April 15, 2010 (#556)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 15, 2010:

No Crying, No Sorrow, Healthy or Lame,
Peace in the Valley, When Chipped in the Brain:

"Rapid Changes in Reality, The Future's Mapped,
The Social Scientists Know People Adapt,
No Need to Beat Them, Threatened -- Not Slapped,
Public Want Ultimate, Cutting-Edge Mousetrap,
Yes, Every Mousetrap Does Step by Step Train
Whole Populations Toward Chip in the Brain,
Not Content to Be Thinking Sentient Being,
Zombie Crowds will Just Stare, In Heads Seeing
Whatever Their Masters Transmit for Collective,
Scanning, Altering Pathways to P.C. Corrective,
Seeing Colourful Distortion-like View Through Prism,
Peace in Unknowing, the Ultimate Prison"
© Alan Watt April 15, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 15, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 15, 2010.  For the newcomers out there, you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com  web site.  You’ll find hundreds of talks I’ve given in the past which you can download for free.  While you’re at it, on the front page, go into the alternate sites I have up there.  These are the official sites and bookmark them for future use.  It’s a good idea because sometimes the .com site gets jammed.  Too many folk go into it at one time to download or else I can’t upload because they don’t increase my unlimited disk space as they’re supposed to.  This way you can always get the latest shows for free if you have these sites listed.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I don’t accept the cash from foundations, organization, advertisers or whatever else out there to sell products.  That’s why I don’t bring guests on too; most guests are there to give you their view of the world, it scares you and then they sell their product at the end, and you feel kind of compromised.  However, that’s what business is all about and the Patriot business is a business too.  It needs money to keep going.  The ads you hear on this show are paid directly by the advertisers to RBN for the air time and for their staff, equipment, board ops and their bills, maintenance and the transmission of the show.  It’s a very expensive business.  So it’s up to you to keep ME going and you can do so by going into my web sites, seeing the books, CDs and DVDs I have for sale and purchase them or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them to play on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


I generally talk about the big cons that go on to try to show you that the world is run by cons.  It always has been.  There were less cons in the ancient times because they simply set armies upon the people, with big swords, and they would slaughter a bunch of you to keep the rest of you in line and whatever message the King wanted to get across was generally gotten across without too much problem.  That kept the public paying whatever they had to pay to the upward mobility brackets through their Lords and bigger Lords and overlords to the King.   That’s how things worked and nothing has really changed today except they call it democracy and we go along with it because we believe in it.  It’s important that the people believe it in, not so much the ones who rule it.  It’s like money, we’ve got to believe in money, that it works, and you can buy that bar of chocolate for your dollar – I don’t know how much it costs these days but it used to be less than a dollar – and as long as you believe in it, you can always get what you want.  The big boys want you to believe in things like that.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the system that runs the world.  It’s conology, as I like to say.  Conology, it’s important to make everyone believe in it and that way it works.  We all think and discuss and even argue about the different parts of it, like left and right parties and so on like that.  We tend to believe in it; most folk do.  It’s only important that we DO that to make it work and function.  At the top they are all one big bunch; they are all one big party really.  They all join the one party.  They keep the game going on behalf of the masters, the ones who put them in, the ones with more bucks than they have themselves. 


They set the world stage as to eras, what kind of ERA we are going to go into now.  We are post the Cold War era.  During the Cold War era, in the US and Canada and Britain and elsewhere, those who were in the upper houses of government – that’s generally called a senate or a House of Lords – were the first ones to get whiffs of upcoming contracts, possibly, that they could push through and Parliaments would have to approve them for missiles and anti-defense missiles and anti-missile missiles and etc, an endless variety of missiles.  It was big, big dollars and they all had shares in them.  Some of them were even on the boards of directors with these big corporations, the Military-Industrial Complex.  They knew that in a post-war world they would have to change their tactics, because they still wanted to ride high on the public expense for stuff that was basically useless and would never be used. 


They came up with other ideas and they tossed about security.  Well, terrorism could be made to be the big ploy of the future especially because we’ve got to invade a few countries in the Middle East down the road in a few years time.  This was discussed back in the early 90s with Maggie Thatcher; she talked about the next war being on fundamentalist countries and fundamental religions starting with the Middle East.  So it was all planned and they knew where they were going, but even that wasn’t enough.  They thought, well, what about security cameras and equipment what a massive boom there would be in security.  So they went into organizing that and setting up companies and getting shares in other companies to make sure they still had a massive income coming in and the public always buy them.  That’s the beauty of it.  You can have the company and you are in the government and you get the government to buy your product.  It’s not bad.


If you could make something like, say, rubber boots for the weather and guarantee that the government would mandate that everybody must buy your rubber boots, what a great business it would be.  Well, that’s basically how it is, in reality.  They thought, too, well, maybe that’s not enough, there is a lot of money in security but eventually we’ll all have cameras everywhere.  Well, we can have Mark 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cameras; new gadgets, new gizmos.  We could put them all in at once but that would be one sale only so we’ll give them a zoom lens first of all, then we’ll add audio to the cameras, then we’ll add infrared to the cameras, then etc, etc.  You see.  So they have all these different models to dish out in piecemeal, like they dish out computers to us, Mark so-and-so and Windows number so-and-so; where they could have given you the end product at the beginning if they really wanted to. 


They also said, well, this global warming thing could really work wonders.  At first they were going to put all their money into global cooling because in the 1920s, if you look at the old National Geographic at the time, they said at the time… they started off actually with global warming and there was a big crisis because the arctic was just disappearing; that was happening, the land was being seen for the first time.  Really it was the first time because not many people hung around up there to see what was going on; that’s really what it was.  They were sending in all these exploring ships around for different passages and routes through.  So they noticed it was disappearing and it was suddenly, SUDDENLY, well, this must be the first time this has ever happened.  Then around the 30s, lo and behold, it was covered in ice, again, and there was a coming ice age.  So they pushed the coming ice age deal for a while thinking how that would affect the climate.  They went into all the possibilities of owning the food supply and so on and all that kind of stuff, always to keep power and control over the public. 


They wrote books about the coming ice age.  I read the articles from mainstream newspapers of their day on the air.  Paul Ehrlich and all these guys were all involved in it because they are really the prostitutes for the agenda.  They are really eugenicists; they don’t like the general population terribly much at all.  Then they chose, of course, global warming because the cooling phase was time to be over.  We go through these phases every 30-40 years or whatever and with the sun cycles and all that.  Now they thought, well, now that the missiles are gone, yeah, we’ve got security up, we’ve got anti-terrorism going, what can we use next to get lots of money coming in?  We’ll go for the global warming


They’ll all have shares, I guarantee you, in the big companies that are into mining, and believe you me, when you go into the mining business it’s quite something to see who owns what, and the directors.  It’s fascinating.  Especially aluminum oxide and the bariums and all the very, very metals, the exact same metals that all the patents that are up there since the 1950s to do with this kind of thing, if they ever wanted to spray in the future.  You’ll find all the big names there.  So now it’s in the House of Lords or Senates, etc.   They’ve all got shares and chairs on the boards of the big companies.  They are already making a fortune out of carbon credits and ADVISING other companies on investing in carbon. 


Well, here is one that was exposed recently and it’s from The Observer.  It says…


Carbon credit documentary should not have been shown, BBC admits

(Alan:  It showed a particular documentary.)

Corporation acts on Observer investigation into secretive trust linked to socialite Robin Birley (A:  He’s a big socialite, a big rich guy.) that funded film on his carbon credits firm, Envirotrade

Mark Olden and Michael Gillard / guardian.co.uk - The Observer, Sunday 11 April 2010


The BBC has ruled that a sympathetic documentary about the 'philanthropy capitalism'  (A:  You know, they’re all philanthropists at the top.) of socialite Robin Birley should not have been shown.


A BBC documentary about socialite Robin Birley and his carbon credits business venture in Africa should never have been broadcast, an internal inquiry by the corporation has found. Millions of viewers were misled because the sympathetic documentary shown on BBC World News failed to declare that it was financed by a secretive trust (A:  A secretive trust.) that was linked to Birley.  (A:  He owned it, you see.)


The BBC acted in response to an Observer investigation into Birley's "philanthropy capitalism" venture in Mozambique. Taxpayers' money was used (A:  See, they always use the taxpayers’ money for their own business.  It’s a beautiful deal, this, isn’t it, this new freedom, this new post-democratic system?) to subsidise poor farmers there to protect forests and plant trees that absorb carbon dioxide. Envirotrade, Birley's company, then sells "carbon credits" to celebrities and businesses wanting to offset their emissions. Customers who used Birley's venture to offset emissions included the agency that handles Brad Pitt and George Clooney.


Rockhopper TV, the production company that made the documentary, knew but did not disclose to BBC executives, of links between Envirotrade and the Africa Carbon Livelihood Trust, which funded the making of the documentary. Had it done so, Taking The Credit, the documentary, would never have been shown, the BBC ruled, although it also claimed the programme was balanced.  (A:  Yeah, right.)


Birley set up and funded the Mauritius-based trust but would not say who its other donors are or how much Rockhopper was paid to make the programme. Envirotrade saw it as a "marketing" opportunity.  (A:  Well, oh, it was probably just a mistake; he just forgot to tell them.  These wealthy elite socialites, you see, who are philanthropists are SO altruistic.  They’ve all have got our best interests at heart as they rake in your cash.)


Then we have the investigation into all the leaked emails and all the faked documents put out by the group that was sending all their data to the IPCC, the must-be hardened group that didn’t believe in what they were doing; they were dedicated fanatics actually.  It was a must-be to get all this stuff believed by the general public and it still is.  If God himself came back in all his glory, they’d have to nuke him.  They’d send up missiles to nuke him.  Nothing is going to stand in the ways of this agenda.  It’s to control the entire planet and everybody on it folks.  This is from the New York Times…


More ClimateGate Complications

freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com / March 26, 2010


The ClimateGate plot thickens.  Lord Oxburgh,  a member of the House of Lords (A:  That’s like the British senate only he’s a hereditary peer.) who was appointed “to chair a scientific assessment panel that will (A:  They’ve done it already.) examine the published science of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia,” (A:  The one that is at the center.  But they found, the other ones in the States and the ones in Australia were ALL in on the scams; they were lying through their teeth as well.   Anyway, they are concentrating on this one.  So they found that the guy who is investigating them…) has links to businesses that would benefit financially from low-carbon technology: (A:  Who is this guy anyway?  He was the chairman of the Royal Society, number one.  The Royal Society, they VOTE to get people on board with consensus, like all these groups do.  In other words, they are told to put their personal belief aside, this is a mandate, all in favor, aye, and they drunkenly put their hands up and that’s going to be the mandate.  So they sent this guy, who came from a society that’s already put all their backing behind the belief in global warming, this independent inquirer, number one.  But it says here that he has “links to businesses that would benefit financially from low-carbon technology”.  They’ve got links here to the businesses and you can check them up for yourself.  There is the music coming in and I’ll continue with this to show you how corrupt all these guys are.  It’s always been this way folks.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  On to Lord Oxburgh who is the INDEPENDENT inquirer, heading the commission into the leaked emails and the shenanigans at the University of East Anglia and others of course; he vindicated them.  Oh, they did all their jobs perfectly well, he said.  Well, what do you expect from a guy who’s on the take because that’s what it is folks.  They are all in it together.  They’ve got too much to make out of this; whole careers for some of the scientists.  Oxburgh himself has made money, I’m sure, on previous shenanigans before.  As I say, the House of Lords are the first ones to get a sniff of what’s coming up.  He was also the head of the Royal Society as well, at one point.  He was also a head, I think, of Shell Oil or something as well; different things like that, little things like that.  It says here that…


he is chairman of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (A:  BIG company.) and the wind energy company Falck Renewables. (A:  Interesting, that Falck Renewables.  They are into different things including making these awful windmills that cost the taxpayers more than they will ever produce.  I think Mr Cameron who is running for the conservatives, his father I think it was, just happened to get a sniff too somehow.  They always get sniffs from some sources within government or am I being crazy?  Anyway, he eventually got a bunch of them put on ONE of his estates; he’s got a few estates, for grouse shooting, you know, they pop along there in their Plus Fours and they shoot the occasional grouse which grouse-beaters beat up to make them fly for them, and stuff like that.  So he’s bringing in a couple of million on one of his estates and they are just going to put 2 or 3 up on another estate, so he will have a few million pounds of the British tax money to tide him over.  That’s per year, I think, for the privilege of having these on his land, for Mr Cameron.  That’s just how it really is at the top.) Trevor Davies, the University of East Anglia’s pro-vice-chancellor for research, said the university was aware of Lord Oxburgh’s connections but believed he would act “in an utterly objective way.”  (A: [Alan speaking with an upper class British accent.]  Of course he would because he’s above, above reproach, you know.  That’s how it is out there.  It’s unthinkable.  That’s the kind of stuff they try to silence you with.  That’s unthinkable, that a man of that reputation would…  That’s how it really works folks and it’s always worked that way.)


From the Royal Society’s web site…


Royal Society panel announced

Mar 22, 2010 / squarespace.com



The Royal Society panel that is going (A:  It has done it already.) to examine the scientific aspects of the Climategate affair has been announced. This is the press release from UEA (via a reader - it doesn't appear on the UEA website at the moment).


Lord Oxburgh FRS, a former chair of the Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology, is to chair an independent Scientific Assessment Panel to examine important elements of the published science of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia.


His appointment has been made on the recommendation of the Royal Society, (A:  They guys who have said, we’re all behind this idea of global warming, this very independent inquiry.) 


Here is what he decided, this impartial character.  It says,


'No malpractice' by climate unit

(A:  Well, my, my, I guess he really thought long and hard about it.)

There was no scientific malpractice at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, which was at the centre of the "Climategate" affair.

bbc.co.uk / 14 April 2010


This is according to an independent panel chaired by Lord Oxburgh, which was convened to examine the research published by the unit.   (A:  And ya-da, ya-da, ya-da, ya… so it’s exonerated by a man who is above, above suspicion.  He’s above suspicion, the man who’s got his fingers in every pie to do with the profits from the carbon stuff and all that.)


To me this is old stuff.  I grew up in Britain watching this kind of stuff when they were doing the same things with the Cold War and Lockheed and all the rest of it and missiles and oh, that’s obsolete, it’s a month old, we need a new one.  Oh, the Russians have got a new one, it’s faster; we’ve got to, we need another $10 billion for this one and on it went.  These guys were all raking in the cash, all these Lords.  That’s reality.  That’s the reality of it all.  Another one is…


Climate Change Capital

From SourceWatch / sourcewatch.org


Climate Change Capital "is a leading investment banking group specialising in the commercial opportunities created by the low carbon economy. (A:  This is their own web site.)  It advises and invests in companies who recognise that combating global warming is both a necessity and an economic opportunity. (A:  Then it goes on about investing and advising people across the planet.)  Its activities, which also include investment management and financing emission reductions, aim to make the world's environment cleaner while delivering attractive financial returns.


(A:  They also call themselves…) "CCC has advised and raised capital for numerous low carbon projects.


(A:  But then you go down there and you see who the directors are, very interesting names, Mr Cameron is in there.  Anyway, it’s got an advisory board as well and you pop down through there and who is on it? Well, Lord Ronald Oxburgh again.  My, the man pops up everywhere but that’s just coincidence:  He’s there, I’m sure, like a priest would be at a meeting, you know, as an IMPARTIAL observer.  Ha, ah, ha.  [Alan laughing.]  But there you go.)


Advisory Board - Accessed December 2007:


James Cameron, Vice Chairman.

John Ashton

Nick Baldwin

Brad Gentry

Matthew Kiernan

Ramon de Miguel

Margaret Mogford

Michael Northrop

Lord Ronald Oxburgh

Walt Patterson

John Roberts

Joseph A. Stanislaw

Lord Adair Turner


Mind you, Al Gore used the same excuse.  He’s rolling in the billions now in carbon credits since he was the guy that went ahead and started the first company.  He said, I believe in investing in things which I believe in.  That was his answer to it, but that’s how it goes. 


Then in The Register too,


Oops: Chief Climategate investigator failed to declare eco directorship

By Andrew Orlowski / theregister.co.uk / Posted in Environment, 24th March 2010


Here is the music coming in so I'll be back with more after this break.


I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve talked before about how we are managed so easily by those who understand the sciences.  We’ve been trained already, mind you; it’s almost like pre-training, conditioned to be upgraded all the time via the media and via ads and entertainment that put out the ideas IN to your mind and everything becomes normal.  Absurd things eventually become normal because you’ve heard or seen it in fiction or even comedy which is a great way of getting things across.  It’s familiar to you, so if it’s familiar to you, you go along with it.  You watch the progression, or what we are told is a progression, of microchipping technology and how wonderful it’s becoming and all that kind of stuff.  In actuality, they had this about 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. 


As I say, same with the computers; they could have dished out the last version before The Cloud - as they are going to do shortly - a long time ago but they give you it in bits and pieces and make you buy, buy, buy.  Like the internet, they give you much more options; more personal freedom but they are really monitoring you from the beginning without your permission, but they didn’t tell you that.  They make you feel you were in charge of your own security.  They called it a PERSONAL computer.  Personal, you see; it’s yours, it’s mine.  If they made you buy one so they could monitor you, you’d be a bit suspicious.  But if you buy the one yourself, then it’s mine, it’s my PERSONAL computer; all that data is mine.  Simple psychology. 


What you do with animals, or people, is you familiarize them LITTLE BY LITTLE until they adapt.  Remember what Skinner said, if you want to alter the behavior of people, you simply introduce things into their environment that were not there before and the people ADAPT to them, as they’ve adapted to all the cameras, as they’ve adapted to the cops in the subways and getting patted down, as they adapt to all the things in the airports.  It’s the same thing with their technology.  We will sell our souls for what we THINK is convenience.  Whether it’s not getting up to turn a light switch down or off or whatever, and clapping your hands, to having a chip in you like Mr Warwick that advocates we all get chipped so’s we can turn the lights off - wow, eh - or open doors before we arrive at them and all that kind of stuff.  He doesn’t talk about the servos that they’d need and all the money to make these things happen.


Here is an article from Popular Science of course, a great mouthpiece of the big boys. 


Intel Wants Brain Implants in Its Customers' Heads by 2020 (A:  Believe you me, it’s already here in certain areas; they’ve used it with paraplegics a few years ago.  DARPA, those wonderful guys that want to help… their real main job is actually to help quadriplegics.  They really feel sorry for them.  Well, that’s who they were using as experiments, of course.  They found they could have these subjects send emails all by thinking about them with the chips implanted in their brains.  So this stuff is getting you ready for it but it’s actually going to be a lot quicker than it’s telling you.  They don’t want to scare you too much.)

Researchers expect brain waves to operate computers, TVs and cell phones

By Jeremy Hsu / popsci.com / Posted 11.20.2009


If the idea of turning consumers into true cyborgs sounds creepy, don't tell Intel researchers. Intel's Pittsburgh lab aims to develop brain implants that can control all sorts of gadgets directly via brain waves by 2020.


The scientists anticipate that consumers will adapt quickly to the idea, (A:  They will too.  They have adapted to everything else they’ve been given.) and indeed crave the freedom of not requiring a keyboard, mouse, or remote control for surfing the Web or changing channels. They also predict that people will tire of multi-touch devices such as our precious iPhones, Android smart phones and even Microsoft's wacky Surface Table.


Turning brain waves into real-world tech action still requires some heavy decoding of brain activity. The Intel team has already made use of fMRI brain scans to match brain patterns with similar thoughts across many test subjects.


Plenty of other researchers have also tinkered in this area. Toyota recently demoed a wheelchair controlled with brainwaves, and University of Utah researchers have created a wireless brain transmitter that allows monkeys to control robotic arms.  (A:  They were doing that for the military even long before that, using monkeys as well as test subjects.)


There are still more implications to creating a seamless brain interface, besides having more cyborgs running around. If scientists can translate brain waves into specific actions, there's no reason they could not create a virtual world with a full spectrum of activity tied to those brain waves. That's right -- we're seeing Matrix creep.


As I said years ago, they could put you on a farm shoveling dung out of the barn and meanwhile in your head you are living a lovely dream that you are moonraker, you are James Bond, you are out somewhere else doing amazing things and you’ll be quite happy with that.  Quite happy indeed.  And people will rush for it.  Remember what Rockefeller said, the people will come to them with perfect docility.  Why do think they make these statements at their big world meetings?  They understand the average person absolutely, 100%.  And the peer pressure that goes along with it too.  And the fact that people are getting trained… See, the more they yap on their cell phones and they are texting each other and they can’t walk around and think for themselves, they cannot live with themselves in silence.  It becomes creepy for them to have a thought running through their head that was actually theirs.  They are used to noise and having music banging away there or someone else’s voice in there.  Wherever they are, with those things stuck in their ear, they just can’t do without it and now it terrifies them to be literally on their own for 5 minutes.  So yeah, they will go for the brain chip.


This article is from Wired. 


Homeland Security Wants Cellphones to Sniff for Bio Agents

By Katie Drummond  April 12, 2010 / wired.com


(A:  This is for you, actually, you see.)

Your cellphone can already tell you where to find the nearest Starbucks or the most convenient subway station. (A:  That means you don’t need you’re brain at all; you may as well get the chip.)  But it might soon be smart enough to alert you to a toxic threat during your morning commute or coffee break, thanks to a new plan from the Department of Homeland Security.  (A:  I love the way they present these little things to the public.)


The last time we heard about cellphones and terrorism, it was an appeal from the NYPD to shut off cell communication during an attack. Now, Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate want to use cellphones to detect the very threats that might be coordinated using wireless chit-chat. Their new program, called Cell-All, would embed inexpensive, chemical-sniffing microchips into cellular telephones. If a dangerous level of air-based toxin is detected, the phone would issue a warning ring (or vibration) to alert the owner (A:  and listen to this…  listen to this folks.  This is for your phones coming up…)  and send a message to a centralized military monitoring station(A:  Can you imagine coming out of the dry cleaner and you drape the thing over your arm and then you go and phone someone, and this thing is alerting the military and the next thing you’re carried off or shot by a SWAT team… because they picked up the chemicals off the clothing.  A whole bunch of things are going to happen here, you can just tell it.  But it won’t stop the schmucks from buying it.  Can’t do without it, eh?)


And, since the vast majority of Americans carry cellphones wherever they go, the program would use aggregated reports of toxin detection within a small area. If hundreds of cellphones in one location start flooding the alert system, the military knows they’ve got a serious threat to contend with. (A:  That’s a bunch of guys in a little place using matches to light cigarettes… you know, the sulfur off the matches, and ptshhh.  Raided.  They’ll get machine guns; they’ll be riddled to death before they know it.  Did you think that smoking was such a threat to anybody?  You soon will.)  Detection, transmission and analysis would take around 60 seconds, according to a press release from the Directorate(A:  I love how they… that’s what we’ve got now, we’ve got DIRECTORATES.  THE Directorate… OBEY.)


Given that terrorist attacks are usually launched in highly populated areas — subways, malls, office buildings — the idea of crowdsourcing the detection of toxic terror threats makes a lot of sense, and using a built-in cellphone app would give the military the ability to detect threats in every corner of the country.  (A:  See, they are watching you.  They are watching you, they are listening to you, because they can activate them and listen, even when it’s off, and now they can sniff you.  [Alan laughing.]  Dear, dear, dear.  That was in the movie Brazil, by the way.  Everything that happens was in that comedy… because those guys knew what was coming up.  They knew.  They all went to Oxford University and talked to the best brains.  They knew what was all planned for the future.  They go into the Department of Information Retrieval and this robot comes up with these sniffers.  They photograph you from all angles and sniff you.)


“Privacy is as important as technology,” Stephen Dennis said. “After all, for Cell-All to succeed, people must be comfortable enough to turn it on in the first place.”  (A:  Don’t worry about it son, they’ll do it; they will do it, son.)


That’s good news for privacy zealots and conspiracy theorists, (A:  You know, those crazy, wacky people.) but bad news for the program’s potential effectiveness, given that crowdsourced intelligence depends on knowing that there’s a crowd to be sourced in the first place.


The Directorate is already in research-and-development talks with Apple, IG, Qualcomm and Samsung, and anticipate having 40 different cellphone prototypes within a year.  (A:  And that will be the norm.)


Yep.  And you’ll buy your chains.  Buy them.  I think what it will do, we’ll get used to the cops raiding us all the time - maybe that’s part of the whole idea – and you’ve been using some paint cleaner or something like that, you are using some ammonia to get some gum or goo off something, whatever it happens to be, and IN they come and it becomes a common occurrence.  They’ll have a nickname term for it, when you see your neighbors getting raided and they’ll say it was a mal-raid or something like that… and we’ll get used to it. 


You’ll never understand the genetically modified crops unless you look at population control and you read the articles put out by the big bioethics committees.  I’ve got some here and I’m going to put this up on my site tonight, from their own site in fact, from the bioethics committee. 




They start off with the history of Eugenics, which they ALL completely believe in and the need to cull off different kinds of people.  They’ve got different quotes up there from some of their best eugenicists on the need to do so.  It’s well worth reading.  You’ve got to understand that this is all part of the theory of evolution, as taught through ALL branches of science today as a religion.  Therefore, people like Julian Huxley and others are hailed as heroes and they were part of depopulation agendas and abortion organizations and so on, until it becomes common and it’s become common already.  Huxley and others talked about the need to really kill down all the useless type eaters, the ones who did not come up to par, their par, their standards.  They also talked about the obsolete man who had not evolved up to that level.  Apparently the only ones who have evolved are the ones with lots of letters behind their names who sit in committees lording over us.  So eventually when they get rid of all of us, I guess they will have no one to lord over.  They will have to create clones and boss them around or something.  I don’t know.  I’m sure something is in the works.  But that’s really how they judge superior and inferior types. 


Remember, Julian Huxley said we’ve got to stop people thinking just about stopping life – that was abortion and sterilization which he was all for, like Paul Ehrlich and Mr John Holdren, who is the science czar for the United States.  They also talked about the need to start thinking about increasing the death rate… of living people.  Increasing the death rate.  Well, we are seeing it NOW.  Everybody is dying with cancer; it’s now called normal in medical schools, as they churn them out with the new normal.  That’s all because of your inoculations and your food, both of which were mentioned by Julian Huxley and Bertrand Russell and many others actually, and again, Paul Ehrlich and Holdren. 


This is from the Mail Online. 


Fears grow as study shows genetically modified crops

 'can cause liver and kidney damage'

By David Derbyshire / dailymail.co.uk / 21st January 2010


(A:  This is another one that’s out.  From the very beginning they were killing people.  They even killed all the test animals too.  What can you do?  It was a MANDATED thing BY the governments, held in secret agreements by governments and Monsanto and others.  Canada was the test guinea pig for the human variety for 10 years before somebody in Britain blew the whistle that that was so.  Then the government came out for damage control.) 


Fresh fears were raised over GM crops yesterday after a study showed they can cause liver and kidney damage.


According to the research, animals fed on three strains of genetically modified maize created by the U.S. biotech firm Monsanto suffered signs of organ damage after just three months. (A:  3  months….) 


The findings only came to light after Monsanto was forced to publish its raw data on safety tests by anti-GM campaigners.


They add to the evidence that GM crops may damage health as well as be harmful to the environment.


The figures released by Monsanto were examined by French researcher Dr Gilles-Eric Seralini, from the University of Caen.


Yesterday he called for more studies to check for long-term organ damage.


'What we've shown is clearly not proof of toxicity, (A:  I’d say it’s a good bit of proof.)  but signs of toxicity,' he told New Scientist magazine. 'I'm sure there's no acute toxicity but who's to say there are no chronic effects?' (A: … long term effects.)


The experiments were carried out by Monsanto researchers on three strains of GM maize. Two of the varieties contained genes for the Bt protein which protects the plant against the corn borer pest, while a third was genetically modified to be resistant to the weedkiller glyphosate. All three strains are widely grown in America, while one is the only GM crop grown in Europe, mostly in Spain.


Monsanto only released the raw data after a legal challenge from Greenpeace, the Swedish Board of Agriculture and French anti- GM campaigners.


Dr Seralini concluded that rats which ate the GM maize had ' statistically significant' signs of liver and kidney damage. Each strain was linked to unusual concentrations of hormones in the blood and urine of rats fed the maize for three months, compared to rats given a non-GM diet.


The higher hormone levels suggest that animals' livers and kidneys are not working properly.


Female rats fed one of the strains also had higher blood sugar levels and raised levels of fatty substances caused triglycerides, Dr Seralini reported in the International Journal of Microbiology.


The analysis concluded: 'These substances have never before been an integral part of the human or animal diet (A:  Never been there before…) and therefore their health consequences for those who consume them, especially over long time periods are currently unknown.'


Monsanto claimed the analysis of its data was 'based on faulty analytical methods and reasoning, and does not call into question the safety findings for these products'.


Mandated by our governments though.  Doesn’t that make you wonder?  I’ve read the articles here before where one of the main bases for Monsanto in the States, they got in a catering company for all their staff and they were mandated NOT to bring in any GM food and feed it to the staff; it was NON-GM only.  They won’t eat the stuff themselves because they KNOW what it does.  I read that on the air too.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ll also put up the American Bioethics Advisory Commission link for their web site at the end of the show.  Go into the audio section and you’ll find these different links from the particular shows.  It goes through a good part of the history of eugenics and up to its present force.  It also is quite good; it goes into the fact that it was the eugenicists who failed so miserably after Adolf Hitler gave them a bad name, that they eventually went in to creating the environmental movement as a big push for depopulation and that’s what drives the global warming nonsense and that man is the destroyer of the planet, as the Club of Rome keeps prattling on about. 


We’ll go to Joe in California.  Are you there Joe?


Joe:  Hi Alan.  It’s great to talk to you.  I want to refer to that typed letter to Mazzini of August the 15th 1871.  In it he says at the end there that “the people will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer.”  Can you give me a hint of what exactly does that mean, the pure doctrine of Lucifer?


Alan:  The pure doctrine of Lucifer is an ordered society basically, where everyone does exactly as they are told, or you have hell to pay, so to speak.  [Alan laughing.] 


Joe:  Is he referring to some supernatural force or…


Alan:  Some of them in the higher Masonic lodges do claim that in a particular degree they bring in this power and what they used to refer to, is you bring in, just like Christians bring in the Holy Ghost, they bring in the power or the spirit of Lucifer.  That was common in the 1800s, with it and it still is in some of them, of the higher Masonic sects today; it depends which one you go into. 


Joe:  I think one time you mentioned on an interview with a Dr Stan Monteith that you actually witness, or believed you witnessed, I don’t know exactly how you put it.


Alan:  I knew Masons, different Masons who didn’t know each other, from different parts of the country, who had both told me, or three of them told me the same story of a particular degree of a higher lodge which each one had attended in their own area, where they saw this happen to a higher candidate that they brought up onto a little platform stage, with two ushers of course – they’ve always got 2 – and this light appeared – it could be gimmickry, who knows.  But they did swear that their eyes did turn red when this, triangular light, like a pyramid surrounding them, shone through.  They couldn’t see the bodies anymore, just the red eyes.  It’s a very good show, mind you, and it could be showmanship but who knows.  That might also be to convince all the other members that it’s real, because they have used a lot of skullduggery in the past and magic tricks and all the rest of it.  However, if you are a candidate and you believe that’s happened, you certainly will behave differently after it’s over.  You will believe that you have this seething power, as they call it, of Lucifer. 


Joe:  Okay.  That’s interesting.  Sometimes you refer to people who are fools, or whatever, you usually use the Yiddish word schmucks.  Actually, the word should be putzes, Alan. 


Alan:  I like schmuck, actually.  A putz is a bit of a kind of silly person.


Joe:  A putz is a fool.


Alan:  But a schmuck is more widely known because of the movies, the schmuck, you know.  A schmuck is a bit different too.  A schmuck is someone who’s actually… it’s like a person waiting for an accident to happen; you can’t mistake these kind of people; where a putz, in a sense, is just a bit simple. 


Joe:  One last thing.  Are you familiar with Viktor Frankl’s, Man’s Search for Meaning?


Alan:  I’ve read some parts of it, but I’ll have to go onto the next caller.  There is Bob from California as well.  Are you there Bob?


Bob:  Hi.  Honor to talk to you sir.  I just want to give you a heads up on the geoengineering you were talking about the other day.  Tonight on NPR at 7 pm they have a big geoengineering talk and I’m sure they are going to use a lot of big words and soothing voices to get their point across but I didn’t know if you wanted to check that out or not.  You were talking about, you gave a couple of links the other day to the underwriters of those studies.  I think you posted them 2 days ago.  Those are the very underwriters that underwrite The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.  I thought it was an interesting coincidence that…


Alan:  That’s right.  All coincidences, yeah. 


Bob:  Yeah.  I know. 


Alan:  What I love too, was at that recent meeting that was in LA where all the geoengineers were in there talking about the possibility of doing this and all the negative connotations and when you went through the list of the scientists, they all worked for the Pentagon and war departments on this VERY topic for the last 30-40 years.  I mean, they made their living on working on this stuff.  So they are DOING it.  They know darn well, and we know they are doing it.  They’ve got all the data there, on how it affects us too. 


Bob:  And they will deny that it’s still going on even after they talked about it tonight.  You won’t get anyone to be able to admit to it.  The other thing, you were talking about the police state and the cameras everywhere, and they have cameras going up all over the city here, on EVERY intersection, and they’re not those ticket cameras, they’re just observe and report cameras.  I wanted to let you know about that too.  They seem to be going everywhere, just keeping an eye on everyone. 


Alan:  Do you know they even have them INSIDE the public washrooms all throughout Britain now?  In southern England? 


Bob:  Really?


Alan:  Yeah.  You can’t even...


Bob:  Sure, why not?  Whatever works… [laughing]


Alan:  I guess folk are used to it.  There is no privacy; who needs it, you know, and that’s it.  They are training them and they accept it.


Bob:  It’s an honor Alan and keep doing what you are doing sir.


Alan:  I will do.  That’s the music coming in and I might get Jeff from Massachusetts the next time.  So from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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