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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 21st, 2007. Newcomers I always ask to look into and download as much information as you want from previous talks, where I go into a lot of the histories of the various groups and foundations and power structures that combine to create your present and your future. They also gave you your past and your parents' past too. They create the reality which we adopt when we're born, most folk never question from then on. They can be confused at times and try to rationalize things out, but they don't have the information to put them on the right path to consciousness. Look into for transcripts which you can download in the various tongues of Europe.


Tonight, after going into town during the day, it was absolutely crazy. I'm sure everybody's seen it. Everybody is going zonkers with their crazy shopping. They're all tense and they're all in a hurry. Everybody's in a hurry and their faces are so set and their teeth are gritting in this festive holiday season and they're preparing of course for their big relaxation on Christmas, where they get sozzled for a night to take the tension away from all this merriment making. I just got back a little while ago and just sat down here and thought about the topics to mention tonight and there's so many topics when we see how we're being bombarded left, right and center, up and down with the green, green, green and it's all being promoted by the big corporations.


This falls in line with Professor Carroll Quigley's statement that the new feudal overlords will be the CEOs of the international corporations and that's where it's coming from, as they work hand in glove with the governments who often are run by ex-CEOs of the same companies. This was always called fascism, up until the present time. Now they've simply bent democracy as democracy was meant to be bent. It's been bent many times. We never had a fixed definition of democracy. Interestingly enough, in Sudbury, the town quite near me, it's a mining town, they voted in a council there about a year ago or so and a man wrote in the newspapers complaining they hadn't fulfilled one single promise that they'd promised during the election when they were running and he got a statement back. It went all the way up to the Supreme Court and they said the only thing a government, even local government, has to do is get elected and the only duty a citizen had was to elect them. Once they were elected the citizen basically had no rights whatsoever as to what the guys you elected did. That's your definition of democracy, for the present anyway. They'll probably bend it further into even fewer rights in the near future. That's how it's going. I'll be back with more on this after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I'm just talking about democracy. It's a term that the ancient Greeks mentioned and Plato and others mentioned it and how at least a form of initial communism, its communistic rule over the masses but always a fascist elite and how it ends up with dictatorship eventually and it's like a cycle, it never changes. However, it's also a technique, if you understand how these things work, you can make them happen in the same sequence because human nature has never changed. We only change according to how our cultures are altered for us to follow. You grow culture. You can alter it. It's plastic. What's right today could be wrong tomorrow and vice versa, and even the laws will be reversed at the appropriate times to suit a new type of economic system, that happens too, because all laws ultimately revolve around the economic system in which you live. Economics is always at the top – the ECO, the echo, the big echo goes round and round and comes back and forth. Isn't it interesting, as I say, when I was in town every shop you go into asks you if you have their own particular card, where you get discounts if you have their card and they have all the data on you and it's all fed into central computer banks which the governments share. There's a big one up here. It's called Air Miles. You have an Air Miles card and they use this everywhere. Even the liquor licensing bureau up here in Canada uses it, so the government gets all this data on people and it's used in the grocery stores too.


We're being studied like laboratory rats because for total information networking you must have complete information on every single individual who exists and you don't really get discounts with having the cards. What it really is for is to give you the real price. Those who don't have the card are actually getting penalized for using cash. That's the whole idea behind it. Beautiful psychology and most folk never question it. They think they're getting discounts, but, no, they're getting the real price.


Talking about that too, I was thinking how they have to stick labels in supermarkets on certain items so that you can't go out the door without them going beep, beep, beep and giving you an embarrassing moment. One day you won't get into these stores without having these cards on you and eventually it will be the chip. That's obvious. We know we’re going to get the chip. That's on the cards. The big boys are training us first use cards, then to use active ID chips in the cards and I mean active; not passive ones that are read by a short-range scanner. Then they'll be a spate of robberies and so on and big stories in the newspapers and terrible stories about poor unfortunates who have been robbed and their ID stolen, and the solution will be to put one inside you and to implant it within you. That's how they train us step-by-step into compliance and eventually you won't get into a store one day if you don't have one. That's on the cards. There's no doubt about it.


What they do is they don't force you and mandate things like this. They simply make it impossible for you to exist within their system without it. It's done by coercion. It was the same a long time ago with driving licensing because that used to be voluntary at one time. So was car insurance voluntary at one time and once they go above a certain percentage of people who fall for the bait of voluntarism, and it was also a status thing at one time, then they'll say, "now that so many are on this we'll make it mandatory," and then the rates go sky high. Old tricks but they're used over and over and it will be the same with the cards and the same with the chip eventually. You'll be coerced into either living within their system or starving to death outside their system because they won't allow you to live in the forest. In British Commonwealth countries the forestlands mainly belong to the Crown, meaning royalty. That's what it means, Crown land. In the U.S. they just call it federal land and in the U.S. too you'll find that even the forest rangers now are being turned into a militarized organization with weaponry and so on and powers, same as the military.


Talking about chipping and how it's coming in and how it's mandated, there's no doubt there's a tremendous push in all media towards this fantastic technology to make us all want it and how safe we'll be and all the rest of it. All of this can be found in old biblical books, religious books and in even older mythologies to do with a time that would come when you couldn't buy or sell. That poses a problem to people today because we've been brought up in a scientific society pushing humanism, secular humanism where everything has to be logical and myths dispelled and what they call the superstition of religion destroyed, but it's been replaced by a scientific religion. That's what we have today is a scientific religion that keeps changing its theories all the time and we don't seem to notice at the bottom.


There's a quandary there because you have a choice between how could people in ancient times predict this coming time? It leads you to two choices. Either it was a supernatural occurrence to see something in the future; or number two, it was a long-term plan. It's not so far-fetched as being a long-term plan because you see in ancient times slavery was the norm for most people. Slavery was an accepted way of even being born into it. In fact, they thought it was quite natural and even emperors of Rome when they had uprisings by slaves like Spartacus. He commented on it when he heard about it. He said, "What is this revolt? What is it?" And they said, "Well sir, it's the gladiators and slaves. They want to be free." And he said, "Free? What an odd idea."  And it was to these characters, you see, this class slavery had always been the norm as it had been in the Grecian Empire before and the Egyptian Empire. Three-quarters or sometimes 70 percent or 75 or 79 percent almost at the end in Greece were actually salves and you could actually work your way through slavery if you were cunning and psychopathic and have little businesses on the side and save money up and buy your freedom. Many of the best slave owners and the ones who captured peoples and made them slaves had been ex-slaves themselves. The whole cult of Mithraism came out of people who had gone up through the ranks in this way, because slaves were also pressed into the army and some of the biggest armies were comprised of 90 percent of slaves.


The slaves also had a little thing they'd often carry around their neck and it was part of a circle made of pottery and a leather thong, and he had half of it had been shattered and broken and his slave master would have the other half so it fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle. If he went outside the limits of the area he was allowed to roam in or shop in for his master, he'd be captured and that's how they'd find the master who owned this particular slave, matching the two pieces together. They were already using forms of identification back in ancient times. Sometimes they'd even burn it on their forehead the mark of who your slave owner was. Isn't it interesting that human nature has never changed and the masters will always want to brand their cattle, their herd? because we're run by psychopathic types. The psychopath, his nature or her nature will never change. It will always go into the same direction and use whatever comes along; today it's technology.


For more on this, people should look into Mark Baard's website because he's got an article there about "Christian endtimers leave their mark on the RFID industry" and then he has a little note to people not to plagiarize his stuff, but it's okay for me because I mention who he is. A lot of people just take his stuff and use the material, sometimes verbatim, but never even mention his name. I get the same done with me all the time. They say that plagiarism is the best form of flattery and it may be, but it doesn't pay your bills.


He says here:


            "Christian endtimers opposed to RFID have formed numerous, interconnected groups whose leaders testify before legislators in the U.S. and Europe. They’ve written books (some citing my own reporting)…"


Alan:  That's Mark's reporting.


            "…for major U.S. publishers. They’ve done thousands of TV and radio interviews, and protested at major retailers in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. Now, the RFID industry seems ready to admit, the Christians are costing them money. The production levels and profits predicted by the RFID industry and computer trade rags five years ago have not materialized. (This has not stopped anyone from continuing to make baseless estimates for the future, by the way.) But rather than discussing production costs, or bad forecasting, RFID industry leaders are blaming the “bad information” being spread about the technology’s capabilities by Christian endtimers–even when they do not mention the Christians explicitly. RFID Journal editor Mark Roberti last year cited my Wired News profile of Christian endtimer and RFID opponent Katherine Albrecht, in a warning to RFID companies: "Be wary of religious opposition to RFID."


Alan:  They have written about it in the big trade magazines.


It says:


            "(Roberti erroneously credits C/Net with the story.)"


Alan:  But it didn't come from them.


            "Albrecht has told me she believes RFID, particularly the implantable VeriChip, might be a precursor to the Mark of the Beast predicted in the Book of Revelation."


Alan:  Now I'll continue with this article from after the following messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and reading today's article, 21st of December, from and Mark Baard is writing here.


He continues:


            "…RFID Journal editor Mark Roberti last year cited my Wired News profile of Christian endtimer and RFID opponent Katherine Albrecht, in a warning to RFID companies: "Be wary of religious opposition to RFID."


Alan:  They are talking about it and they'll have an all-out war against the Christians who are left. There's different categories of Christianity today and many of them have been looking to their televangelists to tell them if the chip is okay and some of have already said it is.


Mark goes on to say:


            "More recently, I received a call from AIM Global (RFID) president Dan Mullen, who worries that consumers will think the VeriChip implant “is the same thing” as the radio tags that will replace bar-code labels on store goods. (AIM Global is a major RFID industry group.)"


Alan:  They are calling reporters now and trying to, I guess, maybe sway them.


It says:


            "Said Mullen: “There is a lot of misinformation out there, about what these tags can do.”


Alan:  Ha, ha, ha.


            "Mullen did not mention Christians in our telephone interview. But AIM Global last month launched an initiative to dispel myths…"


Alan:  Dispel myths, you see, it's a "myth."


            "…and speculation about how RFID will affect people in the future."


Alan:  You can click there and listen to my coverage (that's me, Alan Watt) of the AIM Global Campaign.


            "The mainstream media, meanwhile, is making matters worse for the industry, by repeatedly masking the RFID opponents’ Christian endtime beliefs and motivations."


Alan:  They don't want to bring it up, in other words. It's bad publicity for their own industry.


            "This year's VeriChip cancer link story, you will recall, was first reported by the Associated Press, and featured Albrecht as its primary source."


Alan:  That's true. That hit them too, the fact that the implants that they were putting in animals and dogs are now causing cancers and the owners of Fluffy don't like that because eventually when they get it will be the same – mind you, they'll tell us it's good for us. It's a good cancer, a different kind of cancer.


            "The AP piece might have given the misleading impression Albrecht is a physician, by referring to her as “Dr. Katherine Albrecht” in its first attribution, although she is not a doctor of medicine. The AP’s own Stylebook discourages this practice. Albrecht holds a doctorate in education."


Alan:  He goes on to tell you more about the RFID and lots of links in there too you can check on to other stories connected with this and that's what’s being pushed out. The big companies, they're all working hand in glove with governments because governments also have mandated this kind of tagging for everyone beginning with your passports and now your coming mandatory card. You carry it mandatorily this card that they're dishing out in next year in North America. They already have dished it out in some European countries and they have to have it on them at all times. Once we all have it, as I say, there will be a spate of tremendous robberies all over the world and the media will go into their hyper gear as they're told to do and terrify the bejesus out of us until they come up with the solution, which will be an implant. We'll all breathe a sigh of relief, especially if it's on the big programs and some of the big superstar talk show hosts on television, who are pretty well worshiped by millions of people, tell you it's a good thing and that's the way it is. I can guarantee you it's all ready – this is a script. It's a script and it's not hard to understand a script. It gets kind of boring if you've been studying this your whole life long and you know what's coming next in all the different areas of society.


Now we'll go on to Mike Blackford, a caller from Vancouver I think Washington.


Mike:  Hello Alan? How are you?


Alan:  I'm surviving.


Mike:  I'm glad to hear that. We’ve communicated before a few times. I just made a remark to you the other night about the Celtic gene within yourself pursuing goals that will never come about. Well, I've got to tell you. You are making an effect on people. I can hear it. I've been listening four or five years now and I can hear it in the callers and the people I talk to at work, versus someone you can't get to because their through their TV programming has been so thorough, but you are making an effect. Hold in there, guy.


Alan:  I know it's working because I know some higher-level bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. and in some of their parties they're actually discussing the material and mentioning my name; and I thought, what? I never expected that to happen.


Mike:  Your message is important but I think your power is in the messenger and the way you – I think it's the poet in you that gets across. It's really kind of common knowledge a person studies or has lived some years. But I wanted to ask you about this music thing. I never have been a music person. I always felt like I was supposed to feel something and I've never cared for music. I like music and you are from the other side of that spectrum. I wanted to ask you about soffegio frequencies or these holy tones that the church tried to get rid of back in the 11, 1200's. Is there anything to that? You speak of scientific aspect of music and tonal frequencies. Is there something to that?


Alan:  It's well known that you can actually put people in alpha states by using certain tones and rhythm and even the pauses and the way the music is written, they go into a hypnotic state, which is relaxing, but you can also use it then to hypnotize them and condition them. Hold on and I'll go into more of this after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. We're talking to Mike Blackford from Vancouver in Washington and we're talking about the types of music that can put you into a particular frame of mind, and the alpha frame of mind is the goal for those who induce hypnosis. You can also do it naturally when you're young. I actually used to watch my sister. Her jaw would drop open and she would be staring into nothing and she was putting herself into a natural hypnotic state. Children come in and out of it all the time and it certainly is a relaxing thing to do if you can retain it down through your life, but music can also help induce it. When you're very young you're very perceptive to the very high frequencies and low frequencies and they have an impact on the formulation of the way you perceive and think when you listen to them, and you can certainly put yourself in that particular state.


The monks used to use it for a form of meditation, which they would attribute to a kind of communication with their god. Some of the monks went to incredible lengths to even hyperventilate by singing very quick songs and very short pauses for intakes of breath and it gave them shallow breathing and you can actually bring on an epileptic seizure by doing this, if you're prone to it, if you have epilepsy. They would get a high, a buzz (meaning lightheaded in other words) and that's when they'd have their little holy experiences. Breathing and music, verbal music or vocal music has been used down through the ages to alter moods, but it also alters the mood of the listeners. There's no doubt there's a lot of beautiful old music out there and you can also get this from a lot of the classical music, which can put you into the same kind of state of relaxation, which is quite pleasant as long as you're not being programmed. Science understands they can also use that by putting words in and so on and certain little agendas and they can program you as well. Plato wanted musicians to be licensed because of the power that they held over the youth.


Mike:  Amazing. One other question, Alan, if I may. In your mind, can you think of a time in history when this elite was beat at their own game? Have we slaves always been at the losing end of this bill?


Alan:  I think there was a time before money came in – you have to understand that money could have been made to be anything, but what they did was to grab something that not everyone could get their hands on, so they went for gold first of all. The Phoenicians used to pay for wars to be started. They'd pay other nations to start wars once they had the money introduced. Money at one time was weighed out before they coined it around 800 BC and they said the gold is wealth and that was the first big lie. They had to get everyone to believe in that, and once that was done, they could then hire armies.  They use to get as part of their deal with countries they would get all the conquered peoples and make them slaves, turn them into miners and send them to work in mines. The Phoenicians even had mines all the way into the Urals, the Ural Mountains, as far away as that, and they used to estimate the cost of about half an ounce of gold per head, per slave; that's in the death cost it would cost to get that half ounce of gold. That was quite acceptable in those days because they always had a plentiful supply of conquered peoples to go into the mines for them. It's always been coupled with money. Money creates a leisure class, a ruling class and the psychopathic types live and they thrive in a monied system. You get to the top and dominate and enslave the rest, so before money came along, along with trade and military, and that's the key to it, because you have a mercenary who's a soldier and you have merchants. It comes from the same root word and Mercury the messenger was the patron saint of merchants and mercenaries because they went hand-in-glove into other countries. One of them forced the other countries to their knees, enslaved them, introduced the money and then the merchants profited from it and then the merchants also supplied the new governmental system and upper elite class that would the rule.


Mike:  Alan, can I interrupt you here?


Alan:  Yes.


Mike:  I'm going to lose my signal pretty soon. I'm driving a truck with a cell phone so I want to tell you keep up the good work and all the folks listening out there this guy knows what he's talking about. My offer to help you cut wood still stands.


Alan:  Okay. Thanks for calling.


Mike:  You bet. Take care.


Alan:  Now we've got Ryan in New York. Are you there, Ryan? Go ahead.


Ryan:  Hey Alan. You had a blurb on tunnel vision I think back in the summer and it had me thinking about the American dream and what a stupid limiting way to create tunnel vision on something you love to do and then just do it all day and the only way to succeed is to not expose psychopathy in any way. No one even notices that like hedonism is slipping away from them with the entertainment industry on strike here and there and few are playing. We have to shop at like BJs and Costco, which is pretty much programming for Soviet grain lines.


Alan:  It's true. People are set into tunnels from a very early age and that often you adopt the same tunnel as your parents. It never occurs to you that there's parallel tunnels all around you just through those walls and only those above them all can see all of them and those are the psychopathic groups that control them all. Even when you get to an end of a tunnel and you're looking for truth, I always warn people that you'll see a field and sun striking that field. Sunlight will be all over it and a forest on the other side and you want to run to those trees, but you've got to get through a mine-field then of disinformation and people who will give you some truth and warp you off into a weird directions to put you back in a loop. Therefore, getting to the truth has to be a determined effort not to swallow the bizarre and the fantastic that those who rule the world finance very well into being to mislay you off in the wrong directions and bring you back into other kinds of loops. You're quite right, yes.


Ryan:  I guess they have the troglodyte connection to tunnel vision.


Alan:  Yes, in a sense it is. There's great old legends about the troglodytes and troglodytes just means "cave dweller" or "tunnel dweller" and you'll find them in some of the Grecian and Roman writings. They hired these people. They were a tribe and they were scattered too across the ancient Middle East and they would hire them as scouts when they wanted to bring armies to go off an invade someone else. They had odd customs. They would bury every member, any member who reached the age of 40 up to their neck in sand and then stone them to death, so there was no one over 40 years of age in their particular tribe. Even in the ancient legends including the Hebrew legends, the supposed Tribe of Manasseh, if they ever existed, were given the land to the north and it was mountainous and they interbred with (they called them there by a different name) the Horites; they were the cave dwellers or troglodytes of the north there. They interbred with them and after a period of time this Manasseh tribe became red-haired and blue-eyed because the troglodytes were supposedly almost albino. There's lots of old scattered bits of information on these particular peoples and you find them again in Sumer, because the gods never came down in spacecraft and stuff at all. They simply dwelt in caves up in mountains and the people used to eventually go up and put offerings in the caves for these particular people who became a priesthood because they looked down and observed the people. There's even older legends to say where that started from, that they were people who were outcasts. They used to kill them at one time if they were pedophiles and so on. Eventually they stopped killing them and let them live inside caves and fed them; and over time, as they added to their numbers and generations, they had time to study the people down below, watched their habits, watched the seasons, studied the stars and so on, and they came down as the priests eventually and then dominated the normal people below them. That comes even from Armenia, those particular legends. There's a lot legends on them as to the origins of ancient priesthoods that had knowledge; and who knows how far back that really does go?


Ryan:  Would that be the "Wild Thing" that the Trogs were singing about, as opposed to gentle man?


Alan:  That's right, the Trogs sang "Wild Thing."


Ryan:  The wild man as opposed to the gentle man?


Alan:  Yes and again even in some of the older freemasonic books talked about possible beginnings. Remember everything is a possible beginning, meaning no one knows, but they talked about tree dwellers and the tree dwellers were hunters. They'd come down the trees, kill mammoths or elephants and when they were coming down the trees afterwards to get their kill, these mountain or troglodytes ones would come in. They were very vicious and they'd drive off the tree people and they could actually drink the blood even of their kill and live on that, and that gave the legend to the old vampire story. Even China has them, these old stories. It's a fascinating thing but it's the stuff for novelists and for the New Ager or those who lead the New Age movement to grab a hold of and spin it off into all kinds of things, because when imagination comes into it, then imagination is the limit. There's no limit at all.


Ryan:  Yes. David I. is very well trained. He even had me going for a while.


Alan:  There's a lot of people going in loops there and what you'll find and this is even mentioned in one of the men who first came out about the illuminati and Weishaupt. He was a Mason from Britain who joined the illuminati. His name was John Robison and he exposed in his own book the illuminati's project and where they planned to go, but he did mention in there that they put out false gurus for the public to follow, to get people who work for them unquestioningly—true believers. Robison said that these gurus always end up telling the people that "all they need is love" because they can't go any further with it and then lead them on holy pilgrimages to sacred places and mountains and stuff, because they can't take it eventually any further, you see. They all like to end up at the same kind of place.


Ryan:  Kind of like Dr. Phil?


Alan:  Oh yes, Dr. Phil. Anyone who thinks that one man can solve the problems of the world in an hour, I mean he should truly be up there in the big, big throne, but this is a technique that the TV industry was using and it really came out with Phil Donahue and others afterwards. They have about 20 or 25, sometimes 30 producers, if you look at the end of that show, and they have masses of research teams that go into the complete histories of all these people; and in one hour, they can convince you of anything in one hour. You don't realize that there's not a sentence, not a word said in that whole hour that wasn't scripted. Every part of the next part, and the next part, and the next part, until they get to the end of that hour is a kind of predictive programming to make the audience think that this is a superman that's leading you here, but it's not. This is an expertly psychologically driven show and I saw Phil Donahue once who opened a show – "it's great TV," of course, as they say in the industry – and they had four women sitting on stools and the usual audience. Now everyone in the audience is selected and their backgrounds are known, for their opinions, their religions bents and so on. That's all done too and he introduced these women and there was a quietness there and he says these are all madams of houses of prostitution and there was no claps or anything. There was a hush. Well, within an hour, he'd gone through their personalities. He had them all chatting and all the women in the audience were chatting at these women on the stages and relating to them; and after the end of the hour, he had them applauding these madams because they'd now been switched 180 degrees around with their whole opinions and they were performing a "service" in the community. That's fantastic psychology and that's how you lead them through the Delphi Technique into what your goal was in the first place. Tremendous power in television.


Ryan:  The half-hour revolution.


Alan:  It's the same thing with Dr. Phil and all the rest of them, tremendous power, but just look at the end of these shows and see how many people it took to produce that one hour. It gives you a clue. Okay?


Ryan:  Okay.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling.


Ryan:  Yes. Take it easy.


Alan:  Now we've got Lisa from Toronto. Are you there, Lisa?


Lisa:  Thank you for taking my call Alan.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Lisa:  I want to ask you first of all. You were saying about the Mark of the Beast, the Christians and whatnot. You always talk about these people. They are the ones who created all religions and whatnot. What is your take on why would they put in the Mark of the Beast, you know throw that in there and then have it be such an obstacle, or is it an obstacle? What do you figure that's about? Secondly, what's your point of view on lucid dreaming? I want to ask you about your DVD. Do you go more into words and whatnot, and yes, sorry, go ahead. It's like a million and one things to ask you.


Alan:  Religion has always been used as a tool. In fact it means to retie or rebind. That's 'religio.' That's what it means. You're bound to something and you're bound to a way of thinking according to the belief you've been taught and so when people come along and give you predictions – most predictions in ancient times, and this was understood, were written after the events, maybe 100, 200 years afterwards. It's quite easy to write a story and say so-and-so predicted this 200 years ago, because there's no one to check out and there's no way you could find out if it was true if they really had written that 200 years ago. It was an old, old scam in ancient times in many countries, but mainly again in the Middle Eastern and even the Far East they did this sort of thing and you couldn't verify it, but it was so easy to believe and say my goodness this ancient prophet said this and so on.


However, it's also a form of predictive programming because if God says it's going to be, then it's going to be; and so you kind of feel well what can you do, it's God's will, and so it gets the whole idea in your mind that it's God's will. There's another way to look at it too, a prediction – remember, it's called a revelation. That's not a prophecy. To reveal something you only reveal a plan and so in ancient times when they talked about the God of Nature, when they could conquer the God of Nature, that meant the sciences that ran nature through mathematics and everything else. That's how it was always couched up until about the 1800's in Freemasonic circles. The quest to understand nature was all the sciences. They knew even back then they could come to a time when they could in fact break down nature and then recreate it or alter it for their own use. Hang on and I'll talk to you about more of this after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back the last few minutes of Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got Lisa from Toronto still on the line. You've got a second question there?


Lisa:  Yes I do. Actually, what's your take on lucid dreaming and dreams, briefly, and I take it what you're saying about the previous question is eventually Christians will just throw their hands up in the air and say you know what? It's God's plan anyways. It's predicted and whatnot.


Alan:  Many will. There's no doubt many will. They accept everything. Most Christians remember are cultural Christians. They're born into it. They don't go in because of some earth-shattering experience, but there are those who even stop attending churches and who are probably more Christian than the ones who attend, who really believe and that's their right to believe it. The problem with any group is when they try and force everyone else to believe their belief and rather than put it down to faith – faith is something different. Belief is unverifiable. That's what it's called faith, so you can't push it on someone else by force or even create a political structure and force everyone else under it into the same system, but there are those who really believe and who will not take what's coming. However, I do know that there are big Christian groups – the biggest Christian groups belong to the World Council of Churches. That's all your mainline big ones and that was set-up by the Rockefeller Foundation with David Rockefeller being the first chairman for many years; I think now he's an assistant or deputy. The idea was to standardize the religions and move them along certain ways of thinking—it changed the religions—and to get them to accept this. Remember he's also in charge of the World Citizenship Awards program for high-flying big players in politics. It's been drastically altered.


Even the WCC, the World Council of Churches, if you speak it, it's Wise or Wicca. They don't do this by mistake. They love these little jokes. However, once you join it they start to standardize them with the same topics, same thoughts, same agenda and so the standardization is the thing with the mainstream churches. Look at the book "200 Famous Americans" and you'll find that the founders of all the big churches in America were all at least 32-degree Masons, including the founder of the Lutheran Church in the Americas. They've been used down through the centuries by the societies.


Lisa:  Okay. Thank you and how about the lucid dreaming or maybe sometime you might do a talk on dreams. I don't know if you find it unnecessary or what. What's your take on or do you have a take on lucid dreaming?


Alan:  Oh yes. It would be a long conversation though. I did some ten years ago on some shows. I'll try and dig them up maybe and go over them.


Lisa:  Oh beautiful. That would be lovely. Thank you and I've ordered your books and I've got a little something extra because I think you've given us invaluable information you've shared with us and it's only fair that we repay you, all of your listeners, in whatever little way that we can and so be of good cheer and have a good night. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks a million. Okay?


Alan:  Thanks for calling Lisa, because you gave me a plug and I forgot to plug myself. That keeps me going.


Lisa:  You deserve it big time more than that, okay?


Alan:  Thanks very much.


Lisa:  That's all for now.


Alan:  From Hamish and myself, in a snowy Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)