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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 26th, 2007. I always ask newcomers to look into the website and look into for the transcripts which you can download, written in the various languages of Europe. Here we are, just coming through the "midwinter crisis" as we call it. This is a time when you view the past with sorrow and the future with dismay, as Othello would have said, because we seldom ever really try and achieve that which we set out to do. The older you get, of course, you have sorrow or dismay because you know you're getting too old to actually try and fulfill any ambitions. That's why it's best to do it at the time. Don't postpone it. You don't know what's going to happen tomorrow.


Unfortunately, on the big scale of things we do know what's going to happen tomorrow because they keep telling us what they're doing to us. What they're doing to us is creating this big, vast scientifically controlled society, where we're just a bunch of animals that have to be kept in line and they've trained us, most people, to believe that in fact that you're nothing more than a bunch of protoplasm, a freak of nature, an accident, and your betters, the scientific betters will take care of you because you can't take care of yourself; and that's become the norm now. It's pushed from a thousand directions. It's a mantra and we've been living through this all our lives actually. It's just more out in the open and the whole 9/11 fiasco was simply to get the ball rolling. You always need something on a war scale to push such a vast united world agenda.


We used to wonder, some of my friends, years ago, how they would pull this off. It was easy enough to see how they would unify Europe; and with the U.S., they've been having a little de tante with Canada with Canada and Mexico for years getting it all prepared, but we wondered how they would really pull it off. They're using this terrorism nonsense to ram through the unification of the Americas; Fortress America they call it and for the Far East they're doing the same thing there. Every country on the planet almost has signed the same anti-terrorism laws into effect.


This never happened in world wars, this kind of cooperation, and the reason it never happened in world wars is they didn't have all the advanced planning and interweaving of bureaucracies that bypass governments to bring it about. Do you realize it takes donkey's years – donkey's a long time, by the way. However, it takes donkey's years for bureaucrats to get anything out of their minds and on to paper never mind get it all planned out and legislated. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and just pointing out to people things which they take for granted. Most people don't really think critically in much depth especially when they've been trained that the media is there to do all their thinking for them, and that has been successful with most people. Bureaucracies and federal governments don't move quickly on things. They're too big and heavy. Too many departments and divisions that all cross each other's lines and step on each other's toes. It takes a lot of planning when it comes to an international scale and the reason that they're so able in this day and age to bring out a global system is because they planned it a long time ago and set-up the bureaucracies, which are almost Secret Societies within the government themselves. These high State Departments and Departments of the Foreign Office, as they have in the British Commonwealth countries. They're pretty well secretive and they work intergenerationally.


H.G. Wells talked about this when the League of Nations (which was the embryo for the United Nations) came into being and he said for the first time now a bureaucracy from one country can bypass government and go directly to its counterpart in another country or to the League of Nations and therefore, technically, governments were becoming obsolete. He was quite right because that was the intention of setting this up. The Punch and Judy show that we have, the left and the right circus act that we get every so often, would no longer be necessary because they'd train the public, literally train them that they're being taken care of and that's where a world run by experts would come into play. That was the mantra back in the 1930's, '40's, '50's, '60's, a world of experts, until we don't how to get up out of the bed in the morning and dress ourselves without the expert telling us how to dress and what kind of weather it's going to be. That's how bad it has literally become.


Common sense is out the window and no one has any faith in themselves anymore. We're terrified to think and to work on what we think. That's not by chance, either, because individuality is the enemy of this totalitarian system. It was stated long ago that the individual is the one person, an individual with understanding and with the ability to get across to people what's really happening, that was the tremendous danger. The masses are not the danger because the masses are always asleep. They take the culture that's been infused into them without thinking and they'll think amongst themselves that they're choosing, but they're not really. They're given a select amount of things to choose from and religions as well to choose from, including the New Age. There's a whole variety within there for different personality types, but really your choices are limited and most people float through life in almost semi-hypnotic state, parroting little phrases and going through "routines" as they're called, which they think is their own personal way of being, their own individuality. When, in reality, it's simply a type of suit they've bought from a one-size-fits-all and that's the one that you like. You've chosen something that's been offered to you and that's how most people are.


Individuals are the enemy to the system. It's all group-think and this was pushed heavily through the very methods that Carroll Quigley talked about when he mentioned the new feudal system being run by CEOs and corporations internationally. The big corporations were the first ones to put out this term called "team spirit" until it became the mantra. Again, another mantra that went through all the big executive offices and "team player" was the big term they used. Are you a team player? Everybody suddenly had to be a team player and they sent them off to these encounter courses and a whole bunch of names for the same thing really, to give them more abilities to get what they wanted. To be more aggressive in their sales et cetera if they work in sales. However, the first thing they learned was to give up their ability to work alone—independence. They'd tell them that two people that were behind you, just close your eyes and fall back; and the idea being that these people would catch you and that was to get you used to the fact that you were only part of a team. You didn't need independence anymore and they reinforced this with every little trick that they gave to the candidates that they brought in for these training courses. They came out being team players and yet all thinking they were individuals, they could get what they wanted, just think and grow rich and all this kind of stuff.


Well, I think if you were to ask Donald Trump, it takes more than thinking to grow rich. You have to know the right friends; the right people and you have to use a lot of payola. It's called "payola." Payola is a strange sort of money that changes hands surreptitiously under tables and things like that or through middle-men. That's how you get ahead in this world and even then you can't get up there unless the big boys at the top open the door and bring you in. That's how it works. It's just like "free trade". There's no such thing as free trade. It's simply an easier trade for the big corporations. The small businesses are out of the picture. They can't get permits to sell their stuff under this guise of free trade. It's a cornering of the market for a select few. That's the reality and they use double-speak all the time to get their way.


We're in a big, big system steamrolling ahead using Pavlov's tricks and training us all in a scientific fashion from kindergarten. I understand someone was telling me before the weekend that now there's children getting taken into pre-day care courses pretty well. It's pre-kindergarten at the age of six weeks and this is the new step, which is closer to the step that Huxley and others talked about and Bertrand Russell even talked about in his early days. They were following Plato’s old plan where in the perfect world state the Plebs or Plebeians, as they called the commoners, would all be reared and never know their mothers and fathers. The child would be removed from the mother at birth. That was to be the perfect system they'd bring in because they didn't want parents to contaminate the child's head with old-fashion ideas, like bonding and stuff like that. You know familial bonding was to be out of the picture and the world state would be your boss. You'd worship big brother.


Then they found out with experimentation that they could do the same thing with scientific indoctrination if they would get the child young enough in kindergarten. It wouldn't matter then what the parents said in the evenings or at night to the child. It would just go right through their head and wouldn't attach and the state would give the morals to the children. That's already happened. Not only has it already happened, in a span of only 20 years with government paid daycare in some countries like Canada, when the daycare people go on strike or go slow or whatever, the working women are in the streets with their banners demanding that the government do something. They've already adapted to the fact that somehow government is their husband. He's taken over the role of the husband and should take care of their children for them. They really believe that.


I can remember when they had debates about should government have any involvement whatsoever in the affairs of the people when it came to children, but now it's an expected thing. It's been successful, so it's only a matter of time of course before government mandates that they'll choose who can even have children and by what method you'll be inseminated, for a short period of time, until they get into the pure cloning types. That's coming too. Meanwhile, what's happening with all of those in the middle class and the ones who think they have a better education? They've gone through all these self-help courses and they're into the New Age completely and they refuse to look at the bad news because that's negative and they've been taught to only look at the positive side of things. Well, some of the things like getting killed off because there's too many of you, it's kind of hard to be positive about – especially if you might be the one that's going to get killed off amongst the many.


Somehow they have the ability through ego to believe that "they'll miss me. They don't mean me. They mean all those guys but not me. I'm special. I'm a very special person. I'm superior," and I guess that's what they all think as they float around and rattle the chakras and chant and talk about all their – they have religious ways of speaking in the New Age. No different from any other religion and they think somehow they created it all, but they didn't create any of it. It was all created for them because the New Age was meant to bring them in to a world as a big group again. No individuals. You're all members of a particular group, New Agers, and you'll all become one. They're teaching them through all these courses, that are run by the intelligence agencies, by the way, that's who brought them to the West and pushed them and the big foundations financed them.


They're teaching them that they're going into this beautiful new kind of nirvana and only the fit ones will come through it. Straight out of Hinduism, you see. The whole lot was copied from Hinduism and each one of them who've paid all their courses and stood on their head and chanted their mantras and so on and found out how many past lives they had and how much debt they have owing in karma. Each one thinks that they're going to come through and be saved in this new nirvana, while the rest, you know the rubbish heap, disappears and gets killed off. That's what they're being taught from every type of New Age source. That's the mantra. Back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just talking about how everything is guiding the planet and people on the planet through this "something wonderful." That's the term they use. "Something wonderful is going to happen." Now that was the term that Arthur C. Clarke used in "2001" and "2010."  Something wonderful is going to happen and that's the term that the New Agers are given too. They’re not sure what it is, except each one of them because they've paid for all these courses and it's amazing the class distinction within them too, because the ones who pay the more expense of gurus think that it's like buying your way into nirvana. No different from the old church system, where you could pay in advance and get more prayers said for you and all that and you could work your way up through heaven much quicker.


It's the same techniques that are used because it’s all based on fear and people who go into these religions tend to live in a form of fear, fear of the unknown. The idea being you can overcome fear of the unknown by gaining special powers and becoming a god. Becoming a god, you see. You can become God, the god within, and if you're really, really good and you get good gurus you can take shortcuts and become a god all the quicker, and then go in to see your dentist and you doctor and all the rest of it – and if you're a god and you can't cure yourself, well, what's your doctor and your dentist? They must be super-gods. There's no logic involved. It's not meant to be logical. It's meant to appeal to those people who want no rules. So funny really because they’re the most easy going people to be controlled by powers that be, because they won't look at what the elite are doing to them. You're not supposed to look at the negative and nasty things, all those downers. Look at the positive things and do a lot of smiling and use all their New Age terminology like all religionists tend to do.


They've all had their little experiences and they talk about the dreams and generally it's too much caffeine that causes their dreams; and I'm not kidding about that too. I've had people who’ve called me before who've had nightmare after nightmare and I ask them if they drink coffee late in the evening, and they do. I told them, I said do you realize that they modified the coffee bean over 10 years ago? It was one of the first things they modified and why not? Because they went for the things that are commonly taken on a daily basis by the majority of people, tea and coffee, and then they went into all the foods that you eat.


Now I can remember reading in the paper and I think it was in the Toronto Sun in the business pages, which I was just flicking through because I had nothing else to do that day, and it said the purchasers, who have the real power in anything to do with food, the purchasers got together and demanded that the growers use the modified shrubs or they wouldn't buy their coffee; and I thought, well, why? I mean the growers were not complaining about a poor turnover or bad crops or even prices. They weren't complaining so there had to be another reason for it and they had. They modified the coffee and people really do have tremendous dreams with them. Some of them like them. They have "journeys" them call them. They don't call them dreams. They have journeys and some have exciting ones others have nightmares.


It's just amazing how the New Agers fall into all this stuff and I always tell people to go into Huxley's speech, which is on my website for download. You can get the audio there in the article archives, where Huxley talked at Berkeley about 60 percent of the public in all ages being instantly suggestible, meaning hypnotics, and 20 percent more can be brought under the same state of influence with a little bit more work on behalf of the controllers, and another 20 percent are left that's much, much harder to bring under. That's how most things work in religion, including the New Age religion. It's suggestion, tremendous suggestion and the will, the need to believe in it; that's how most things happen is the need to believe in something bigger than yourself with the goal to be a god yourself. It's quite interesting but these are people who are ignorant generally of the sources of the religions. They don't know the powers that went behind the scenes to create such a religion and such a movement in the 1800's in London. That's where it started and who they even put out there, the actresses and actors they hired and trained to go out there and propagate this religion into being, which took 100 years to really get rolling and now it's heavily financed by the usual guys, the big foundations. They pay for their magazines and everything.


Very interesting history when you go into Blavatsky and you read the books by Blavatsky's sister and others and investigative reporters at the time who went into the real Blavatsky. Even her sister said she was a born actress. She used to enthrall with her own age group from childhood onwards by telling them stories and fascinating them. She was a really good actress and that's who they employed to bring it forth, old Blavatsky. Here we are, 100-odd years later, watching it all around us. It's everywhere. It's everywhere and it all comes in with greening too – the greening of the planet. At one time when you got green, you were sick to the gills. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Gary from Canada on the phone. Are you there, Gary?


Gary:  Hi Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Gary:  Thanks for shining a light down the rabbit hole here helping me put the puzzle pieces together.


Alan:  It's quite interesting journey, isn't it, going through this system here that people think just evolved out of nowhere spontaneously by the people themselves.


Gary:  Quite the picture.


Alan:  Do you have any questions?


Gary:  Yes. I wanted to ask you about the symbol of the spider. I recently came across an artist name Louise Bourgeois and she created these giant spiders.


Alan:  That's the ones they've got in The Hague.


Gary:  Exactly.


Alan:  There's one in The Hague. I think Canada also brought one in for the museum.


Gary:  On permanent display. It's in Canada. There are permanent displays in Spain, Korea, Tokyo outside of their national galleries. Now she created a series of six giant spiders, a standing one; she got standing and crouching. The standing one was nine meters (30 feet tall). It's made of bronze, stainless steel and marble, which is steel on rock, and it has egg sack of 30 eggs and it's given the name Maman. They spell it M-A-M-A-N. Interesting numbers.


Alan: It’s interesting because you see in Masonry the number 8, apart from being above and below, the two eternal circles, is also the symbol for power and money, and so 8 is very important. The 8 legs of the spider and the Black Widow, of course, they're all widow's sons, all these guys in the elite high masonry call themselves "widow's sons." These big monstrosities that they put in The Hague and so on, apparently there's clusters of eggs underneath them, meaning offspring, and it's a symbol for a new system coming into play. A system where humankind will be radically altered, because the Black Widow also eats the mate after she's conceived. You'll notice that men are becoming rather irrelevant now. There's articles in newspapers now where they can actually take female stem cells and so on and create the Y chromosome, so they're claiming anyway at least, and some of them have had this done; and you call that vanity, having a complete offspring, a clone of yourself. There's quite the prize for a complete egomaniac to have, someone who's completely narcissistic. It's got high symbols to do with a new system and the eradication of the old male as well. Power and money. It's got 8 legs, 8 is power and money, and it's got a cluster of eggs for a new species to come – widow's sons.


Gary:  With the spider's web matrix, could that be considered like the spider's web?


Alan:  Yes. That's why we've got the web. We have the net and the web. That's both things for us all being interconnected and you're stuck on it because it's the only system that's allowed to exist. Eventually it will do away with paper mail all together.


Gary:  Would that be like the sticky gooey stuff on the web, would be what we'd call like fascination, intrigue, mystery?


Alan:  There's no doubt it was designed to intrigue. I know people who are addicted to it, absolutely addicted. In fact, some of them almost kill themselves night and day just surfing the web. It's like one big roller coaster for them and they get a rush just zipping through it and they are already addicted because they're ready, a lot of people are ready to go into this alternate reality. Another New Age term, the alternate reality, but they don't question the fact that someone programmed this reality and it wasn't them.


Gary:  Thanks a lot.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. You're dealing with a complete system that gives us everything for control. They'd never give you anything for your benefit that might actually empower you, so they give you something that will eventually be part of the complete world monitoring system. Now we've also got Rick in California there. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Yes, yes. I'm here, Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Rick:  Good. Thank you very much for your guitar piece last night. That was very beautiful. Yes, I really liked that a lot. It was very beautiful Alan. Can I read two paragraphs out of magazine I bought?


Alan:  Sure.


Rick:  This is from "American Interest. Its Policy, Politics and Cultures." It's edited by Walter Russell Mead and Zbigniew Brzezinski. It's one of the think tank papers and this article is called "Self Made Man" by Richard Hayes and he's talking about this British John Harris, a member of the United Kingdom Human Genetics Advisor Committee and the Ethics Committee of the British Medical Association and he says:


             "Harris continues by arguing that the genetic enhancement of the human species is a public good, since those who might choose to remain genetically unmodified will benefit from the economic, social and cultural vitality that an increasingly genetically engineered citizenry will impart. He reasons that just as we compel citizens to ensure that their children are educated and vaccinated, so might we compel people to have children who are genetically enhanced. He acknowledges that a period of experimentation will be required in order to perfect such procedures. Accordingly, he says, people are obligated to serve as research subjects for genetic experiments when needed. This includes children, because (and this is his words) If children are moral agents, and most of them (except very young infants) are, then they have both obligations and rights, and it will be difficult to find any obligations that are more basic than the obligation to help others in need. There is therefore little doubt that children share the obligation argued for in this chapter: to participate in medical research."


So they're getting more honest about eugenics in everything.


Alan:  They put out a movie years ago called "Gattaca," about a very near future where they'd be two separate species of humans: The ones who were genetically enhanced who would get all the best jobs, and those that were the old type that were conceived in the old-fashion way and how inferior they were. It's all about that. It's creating new classes or castes of systems within society and that's their goal. Bertrand Russell talked about that in the '30's. He says, "eventually there will be two classes of people and the ruling class will have a completely separate education from the Plebeians at the bottom."  That's all coming into play. It's already here actually, that part of it. The genetic enhancement is a done deal. They want to dumb down most people. They'll enhance you in certain ways to make you a better worker, but you'll be incapable of thinking independently as a separate human being. They'll make sure of that. You'll be very, very good, very efficient at the work that they've giving you or you're assigned to, but you will not be an independent-minded thinker at all.


Rick:  It goes back to what you were saying before like you said they'll make Dachau sound like Disneyland; and this guy is making what Mengele did sound like Disneyland.


Alan:  Mengele was quite the character. I mean he collected blue eyeballs. That was his hobby and they're all the much the same. You see it's the same characters in charge at the top. They're sadistic psychopaths who have strange fascinations of the macabre and they're running the show. They're paid lots of money to do all this experimentation, but I do hope people get that through their heads that the elite have already said that this will not create the main problem they're trying to avoid, and that's independent thinkers with high intellect. Their whole job is to cull off those with high intellect. That was also part of their agenda. Russell talked about that and I read it from his blurb last night. I put it on my blurb what Russell said about that. You'll be very, very efficient but you'll be more like the Borg than an actual sentient human being.


Rick:  Yes. I just wanted to put that out there Alan. They're also talking about the third Kosovo war. We're going to have Clinton again. We're going to have Kosovo again and it's going to be like – there's a lot of articles coming out now. I just wanted to share that one with you Alan. Maybe I'll send it to you when I'm done reading it.


Alan:  Yes, I'd appreciate that.


Rick:  All right. Well thank you very much and have a happy holiday season.


Alan:  And you too.


Rick:  All right. Bye-bye.


Alan:  Bye now. That's the world we're getting trained into and it’s all around us and we'll be overwhelmed with all the little disclosures in newspapers and magazines all pointing the same way, because as I say most folk have induced beliefs. They have no beliefs of their own. It's induced beliefs. They take it almost by osmosis and they start parroting the phrases and so on, and they become what they're meant to become through this induction without questioning it. That's where we're going today. I know that even 15 years ago, certain ones in India were paying big, big bucks for genetic manipulation of their offspring, very high Brahmans, and it was being done already there; and there's your problem again with humanity. You either leave them as they are and leave things to work out the way they are with the children born in the normal way and take your chances. You see people are addicted to shopping. In the Western civilization they're actually addicted to shopping and it wouldn't be hard in that kind of culture – which is the total culture really, it's a commercialized culture – to convince mothers or even give them the options of would you want a son who's 6'4" and a good surgeon, or do you want to take your chances that he might be the garbage man? This is the sort of thing that will work very, very well with a shopping addicted culture. They shop for everything. That's how things are now in the system. It's a sad system and it wasn't designed to last forever the way it is. It was designed to go into this next phase, but society is ready for it. A lot of them are ready for it and it will be interesting to watch, if we all live long enough to go through it, to watch it happening and you will hear people coming out boasting about making God-like offspring. This God-like stuff is becoming very prevalent today.


The ego is out of control. They believe all this stuff. They've really soaked up all this New Age stuff and godhood stuff and that's the great delusion, the great folly, even though every holy book including the Vedas doesn't promise that the bulk will come through. Well, if you're not an individual then you're popular. Understand? An individual will not be popular. The populace like the popular. If you like the things of the world, you'll chat about the things of the world and they'll love you for it, but they don't realize there's so many of them who are now the New Age. They're becoming the main religion and therefore, obviously, if only a minority come through it won't be them because they'll be the majority. It doesn't dawn on them.


Hello. We have Ben in Wisconsin there. Are you there, Ben?


Ben:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Ben:  Doing well. I really love your work. I'd like to say that first off, I'm glad we have people like you out there doing what your doing. My question for you is: Are you familiar with a man by the name of Wilhelm Reich?


Alan:  Yes.


Ben:  Do you know anything about him? I know he was heavily persecuted in multiple countries including this one where he died in prison.


Alan:  He claimed that he discovered this light force, or cosmic type force and so on and Orgone energy and all that kind of stuff. That was already coming out as far back as the '30's. He copied the idea from science. It was already being discussed back in the '30's and came out with that. Now whether he was genuine or not, we'll never ever know. Personally, I'm very weary of people who come up with these technologies. Remember it's the same thing too. In Blavatsky's day they said they'd blend science with religion and that's why the New Age religions use scientific terminology combined, trying to justify the validity of their religion. They're blending them and it’s the same thing with all healing today. You can heal anything if we just get this new gadget or gizmo that sparks and all the rest of it. It's very impressive and gives a nice humming sound. Again, it's the old hypnotic stuff. If you believe in it enough it will work for a little while, but there's too many shysters coming out over the years selling all kinds of stuff to sick and dying people. There's a lot of money to be made off misery because people are desperate. You understand?


Ben:  Yes.


Alan:  So just because they say and they claim things does not mean it's true. It's the same with Reich, same sort of problem. You're stuck in this never-never land without the proof.


Ben:  He wrote a book that I thought he was right on with a lot of things – the mass psychology of fascism.


Alan:  All societies are technically fascist. Even the communist ones were.


Ben:  Sure. I guess that's why I'm asking, because a lot of what he claimed to discover seemed a little bit crazy to me but a lot of his writings seemed right on also.


Alan:  As I say, we'll never ever know and I don't even waste my time with people who are put up there as mysteries to speculate about because you can never get to the bottom of it. It was the same with the Royal Rife machines. The ones that Rife had experimented with, and you can see the old film footage on it, used big tubes and it emitted tremendous light almost like x-rays. Whereas the stuff they sell today, they don't use those tubes at all. They just attach a couple of electrodes to the body and claim that turning this frequency or that frequency will destroy staphylococcus or whatever it happens to be. It's more a matter of faith really, because I haven’t met anyone who's been cured of anything and I find that odd.


Ben:  I haven't done enough research on it to know really. Now one more guy I wanted to ask you about is I've been seeing this guy's artwork a lot of places lately. Are you familiar with Alex Grey?


Alan:  Yes.


Ben:  I'm going to guess. It's hard to tell but it looks pretty new-agey to me.


Alan:  All art – whatever the guys at the top say art is suddenly becomes trendy; the king has no clothes works wonders with the followers. I've known some top artists that were very good. I've also known people in art galleries that push certain cultures of art or trends in art who are absolutely wacko, but they know too they're kidding. They could tell you anything is art and everyone near the top, all the pretenders, the wannabes, will parrot it and say it's beautiful and it could be the ugliest thing you've ever seen, but that's the folly of humankind again. They do use art to symbolize the kind of culture you're going into. Now we know that the nihilists movement in art from Picasso onwards and all these characters were paid by the West, by the way, to bring in a nihilistic culture with their art. Art that used to bond you to society with love and so on and high emotions, they brought in these cold works of art that made your society schizoid. It splits you apart. It gave you nothing to hold on to, and that was a purpose-made trend so that they could start reshaping society and what values were.


Ben:  The nihilist, does he believe in nothing? Is that correct?


Alan:  Anything that was dear and near to humanity as a species was to be destroyed to kill off the old bonds. I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and just discussing how even art, all arts you see are used to create a mindset amongst the populace that takes it on by osmosis. They don't really question. They simply adopt things. It's osmotically transferred to their minds, that which suddenly appears around them, and you have to go into different pieces to find the meanings and I'm not familiar with all these particular artists. I've seen some stuff but I have to go into it in detail to find out if there is any other kind of messages there and being promoted there. What you do see now in these alternate realities, you see cartoonish figures that they're bringing the children into these alternate realities with, where they all eventually will be hooked up to the internet like brain interfaces. They're giving them what seems to be a perfection.


Very unreal and I wondered why the Soviet system when I was young was using a lot of cartoons to get the message across to the public. I thought cartoons are so childish but they went into it in a big, big way and sponsored a lot of artists to do the drawings et cetera for cartoon animations. They always had the public moral content to shape society and now we know that these cartoon figures now are used in these particular games and alternate realities. That was the purpose of it. It started a long, long time ago and the characters have no flaws whatsoever and you can actually make your own type out of composites; make a composite of yourself and design it the way you want to be, because in this society you're taught not to like who you are.


That's a very important part of the capitalization in culture that we live in. It runs on making you feel unhappy with who you are. That's the whole point of it. If you were happy with who you are, you wouldn't be running off getting all the fancy hairdos and buying all the slick clothes to make yourself look different. It's all meant to make you unhappy with who you are and they've targeted no one as much as the female of the species, telling them that this is too small, that's too big, yah-de-yah-de-yah, and just come and get this and buy that and you'll be fine. That's how commerce works. It exploits people. That's the bottom line. It's meant to exploit you and they look at the Achilles heel of the female; the Achilles heel of the male and they knew how to exploit either one of them. It's a science and it works because we haven’t changed our nature. In the society that we're raised in, we're taught not to really like ourselves as we are, unless you're part of the group, like a little part of the jigsaw puzzle that fits in the group out there, group think. Then you're a good citizen and you'll fit into the new system quite well.


It’s sad how they've used the arts down through the ages and again it's not new. If you look at the muses you'll catch on to what it all means, if you understand what the muses are in old ancient mythology and how it can be used against the people to inculcate new values, even if they're detrimental to yourself, you'll adopt them and you'll work them into being.


Well, I hear the music, so that's it coming up for tonight. From Hamish the dog and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)