April 6, 2010 (#549)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 6, 2010:

Science Is New Political Tool,
Compromised Scientists Help to Rule:

"There's Oncoming Integrated Planetary Skin,
Its Electronics Communicate to Collect Each 'Sin',
Every Computer Device, Phone or Fax,
Collects All Data, Towards New Tax,
Old Taxation System is Out of Favour,
Because You Can't Tax Unemployed for Their Labour,
So Economists for Years Received Funds for Fixing
The New Economy, Taxation for Existing,
Through Special Computer, with Complex Equation,
Energy Used Making Articles Equate Taxation,
By Purchase Taxes Passed Down to Buyer,
Then Passed Up to Carbon God, Jolly Greeny Liar,
T'will Rule Our Lives, Who's Born, Who'll Die,
Each Breath Apparently Depletes the Sky,
Never in History has Such Scam Been Devised,
With the Use of Sciences, All Compromised"
© Alan Watt April 6, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 6, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 6, 2010.  For the newcomers out there, I suggest you go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Youíll find hundreds of audios for download for free.  Bookmark the other official sites I have listed there because sometimes the .com site goes down and if youíve got them listed you can always pull down the latest shows at your leisure.  You can also go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu; thatís the European site.  It has the same audios but itís also got the addition of transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given for print up and you can choose from the various languages of Europe.  Itís a very good site, lots of folk use it.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember that you are the audience that brings me to you because I depend upon your donations and purchasing my products Ė thatís my books, CDs and DVDs Ė to keep me going, to tick over.  I donít take money from the advertisers.  The ads on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN for the broadcast time.  That pays for the staff, technicians and the broadcast itself.  So itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so buying the items I have for sale on my web sites. 


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This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím sure by now everyone has heard about the wikileaks video thatís out there now that happened in I think about 2007 where US troops in a helicopter gunned down, for fun basically, and slaughtered unarmed civilian in Iraq.  I thought that was already out because I saw one similar a couple of years back, that could have been a different episode or a different happening.  What gets me is that the public kind of needs this once in a while.  Then they are shocked and itís forgotten of course. 


We live in a fantasy world anyway, truly.  If you think that this is what war is really about, peacekeeping and handing chocolate out to children and taking photo ops with the troops by their own PR people in the Army, do you really think thatís what war is about?  Any country who gets an occupational force put into it is going to suffer the same kind of things.  Thatís the lesson of history.  Troops, they have no individuality.  The first thing you do in drilling troops is to drill out the individuality until they obey, OBEY is the whole thing, and become like little killing demons.  You are training them to be the opposite of whatís tolerated within your own society.  You canít act like a hooligan in your own society.  You canít go around killing dogs, people or anything else for the fun of it.  You go into the military and their whole idea is to WARP your mind so much that you lose your individuality, turn you into supposedly a killing machine.  Youíll find in every unit there is always a head person whoís more psychopathic than the rest, more macho supposedly, and they prove their machoness by doing acts like this.  The rest will follow on; they donít want to be called a wimp or other kind of derogatory names.  So this is what happens.  This is what happens all the time.


In occupied countries, the people have no rights.  When they get killed, there will always be an official explanation for why they were killed.  There always is.  Itís like the police.  When the police gun down somebody and they find out it was a mistake, they make sure that they leave behind a carrot, a throwaway gun.  A throwaway, they always carry throwaway guns to put near the so-called suspect.  Itís the same in the military.  You must always find a legitimate reason for slaughtering people and that keeps the army squeaky clean.  They donít like bad publicity.  Itís the way of history.  Itís happened through every major war, every major war.  These guys are brainwashed.  Iím not justifying them either.  I donít support troops.  I never have, in any country, supported troops because I know what happens to them.  I know what their purpose is. 


Remember Kissinger said in an interview, he said what he thought of troops.  The American troops especially, he says, the American troops are just dumb stupid animals that are to be used for foreign policy.  He was being quite honest from his elite point of view.  Thatís how they see them.  Thatís what they are actually.  He was right.  Heís telling the truth.  When you go into the military, you are dumb stupid animal who is used for foreign policy, policies which you wonít even be told about, you wonít even know.  You are taught the BASE level of propaganda to get a job done.  You donít care whoís benefiting from it, what the real plans are.  The big corporations are going to steal everything out of the countries that you are helping to occupy.  You donít care.  You are quite happy being young and stupid and running around with a gun.  Youíve become GI Joe.  You now can have the big machine gun and act the hard man, when in real life you are generally a coward on your own.  And thatís a fact. 


Wiki leaks came out with this.  Theyíve tried for a while to get it out to the public but theyíve had a lot of opposition.  They did get a write-up in The Daily Mail.co.uk about it. 


'Ha ha, I hit 'em': Top secret video showing U.S. helicopter pilots gunning down 12 civilians in Baghdad attack leaked online

By David Gardner / dailymail.co.uk / Last updated on 07th April 2010 [Article altered as of 4/7/10]


They said ĎFun in the Sun, United States slaughters unarmed civilians,í just like a video game because thatís what itís like to these guys.  Iíve said year after year after year for many years, that the generation that are wearing the uniforms now were brought up specifically with the video games given to them in a basic, the worst atheistic system that they could possibly devise for them to grow up in, where the State them gives them their values.  Re-value they call it, which means pretty well no obedience to anybody except their paymaster.  Theyíve been taught, with video games, just to slaughter whatever figures they see running around, like a video game.  The games were designed for the military and when they started to promote them to the public you could tell right away something was up.  Well, 20-odd years later, theyíve got them in uniform and they are doing exactly as theyíve been taught, their whole life, to do.  Itís that plain and simple. 


Thatís what the military is about.  When you drill, your individuality is drummed out of you.  Any little sarcastic comment to the drill sergeant and heís on you like a ton of bricks because he doesnít want you to be a smart aleck.  You have to be dumb and stupid and say yes sir, no sir and all the rest of it.  Thatís all they want out of you and you jump and you do what you are told.  If you are told to go off and slaughter people, you will do so.  If you are told to torture people, you will do so.  Thatís what they do. 


Everything is like itís a bizarre dream.  They talk about the great unconscious, as Carl Jung talked about it, the subconscious, then unconscious.  The unconscious was the SEA where all memories, all knowledge was kept.  It was beyond the moral side of things because it was past the censorship part of your brain.  Anything was possible.  Thatís where your nightmares come from and odd dreams where you will do things youíd never normally do in real life.  Well, thatís whatís promoted when you go into the military.  You are coming from one society where they used to, not so long ago, theyíd hang you and still in some states in the United States they will still fry you [for that type of behavior].  Then you are taught that youíve got the greatest respect.  Now, you are simply changed from your rags to a uniform.  Rags to uniformsÖ and you want to go off and kill people because you are a little boy who has never grown up yet.  You want to be somebody, a big man, the big shot. 


Iíve seen what they call the Ďbloodied photographsí of troops in different countries.  They always have bloodied photographs; thatís their first kill.  Each one gets these to keep, you see.  What they will often do is hold the corpse up, or sit on it, or laugh at it, or do some grotesque thing to it to dehumanize it and show how brave they are with the big smile on their face, that they are not scared at all, at this grizzly spectacle.  Some of them will even put their finger in the bullet hole that killed their first victim.  Thatís called getting bloodied.  They ALL do that.  All your little sons and daughters over there that come back to you and you go off to your awful fast food restaurants and that and talk about the great times you are having, etc.  Ask them about their photographs, their bloodied photographs.  Ask them, if youíve got the guts to do it, if you are still proud of little Johnny.  Thatís the real world.


What was interesting was when you look through the history of the 20th century, the most disciplined army was the German army.  They had less of all the blood, rape and pillage than other countries.  Everybody else had tremendous raping going on, wherever the troops went in, and killing often of the victims afterward.  That was part of it.  Germany had the lowest incidence of that because they were so disciplined.  The Russians, when they went into Germany raped and killed wherever they went.  So the more suppressed a society is, where the people are less powerful, less personal power and more totalitarianist the system, the more theyíd take it out.  If you canít take it out on road rage or speeding in your car, because really, you have no power in your own personal life, you go into the military and you can take it out there.  Thatís what they do.  Nothing new in this whatsoever; it happens every day.  It happens every day. 


Every military has a big legal establishment that tries to cover up everything that happens every day as well and they are very successful at it. They get an awful lot of cooperation from the media.  So I wonít even hang on to this.  Iíll put these links up from the Daily Mail and the YouTube one on my site at the end of the show and you can go and see it if you are so fascinated to do so yourself.  But Iíve seen many like it before and itís just another repeat of what Iíve seen.


I remember saying on a radio broadcast when they were going into Iraq, just before it in fact.  They showed you some PR shots of troops dancing, American troops dancing on a carrier ship on the way over, half naked, some of them were naked I think, to rap music.  I thought and I said this on the air, we are sending the barbarians inÖ to one of the oldest cultures in the world.  Thatís what it looked like to me.  Thatís what theyíve raised for this particular purpose for this particular function.  And yes, they will be turned out on the public back home.  A few years ago I read the statistics from the newspapers on police recruits and it was over 90% in the United States, of all police recruits at that time were coming directly from the military into police.  That was all planned years ago too, that that would be happening FOR this particular time, where once again, they will be allowed to throw off the normal restraints of societal control, to get turned loose on you and they do what they want.  And they will be covered by, again, their bosses above them.  So thatís that one anyway.  Iíve got lots of articles tonight too, to show you how everything is planned years ago.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Today I was going through a lot of academiaís publications.  You are really shocked when you get into the global warming stuff and how for about 20-30 years theyíve been working on blending all your taxes into a new system for a new era.  They hit upon, of course, the idea of global warming for many different purposes but they all tie together.  Itís all done through academia, through all the BIG universities with a lot of the other universities all tied in with it too.  Many, many, many professors have joined these societies they belong to, associations, to get IN on the big cash cows and they are making a fantastic living out of it.  A lot of people are actually going to retire shortly that have been living their whole life on grants working towards this particular global agenda.  I think I touched on it last night, touched on the fact that what they use are test areas to test out anything before they hit the general public or the whole world with it. 


For instance, Orillia in Ontario, for quite a few years during the 90s was the test bed for the cashless society.  They gave the customers in stores these cards and lots of freebies if they would just keep using the cards and nothing else wherever they went.  All that data on them was all stored and kept and any problems were ironed out until when they introduce it for all of us, itís a perfect system and there are no problems with it.  They use islands for different reasons too.  I remember watching a documentary years ago on Iceland and how a big company, I donít know if it was Merck or who, had made a deal with the government to test the population with various drugs and their health and so on because they had an isolated population with no real outside mixture of genes.  Of course all these folk were getting pestered by this pharma company.  They had to go along with it and fill forms out every few months and go and get medical inspections, and their children, because the government had made a deal.  So much for democracy.  They made a deal with this pharma company; theyíve got lots of cash coming in and lots of politiciansí pockets were filled. 


The same thing happened with Finland.  I was looking through an article by an Oxford University Press book on geo-engineering, carbon taxes, all this kind of stuff but itís REALLY all about the new economy.  Everything we are going into, it was decided, say, 30-odd years ago, maybe even further, as a new system to take over from labor taxes, taxes on labor.  They go through it all.   They touch on the fact that Finland was one of the first countries to be used as the transfer country, the transference of taxing you for just labor and gradually putting in onto purchases under the guise of energy taxes, carbon tax and so on.  They were doing that since the early 90s with Finland as a test bed for the world. 


Eventually thatís how weíve all to go through it.  Itís to be a gradual transference of your taxation on labor to everything you purchase, for all the energy you use, your electricity, gasoline, gas for cooking, whatever.  All energy will make up an abundance and more so than just taxing you for labor.  Thatís what itís all about and itís a done deal.  These are massive organizations working on this for the big boys, the bankers and the Rockefellers and the Rothschildís and all the rest of them, all the big boys who helped start it off with the funding.  Now theyíve got government and tax money thrown at them.  All government money is tax money but they are throwing most of the money at them now and keeping them going.  So itís a done deal. 


Itís astonishing when you just go from university to the next and the next and the next, and study paper after study papers, all working together with this incredible network of professors and associationsÖ and feeding all this information up and up and up until the top economists work on it then.  Talking in languages that you justÖ itís not meant to be understood.  It is not meant to be understood.  With the climate intervention technologies they are talking about doing, although they have been doing it for 12 years.  Remember, I always say, whenever they talk about doing something or before they sign anything into law or have meetings about it openly for the public, theyíve been doing it for years.  Whatever it happens to be, itís the same.  The Asilomar Conference CenterÖ


Asilomar Conference Center


(Alan:  took place onÖ) March 22-26, 2009 / climateresponsefund.org

Asilomar Conference Center, Asilomar CA

Developer: Dr. Margaret Leinen - Climate Response Fund

Chair: Scientific Organizing Committee, Dr. Michael MacCracken, Climate Institute


A conference to develop the risk assessment and management strategies of climate engineering research. 


This was in California.  Itís so funny because they had all these professors inside talking about what the consequences would be on the human population, animals, wildlife and all the rest of it, because it is chemicals and heavy metals they are going to put into the air.  Outside, there were all the protesters who have been protesting for years about the ongoing spraying that isnít supposed to be done yet, according to the guys inside the hall.  Of course, when you go into the names of the guys inside the hall, youíll find that they worked for the Pentagon, many of them, on these very projects and mainly for warfare purposes in the past.  So Iíll put this link up for you to see as well from the Asilomar International Conference. 


Itís so funny, this duality they put you into.  Oh, weíre thinking about doing it but, oh, we are unsure of all the physical consequences.  They HAVEÖ You see, you donít have conferences like this unless somewhere youíve already got data on the physical consequences and theyíve got lots of data now, over the last 12 years, as theyíve been spraying the bejesus out of all of us.  Massive bronchitis, cancers, and so on.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  If you want to really see the future and see how huge and intertwined all these organizations are to do with the coming transfer of taxes from simple labor to everythingÖ basically taxed for existing, and turning around and moving and eating and heating yourself or buying something and how much energy it costs supposedly to create that thing and how much CO2 it would have caused if they went through some complicated mathematical equation, through their special computers that are built for the purpose.  Youíve got to read Carbon Energy Taxation:  Lessons from Europe, edited by Mikael Skou Andersen and Paul Ekins.  It was put out by Oxford University Press just last year.  Itís one of the big books which Iím sure all the CFR guys are mandated to read, for instance.  You should try and get a copy of it; itís Carbon Energy Taxation:  Lessons from Europe, Mikael Skou Andersen and Paul Ekins. 


Itís utterly fascinating when you read through it and you see ALL the different associations that are involved, across the entire planet, on bringing in this new world order system.  Itís all based on taxation of every individual for everything you purchase, for everything you need, for simple living.  Remember, this is the stage of AUSTERITY.  The new economy, literally, is built on a sort of feudal system of taxing you for everything.  That is the new economy.  Not for real goods, real products, youíll have some, maybe, basic essentials but no more goodies.  Thatís what we are going to get taught, no more goodies but at the same time you will pay more taxes than you have ever done before, probably in the history, right through the 20th century into the feudal times.  LiterallyÖ not kidding you; thatís what itís all about.  So youíve got to have a read about that.


Hereís another article about the new economic order.  This is mainstream.  Mainstream really, their job is to give you tastes of it but never going into any depth on any thing to FAMILIARIZE you with an idea thatís coming.  Thatís what mediaís job is; itís a form of predictive programming.  They wonít go in and tell you what Iíve just mentioned about Oxford University Press and that book or the many other books Iíve looked into, from the CFR.  They wonít go into the CFRís own web site; anybody can go in, and go into every facet of living.  They deal with it allÖ all, every facet of living, right down to what you are going to eat shortly and what you are eating now.  This article is from Global Insight. 


EU struggles to establish new economic order

By John Thornhill / ft.com / March 28 2010


It does not always look that way from the outside, but the European Union sometimes thrives in crises.  (A:  This is a PR piece.  Thatís what the media does.  They get handouts given to them and they just publish it right there.)


Rather like the architecture of the Pompidou Centre in Paris, much of the EUís uglier political plumbing wraps around the outside of the building, rather than inside. Its 27 national leaders often conduct debates among themselves by shouting across their borders with an eye on domestic electorates. Then they all come together and compromise in the name of European solidarity. 


What a PR piece that is, eh?  There are different links that come off it and what they are into and all the rest of it.  Basically the last part is the only interesting part, as far as Iím concerned, in the article.  They all yell at each other and then they all come together and compromise in the name of European solidarity.  Whatever the decisions that are made, they donít care about the fallout to the public or the cost to the public.  They will compromise but thatís what politicians do; they compromise on everything.  Thatís why theyíre all corrupt.  If you truly have principles and you truly believe in what youíre doing, you cannot compromise on things that are going to hurt other people.  You canít do it, but these guys have no problem.  Politicians never have had problems and thatís the history of politicians.  Thatís the history of politicians. 


Another article you have to look at too, and Iíll put this link on my site as well isÖ


Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors



Carbon Disclosure Project

(A:  From there is a lot of links that go off into what theyíre involved in.  It saysÖ)


Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is the worldís largest shareholder social responsibility initiative, and representing more than $31 trillion (A:  They have $31 TRILLION, this is a PHILANTHROPY, one part, just ONE part of their Ďphilanthropicí causesÖ one area.  $31 trillionÖ) in investment assets (A:  So they can also invest, you see, and deal as businessmen under philanthropy and pay utterly no taxes AT ALL because they are registered under a CHARITY.), CDP is focused on disclosure of the business implications of climate change.  (A:  Because thatís the new economy and these guys CREATED it all, they dreamed it up and they are the ones who are going to reap the harvest of it all, the massive money in carbon trading.  What a great thing.  You donít have to have bubbles in the markets, even bubbles of CO2.  I mean itís all BOGUS and beautiful.  No one is measuring anything or weighing anything.  They canít even VERIFY anything but what a cash cow this is and weíve all to pay the money TO these characters, it will filter through their various banks and get eventually to the Rothschildís own family bank in Switzerland, for the WHOLE WORLD.  Amazing eh?)


Itís really a sort of an investment corporation, this part of their charity, the Carbon Disclosure Project.  They advise other corporations on how to do it and get in on it and make lots of bucks.  No outlay, nothing.  Itís beautiful isnít it?  You just buy and sell, buy and sell, buy and sell nothings, carbon credits.   They will even sell them to countries, you see.  They make all their money off all the people in the countries and then they sell credits to the countries.  Oh, you have to use x-amount of energy this year in this sector, therefore that produces more carbon, through our computer model that is, and therefore youíve got to buy extra carbon credit; we just happen to have them here.  Thatís how it works.  An utter scamÖ beautiful.


Itís a vagueÖ the BEST con the world has ever, ever seen.  BEST CON and theyíve never had so many con men under the guise of SCIENCE on their side before, on their payrolls before than they have today to convince the public.  It doesnít take much for the public because we are kept in utter ignorance.  I read the article last week too where that scientist actually said that, the public are too ignorant to understand us so weíll just bypass them and go ahead.  Thatís what we are; we are just ignorant littleÖ well, serfs, really, in a feudal system. 


Planetary Skin is part of it; Planetary Skin News.  Interesting.  It was first mentioned by the IPCC, a meeting they had about a month ago I think it was, or 5 weeks ago, with Pachauri who took time off from writing his terrible porno novels, thatís what he does in his spare time, which heís got lots of apparently.  He mentioned that we needed to link everything together under Planetary Skin.  What it is, again, is the internet of things.  Constant data collection and it will also be, again, transferred into energy use with all that data and everything thatís happening in the world so they can get their global taxes too.  They want a big chuck of the global taxes and they may do so if Pachauri plays the game and gets on his knees to the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and Al Gore, all the front men.  They are really front men, the Rockefellers and the Gores; they are front men.  The Rothschildís really are the bosses; always were.  They set them up to be what they are a long time ago.  This was posted on November 12th 2009.  Thatís how far back it actually went; now itís all in the news all over the place. 


Planetary Skin News

Planetary Skin R&D public private partnership chosen as one of TIME Magazine '50 Best Inventions of 2009'

November 12, 2009 / By TIME Magazine


 ďWhat happens to Earth when a forest is razed or energy use soars? We don't know because environmental data are collected by isolated sources, making it impossible to see the whole picture. With the theory that you can't manage what you can't measure, NASA and Cisco have teamed up to develop Planetary Skin, a global "nervous system" that will integrate land-, sea-, air- and space-based sensors, helping the public and private sectors make decisions to prevent and adapt to climate change. (A:  Ha.  You know thatís changes in the weather.)  The pilot project ó a prototype is due by 2010 (A:  And thatís whatís going in now.) ó will track how much carbon is held by rain forests and where.Ē  (A:  Utterly bogus.  Itís all theory.)


Itís all theory how much carbon is held by rain forests and where.  There are even articles out now exposing, from mainstream, exposing the cons of the guys who have bought so many acres, like the World Wildlife Fund, of the Amazon forest.  They bought it for peanuts and now they hold some of the biggest carbons credits because itís a Ďcarbon sink.í  Now they are giving more carbon credits which THEY can sell to countries that they claim are polluting. 


Ordinary folk with a conscience couldnít get into this.  You understand, itís PSYCHOPATHS that rule the world.  Itís always been that way, mind you.  At one time in tribes, when a psychopath became a chief and he wanted to stay in power and pass power onto his relatives or his descendants, the local folk had no army to stand against them.  They were the army and they would just bump them off and get rid of the psychopath.  That was the end of the gene pool.  However, today you see, the psychopaths have been in for a long, long time and theyíve really been breeding with each other.  They now run the whole system and they have the armies to put against you, if you get a bit too upset.  They will use themÖ because they are psychopaths.  They donít have a conscience at all. 


So this pilot project is starting now.  This Ďinternet of thingsí is all part of it.  All your house energy, your personal energy, energy from you car, will transmit immediately to satellites and back to this project.  Everything is to get meshed with this Planetary Skin idea.  Youíll get tax bills and all the rest of it.  Actually, they arenít going be tax bills, itís going to be taken straight out of your bank, very shortlyÖ everything will be straight out of your bank.  Theyíve even done studies on the age groups to see who will succumb to it easily and the ones up to the age of 15 are already sold on everything.  15 years old and they already spend an extra $5 for call waiting, an extra $5 for this service, that service, so they can always have communication anywhere they are.  Yet they are the least onesÖ where do they get their money from?  From their parents.  Then from there itís about up to the age of 25, who are still internet savvy but they are not spending all their time on the darn things or the cell phones.  The ones over that age group, they will have to work to get them all into it they said.  Theyíve even done all those kinds of studies, you see.  Everything is done by information and power and knowledge.  Information IS power and knowledge IS power. 


John Dewey many years ago was taught over in Frankfurt; again, the Frankfort school.  He set up the American educational system and he said in about the 1920s or 30s that eventually we will teach the children nothing in the school about history at all.  Weíll give them a fake history, he said, and that way no group will be angry about any other group because of things that happened in the past.  He even talked about changing the various nationsí histories.  Orwell adapted that into the memory-hole idea; anything that wasnít wanted by the authorities went down the memory-hole never to be gotten again.  This article is from The Mail Online.  It falls right in with this. 


Europe now, you see, and because this is the standard for the world, the Dewey idea.  By the way, one of his descendants, I think it became Watson, worked with the double helix.  Amazing how they are all connected. 


How Eurocrats want to spend £1.1m

changing the English Channel's name to 'Le Pond'

By Gerri Peev / dailymail.co.uk / 5th April 2010


Without it there would be no British Isles, no White Cliffs of Dover and Captain Matthew Webb would never have found fame as a nifty swimmer.


Yet the mighty English Channel's status could be reduced to that of a mere creek if Brussels has its way.  (A:  Which it will, of course.)


Officials want to rename it 'the Anglo-French Pond' as part of a plan to bolster the notion of an EU superstate.


More than £1million, much of it coming from the British taxpayer, (A:  Oh, everything... we pay for our chains everywhere we go, eh?  We even pay for our insults.)  is being spent drawing up a new map to be distributed to schools and bureaucrats.  (A:  A new map, you see, a new globe of the world too.)


It defies centuries of history by wiping out current national borders to foster 'cultural identification' between regions and encourage greater integration.  (A:  Oh, itís just to do with an economic dealÖ thatís what they told people.  All those years as they were integrating Europe into a super parliament.)


Under the plans, Southern England, from Cornwall to Kent, is joined with northern France and becomes known as the TransManche zone.


Its capital is Paris and it has its own socialist president, Alain Le Vern.


The West of Britain is parcelled off with parts of France, Spain and Portugal as part of a new Atlantic region.


Eastern Britain along with Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway

becomes the North Sea region.


And Scotland breaks away from Britain to become part of the Northern Periphery with parts of Norway, Greenland, Iceland and Finland.


The mapmakers state: 'The channel has become a zone of multiple interacting and overlapping activities.  (A:  This is not a comedy Iím reading here.  It sounds like one but this is actually happening.)


'It is a shared space, a small Anglo-French internal sea; the interplay of activities both on and around what has become known as the Anglo-French Pond.'


Eurocrats admit they are trying to undo the work of the geographer Ptolemy, who named the Channel Oceanus Britannicus in the second century AD.


They declare: 'A 1,000-year period, beginning with the Norman invasion of England, now nears its end as that same island becomes physically linked to the continent of Europe.'


The Tories accused the Government of backing plans to erase Britain's history.  (A:  I love how they have these parties and they are told what to complain about and all the rest of it. Once they are in, of course, they do exactly the same; they go along with it.)


Communities spokesman Caroline Spelman said: 'Labour ministers have already sought to replace England and its shires with government office regions.  (A:  That was all the United Nations too.  They put a map out during World War II with all of this in it.)


'Now British taxpayers' money is being used literally to wipe our nation off the map, erase 1,000 years of history and downgrade the English Channel to the insulting status of a pond.


'A Conservative government will scrap these Euro plans and save the English Channel.'  (A:  That will never happen.  That will never happen.  Donít believe it.)


Donít believe it.  In fact Cameronís in-law just got a whole bunch of windmills put on his estate so heís going to rake in millions of pounds a year because heís in the old boys club.  The first guys who get the sniff of whatís coming down the pike with government contracts and things to be built are the House of Lords and all the Sirs.  His in-law is a Sir.  So heís going to rake in £2-3 million a year extra for having these things on his far-off land.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and just to tie in with that last article before I take the caller, itís from the Sunday Times. 


Wealthy landowners make millions in the wind rush

From The Sunday Times March 28, 2010


It mentions the different Lords and Sirs and guess what, Cameronís relatives are getting lots of cash for these windmills getting put up on their massive estates and drinking in millions of taxpayersí money.  The taxpayer, by the way, is building them all for the private companies.  Itís a beautiful no-lose situation for the big boys.


Now weíll go to the phones and there is Shawn from England.  Are you there Shawn?


Shawn:  Hi, how are you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Shawn:  Itís a pleasure to be talking with you at last.  I just wanted to say and confirm that chemtrails are alive and well in Portsmouth, having spent an hour and a half today out with a friend.  We saw at least 6 or 7 huge arcing chemtrails going right across the sky, for miles.  Nobody seems to noticeÖ


Alan:  Not anymore. 


Shawn:  Ö and they donít want to listen.


Alan:  No.  They donít want to listen and they donít notice.  Generally these new ones spread so quickly into this white mush that it becomes.  You canít really have a definable cloud.


Shawn:  A huge mist within about 2 hours, yeah.  Itís incredible.  The symbology and things that are being used against us in some form.  


Alan:  Symbology has always been used against us; thatís just it.  All religions, even pre-Christian, pre-Judaic religions all had their symbols.  They always had the good ones for obedience and forgiveness and the evil-eye type ones to scare the be-Jesus out of you.  Weíve always been run by symbology. 


Shawn:  These guys specifically point out the use of Ferris wheels, obelisks and pyramids along the Champs-…lysťes. 


Alan:  In fact, there was a book put out by a Freemason back in the 20s.  I have it here in fact.  He goes into prehistoric symbology where theyíve found a lot of these sun symbols, Ferris type wheels and that type of stuff.  Again, it ties inÖ Itís good to read Carl Jung because he really was the guy who went into symbology in a big way.  He thought a lot of it was innate within us, it comes out.  Give a child a pencil and watch what they draw.  They will draw a little stars, little suns, things like this.  Itís very, very common.  In other words, itís a natural language from the unconscious, archetypal and they use that against us. 


Shawn:  Yeah.  Something to do with, there was one in particular that he sets up in Paris and it has water ballasts underneath.   They believe every time they set it up that itís basically order out of chaos, the sun symbol is being brought up with the aÖ


Alan:  The sun itselfÖ Iíll tell you, the sun itself is supposed to bring order out of chaos when it rises; Chaos being all the dramas that take place with the zodiac and the stars and the various lesser Gods going through the sky and the heavens at night.  Thatís called chaos.  They have all these little fairy stories and mythologies of the different Gods fighting each other as they pass in procession.  Then out comes the sun in the morning.  It chases away the darkness, which is fearful, and the rebirth again and heís the order of the day.  Heís the order of the day.  Make his way straight, thatís what they say.  Make his path straight, the sun is coming.


Shawn:  Okay.   Thanks Alan.  Thatís great.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Shawn:  Thanks, cheers, bye-bye. 


Alan:  Bye now.  Remember too, a lot of people are making lots of cash on spirituality these days and the new age and you can make your own stuff up forever on it too and it sells a lot of books.   So you know, if itís a hobby itís fair enough but you donít have to spend money these days.  Go to a library and look at the old books. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



For those who like to Read Beyond the Media Child-Speak, Read "Carbon-Energy Taxation - Lessons from Europe" Oxford University Press.


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