April 1, 2010 (#546)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 1, 2010:

Authoritarian Hell, So Terribly Tragic,
We've to Follow U.K., It is the Flagship:

"Cognitive Dissonance Part of the Plan,
Electronically Tagged Like this Elderly Gran,
Who Never Dreamed They'd Stoop to Bring
In a Young Boy for Goldfish, Setting a 'Sting',
Make-Work Projects for Judges & Coppers,
Bring in the Loot to the Lawmakers' Coffers,
It Seems the Law Boys' New Resolution,
Is Targeting Citizens with Bizarre Persecution,
Yet a Congolese Rapist Chose Victim to Ravage
And Left Her On the Top of Local Garbage,
Home Office -- He Can Stay, He's Allowed to Tarry,
'Cause Someone Came Forward, Offered to Marry,
When Corrupt Politicos, Judges, Force Rule the Land,
History Reveals Such Land Cannot Stand,
New Global Society Shows All World the Same,
Piratical Legal Hierarchy, Plunder for Gain"
© Alan Watt April 1, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 1, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 1, 2010.  For the newcomers to the show, I always suggest you go in to cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, bookmark all the other sites I have up there for future use because once in a while the .com site goes down; there are too many people who go into it at one time.  If you find download problems, try these alternate sites that are listed on the front page [Official sites listed above] and you might find it a bit easier.  alanwattsentientsentinel.eu is the European site that has all the audios as well as transcripts written in the various languages of Europe.  There are hundreds and hundreds of talks I’ve given in the past and the translators are catching up quite good with these transcripts for print up. 


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I don’t push this all through the show because I’m not a salesman; I’m not in it for sales.  If I was I wouldn’t be doing this at all.  This is not a job and it’s worse than any vocation.  It’s a must be.  It’s a necessity to come out with this information AT this time AS we go through the greatest changes the world has ever seen, for hundreds of years.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, they don’t use computers but someone people pass them to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  I'll be back with tonight’s topics after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Last night I talked about how we are kept in this matrix with PSYCHOLOGY basically.  It’s a form of psychology.  Behaviorists have been working for an awful long time with every government, well over 60-70 years, on how to manage the populations.  We are managed now.  They came to conclusions an awful long time ago that we were just too dumb and stupid to go along with their agendas.  In other words, we were a bit brighter at that time and better informed so they call us dumb and stupid and therefore they’d have to simply deceive us and use scientific methods to indoctrinate us and to get us to go along with everything that they had planned to come along the pike.


They formed world associations based in London initially.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs is one of the biggest.  You must go into their sites.  If you really want to know what’s going on globally and with your country, wherever you are, you go into the Council on Foreign Relations own web site and you’ll see that they have think tanks, UNLIMITED think tanks working on hundreds of areas of society to do with your home building, where people should be building, building codes and so on.  They work WITH the United Nations.  In fact they RUN, they TELL the United Nations what to do.  The UN itself is a front really, set up to be the dummy world parliament, the world parliament that Shelley talked about in his poem. 


At the moment we are going through a phase where they keep us punch drunk, punch drunk with crazy news.  I mentioned patterns of news yesterday.  When you see patterns of news come out that makes no sense or it seems so darn right silly, where bureaucrats are interfering with people, where laws are being passed to favor rapists and stuff like that, this is meant to get you punch drunk until, literally, you can’t make sense of things anymore.  It’s a real psychological technique. 


Pavlov was the guy they give credit to because he used to do this on different animals AND prisoners as well, human beings, to make sure that these techniques did work.  They found that, just like the dog, when you were shocked in all corners of the room and you didn’t know where to go anymore, you just broke down eventually.  That’s a state where they can reprogram you and because you can’t trust your own perceptions, your own senses, your own rationale, you go along with whichever way you are pushed.  We have such big changes to go through, such massive changes in this new global society that literally is not new, it was planned an awful long time ago, before your grandparents were born.  Then they have to SHOCK us in so many ways with crashes, and terrorism, and all that until we are off balance and then we just go along with the big bully boys when they come and march along the street with their machines guns and their black-clad outfits and so on.  All for your safety, you understand. 


To give you an example of this, the UK, Britain was to be the test bed for everything, a form of socialism across the whole planet where the people would BE gradually trained to OBEY, OBEY, OBEY until they were obeying silly, ridiculous, persecutory laws and really paying through the nose for every PRIVILEGE – privilege, they call it there – to live.  They are taxed so many times over for the same things but so are we all now.  We all have fees on top of garbage bags and all the rest of it even though we paid the initial garbage in the first place, now they come out with bags.  You buy the bags.  Now they charge you for the bags on top of that but before that you were throwing whole stuff out in your bins.  Now you are paying for the privilege of bagging it yourself.  It’s already been paid for but you get the privilege of paying for it again.  All this nonsense and nonsense and nonsense to soak money out of you because they don’t want you to be a consumerist society anymore, we are POST consumerism.


We are being trained now that we will have less and less money to spend and most of it, believe you me, most of it will go in fees.  Fees to have your garbage taken away.  Fees to drive you car.  They are already introducing laws across the world AT the same time, because we are global and a central body does run it already.  But FEES to do with your ECO car, if your car is as economical and pollution-free as possible.  The big cars which are dual-purpose, battery-gasoline, are getting special favors when you purchase them; they’ve got a whole list of penalties lined up for those who buy the same kind of models that are not the hybrids.  They’re also going to start doing it each time you go for your road tax every year. They’re going to start billing you a penalty fee the more gas it burns; gas guzzlers they’re calling them.  They’re also going ahead to get older and older cars off the road all the time with massive fees and fines and just stealing you car and crushing them. 


In the new Agenda 21, the agenda FOR the 21st century, what’s also called the Century of Change by the politicians, they are going to bring down people from driving all together, except essential vehicles only.  Last week I read a report from the United Nations that said after about 2020 or so, 97% of the public will be all living in the overcrowded cities as we’re all taken down economically and by our numbers as well.  We’ll die off in other words.  Nice and sterile… but maybe kind of happy as we pay for all our privileges for living in the concrete jungle. 


Meanwhile we are being bombarded with crazy topics that are MEANT to upset you until you cannot fathom common sense or judge common sense anymore.  This is intentional.  Don’t fall for the things.  Here’s an example.  Now, they knew when they opened the floodgates for immigration to the whole of Europe and a lot of the world.  In Britain when Tony Blair was in, I read the articles from the mainstream where Tony Blair, it’s admitted now, and his right-hand henchman admitted that they were going to destroy the British culture forever by completely opening the floodgates to ALL immigrants, especially those from the most diverse countries, nothing in common with the British people.  THAT has been accomplished.  They opened them completely wide and said come in. 


That’s what is destroying the National Health Service.  They can’t handle all these people, these incomers.  That’s part of the agenda too, less and less health care across the world as we go down into the UN’s mandated MINIMAL health care only.  That’s what you’re to get for the masses, according to your SOCIAL STATUS.  Politicians have exempted themselves in the British Commonwealth countries for years.  Back in the 80s they started that, where politicians and their families and high-level bureaucrats and their families will be given special medical and surgical treatment in TOP military hospitals.  I see Obama has just passed the health care in the States and voila, the Congress and the Senate are exempted from following the same rules as YOU do.  They will also get special treatment.  By the way, when you get up there too, you get a little privilege card that gives you access to the genetically NON modified foods and that are organically grown, the ones that don’t give you the cancers.  That’s another little freebie they don’t want the public to know about… but it broke out in Britain.  Tony Blair was trying to pass the GMO food bill but he exempted the politicians’ own parliament, their own cafeteria – they call it a cafeteria; it’s like the Ritz – in London.  They were all exempt from eating the rubbish and the poison stuff that is killing us off and destroying our immune systems. 


We are really under attack and Joe average will never figure it out because he can’t imagine that people can really do that to what he thinks is their own kind.  Well you see, PSYCHOPATHS have no problem doing that to you.  They have no conscience at all.  They are bought and paid for by the dozen.  Not by the baker’s dozen, but the BANKERS’ dozen.  That’s where their heart is, believe you me.  For instance, there is a racket going on with Tony Blair right now, the guy who single-handedly took Britain to war on behalf of his banker masters, the guys who put him in place.  Here is an article. 


Tony Blair: Why I need £5m (Alan:  That’s about $9 million.) every year just to get by  (A:  Oh, poor soul, poor Tony.  Labour man he was, you know.  He stood up for the WORKING people… but he was a Fabian socialist and most of them are millionaires already, nothing in common with the public and never intended to be either.  They’re a feint, you call it.)

By Jason Groves and Sam Greenhill / dailymail.co.uk / 31st March 2010


Tony Blair has told friends he needs to earn at least £5million a year just to break even.  (A:  Poor soul, eh.)


The former prime minister has been heavily criticised for cashing in on his contacts for personal gain and is thought to have made around £20million since leaving office. 


We went through that before showing you those are his PAYOFFS by his masters.  That’s how they do it legally.  He’ll speak in front of 20 people and he’ll get about £100,000 for doing so.  Well, you don’t get that from a few people.  That’s your payoff.  That’s how you get paid off.  Then you get a ghost-written book that someone else does for you; that’s another payoff.  Then you’re made director of many different corporations; you get a seat on the board and you don’t have to attend.  That’s their other payoffs.  It’s been this way forever with these psychopaths for hire.  £5 million just to get by… Well, how does this swine expect the ordinary people to get by with all the levies and taxes he’s foisted on them?


Mind you, Britain is the flagship for the world; we’ve all to copy their system and their National Health Service is an absolute mess and chaos.  I’ve read so many articles about it, on the air, and here is Obama bringing in the SAME thing here in the United States, copying Canada where you wait for 5-6 hours to see a doctor at a walk-in clinic and if you’re lucky you might see him before they close the doors and kick you out… until you come back the following day for your MINIMAL care.  But the politicians, no.  Just like Obama did it too, for all his pals and all his buddies and himself and his family, they get SPECIAL care because they are SPECIAL people you understand.  And the folk keep voting these racketeers in, don’t they.  The con doesn’t stop.  The con does not stop. 


Yesterday I mentioned about a rapist, for instance, in Britain – this is meant to throw you off balance and really get you angry – who was from the Congo living in Britain.  He raped a woman and threw her on the garbage dump where I guess he thought that’s where all the finished garbage goes.  I'll be back with more about this after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, mentioning that awful rapist from the Congo who is one of many actually who have been raping recently.  There are lots of articles about them coming in and just raping away there because to them the culture in the West portrays women of easy virtue, you might say, through their fashion because they all copy Much-Music and all that kind of stuff, so they think they’re easy marks.  They don’t understand that when the women say no that that means no.  Then they just dump them on garbage dumps and stuff like that.  Then they get permission to stay in the country, if they get married to someone else from their own country.  Probably the money is up front, you see, and that’s how they do it.  That’s how they get married. 


Rapist who dumped victim on rubbish tip escapes deportation after judge says he 'has right to stay and marry in UK'

By Michael Seamark and Colin Fernandez / dailymail.co.uk / 31st March 2010


The Home Office, the high supreme bunch, the high chutzpas for British law, have allowed it… so he will be on the streets shortly, no doubt scouring the garbage dumps.  As he’s doing that, I’m showing that the US and elsewhere what you’ve got to look forward to because everything that’s done in Britain is for use elsewhere.  We’re all to get the same problems.  We’re being told all the time, ah, go easy… they don’t understand, they can’t speak your language, they’re different you see, special strokes for different folks you see.  That’s how their laws is, as you bow down, bow down and bend over and bend over and just take it and take it and take it.  This is all meant to cause complete disruption within society and throw you off balance until you can’t even trust your common sense or judgment anymore… psychological techniques. 


Here’s an instance here. 


Slaughter of the swans:

As carcasses pile up and migrant camps are built on river banks, Peterborough residents are too frightened to visit the park

By Andrew Malone / dailymail.co.uk / 26th March 2010


As civic projects go, using Lottery cash to restore walkways and bridle paths along the River Nene seems a decent enough way to spend charity money for the greater good.


Creating 50 miles of cycle routes, parkland and dozens of delightful picnic spots, the Millennium Green Wheel project… (A: Yada-yada-ya, etc.)


At a cost of £10million, it should be a delight. With recreated woodland and hedgerows alongside the water, the project was also intended to give a boost to wildlife in the area… (A: Etc, etc, etc.)


With salmon and sea trout spotted in the river for the first time in decades, the regeneration work has also seen the Nene come alive with other aquatic life, ranging from fish such as pike, carp, tench and barbel, to water voles… (A: Etc, etc.)


But this week, with spring in the air and flowers in bloom on the banks, few local people were brave enough to venture for an evening stroll along this delightful waterway, following disturbing allegations that Eastern European immigrants are 'plundering' and 'pillaging' local wildlife.


For, according to a flurry of alarming reports, Eastern Europeans are stalking the creatures of the River Nene and, to the horror of local residents, are reputedly now targeting the city's swans.  (A:  They’re eating them.)


Rather than simply enjoying the spectacle of these majestic birds, it was claimed that immigrants see the swans as a rich source of food, and are trapping the birds, then roasting them on open fires along the river bank. 


And it goes on and on and on with empty vodka bottles and beer cans and all that kind of stuff.  You’ve got all these different agencies … anybody that was British and was born there would be in the slammer right away, and lose their home and everything.  But no, you see, they just don’t know who to charge.  They can see them and they can see their camps, but, ah, you know, you’ve got to go easy on people who just don’t know and etc, etc, etc.  This is meant to cause intense frustration within the country.  Getting people fighting each other is a great technique of ruling the public because the government then says, look, none of you can control yourselves; we’ll have to put more cops and bully men on the street in uniforms and body armor and really start tazering a lot of you.  I’m not kidding.  These are techniques that are planned before all this stuff is even allowed to happen and I mean ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. 


So they’re not putting rapists in jail or anything like that.  They’re not arresting the people who are eating swans…  Any British person caught killing a swan is instantly in the slammer.  You can’t kill swans in Britain.  You see, the QUEEN owns them all.  The QUEEN… she owns everything in Britain in fact. 


What do they do with their time?  How do the cops go after real criminals?  Here’s an article from the Mail Online.  It’s again, to show America what you’ve got to look forward to, all these fun and games.


Pet shop owner fined £1,000 and told to wear an electronic tag...

for selling a GOLDFISH to a boy aged 14

By Jaya Narain / dailymail.co.uk / 01st April 2010


(A:  You see, the cops sting, they live off setting up stings to entrap people and they use children to do it.  I read last year how they were sending children, girls mainly, into cutlery stores to buy a knife and then charging the owner for selling a knife to an underage person.  Some of these young girls had been interviewed, they want to become cops.  So there they are, they’ve been taught, and getting paid to do this, to entrap people, at the age of 13 and 14!  Can you image what you’re going to have to look forward to when THEY are in uniform?  These are MAKE-WORK PROJECTS for the cops… just like when they find terrorism.  They set up stings, entrap a bunch of young guys that would never have thought of it unless CSIS, MI-5 or the CIA or FBI put somebody out there with all the patter, as they say, to entice them into it, set them up and sting them.  All these things are make-work projects.  When there is no terror happening, they’ve got to MAKE it happen, at least the appearance of it.  Back to this article…)


Her offence (A:  She’s a grandmother.) was to unwittingly sell a goldfish to a 14-year-old boy taking part in a trading standards 'sting'.


At most, pet shop owner Joan Higgins, 66, expected a slap on the wrist for breaking new animal welfare laws which ban the sale of pets to under-16s.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, showing you how cognitive dissonance works, where you are punch drunk left and right, you don’t know which way is right, which way is wrong anymore as everything is turned upside-down… as all the agencies that are out there are now authorities.  All the SERVICES are now AUTHORITIES and just simply persecuting the public, especially the ones that can’t fight back.  It depends on who you are.  They might leave you alone if you just walked in and ate a few swans and drunk a few gallons of vodka.  Back to this article.  This great grandmother, right, she sold a goldfish to this little child that was sent in to sting her basically, set it up.  She didn’t know about the law.  It says…


Instead, the great-grandmother was taken to court, fined £1,000, placed under curfew - and ordered to wear an electronic tag for two months.  (A:  By the way, they dragged it out for 8 months… in order to wear an electronic tag for 2 months.) 


The punishment is normally handed out to violent thugs and repeat offenders.  (A:  But this is the new technique for the ordinary folk, the defenseless ones.)


The prosecution of Mrs Higgins and her son Mark is estimated to have cost taxpayers £20,000 and has left her with a criminal record.  (A:  See, crime pays for the criminal investigation bunch, and the lawyers and the courts.  Crime does pay for them.  That’s what pays all their big salaries, the guys with the wigs that dress in women’s clothing and do odd things with little children.)


Mark, 47, was also fined and ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work in the community.  (A:  That’s their son.)


Last night, as an MP (A:  Member of parliament.) criticised the magistrates, Mrs Higgins - who has run the pet shop for 28 years - said the family's eight-month ordeal had left them traumatised.  (A:  No wonder.)


She added: 'It's ridiculous. I mean, what danger am I that I have to wear an electronic tag?  (A:  Maybe that’s so she can’t go along to where the swans are and maybe help herself as well.  Of course she’d never think of that.)  These last few months have been a very stressful time.'


The seven-week curfew imposed by the court means she is unable to babysit her great-grandson at his home or go to bingo sessions with her sister, and will be unable to attend a Rod Stewart concert (A:  Well, you’re okay if you miss that one.) after tickets were bought for her by her nephew, actor Will Mellor.


Her son said: 'I think it's a farce. What gets me so cross is that they put my Mum on a tag - she's nearly 70, for goodness' sake.


'She's a great-grandma…' (A: Etc, etc, etc.)


Mr Higgins claimed the undercover operation was a clear case of entrapment - when a person is encouraged by someone in some official capacity to commit a crime - and said the case should never have gone to court. 


Do you understand they are using children for this though.  Shouldn’t there be a law against that in itself?  Shouldn’t there be?  It’s DISGUSTING!  …what these RATS get up to on these make-work projects to persecute the public and get more cash out of them.  DISGUSTING!  …and no one is stopping them.  They are on a roll and there is an awful lot worse to come, believe you me, a lot worse to come.  BUT rapists are okay from the Congo that throw their victim on the garbage dump – that’s where used garbage goes, you see.  That’s okay. 


Every country’s approached its population with slightly different variations on the same things, how to get everybody chipped and printed and all the rest of it.  I mentioned about a year ago the Baja Club that opened in Spain and how they were putting chips in the arms of patrons, young silly guys, because they made sure these dance halls had the most beautiful young females and guys always fall for that.  They were taking chips.  They could charge your chip with so much credit for your booze and all the rest of it.  I’m sure there were different categories of them; bronze, silver, gold, or platinum to impress the punters around.  Interestingly enough, the Baja Club was based initially in California.  I read the article where the head of it was the head, at one point, of the National Security Agency who are pushing the Digital Angel chips and all that.  They’ve changed their name, by the way, Digital Angel because they got a bad name.  They will use every dirty trick to get what they want.  Of course, what does a predator do when it looks at its victims?  It STUDIES the species.  Studies them, what do they all have in common, what do they do?  They have sex drives and they have hormonal drives.  Well, we’ll use that against them.  Here’s Australia, with a slightly different way to approach things.


A big night out: drinking, dancing, fingerprinting

Patrons at Minskys Hotel Cremorne have their ID's scanned and photographs taken.

Saffron Howden / smh.com.au / March 27, 2010


SOMEWHERE in Perth's central business district is a building containing the names, ages, addresses, photographs and unique fingerprint codes of thousands of revellers who danced and drank at Sydney's Home nightclub last year.


Home, in Darling Harbour, began trialling a biometric ID scanning entry system nine months ago. Patrons lined up before six large terminals to have their photo taken, and their driver's licence and right index fingerprint scanned. The information was copied and sent to Western Australia, where it is stored on a secured central database by the system developers.


While Home is the only NSW venue to use fingerprint technology at present - there are 13 nationwide - various forms of ID scanning are being quietly rolled out at other nightspots.  (A:  I like that, QUIETLY rolled out.)


Among them is Hotel Cremorne on the lower north shore. Since November the nightclub has required guests to submit to a photograph and ID scan as they line up on the street to enter on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


''It did kind of creep me out, made me feel like a criminal,'' a regular attendee, Julia Robertson, said. ''[But] I think it does make me feel safe.  (A:  Oh, I feel safer.  Where’s the cotton wool… just drape me in cotton wool.)  If some creepy guy comes in, they've taken their photograph.''  (A:  Listen lady, the creepy guy will be walking about outside.)


Queensland's ID-Tect installed its first ID scanning system in NSW in 2006, but now has hundreds in drinking establishments across the country - and thousands of individuals on its centrally stored ''ban list'' accessible to any client.


''People don't really have much respect for CCTV these days. When you see it on the telly, it's grainy,'' he said. ''[But] with our system, they can see what happens on CCTV [and] line that up with the picture taken of them at the door.''  (A:  So there you go.  MANY WAYS to get the young to give up their rights and to be fingerprinted for life.  And the hormonal drive never, never fails.  Study your prey, study their habits and go for it. That’s what the big boys do all the time.  It’s quite something, I tell you.  It’s quite, quite something.)


Now there’s new skin sensors… This is the BBC. 


Sensors turn Skin into gadget control pad

Mark Ward / Technology correspondent, BBC News / Friday, 26 March 2010


Tapping your forearm or hand with a finger could soon be the way you interact with gadgets.


US researchers have found a way to work out where the tap touches and use that to control phones and music players.


Coupled with a tiny projector the system can use the skin as a surface on which to display menu choices, a number pad or a screen.


Early work suggests the system, called Skinput, can be learned with about 20 minutes of training.


"The human body is the ultimate input device," Chris Harrison, Skinput's creator, told BBC News.


Sound solution


He came up with the skin-based input system to overcome the problems of interacting with the gadgets we increasingly tote around.  


Of course this is all to do with what they call ‘objects and things’ where everything is going to be communicating to every other object and thing as you travel through your environment, from your clothes to everything you wear will be a walking ID.  The Nano ID technology is ALREADY IN THE CLOTHING, by the way, that you don’t know about.  The best thing to do is to go into used stores and buy all different kinds of things and that way it’s all registered to other people’s names, so you’re a walking composite.  You’ll really, really mix them up; they won’t know who you are.  That’s what I’m going to do. 


With global warming, I don’t know if you all noticed the articles.  There are so many articles that have come out because remember, a few weeks ago I read how the IPCC, that corrupt bunch at the United Nations… Remember, everything from the United Nations is a political agenda, so they use science as a political agenda; that’s why they lie so much about it.  They are restructuring their system and they are working with the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations to teach the journalists of all newspapers HOW TO PUT IT ACROSS, information about the weather, TO THE PUBLIC so we fall into the conclusions, like I was talking yesterday, that are designed for us to fall in to.  Be better at it, in other words, and don’t say anything negative.  Well here’s global warming.  Here is an article that came out yesterday.


Colder than Moscow: Thousands of homes without power and drivers stranded as Britain (A:  This is March-April.)  is battered by blizzards and gale-force winds

By Daily Mail Reporter / 31st March 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


Parts of Britain were waking up under several inches of snow today as a flash of winter weather in spring made some areas colder than Moscow.


Up to 48,000 homes were without power as blizzards, gale-force winds and torrential rain hit both Scotland and Northern Ireland, knocking down power lines and causing widespread transport havoc.  (A:  And lots of snow and all the rest of it. So there is your global warming for you.)


By the way, they are really hammering away with the spray, you know, the GEO-ENGINEERING as they are calling it.  We’ve been getting it for 12 years now… and they are still saying, we might try it one day; we’re just working on what would happen if we went ahead and tried it.  When they’ve already been doing it for 12 years.  12 years… breathing this stuff in, giving everybody incredible auto-immune problems and bronchitis.  They know darn well what they’re doing.  It’s not just, NOT JUST to control of the weather because according to top pilots and aircraft officials that get in touch with me, IT’S MAINLY OVER THE CROWDED CITIES.  Well, that’s not where all the weather is, is it? 


There are a couple of callers on the phone.  There is Maggie from Texas.  Are you there Maggie?


Maggie:  Yes Alan.  I wanted to ask you this question for a long time but I couldn’t get in the night it was fresh in my mind.  Quite some time back you spent the better part of the program talking about the various horrors of the Canadian medical system.  In the United States the Canadian medical system is perceived as wonderful and perfect compared to ours.  You know, people go to Canada to get prescription drugs, for instance.  You were talking about Canadians coming to the United States to get treatment, which I would not have guessed myself.  So could you please explain why we have this perception that Canadian health care is perfect and think it’s so much better than ours?


Alan:  I’ll tell you why.  I read the article last year, Canada spent over $45 million on propaganda alone just to propagandize how wonderful the medical system is.  That’s one reason for it.  That was in advertising to tell us how good it is, to tell the Canadians, who know it stinks, how good it is.  That’s a lot of money.  I just talked to someone today in town who was spending the whole day in town, from 9:30 in the morning right through to about 5 in a walk-in clinic trying to see a doctor.  Each time they went in they were told to come back.  You go in and you register with a card and at first they will say, come back in 2 or 3 hours.  Then you go back and they say, oh, come back in another 3 hours.  Then if you go back about closing time or maybe if you’re still there in the evening around 7pm, if the doctor is called out to the hospital, they will say, come back the next day and maybe we will see you then.  That’s the care.  By the way, the maximum time you get with a doctor is 1 MINUTE… exactly.


Maggie:  That sounds like here, almost.  Does that pertain to everybody, even the comparatively well off?


Alan:  No.  I tell you what happened. In the late 1980s, the whole British Commonwealth countries, the politicians – it was in the newspapers at the time – changed it.  They knew they were going to take down the medical systems for the ordinary people.  The politicians passed a law that they themselves do get, and their families, and the bureaucrats and their families, were to get special care at top military hospitals for surgery and medicine whenever they required it.  By the way, Obama has just passed that into law for this new system he’s passed.  All Congressmen and Senators and the bureaucrats are exempt from following the same laws regarding medical care as the rest of the United States is to be.  So they pay nothing into it, they will all be given the TOP treatment and priority at the top military establishments. 


Maggie:  Then what about the fairly wealthy person who is not part of the bureaucracies?  Can they still go to private physicians?  I mean people who can pay it are not dependent on insurance, which isn’t many of us. 


Alan:  That’s right.  Again, you are copying England.  Everything that’s happening is copying England.  In England, they made sure that Harley Street, where all the top specialists are, is always there for every operation or every problem for the extremely, EXTREMELY wealthy people.  They do the same thing in Canada.  You can go into Canada to special clinics but you could never afford them, the ordinary folk could never afford them.  Even then, when a top politician – recently I read the article a few weeks back from Canada here – from the federal government went to the States for an operation because they couldn’t even perform that type of operation here.  We are on the very basic things here, very basic.  Even then, if you are on ordinary coverage – we all pay taxes into this in Canada –  you might wait 6 months, 1 year, 1 ½ years for physiotherapy alone, never mind an operation. 


Maggie:  So as I understand it then, Canada had a thoroughly good health system until about a little over 20 years ago and perception has not caught up with reality?  That’s what I suspected.


Alan:  Perception has been overcome by the government spending $45-48 million per year on propaganda as to how wonderful the system is. 


Maggie:  I hear you and that makes sense.  Thank you so much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Yeah, everybody is to copy the British system.  The United Nations, you have to go in to the World Health Organization.  They run it all, by the way.  Everything is being standardized across the world, in all economies and medicine.  The World Health Organization, look into its tenets and it charter and it says that everyone across the planet will be guaranteed the most MINIMAL health care… MINIMAL health care.  That’s what they are putting in place now.


Alan:  There is also Mike from Wyoming there.  Are you there Mike?


Mike:  From time to time you do kind of a hit and run on Christianity and I happen to be Christian.  But some of the facts you bring forward are intriguing, especially for someone who knows a little bit about Freemasonry and the occult secret societies; the story of Lazarus being one of them, the fact that he was supposedly died for 3 days and was raised by Jesus.  That does have a kind of haunting parallel in the secret societies.  Who do you think wrote the Christian Bible and why?


Alan:  Who do I think wrote it and why…  Well, I’ll tell you.  Hang on and I’ll get back to you when I come back from this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just responding to Mike about Christianity and who wrote the Bible.  Well, we’ll never really know.  We can’t know and that’s the beauty of ancient things, for those who rule them.  We’ll never know the nitty-gritty’s of anything but there is no doubt that all bibles have been produced, even versions of bibles have been produced up to the present time for political purposes.  Even in recent times, in the 20th century, there were different versions of the bible coming out that were taking Sodom and Gomorrah out, not to offend certain peoples and stuff like that… POLITICAL reasons.  But there is no doubt at all, there was something there originally by maybe a few writers.  All the experts go through different… is this an A or is this a Q that wrote these two different books, etc and they argue amongst themselves. 


What you are left with is basically a very, very short story of a person that’s the epitome of perfection, in a sense.  You can also see where a later church added in certain things to give authority to the church.  We also see it changing through the writings of Paul where… I mean Jesus told his followers to go into their own room, or closet, and pray to God themselves.  He was telling them you don’t need the priests, that was number one.  Well that doesn’t sit well with priests and institutions.  Then later on, Paul who was a Pharisee himself and taught in the pharisaical mentality, it’s a type of logic, started up the communes where Jesus never talked about communes.  Then later on, you find that Jesus said to have given powers to the disciples where THEY could forgive sins ON BEHALF OF GOD.  So that was exactly what the later Catholic Church decided to bring in, little additions in the early centuries when they took over. 


That’s understandable because the Catholic Church simply changed their hats overnight when they came from the priests of Jupiter and Saturn and all the rest of it and changed their hats into Christianity centuries and centuries later, when they were told to, FOR political purposes by a Rome that already was a political and an empirical society.  So unfortunately it was married with politics from the very beginning and a huge, massive institution behind it.  It COMBINED the two systems into one.  So we know very little about the early parts except the little red parts where Jesus speaks.  The impression you always get, that I always get, is that he never meant it to be, that spirituality could come to the masses, en mass, It was meant for the individual to follow. 


You have verification of this in some writings in the Talmud.  The Talmud came out of Babylon with a new type of priesthoods that were called Pharisees, because the old temple priests had died away, they were hereditary priests.  The new Pharisees had adopted a lot of the Babylonian structure but they also tried to keep their own traditions alive.  They started writing laws of the wise men of the Pharisees, generation by generation.  So very high Pharisees were allowed to write IN to the Talmud and add to it.  Then eventually it carried on to the Judaic Talmud.  Even today in modern Judaism, when they have a conflict between the two, they must refer to the Babylonian ones and that overrides the later version.  But they do mention a character in there that they claim is causing them trouble at that time and they are anything but kind to him.  So someone did exist at that time, there is no doubt about it.  But I think his message LITERALLY was for the INDIVIDUAL to find his way TO his God BY himself and that seemed to be the message.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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