April 16, 2010 (#557)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 16, 2010:

Money Heaven:
People Say, 'Money Makes the World Go Around',
Bankers Say Twice Per Century, 'Just Can't Be Found':

"If Money Makes the World Go Around,
Then We Must Be Mad, Minds Unsound,
Or Have We Been Trained into a System,
Plundered by Bankers, We Curse Then Kiss Them,
From the Wizard on Down, We Slave for Money
To Buy Transient Goodies that Flow Like Honey,
From Sweatshops, Trickles to Presentable Store,
People Buy on Impulse When Life's a Bore,
Then Government States its Debt is at Max,
To Increase Slavery Disguised as Tax,
And to Staff and Pay Armies to Conquer for Bosses
-- New Owners of Oilfields, Courtesy Vanquished's Losses,
Money's the Trick of 'Illusionists of Civilizations',
In Reality, Through Debt, The Wizards Own Nations"
© Alan Watt April 16, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 16, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 16th 2010.  For the newcomers out there, I always suggest at the beginning of the show that you should go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com  web site.  Youíll find hundreds of audio talks Iíve given over the years which you can download for free.  While you are there, you can also look into the articles that I have for sale, the books, CDs and DVDs.  Buy those and that might just help me take over a little bit longer, or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Some people do send cash and that gets through without a problem too.  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them, you can always write to me at [address above]. 


You have to really help me out because you are the listeners who bring me to you.  Iím not pushed forward by companies, corporations, or guys selling anything.  Thatís how hosts make their money.  This way Iíve got a free hand in what I can talk about, I donít feel kind of compromised or kind of shy off of certain topics.  So itís up to you to keep me going and thatís the only way that I trickle through.  This is not a one hour per night talk I give here.  I do an awful lot more during the day.  Itís not just preparation for this; I donít prepare for this at all.  Iíve got too many other things to do with keeping the satellites going and the whole thing and keeping the computers working, getting back to emails and all that kind of stuff, and running up and down to the post office.  So that takes my day away and I donít finish until about 2 in the morning sometimes and sometimes longer depending on the XplorNet speed that I get for satellite upload, which is sometimes down to twice dial-up basically even though Iím paying for high speed.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers straight to RBN.  I have nothing to do with it.  That pays for the air time and the broadcast.  It pays for their equipment, staff, and their bills so YOU have to keep ME going IF you like this kind of format and you feel you are getting something out of it. 


I try not to go into the stories where we are meant to just simply react, like look at what they are doing to us now.  Thatís that common stuff.  Thatís what the mainstream media does.  Thatís what they do; they never give you suggestions and show you whatís behind it and whatís coming down the pike next.  They just give you whatís happening now and how indignant you should beÖ oh, my goodness, look at what they have done to us and that gets us nowhere.  This is just paddling in the water, paddling in the water and you are going against the stream, you are getting no further forward.  I try to show you whatís behind all of this and to show you the real system in which you live.  Thatís really what itís about.  Showing you the true system under which you live and, believe you me, itís not democracy; itís not republicanism as you know it.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, explaining that the world works completely differently from the way youíve been indoctrinated to think it works.  In fact most folk are very vague on how they think it works.  The closest they can get to it is that politicians somehow steer this unwieldy ship on some zigzag course to some vague destination and thatís about all they really know about it.  Thatís the majority of the general public.  Theyíve been TRAINED to leave everything to experts.  Itís odd too, that they actually see politicians as being experts because when you look at the backgrounds of politicians and what they were involved in, you are as well as getting your local plumber or electrician and putting them as head of this or head of that in the government because theyíd know as much about it as the rest of the politicians.  Thatís no kidding.  That is no kidding. 


Itís the BUREAUCRATS who know whatís going on.  They are there for life.  They have their special departments.  They know the mandates under the United Nations programs.  They have their bosses who are often members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Top bosses for bureaucracies are often Rhodes Scholars themselves.  They know itís a world agenda and they know its called conologyÖ and they are quite happy to hand little scripts to the members of Parliament or the Congress to read to the press because these politicians havenít got a clue.  If you get someone who really, as Iíve seen here in Canada and in Britain, a politician who is one week they are Minister of the Environment, the next month or so they are the Minister of Corrections and Prisons and stuff like that, they are obviously are no different than the average person.  They are not running the country, in other words.  They are there to take the heat and to make the acquaintances, because afterwards they become lobbyists.  They all know each other and they get direct access into getting the government grants for big corporations. 


Big corporations live on corporate welfare, funded by the taxpayer.  They get the governments to buy on to big pharma and to make sure that the governments will guarantee 5 or 10 years of purchasing of a particular vaccine; stuff like that.  Big bucks.  Thatís where the big money is.  Politicians really are more of a low-level psychopath, not the brightest generally and thatís why even the ones who become Presidents and Prime Ministers need all these people around them, handlers Ė they call them advisors but they are actually handlers Ė to make sure that they donít go and get too psychopathic and blurt things out that donít go down too well with the public, although they have to be pretty bad for the public to catch on.  Thatís no kidding, but thatís how the world really works. 


Democracy as we know it is a sham.  Remember that government is an IDEAÖ something that you take for granted, mainly through the conditioning of FEAR.  Thatís how it really works.  You think government is some kind of natural being and yet itís an abstract idea.  Technically, the public have to agree to it for it even to exist.  I mean, if everyone said NO to everything, what are they going to do?  Ölock the whole nation up in prison?  You see, itís an impossibility.  Even if they turned out all their troops on the general public for some reason or other, and all their police, what are they going to do?  Öjust kill the whole population off around them?  Itís impossible. 


Really what you have is a symbiosis of psychopaths at the top and whatís called the MASSES down below them.  Lots of people amongst the masses kind of like socialism.  Socialism is where your world is planned for you.  Your LIFE is planned for you.  You pay most of what you earn into taxes and you get something back if you ever get sick or whatever happens down the road; thatís a kind of insurance policy.  A lot of people like that; they like the feeling that there are superior people that are going to look after them if they ever need it, you see.  Lots of people donít like making decisions in their own lives in fact.  They donít like taking chances or risks.  Unfortunately, since the industrial West went through the industrial period, they become more SOCIALIZED.  When I was young, people of the previous generation had often worked in the same factories or mines for their whole lives.  They really thought they were onto a good thing, no matter what kind of awful work they were doing, because it was guaranteed work.  Theyíd work through 20, 30 years towards a pension.  Thatís all they talked about were their pensions:  When I get old enough Iíll get the pension.  Most of them actually croaked around the time they were eligible for their pensions but it didnít matter.  That conditions you towards being managed, that lifetime of work like that. 


Thatís all gone now and of course in the 70s, even before that, they started to put out conditioning to the public, oh down the road shortly youíll need 2 or 3 jobs to keep going, because they had it planned that they were going to amalgamate Europe.  They were training thousands and thousands of Chinese, in the Western countries and universities, for the factories Ė that they never had at the time Ė because they planned to give them factories through the GATT Treaty.  All your politicians signed your work away from you, over to China.  There are no referendums about that.  None of the public were asked what they thought about it.  In fact they werenít even told about it.  They were just told there was something called GATT and it was something to do with economics.  So what they were left with is a service economy.  Most people will truly accept anything.


Getting back to the symbiosisÖ  Youíve got the psychopaths at the top who love to live very high on the hog, as they say, off of the taxpayer.  They like to be cow-towed to, and bowed to, and dine very well, and have nice titles given to them.  Some countries call them Ďhonorablesí and Ďyour lordshipí and stuff like that, you know, somethingÖ a relic from ancient times.  But they love that kind of stuff.  They like to get knighted by the Queen.  Even the American ones like to go over and get knighted by the Queen.  I think Bush Sr did, and Kissinger, and even one of the Mayors of New York went over too and got his little knighthood.   They like that kind of stuffÖ because they are servile psychopaths.  They really do worship power.  Psychopaths CRAVE power.  They literally treat like Gods those that have power above them and they HATE those as inferiors, those who have lesser power, beneath them.  Thatís the history of psychopathy basically. 


However, those who think, and those who can think for themselves and figure things out, and who donít want power over other people, and at the same time they donít like whatís happening in the world, they donít like being forced to go along with the crowd you might say, youíve got to understand that the masses are just as much of a problem as the elite.  The masses are used for something which they call democracy.  Democracy is not majority rule.  Donít believe that con.  The masses are guaranteed to vote the way they are TOLD to by those in charge, the elite.  Then you are forced to go along with them.  Whatís your problem, sir, everyone else goes along with this, whatís your problem?  Thatís what you are told if you are a thinker and you can actually verbalize whatís actually, really happening, and you have the data that can come out of your mouth.  So you donít really fit in to either system of the elite.  You donít want to be a psychopath, you donít want to join their clubs, you donít want to rule over people, and you are not sadistic enough to enjoy pain from others.  You donít want to be one of the general public either, who walk around munching their chips Ė getting awful fat from eating this GMO stuff Ė and just staring at TV and talking about the trivia thatís fed into them.  They are GONE. 


That was also shown in the Matrix movie, where they go into the practice matrix where Morpheus takes Neo in.  He says to him, you know, all these people that are around you are ordinary people but they are your enemy as much as the bad guys, Smith and those guys, because until they wake up they are a danger to you.  In other words, the elite COUNT ON those people who are PERFECTLY conditioned to snipe on other people, to tell tales on their neighbors and stuff.  There is a lot of that going on now and itís being encouraged by those at the top, because they can always count on the masses. 


You also find too, when you go into totalitarian systems as we are now, we are well into it in fact, and across the world.  Itís more blatant in other countries like the UK than it is SO FAR in the US, although they are catching up in the US.  Youíll find that petty jealousies even, with neighbors and stuff, are enough to get you turned in.  They will make something up and in come the storm troopers.  Thatís OLD stuff because itís happened in every totalitarian system down through history.  Once again, the masses are counted on by those who are in charge.  Iím not talking about the politicians.  Iím talking about those, like the social scientists, the banks and banks and banks of them that are employed by governments to ensure the indoctrination process via education, via marketing, via everything you see on television, gets through to them.  They are perfectly conditioned, the masses, and you really cannot trust them for anything.  For those who have truly studied whatís been going on, their whole lives, you know you donít fit in.  You canít talk to ordinary people.  Itís almost like listening to rap music; you get the same headache when you are listening to a bunch of people talking about the trivia thatís fed into them or saying what a wonderful day it is when if you just look up, there is about 50 chemtrails above their heads.  They are completely OBLIVIOUS of any kind of reality, outside of their TOTAL CONDITIONING, their perfect conditioning.  So therefore, they are gone.  They are gone. 


I still get people who email me and ask me when the big one is coming down.  Iíve been saying for years, what are you talking about, youíre living through IT; you are always living through it.  Each part is introduced of the big world system, the totalitarian system; itís all part of the big whole.  But they are still expecting some kind of Armageddon to come.  They havenít really noticed whatís been going on, not really.  What you have to do is use simple math.† Add up everything, every major thing thatís happened in your lifetime and especially since 2001, where it really became evident to most people, and it equals what? What does it come out with?  Do you have to guess about it?  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  People also get confused with socialism, communism, Nazism, and in reality they all have the same characteristics.  In fact, the Western countries which at that time in the 30s were called Fascist technically; it was a combination then of big corporations and government combined.  They helped to fund, long before that, the set-up of communism.  Literally, the banks funded the rise of communism, well documented.  Anthony Sutton and others have written about this.  It has never been denied either. 


The system they want to bring in, and the bankers especially want to bring in, is a system where there can never be any questions about what they are doing; never an inquiry or anything like that.  They like a system where they rule at the top.  Every country, the Prime Minster or every President goes to their federal bank or the international banker, cap in hand, and borrows cash.  Itís supposed to be all this big complicated thing and there is nothing so simple as money.  There is nothing so simple, but itís wrapped up in a pseudo-science and whenever you have a pseudo-science you know you are being conned.  If the average person canít understand a simple mathematical equation, then there is a con going on


What they do is like any other science, they create a lot of terminology that only they themselves really understand Ė thatís a prerequisite for any kind of science because you donít want the layperson understanding what you are saying.  Itís the same in medicine or any other field too.  They try to do the same thing with economics and banking and all the rest of it.  But a rip-off is a rip-off and gangsters are gangsters.  Itís a simple as that.  Then when countries literally are at the mercy of these characters and they have us all apparently and our pension money and all the other moneys that we put into government, running in a big giant world casinoÖ We are actually told this and we believe it Ė with a straight face, we believe this Ė that all that cash is going in some never-never land, some virtual reality, on a big roulette wheel, because all these guys have sold off the debt of the country to certain people and itís all just whirling around there, getting bought and sold, bought and sold, and sometimes is just goes down and crashes.  That was it.  It was game over and then we are all kicked out of the casino and they take your drinks off you and all that stuff and kick you out the door.  Thatís literally the rubbish we are told as far as economics goes and how the world system is this RESPECTABLE system we live in of bankers. 


Bankers have been crooks since the beginning of time.  Money is a con game to begin with.  At one time there was no money, we keep forgetting that.  There was no money and people lived in small tribes.  Most folk were nomadic at one time.  They were always on the move.  Sometimes they had semi-permanent settlements, little villages where women or pregnant women would stay and the elderly would stay.  They would take their animals off in some tour, winter and summer, the different pastures, and back again. They traded for what they wanted to through barter.  Anyone who tried to conquer them, they just fought back.  They didnít have to go to a law court to see if they should go and kill them; they just did it.  If someone were to steal your land or your cattle, you killed them.  That was the law of nature.  They often elected chiefs for temporary periods and if a chief got too high and mighty and decided he wanted the job for a lot longer and he wanted to have extra service and live better than the rest of them, he couldnít call an army out because he didnít have an army.  Therefore, the tribal people would just gang up and kill him.  They got rid of him.  So psychopaths were spotted pretty early on and bumped off and that was the end of the gene pool.  Thatís how it really, really worked in the ancient world. 


However, once they got into money a different thing happened because THEN the head honcho, especially when they trained everyone that you really need this stuffÖ  That was the biggest trick of all, was getting the people to ACCEPT and USE money.  Some countries fought for centuries before they would use money.  The ones that fought them were the ones who were already forced into using it.  Armies were recruited; you need money to recruit armies and guys will go off and kill and get paid for it.  Before that you couldnít get that done; therefore, they would use those armies, of conquered countries, to go off and conquer the next country and force money upon them.  Itís a TRICK to get back your labor from you through taxation.  Eventually, people thought they couldnít do without money.  In Scotland in the 1500s and 1600s in the highlands, they still often traded nails in lieu of money because nails were practical things, you could use them. 


Money itself is the con.  Plato talked about this because Plato knew that the elite lived on this big con trick.  The international banking societies were already on the go back in Platoís day.  Aristotle in fact, was married to an international bankerís daughter; a guy who lived in the Middle East and funded wars and things.  Plato said, itís far better for us elite Ė WE elite, you see Ė to have the public think we are servants and eventually we wonít have to buy our own homes and castles and live very, very well, and at the moment we do, he says, we have to pay for the things that are broken and LOST; we have upkeep, all that kind of stuff, we have to pay for everything.  Itís far better to get the public to pay for it all; we will be the ones who guide them.  they will be taught that they need us and therefore they will pay to buy the castles and maintain them and replace broken stuff or worn-out stuff and look after the horses and it will all come from a public purse.  Thatís what the New World Order is actually based on, this particular concept where everyone will SERVE the world state; but those who live in the big castles will be served awfully better than anyone else.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking briefly about money.  Itís such a deep, deep, very ancient history itís got.  You canít go over this in a few minutes basically.  Money is the greatest con trick ever devised.  Thatís why Rothschild said, give me charge of the nationís money and I care not who rules the nation.  He knew from long experience and the history from his fathers, and fathers before them, that who ever runs the money of the system, runs the system, runs the entire system and everything underneath it.  Every Prime Minister goes cap in hand every year to the borrowing house to borrow cash and he puts down the public, the general population, as the collateral.  They guarantee that YOU will work off that through taxation.  Thatís how it all works.  Itís very, very simple. 


Itís really a form of slavery and itís accepted as normal now because weíve all been trained into it.  People will actually turn in another people if it comes down to starvation and stuff like that through the lack of cash.  They will feud between each other for money, money, money.  What you also find too, is when they are altering their system into another new part of the New World Order, New World Order part 10 or 11 or whatever we are into today, they become totalitarian and they hire more of the general public and dress them up in nasty-looking outfits and make them very aggressive to control the rest of the populace, to keep them in check as they go into the NEW part of a more perfected con system.  Itís interesting when they had the riots in New York back in the 1800s, during the Civil War.  The mayor at Tammany Hall said, we can always hire half of the poor to kill off the other half because they had always done that.  Thatís how itís always been. 


Itís ALWAYS been this wayÖ because the people believe that money is true wealth.  Theyíve lost their connection to any other way of existing; canít imagine any other way of existing.  It terrifies folk to be poor.  We are taught to be terrified of poverty, financial poverty.  No one will want to know you.  If you get sick you canít pay for anything; you are doomed and you know darn well that you are at the bottom of the heap.  Even if you have a health care system, you are on the D list, the do not resuscitate.  You have no value to their social system. 


In the Middle Ages too, it was very, very common for intellectual mercenaries to hire themselves to Kings, who were often not terribly bright Ė they were psychopathic but not terribly bright Ė and these intellectual psychopaths who hired themselves out, like the Machiavelliís, had been trained in arcane schools on how to manage populations, really how to manage their PERCEPTIONS of things. They knew every cunning way to manage the general public.  Today they are called advisors and public relations; prior to that they were called propagandists.


The whole trick of money is nothing but a trick and anyone who thinks you can plead with these guys to change into being GOOD, be good, could you not just be good and bring us in a good system, an honest system of money, I donít know where you are.  You are on a different planet because these guys have been RUTHLESS all down through history.  Power has never voluntarily given itself up, EVER.  It doesnít happen folksÖ especially among psychopaths.  They arenít going to lower THEIR way of livingÖ to share it with anyone.  Itís YOU who is supposed to share what they call YOUR wealth with the rest of the world with the New World Order, this kind of pseudo-Marxist scheme theyíve got.  But THEY are not going to share THEIR wealth or bring down THEIR standard of living.  No.  They are not going to go out on bicycles because you are not allowed to drive.  No.  Theyíll be going around in their little leer jets all over the planet, to their little parties where they chit chat amongst each other and talk about the incredible rip-offs theyíve pulled over the public, little polite tee-hee-heeís and stuff like that.  The British ones go guffaw, guffaw.  Thatís what they do. 


Basically you are looking at conology via psychopaths who understand perfectly well the public stand and scratch their head when they think about money.  And if you ask them about any other way of doing it, well, we donít know.  And they are PETRIFIED of any kind of change in it, in case thereís a temporary lapse and they have to literally survive in other ways, or actually really get along with each other during the temporary crisis while you bring out a new structure.  Thatís why they will keep the evil structure in place.  You can count on the masses. 


Here is a typical article.  This is from Bloomberg.com. 


Fed (Alan:  The Federal Reserve.) Shouldnít Reveal Crisis Loans,

 Banks Vow to Tell High Court 

By Bob Ivry / bloomberg.com


So here are the bankers telling the high court that they shouldnít reveal their crisis loans or where it went and how it was spent and all the rest of it.  There is THEIR democracy, different strokes for different folks, eh, different laws.  Nothing will happen out of it; nothing really worth talking about; certainly never any truth. They put a bunch of commissioners up there who will sit and nod their head and come to some kind of conclusion and find, well, there is no real wrongdoing, it was just some mismanagement and chat, chat, chat.  Because they are all on the payroll of the same system, being handsomely rewarded.


Hereís an article from Raw Story, on the same thing.  This is boring to me because Iíve read stacks and stacks of books going back over a few hundred years on the SAME cons, knowing they will never change because they rule.  The US Charges Goldman Sachs with FraudÖ [Title changed] thatís meant to get us all upset.  I donít get upset when I read these things and say my God, look at what theyíve done to us.  I donít bother with that.  Itís common to me.  Itís just the never-ending story. 


Update: SEC says Goldman defrauded investors of $1 billion

By John Byrne / rawstory.com / Friday, April 16th, 2010


Securities and Exchange Commission has charged investment banking titan Goldman Sachs with civil fraud over a pre-packaged mortgage instrument they say was designed to fail(A:  Now, here is a great con they are explaining here.  Itís in the different papers, the New York Times, the Washington Post and all that but they go into more detail here.  This was a con that these guys, these psychopaths, the intellectual ones, had figured out how to make moneyÖ Youíd never dream this up.  You cannot get into their mindset, how they dream up these stings, or these falls, and profit from them.  They PROFIT when they sink countries.)


Goldman Sachs created the derivative -- called Abacus 2007-AC1 -- in response to a request from a hedge fund manager who predicted that the housing market would collapse and wanted to bet against it. (A:  They make money on bets against misfortunes, you see.)  The trader, John Paulson, later earned $3.7 billion for his wager. (A:  Not bad, eh, for a betÖ especially when you know you rigged it to happen.)  Goldman's practices cost investors $1 billion, according to the filing.


According to the New York Times, which first revealed details of the Abacus case, the instrument was among 25 Goldman created so that clients could bet against the housing market:


As the Abacus deals plunged in value, Goldman and certain hedge funds made money on their negative bets, (A:  So they set them up knowing they would failÖ put bets on them knowing theyíd fail because theyíd make them fail, and they came out the winners.  All the investors lost.  This is STANDARD procedure with these creeps.) while the Goldman clients who bought the $10.9 billion in investments lost billions of dollars.  (A:  These guys set you up and then pull the rug and then they laugh up their sleeves.)


Goldman let Mr. Paulson select mortgage bonds that he wanted to bet against ó the ones he believed were most likely to lose value ó and packaged those bonds into Abacus 2007-AC1, according to the S.E.C. complaint. Goldman then sold the Abacus deal to investors like foreign banks, pension funds, insurance companies and other hedge funds.


But the deck was stacked against the Abacus investors, the complaint contends, because the investment was filled with bonds chosen by Mr. Paulson as likely to default. (A:  They set it up with companies they knew were going to lose, sold the darn thing off, and watched it go down but they made money off the bet that they actually would go down, including pensions and the whole thing. Itís alright; why should they worry about that?)  Goldman told investors in Abacus marketing materials reviewed by The Times that the bonds would be chosen by an independent manager.


Apparently, they weren't.


Fabrice Tourre, a vice president at Goldman who helped design and market Abacus, was also named in the SEC suit.


84 percent of Abacus' mortgage bonds would be downgraded within five months of their sale. By the end of 2007, Paulson's credit hedge fund soared 590 percent, and Goldman's clients lost billions.


Goldman reportedly targeted specific mortgage bonds at Paulson's request that Paulson felt were most likely to lose their golden credit ratings, which would trigger a payout for his firm(A:  You canít understand this con.  You have to sit down and figure this out.  Itís so easy, actually, but for most folk it will go over their heads.  They canít sit and figure out this con, this con trick.)


Goldman did not immediately comment on the suit. The company's shares fell more than 10 percent on the news.  (A:  That wonít matter to them.  They are one of the biggest companies on the planet.  They canít lose, these guys; theyíve got every government in their pockets.)


Thatís just one common story in the long histories of stories of these CREEPS who have minds which are not linear, like yours.  They are brought up, actually, NOT to be linear.  They can think around 3 different corners at the same time, as we all should be able to do but itís been trained out of us through education.  But not these guys; they have it.  Thatís why they can see the opportunity in everything, how to do the deal, almost instinctively.  And you have to really sit and try and figure it out.  Never mind the moral implications, but remember too, inbred psychopaths at the top, who run this whole industry, and all the helpers they have with the psychopathic politicians down through the years, they have no moral qualms about anything.  Thatís absent IN the psychopathic personality.  Absent. 


I watched a documentary recently where a stock trader, a guy who worked on the stock floor, was interviewed and he was asked about what happened, what were his feelings when 9/11 happened.  He was on the stock floor on that day and he says the first thing that jumped into his mind when the towers were hit, he says, Iím terribly sorry but it wasnít the horror, no, it was, he says, that GOLD is going to skyrocket in value.  Thatís how they see things.  Rothschild said the same thing back in the 1800s.  They said, when is the best time to make money?  When is the best time to make opportunities?  He says, when the blood is flowing in the streets.  They have NO EMOTIONAL QUALMS.  The psychopath doesnít have emotion, as you know it.  They have emotion for what they want in life for themselves to do with their ego but they canít relate to YOU and your emotion. 


Itís like they are the top predators in the world.  This system is their system you are living in.  You live in a system designed by them, with money which they run.  And every other psychopath that doesnít have the money works their way up and into power because they crave power and they want into the big kitty, where the big cash is, the taxpayersí cash.  So itís natural in every generation, they always get to the top.  Ordinary folk will never get up thereÖ because itís RUTHLESS on the way up.  If you canít be utterly ruthless you will be destroyed.  If you donít join the gang at the top and say, oh, I see what you are doing with these little cons, itís kind of unethical but Iíll go along with it.  If you canít compromise with them, they will set you up and get you out.  Itís one big club like that.  Thatís how the world is really run.  Really run. 


Thatís why generation after generation will vote party after party, left-right, left-right.   Itís like a tennis match isnít it, until your head is falling off and nothing changes.  And the same world agendas, set up by the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations carry forward.  It never changes, never falters.  And once theyíre in power, they always go off in a different direction than the ones they promise you because ordinary folk just need thatÖ promises.  Paul Ehrlich said that; one of these guys said that years ago.  Itís such a sham now, politics, the creation by PR companies of an IMAGE of a politician, a completely fake image that is projected on to the public and they swallow it.  All he has to do is give the public promises and thatís good enough.  In other words, I feel your pain.  As long as he acknowledges the problems in society, you vote him in.  Where he goes with it, doesnítÖ  He will go with it, the way heís told to go with it because heís not the boss.  He must go along with the predesigned format and the directionÖ world totalitarian government run by the fascist elite at the top, using a communistic collectivism, with a massive bureaucracy to create the planned society at the bottom.  Thatís what it really is.  That was the dream of Hitler.  That was the dream of Lenin.  It was the dream of every tyrant down through the ages.  And the public go along with it because they are terrified of taking chances. 


They are terrified of actually helping each other out in a major crisis, in a transition period, if you could even GET to a new honest system.  They are too terrified even to chance what might happen to THEM personally in the process.  Thatís what the big boys know.  They count on that.  Guaranteed. 


Itís like strikes.  Itís what happens with strikes.  Most of them will go on strike because they are in a big union now and theyíve got power.  But there are always those who will turn and say, well, I donít know; the wife will kill me and you know.  Then the bosses used to appeal to the wives.  Presidents and Prime Ministers were appealing to them right through the 20s and the 30s: You know, donít sleep with your husbands; give them hell when he gets home and get him out to work.  They did that in ancient Rome too, where the Caesars would tell them, donít sleep with your husband.  ANCIENT STUFF.  They used it on the black slaves in America as well, when they were getting a bit uppity or slow, go slow they wouldÖ They couldnít go on strike so they went slow.  OLD STUFF.  We are so well understood and so well managed itís unbelievable.  Then they bring in scab laborers, as they say, other guys brought in from other places who were even more hungry than the guys who went on strike.  And they turned people against people all the time.  And they can do it any time they want, in any society.  Outside of strikes evenÖ just turning parts of society against other parts of society.  They always got to have chaos going on because they can justify their existence at the top by saying, see, you just canít get on, you need us in authority, we are the guys who tell you what to do and make you safe.  Make you safeÖ  Thatís the real world you live in. 


Youíve got an elastic money.  One day you can buy this with the same dollar, the next day it is this.  Elastic.  Stretch and shrink, according to some dictates of some guy thatís at the top.  Utter conology.  The whole world is living in debt.  What is debt?  Even every holy book tells you itís called SLAVERY folks.  It hasnít changed in the law books.  It is still slavery.  When you see intergenerational slavery, that IS slavery according to even the Old Testament.  They want your offspring and their offspring and their offspring until that debt is paid.  Jefferson himself said that same thing, any generation born into a pre-existing debt, from a previous generation, is therefore defacto a slave generation.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, again, injecting some reality into lives that we take for granted, at least in the system that we live in.  People keep thinking they can FIX the system through pleading and using law and all that kind of stuff.  Itís been tried for so long itís a joke actually because you are living in a corrupt system that goes under the pretense of being a legal and just system.  Remember, anything can be made legal.  Chopping folksí heads off with a guillotine could be made to be legal as well.  It depends on who is making the laws.  Thatís really what it is. 


We are taught that there are ultra-respectable people at the top but they are the biggest con men of all.  Thatís why they are at the top.  When you are wealthy and you can use money, you can hire armies, you can hire cops, you can hire thugs, you can train them to be thugs even; there is nothing new in that.  It is a science in itself.  Itís obedience to authority.  They will, for the paycheck again, for the money, this thing called money, they will beat everybody elseís head in.  As I say, you can always hire half the poor to kill the other half, an old dictum used down through the ages.  People canít even figure out what money is, except, weíd better go along with everybody thatís telling us, giving us the new orders or we might lose what jobs we have, or we might lose our way of living and weíll be utterly poor.  Thatís the big black blackmail that we have hanging over our heads.  Everyone has got it.  We all live under it.  We all live under it, you see. 


In ancient times, as I say, when the first money came in, and it took over a century and half, almost 200 years to convince the public to use it even in the ancient world.  Once it was in, then they had to create cities, you see, because in a city you make nothing.  You donít grow anything in a city.  All you do is you trade stuff and of course, itís much easier to get them to use money to trade stuff between themselves.  They were technically useless.  The first ancient cities were set up by those who managed the agricultural slaves around them.  Agriculture, in fact, started with slaves, using slaves, when some of the nomadic people decided to settle down.  Then to manage them you need administrators and you build towns or little walled cities of administrators and they must use the money system amongst themselves.  Then they spread it outwards, outwards and outwards until everyone uses it.  It doesnít matter if itís porcupine quills, gold, silver, or shrunken heads.  It makes no difference what it is, they will tell you this is legal tender Ė or blips on a computer screen Ė and itís always a big con going on at the top. 


Remember, a price is an idea as well.  Government is an idea.  A price is someoneís idea.  A profit, how much profit, is someoneís idea.  And yet itís almost in our heads, it seems to be fixed in stone as some kind of natural law, like gravity.  We are trained into a fake existence to serve a pre-existing system of conology.  And very, very few people ever figure that out.  Rothschild himself said the only ones who will figure this out are the ones working in the financial system.  They will figure it out that itís all a scam, living off the backs of everyone else below.  But he says they will never give the game away because those people, the economists and accountants, will be making such a good living off of it too.  Hence your politicians, your multi-millionaire and billionaire left-wing and your multi-billionaire right-wing, itís all the same.  Itís a show for the public to mask the true rulers of the world.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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