very green.’ I’m not kidding you. This is the sort of stuff they did in ancient times and yet the kings and queens always got off with beheading people, slaughtering people. The churches always stood up on behalf of the kings and queens because that little passage that was inserted in the Bible that says you always obey your government because it was given by God, meant that any tyrant was validated by God, including Adolf Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and all these guys, including Caligula in ancient times too and Nero.

So you see, that’s why you find these dichotomies, these paradoxes in religion of opposing statements made in the same book.


Other religions go on a more pragmatic course to do with basic laws. If you don’t understand what God is don’t try and understand it. You just accept the fact that you can find out what God is not from the evidence around you. That’s how Judaism is based on laws basically and you don’t look for redemption by works and means and all that kind of stuff. And the survival of the people is of the utmost importance. Therefore, you know, technically Judaism is a survival, a complete survival religion with no apologies for anything. Christianity because it was enforced for obedient people, obedient for those who ruled, told them to be meek and mild and just bend over and obey all the time, even though the founder of it, the person it’s founded after, got in trouble with the authorities because he stood up to the bankers. He stood up to the Pharisees in league with the Roman rulers and all getting their pay cuts from the cash cuts from the taxations they all mustered and this guy was killed for it.

So as I say, you can still be killed for doing all the right things, then they’ll use the other things you did and said to pacify the public.

We’re not dealing with stupid people here or recent developments in psychology. They had other terms for psychology in ancient times, and for those who have studied Machiavelli, you’ll soon catch on that he was obviously taught his art from somewhere else long before he was born; ongoing techniques.

Because if you want to rule the public, and really at the top there, it’s like Albert Pike. Albert Pike of Freemasonry, he said some interesting things. He said “we make no apologies, no apologies for the God of Nature.” This is the same man who said that “if you’re not willing to use your own intellect then you are no more than meat on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.” In other words, by the laws of nature those who were smart enough and wise enough and cunning enough to rule over others and profit off them should do so.

This is an ancient belief system and it’s been taught to every elite class all down through the generations in every single country on the planet and nothing has changed today. But to get to live very well off the public you must brainwash them. Brainwashing is a simple thing. You have to brainwash one generation, that’s all, just one generation, and make them believe it and make sure they teach their children and that’s it done. The second generation will take it as a normal thing, the third for sure and no-one will question it. They’ll know no previous time when this didn’t exist.


Now we have much better techniques. Children are actually brainwashed, not just from their mums and dads talking, but from cartoons from a very early age. They’re all ‘greening’ in there, people are bad, their parents are bad, too many people destroying the planet, all that stuff. All propaganda’s put into cartoons by selected authors and novelists and all the rest of it, selected by those who rule us to ensure that the next generation is further brainwashed to fit the agenda they will live through.


So I’ll be back with more on this after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the art of manipulation and manipulating millions and billions of people and now that we’re becoming global you see, we’re getting fantastic propaganda on a global scale, the same propaganda. It used to be just through UNESCO at the United Nations Educational Society which made sure they standardised educations across the planet so that all children would have the same brainwashing to fit the agenda, you see, the planned agenda.

They didn’t have to know what the agenda was. They just had to have the beginnings of the brainwashing to get them to adapt to the agenda.

But it’s more perfected than that. They use neuroscience and all kinds of techniques now to manipulate us. Your media is one of the biggest manipulators of all. It’s always been private organisations remember. The media are private organisations. They have barons of media who generally go over at a certain age to England and get knighted by the queen, regardless of the country they live in and no-one ever asks why. Their job really is to ensure that you’re kept in a kind of dizzy state, a dizzy state with partial truths, big spins, big spins. I’ve actually got articles from mainstream admitting that Pachauri, who’s in the IPCC, on the climate change nonsense that’s been so blown out the water with their lies, is hiring lots and lots of new spin doctors. That’s what the media’s actually calling them, spin doctors to try and get us back on believing them again.

That’s what all media really is about, a spin on things on behalf of their masters. There’re so many topics the media will ever, ever touch. They’ll never touch anything to do with a big corporate scandal where they get advertisers from, the company that’s involved in the scandal or else a subsidiary of them because they advertise with them.


I can remember too when one of the Rothschilds was found hung in a bathroom and there was a big scandal over it and it was the old grandma Rothschild that went down Fleet Street in London, all the newspaper places. She went to each and every one of them and said that if you print any of this you’ll be bankrupt tomorrow.

That’s how it’s really done. That’s how it’s really done folks.

You see, once you treat the people and you’ve trained the people into a fake reality, the fake reality being that everybody above you is somehow more mature, honest and altruistic than you are and that’s how they got there. That’s the basic premise of conology. So if they’re up there wearing more expensive clothing, suits and ties, and in charge of businesses and they go into politics then somehow, somehow they’re more altruistic and they cannot lie like George Washington. He could not tell a lie and nonsense like that and we’re taught to believe this stuff. It’s drummed into us.


We believe through all the cop shows. Remember Jacques Ellul talked about in his book on propaganda and how the public are brainwashed by fiction and drama and movies. Every cop show he said and every hospital show with all the doctors, dramas you see, fiction where they run around all knowing what they’re doing, all concerned about the patients. They can’t sleep at night until it comes to them what’s wrong with that patient you see and the same with the cops. They go through all hell and blown up cars and jumping off roofs to get the bad guys and that gives you the impression of what they’re all about and it’s nothing to do with it. It’s all propaganda to give you a fake version.

Police have always been there to make sure the establishment stayed the establishment. That’s their primary function. They’re a military force, a paramilitary force, an internal one to ensure the survival of the prevailing system on behalf of those who own it.


Now, as I say, they’ve gone so much further than simply giving us fairy stories for histories with dates and places and famous people. They’re using neuroscience techniques. All teachers now when they’re taught the greening and all that, they get what they call, they give them a ‘toolkit’ for teachers on how to put a lesson across on this topic. ‘You must start here.’ That prepares the mind of the child because you know how the mind of the child is going to work and where they’re going to go with it. So you present things in a fashion to ensure their mind goes along this path, just like a computer running a program, until they come to the conclusion you want. It’s all scientifically designed, ‘scientific indoctrination’ was what Bertrand Russell called it, the one who helped design it and the children don’t know because they all come to the same conclusions about the same topics at the same time with the same techniques and they all talk to each other and all they can parrot is what their conclusions are; which are all the same.


Now, there are meetings going on now with science because this is the rise of the scientific tyranny which Bertrand Russell and others talked about many years ago because they planned to bring it in. With the death of religion they’d replace it with a form of secular humanism that would still serve those who were called the ‘dominant minority’ as Huxley called them; the ‘dominant minority’.

Scientific techniques would continue throughout the person’s lives to indoctrinate the people, a sort of continuing education. That was another little term they used, to hide what it was. Continuing education must mean nightschool right?

No, they were talking about brainwashing you from birth to death so you’d never know a true reality outside of your conditioning and everyone you’d meet in your level, in your class, in your area wouldn’t know either. So you’d all think you were sane and you’d all truly believe you were well up on every topic.

I’ll continue with this and go into some of these topics after I come back from this break.


Welcome back to Cutting Through the Matrix and I’m Alan Watt.


We’re talking about control basically, very briefly just skimming over the surface of the details because it’s so deep a subject and so long a history to go over that you can only just touch on it in an hour.


Really I’m showing you we’ve always been conned. The public have always been conned and people are taught to believe they’re free. That was the great thing about democracy; you’re free. It really worked for quite a while. People thought they could vote people in and things would change for the better but they knew before they gave you democracy where they’d take you in the 20th and the 21st century. They knew exactly where they were heading because you see, even then, big corporations planned investments and where they wanted to be as corporations in a hundred years time. So did foundations, the private, so-called ‘charitable’ philanthropies, the big foundations because they would rule the world through their non-governmental organisations while democracy was running and controlling and conning the public. That’s how it really works.

We’re ‘post democratic’ according to the Club of Rome and I’ve gone over that before too from their own writings, and how they favoured ‘collectivism’. It’s the easiest way to get us all standardised, brainwashed into the same level of misunderstanding and we’ll be more compliant with everything and that’s also what the ‘century of change’ was.

It was to be kicked off in the 21st century which we got in the year 2001. It’s happened. It kicked off with the twin towers and away we went into a 100 years of terrorism and obeying the authorities basically and paying through the nose for everything.


We’re going back to ‘serfdom’, the way they think it should be done. The authorities at the top have discussed this, that ‘feudalism’ was a better system for them. In a new feudalism with all the technology, where you can monitor every single individual, would be a far more effective technique of feudalism and the new feudal overlords are the CEOs of international corporations and the foundations all working together.

The fronts are your governments. That’s already happened. We’re here with that. We’ve been here for a while with that. The world must be standardised into one system; the eradication of all the existing religions as you’ve know them over a period of time, bring in secular humanism, bring in a more debased society with the culture creation industry and then you literally have ignorant serfs.


Now here’s an article that ties in with this. John Holdren of course is the science ‘tsar’ as they’re calling them. The media would call them the ‘tsar’ because you’re under the Sovietised system you see which was meant to take over after the Bush era. They give you the Nazi system first then the Soviet system for collectivism.

I always said that Bush would set up the military organisations internally and the internal spy mechanisms to monitor everybody and enforce their laws through force and Obama would be brought in to use it and that’s how it’s happening.


This is from a meeting of the AAAS. I think it’s the American Association and Academy of Science meeting and that was held in February 2010. Now John Holdren’s the big boy remember who’s written about the necessity to eradicate a good part of the population by every means possible, including forced sterilisation, secret sterilisation through water food and so on, diseases in other countries, mandatory sterilisation in countries like India. He said in the book he wrote with Paul Ehrlich. He wrote in that, ‘Ecoscience’ was the name of the book, he said that India and Third World countries would be easier because people are kept ignorant and we can say we’re going to help them through medicine and really sterilise them. In the West he said and America, where the folk have more education, we’ll have to be more cautious or surreptitious or devious, meaning that they’d put it in your water, your food and your injections and you’d be taught to believe that medicine was good for you and that you were going to die without it.


Anyway, here’s this article here and it’s:

Friday, February 19th, 2010. Room 7B, San Diego Convention Centre


These are the top scientists now that have been presented with a role to play for the scientific dictatorship, how to get us over from democracy into allowing ourselves to be ruled by a scientific elite of experts; a world of experts, exactly what Bertrand Russell said. It says;


“The Administration is committed to solving society’s grand challenges, with energy,...”


(A: You see? That’s to be the big stick.)




(A: They also mean depopulation and sterilisation when they say ‘health’. I hope you understand that.)


“...and education policy...”


(A: That’s indoctrination.)

“...topping the list.”

(A: You understand that they have double meanings when they speak amongst themselves? And they all know it; those who are present.)


“President Obama wants science to have a key role in a new, more pragmatic approach to governance.”


(A: Not government, but governance.)


“In our constitutional democracy an informed public must be able to judge the performance of those they elect. This requires a triangle comprised of political institutions, the community of experts,...”


(A: Did you vote in a community of experts? No!)


“...and a responsible public, all of whom are well informed. How will the public become informed about energy policy,...


(A: Which means that you’re going to pay through the nose to light a candle to heat yourself. I’m not joking here. It’s to control you. So how are the public going to be informed, they mean brainwashed, about ‘energy policy’?)


“...for example? Studies tell us...”


(A: Because they’re monitoring all your mails, all your chit chats, all the time so they know what’s going on.)


“Studies tell us the public strongly supports energy independence, new sustainable sources, and incentives for energy efficiency. But fewer than half of those interviewed could name a renewable energy source or a fossil fuel, raising the question of how firm the public’s views are.”


(A: Now listen carefully how this is worded. This is for the public release. You can imagine how their internal ones are.)


“ Studies show, however, that people make judgments based primarily on their values,...”


(A: See, your values are not the same as their values. Do you understand?)


“ (and their) belief systems, (their religions) world views, and emotions. Facts play a much more minor role. This gap...”


(A: Now listen to this.)


“This gap cannot be bridged by loading the public with facts,...”


(A: So here they’ve already made the decisions. You can’t give the public facts because the public run on what? On separate, different values, belief systems, world views and emotions. That’s the same terminology they used in South Africa in Apartheid when they talked about the Blacks. They said, ‘you can’t talk to them and explain. They don’t understand. They’re like children.’ Well, they’re saying the same thing here but it’s geared for the West you see to read and they miss all over that and never really get the points. So the people have values, a different set of values from those at the top naturally because you’re not psychopaths. You’ve got belief systems. You’ve got world views and emotions. So you run primarily on emotions, value systems and religions.)


“Facts play a much more minor role. This gap cannot be bridged by loading the public with facts or trying to make the public more science literate.”


(A: So they’ve already agreed that they’re not going to make you more science literate or give you the facts. Do you understand that? But they do know how you tick through your emotions and beliefs. They’re going to use your emotions and belief systems as they have been for an awful long time through videos and all that kind of stuff of dying seals or an ant somewhere that’s dying of thirst or something like that.)


“How should scientists deal with this awkward reality? How can science help create a more rational, pragmatic, and far-sighted society capable of addressing the challenges we face?”


(A: We face. Now they’re talking about the science community.)


“Are new innovative methods required to engage the voters in supporting more rational public policies?”


So the whole topic of their meeting was finding


innovative methods required to engage the voters”.


Now the voters remember have different sets of values, belief systems, world views and emotions.


“Facts play a much more minor role”.


“This gap cannot be bridged by loading the public with facts.”


So in other words, they’re going to use your emotions, your belief systems, your world view to make you go along and vote for what they call the ‘pragmatic’ way to go. You understand? And their organiser goes through all the attendants and organisations, University of California, Rice University and on and on and on it goes. They got all the list at the bottom.


And put these links on my website at the end of the show just right under the audio from tonight so you can link to them and look them up yourself. There are alot of links come off here as well.


‘How to advance the public’s energy learning curve’ for instance.


‘Redefining what an informed public means on science and technology issues.’ Etc etc.


So I hope you understand what it’s actually saying and that I’ve made it at least fairly clear as I decipher it for you. That’s how they run us. You’re going to be treated like children. They’ll give you scary scenarios to play on your emotions so that you go along with what they want you to go along with. Do you understand?


Now what else are they using too? They’re using many techniques and Mark Baard on his site, I’ll put this up too tonight, he put up a...he got in touch with me yesterday about ‘moral judgements’ and how they’re being affected because they can use little electromagnetic currents from outside your skull to literally alter your moral judgements and he went into it and he caught on right away because the centre they’ve located is behind the right ear and that’s where you hold your cell phone by the way but it’s not mentioned in the other mainstream articles that that’s where you hold your cell phone.

I’ll put Mark’s one up tonight and here’s one of the links he sent me and it’s from the Massachusetts, where else, Institute of Technology, that big CIA funded organisation, by Jennifer Hirsch, 29th March, 2010.


“Moral judgements can be altered”


(A: Now this is old stuff really because I’ve gone through Persinger before at Laurentian University in Canada, who’s been there for years. He’s worked with the CIA. He worked at NSA. He worked for the Pentagon and found ways of electromagnetic stimulation of the brain to even use it on warfare projects, and it says here:)


“MIT neuroscientists have shown they can influence people's moral judgments by disrupting a specific brain region — a finding that helps reveal how the brain constructs morality.

To make moral judgments about other people, we often need to infer their intentions — an ability known as "theory of mind." For example, if a hunter shoots his friend while on a hunting trip, we need to know what the hunter was thinking: Was he secretly jealous, or did he mistake his friend for a duck?”


(A: Or was he just short sighted?)


“Previous studies have shown that a brain region known as the right temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) is highly active when we think about other people's intentions, thoughts and beliefs. In the new study, the researchers disrupted activity in the right TPJ by inducing a current in the brain using a magnetic field applied to the scalp. They found that the subjects' ability to make moral judgments that require an understanding of other people's intentions — for example, a failed murder attempt — was impaired.


The researchers, led by Rebecca Saxe, MIT assistant professor of brain and cognitive sciences, report their findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the week of March 29.


The study offers "striking evidence" that the right TPJ, located at the brain's surface above and behind the right ear, is critical for making moral judgments, says Liane Young, lead author of the paper. It's also startling, since under normal circumstances people are very confident and consistent in these kinds of moral judgments, says Young, a postdoctoral associate in MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.”


These guys all work for the Pentagon, I hope you all understand that. It’s an old science. As I say, Persinger, if I can find that old link, you’ll see a video of him giving a lecture to some of his students, years ago and as I say, long before that he worked and had links working with the Pentagon as well for ways of altering behaviour by using electromagnetic stimulation by pulse beam weaponry and he’s a big player in all of this and then they bunged him in his own little quiet place at Laurentian to carry on his work. This is all for the military-industrial complex obviously. They had the ‘Koren Helmet’ where they could simulate the effects of LSD with this helmet on or give you the same effects of marijuana for instance and you would experience exactly the same symptoms but by very low frequency electromagnetic pulsation and fields.


It’s also another link to do with this too and I’ll put them all on my site,, is:


“Morality study narrows gap between mind and brain” and that’s from NPR. I’ll put this one up as well and also another link I think from, I think it was the Sci-Tech Heretic. It says...This is Mark Baard:


“EM field behind right ear suspends morality” It says:

“MIT neuroscientists believe they have isolated the brain region — just behind the right ear — where moral judgements take place.

And they can suspend someone’s ability to judge right from wrong, simply by generating a magnetic field near the same spot where many of us hold our cellular phones and wireless, Bluetooth, headsets.

The researchers’ findings, announced today:

“In both experiments, the researchers found that when the right TPJ (right temporo-parietal junction) was disrupted, subjects were more likely to judge failed attempts to harm as morally permissible.”

The technique used by the MIT scientists, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), has been described as one that creates “virtual lesions” on the brain.

And although TMS’s long term effects on health are not well understood...”

(A: Well they really are. They’ve been doing this for about 30 years by the way.)

“...(similar amounts of electromagnetic radiation have been linked to increased cancer risk), the treatment is becoming increasingly popular for everything from tinnitus...”

(A: That’s ringing in the ears.)

“ depression.”

Now it’s so amazing too because you’ll notice that all the big boys in computer technology are coming out with the helmets to interact and interface with the computer. Microsoft was already working a year ago. They announced they were working already and probably had been for quite some years on making this kind of effect happen by using wiring round your screen to project an electromagnetic field to you sitting in front of the screen and you wouldn’t even need the helmet.

They’re way ahead with this stuff and I’ve read articles too where some of the games they have can interface with your brain by stimulating, with these electromagnetic currents, those parts of your brain.


Now if you’re working, or playing I should say, on some war, some massive war game that kills, kills, kills, that’s the only technique, and you’re also suspending moral judgements, what kind of person are you training for the future black uniformed goon squad? You better think about that because these guys at the top know. They know this stuff. They’ve known for years what they’re doing; years and years and years.

That’s how you rule the public; covertly and stealthily. You never tell them what’s really going on about anything, anything at all...anything at all.


There’s even an article about a new game that’s out, I’ll put this link up too, where a video game for the children and so on, where you get to rape women and choose how you’re going to rape them and how your friends can join in at raping them as well.


And I’ll put that up just to show you how they’re using all this stuff I’ve just been talking about, altering your brainwaves. These children are all on their little telephones hitting that temporo-parietal lobe there and no moral responsibility.


Back after this break.


I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, just giving you a little taste of reality rather than just dosing you with terror and fear in a thousand nasty articles. These are the articles you have to take note of because they’re more in line with the true reality that’s being used on the public and has been for an awful long time to show you how techniques work on us all and how we’re brainwashed and how the scientific dictatorship truly is here.

It’s all the scientists now who want to inject every baby, every person all your life until you die. It’s scientists who talk about the overpopulation and the need to cull off people. It’s the scientists who talk about the greening effect and all the rest of it.

Scientists rule you see, all on behalf of their masters who still stay the same masters to ensure that the old dynasties carry on at the top and profit vastly from everything the scientists tell us we must do.

They profit from the shares in pharma and the pharma companies they control. They profit off all the carbon taxes they’re going to take off you. They profit from all the money that’s swagged off your pensions when you die before you get the darned thing because you’ve had inoculations and various things.


This is the real world folks. Remember we’re dealing with what they call themselves ‘pragmatists’. They’re very pragmatic in their decisions. There’s no emotion involved. They’re not emotional, they’re pragmatic.


And to finish off the last article, the Sci-Tech Heretic by Mark Baard, he says here that:


“The US military also hopes to use TMS...”


(A: This technique of stimulating the temporo-parietal lobe at the junction.)


“ keep soldiers fighting, without the need to stop for sleep.”


So, moral judgements can be altered. That’s exactly what you want in soldiers especially if they’ve been training with this stuff for 20 years through games and all the rest of it, that are getting better and better all the time at making sure that you have no emotions at all and you’ll kill who you’re told to kill and I mean whomever you’re told to kill. That’s also been the dream of those who rule for ages; a robotic type human army that’ll do exactly what they’re told immediately and a public that’ll also kneel down to be shot when they’re told to immediately. How wonderful it will be for them at the top. That’s the world we’re living in folks.


I’ll try and take a call and there’s Jane from California. Are you there Jane? Hello Jane.


Jane – Well hello, hi Alan.


Alan – Hello.


Jane – I would agree that people are brainwashed and I’m a mother of teenagers and it’s terribly worrying.     Well there is something going on, this phenomenon going on and it’s a true story that’s really happening now in this country and I’m calling because three of my friends have burned themselves and got better immediately. What they did was call...


Alan – No No Bye now bye. No more ads thank you very much ok.


There’s always cons going on you know and every con seems to come from California. Isn’t that amazing eh? California, the culture creators where there are no morals, only lots of money to be made. That’s often why I don’t take calls because I can’t screen them. I can’t tell who they are you know or what they’re going to come out with. But that’s the opportunists, the psychopathic types that take advantage of all situations, regardless of the gravity of the situation, to profit for themselves and they might go far if they’re a bit brighter than this one.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods, and your mind, your own mind, go with you.



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