April 5, 2010 (#548)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 5, 2010:

With 'More Efficient, User-Friendly' Claims,
They Sell More Efficient, Electro-Slavery Chains:

"Strange How Business and Science Progress,
With Government in Step to Assess
Each Person's Cost of Energy Consumption,
Purchase Taxes Go Up for Less Product Production,
Each Part Managed by Select Committee
Of Prominent Fat-Cats, Sitting Pretty,
And Bankers Headed by 'He Who Saves',
Creating Another Reality for the Slaves,
Minutely Monitored by Computer Listing,
New Purpose-Taxation, Just for Existing,
Media Claims 'Blind Progress', Simply Evolving,
As Ancient Techniques Re-Used, Revolving,
By Those Who Rule, Who are Betting
You'll Buy Your Chains If You Think You're 'Getting'
A Taste of 'The Good Life', You're on Cutting Edge,
Making Your Own Choices, Falling Off the Ledge
Into Pre-Planned Abyss of Electronic Versatility,
Unable to Crawl Back into Factual Reality"
© Alan Watt April 5, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 5, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 5th 2010.  For the newcomers to the show, you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have listed there.  These are the official sites.  That way when the big ones go down which they do once in a while, you will always have a site to draw down the latest shows from.  They are all free audios.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  The ads on the show pay for this air time and the advertisers deal with RBN directly; Iíve got nothing to do with them.  Therefore itís up to you the audience to keep me going.  Itís expensive for these shows.  The advertisers pay for RBNís air time, their transmission, their equipment, staff and all the rest of it.  So you have to keep me going by either donating to me or purchasing the books CDs and DVDS I have for sale on the web sites.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Unfortunately personal checks arenít accepted from any other country except from the United States to Canada because the United States and Canada is really one big place now, through the NAFTA agreement.  We even share the same area code for the country; you just dial one, followed by the number and thatís it.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them of the shows Iíve done, at meetingsÖ  A lot of people donít like using computers; they are a bit wiser.  Iím only using it because I have to at this time; eventually it will get reigned in and we wonít be able to talk about anything except greening, the weather and that kind of stuff.  So for those who get the disks burned, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


It truly is that way because there is so much going on now with the government hammering away at talk radio, especially what they are labeling Patriots.  The time will be limited eventually as they set people up to rope in other people who then email governments and threaten them.  Of course we have no idea if thatís actually going on or if we are just being told that, from governments, but THATíS the claim thatís out right now.  That talk show is fomenting possible violence towards government and authority.  For those out there, always be very weary of those that goad you on.  Those Hutaree people who were arrested in Chicago apparently, now itís admitted in the press. 


FBI uses ruse to lure Hutaree militia

Memorial gathering brought out group

BY BEN SCHMITT / FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER / Posted: April 2, 2010 / freep.com


Iíve WARNED so many people before about this.  They were not only infiltrated by an FBI agent, the agent, as always, was more vocal than the rest about his freedoms and his rights, supplied them supposedly with explosives, set up the sting operation, and then they caught them.  The same scenario over and over in every country and people never catch on.  They never catch on.  They keep falling for it.  All you need is the right person to say the right kind of things, YOUR language as they say, and be more vocal than you, so heís the real McCoy and you are set up from the beginning.  Be very careful about people setting you up.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just warning people to be very careful out there because, Iíve gone on about it so many times, about the set-ups of the multitude of secret services that the government uses to set people up. 


I remember years ago, back in the 70s it was, in the UK watching a program on white supremacism in the United States.  It was a documentary.  What was interesting was they hit 3 different places for raids supposedly for these while supremacists they call them.  The interesting thing was, in one of the raids, 200 people were initially ushered outside and contained while they went through their documentation.  It turned out at the end they only arrested 2 people.  The rest of them all belonged to all the variations of the different agencies.  They were all PROVOCATEURS.  2 guys had wandered in from the street for a hot cup of coffee that was free and they got charged.  Itís astonishing; this has been going on for probably as long as history has been out there.  Even in ancient times, if there were stirrings amongst the public or the people, even in the ancient empires in Rome, they would set up sting operations.  The whole idea was to get somebody to do something or set someone up to blame someone and then you would kill off what you claimed were the ringleaders.  The public would be terrified about being the next in line and therefore they wouldnít rebel.  That kept them quiet for another 10 years or so.  This is ANCIENT stuff. 


Hereís another thing that government is also aware of, you cannot set up this multitude, this multi-layered intelligence service outfits, one on top of the other, all stacked together, all looking at the same people, all looking for terrorism without CREATING the problem because if there is no problem you have to disband them and the last thing that these guys want is to be on the dole, on unemployment especially with their nice clean uniforms and their special status and their big salary. They donít want to go on the dole or go back down to being a guy on the beat as a cop or something like that.  You understand theyíve got to MAKE WORK, make-work projects; thatís what itís all about.  Almost every incidence that youíve read of in England and Canada and the States, has been a sting operation set up by one of these agencies.


The one in Canada a couple of years ago was some very young guys, Muslims supposedly.  They sent in a Muslim guy who dressed more radically than they did, really old fashion from their own country, more vocal against the Middle East and Israel and all the rest of the stuff than anyone else was.  It turns out at the end, he set them up.  The RCMP supplied the explosives, fake of course, I believe, and then they went in and arrested them all.  Now these guys probably would never have got beyond the yapping and boasting stages over a few drinks if it wasnít for the guys getting sent in to stir up the trouble.  Then eventually a year later the guy who was the sting operative for CSIS, thatís the intelligence services, appeared on television in a little documentary boasting about how he did it.  He worked for CSIS.  He was recruited and he hadnít been in Canada that long himself.  Folk never catch on.


The World Trade Center bombing, the first one remember, was all over the mainstream newspapers a couple of years later when they were taking it to trial with the so-called suspects.  Theyíd hired Middle Eastern guys.  The FBI was in charge of the operation.  One of the guys clued in eventually when the FBI handler wanted to bring in real explosives and give it to them and show them how to make a real bomb.  The guy said, I thought we were going to do a fake explosive?  The FBI guy said, no.  So luckily the guy started taping the FBI handler each time he met him.  That was played in the courts.  Folk never wisen up to it.  They never wisen up and they fall and fall and fall.  Then itís all over the media, ah, terror suspects caught.  Now they are going after talk radio.


You know you canít do a darn thing in this world, across this world, including blow up the towers, or anything else without one of these agencies knowing about it.  They have INFILTRATED everything a long, long, long time ago.  They have been listening to your phone calls forEVER, long before 9/11 happened in 2001.  You live in a world thatís controlled.  Itís always been controlled.  Iíve always said that any major thing that happens was planned to happenÖ and given the go-ahead to happen.  It canít happen any other way.  Itís the same years after the Gulf War I, where you find out they were preparing that for many, many years in advance.  With Gulf War II, same idea.  The Invasion of Iraq, they already had the troops massed elsewhere to go in long before ANY mention of Saddam Hussein was mentioned as the target in the media.  Same thing with Afghanistan, long before the Trade Towers went down.  You always hear after the fact.  It doesnít matter what they tell you afterwards.  Once theyíve got it all in motion they always say, oh, we canít turn back now, there will be chaos if we pull out of those countries nowThis is historically the norm.  Thatís how itís done. 


RBN got targeted by the Christian Science Monitor about


Guardians of the free Republics: Could threats spark violence?

More than 30 US governors have received subtly threatening letters from a group called Guardians of the free Republics. Investigators fear the broad call for removing top state officials could inspire others to act out violently.

As of Wednesday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), shown speaking to a joint legislative session Monday, is one of the governors who had received letters, from a group called Guardians of the free Republics, demanding they leave office within three days or be forcibly removed.

(Tim Mueller/AP) / csmonitor.com


Öcould Threats Spark Violence and so on.  They are targeting different people here.  As I say, people should use their own common sense and judgment and realize as well, that there are definitely people all over the place that can set you up for a sting operation.  Youíve got to have the willing fools, the victims that fall for it, so you can display them in orange outfits when you put them on trial to the public.  Youíve got to have the willing fools, ancient, ancient techniques.  You should see the movieÖ there are so many movies that have been made in the past about agent provocateurs that are operatives of the CIA or some special forces getting sent under cover, old stuff like this.  Where do you think they get this from?  Itís from your life. 


The movie Matewan came out in the 90s about a real story that happened in a factory-owned town in Pennsylvania, coal-mining town.  They were worried about unions starting up so what they did was they got one guy to go in, as a provocateur, and he stirred them up.  He showed them how to make bombs and the whole thing so he could draw out ringleaders, those who were more vocal, and kill them.  Thatís what happened.  That was the norm again.  They sent in what they called strike breakers that were just hired thugs, well paid, for the big corporations and they killed them, executed them and the Federal government knew.  It was going on for years and they turned a blind eye.  They didnít care.  They wanted it; they are all on board with the corporations.  OLD techniques.  So they show them over and over and over again and they do it in real life and people never catch on.


With so many agencies getting SO well funded and SO well paid, they are on to a good thing.  They are on a roll.  They donít want to get disbanded.  They donít want some government official saying, why are we using this; they havenít found anything for the last 5 years.  Theyíve got to have something to show their bosses.  Wisen up folks.  Wisen up because itís always been this way. 


Iíve mentioned so many times before that we are living through a script and we ARE living through a script, we truly, truly are.  There is nothing happening today that wasnít planned many, many years ago, and discussed at BIG international meetings, workshops put into it and round tables set up to work out and hammer out details of implementation WITH the cooperation of all the necessary international corporations, private/public partnerships, etc, etc to make it all happen.  There is NOTHING happening today that wasnít planned before you were born.  Even during World War II they even sat in international meetings discussing what they would call the League of Nations when they updated it and it eventually came out to be the United Nations.  So the last couple of years of World War II in all the propaganda documentaries, Pathe News, and so on, they would come out with the United Nations are going in here and they are landing, the United Nations.  There was no more Britain or U.S. or anything; it was all the United Nations.  They truly hoped to bring in this new planned society then, a society that would be based and run by the intellectuals, academia, and the international corporations.  Democracy would eventually be bypassed and forgotten, completely forgotten.  You are really there now today; you just donít know it yet.  You just donít know you are already there. 


There is a book that was out, Our Global Neighborhood.  It was published in 1995 by the Oxford University Press.  There is a lot of stuff for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and for the United Nations.  The report was calledÖ


Our Global Neighborhood

Report of the Commission on Global Governance

(ISBN 0-19-827998-1; Published by Oxford University Press, 1995)

A Summary Analysis by Henry Lamb / sovereignty.org / (First published in eco-logic, January/February, 1996)


(Alan:  Now this wasnít some hobbyists meeting together to discuss a wish list of things they wanted to have or a world theyíd like to dream up like a Cinderella story.  These were hard-nosed business men, top professors, hundreds of non-governmental organizations working through academia and in academia and working with governments as well TOWARDS this new system.  That was back in 1996.  They didnít dream up the idea, as I say, it was talked about in World War II.  What it says here isÖ)


The Commission on Global Governance has released its recommendations in preparation for a World Conference on Global Governance, scheduled for 1998, at which official world governance treaties are expected to be adopted for implementation by the year 2000. Among those recommendations are specific proposals to expand the authority of the United Nations to provide:


Global taxation;

A standing UN army;

An Economic Security Council;

UN authority over the global commons;

(A:  Global commons, itís a very interesting thing to read into what that means.)

An end to the veto power of permanent members of the Security Council;

A new parliamentary body of "civil society" representatives (NGOs);

(A:  represented by non-governmental organizations, not the public.†† I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading this Global Neighborhood towards a world governance basically, world governance by the United Nations.  This was published first in 1995 and then again in 1996.  It says in here that they also want anÖ


An Economic Security Council;

(A:  That was to strengthen the International Monetary Fund but of course they needed the crash for it to really get pushed ahead, which they always get what they want donít they?)

UN authority over the global commons;

An end to the veto power of permanent members of the Security Council;

A new parliamentary body of "civil society" representatives (NGOs);

 (A:  Parliamentary bodyÖ very interesting because that ties in with Professor Carroll Quigleyís statement as the historian of the Council on Foreign Relations where he said that they use foundations with non-governmental organizations and they substitute THAT for democracy of the people.  In other words, the biggest groups have the biggest voices and the ones that are authorized by the United Nations become the official non-governmental organizations. Thatís how the Soviet Union, technically, on the face of it, was governed.  They had non-governmental organizations, the workers union of this, workers union of that, etc, in charge of everything. But the Politburo picked the leaders.  The difference here is the foundations pick and train the leaders for the non-governmental organizations.)

A new "Petitions Council";

A new Court of Criminal Justice; (Accomplished in July, 1998 in Rome)

(A:  Thatís happened already; itís international now.  They can drag you out of any country, take you abroad and try you.)

Binding verdicts of the International Court of Justice;

Expanded authority for the Secretary General.


(A:  Of course they went on about global taxations and all the rest of it, which we are IN to now through the carbon taxes.  See, whatever they wantÖ they get what they want at the top.  You understand you are living in agenda.  You are not living through some happenstance thing where there are opposing forces here.  The richest people have no opposing forces.  Believe you me, they have no opposing forces.  They buy everything, including what you think are opposing forces.  It says hereÖ)


These proposals reflect the work of dozens of different agencies and commissions over several years, but are now being advanced by the Commission on Global Governance in its report entitled Our Global Neighborhood (Oxford University Press, 1995, ISBN 0-19-827998-3, 410pp).


The Commission consists of 28 individuals  (A:  AT the top.), carefully selected because of their prominence, influence, and their ability to effect the implementation of the recommendations. (A:  Now listen to how it is worded, if you think there is democracy.)  The Commission is not an official body of the United Nations. It was, however, endorsed by the UN Secretary General and funded through two trust funds  (A:  Again, foundations and trusts.) of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), nine national governments, and several foundations, including the MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation. (A:  Which also a couple of them go under the Rockefeller Foundation because itís the same board on both.)


The Commission believes that world events, since the creation of the United Nations in 1945, combined with advances in technology, the information revolution, and the now-global awareness of impending environmental catastrophe, (A:  Remember, this was back in 1995 and it said it had all been going on since the early 90s.) create a climate in which the people of the world will recognize the need for, and the benefits of, global governance. (A:  So now you know.  The people of the world apparently would recognize it.  So you all recognize the need for global governance.  Listen to this nowÖ)  Global governance, according to the report, "does not imply world government or world federalism." Although the difference between "world government" and "global governance" has been compared to the difference between "rape" and "date-rape,"  (A:  Itís all terminology. What you get is what you really get, not necessarily what you see.)  the system of governance described in the report is a new system. There is no historic model for the system here proposed, (A:  Listen to this nowÖ) nor is there any method by which the governed (A:  Thatís you lot.) may decide whether or not they wish to be governed by such a system. (A:  Remember I said years ago there is no complaints department in this reality here; there is just illusions. So for the hard of thinking, it says hereÖ nor is there any method by which the governed may decide whether or not they wish to be governed by such a system. (A:  Governance means you do what youíre told.  Thatís what it means.  Remember what the Club of Rome that also works for this bunch said, that they looked at all the systems of the world because democracy was too slow and cumbersome, too many competing sides and factions demanding things to get anything done.  Therefore they would bypass or toss out democracy and bring in a type of COLLECTIVISM.  Your new collectivism are the bunches of non-governmental organizations that supposedly now, unelectedly, represent you. They speak for you, on your behalf.  Not that you will ever meet them or get a chance to talk to them, but thatís how it works.  Same as the Soviet.  This IS the new Soviet, folks.)   Global governance is a procedure toward defined objectives (A:  They are not stumbling in the dark here.) that employs a variety of methods, none of which give the governed an opportunity to vote "yes" or "no" for the outcome. (A:  You get no opportunity to vote yes or no for the outcome; thatís what it says.)  Decisions taken by administrative bodies, or by bodies of appointed delegates, or by "accredited" civil society organizations, (A:  Thatís non-governmental organizations.) are already implementing many of the recommendations just published by the Commission.  (A:  It recommends, too, bringing in all these NGOs on board with government decisions.  Well, we already have that.  Look who makes up the bunch, those behind Blair then Brown in Britain and Obama in the US.  Look at all these guys and what they worked for before, non-governmental organizations, academia, all getting grants from the big foundations and now they ARE government basically.  And you think youíre free.  And you think theyíre stumbling in the dark and that youíve got rights.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading an article breaking down this particular global governance book and showing you whatís in it, what itís really all about.  What it shows to you is that not only did you have no rights back when this thing was written because they had an agenda, they knew where they were going, but long before that it was the same darn system since 1945 at least, and actually before that.  Iíve got books written during World War II when the so-called allied countries had massive commissions up that were traveling by aircraft back and forth to different countries during World War II having their international meetings on the type of society, this very society we are going into now, the planned society with eventually the regulatory system where EVERYONE is regulated down to a micro-individual level, from birth to death basically IF they needed you FOR the system.  They talked about population growth back then, in World War II when they were slaughtering millions of people.  People really donít get it.  They really think they are on the cutting edge as we stumble down through time towards some vague future, as the media would present it to you.  Thatís their job, mind you.  Every phase we go through is a planned phase, including the war ON terror which I call the war OF terror.  Every part is preplanned long before events happen, or are MADE to happen or disclosed to the public, every single part of it. 


When you tie up the moneyÖ See, everything in business, big international corporative business and academia comes from taxpayer funding.  The massive projects that nations take on comes from taxpayer funding, whether itís massive roadways like the NAFTA highways or anything else is through taxpayer funding.  We build them all and then they give it to their buddies, that were planned before you even heard of it, they give it to their buddies for peanuts.  Then they run it, once you built it and paid for it all.  Itís always been this way.  The big corporations are on board.  Iíve always said, these big corporations, I donít believe they ever had any competition in the last 40 years.  They really didnít. 


Itís so interesting to look at The Trials and Punishment of IG Farben, the umbrella company during World War II that was set up before World War II to create the Nazi war machine for Germany.  You had all these big foundations there, Carnegie, Ford, all the rest of them, the Rockefeller Foundation.  You had Rothschildís foundations, Bayer, and so on.  They all comprised this massive umbrella organization.  You had ITT, they made the Falkland fighter for the Germans.  You had Ford over there making their Jeeps and so on.  You had GM as well.  None of these companies paid a dime for helping that war to get started, so they were profiting off both sides.  You know business went ON during the war.  The stock markets were going on DURING the war. 


Once in a while when something was very blatant like the banks that were in New York that were FUNDING Germany directly, they came out with Trading With the Enemy Act and thatís where the Bush lineage came into it with Herbert Walker Bush I think it was.  Everything is planned that way.  You canít have massive things like that getting set up in a country, in a WORLD, to bring on a planned war Ė remember what HG Well said before World War II, he says we need another war; the folk arenít willing to give up their sovereign independence and their nationalism.  He spoke on behalf of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Fabian Society working with the big foundations, from the Astor families and so on.  Lots of books were written at the time.  Nothing has changed.  Itís only better now they are into electronics and monitoring all of us.  That was planned too.  They knew this time would come because they used your tax money to do all the research and development, that is bringing it all together today.  We pay for our chains.  I keep saying that, we pay and pay and pay for our chains. 


Reality for most folk is just indoctrinated illusion.  Thatís all it is.  The beauty is, you are all getting the same indoctrination through the same schooling, internationally now through UNESCO.  Then you all talk to your pals and you get the same downloads from daily WORLD media and so you all have the same conclusions about everything; you all think you are sane.  You havenít a clue. 


Here is the idea.  We get this carbon tax.  A carbon economy, remember, really is a con in itself, as we all know.  They have to create a big scare, the weather.  Changes in the weather is going to cause it, we have to go this way.  Well the weather has always changed, folks.  For those who have completely lost their brains, the weather has ALWAYS changed, ALWAYS.  Weíve always gone through cycles, up and down and up and down of hot for a while, for years, then cold for years, hot and cold.  Itís always been that way.  They used to teach this in PRIMARY [Elementary] school in Europe at the age of 5 and 6, in your PRIMARY textbooks.  That there were previous ice ages and previous warming ages, sometimes lasting 200, 400 years, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  Then they had reports IN those primary school textbooks for children, school children, that core samples were taken at the North Pole and so on to show you that many thousands of years ago, before man was around, there were ice ages and there were warming agesÖ BEFORE man was on the planet.  Who would you tax then?  Hmm?


This is a con for a new economy of control where technically nothing is produced, just massive profit FOR control on you.  They go through these incredible calculations, and incredible is the word.  These calculations are designed to transform everything that you purchase and the energy that went into making it into what would the potential carbon be if it was all based on carbon.  Itís utterly bogus but itís good enough for all the prostitutes of science out there and there are thousands and thousands of them.  For you folk out there that think scientists are somehow neutral with everything, this is the nonsense that theyíve spouted for yearsÖ oh well, you know, we just, we are not responsible for how anything is used or misused, we are just on the cutting edge of finding the truth. RUBBISH!  There is not a science out there that was ever free to do anything that it wanted to do.  EVERYTHING and every system is political.  EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY POLITICAL. 


They have used psychiatry before in totalitarian countries.  Psychiatry that calls itself a scienceÖ not only to validate the findings of the Nazis to slaughter those that were feeble minded and all the rest of it to get rid of them all, the gene pools.   There were so many Nazis of the psychiatry profession on board it was astonishing.  They also did that in the Soviet Union; massive psychiatric exterminations in the Soviet Union.  They even used people and opened up their skulls, one brain after another, while they were living.  That was in The Soviet Story, that documentary; excellent, excellent thing to watch.  EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL.  In the Soviet Union, if they didnít like what you were doing theyíd lock you up.  They would get all these professionals, mind you, the scientists to say that you had ďinflexibility of opinionĒ.  That was the diagnosis.  You just wouldnít go along with the status quo and parrot the slogans that you were told to parrot. 


Itís the same with physics and medicine and everything else out there.  These guys know where their bread is buttered and where it comes from and they are happy to go along with it, just like all these PROSTITUTES that were found out with their scams, from the emails that were feeding the IPCC all their supposed conclusive data.  People have been taught and brainwashed into complete naivety to believe that they higher you go the more respectable they are; that dishonest people somehow couldnít get up there, when the absolute opposite is true.  The psychopaths climb the ladder in the real world because they have no conscience.  They donít care what color hat they wear under whatever regime; they will wear it and they are well paid for doing so.  Astonishing. 


Here is an articleÖ


Ford, Microsoft to work on electric-car charging

March 31st, 2010 in Technology / Energy / physorg.com


(A:  See, theyíre already way ahead.  These deals were made years ago.  Weíre just getting told what theyíre trying right now.)


(AP) -- Ford Motor Co. and Microsoft Corp. have signed a deal to work together on a computerized link between houses (A:  Here you areÖ), electric cars and utility companies to help manage energy use.  (A:  Remember, last Friday I mentioned one where they are using an island off Denmark; theyíd already set up the windmill schemes to put everybody on electric cars.  They work out all the problems and any problems with the public that are not too happy with the slow speed and the high charging cost and all the rest of it.  And here is this other article that Iím reading right now.)


The companies said Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show that this is the beginning of a smart system (A:  Itís SMART, you see.  WOW.) that will help utilities (A:  It will help utilitiesÖ) and customers (A:  Itís going to help you.) manage energy costs and electrical generating capacity.


The system would start with the all-electric Ford Focus compact car that is scheduled to go on sale late in 2011. Called "Microsoft Hohm," (A:  HohmÖ it should be HMM.) it will allow utilities to vary electric rates based on the time of day. (A:  Isnít that wonderful?  We went through all that nonsense in a good part of the world with off-peak usage.  Everybody went and changed onto electric heating and you bought these things full of water and bricks in them and Iím not kidding, there were bricks.  They would charge at night, the idea being that they would hold their heat during the day.  So everyone fell for that and got encouraged by the government to go for it.  Once enough people were on it, they said, oh, weíre doing away with the off-peak charging rates now, you have to pay the full rates at night and during the day.  So, ah, you canít win folks.  Itís not DESIGNED for you to win with.) 


Do you really think that these big international corporations got so incredibly stinking rich, as they caused wars and all the rest of it, because they are altruistic?  Do you?  These international corporations have their own hit squads for Gods sake.  Their OWN hit squads.  Do you think someone, anybody on the planet is going to stand in the way of a multi billion dollar project, when a corporationÖ they get the hit guys.  Where do you go for hit guys?  You go for all the so-called civilian forces for security, like Keeny Meeny where the ex-SAS guys are, or the ones for the green berets, the ex ones that are set up in the US.  That way it doesnít go through the military.  You pay them the cash and they do the dirty.  That was exposed as well in Sierra Leone a few years ago. 


They did a documentary in Canada and it showed that a big company, a corporation in London, gold, silver, diamonds, BIG, well established company, very Ďeldí, old company.  What happened was they started a war in Sierra Leone to get rid of all the peasants that were around there, to get them off the land.  So what they did was sponsor a bunch of guys to start a civil war.  You saw all the mercenaries going in there, all these guys from Special Forces, ex Special Forces.  When the interviewer asked the corporate CEO, donít you find any qualms about this, you are moving all these people off, you are disrupting a whole countryís way of life and so on and taking their land just so you can keep mining there?  The guy laughs and he says, well, they are not using it are they?  The people arenít using it.  As though that was a preposterous question, and to that guy IT WAS a preposterous question.  Thatís the real world we live in. 


Thatís the real world and itís always been this way.  And you think your governments are there to stop things or somehow keep some sort of legal check on things.  NO.  Your government is only there to keep a legal check on YOU.  Who do you think puts in these politicians into their positions in government?  Iíve said for years, what bunch of multi-millionaires do you want to vote for, the left or the right?  Because they all invest in the same corporations.  They are all intermarried.  All from the same schools.  Theyíve got nothing in common with you. 


Here is this article on how they are alreadyÖ Do you think they just started this?  No, theyíve obviously been working on this for many 20-30 years, just this part alone.  And they were.  They were working in the 60s on these so-called farcical electrical cars.  Then you come out too, remember, reading that first report, Towards a Global Governance, as they called it, and how they wanted a strengthened monetary system.  Well this came out April 24, 2009 from the Council on Foreign Relations, from their own site.  I read it at the time but Iíll read it again, a bit of it.  This is re-updated from March 30, 2010. 


Building a Strengthened IMF

Interviewee:  Domenico Lombardi, President, Oxford Institute for Economic Policy

Interviewer:  Roya Wolverson, Staff Writer, CFR.org

March 30, 2010


The International Monetary Fund played a leading role in responding to Greece's financial crisis. (A:  Did you know that the International Monetary Fund, according to this report, saved the world, put out by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations.  This is what they claim, the International Monetary Fund saved the world, even though Iíve got all the articles here Ė Iíve kept them all Ė where every country and every institution said that the IMF had FAILED MISERABLY at what it was designed to do.  But, no, reality is warped again and the International Monetary Fund played a LEADING ROLE in responding to Greeceís financial crisis, according to this.)  It has also issued sharp warnings to other European countries and the United States about their debt levels, fueling debate over the institution's role in the global economy. Domenico Lombardi, president of the Oxford Institute for Economic Policy, a senior scholar at the Brookings Institution, and a former executive board member for the IMF and World Bank, (A:  Well, heís impartial, you know that.) says countries need a strong multinational finance institution to respond to the increasingly globalized financial system. (A:  In other words, they will get what they always wanted.  The IMF was set up with the World Bank to BE the world banker and distributor of money in whatever form it ends up being.  Whether itís just blips on a computer or plastic dollars or whatever, it doesnít matter.  Money only works as long as you believe in it.  Youíve got to read Platoís Republic.  He talks about this beautiful world system that the elite could bring in with its special, selected breeding, for the elite themselves, the GUARDIAN CLASS.  Theyíd have a helper class as well, the middle class, the bureaucrats that would govern the Ďitsí; he called the people the Ďitsí, the general public.  Then they would breed the its like domestic animals for the particular job that they were intended to do.  You would get 2 tall ones together, male and female, marry them for tall offspring to pick apples off trees and little squat ones to go down the mines and stuff like that.  This is thousands of years ago.  This is the favorite book of all the biggies.  They all mention Platoís Republic and how it really impressed and influenced their lives.  All you have to do now is rather than just breed in and breed in and breed in until you end up with a poodle, you use genetic engineering, and lots of reasons why you must use it.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, bringing a bit of reality into a very dark world because, you know people think they are pretty bright but they are not bright at all.  They are simply conditioned into the path that those that run the world wanted them to be in.  It works very well, when we are all conditioned along the same path at the same time by the same media and all the different outlets that we have, that we think are independent.  Total brainwashing.  These guys know where theyíre going. 


Here is another article about it all and they talk about the Ďinternet of thingsí and the Ďconnectivity of thingsí as everything is to be chipped, including you and everything you wear and eat and pills that you take and all the rest of it. 


IT Infrastructure:

 25 Things You Might Not Know About IBM's Smarter Planet Strategy

ibm.com / 2009-10-19


IBM's "Smarter Planet" initiative has loftier aspirations than your typical corporate strategy. Big Blue says the world is becoming instrumented (by 2010, there will be a billion transistors per human, (A:  A billion.) each one costing one ten-millionth of a cent); more interconnected (a trillion networked things) (A:  Everything communicates with everything else and feeds back ALL the data.  And you, by the way, are the object of it because the only economy thereís going to be for the big boys shortly is taxing you under different names for fees and costs and energy costs and carbon costs.  All these chips are going to help them to do it.  For everything that you need, they will have chips in it.) ; and more intelligent (thanks to algorithms and powerful systems that can analyze mountains of data to make decisions and to take actions). IBM aims to provide the technology that can connect the systems running the world (A:  They are already doing it; itís DONE.  Itís done already.), making the planet smarter: with less traffic, healthier food (A:  Ha, which is all Genetically Modified and there is nothing in it to feed you.), cleaner water, safer cities. (A:  As they bung us all together.  Then it goes on aboutÖ) Here are 25 things you might not have known about IBM's "Smarter Planet" initiative. (A:  Öand who they are working with.) 


Iíll put these articles up on my web site at the end of the show and you can go through them and see for yourself.  Literally, you could spend 500 lifetimes trying to put all this together.  There is so much of it out there.  For every day there is an international meeting going on in some nice, exotic place that you canít get access to, on something.  There are probably a dozen meetings going on a day internationally and then the subcategories of regionally and then nationally as well that you will hear nothing about until 20 years down the road.  Thatís how itís been my whole life. 


When I was growing up, they kept saying in Europe, oh, no, weíre not going to amalgamate Europe; itís just a trading organization so we can hammer out trade deals.  And they lied their teeth off as we went metric in Europe and Britain.  Everything changed overnight into metric.  Then your coinage eventually changed into decimals as well, the decimal system, overnight.  They kept lying their teeth off and saying, no, no, no, the Prime Minister is just signing an agreement for Ďcloser ties,í closer ties and better understanding, with the different leaders of Europe.  Then just before the year 2000 they ADMIT in a report, once they set up the whole deal and integrated Europe and set up a parliament, they declassified information from 1948 saying the public must not be told the true intention is total integration with a central government until itís up and running.  Thatís how the world is run folks, by deception.  Always has been.  Itís called governance, GOVERNANCE.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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