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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 9, 2010:

Public-Private Partnerships:
Look into Foundations, Now there's Quite the Fright,
Interwoven with Governments, Plus Financial Might:

"You'd Think the Media was There to Lead
People to Truth, At Least Those Who Read,
Till You Look into Websites of Foundations,
The Main One Thousand Have Liaisons
With All Governments, They're Intertwined
In All Policy Areas, You Will Find,
The Old Democracy is Truly Over,
Corporation 'Carbon Sinks', New Landowner,
We The People to be Forced into Habitats,
Means the Crowded Cities, Crammed in Like Rats,
Forced Migration by Taxation will Cause Resentment,
Masters Say its the Only Way, We'll be Interdependent,
'It's For the Greater Good', CEOs all Say,
Who on Country Estates, By Golf Courses Stay,
Living Through a Business Plan, Hear the Swan Song,
Co-ordinated through The CFR, as U.N. Trots Along"
© Alan Watt April 9, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 9, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 9th 2010.  For all the newcomers out there, you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  There are hundreds of hours of talks Iíve given over the past few years on that site which you can download for free.  Remember to bookmark all the other sites you see listed there because the .com site sometimes gets overloaded, sometimes I canít upload to it; itís not enough bandwidth space or disk space and this way you will always have another site to pull down the latest shows from.  [Official sites listed above.]  I always start off the show, I get the hard part over, the tin can moment over quickly so I donít pester you all throughout the show because Iím not a salesman.  I inform you that you are the audience that brings me to you.  Most hosts make their money from advertising.  The ads on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN to broadcast the show and to pay for their time, their equipment and their staff and their bills.  So you must help me out by buying the books that I have for sale on my web sites.  They are different from the usual books that youíll ever see.  I could overload you with facts and figures and all the rest of it and you would go to sleep.  So I bypass that, I donít go through the linear process.  I go through a different kind of process, also using a lot of symbolism too, to help DEPROGRAM you.  So look into the web sites, see the books I have for sale and you can also get CDs and DVDs of sometimes 40-50 shows on them for sale.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Send in your order and Iíll get it out to you as fast as possible.  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them to play on CD players, they donít like computers - wise men - you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Iíll remind you of this once again, you keep me going and believe you me, I donít think that there are any hosts that have managed to do this for very long.  Iíve watched many over the years come and go, as they hope to rely on the peopleís, not their charity but what they thought their show was worth.  They will pay money for all other kinds of things, even archives into mystery sites and so on, which is fine.  Thatís entertainment; it mixes fact with fiction.  I just stick to the facts here, for those who really want to CUT THROUGH THE MATRIX AND GET TO THE TRUTH OF THINGS.  The hardest thing you will ever find is the truth.  Itís SO well hidden, believe you me.  Thousands of years have gone into the creation of systems of controlling vast populations.  Now it's global of course, because we're all in to the SAME info from the SAME sources across the whole world and itís easier to control millions of people getting the same downloads every day.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, the more you read into the big foundations and the meetings they have and their integration with government agencies you do realize eventually that there are far more people working WITH government than people IN government.  Thatís what really hits you right off the bat.  You realize there is a massive, super government, or SUPRA government over and above the one that you think of as your own.  Then you do realize that your own government really rubber stamps what they call recommendations put out by these big think tanks and foundations that are all working through the multitude of agencies that go through the United Nations basically.  Just the International Monetary Fund alone, I was looking at the different departments that interface with every country across the planet; thatís just one organization belonging to it.  You can go on page after page of divisions and special branches of it; itís astonishing. 


The more you will do this and go into these different PDFs and links that I put up at times, the more you will realize that itís very hard to go back to the regular media, which really keeps you in a never-never land.  It certainly never gets you anywhere near any truth because their job is not to wake you up to a higher reality of whatís really running your life and who is behind it in this multifarious organizational umbrella that you might hear of once in a while the names of, but you really donít know what they are up to.  They are having meetings all the time, constantlyÖ constantly interfacing with government agencies of ALL departments in EVERY country across the planet.  You really canít just go back into the regular media with a sort of nonchalant attitude because it doesnít work that way.  Youíve seen too much.  Youíve gone too far.  Because you read the stuff thatís meant to be semi-comical; thatís what your media is.  Itís to present really what are rubberstamped laws on behalf of the government, or the agencies running the government, to make it palatable to YOU with little funny stories wrapped up in-between. 


These are very, very serious topics we are talking about.  We are talking about a planned society, a society that was planned and written about copiously from the beginning of the 1900s Ė even before that but definitely in the beginning of the 1900s Ė with the already existing foundations of the biggest corporations on the planet, with the banks backing them up and intertwined with them and the international bankers on board as well, talking about plans to take over all the resources of the world and that really democracy already, ALREADY was a has-been.   It had its day.  It wasnít efficient anymore and they could never get their real big plans done because of the public knowing what was going on.  So how do they get around that?  Well, they stopped you from knowing what was going on.  They gave you the mainstream regular media where youíve got barons who own whole chains of newspapers across the country and countries.  They never really tell youÖ  Their job is not to tell you the truth.  They keep you stuck in the middle, the middle plane you might say, of never-never land.  Giving you little sniffs at things but never actual sightings of anything; thatís how they work. 


Yesterday, for instance, I read an article about the health care bill from The Washington Times.  I just read the first little part of it, skimmed over it, and mentioned that now youíve got the government and bureaucrats telling doctors in hospitals what are purportedly the most efficient medical procedures they should use.  Americans are supposed to trust Mr Obamaís bureaucrats OVER their own doctors.  I mentioned that doctors then, in these systems, become basically agents of the government.  It mentions too, I didnít go into this, it saysÖ.


EDITORIAL: Close enough for government work

THE WASHINGTON TIMES / Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Part of President Obama's health care bill depends on the government telling doctors and hospitals what are purportedly the most efficient medical procedures they should use. Americans are supposed to trust Mr. Obama's bureaucrats over their own doctors. Meanwhile, a new report from the Government Accountability Office (Alan:  They actually have an accountability officeÖ) shows that the Obama administration has been an utter failure at identifying the efficiency of a wide range of products. (A:  We have all these agencies and you all thinkÖ Itís like the Food and Drug Administration, most people truly believe itís there to look after your health and safety.  Iíve given up links to exposures that have come out about the FDA thatís full, FULL of people who have worked with pharma before, on the boards of pharma, and the big chemical corporations and all the rest of it, and the big food corporations.  Iíve even given the leaked emails from correspondence, when it comes to certain medications that are kind of iffy, and up for debate, and going to the FDA and theyíve actually said that weíve got these doctors here who will go along with us; they are friendly.  In other words they are paid off.  Thatís how it really works.  Getting back to this article, you have a Government Accountability Office in the US, I think every country supposedly has one, and it shows  ďthat the Obama administration has been an utter failure at identifying the efficiency of a wide range of products.Ē  Itís quite comical.  Again, itís meant to be a little comical piece; thatís how they write stuff. ) As government encroaches on more aspects of American life, the federal bureaucracy is increasingly incompetent.  (A:  WellÖ yeah.  Maybe they are really there to do something else than theyíve told us.)


The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy are charged with identifying how energy-efficient different products are. (A:  Remember all that push to oh, buy a new fridge, itís green, less, less electricity and all this stuff, less pollution.  Now listen to thisÖ)  They claim that 98 percent of the products they test meet or exceed Energy Star requirements, which are government benchmarks used to regulate greater efficiency. Yet a sting by GAO investigators showed that the government agencies incorrectly identified as "efficient" 15 of 20 bogus products submitted by GAO for testing.   (A:  In other words, they were BOGUS products and getting rubber-stamped as being efficient.)  No action was taken on two of the 20 products. Overall, the government made the correct decision on (A:  ONLYÖ) 11 percent of the test products. (A:  The rest of this stuff never worked.  It wasnít meant to work because they were bogus, like tin cans dressed up as something else.  No kidding.  And the government rubber-stamped them as being efficient.)


As the Washington saying forewarns, the difference between 98 percent and 11 percent is close enough for government work.


Most disturbingly, the absurd products in question shouldn't have been close calls. (A:  They made them look obvious, obviously ridiculous.)  Take the so-called "room air cleaner." The product was a space heater with a duster sticking out of the top and several fly strips attached. (A:  To make it look even more absurd.)  The picture submitted to the government of the bogus product is pretty hilarious - but the bureaucracy gave the contraption the federal stamp of approval.


Among the other ridiculous items the government certified as energy-efficient was a (A:  This is what they told the government.  These are bureaucrats for ya.)  petroleum-powered timepiece (A:  A gasoline powered time-piece, like a gas-fired clock right [Alan laughing].) that was described as a "generator-sized clock run on gasoline." Such a machine obviously would be energy-inefficient. Moving the heavy beast alone would keep greens awake at night worrying about wasted energy, making the alarm on the clock superfluous.


News of these phony approvals has bureaucrats running for high ground. While defensively insisting that they take the tests "seriously," the EPA and Energy Department immediately issued a statement defending their testing and telling the public it should not lose confidence in the government program to monitor efficiency ratings. [Alan laughing.]  (A:  They are passing everything that gets put in front of them and all this bogus stuff too.)  Incorrigibly, the feds again pointed to their own discredited 98 percent accuracy rate (A:  So it doesnít matter what you prove to them, they are 11% right.  They actually claim that their initial one, the propaganda piece, we are always 98% accurate.  So they came up with that again as a defenseÖ) and implausibly claimed the Energy Star program has so far saved Americans $17 billion on their electricity bills. 


Itís such a farce isnít it?  Lifelong jobs, yearly pay increases, cost of living increases and pension plans and all the rest of it and itís just jobs for the boys isnít it.  They are generally intergenerational in the federal departments, the bureaucracies Ė I donít know if the people know that Ė in every country.  They tend to be intergenerational.  Itís far better than playing with politics because they are really not responsible to the public.  We never notice them generally.  We never hear from them or about them.  Again, everything is utterly corrupt and they always want more money and all the rest of it.  Itís the same with politicians.  If they can hang in there for only 4 or 5 years, I think it's 5 years in Canada and the same with the United States and Britain, Australia, New Zealand.  If they can just get in, their party makes sure they stay in for 5 years, they get a life-long pension index related to the cost of living.  LIFE-LONG pension for working - for turning up - for 5 years.  And we think, we really do think that they are thereÖ we believe the propaganda:  we are here to serve you.  Itís astonishing isnít it?  One law for this bunch and one law for the rest.  I wouldnít mind doing that; 4 or 5 years and get a full pension.  Thatís full drug costs and the whole lot for the rest of your life and index related to the cost of living.  So basically you are getting the same paycheck when you are 80 or 90 as someone just going into politics, into the federal government, for their first year, second year.  Great how they wangle it and we just sit here and we moo like cattle and we talk trivia. 


Again, thatís why itís hard to go in to the mainstream media because whatever they expose, which is very little and very infrequently, part comedy mixed in with it, it gives us this idea that they are just stumbling along and bumbling along and yet this massive supra umbrella above them and around them, of hundreds and hundreds of corporations and CEOs and foundations and think tanks all telling them what to do, all coming from the United Nations.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, in the UK in Britain I read an article a while back where the police are breaking into peopleís homes at night under a new police program and leaving notes to tell the people who own the premises, or at least live in them.  I donít think you own anything in Britain really; even when you sign up to purchase a home you are put down as a tenant, not an owner.  Itís the same in Canada too, by the way. 


Police who play burglar in the middle of the night

By Jaya Narain / 11th February 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


The cops break in and God help you if you tackle them, I guess as a prowler.  I think itís actually happened already and thereís some case pending.  But the cops will get away with it because itís one of these MUST BE things, getting you trained, really, that they can walk in at any time of the day or night and youíd better just accept it.  They start off with an excuse, well, itís to make sure that you know where the weak points in your home happen to be.  Well, if they wanted that they could give a volunteer program where they come around during the day and point them out to you IF you want to allow them in.  Of course, no, they do it this way and break into your homes in the middle of the night and thatís all right apparently. 


Isnít it amazing?  I saw this years ago in the 70s and the 80s and onwards traveling through different parts of the world and I kept saying, isnít it amazing that the same laws seem to be passed in every country at the same time.  Yet no country ever says, by the way, this has been passed in Britain, France and Germany at the same time as Norway or Denmark, as an example.  I realized back then we were already in a global system and there was some kind of communication between SOME agency that coordinates all the governments together; had to be.  Well, getting back to the cops breaking in to the homes, they are much slicker in the US.  They are better at it. Theyíve got better marketing divisions and people who are really sharp on how people work.  They work in advertising generally and they advise.  You can actually hire them and they will advise you how to get what you want.  Well, here are the cops in New Jersey.   This is from WCBSTV.com.   ďNew Jersey police department starts a senior safety program.Ē  It sounds wonderful, doesnít it?  Senior safety program.


Eastern Cops In N.J. Town Given Keys To Homes

(A:  See how different it is?  Britain should really follow this because they could really learn a lot.)

Franklin Township Police Set Up Realtor-Like Lockboxes So Officers Can Respond Immediately To Emergencies

wcbstv.com / Mar 25, 2010


'Operation Blue Angel' (A:  Itís called.) using money seized by drug busts. (A:  Yeah, sure.)


It's a novel program designed to improve the safety of senior citizens in New Jersey.  (A:  Itís hard to go against that, eh?  Itís for your safety.)


The program would allow police quick access into a home to help anyone having a medical emergency Ė without having the break down the door.  (A:  Well, should the cops be coming in for a medical emergency?  I donít think so.  But that doesnít matter does it?)


Marilyn Chesner is a retired music teacher and a widow. Living alone, (A:  They always give you these stories to justify it for everyone.) the 79-year-old recently had a close call.


"I was standing there, and next thing I know I was on the floor," Chesner said.


That moment Ė passing out in the bathroom Ė made her think about things.  (A:  She thought about it, you see, if only the cops were here to help me with my medical problem.)


"I wondered what would happen if something happened, and I couldn't get out of bed or move. How could someone get into the house?" Chesner said.


That's why the grandmother was the first person to join "Operation Blue Angel" run by the Franklin Township Police Department.


Now Chesner has a lockbox with a spare key inside, similar to the one realtors use, which allows police to get into her home in the event of an emergency.


"Hopefully I will never need them, but it does give me an extra sense of security," Chesner said.  (A:  So there ya go, a whole town because of one elderly lady who thinks sheís going to be safe.  I love how they do this.  I love how they do it.  Itís the same with punishment as well.  If you study the totalitarian systems, especially the Soviet systems, they would find somebody doing something in part of this vast Soviet bloc and then they would pass a law that would affect EVERYONE across the whole bloc.  So it was called Ďcommunal punishmentí.  Well, weíve already got that in Canada and elsewhere too because we are using that kind of system here as well.  That goes into many different areas by itself, by the way.  So this PR piece finishes up by sayingÖ)


"No matter who you are, God forbid you get sick, we can respond immediately," Franklin Township Police Chief Craig Novick said.


Chief Novick came up with the idea after one of the area's huge snowstorms.


"What if we had to respond to the house where the keyholder couldn't respond because they were snowed-in? What would we do?" Chief Novick said.  (A:  Wow, I like his reasoning here.)


Since the program started a week ago, 20 seniors and people with medical conditions have signed up.  It provides peace of mind for their children.  (A:  Ah, oh, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy.)


Thatís what we get for news, utter pabulumÖ utter pabulum.  We really are treated like children arenít we?  Completely like children.  Again, in the US, I donít know if most folk notice whatís really going on, but you have to go into amalgamations of the different agencies with public/private and all the rest of it.  This is an articleÖ  Iíll put these links up on my web site at the end of the show, again, if XplorNet blesses me with twice dial-up speed to sit here for 3 or 4 hours uploading.  Iíll read this article to show you how the DOE, the USDA and the NSF are now joining together towards climate change.  So food, agriculture and all the rest of it is going together.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Department of Energyís web site.


DOE, USDA, and NSF Launch Joint Climate Change Prediction Research Program

New interagency program to generate high-resolution tools to address climate change

energy.gov / March 22, 2010


(A:  Whatís interesting is, I noticed that Britain, again, had just done all the same thing.  They have their Department of Energy, ya-da, ya-da, ya AND climate change all mixed together.  Thatís at the end of it, Ďand climate changeí.  I said this before, all the big boys put all their eggs into one basket a long time ago to do with the ruling us by a catastrophe on the earth if we donít comply.  Of course, we have the CO2 massive trading thatís going on where they trade lots of nothings for lots of money.  We have to pay for it all, and stuff like that.  It will also help to get the Agenda 21 in, where we are crammed together for more efficiency you understand; we canít use all these services and string hydro or electric lines across countries and when you are all in the one place itís much easier and cheaper, more economical, and it will pollute less, ya-da, ya-da, ya.  So this is what itís all about really; theyíre all working together with Agenda 21.)


Washington, DC - The U.S. Departments of Energy and Agriculture (A:  Remember, this is your food too, and energy.  Remember I said before, everything that you need to live on will be used as a big stick over you.  Well, thatís what itís all about.) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced the launch of a joint research program to produce high-resolution models for predicting climate change and its resulting impacts. (A:  In other words, these fancy computers that are fed lots of weird data that doesnít really comply with the facts or actuality, they give them the desired results that they want.)  Called Decadal and Regional Climate Prediction Using Earth System Models (EaSM), the program is designed to generate models that -- significantly more powerful than existing models -- can help decision-makers develop adaptation strategies addressing climate change. (A:  So weíve all to ADAPT to whatever the computers spew out.)  These models will be developed through a joint, interagency solicitation for proposals.  (A:  Well, they already have it planned what big boys are getting the deals.  Thatís what that means, that part there.)




(A:  Listen to the language of thisÖ) EaSM is distinguished by its promise for generating: 1) predictions of climate change and associated impacts at more localized scales and over shorter time periods than previously possible; and 2) innovative interdisciplinary approaches to address the interdisciplinary sources (A:  ha, ha.) and impacts of climate change. These interdisciplinary approaches will draw on biologists, chemists, computer scientists, geoscientists, materials scientists, mathematicians, physicists, computer specialists, and social scientists.  (A:  Everybody except a farmer.  This is whatís going to run this thing hereÖ and you know how much itís going to cost?  I wonít go into that; Iíve got enough bad news in that area, of that department, that we can stand at the moment, and more to come obviously.)


You know they can always count on the brainwashing theyíve already given a lot of the public.  See, the public are very predictable.  They have us all categorized in clusters, your friends and all that and you together are a cluster by the way.  With the permission of the government and the NSA, they give all your data and your emails and your phone calls and all the rest of it, and all the sites that you look up on your computer, with your friends, they give it all to certain authorized universities to do cluster studies on you all, to see what you all have in common with each other, what BINDS you together as a cluster. 


They also have virtual realities in the Pentagon where all that data is also fed in there.  I read the article from the Pentagon itself saying, yep, they literally have a little YOU, every one of you in a particular computer model program in a virtual reality where they study YOU and with all your ongoing daily data fed into it, by the way, so they can make you perfectly predictable.  They can actually do hypothetical situations where knowing what you are, how you are, how you think, what motivates you, and all the rest of it, they can run tests on this virtual you by feeding in a problem and seeing how you react, knowing you will react like that in real life. 


Thatís where you tax money goes, to all these differentÖ ALL TO CONTROL YOU.  Layer after layer after layer after layer of specialist areas, way above you, never mentioned in the media, but you will certainly get it all from their OWN web sites if you bother looking into it.  And yeah, you will be checked for going into government web sites; they have admitted that.  They take all that data when you link on to their web sites BUT they link in all your data anyway.  No matter what sites you look into so what does it matter?  Itís better to know whatís going on than to rely on the general media that keep you spinning your wheels. 


Here is an article that fits in kind of with this, no great depth or anything.  What I mean is they can count on YOU as predictable.  Snob appeal and all the rest of it. 


Shoppers choose green products to improve social status, says study

Researchers found consumers are willing to sacrifice performance for perceived social status from green products (A:  You know, anything that is labeled GREENÖ  remember, they are already putting stuff on their MySpace sites and stuff to show how green they are, try to out-green each other.)

Adam Vaughan guardian.co.uk, Monday 29 March 2010


Shoppers choose hybrid cars to improve social status, say researchers. (A:  They give it snob appeal and make them more expensive.)


Shoppers choose hybrid cars, "green" washing-up liquid (A:  They go for that also.) and energy-saving devices over cheaper but dirtier alternatives partly to improve their social status, according to a new study published today.  (A:   I read that thing by that other guys that are supposed to look at all these improved green products and they are passing dustbins dressed up as other things, you know, with dusters sticking out of them.  So itís all bogus anyway, but the greenies donít know that.  They will buy itÖ as long as it says Ďgreení and they can show off.  Oh, Iím so green and how about you; I noticed you are using that, ew, that old food mixer there, ew, ah.  Thatís how stupid, stupid people are and unfortunately there are a lot of stupid people they can count on.  Thatís why they love democracy because the bulk of the populace go exactly the direction that they are brainwashed to go in and itís us who still think for ourselves that are forced to go along with them by law.)


Researchers found consumers are willing to sacrifice luxury and performance to benefit from the perceived (A:   Not real, but PERCEIVEDÖ.) social status that comes from buying a product with a reduced environmental impact.  (A:   At least theyíve got that stamped on it and it doesnít matter if itís spewing out black smoke on the other end.)


Bram Van den Bergh of Rotterdam School of Management, one of the study's authors, said: "Driving a luxurious non-green car, like a Hummer, communicates one's wealth, but also suggests that the buyer is a selfish and uncaring individual who is concerned primarily about his own comfort rather than the welfare of society.  (A:   Remember, this is marketing, advertising management, these are the guys who manipulate society.  So youíre selfish, youíre a selfish uncaring individual if you drive something like that.  Remember what I said before, THEY ARE USING SOCIAL APPROVAL AND SOCIAL DISAPPROVAL TO CHANGE EVERYBODYíS WAY OF LIFE IN MANY DIFFERENT AREAS.   This is how they do it.)  Driving a hybrid, like a Prius, not only displays one's wealth as it costs many thousands of dollars more than a conventional but highly fuel-efficient car, but also signals the owner cares about others and the environment."  (A:   So if youíre rich and wealthy and spend for stuff, to show off, then you obviously care about the environment.  See, social approval, social disapproval.)


In a series of three experiments for the study which is published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the researchers found that people were also more likely to choose green products when doing so in public.  (A:   So that they can show off.  So they will buy when they are out with their pals.)


In one experiment, 168 students were split into two groups. One group read a story about social status while a second group read a story without a status message. Asked to make a hypothetical purchasing decision between a green car or a non-green model of the same price but more luxurious and better-performing, 37.2% in the control group chose the green car. That figure rose to 54.5% for those who read the story designed to "activate status motives."  (A:   They actually put it in to the little test, the wording, which is programmingÖ WORDS STRUNG TOGETHER IN A PARTICULAR WAY WILL BRING YOU TO THE DESIRED CONCLUSION AND ACTION.  You are utterly programmable. That figure rose to 54.5% for those who read the story designed to "activate status motives." The story was DESIGNEDÖ this is for the hard of thinking that I like to repeat things - the story designed to "activate status motives."The authors claim the experiment is the first to demonstrate that playing on desire for social status is a way to encourage people to make green choices(A:   But theyíve used this same technique in other areas before, by the wayÖ social status.)


In another test, 93 students were asked to pick on a sliding scale between green and non-green products (A:   I hate even using the terminology, donít you?  Weíre helping them bring it in to being.  Itís nonsense.) of the same price, depending on whether they were buying in public at a store or in private by shopping online. When the students read a status story similar to the first experiment, their preference in public for the green product was far stronger than in private. A third experiment showed buyers with social status in mind preferred green products when they were more expensive than their conventional alternative.  (A:   Give it snob appeal and theyíll go for it.)


The authors, who also include Vladas Griskevicius of University of Minnesota and Joshua M Tybur of University of New Mexico, argue that the findings show an untapped way of motivating greener behaviour(A:   I tell you, everything that people do today is through conditioning.  Everything.  They are already preconditioned 100 ways towards even this experiment that they canít even remember.  They watch countless hours of TV with brainwashing, little bits slipped in, subliminally, and theyíre all primed for guys like this to work on.)


Adam Corner, a research associate at Cardiff University and expert on the psychology of communicating climate change, (A:   There ya go.  Here ya go.  Ha.  Why would you need that if itís all based on facts?  Why do we need people to brainwash you, to go along a certain way, if itís actually factual and could be proven to be factual and based on facts?  You wouldnít need that would you?  Ö would you?)  said social status is a key driver of behaviour: "It's not surprising that people might choose to try and signal their social status through the conspicuous consumption of 'green products'. Even if people don't care about climate change, they care about what other people think of them." (A:   Thatís the bottom line.  They care about what other people think of them; their peer pressure.)  He added that one of the most important aspects of the research is that the power of social status could be harnessed to become a critical tool in promoting wider changes in pro-environmental behaviour, such as voting for the greenest party in an election or engaging in environmental activism(A:   They always use the schmucks, you know.) 


Today I was reading an article, it was one of the web sites by the big boys who had a follow-up meeting from the Copenhagen Treaty and I was going through all the members at the top.  Every one of them who are running this climate business was the CEO of a MAJOR OIL COMPANY or a MAJOR ENERGY SOURCE COMPANY, INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS with factories all over the place, AND most of them were members, as well, of the Club of Rome.  And apart from that, they also had been members, sometimes in between their full-time jobs, with the United Nations.  And you think itís all some alternative from the big boys who already rule and own everything that you need to live on because theyíve taken everything over to make sure that youíre helpless.  Thatís the planned society, folks. 


Everybody is fooled.  They even CREATE the greenie groups with all the little fringe people at the bottom with chips on their shoulders that canít fit in anywhere; they need something to protest.  They recruit them all and they have no idea that their bosses, the ones at the top, that can speak, and be understood, as opposed to the rest of them, and who are taught to speak and be understood, are paid full-time salaries equal to any President or even beyond that, and a pension plan, and lots of freebies and goodies, by the foundations that set them up in the first place.  Everybody is a schmuck who gets used and joins the big groups.  They can always count on you.  ALWAYS COUNT ON YOU. 


Last night I mentioned about how Mr Rockefeller, when he was talking about the fallout as they MERGE the world into this big conglomerate, this international conglomerate, and how masses of people like Jacques Attali said would flood in from the south of the US into the US.  Not just from Mexico but the whole of Latin America would eventually start migrating north, thinking they are going to the land of milk and honey, where the streets are paved with gold and all that kind of stuff.  They talked about the chaos it would cause.  Attali even said it would be like another barbarian attack on Rome, with the Goths and the Visigoths and all them Goths, that kind of stuff, remember that school stuff.  Basically like that, rampaging through places with gangs PLUS those who are more criminal would be the most eager to get into the new lands of opportunity because after all they are predators and there is more easy and wealthier prey; thatís where they would head for. 


Here is an article about how itís happening in Europe and this is to be expected.  Remember Rockefeller said well, you canít make and omelet without breaking eggs.  So all the mayhem and the killings and the murders and stuff that happen in the meantime, itís just something youíve got to put up with for a generation or two.  Thatís all it isÖ from the big boysí plans and their point of view.  Youíve got to understand how they think and how they see it.  This is from The Mail Online.


Romanian 'Fagin' (A:   Remember FaginÖ)  gang 'mutilated children so they would earn more money begging on the streets of Britain'

By Rebecca Camber / 9th April 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


The Romanian gang running a trafficking ring mutilated and disabled some of the army of children it sent to beg and steal in Britain to increase their earning potential, police believe.


Gang members believed that disabled children were more likely to evoke pity in passers-by - so they allegedly disabled their own children and those which they bought from extremely poor families to increase their earning potential.


According to the respected Romanian daily newspaper Adevarul, police sources said the case included the sick maiming of the children involved.


Some had their legs and arms broken before being sent to the UK in the twisted version of Oliver Twist. (A: I donít know if theyíre making a pun there or not.)


The children as young as seven were being kidnapped or bought from their parents in poor gipsy communities.


They were being smuggled to Britain for pick-pocketing, shoplifting sprees and prostitution and the profits used to build giant 'gipsy palaces'.   (A:  They actually have photographs of these giant gypsy palaces; you should see them.)


Police estimate that 168 youngsters aged seven to 15 were trafficked.  (A:  And thatís the tip of the iceberg.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about omelets and stuff like that, according to Mr Rockefeller, because this chaos and what you see at one time was localized to certain countries.  Now that weíre all one and people can move all over the place, then in comes all the crime that youíve never seen before; this kind of crime.  Itís just omelets and the fallout is just omelets because you canít make an omelet without breaking eggs, you see.  So I guess this is a bunch of broken eggs, all youngsters being sold into slavery and getting their limbs twisted and their eyes poked out so they can be more efficient beggars on the streets of Britain.  But thatís just how it goes, isnít it?  We just have to adjust to it and get used to it. 


While they are socking it to everybody across the world in this global conglomerate, theyíve still got to announce who the top CEO of the world is.  It hasnít been done yet but that will come shortly.  Here is an article about something that most folk donít know about.  We donít know about much really because the media articles never really tell you much as to why.  What they will tell you is articles like this one.  Again, itís from The Mail Online. 


Labour (A:  Thatís the government.) attacked for giving £170m (A:  Everybody is bankrupt over there and £170 millionÖ)  in aid to China


By Ian Drury / 9th April 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


Labour was blasted last night by one of its former ministers for spending £170million of taxpayers' money on aid to China, the world's third largest economy.  (A:  I think itís number one, the top economy myself.)


Ministers were told that it was 'wrong' that such huge sums should be handed to a country that was able to splash out £20billion hosting the Olympic Games in 2008.


Britain has given Beijing on average £34.5million a year since 2004-05 to boost its schools, tackle Aids and provide fresh water.  (A:  You see, this article is meant to stir up people and make them annoyed.  It doesnít tell you here that once they signed the UN treaty, many moons ago, that every country that signed on to it is from whatís called first world countries, through the Overseas Economic Development Corporation, or crown corporations, or corporations set up by the government, where there are actually shares sold but they are not available the public.  Even the CBC Canada couldnít find out who were the shareholders.  They use our tax money supposedly and across the sea to make things better for them and for the schools and all that kind of stuff.  Plus when we did the GATT TreatyÖ the Free Trade Treaty itself says that the first world countries must pay all those third world countries in food, education, all the rest of it, even welfare, to bring them up to a standard part way towards us as WE get impoverished on the way down towards them.  No kidding; we meet somewhere in the middle.  Thatís supposedly the plan.  Read every article on free trade FROM their own web sites like the Council on Foreign Relations and stuff like that, the guys who really manage things for them all.)


Senior peers (A:  Thatís the sort of title people in government in Britain.) yesterday questioned whether it was right that development cash should be spent on China, which is forecast to become the biggest economic superpower on the planet within five years(A:  I think itís already there.)


You see, they signed the deals with the World Bank and the GATT and all the other treaties they signed through the United Nations and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.  Weíve got to keep giving, you know, itís the charitable way.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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