March 31, 2010 (#545)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 31, 2010:

The Purpose of Being Human:
Bankers Don't Fret, They Get Fat Off Debt,
Here's the Facts, You Pay Off Through Tax:

"When Conditioned Linear-Logic Fails to Agree
With Your 'News' Input, and What You See,
Cognitive Dissonance Results, From Conflict in Reason,
Which is Hammered with New Laws, Passed Each Season,
Ruling Elite Make Use of Behavioural Psychologists,
Who Convey to the Herd Via Media Spinologists,
So You Can't Be Relaxed to Even Go Frolic,
Paralyzed with Fear, Mistrusting Own Logic,
'Perhaps They're Right', You Cry, 'We Can't Be Trusted!'
Repeating Media Verbiage Which Upon You is Foisted,
Those Who Own Us Laugh, Rub Hands with Glee,
Surveying the Slaves, Who Say Meekly, 'We're --- Free?' "
© Alan Watt March 31, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 31, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 31, 2010.  For the newcomers to the show, you should look into web site, scroll down that front page and bookmark all the other official sites I have listed there for future use in case the .com site goes down.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I really trickle by here most of the time and itís through buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale on the web sites.  You can get 40-50 shows per disk on the CDs.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  The books that Iíve written are different; they bypass the usual linear thinking logic that we are trained to think in.  It shows you through symbology and various other means how basically you are used by those with the arts to use you.  Very old skills, very ancient techniques and Iím sure itís as early as writing itself and probably even the spoken word.  Most folk are oblivious to it.  We are taught to be LINEAR THINKERS so that we come to conclusions that are predetermined that we come to when we are offered information written in a particular style, represented in a particular style.  We always come to the conclusions we are expected to come to; that way we are very predictable and easily managed.  Some people just get disks burned to play on their CD players.  They have given up the internet or they never started with it and folk burn disks and pass them to them of the shows that I do.  You can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to the station.  I have nothing to do with them whatsoever.  In fact Iíve never spoken to any of them; most hosts get their money by payments from advertisers for pushing their products and so on like that.  Thatís what commerce is all about but I donít do that.  The ads on the show pay for the air time, for RBN broadcasting this show, it pays for their staff and their equipment and it helps with their bills as well.  So itís up to you to keep ME going.  Go into any of the web sites, purchase the books, purchase the disks, and donate to me as well because I really, really, really could be doing many more things than doing what Iím doing.  Itís not even a full-time job.  Itís not a job.  Itís beyond a job.  It is 7 days a week morning till night, till the early morning every night.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is an interesting term because itís kind of an analogy or an allegory for where EVERYTHING COMES FROM, including all ideas but it also involves all the conologies that go on as well. 


As I say, we are TAUGHT to think linearly.  Itís very, very good. You get people thinking in a linear direction like a computer.  Iíve mentioned this analogy many times before, a computer has a language, a computer language, it has a logic designed into it, and it has a program.   It also has a programmer who designs this kind of stuff.  The programmer technically can be fed a question and if he understands that computer perfectly, he will know the answer, by the logic of the computer that it must arrive at.  We are the same way.  We are taught to think linearly.  A = etc, etc, etc and we come to a conclusion thatís predetermined for us, by the way itís presented.  The bits of information, the bits and bytes of information you might say, is presented to us and leads us in a step by step format where we donít have to do any thinking at all to a predesigned conclusion. 


Thatís what makes it possible for those who donít think linearly to fool you.  You know, the ones at the top who know all these arts.  We go into a sort of clicking phase where our brains donít function properly when weíre trying to follow the scams of bankers, for instance, and how they can see something that you would never have thought of and how they literally will come from an opposite direction of thinking, using a different kind of logic to get what they want.  Thatís non-linear thinking.  As I say, that only works for a long time with a society who are taught LINEAR thinking only. 


Logic used to be taught school; logic and reasoning.  They were arts.  They were taught in school how to take any particular topic and analyze it and use your reason to come to conclusions.  But that isnít taught anymore.  Much of the thinking that we are taught today is really SOCIAL ENGINEERING for a particular type of society, under a particular type of rulership.  Much of it is used by using EMOTION.  Iíve mentioned articles and read them recently about how they use emotion to really imprint ideas or agendas into our minds so weíll go along with them.  Itís very, very effective. 


Tonight I was going to go into, really, how the projections that many big thinkers in the past who were planning what they called the New Society, like the Bertrand Russellís, like the Huxleyís Ė Julian and Aldous Ė and all the other big, big players and the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the socialist founders and leaders.  They all talked about a new society with new values, but part of it would be the TRANSITION that they would come into between the old and the new systems.  Part of it, remember, was the destruction of the family unit because they couldnít be in charge at the very top, the pinnacle of power, you couldnít be in charge if you had a clan, for instance, like an extended family going to stand up for the person you are after, on whatever pretext.  So once you destroy the family unit and you create what Bertrand Russell said, an egosyntonic and egocentric society, narcissistic where you only care about me, me, me.  They called it the Ďmeí generation for a good purpose.  That was part of the agenda.  Then you wonít stand up for anybody around you. 


They tested this out to some extents in other countries, even in the Soviet Union, a great laboratory for experimentation with populaces BEHIND an iron curtain and they had nowhere else to talk to.  Who are they going to complain to when their whole government was behind these massive experiments?  They tried that when theyíd come for neighbors in the middle of the night.  Theyíd turn everybody out in the street to make sure you saw the neighbors being carted off.  The idea was to really impress upon YOU that no matter how good you are, you could be guilty of something and it made the people very, very suspicious and more and more obedient to whatever ridiculous law was passed down the pike that they had to follow. 


You train the public by Pavlovís techniques basically.  Solzhenitsyn talked about that technique and he says, you cannot let these things start in tyranny, in tyrannical societies.  You cannot let them start; itís too late to go backwards and change it.  Thatís how itís always been.  You have to nip it in the bud at the start.  What he said was, when tyranny begins and two guys or four guys are sent to pick up your neighbor, he said, we could have Ė he wrote this in his own book, I think it was the Gulag Archipelago Ė he said, the neighbors could have grabbed pick handles, axes, whatever and done away with those two guys, the brutes, rather than allowing it to happen.  Because once you allow it, you witness it and you do nothing, it kind of reinforces that to happen the next time until itís a normal occurrence and you cower like a frightened animal each time you see it; theyíre all training exercises. 


This has all been used across the Western world now.  Itís been done through Hollywoodís promotion of movies.  Remember, back in the 90s out came the movie, it was called The Siege, I think.  Iíve never seen it.  I didnít watch it because I knew what it would be about; I knew what was coming up.  That was the takeover of a US city by the authorities under martial law.  That gave you a clue that this was what was coming ahead, that this was on the cards.  THEY TRAIN YOU IN ADVANCE FOR WHATíS TO COME and they knew through studying peoples and nations like Britain, for instance, especially with long-running series like Coronation Street


Coronation Street literally was predictive programming for the public where the characters would all be familiar to the people.  Theyíd have those characters in every street in Britain and you could identify with some of them. They had psychiatrists; they still have psychiatrists, social workers, lawyers, social engineers working on the staff full time, on the series.  They even showed you the massive immigration that hadnít happened in Britain and what would happen, through drama, through fiction, how the families would work it out when different groups mixed and their daughters got married and all this kind of stuff.  It was all portrayed on television to set the example of what YOU would do as a parent when it was your daughter and this happened.  Quite a few years later, THEN the immigration came in and all those things actually cropped up.  Youíd follow what happened as it played out on screen.  You are preprogrammed on how to act and copy the actorís role. 


This is the same as a siege mentality, the movies that they put out before 9/11 happened in 2001 and much, much more.  The Hill Street Blues series was nothing more or less then to get the public in the United States, and the rest of the world but mainly the United States, used to SWAT teams coming along.  With every call that went out there for the regular police, in would come the SWAT teams with them.  Through dramatizing events with, and humanizing the policeÖ  Remember, ALL DRAMA IS PROPAGANDA when itís about police or authorities of the government.  Jacques Ellul went into a lot of detail about how that kind of drama is ALWAYS propaganda to give you a false impression and itís also used to program you for things to come, how to behave with things to come.  I donít think many people are shocked now when SWAT teams turn up for anything, at all.  We are all programmed.  


Getting back to the new society, this is all to be part of the new society.  The transition, where everything that held the fabric of society together such as the religious values that people shared, even if they werenít religious themselves they had common cultural values.  They would have to be shattered because minorities, certain specific pre-chosen minorities, would be elevated up to special status.  They would use these minorities and create big movements and well-fund them, which works through the foundations and philanthropies, to CAUSE the rifts that they wanted to cause in what was called normal society at that time until it was no longer normal.  In other words, there would be a transition from a normal, stable society where everyone knew the rules, the basic rules, and there was very little crime, and you would get this transition where the things that GAVE you the values, held the values, were thrown out the window as they promoted a more violent society Ė mainly through fiction Ė and that was to be the time when theyíd have to turn loose an army of special, new militarized police ON the public.  They knew this back in the 1930s! Öbecause they wrote about it. 


The danger time was the transition between religious values Ė even if you werenít religious you followed those values because it was COHESIVE to society so youíd all get along with each other and you wouldnít rob and steal and kill each other; thatís really what it was about Ė into a new HUMANISTIC society, SECULAR HUMANISM where the State would then GIVE you the NEW values, which are really laws.  Thatís what they are, they are LAWS and you have to obey them whether you agree or not.  But this in-between phase was to be the dysfunctional phase.  Even Lenin talked about it.  He said, eventually the societies and agencies that government will set up, the services would become authorities and the authorities would govern the people and eventually there would be SO many government authorities that they would be stepping on each otherís toes, different departments all stepping on each otherís toes.  Thatís what we have today as well.  They are battling for turf.  Different agencies get called, go out to each house-call type of an idea; they are all arriving at the same time, fighting for turf.  


So we are in a dysfunctional phase and the more dysfunctional that they create it, the more upset we get and anxious we get, and we are fearful, and we are kept in fear by the war OF terror.  Itís a reign OF terror on the public by the governments and we comply through fear.  Part of it is the DEHUMANIZATION.  Remember what Julian Huxley said and I read that on the air from his own book.  He was the first CEO of UNESCO remember, a complete eugenicist and elitist.  He talked about dethroning the human being from his superior status above all other creatures.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, mentioning this system, this transition phase.  Remember, the 21st century is called the Century of CHANGE.  Thatís why they had the slogans, change is good, it was for the century of change, discussed by all the big academies, the professors that were all on board in organizations working with government towards this new society. They called it the century of change where literally everything and all values were to change to suit the state and to suit the intelligentsia and those who ruled, with eugenics as a very high part of it.


Getting back to Julian Huxley, he said that theyíd have to knock humans off the pedestal of superiority as the most advanced creature on the planet and get us used to death, because he said a big part of it would be bring in massive abortion and eventually, possibly mandated abortionHe also was the man who said theyíd have to stop thinking just about the birth rate and start thinking about the death rate, ways to kill off the people so they wouldnít live too long, by injections and so on, of things to help you.  Methods like that which work with people who are linear, you see, by those who are non-linear. 


Here is an article for an example.  They get released in the newspapers and remember that the BBC is owned by the British government.  Itís a political tool and it always has been a political tool.  When they put these articles out they also have ulterior motives, which also take the spin off the problems at home and point them elsewhere.  However, they do put out some truth but they could have put this kind of stuff out for years in fact if they wanted to, about China.  Remember, China is to be the model state for the whole world to be modeled upon.  Weíve to follow their example.  According to the United Nations, China is the model state for the world with their family planning and so on. 


Two held after dead babies dumped in China river / 31 March 2010


Two hospital workers have been arrested in eastern China after the bodies of 21 babies and foetuses were found dumped on a river bank, (Alan:  Now, it will be a lot more than that; thatís just one day they were caught, right.) state media reports.  (A:  So itís the official Chinese media.)


Officials said the babies' families had paid Zhu Zhenyu and Wang Zhijun to dispose of the bodies but instead they had dumped them by the Guangfu river.


Three hospital officials have also been suspended or dismissed, reports said.


The action comes as the authorities try to contain growing public anger over the discovery in Shandong province.


Television footage showed several bodies lying on the ground by the river, covered in mud, while emergency workers searched the area.


A local resident who spotted the bodies said at first he thought they were dolls.


"Then I found it was real. When I walked further, I found more bodies," he told reporters.


Eight of the bodies were said to be wearing identification bands showing they had come from the Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical University.




A Jining government spokesman said the mortuary workers, who were arrested on Tuesday, had "reached verbal agreements privately with relatives of the dead babies to dispose [of] the bodies and charged fees".


"They subsequently transported the bodies secretly to the Guangfu River, but they had failed to bury the bodies completely," the Xinhua news agency quoted Gong Zhenhua as saying.  (A:  And so on and so on.)


They are showing you dehumanization.  Whatís worse, the fact that these babies were dead, or maybe killed, or aborted as well.  They have a variety here that are being dumped on a river bank.  You understand?  You are left with this littleÖ and a lot of folk will take one or the other actually, they will miss the main point of it.  Itís dehumanization.  Itís exactly what Huxley wanted us to think about.  Well, whatís special about us anyway, weíre not an endangered species, blah, blah, blah, you see. 


Then you go on to this article and itís from The Economist.  It makes me wonder why they are all going after this at the same time.


Gendercide:  The worldwide war on baby girls

Technology, declining fertility and ancient prejudice are combining to unbalance societies

Mar 4th 2010 / From The Economist


XINRAN XUE, a Chinese writer, describes visiting a peasant family in the Yimeng area of Shandong province. The wife was giving birth. ďWe had scarcely sat down in the kitchenĒ, she writes (see article), ďwhen we heard a moan of pain from the bedroom next doorÖThe cries from the inner room grew louderóand abruptly stopped. There was a low sob, and then a manís gruff voice said accusingly: ĎUseless thing!í


ďSuddenly, I thought I heard a slight movement in the slops pail behind me,Ē Miss Xinran remembers. ďTo my absolute horror, I saw a tiny foot poking out of the pail. The midwife must have dropped that tiny baby alive into the slops pail! I nearly threw myself at it, but the two policemen [who had accompanied me] held my shoulders in a firm grip. ĎDonít move, you canít save it, itís too late.í


ďĎBut thatís...murder...and youíre the police!í The little foot was still now. The policemen held on to me for a few more minutes. ĎDoing a baby girl is not a big thing around here,í [an] older woman said comfortingly. ĎThatís a living child,í I said in a shaking voice, pointing at the slops pail. ĎItís not a child,í she corrected me. ĎItís a girl baby, and we canít keep it. Around these parts, you canít get by without a son. Girl babies donít count.íĒ


Remember, China has got a real problem now because theyíve got WAY more men than women but thatís to fit in with the depopulation program that really is part of the communist/socialist/capitalist agenda.  Itís all one and the same thing at the top.  China did not create itself out of nothing.  It was guided by and funded by the WEST.  All of its industry was done through the GATT Treaty that every government in the West dreamed up and signed.  China didnít dream it up.  So remember these things as you read all these articles.  You must always think through articles, of ulterior motives.  Iím talking about how we are being dehumanized here on purpose and we are being taught to accept it and you know something, most do.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I just let that music go on there because itís a wailing guitar and thatís how you feel like sometimes when you read this kind of stuff.  Itís like wailing to the people.  Youíre voice in the wilderness just wailing away because most people are already conditioned mainly through entertainment into the dehumanization that weíre IN. 


Itís programmed and scheduled to get a lot worse, step by step by step until nothing excites us anymore except more blood and guts and whatever else is out there.  Plus a whole generation has been raised FOR this particular era on video games, very VIOLENT video games which were designed, remember, for the military boys and by the military boys to get people just to kill on instinct without thinking about who they are killing.  Thatís how they train soldiers.  Well, theyíve trained a whole generation to grow up to be the soldiers and as far as those youngsters see it, in a world where itís all about power, they want to be one of these guys in the black uniforms with the big gun and the power.  Thatís how children are.  They want to go with the winner.  So we have them all dressed up ready to get set on us. 


Weíre talking about dehumanization as we go through this process, transforming into the NEW society.  The secular humanistic society where scientists have to rule us because they are experts on everything and we are dumb and stupid, like that article I read from last nightís show.  Remember, I put all these articles that I read up on my web site at the end of the show when XplorNet satellite upload allows me and graces me with enough speed to put it up there, sometimes with an extra hoist I think, but anyway. 


This is another example of how they go for the youngsters.   Everything that happens to youngsters is created this way.  If they wanted a good society, believe you me, they will give you a good society.  If they want dysfunctionalism and massive crime until we go my God, whatís happening, we need more cops, more authorities, we canít have people being free anymore, blah, blah, blah, then you do THIS kind of thing, this thing Iím going to read now.  This is from


'RapeLay' video game goes viral amid outrage

By Kyung Lah,


Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- The game begins with a teenage girl on a subway platform. She notices you are looking at her and asks, "Can I help you with something?"


That is when you, the player, can choose your method of assault.


With the click of your mouse, you can grope her and lift her skirt. Then you can follow her aboard the train, assaulting her sister and her mother.


As you continue to play, "friends" join in and in a series of graphic, interactive scenes, you can corner the women, rape them again and again.


The game allows you to even impregnate a girl and urge her to have an abortion. (A:  Did you hear that?  I wonder if that even bothers anybody anymore.)  The reason behind your assault, explains the game, is that the teenage girl has accused you of molesting her on the train. The motive is revenge.  (A:  This is whatís getting pushed out there for the youngsters and you wonder, you wonder when things happen in society and the government really plays on it, oh, no one can be trusted, weíve got to monitor you all, chip you all, watch you all.  It was all designed this way, folks, every jot and tittle of it.  Itís DESIGNED this wayÖ EVERY BIT OF IT.)


Then, when you are in a linear way of thinking, you understand, by those who designed your linear thinking and your logic and making sure you are educated in the same format, and those who are NOT linear themselves, the cunning ones, they take you around in different loops and you are in this click mode, when you canít understand why crazy things are happening.   Thatís intentionalÖ because your program canít compute.  Simple.  Hereís an example of what comes out in the media and itís INTENDED to come out like this.


Man who raped his daughter, 4 (A:  4 years of age.), walks free after claiming he suffered from 'sexsomnia'

By Mail Foreign Service / / 31st March 2010


(A:  So you can rape your daughter now and walk free from the court, just claim youíve got sexsomnia.)


Belgium was rocked by a new paedophile scandal yesterday after a court acquitted a man of raping his four-year-old daughter because he claimed he was asleep at the time.


In a judgment condemned as Ďthe summit of perversityí and Ďan open door for paedophilesí, an appeal court decided there was no proof the 30-year-old father was awake and that therefore he should have the benefit of the doubt.


The man, identified only as Frederic L, admitted the assault, but he told the court in Mons, West Belgium, that he suffered from a very rare condition called Ďsexomaniaí which led him to have sex while asleep.


He was accused of raping the girl when she woke him up to open the door to the toilet.


He said that he came to his senses when his daughter began to scream: 'Papa it's me. It's me.' 


The man told a court in Mons: 'This is a sexual version of sleepwalking. I was deeply ashamed when I found out what was happening.'


The divorced man, 30, had been drinking with his friends before going to bed in the same room as his daughter.  (A:  Normally thatís called an alcoholic blackout, folks.  You see.  But no, no, youíve got a new term for it, sexsomnia.)


There ya go.  Get you off the hook and you can just walk out of there and thatís now a message to everybody across there because they are all in the European Union and it will go like wildfire amongst the pedophiles, mainly from the government that set it down to get them off the hook.  Not that they are ever touchable in the government sector.  And there are lots of them up there, lots of themÖ lots of them up there.  But that article is put out there to put you into my God, whatís happening because you are linear thinkers.  You donít understand this is all programmed to happen.  Somebody gave the nod at a very high level for the judge to accept this, A VERY HIGH level.  It was TIME, you see. 


Here is another article thatís meant to really get you, to make you upset and what on earth is going wrong.  You are using your logic, your linear logic and your linear thinking.  But itís all designed to make you say, society is just so dysfunctional now.  No, society is exactly as itís programmed to be at this particular time. 


Rapist who dumped victim on rubbish tip (A:  Thatís a garbage dump.) escapes deportation after judge says he 'has right to stay and marry in United Kingdom'

By Michael Seamark and Colin Fernandez / / 31st March 2010


A government blunder (A:  A blunder, oh, it was a blunder, yeah.) allowed a convicted rapist to win the right to get married in Britain - and avoid deportation by just two hours.


Alphonse Semo was granted asylum when he arrived from the Democratic Republic of Congo but brutally raped a woman, dumping his victim on a rubbish tip after he had 'finished with her'.


He was ordered to be deported at the end of his eight-year prison sentence and was two hours from being put on a plane back to Africa earlier this week.


But a 'very reluctant' High Court judge (A:  Ďvery reluctantíÖ oh, Iím sure he was.  I wonder what heís into.) ruled Semo be allowed to marry his girlfriend - another refugee from the Congo who became a German national - because of a Home Office mistake.


Officials had initially agreed to give the 53-year-old rapist a ' certificate of approval' to wed, then changed their mind.


Mr Justice Collins said the Home Office 'really cannot be allowed to play hot and cold' so decided Semo could stay for the ceremony.  (A:  So now he can stay permanently.)


And thatís the mode it gets you into, this clicking mode, when you are linear thinkers.† You donít understand there are big plans for you all.  Itís done in this way and these judges get the nods, itís the right time.  They say, itís an idea whose time has come Ė thatís what they say amongst themselves Ė to FURTHER put you into a disconnected, disassociated state of mind where you canít trust your own senses and it makes you fearful in society.  So the same governments come down and say, to keep society working in this crazy, mad, violent state, ALL of you have to be totally monitored 24 hours per day and treated like children forever.  You understand?  Thatís how itís done. 


Sciences are at use right now.  Sciences.  And they use minorities when they want to clobber the majority. 


Mothers and fathers disappear from birth certificate to allow homosexual couples to be named as parents

By Steve Doughty / / 29th March 2010


The words 'mother' and 'father' are to disappear from birth certificates to allow homosexual couples to be named as 'parents' of surrogate children.


The switch means the biological parents will no longer necessarily be identified on the certificates that provide a legal record of a child's birth.


Birth certificates have recorded mothers and fathers since registration of babies was introduced more than 170 years ago.  (A:  And for centuries before that when it was done in the churches.)


So mum and dad are BAD, BAD words nowadays because you are not supposed to be breeding, you see.  Thatís the whole thing.  Thatís part of it as well.  It makes it easier too, to bring in the transgender types that will come in through cloning and so on and so on.  Do you understand, you are under massive assault and you donít even know it?  You try to use your limited logic because you are only fed SO much information but itís linear and you go into your click mode:  society is dysfunctional, everything is scary out there.  You cannot mature even to a human being anymore.  You are kept as a perpetually frightened childÖ so that the experts can rule you and guide youÖ for your betterment, of course.  


There is a caller from England.  I think itís Steve.  Are you there Steve?


Steve:  Hi mate.  Just another ad, Iím going to sing the advert and itís for you, alright?† Please, all you fine folk out there in America and all over the world, just put a dollar or a pound or 5 pounds in an envelope and just mail it to him.  If you are worried about Big Brother, donít even put your return address on there.  Just wrap it in some silver foil and send it to the man, okay.  Alan, hang in there, alright.  There are people that you donít know about trying to help with all this.  Just hang in there.


Alan:  I will do.  Thatís appreciated. 


Steve:  All the best. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Thatís the world we live in and people donít understand why the things are happening but itís all planned that way.  IF the government had to go off and fight some major war that they never foresaw, theyíd bring you back to a 50s generation, just like that.  Youíd have Madonna wanting toÖ sheíd start singing virgin songs and how great it was to be a virgin.  Iím not kidding you.  The whole industry would go into action and all the through the media and Oprah would be promoting it.  The people follow suit.  They follow the stars.  Thatís why weíre in the dysfunctional stage we are in today.  Itís true, I do need your help or I canít keep going. 


There is also Glen in Pennsylvania.  Are you there Glen?


Glen:  Yes.  Hello Alan.  Good evening.† I was listening to what you were saying about all this outrageous stuff thatís being promoted and I would suggest that one possible motivation for that is, I suspect that if these guys want to implement martial law and draconian laws, measures, they may well do this stuff deliberately to reach, create a crisis to goad the masses into vigilantism.  Once they start to get some vigilantism going, then they can use that as terrorism and justify martial law. 


Alan:  Well, they already have the groups that will be the designated vigilantes set up.  These characters donít wait for anything to happen.  They set up everything in advance.  They will trigger them at the right time, which further, again, causes people to think, my god, there really are people out there who want to disrupt everything and it gives the government incentive and they put out laws to control EVERYBODY, everybody in the world.  Thatís called COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT.  The Soviets used the same thing, collective punishment.  If one bad parent did one thing in one end of the Russia, laws came down affecting every single person and took more rights away.  It was the same thing.  Thatís the technique they are using on the US citizenry right now, and Britain and elsewhere. 


Glen:  Right.  I just at this point donít see enough.  It just seems to me like I donít think enough grass roots action is going to occur to turn this thing.  I think we are basically going in to it.  I think itís good that people should try but I myself am weary of protests.  Like this Tax Free 15 thing coming up, they can do a boycott, but virtually any protest will be infiltrated by provocation agents.  So I refuse to participate in protests.


Alan:  Governments also have other ways of dealing with this too.  Technically everybody does have the right, thatís the only right, supposedly Ė I donít believe we have any rights at all Ė but supposedly, under the systems that we have, the right to protest is the only thing thatís left to us.  Most of the time, they set out different ways for US to protest.  Itís like the philanthropies, they actually OWNED a lot of the big global meetings they had for the NGOs.  They own the NGOs that turned up at the protests for the G20 and so on.  Not all of them but quite a lot of them.  They also own the radical ones that start off the fights, to label everybody as a radical thatís trying to boycott these meetings.  So theyíve got everything set up way in advance.  Youíve got to understand, they have a WAR situation.  They are always at war with the public.  The use military strategy and think tanks to work out what will happen in the public if they move forward, from the government, with a new law on this, that or whatever and what reactions there will be.  They then set up opposing groups before they even start the law or bring it in; youíve never even heard of it.  They set up the embryos to start off the protest groups with the leaders who are trained before theyíve even made the move. This has happened for the last 40-50 years in fact.  Iíve watched this happening.  They are too closely coordinated and so well done.  Even the Soviet Union had authorized dissidentsÖ AUTHORIZED DISSIDENTS to make it seem to the West that within the Soviet Union there was the right to dissent and they were left alone and so on, but they were actually employed by the KGB. 


Glen:  So one can either elect to do absolutely nothing because everything is contaminated or one can simply say, I must do what I feel I must do according to my conscience knowing that there can be corruption. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  We have been brought to a stage now of incredible scientific manipulation on our minds.  A whole culture has been reared without even knowing that pretty well everything that they bought fashion wise, the music theyíve sung, the games they played, the movies they watched, all worked together to create a particular type of human for this particular era.  We are willing to accept violence and more violence done upon the general public by the authorities all the time.  More and more movies come out, there is hardly a movie getting churned out now without the SWAT teams and some government agencies.  They all look the same now.  They are like the guys in Star Wars with the faceless outfits.  Thatís why they gave you Star Wars.  The helmets they wore in Star Wars were like the German helmets that the new US military copies.  They are actually German helmets.  People, they never associate things but what they are showing you is a FACELESS ARMY OF CLONES out there.  Thatís how you sort of see these troops where you canít see their faces that are ready to come in and slaughter you on command.  Thatís to make you very, very afraid.  Thatís all intentional, but I know what youíre saying though.  You have to go by your own conscience.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just to finish up with Glen who was talking about what do you actually do and the fact that you do have provocateurs and all the rest of it.  But the fact is, itís true, we are slaves.  See, it isnít until you understand, we are slaves; we are living under an authorized slavery system.  Iíve talked to government officials from the feds that have told me personally that EVERYONE WORKS FOR THE GOVERNMENT.  Thatís where your cash goes.  Itís the way your money system works through the Federal Reserve or your Central Bank.  Itís all the same system across the world.  They borrow money and we pay off their debt; they borrow money, we pay off their debt and keep them in a high life and lifestyle as well, at the top.  Thatís what we are.  We never really came out of the feudal system; we just changed the way it looked, thatís all. 


We can all understand extortion.  You see the old mafia movies as they go around the localities, the shops and stores and they come in and say, Joe sent me for the cash this week.  And you say, well, why should I pay Joe?  He says, because itís protection.  Protection against what?  Protection against Joe.  And if you didnít pay up, theyíd beat you up, maybe killed you or one of your relatives in front of you or burned your place down if you kept refusing, or stole your place.  The government does the same thing.  They say you can have a house.  You pay it all up; you pay their pals the bankers.  Youíve paid off the mortgage perhaps but you canít afford the taxes, so they steal your houseÖ the government steals your house.  They steal your house, for taxes.  Itís the same darn thing.  Protection money is just paying your taxes.  If you donít pay your taxes, the big boys, the heavies are sent down to make you destitute and put you in prison.  It also is a lesson to everyone else that canít pay their taxes either. 


A cop stops you on the street, hands you a ticket.  Heís armed.  That used to be called a highwayman, a highway robber.  If he demanded your money, you either paid up or you paid for it in other ways.  And the cop collects cash for his bosses.  Thatís what itís about folks.  ITíS THE WAY YOUíVE BEEN TAUGHT TO PERCEIVE IT AND TRAINED TO PERCEIVE ITÖ thatís all.  Distortion, simple distortion.  So, extortion by other means in the movies and the old mafia is bad, but this distortion is good, you see.  Same thing.  Stealing is stealing.  Extortion is extortion.  It doesnít matter how you flower it up with legal terminology, itís all the same thing.   


Weíll go to Tom in BC, Canada.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  Alan, just one other thing out here in BC.  The police have scanners in their car that if they scan your license plate, it automatically hooks up to your T4 - so that if you car happens to be worth more than the average car and your T4 doesnít correspond - they can pull you over on grounds of say, maybe like a drug dealer or gangster type thing.   So itís another form of, as you said, extortion. 


Alan:  They canít dream up enough of them.  I mean youíve got to understand that the police force, apart from keeping you in fear and keeping sure that the gangster are in power, regardless of the party that itís called, their job is also to bring in money for their bosses, all the time, and dream up new ways to do it.


Tom:  Exactly.  I just want to encourage your listeners to purchase your book.  Iíve read it several times and every time I pick up something new.  As you drive through town you see the signs, Masonic symbols, and so on.  So itís really kind of an eye opener, to say the least. 


Alan:  Itís true.  Thanks for calling and call again too. 


Tom:  I will.  Thanks Alan. 


Alan:  Itís true.  Youíve got to understand symbols. Youíve got to understand how youíve been trained and how to understand the enemy, those who are non-linear, those who have trained you to be linear and more simple.  And simple is the word, thatís why they call us children. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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