April 7, 2010 (#550)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 7, 2010:

Ensuring Public, In Ignorance Never Fret,

While Planned Society's Targets Met:

"The Century of Change is Authoritarian,
Peasants, Science-Illiterate, Classed as Barbarian,
Scientific Elite Claim Public's Too Stupid,
So Keep Them Ignorant on Beer and Cupid,
While Professional Planners, Sternly Pragmatic,
Implement All Changes, Nations Post-Democratic,
All Politicos, Fascists, CEO's on Fast-Track,
Burned Option Bridges, No Going Back,
Spoiled, Haughty Academia Competes in the Dream,
Social Engineering, Education's Smoke-Screen
For Scientific Indoctrination, Individuality Scorn,
Ensuring Next Generation's All Uniform,
Which Guarantees There's No Social Opposition,
In a Public Which Cares Not to Make Own Decision"
© Alan Watt April 7, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 7, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 7th 2010.  For the newcomers, I suggest you go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Youíll see hundreds of audios you can download in the audio section of the talks Iíve given over the years for free.  Bookmark all the other alternate sites I have up there because sometimes the .com site goes down.  If too many folk go into it at the same time, it kind of sticks up a bit, so if you get these alternate sites bookmarked you can always use them once in a while and get a straight download quite easily and to get the latest shows for download.  [Official sites listed above.]  I always start off with the tin can moment and get that over with because I donít push myself all through the show.  Itís up to you to keep me going.  The ads you hear on this show pay for the broadcast time on the show and the broadcast itself, RBNís staff, their equipment and their bills.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  Iíve got nothing to do with the advertisers at all so you must help by buying the things I have for sale Ė the books, CDs and DVDs Ė that you will see on my web sites or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those that get the disks burned of the talks to play on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  And thatís that out of the way right now. 


Iíve talked before about PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING and how the media and entertainment give us possibilities.  The media gives you very diluted reasons for what you are expected to see in the near future, whatís coming up, what they think is happening now.  The media does the more intense predictive programming by disarming you.  When you watch fiction, you donít think of being on your guard.  You enjoy the action.  You enjoy the heroes, you identify with them; thatís the whole point of the man and woman.  According to your gender, you identify with one or the other and they always give you a human-interest hook in it and the chase and you follow the story through and you get downloaded with all kinds of ideas on the way.  In fact, opinions and scenarios that you havenít even come up to YET will be formed FOR YOU by the movie.  Thatís how predictive programming works.  They are always WAY ahead of what the media will ever tell you as to whatís coming up in the future.  They must prepare our minds subconsciously for all the big changes.   For 15 years, maybe back in the 80s even, they were giving us various martial law scenarios, more and more guys with flack jackets on, black outfits.  The movie, The Siege, is well worth seeing, from the late 90s.  It shows you even the talks they had about bringing in martial law, the Posse Comitatus Act, and all the kind of stuff.  It was all discussed in the movie to get you ready for 2001.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, mentioning how predictive programming works and how you are ALWAYS, through entertainment, through those movies which you really like, that grab you can carry you off and carry you along, you are being programmed for things to come.


Iíve read pieces from a very good book; it was Americaís Cultural Cold War, how the CIA gave America its culture during the Cold War era.  That was music, art, drama, everything.  They ran it not just for the United States but for Canada and they had a department set up in France, Germany and elsewhere.  They were hiring all kinds of scriptwriters for the movies and radio talk show hosts, everything you could imagine to do with the arts and entertainment.  They also hired hundreds of novelists and poets too even.  They give them high acclaim and get them up into the sort of professional classes, going around to universities building images, creating the images of third rate people really, novelists, and making them stars.  Itís easy to make anyone a star.  They became household namesÖ as long at they put into their writings, into their fiction and so on, little ideas to program the general public.  It hasnít changed today.


The information in that book was all DECLASSIFIED going all the way back to the late 70s, into the 80s but of course theyíve continued it and that stuff if still classified as to what they are doing today.  We know what they are doing today; we can see it for ourselves.  I mentioned the movie The Siege with Bruce Willis.  I think it was in 1997 or 1998 that came out and youíll see the officers sitting around a big table discussing oh, is the FBI up to dealing with all this sudden terrorism.  It was all from Arabian countries, Muslim countries, before 2001 happened.  They discussed the rights and wrongs of could they go ahead and put troops on the streets of America.  They went through the different points of law.  They brought up Abraham Lincoln and how HE did it.  They had a Supreme Court that later ruled that what he did was actually illegal.  But they can do anything after the event; it doesnít matter as long as they get what they want at the time.  


There is another good movie too.  It was called Eagle Eye, a fairly recent one.  The twist in the movie which copies bits from The Matrix to do with the voice on the phone telling you where to go, you donít know who it is and stuff like that.  Of course the chases go through it.  The FBI is in there, NSA is in there.  It turns out that a computer, a supercomputer at the NSA is running everything across the US.  Bits of Enemy of the State were in there where the computer could literally interface ANY article, object, that was electronic and make it work for itself, put it to work.  The twist of the tale is that the computer being programmed with the laws of the United States and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and so on, and the computer decided that the present government, especially the executive branch was literally there illegally, had broken every law and the computer decided that therefore, we the people, and it was talking about the computer itself, had the right to literally remove that government as it was said in The Constitution itself.  So the computer ends up being a sort of good/bad guy and of course it gets destroyed at the end because no one can have any other system, now that that old-fashioned set of rules is bypassed and ignored.


Itís interesting; they keep going on at the United Nations and all these big world organizations about the rule of law, the rule of law, meanwhile they dismiss those laws when they wish to. They donít follow them at all.  Iíve read the articles from the Foreign Affairs Magazine, the official exoteric magazine for the Council on Foreign Relations which they publish every month.  I donít buy it now, itís too expensive, ridiculously so.  They always tell you whatís coming up in the world because they work on planning it and making it happen.  Years ago they talked about creating an END RUN around the Constitution of the United States to get their new system in.  Well the new system, as Iíve discussed these last few nights, is POST-DEMOCRATIC.  Itís not democratic at all.  In fact we have no say in the big decisions and the way that the world is being taken, or the nations.  I read from some of the official reports put out by the big international meetings stating that very fact.  We have no say whatsoever. 


We are post-democratic.  We are run now by those who have the right to rule, the intelligentsia, academia, and also, with this science FRONT that it uses.  I mentioned that you must never forget that all sciences are completely politicized.  They always have been politicized.  They live on grants.  Their choice is to get a pittance for deigning into the wilderness or the darkness of exploration, or they take a grant and they do what they are told and go off into the direction they are TOLD to go off into and parrot what they are told to parrot.  They are definitely political.  Nietzsche and other ones said this and those who formed the Enlightenment and later on brought us the Age of Reason.  What they meant by that was displacing any idea of a supernatural deity and it would have to be replaced by the men of reason, meaning science.  Therefore they brought in Darwin.  They brought in Freud and all these guys to make us think we are just animals but there are special people who can tell us just how much of an animal we are because they are more evolved as an animal than we are.  Thatís what science is doing today. 


Everything is to do with EXPERT advice.  Right or wrong, itís expert advice.  We jump to it.  The new system of government, as Iíve said before, which really has been here for quite some time, is an amalgamation of government actors:  the politicians themselves, with their advisors who know where we are going, with non-governmental organizations on board with them paid for by the parallel government, the real government, the big foundation network run by the bankers and owned by them, and a new feudal system comprising of the CEOs of international corporations.  Youíll find these big international corporations are ALL linked together.  They are not separate entities at all, in fact they never were.  The big gang is in league with each other. There are no differences amongst them.  There is no real competition amongst them.  They all work in harmony together to give the illusion of competition to the people at the bottom. 


Thatís the new government.  Youíll find that Lord Bertrand Russell said that in The Scientific Outlook.  He said that we are creating a world where the public are being trained to believe and obey the experts and eventually that a woman wouldnít be able to change a diaper on her child without the advice of an expert.  Iíve actually lived to see that.  So thatís the front.  These experts or scientists are well paid, well funded.  They know which way the wind blows as far as their paychecks go and grants go and they wonít buck the system.  They are quite happy living like that.  Itís either that or getting a real job at the bottom.  Meanwhile they can get into theorizing about things just as long as those theories fit the mandates of those who rule the government.  Thatís the real system under which you live. 


Thatís called GOVERNANCE.  I read an article yesterday, from an official book put out by the big boys themselves on this very post-democratic system where we are now into governance, rule by experts and scientists, who really just front for those who rule the economics.  We are all to pay, pay, pay in a world of INTERDEPENDENCE.  What a beautiful system, interdependence, which means you are totally DEPENDENT FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SURVIVE on this system.  All the other choices have been taken away from you.  In the US especially, before they brought in the income tax act and the property tax act, people could go off into the bush and put a hut up, an old shack somewhere and stay away from everybody, do barter to survive, grow their own vegetables, do a bit of hunting.  Well they had to go out and get a job, at least get money somehow to pay their taxes for their property once that came in.  Thatís how they close the loopholes; make it impossible for you to exist in any other way. 


This kind of thing was discussed, again, at the world think tanks of their day, at the League of Nations.  Now we are really into interdependence.  Shortly you wonít be able to burn wood in a wood stove to heat yourself in the winter.  That will definitely come; Iíve said that for years.  One day a man will come to your door, or a few of them, and they will tell you you canít burn that wood anymore because itís giving off carbon.  What they are really doing is denying you to live through the winter.  Of course they wonít do it that way.  They will say, well, sir there is an option to that, you can use government mandated oil, with the carbon energy taxes put on top of it which will literally, youíd have to have ten jobs to pay.  Youíll say, well, I canít afford that.  Well, you could always get gas, propane or something.  You say, well, I canít afford that either; thatís why I burn wood.  He says, well, thatís not our problem sir.  Then you go into your argument, so you are condemning me to death, to freeze to death this winter.  Oh, no, sir, there are alternatives; you can get mandated oil from the governmentÖ  So you go around in these circles, you see.  You are talking to a lobster with those lobster eyes, you know.  And thatís how they do things.  They wonít say theyíre condemning you to death; they just tell you itís not their problem and here is the alternatives, which you canít afford anyway.


Itís the same thing with gasoline.  In the rural areas they are to go skyrocketing high, much higher than anywhere else, and they are bringing in massive taxes on what they are calling gas guzzlers.   Thatís anything bigger than one of these ECO cars that you see, you could lift up with one hand, it blows over in a wind, that youíll see in the towns; the things that fall apart if it tries to go over a pothole outside of town. 


Barack Obama aims to drive gas guzzlers off the road with greener laws

From The Times April 3, 2010


They are going to do away with the 4-wheel drives, which are essential in rural areas because of the conditions you have to drive through and snow and all the rest of it.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the new system we are all under already and how the internet of things, where all objects will be interconnected.  The abilities are all there already.  Theyíve been putting chips into pretty well everything that you purchase; they supposedly can all interface with each other and eventually to central computers that are all over the place.  They will keep track of you, see where you go, then it will interface with those people you stop and talk to and whatever they are wearing - itís all laced through the clothing too - and so on and so on and so on.  This is to be the nice, wonderful world of total surveillance. 


Remember, I mentioned last night that theyíd done experiments.  They always do experiments on ISOLATED areas, places where they can isolate and use the population for cashless societies like Orillia, Canada; that one in Ontario was the first one to be used and thatís to be used for the rest of the world.  They ironed out their problems on that, about a 4 or 5 year long experiment.  They use an island off Denmark to do with the electric cars.  This is how they do it.  They iron out all the problems with the local people when they canít get the performance out of their vehicles, that kind of stuff, and as they start jacking up the prices to see how they react and so on.  Thatís how they do things before they introduce them worldwide. 


That article about Finland where they actually tried to transfer taxes from the old system where you are taxed for labor.  In the new system, most of us will be kind of semi-unemployed, or perhaps permanently unemployed, but youíre still going to get taxed.  The idea is to transfer taxes over to all energy consumption.  That goes for ANYTHING that you purchase and how much energy it took to create that particular object, grow that carrot, whatever it happened to be.  You are going to be taxed for all these things, plus your heat.  Electricity is going to skyrocket, etc, etc, etc.  Iíve told you before, theyíre not just dabbling here and experimenting as they go along.  That started in the early 90s in Finland, as project for the rest of the world, the transference of taxes from labor to goods and energy.  So they know exactly where they are going.


In the late 80s Maurice Strong was brought over to Ontario Hydro; it was the electric company for the whole of Ontario.  They taxpayers built it up, they built the nuclear reactors and all the rest of it, the grid system.  Maurice Strong was sent over to be made CEO temporarily for a couple of years to privatize the entire system, which he did.  He said in the newspapers at the time that shortly, in the future, your energy increases will be astronomical and they will NOT maintain the rural supplies eventually, including suburban supplies.  The people would be squeezed more and more into the inner cities.  Thatís your new habitats folks; something like Hong Kong.  He also said, they were already, back then, putting in contingency plans for the big important office towers, theyíd have massive diesel generators put in, with taxpayer funding of course, the same with any surviving essential manufacturing, which will probably be for the military.  Lo and behold, they actually had it IN and INSTALLED before 1990.  We paid for all of that for whatís coming up now and in the very near future. 


We are just living through a script.  The mediaís job is to give you the fallout of the script, when the things actually happen.  Oh, look at this, my, my, who would have thought?  Thatís how the media keeps you going, to make you think they are just stumbling along in the dark somehow.  Believe you me, when you look at the incredible, incredible, well organized think tanks and the funding they have with the computerization, their interconnections and so on, using military strategy on every project - If we do this, what will be the repercussions? - and they work out all the repercussions, the repercussions even being socio-economic groups, ethnic groups even, the repercussion between different character types within society, and how to overcome them all BEFORE they even introduce the thing itself and they work out ways to overcome all of this.  Military strategy and itís been like that your whole lives long.


Obviously they knew back at the end of World War II that this kind of system was to be brought in.  They had the confidence.  Why would they have the confidence?  Because SCIENCE is very, very secretive within the Military-Industrial Complex and those who rule it at the top.  They already had the transistors and things like that at the end of World War II.  The public never heard of them until the 60s.  What else did they have?  They had the microwave communications and all that kind of stuff and much, much, much more.  Knowledge is power and science definitely is power.  We are living through a script and the confidence comes from the fact that they already have a lot of facts.  They donít make a wish list and say I hope we can invent this down the road, just in time to bring in this.  That doesnít work that way.  It doesnít work that way; it would be so silly wouldnít it? 


Nothing EVER goes wrong with their plans.  Everything that happens whether itís the towers going down to bring in the Century of Change and martial law across the world to ram everything through, with total surveillance which is all part of the new society of interdependence, to everything else that happens was talked about many, many years in advance.  You are talking about even Aldous Huxleyís Brave New World to do with genetic engineering and the creation of special humans, different classes for special tasks, in 1933!  You think he just had a good imagination?  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, mentioning how the big boys are so lucky, those who plan the world and meet at international meetings with thousands of different specialized departments.  Just look at the Council on Foreign Relations web site alone.  There is nothing to do with society that they are not working on.  Remember, they are just ONE branch of their Royal Institute of International Affairs that goes back to Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild; thatís who started it up.  And they merged with the Milner Group, Lord Alfred Milner who also brought all the other international bankers on board.  You have the Royal Institute of International Affairs today and its American branch the Council on Foreign Relations.  They are the parallel government.  They have incredible funding.  They also work with the big foundations because they are all part of the same system, to be honest with you; specialized branches of the same system. 


If they were truly stumbling in the dark, once in a while, by the law of averages, they would make mistakes; things would work out against them and for the publicís benefit.  Well, in my lifetime itís never happened and I believe in my fatherís lifetime too it never happened.  Everything that happens seems to just fall right in line with what they want.  They are the most luckiest guys in the world.  If they chose a lotto ticket they would definitely win it because they own the company that runs it.  Thatís how things really do work. 


They are bringing us into, really, what they say themselves, is a system that has never been created before.  Iíve said it for years, itís a form of fascism at the top, a sort of feudalistic fascism, with a massive bureaucratic class, MASSIVE bureaucracies running the world on a socialistic/communistic basis BELOW them because they found the collectivist/authoritarian system of the collectivist societies was far more efficient at controlling the general public who are simply the ones that money comes from basically, money and labor.  They have no qualms in discussing amongst themselves this very thing, that thatís what the people are there FOR.  They talk about functions and the laws of nature; they are talking about different categories of nature and different categories of humanity.  They all love Plato with the Guardians, the Guardian Class that they believe they are.  They believe they actually own the world and they are the guardians of it and we are all the little Ďitsí, as Plato called the public, that are supposed to support and do as we are told to keep them in the kind of style that a natural elite should be kept in.  Nothing changes down through history, just more technology comes along and techniques to make it more totalitarian and safe for those who rule. 


Last year I talked about the flu shots and I read the various medical journals, and dug up the parts, where they said themselves that people who got the regular flu shots were wide open to get a really bad infection of the so-called swine flu, if it even existed.  They went ahead anyway.  Theyíd even found that the reaction, if they got it later, the swine flu later of what they call the regular flu shot, it could actually be lethal in some cases.  But they went ahead anyway.  So after itís all done, of course, hereís an article from US News and World Report. 


Did 'Regular' Flu Shot Up Risks for H1N1 Flu?

Those who got seasonal vaccine were at higher risk, study found, but that shouldn't affect immunization next season

April 6, 2010 / usnews.com


TUESDAY, April 6 (HealthDay News) The traditional seasonal flu vaccine may have increased the risk of infection with pandemic H1N1 swine flu, according to the results of four new studies by Canadian researchers.  (Alan:  Now, they already did the studies in Canada before they gave them the shots but the government decided to go ahead anyway.)


In one study, the researchers used an ongoing sentinel monitoring system to assess the frequency of prior vaccination with the seasonal flu vaccine in people diagnosed with H1N1 swine flu in 2009 compared to people without swine flu. The researchers found that seasonal flu vaccination was associated with a 68 percent increased risk of getting swine flu. 


So the regular one could actually make you more susceptible to the swine flu.  This is what they are saying now, but they knew that before they gave the people the shots.  So what are they going to do this year?  Itís going to be better this year because they are going to put the swine flu IN with the regular shots, in the same injection.  Weíll see how that works out and how many folk come down with various illnesses, sudden death syndromes.† They said already it doesnít matter as long as itís maybe 25 minutes after getting the shot, as long as they are outside the clinic where they got it and that could happen at any time, they said.† Anybody can drop dead at any time and people did drop dead. Thatís how they do it now in the new post-democratic system. 


There is another thing going on here too, this is to do with the money to do with the pharma.  The incredible reaping of the harvest of your cash that big pharma got AGAIN by the middlemen that you think are serving you but really are serving the fascists at the top. 


How £300million was squandered on swine flu jabs that we didn't need

By Jenny Hope / dailymail.co.uk / 7th April 2010


Up to £300million (A:  Thatís British pounds and you can double that for dollars.) of taxpayers' money has been wasted on swine flu jabs that were never needed.


Ministers ordered 90million doses of a vaccine last year at a cost of £540million as panic over the illness gripped the country.  (A:  Thanks to the media.)


But as the 'pandemic' failed to materialise it soon became clear that the order was far too large.


The Department of Health tried to get out of the enormous contract but the drug firm, GlaxoSmithKline, refused to back down.


Yesterday the Government announced it had signed a compromise deal that caps the number of shots of Pandemrix at 34.8million - but, astonishingly, at twice the price first agreed.  [Alan laughing.]  (A:  Donít worry folks, youíre paying for it all.)


It means the Government will pay (A:  The government pays for nothing; itís your money.  The government doesnít make anything, it just consumes.  Itís a black hole.) for two-thirds of the original deal but only receive just over a third of the doses.  (A:  [Alan laughing.]  Isnít business wonderful?  Haggling, you know, they haggle at the top there.  Ah, wonderful.)


The deal was yesterday criticised by the Tories and pressure groups, who said it proved the Government had mismanaged the seven-month outbreak.  (A:  And then they go on with more rubbish.)


As I say, the media is just there to keep you spinning around isnít it?  They donít go into the big global meetings.  They donít come out, by any reporter, and say, by the way, Iíve read the CFRís latest report on this, that and the other.  No, no, they donít go through any of that stuff for you.  They just go, oooh and aaah when the fallout of laws that are enacted hit the public.  Who would have thunk, eh? Whoíd have thunk?  Quite something. 


I read the other day too, from the Council on Foreign Relations how they had to make the International Monetary Fund for the World Bank, the really big cheese in control of all the worldís money, which it was really set up to do, and talked about by John Maynard Keynes.  He was a communist at the time in a sense, but he believed in the fascists at the top as well.  He belonged to the upper elite and he had contempt for the working people, by the way.  He wanted the IMF to be set up to be a form of a distributor of the worldís cash to different regions.  He knew back then that weíd all be cut up into regions and I read about that the other night, how they are changing the maps and so on. 


The public, by the way, again, in this new governance idea, are never asked their opinion on anything.  This article is from British Columbia.  This is what the IMF does when it takes over and by the way, itís taken over every country.  The US, Canada, Greece, Finland, all these countries are under the IMF now. The first thing that they do is slash all, what they call government services.  Thatís all the services that you are mandatorily being taxed for.  Health care is the number one; they do it everywhere. 


B.C. health authorities asked to slash $45-million from budget

Cost review is aimed at directing more money to 'core' services, minister says

By WENDY STUECK / From Wednesday's Globe and Mail / April 6, 2010


Provincial health authorities have been asked to find ways to trim 10 per cent from a public-health budget of about $450-million to direct more money to "core health services," British Columbia Health Minister Kevin Falcon says.


Public-health spending covers restaurant inspections, disease prevention and control, and a broad range of other programs.  (A:  What they are telling you there is they are going to cut everything except inoculations.)


The cost review does not threaten programs such as those aimed at preventing childhood disease, Mr. Falcon said.  (A:  Thatís inoculations, folks.)


"To suggest that important childhood vaccination programs would be impacted is nonsense," Mr. Falcon said Monday in an e-mailed response to an inquiry from The Globe and Mail.


So anything else to do with whatever you need you wonít get folks because they slash and burn but they will make sure we are dumbed down with the injections.  After all, they have a Department of Population Control at the United Nations as well, right opposite the corridor from the World Health Organization since they all work together.  They want the population to drop drastically and theyíve been doing it your whole life long.  We know what the fallout is.  There are cancers all over the place. There are more cancers now, and there is a tiny fraction of people smoking than ever before.  There are more cases of cancers of the lung now in people who have never, ever smoked.  Itís becoming common.  Itís a new normal in fact.  New normal. 


A lot of these big pharmas now are using China for inoculations for creating the vaccines.  Breitbart has got an article.  Remember, Iíll put these links up on my site at the end of the show. 


China faces new health scare over 'bad vaccines'

Apr 7 / breitbart.com


Four years ago, Qiang Qiang was a healthy boy. Now, he is epileptic and has trouble keeping up at school -- problems that emerged after a vaccination against Japanese encephalitis. 


The seven-year-old is one of dozens of youngsters in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi whose parents believe their children may have suffered serious side effects from vaccines in the country's latest public health scare.  (A:  Itís actually a scandal.  Then they tell about all the treatments theyíve tried to make them better but nothing is working.  Then they go into the fact thatÖ)


The China Economic Times report blamed vaccines that had been exposed to excessive heat and should have been destroyed. 


Well, you should see the conditions that they are actually made in.  We have an idea of science as some kind of really ultra-hygienic process and really what they do is they grow viruses on tissue, now theyíre using human tissue as well as animal tissue.  It basically goes through a kind of blending machine and then they take out all the red stuff, you know the stuff that kind of makes you go oh, yuck and youíre left with this kind of clearish or serum-looking vaccine which they inject into you.  Thatís really how itís done, this great scientific breakthrough.  So for those that want vaccines, good luck to you but personally Iíve seen the side effects of them myself, personally, and I want nothing to do with them, especially when it ties in with the massive autism, skyrocketing along the graph, parallel with rise in inoculations that youngsters are getting.  It definitely is correlated; there is no doubt about that whatsoever. 


We are into the new governance system. The new governance system too, is where you are taxed, taxed, taxed, and taxed.  Right now you are getting taxed on goods that you can still buy, that are maybe surplus and are non-essential.  You see, they tried all this out in Europe for years since the 70s.  They called it Value Added Tax.   Value Added Tax works this way, if you want to make, say, a kitchen fork, the guys who take the ore, gather the ore and so on and bring it to a factory plant, a foundry, they have to pay as they transfer it to the foundry, a value added tax.  Then when the foundry takes the ore and they smelt it and extract what they need, the metal into little bars and all the rest of it, they also when they sell it and pass it on, they also pay a value added tax to the government.  So itís at every stage of manufacture. Then it goes from there to the guys that actually make the actual fork itself, or the kitchen knife, they pay the value added tax in that when they transfer it.  Then it goes to the middle man who pays the value added tax.  Then the store and then itís passed on to you. The government gets taxation at every single level. 


In Britain and elsewhere in Europe, they said that this was all going to pay off the national debts, like all the other lies they told the public, and not one penny every went to do so.  Now they want to bring it into the US as well.  Well, youíve got to do that under a world government, you see.  You canít have a country going its own way; everything has to be standardized and youíve got to bring in the value added tax.  In Canada, Brian Mulroney when he was in, he tried to bring it in here, because they knew they were going to amalgamate us all under the world government way back when he was in.  The public said no.  There was a bit of a furor over it, not that they were asked to vote on it but they just had a bit of a furor.  He eventually said, okay, we wonít do that and then about a month later he brought in the General Sales Tax.  Thatís what politicians do, they just change the names of things and people donít quite relate it to what they thought it was and so on; your perception is altered. 


Under this whole guise as they start to tax extras and you purchase less and less because you must become AUSTERE, you see.  Thatís the nature of austerity where you will pay through the nose, about 50 times what you are paying now, for the food, for instance, for basic things.  Thatís how you are going to live shortlyÖ as we are TRAINED, TRAINED, TRAINED into the new system.  This article is from the Mail Online. 


Family holidays 'are now a luxury':  (A:  The government is recommending thatÖ) Day trips are all that you need, officials decide

By Steve Doughty / dailymail.co.uk /6th April 2010


(A:  So here are the officials, you know, this is your expert class, deciding how you should have holidays.)


Annual holidays have become a luxury (A:  Annual holidays, there you are.) and are no longer a staple of family life, according to government research.


A getaway of a week or more is no longer considered essential by many families and is often beyond their reach, said the analysis of what parents and children say they really need.  (A:  Did you know that you were all asked what you really wantÖ according to the government.)


Fashionable clothes for the children, expensive birthday parties and lots of toys are also on the list of luxuries families don't have to have.  (A:  This is from the government, remember.)


Instead, recession-hit parents are thinking of the future, and the things they want for their children centre around learning to behave properly, good education and good health.  (A:  Well, theyíve got none of that and they never will have any of that.)


Their picture of what a family ought to have includes a space to eat together away from the television, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and bicycles so children can get exercise.  (A:   Because we are going in to a bike society as we are all driven off the road through the power of the purse and government laws.)


The breakdown of necessities and luxuries was prepared by researchers from the Department for Work and Pensions who were trying to establish an up-to-date picture of what parents say they really need.  (A:  Iíll guarantee you, not one parent was ever asked about what they want.  This is a PR piece put out to the papers by the government itself.)


Their findings show how families have scaled down their expectations in the face of economic difficulties -  and how parents are now concentrating their attention and money firmly on the long-term interests of their children.


The assumption that every family needs at least a week away on holiday each year has long been part of Whitehall orthodoxy  -  so much so that those who can't afford one are counted among those who rank officially as poor. 


But according to the researchers, (A:  They questioned familiesÖ) who questioned families in Birmingham, Reading and Sheffield, the annual holiday is no longer a staple of family life. 


Many believe that while it is important for a family to do things together, day trips or weekend breaks are enough.  (A:  They donít need it anymore; one day a year is enough.  Thatís the new austerity folks, from your masters.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know when the big boys give the go-ahead for something to be a Ďmust beíÖ a Ďmust beí is where they have all agreed that all competition is going to be outlawed basically and some company rushes ahead and does all dastardly things.  Anyone who tries to sue them for robbing and stealing and putting farmers off their land, like Monsanto does, is immediately put in prison and not one judge will ever go against Monsanto.  Itís a MUST BE, you see, for the whole world.  You see, Monsantoís stuff is HEAVILY dosed in the worst pesticides.  The stuff, their seeds, their plants literally, they are created to survive, supposedly, these massive pesticides.  Of course plants soak the pesticides up and then you eat and then you come down with cancers and stuff.  But that falls right in with the plan doesnít it.  It keeps us down and we die off.  As we consume and spend money for it we die off, you know, so they profit at the top and they get what they want. 


There is an article from last year; itís well worth reading again.  Itís about Monsanto.  Recently there was a big hullabaloo because their great seeds in India were failing miserably, their plants, because they werenít up to the resistance of the kind of bugs they have over there.   The problem too, when they eradicate all natural corn or maize or whatever they are using in a particular area, they will have many, many varieties in one field because thatís how the stuff grows traditionally.  You can have about 50 varieties of something growing in one field.  So they do away with that, Monsanto, and put this uniform stuff in so if you have a bad season or a drought or something, everything goesÖ everything goes.  They know this too.  They will create famines; thatís part of the definite plan, the planned agenda.  This article saysÖ


Monsanto GM-corn harvest fails massively in South Africa

By Adriana Stuijt. / digitaljournal.com / Mar 29, 2009


Monsanto: "No Food Shall Be Grown That We Do Not Own"


South African farmers suffered millions of dollars in lost income when 82,000 hectares of genetically-manipulated corn (maize) failed to produce hardly any seeds.  The plants look lush and healthy from the outside. Monsanto has offered compensation.  (A:  To keep quiet.)


Monsanto blames the failure of the three varieties of corn planted on these farms, in three South African provinces, on alleged 'underfertilisation processes in the laboratory". Some 280 of the 1,000 farmers who planted the three varieties of Monsanto corn this year, have reported extensive seedless corn problems.


Urgent investigation demanded 


However environmental activist Marian Mayet, director of the Africa-centre for biosecurity in Johannesburg, demands an urgent government investigation and an immediate ban on all GM-foods, blaming the crop failure on Monsanto's genetically-manipulated technology.  (A:  In other words, itís impossible for 3 varieties supposedly that are passed, all to have the same problem, which happens supposedly in the laboratory seed bed.)


So that was them wiped out and other counties have been wiped out with it too. But you know something, it wonít stop because itís a must be.  All the really good stuff is being swallowed up and taken off the shore of Norway to a little island there.  As we all know, the seed vault, one of the MANY arks, they call them, across the world in case all hell breaks loose and everything goes down the tubes.  They can always feed those who DESERVE to live; thatís survival of the fittest, the ones who are already at the top of the food chain.  They OWN the food chain and they think they own us too.  Thatís the real world folks; you are living through a script.  There never was democracy.  It was a good con while it lasted, but now weíre ready to get told weíre post-democratic; just be good and obey the experts.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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