April 12, 2010 (#553)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 12, 2010:

Enviro-Lover's a Cover for Eugenics' Tricks:

"Propaganda Repeated, Ensures it Sticks,
Strip Away Climate Change -- Find Eugenics,
Saving the Elite, Means We Sacrifice,
So, Eugenics -- Conservation -- Climate Change -- Surprise!
Big, Wealthy Players Push Conservation
While Real Objective is Depopulation,
A Brainwashed Generation is Well Underway,
Conditioned to Respond to What Scientists Say,
Technique is Upgraded, Never Static,
Perfected to Churn Out Enviro-Fanatic
Who'll Be Proud Using Ration Card to Survive,
So the Best Goes to Masters, Sure to Thrive"
© Alan Watt April 12, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 12, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 12th 2010.  Newcomers should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and youíll find hundreds and hundreds of hours of talks that Iíve given over the years which you can download for free.  While you are there, look at the front page, scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have up there because sometimes youíll find sticking on download if so many folk go into the .com site at the same time, which generally happens.  So if you get any problems at all, try these alternate sites that are listed on the front page.  Remember, if you want transcripts of the talks Iíve given, you can choose from the various languages of Europe if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu; thatís the European site.  You can download those and print them up and pass them around to your friends.  [Official site listed above.]  As always, I remind you that you are the audience that brings me to you because I go it alone here.  I donít ask for money from organizations or even bring on guests.  Some guests get paid to come on shows and vice versa, some will pay the host to bring the guest on.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  The ads on this show that you hear are paid directly by advertisers straight to RBN.  That pays for the air time and the staff, technicians, equipment, and the broadcast and for their bills.  So youíve got to help me out by going into my web site, see what I have for sale Ė the books, CDs, DVDs Ė and purchase them or you can donate to me.  That keeps me just tricking along.  Sometimes Iím submerged under the water; sometimes Iím just floating but Iím never really flying Ė put it that way.  Itís up to you to keep me going and you can find out how to do it on the web sites.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed around to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  Lots of folk really donít want to use computers; they play these disks on their CD players. 


Iíve said from the very beginning that Iím only using the computer for a short time while we have this window of opportunity to use it and get stuff out to people, but at the same time the window is being closed as more and more regulations come in.  Once weíre all on The Cloud, believe you me, you will be censored if youíre not socially correct.  If youíre politically INcorrect, you will simply not have access to The Cloud.  Thatís already in the works and thatís how they will run your lives.  You need to be on a computer, for The Cloud, if you want to do banking and all the rest of it.  If you notice, everyone is getting a harder and harder time trying to keep up with their programs and their updates and all the rest of it as they keep updating things every month, just to annoy you.  Thatís intentional, folks.  If you think there are separate organizations out there with free firewalls and free spyware and all the rest of it, NO.  You donít go out there and supply the world with free software and spyware; itís all from the big boys that are all working together.  I'll be back with more after this break and Iíll tell you why theyíre doing it.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning about The Cloud coming in and how all the big boys have made sure that weíve had years to get hooked on the internet and people have forgotten their common sense and go into all kinds of chat rooms and spread all their information all over the planet, all on behalf of the big boys because thatís whom you are really serving. 


Itís far easier to control whole populations when you have everybodyís data on instant retrieval and they keep records of it all for their own use to monitor every single body on the planet.  Thatís incredible when you think about it.  And people voluntarily do this because after all, each one thinks, well, who is watching me; Iím too insignificant.  Thatís how everyone thinks, you see, and thatís not the point.  Theyíve got to know every single body and their business and what youíre up to.  One day when you break your patterns and itís all down to patterns.  Theyíve got you down to a tee, what you do on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on.  Once you break your patterns you will get visits to your door to see why youíve broken your pattern, probably with some kind of mental health team to give you an interview to see if everything is up to par, whatís wrong with you, etc.  Iím not kidding; thatís in the works and I think itís already happening.  Itís actually happened in one or two cases that Iíve heard of. 


Getting back to all the spyware and all the rest of it, Iíve said for years that the big Military-Industrial Complex really is one big consortium.  No one works on their own without telling the rest what theyíre up to.  In fact, if you want to run the world, which they certainly did during World War II and afterwards, they decided that theyíd have to have legitimate enterprises where they really sold real products to the general public and the real main objectives of course would be hidden from the public.  If you truly were an independent company who came out with some kind of communication device that would bypass all authority and means to control, then you would not last; you wouldnít get it out.  That night you would be deadÖ because power never gives itself away.  It doesnít share it. They canít have competition.  Therefore, the NSA and the CIA and all these boys put all these REAL companies and corporations, international ones with real cash and backed them up and put in their own CEOs.  Of course the objective was always to bring in this networking system, this complete NET of the world, a WEB across the whole planet.  Theyíre actually calling it now the Planetary Skin and different terms as they bring more and more objects with chips into play that all communicate for further observation of every individual. 


The intention was always through model after model and making things more and more frustrating as they keep updating things.  Youíve got drivers to get, and you canít get drivers, blah, blah, blah.  Everyone has been through the same sort of stuff; you know what Iím talking about.  Frustration, frustration.  Now, if something works, why would you change it?  Yet they are changing things all the time.  Even people who are really geeks and really into it have told me that they are getting fed up with it.  Well, thatís the intention.  First you make people fed up and then when theyíre all really fed up, you bring in The Cloud.  And they bring out a new computer that you donít need a hard drive for because all your personal data, everything you need, everything that youíve looked at will be in The Cloud and your Personal Web Space, on your site.  You canít lose anything.  You donít have to bother updating spyware and stuff because they will take care of all of that for you.  Every program will be updated.  You wonít even really need a hard drive.  You might get a temporary hard drive, so you can watch a movie and save it for later and watch it again or something and boom, then itís gone.  Thatís the intention of it. 


The intention isnít just to keep you happy and playing.  Thatís a big part of it, so is all your data and your networking friends, but itís also to make you dependent upon a system in a cashless society where you will have to be a very goody-two-shoes to be allowed to participate in that society.  Thatís the key to itÖ participation in a society thatís already planned.  To get your money for your groceries, for whatever you need, will ALL be done online or electronically and youíll have the one number for everything, for your password into The Cloud and everything else.  Social disapproval and social approval will be used.  If you send one joking email off to someone thatís not PC, politically incorrect, you are going to find that youíll be censored and punished for a week or two.  Thatís already been discussed in a few different articles that have come out.  We are just animals being trained along a certain path, but we are trained this way with everything.  First you give frustration and then you give the answer.  You have something that worked, enter the frustration period, then give the answer and we all say, thank God theyíve fixed that; weíre in the Cloud now


The same thing was done across a good part of the world with the Smart Meters.  Before the Smart Meters, to read your electricity someone would come because you are paying for it all rightÖ  Someone would come and read your meter and then you got the bill.  Generally it would be correct, according to what they read.  If you didnít agree with it you could always get a real person to talk to and sort the problem out.  Then they went to Smart Meters.  Before they went to Smart Meters though, they kept the same old meter, did away with the person who read the meter and theyíd only come 4 times a year.  This has been going on all the way from Denmark, Sweden, across the world, right out to Canada here and now into the States.  They always give you wrong bills.  This is intentional.  When you phone them upÖ and they give you the option, by the way, of phoning in your own reading.  When you phone it in, they disregard it anyway and give you some increase, something 4 or 5 times what it should be.  Then you get someone eventually on the phone to talk to, some real person, they will all agree you are right and all the rest of it, sort it out, theyíll send you another bill and itís exactly the same as the last wrong bill.  They will do this 2 or 3 times.  This goes on for maybe a year or two and then they bring in the Smart Meter. 


The whole idea is to intensify frustration that was not there before when the service worked and someone read the meter every month.  You get frustrated and frustrated and then they come out with the solution.  Here is the Smart Meter; itís done automatically and youíll all say, thank God for that, no more phone calls every week trying to sort out their mistakes.  Do you see how they do it?   This is intentional.  Itís a strategy in business.  We are just test animals.  Theyíve tested it on other kinds of animals of course, they start on the lesser animals in laboratories and then they test it into the bigger laboratory which is called planet earth and we always fall for in the same way.  Anything for convenience, we will sell our souls.  We will buy the chains that bind us, quite happily.  Thanks God theyíve, ah, thank God itís about timeÖ thatís what they say.  They never say, why did they make it hard and complicated in the first place when it worked before?  Why would they change things, eh?  There is always a reason, remember, and itís never the one they tell you.


Governance has always really been here.  The word governance, weíve heard it now, global governance.  Itís a system whereby the population and the citizenry have NO input into whatís happening and they get laws put on them whether they like it or not.  Thatís literally what governance is.  Itís where those that are fittest to lead, according to themselves, as they choose each other, will simply do that without our input whatsoever.  Thatís what governance is and really itís always really been that way.  Before, they put on a charade.  They give you fake stories for the media.  The media work hand-in-glove with them and they all wink to each other and pass it on to the general publicÖ all these implausible excuses for all the screw-ups that we saw happening in society and politics and budget and all the rest of it, that was just the humoring phase that we went through, as you would humor children when they ask question that were a bit beyond them. 


Thatís how we were treated but now theyíve gone into governance where you simply DO. They will bring on a panel of experts and they will announce it at some world meeting, sign it into law, and experts say, therefore it is and thatís it.  Thatís your new priesthood:  EXPERTS, you see.  They always give you a priesthood for every era and now weíre in the information era and the governance era and weíve got a panel of experts for everything.  It doesnít matter if theyíre using voodoo or crystal balls or anything else.  It doesnít matter what the public really think. 


Itís not MEANT that you really understand the reasons for it and the reasons are always along the road of the political agenda.  There is only one political agenda and it certainly is the eugenics system, the planned takedown of societies, the distribution of wealth, which really is not what you think itís about or where itís going.  Itís got nothing to do with that at all.  The total destruction of what they call the obsolete family unit, and the reduced population which will serve the elites very, very well IF you have the right genes and the right IQ to pass the tests, thatís really what itís all about.  Thatís how they envisaged this society an awful long time ago.  World meetings were had, over and over and over since the beginning of the 1900s on this particular area and now we are here.  Now we must be cajoled and humored as we go into it.  Thatís already here of course. 


The greatest con amongst eugenicists was when they changed their name to bioethicists, of course.  After World War II the Nazi party gave them a bad name so they had to change it to bioethics.  They first rolled it out to the public, the bioethicists, when they introduced Dolly the sheep.  Now, a Dolly in the parlance of Masonry and so on is Ďa carrier.í  You carry something on a dolly.  Benjamin Franklin talked about it when he belonged to the Hellfire Club in London.  A Dolly in his day was a woman who carried the right kind of genes and if you were awfully good for serving the Great Work you would be allowed to breed with her.  You didnít have to stay with her or live with her but you would be allowed to breed with her and you would have the offspring and that was part of your reward.  A carrier.  Thatís why they called Dolly the sheep Dolly; a carrier of a specific type of gene, a new type. 


They rolled out the bioethicists and it was the first time most of the general public outside of academia had heard of them.  They were instantly thereÖ instantly there, these experts on ethics and bioethics and that was all news to the general public of course.  Like everything else, we adapt to it very quickly, well, the bioethicists say this and it must be true, they are wise people and they have studied and so on.  Well, when it comes to human life, for instance, are you going to hand it all over to academia to decide the rights and wrongs of tampering with human life?  I certainly am not.  I wouldnít go there.  No.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about bioethicists and so on and how we are conned into believing they know something more about life itself, and should there be life and humans, and should there be so many humans and all thatÖ more then we do, you see.  Theyíve done courses in university about it so they obviously are much smarter and theyíve obviously come out of special wombs, different from those lowly births that we all came from, you see.  They are elevated into a special position but they are still EUGENICISTS; thatís what they actually are.  Their whole line is to find new ways of tampering with genes, etc, to make new types of humans that will serve them better in the future, on behalf of their masters after all, because those who have to work in this system are not the bosses.  They are still worker bees. 


We are conned left, right and center with the charade thatís presented as the news to us and by the experts they present on television to give us always the dialectical position, the pros and cons of things.  Itís even amazing to me, when I was a youngster I used to watch the occasional, the very occasional, political debate.  I knew it was all a con but what was interesting was when a Prime Minister or a President would come out and say his little spiel that he was reading off a dummy board written by a scriptwriter, and then you would have the experts that would come on afterwards to tell you what he said.  It was amazing the things that would come out of their mouths because you would never hear them saying anything of the kind.  Itís amazing how these experts could actually tell you what they really did say or they inferred or what they meant to say.  You would have two opposing views always, you see, the dialectic.  Then you would just give up or you pick one of the two as your favorite and you go with one or the other.  Thatís how things are run, very simple and very old techniques and they are getting better and better all the time at the techniques now that they have social psychology in there and coupled with behaviorism of how society reacts to different situations.  This is nothing but sciences that keep us going today. They humor us with them. 


A good example of that are the eugenicists that really want to drastically reduce the population and saw human kind as a plague upon the planet; you know, the lesser types at the bottom.  They need them when itís war time and stuff like that, when theyíve got empires to conquer, but we donít have much to do now with them because weíve got less and less empires to conquer.  Weíre now in the WORLD empire and the few little, little strongholds that are holding out are getting bombed out of existence and occupied and standardized into the new world system.  So now they have to start bringing down all the lesser worker bees, the majority of them, to bring in a new system, over a period of time of course.  Weíve got to be managed through it as well.  They prefer to have your compliance with whatever they want rather than have to force you.  They prefer that.  So did the historians too, so they can write the books the proper way.  Well, the public didnít mind, they went along with it, thatís how they write stuff, you see. 


They change their tactics too.  They have to have a great danger, a WAR type scenario to terrify the public.  Thatís when we stop thinking for ourselves; weíre in panic, you see, and out come the experts again to guide us.  So many of them can come out from different departments and hit us at the same time until we are punch-drunk and then they ram law after law after law through and we canít keep up with them and weíre not even sane enough to keep up with them because weíre in panic.  Thatís what itís all about. 


So the eugenicists are using, of course, what else?  Theyíre using the climate change nonsense.  Weíve always had climate change.  We go up and we do down, we go up and we go down; itís been a constant circleÖ always will be, always has been.  But theyíre using this gloom and doom scenario, gloom and doom to ram through all the global treaties, again, to bring down the populations, bring in rationing as well through food shortages, all this stuff.  And they can bring food shortages on because since World War II the governments across the Western world have been DESTROYING THE SMALL FARMER and only the big agri farm businesses that theyíve authorized, the 5 of them, the Big 5 they call them, to take over the entire supply of the worldís food.  They will also be in charge of the distribution eventually. 


Remember food is a weapon.  They use it for control purposes; without food you die.  Itís very simple isnít it?  Those who are in control of the production and the distribution are tyrants.  Thatís what Orwell said too, in any system where the government is hand-in-glove with those who have the means of distribution, the creation and distribution of food, then you are under a tyranny, when production is WITHHELD from the public.  That is a fact.  But itís all going to come down under warfare, a WAR to save us all from global warming.  Save us from ourselves, thatís what they say.  We are causing the problem and weíve got to save you at the same time, but, oh, here is the deal, there are too many of you, weíve got to sterilize an awful lot of you in the meantime and on and on it goes. 


They prattled on about the failure of the Copenhagen Treaty, which was an utter ruse because the government had already agreed before the meeting that they would go ahead independently and put it through regardless.  Now it comes out in the Guardian.co.ukÖ


Confidential document reveals Obama's hardline

US climate talk strategy

Document outlines key messages the Obama administration wants to convey in the run-up to UN climate talks in Mexico in November

(Alan:  Now, this is hardly what Iíd call a leak.  They donít make leaks unless they want it out there in preparation to prepare your minds.)

John Vidal in Bonn guardian.co.uk, Monday 12 April 2010


A document accidentally left (A: They donít leave documents around accidentally.) on a European hotel computer and passed to the Guardian reveals the US government's increasingly controversial strategy in the global UN climate talks.  (A:  Iíll go into this and what they plan, when I come back from this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I said before the break, this leaked memo you might say, to do with the US plans for climate change and how they are going to spearhead it and all the rest of it.  It was supposedly left somewhere and picked it up and sent off to the major newspaper and the Guardian was one of them.  What it says isÖ


Top of the list of objectives is to: "Reinforce the perception that the US is constructively engaged in UN negotiations in an effort to produce a global regime (A:  A global regime folks, thatís very important to remember terms like that.) to combat climate change." (A:  A regime is not something that you can go and negotiate with once itís in power.)  It also talks of "managing expectations" of the outcome of the Cancun meeting and bypassing traditional media outlets by using podcasts and "intimate meetings" with the chief US negotiator to disarm the US's harsher critics.  (A:  Which is generally the US citizenry.)


But the key phrase is in paragraph three where the author writes: "Create a clear understanding of the CA's [Copenhagen accord's] standing and the importance of operationalising ALL elements."  (A:  They want it all to get rammed through and on and on it goes.)


This is the clearest signal that the US will refuse to negotiate on separate elements of the controversial accord, but intends to push it through the UN process as a single "take it or leave it" text.


That means he wants to ram the whole text through, everything.  Remember too, that Obama wanted to lead it in the first place.  It doesnít matter who they put in front; theyíre all the same, as you well know.  Iím sure theyíve all had meetings to decide who would push it right through and the US being still a major player as far as taxpayer base goes - thatís about all, and the supplier of the military - that they will give it to Obama to rush it through.  He will read his lines, his script that is written for him by his scriptwriters.  Personally, I wish they would get rid of Presidents and Prime Ministers and we can just pay the scriptwriters, maybe give them Oscars and stuff for all the lovely rubbish that they feed to us. 


The Wise Up Journal, itís got an article up here.  Itís quite a good little exposť and a listing way of putting different meetings and so on and different statements put out by the big boys themselves on global governance and how they tie in sustainable development with it Ė thatís depopulation, folks, and sterilization Ė and promoting development cooperation Ė thatís basically when all the world together works with your tax money to develop whatever they want and bypass you.  Governance, as I said, is the making of policies where the public is left out in the cold as to whatís happening and we have no input regardless.  Even if we donít like it, there is no complaints department.  Thatís what global governance is.  They are not pussy-footing around anymore with us; they are going ahead and just RULING us like they used to do in the old tyrant days, the feudal systems.  Thatís what Carroll Quigley said, that this new system that they are bringing in and have worked on for 100 years, is really a new FEUDAL type system.  We are already there. 


Itís quite a good article.  It saysÖ


Earth Bureaucracy Ė An Educated Review Of Global Governance

Wise Up Journal / 18.03.2010 / By Gabriel OíHara


Crises are great for introducing and updating big ideas but Global Governance has been in the pike for a long time. In 2005 before the financial crisis the UN held a summit on the coming update to Global Governance (but the planning goes back much longer than this as weíll see):  (A:  And they list a lot of different world meetings that went on about global governance and the different parts of societal control that itís all about.  Itís well documented.  Iíll put the link onto my site at the end of the show and let you see it.)


Just to go back a little bit to tie in eugenicsÖ Everything is eugenics, folks.  If you canít get that, youíve had it.  We truly live in a class society.  Itís always been that way.  Even in the Soviet Union you had a class society.  You had your rulers and then your plebes down below them.  Nothing really changes and power is a very addictive thing.  Itís even more addictive to those who try to get power because they are already psychopaths.  Ordinary folk donít try and get power.   It only attracts the psychopathic class.  Once theyíre in theyíll do anything to stay in and then you end up with family dynasties.  Thatís just the history of the world.  This article is from FoxNews.


Obama's Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization as Population Growth Solutions

By Joseph Abrams  - FOXNews.com / January 13, 2009 Updated July 21, 2009


(A:  Remember this John Holdren, a very interesting character and an absolute proponent for eugenics, massive depopulation.  He also wanted forced sterilization right across the board on all the lesser peoples and on and on it went too.  He helped write a book in the 70s with Paul Ehrlich, another fanatic whose wife just happened to be a member of the Club of Rome and the Council on Foreign Relations.  But he is now in power, remember.  Heís right up there.  Look at whoís been put in now.   Do you think all the characters in EVERY country in the West, the people who were the radical communists the people thought at one time, have now been put into power across the world at the SAME time? Do you think thatís all a coincidence?  Why would they bring them ALL in NOW, at the same time?  All on board at the same time?  30 years ago the public were bright enough to scream if theyíd even thought of that or suggested it.  You canít have these kinds of characters, these fanatics, in government.  But now weíve all had 30 years of propaganda, too many people and so on, and itís no big deal to bring on someone who wants to kill a good part of the population by ANY mean possible, as long as itís done humanely.  Back to the articleÖ) 


President Obama's "science czar," John Holdren, once floated the idea (A:  It wasnít just once, he made a life career of it.) of forced abortions, "compulsory sterilization," and the creation of a "Planetary Regime" (A:  There is that TERM again, planetary REGIME I just mentioned from another article.  Thatís what they use at the top, planetary regimeÖ)  that would oversee human population levels and control all natural resources (A:  What do you think all this is about?  Öthis global warming?   Weíve got to control ALL natural resources too...)  as a means of protecting the planet -- controversial ideas his critics say should have been brought up in his Senate confirmation hearings.


Holdren, who has degrees from MIT and Stanford and headed a science policy program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for the past 13 years, won the unanimous approval of the Senate as the president's chief science adviser.


He was confirmed with little fanfare on March 19 as director of the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy, (A:  POLICY folks.) a 50-person directorate that advises the president on scientific affairs, focusing on energy independence and global warming(A:  Global warming is just a front for the eugenic takedown.)


But many of Holdren's radical ideas on population control were not brought up at his confirmation hearings; it appears that the senators who scrutinized him had no knowledge of the contents of a textbook he co-authored in 1977, "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment," a copy of which was obtained by FOXNews.com.  (A:  They were just completely ignorant, you know, all the senators, of his background.  HA, HA, HA.  Rubbish.  Rubbish.)


The 1,000-page course book, which was co-written with environmental (A:  Nutcase.) activists Paul and Anne Ehrlich, discusses and in one passage seems to advocate totalitarian measures to curb population growth, which it says could cause an environmental catastrophe.


The three authors summarize their guiding principle in a single sentence: "To provide a high quality of life for all, there must be fewer people."  (A:  By the way, thatís also the mandate of the United Nations Department of Population as well.  Itís said it over and over again because Ehrlich and Holdren and all these guys were always working along with the UN, for their masters, you see, the real masters.)


As first reported by FrontPage Magazine, Holdren and his co-authors spend a portion of the book discussing possible government programs that could be used to lower birth rates.


Those plans include forcing single women to abort their babies or put them up for adoption; implanting sterilizing capsules in people when they reach puberty; and (A:  Listen to thisÖ) spiking water reserves and staple foods with a chemical that would make people sterile.  (A:  Thatís already happened folks.  In case you really canítÖ For those that canít believe it, tough luck, you are gone, you are the way of the dodo bird already.)


To help achieve those goals, they formulate a "world government scheme" they call the Planetary Regime, which  would administer the world's resources and human growth, and they discuss the development of an "armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force" to which nations would surrender part of their sovereignty.  (A:  Just today I was reading an article from the EU, the European Union, and they are creating an army, literally, to oversee all the pollution and so on, the environment and ya-da, ya-da, ya-da, yaÖ a little army.  But thatís just coincidence how all that ties together with the same agenda isnít it?)


Holdren's office issued a statement to FOXNews.com denying that the ecologist has ever backed any of the measures discussed in his book, and suggested reading more recent works authored solely by Holdren for a view to his beliefs.  (A:  His recent works, by the way, I exposed last year, because I found them, and they were right on line with his previous beliefs.  They havenít changed at all.)


"Dr. Holdren has stated flatly that he does not now support and has never supported compulsory abortions, (A:  No, he just said that in a wild craze at one time.  Thatís all; you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.)   compulsory sterilization, or other coercive approaches to limiting population growth," the statement said. 


So itís on the cards and thatís why theyíre in and on board NOW.  Itís the same in Britain and all these other countries.  Theyíve got all the Optimum Population Trust fanatics on there; they call themselves ďthe rich, white manís club,Ē by the way, over in Britain just to confuse the public.  They like that kind of stuff.  Theyíre going ahead with it there too.  But yeah, they have been sterilizing the population.  Iíve read enough articles about it, I canít go over and do it all again.  Itís so boring; itís so longÖ and the agenda goes on.  They will use every con game in the book.  Itís amazing how environmentalism was combined completely with the eugenics movement to give a COVER, a REASON, a NECESSITY to bring down the population to fit the plan.  They will stop at nothing to do it. 


Just today I watched, as I usually do, the sky in the morning.  It will start off a nice pale blue.  In comes the planes and the spray goes on and then you have the white eggshell mush, no definable clouds left, and by the evening for sure youíve just got this overall eggshell cover, like a blanket being pulled over you with the visible trails, the last trails left there dissipating into them.  Then your throat starts getting raspy and all the rest of it.  Weíve been getting that now STRAIGHT since 1998 in Canada, in Ontario anyway.  They tested this stuff as far back as the 1950s to see if it worked.  Over Britain, and I remember it happening too.  When I was a youngster they were doing it right through into the 60s on certain places.  Scotland was a favorite place because we are always a second-class citizen; youíre a colony, you see.  They were using it, too, in Norwich; they were spraying stuff over Norwich area, including cadmium.  Iíve actually read the official documents about that. 


There are a lot of people, youíve got to understand, who canít believe this stuff.  It doesnít matter what you give to them.  Even the scientists have done studies on these people, very interesting studies on them and how they behave and what they will believe and what they will never believe, regardless of the information thatís put across to them, according to their degree of indoctrination into the system, the fake reality thatís authorized.  The more they are indoctrinated, the lessÖ they wonít be able to look at documentation.  Even if you present it to them, they will completely ignore it and call you crazy.  Thatís understood at the top.  Perfect indoctrination, you see.


You know, with the GM food too, thatís another war.  How do you attack people?  In ancient times they would cut off your water supply or poison it, if you were held up in a city and you were being attacked from outside.  The outsiders would cut off your water supply and then theyíd try and cut off your food supply, so you lived on the food that you had inside.  Sometimes they would allow traders to go in with food but they had already poisoned it.  All these tricks were used WAY back yonder.  Today itís much more subtle.  Like Holdren said, you just put stuff in their water supply or in their food and you sterilize them.  You just keep your mouth shut, thatís all.  You keep your mouth shut.  The big boys who control all grants, all grants to scientists will never fund them into a study to find out why folk are becoming sterile.  Thatís how simple it is. 


Now you have massive allergies amongst the population now that Monsanto and the big boys are all into GMO foods and MASSIVE, terribly carcinogenic pesticides, which also sterilize you as well.  When you become allergic to food or water, when the human being becomes allergic to food or waterÖ  Now, weíve already become allergic to everything else, since the 1960s, since our immune systems were totally attacked by inoculations.  But now the human species, meaning the lesser types who donít have access to the non-GMO food grown on the big feudal farms that still exist across the planet today, when you become allergic to your food you are in big trouble.  There is no crisis, mind you.  You see it should be a crisisÖ but itís no crisis.  Like the average white male in the Western world is down about 80-odd percent below in sperm count of what it used to be in 1952.  But itís no crisis there.  Because why?  Well, no one has put money into see whatís wrong or anything or call it a crisis.  Naturally is should be a crisis.  Itís because itís INTENTIONAL; thatís why itís no crisis.  Thatís why there is no curiosityÖ and massive allergies to everything.  Hereís an article from agri business in general and itís called National Rural News. 


Fruit and vegies new allergy fear

STEPHEN CAUCHI / 19 Apr, 2009 / theland.farmonline.com.au


A RAPID increase in fruit and vegetable allergies affecting British children has medical specialists baffled.  (A:  I read this before but itís got update on it too.  If you scour the internet youíll find this happening not just in Britain anymore.  They try things out in different countries first to see if it works and then they poison the rest of the world.)


Common vegetables and fruits, such as celery, apples and pears, are now rivalling peanuts as the most prevalent cause of food-related allergies.


Australian experts say fruit and vegetable allergies are on the rise here, (A:  In Australia as well.) but the problem is not as bad as it is in Britain.  (A:  Iíd add, YET.)


There has been an increase in adverse reactions to bananas and kiwi fruits, (A:  By the way, bananas were one of the first things they modified, so was the potato and other things.  But bananas for sure because 15 years ago they were talking about they had already modified GMO bananas. They were even thinking of making them to produce their own serums in it, for vaccinations, IN it.) but peanuts and tree nuts remain the most common triggers for severe allergic attacks in Australia, according to Maria Said, president of Anaphylaxis Australia.


"We do see fruit and vegetable allergy Ö we certainly have people who are allergic to celery and the pepper family Ö but the major allergies in Australia remain peanuts, tree nuts, milk and egg, fish and shellfish, soy, sesame and wheat," she said.  (A:  All those stuffs have been modified.  I donít know about the shellfish.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just finishing an article on allergies and it talks about the youngsters mainly are more prone to this, the new, I call it the NEW youngsters, the ones who have had more inoculations than anybody else and how this is becoming epidemic proportions and skyrocketing and so on.  When you become allergic to food, you are in big trouble.


There is Kevin from Ontario on the phone.  Are you there Kevin?


Kevin:  Yeah, Iím here.  Hello there.  It sure seems like these globalists are finishing off their agenda now doesnít it? 


Alan:  They are.


Kevin:  Yep.  Just like you said in Fall of the Republic, these guys, theyíve got their infrastructure set up.  They got the World Bank set up.  World this and world that.  There is classic double speak going on in the media and you hear people are starting to repeat the double think and double speak everywhere.  I donít know, is it Orwellís worst nightmare or is it his greatest dream?  Iím not quite sure on that one Alan.


Alan:  Orwell was in touch with Aldous Huxley.  They wrote and actually shared ideas on what they foresaw as the Brave New World scenario.  They both belonged to the upper crust.  Huxley was well in with the big international meetings of his day and of the intelligentsia.  He knew the agenda.  His brother Julian was on the board of UNESCO.  He was descended from the Darwin family.  They agreed eventually that probably would be the type of system that would come in eventually, AFTER the Big Brother of Orwell.  So Orwellís big boot, authoritarian society would have to start first to terrify us into compliance and out of that would come the Huxlian, chipped, cloned Brave New World scenario.  So thatís what they both knew.  I know that Orwell tried to warn the world too.  He also knew that it was almost impossible because of the incredible indoctrination and sciences used on the minds of the general public.  He knew that, so did Aldous Huxley. 


Kevin:  Even at that time, when the radio was already 20 years in the making, peopleís attention span was already being, their psychology was already being affected by the mainstream media then. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  In fact, Aldous Huxley is up on interviews with Mike Wallace, an old three part series from the 50s, and he said it was quite easy now for a small group of men to use techniques across the whole world and put their own people into office.  Even then in the 50s he says, we donít vote Presidents in, in the United States.  He said, we vote in CREATED PERSONALITIES created by marketers.  And thatís true. 


Kevin:  And by the time Griffin came about and Myron Fagan in the 1960s, when they started coming out and trying to warn people about this, when Eisenhower tried the warning about the Military-Industrial Complex, it was already too late.  The people, most of the masses were already under this mass hallucination of the mainstream.


Alan:  Yes.  Plus what they had too, what really helped that along was the scientific SCHOOL INDOCTRINATION put out through UNESCO across ALL the signatory countries.  That really got it going. Bertrand Russell did it in experimental schooling to see if it could work in the 1920s and he said, if we can get the children young enough, the children will take NONE of their parents CONTAMINATED morality and old-fashioned ideas with them because the scientific indoctrination from Kindergarten had proven already to override any parental input; the state would give them their new morality.  So youíre quite right.  Thatís happened. 


Kevin:  Yep.  Take care. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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