April 21, 2010 (#560)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 21, 2010:

Tyranny's Only Opposition:
No Standing Up By the Manly, When There is No Family:

"Foundations Use Change Through Time a la Fabian Modus,
Then Introduce the Changes, So Slow We Hardly Notice,
Nothing Happens in This Old World Unless Planning Makes It So,
Look Into Chatham House, They Say Where World Will Go,
The United Nations Plan and Implement Every Aspect of Life,
Destroying the Old, Bringing in the New, Regardless of the Strife,
State's in Charge of Values, Given to Each Young Generation
Via UNESCO's Updates and Hollywood's Degradation,
Once Family's Destroyed, Only Parent is Big Brother,
A Cruel System You Will Serve, Wishing for Another"
© Alan Watt April 21, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 21, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 21, 2010.  I always go through this little mantra at the beginning and advise newcomers to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com  web site.  You can see the hundreds of talks Iíve given over the years; download them for free and go through them at your leisure.  Donít rush stuff; you donít really take it in if you rush stuff.  Itís good to listen to the audios and rather than select them either, go through them one at a time because it gives you the picture of the history that we are going through.  Weíve created history.  We are creating history.  At least someone is creating history and we certainly are going through it.  I put it together the best I can to show you the big forces that guide the future.  Believe you me, the future ainít what it used to be.  We are guided through everything and nothing is by chanceÖ in any area of society, especially cultural changes, structure in society, all of those things are guided to us.  So go into the web site and while you are there, bookmark all the other official sites Iíve got listed because sometimes the .com site goes down or youíll find itís slow to download with too many people going in at once.  So you can always get downloads from these alternate sites.  [Official sites listed above.] 


Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  Iím not advertising anything.  Iím not bringing people on as guests under the guise of giving information while they sell stuff; thatís how it normally happens.  Hosts get paid by advertisers.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers themselves directly to RBN to broadcast the show.  It pays for their board ops and their equipment, their upgrades, bills and all the other stuff that we are all so used to.  So youíve got to keep me going, IF you want me to keep going that is, and help me out.  Go into my web sites, see the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale.  I do write in a different style all together.  Itís non-linear.  I show you how to think around corners rather than just try to blast through the wall, as we are trained to do, in straight lines.  Thatís how the elite think themselves.  Thatís how they con us, in the art of conology.  They go around things.  We always see what we think is the easy destination and we are always fooled.  We always end up somewhere elseÖ old tricks of managing massive populations, very ancient in fact.  So you can buy these books and disks I have for sale or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, lots of people get them passed to them who donít use computers, they play them on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  I really do need your help to keep going.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Most folk are punch drunk today.  They are punch drunk with information and that is an effect of the information wars that we have.  I can remember before the internet was given they talked about the possibility of people being unable to really absorb data and figure out the data.  Remember, everything is just data.  Lots of it is trivia and itís a constant stream of trivia.  Plus we get important things in between that - little bits and pieces, bits and bytes as they call it - which is generally all that people really ever remember, if that at all.  We get overloaded with it.  So getting overloaded itself is a technique to basically disable the person who is trying to figure out whatís going on. 


Every day I look through many different articles to decide whether to read them on the air or not and to dissect them for you.  Thatís what I try to do.  I try to take the ones that are worth dissecting and filling in the little bits that they donít mention in the articles because very little is actually written in such a way as to give you all the information on anything.  Most articles are written by organizations, sometimes big foundations themselves.  Mainstream media is meant to give you a spin or to put the good side of something without mentioning the negative consequences.  So Iím very, very careful generally on what I read on the air.  But I have noticed that people do get definitely overwhelmed with data.  I try not to go into the crisis, crisis, crisis stuff that we get all the time because thatís a technique of warfare on YOU.  Itís a warfare on your mind.  It disables the mind.  You cannot think clearly if you truly feel that you are under attack from 100 different sources every single day.  Youíll be a nervous wreck in no time and you will be disabled. 


Iíve read I think a year ago about the cyber warfare teams that the Pentagon already had set up.  They set them up years ago in fact.  These teams went under various guises to infiltrate all kinds of groups and then lead all kinds of groups.  They even started groups up and then you could join them always thinking you were fighting against something which you believed in, only to find out that big DARPA or somewhere with some other company was leading you on down the garden path.  They could disable your minds by making you a nervous, utterly nervous wreck.  So donít fall into that trap.  You have to be very, very discerning.  As I say, Iíve read the articles from their own sites where they talked about the ability to DISABLEÖ disable people who could be potential problems down the road.  Believe you me, that is the technique that really does work. 


Over the years many people have become completely burned out, burned out because they could not discern what to spend their time thinking about and what to let go, what to bypass.  As I say, when a general is standing on a hill Ė in the old-fashioned days when they used to stand on hills and look down on the battlefield Ė he could not be distracted by the casualties over to the left, or to the right, or in a particular area.  He had to see where the main threat came from and how to overcome it so he could win.  After all, thatís what it was all about; it was winning the battle.  Therefore, when you are really concentrating on so many different areas and jumping from here to there, you cannot be forceful enough to get any one particular thing accomplished. 


We ARE under warfare, constant warfare and the internet, believe you me, wasnít given to us so that we could simply have the kind of country that a lot of people would want to have.  We know that the biggest players on the internet are the biggest foundations and the biggest NGOs funded by the foundations along side the intelligence services.  The intelligence services go under many, many guises to entrap people, to pull them along, to get them into what seems to be the real agenda and then they swerve you way off into other subjects and other directions until you are mind bombedÖ utterly mind bombed and useless.  Psychological warfare basically, psy-ops operations. 


I try to go over the history of this big agenda.  Never lose sight of it.  You cannot lose sight of the history of the agenda because itís the only way youíll really make sense of whatís happening today.  Itís a Fabian style agenda, incremental, slow step, by slow step, by slow step, intergenerational.  Carroll Quigley who worked for the big boys, for their Council on Foreign Relations for the USA, advisor to the State Department, to the military and to many different parts of the US government and to diplomats too, the diplomatic corp.  He went through some of this too.  He certainly understood his history and the psychology of the masses and techniques that were used on the masses.  He was all for it.  He was the man who wrote the book Tragedy and Hope and his other big book was called The Anglo-American Establishment where he literally filled in the REASONS for things happening from the late 1800s right up to the present time basically because he went into the future, a future that he wouldnít live to.  He understood the agenda because he was the historian for the CFR.  He was all for it.  He didnít agree with some of their methods here and there but he was all for their agenda.  He was an elitist himself. 


Thatís why you have to go into the writings from Chatham House which is the headquarters for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a PRIVATE, unelected organization that literally has member all through British government and all through the British Commonwealth systems of government and their bureaucracies.  They advise all governments on what directions to take. They are heavily into the banking because when they were started up, they combined into the Royal Institute of International Affairs from the Rhodes Foundation and the Milner Group. The Milner Group was comprised solely of international bankers.  They set up what they though was a world society.  They wanted a world parliament and that was what the League of Nations was set up to do.  They were the ones who pushed it.  They were the ones who worked on the setting up of it.  They got Mandell House, one of their boys in the United States, to get President Wilson to be the figurehead for the start up of the United Nations.  The American branch eventually became called the Council on Foreign Relations.  It sounds better than ROYAL; it wouldnít go down too well within the United States. 


They had all these big players working with them and they had different branches, special branches and other foundations working on special areas like the Fabian Society to bring in what they saw was the socialist type society with an elite group ruling them, a scientific elite.  Thatís all through all their writings.  Specialists would have the right to rule the people underneath them, the masses as they commonly refer to them, the unwashed masses.  But there would be a structured society and at the top of their list was depopulation of the masses for a post-industrial society.  They wanted extensive birth control.  They wanted to legitimize abortion, mandatory abortion very early on in Britain.  Again, by this new kind of government they would bring in. 


They knew it would take many, many years of INCREMENTALISM to get the public ready to accept all of this.  Well, itís all here now.  We accept it because weíve been debauched generation by generation.  As Quigley said, the average person has a hard time when they come up with an idea and start a processÖ  We want to see things accomplished in our one lifetime whereas a foundation can last for 100-200 years with ONE mandate.  Then you get 50 of these foundations, or 100 of them working with their separate parts of the SAME mandate for 100-200 years.  Hiring people full time, retiring people, recruiting, retraining and they get things done.  Thatís how it really does work.  There is nothing happening today that was not written about by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, right back about 1920 or so.  There is nothing thatís happening today.


They talked about a unified monetary system that they would eventually bring in once they had the world under 3 trading blocs.  Each trading bloc would have a kind of one parliament, a provincial type parliament, not an ultimate one because they would all be subservient to a world government.  Thatís what the United Nations is today.  Itís the whole structure for world government.  You donít realize that nearly everything that happens, through your education system, through the different branches of UNESCO at the United Nations, runs your whole school system.  It doesnít matter what country you are in, every country signed on to it.  Once youíve signed on you must obey it; thatís how itís set up.  It doesnít matter what the publics want.  There is a variety of cultures all through the world and it does not matter what they want.  Itís what UNESCO is giving them, thatís what they are going to get. 


They know itís now TIME, especially since the 50s, steamrolling through the 60s, 70s, and 80s and 90s, to do in various areas of sexuality, especially, they would get the public quite ready to accept anything that they push.  And by the way, part of it was to ultimately to have not just mandatory sterilization, compulsory abortion of the unfit and all the rest of it, the feeble or those who simply were not needed by society, for the new communitarian societies that they were going to create about this time that we are going through now.  They also wanted to step up the death rate so that the people down below would not live too long either.  We see both things happening now.  The cry is back in again.  Itís not just abortion; they want more rights for abortion of those they donít simply need.  More and more articles are coming out from, again, the henchmen that all work for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the planned society, for the new communitarianism where you will be born ONLY IF they need you in that community and you wonít live too long either.  Thatís a part of the agenda.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system that really is the big octopus that stretches across the whole world, so many different tentacles into every aspect of life, every area of life.  They talked back in the early 1900s of central banks which they accomplished.  They also talked about eventually another overseeing bank which became the International Monetary Fund in fact, through the United Nations, and a World Bank.  The goal eventually was to have the Bretton Woods Agreement Part 1, and Part 2 was supposed to come in now.  There are articles within the Royal Institute of International Affairs own web sites where they are talking about having to stall it a little bit; the public havenít quite swallowed that.  But then they go through in the same article and talk about going ahead anyway and bringing in an oversight with the IMF over every countryís national expenses; in other words, their budgets.  They want control of every countryís budget and your spendingÖ which was the intention when they first set up the Bretton Woods Agreement. 


They also talked about going into, again, the destruction of the family unit; something utterly necessary to bring in a planned society.  George Orwell talked about it too.  He was at world meetings.  He was groomed actually to take part as an elite member of the crew from the private school he was recruited from at the university in Cambridge, as many were in fact.  He turned against them eventually and let the cat out of the bag.  Youíll find that he corresponded constantly with Aldous Huxley in the 1930s talking about what kind of system the elite were going to bring in.  They knew all this stuff. They knew all the big players involved.  They knew all the richest people on the planet who ran the foundations that really ran the government of the world and the banks.  They talked about, would it really be totalitarian as George Orwell predicted or would it be a gradual implementation through basically conditioning children generation by generation to have sex at a very early age? 


That wasnít Huxleyís idea.  He didnít make it up himself.  He got the idea from Lord Bertrand Russell who also worked on these big think tanks, global think tanks.  Lord Bertrand Russell had experimental schools where he was allowed to do things that were not allowed to be done anywhere else.  He would have been hung outside of these protected schools that were given Royal charters to experiment on children.  They encouraged PRE-PUBERTAL sex, the idea being if you could really overdose children with sexual images and thinking, if you could get them really interested in getting them interested in pre-pubertal sex then they would be going from partner to partner very, very quickly and they would never bond with anyone. The idea being they want to bring in a brave new world, the Huxley type scenario where no one would have to bond with anyone, sex was easily available, any kind of sex would do. 


That was also taken up by Huxleyís brother Julian Huxley who was the first CEO of UNESCO that brings in this agenda and the curriculums for education across the world, especially sexual education.  Scientifically designed in other words, scientifically designed systems.  They knew that it would take from about maybe the 1920s.  They tried in the roaring 20s; we always tend to forget the roaring 20s.  The mini skirt came in then and the Charleston, the dance.  The booze cans were made very, very popular because they were naughty.  The youngsters went in there and the sex was really promoted through the jazz and all the rest of it.  These are the techniques they use because Plato says you always use the culture industry.  Thatís music, drama, all the rest of it, and fashion too.  AlwaysÖ same techniques. 


The fallout back then was overwhelming.  Venereal disease was rampant because there were no antibiotics.  The children out of wedlock were getting thrown into boysí homes and girlsí homes, or the back street abortionists were just having a flourishing trade.  So it fell into disrepute.  It didnít work.  So they went back to the drawing board and they used the peoplesí tax money, masses of tax money to go into scientific research to find ways to stop people from conceiving children, to stop the women from conceiving.  Thatís why they came up with the pill.  It was a MUST BE.  Millions and millions of dollars were spent on this.  Regardless of what else was needed in society, that was a must be.  Then when they got the pill, they reintroduced the music again, the mini skirt, the arenít we naughty scenarios and started off the hippy generation, as they called it. 


At the same time they were pushing the social changes, social changes.  Socialism was really what they were talking about, getting government that cared.  Now, government that cares has so many different branches that end up dominating your life.  Thatís the real intention.  Thatís how you bring in socialism.  It starts off by something that seems kind of reasonable.  Well, if we are paying all these taxes we should be getting the services back shouldnít we.  That makes sense but of course, what it ends up being is you have all these government agencies that end up dominating and domineering and guiding your lives.  Thatís what socialism is.  They wanted that kind of system at the top.  They said they wanted that.  They decided theyíd have that back in the 1920s to control the masses.  Thatís what they called them, the masses.  We came out of an industrial era and thatís when Ďthe massesí first was used.  All THOSE people, you know, all THOSE folk, the majority of THEM. 


So we went through the whole process of sexual promiscuity and the promotion from the top down.  Just go and do it. Just have fun.  All the movies got in on the act and they were telling you, donít worry about things, the hospitals will take care of unwanted pregnancies, stuff like that.  Then a few generations later, the NEXT move goes on and it truly is still the same move, aimed at very young children because they donít want the next generation to have families at all.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the step by step process where men start off projects knowing they will never live to see the end of it but also knowing that those in the same foundations will carry it on until they come to be, something that the rest of us donít have the LUXURY to do. We canít plan things that we canít finish in our lifetime but those that set up these big foundations are INTERGENERATIONAL.  Maybe 100 years, 200 years to bring off the big plan and they have all the funding in the world to do it.  They all work with the other foundations.  They all have their special part to control societies. 


I was just talking about the sexual aspect of things because you control the sexual aspect of things to break up the family unit.  Julian Huxley said it himself; he said, if we can make the children very promiscuous, they wonít bond with a partner for life.  Part of the idea being that men will never fight for anything if they donít have a family.  All they will fight for is for the big boss, the government boss that gives them some respect by giving them clean clothes for the first time in their lives often and putting them off into some battlefield with a gun.  Thatís how they get some respect.  Outside of that, there is nothingÖ they are nobodies back home, you see, nobodies.  They are in the rat race competing for everything. 


We are all well understood.  Itís all psychology.  They also knew that children who would start off with pre-pubertal sex and would be very unlikely to ever mate and bond with one person for life.  There was no need to.  Thatís why in the 70s, even in the 60s in Britain, the governments that were really promoting that started to push for single-family units.  That was mother and daughter/son basically.  Thatís what they were pushing for.  Lots of countries followed suit and that, again, came through UNESCO and the United Nations. 


Here is an article that just verifies what Iím talking about here, without going into the reality behind it.  We get handouts to newspapers in countries like Canada.  This one is about Toronto. 


Ontario premier (Alan:  Thatís basically the governor of a Province in Canada, or a state.) defends sex-ed curriculum

Linda Nguyen, Canwest News Service: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 / globaltoronto.com


TORONTO - Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty (A:  That some call an old goat.) defended the province's new sex education curriculum Tuesday, saying children as young as eight years old should be learning about a variety of issues, including gender identity and sexual orientation.  (A:  So they start off at one thing, they push the envelope and push the envelope.  They can do that because the parents have grown up in a more debauched society than their parents.  Itís intergenerational and we all get kind of debauched and degraded and down we go until well, whatís really bad about that; we did thisÖ and so on.  Thatís how we accept things. So now they want to start getting really into picking gender roles and sexual orientation at a very early age.  Of course they also have advisors in schools and they will probably say to them, well, you know, how do you know you are not this way if you havenít tried it?  Maybe you are inhibited.  You know.  If you want to talk to specialists we can get specialists; maybe you are inhibited; maybe thatís why you havenít tried this.  Iím not kidding. This stuff goes on.  They want a completely dysfunctional society regarding mating for life and anything outside of that really is dysfunctional.  It ends up being dysfunctional; a society cannot stand like that.  They donít want it to stand. They are bringing in, remember, a brave new world.  This is what his handout here, McGunityís handout saysÖ)


"I think I speak with an understanding of the information available to children today. They are going to get this information. We (can) provide it in a format and in a venue in which we have some control, or they can just get it entirely on their own and be informed by potentially uninformed sources like their friends at school."


The revised curriculum, which will be implemented in Ontario schools beginning in the fall, will see Grade 3 students being taught about gender identity and sexual orientation.  (A:  I thought sexual orientation was where will you stand when you are in the washroom, you know, for the guys.  It was very important to know where to you know what.  Thatís obviously changed.)  This is the first time this topic has been specified in the sex education curriculum. (A:  Itís a big lie too because they have discussed worse things than this before.)


Students in Grade 6 will learn about masturbation and wet dreams while those in Grade 7 will be taught about oral and anal sex. (A:  You see, there is no parental input and the parents wonít go into it because theyíve been glued to the television for the last 20 years themselves watching what basically is soft porn, through all the different things that are just standard fare on television.  Theyíve already been degraded themselves.  So their children are going to get taught about this.  You know when they teach them, itís really to PUSH it and promote it.  Itís all over Much Music.  Every innuendo that you get there and every, the so-called dancing there, is just something else completely.  Itís all sex, sex, sex.  Itís through their teen magazines.  Itís through everything they look at.)


The curriculum was developed after more than a year of consultations between academics, students, educators and ministries from other provinces. For example, children learn about puberty, including menstruation, in Grade 4 in schools in B.C. and Alberta.


Then it goes on about other people complaining and so onÖ but they donít go into the reality behind it either.  They never do.  They just give us nonsense and lies.  Well, if you go into this other site here, itís from The Toronto Star and itís also in the Canadian Press.    Iíll put these links up on my site at the end of the show. 


Catholic schools must teach new sex ed: McGuinty

April 21, 2010 / thestar.com


Ontario's Catholic schools can't opt out of a revamped sex ed curriculum even if it goes against their religious beliefs to teach kids about masturbation and homosexuality, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Wednesday.


Several conservative and religious groups claim the changes coming this fall will corrupt young minds with ďexplicitĒ topics like anal sex. But Ontario's Catholic premier made it clear that all public schools must teach the lessons that will start as early as age six.  (A:  By the way, I hope you realize too, that part of the big curriculum according to the Huxleyís and others, was to get INTERGENERATIONAL SEX on the go and eradicate even the term pedophilia.  Itís to NORMALIZE it.  I hope you realize this is all part of that too.  I donít know if you know the International Census Bureau, as all your countries have Census Bureaus that you think are protecting you from too much, people from going overboard pushing the envelope too far.  No.  The opposite is true. They are there to take the pulse of the public and see if they are READY FOR THE ENVELOPE BEING PUSHED A LITTLE BIT MORE.  They said at the international meeting in 2000 that now that they had won the rights to put homosexuality on television and different things, they would now push for the rights of intergenerational sex AND bestiality.  Iím not kidding folks.  Professors attended this international meeting.)


ďIf parents are uncomfortable with certain aspects of this new curriculum, they can and they are free to withdraw their children from the classroom.Ē


The first changes to Ontario's curriculum in a dozen years will see students learning about masturbation in Grade 6 and oral and anal sex at age 12.  (A:  So they keep giving you different numbers and dates here.)


Opponents who are mounting a campaign to get rid of the program have described the curriculum as ďevilĒ and ďbordering on criminal.Ē They say teaching eight year olds about gender identity and same-sex marriage is inappropriate and should be left up to parents.  (A:  Thatís a fact too.  If you got a social agenda on the go here and really a political agenda, whatís it doing in the school room?  And pressure groups are under a political agenda and a social agenda.  That should not be in the class room at all.)


Then, if we go into another article here Ė Iíll put this link up as well Ė from Toronto. 


Condoms, masturbation, abortion content provoke controversy in UNESCO sex education draft guidelines

September 3 ∑ Sarah Estrella - Sex Education Examiner / examiner.com


(A:  Thatís the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO.  So here is the only one thatís telling you where it comes from, that all the countries sign on board with.  It says hereÖ)


On Monday the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (A:  Remember, we do not electÖ You understand, the United Nations is an UNELECTED body.  Itís a NON-democratic bodyÖ but it works for the Royal Institute of International Affairs that set it up with the same mandate.) is due to release a new draft proposal of its controversial international Sexuality Education guidelines.


UNESCO pulled an earlier draft of the guidelines from its website in June after they sparked international controversy and criticism from conservative and religious groups: Conservative commentators in America have been particularly vocal about that draft's suggestion of discussion about masturbation for children as young as 5 years old.  (A:  Thatís what UNESCO actually wantedÖ 5 years of age.)


The guidelines are the result of a two-year effort in support of UNESCO's HIV and AIDS prevention strategy (A:  They are utter liars these people.  Utter liars but weíll listen to them lie a bitÖ) and its attempts to promote sex education as a "demonstrably effective programme for young people" and to "promote cooperation and sharing of experiences among key stakeholders.  (A:  I wonder if thatís all the pervs that watch all the pedophile sites on the internet.  Iím not kidding about that folks either.)


It's hard enough to get a small American community to agree on any kind of sex education standards, (A:  Then they go on about and so on and so on.  Then they go on to say from UNESCO that they have shown that it actually reduces the sexual interaction with children, which is just UTTER LIES.  The opposite is true and they well know it but they are born liars that work there.  You donít tell peopleÖ See, the herd are children.  WE are all children according to the United Nations.  You canít tell the truth to the children, youíve got to lie to them, you know; they would never go along with it.) much less to build consensus and cooperation around international guidelines, but this is serious business, and UNESCO's guidelines argue that sex education helps to postpone the onset of sexual activity among young people, reduce the number of sexual partners and unprotected sex they are having, and decrease the rate of sexually transmitted infection and unplanned pregnancy.


Conservatives in America and around the world Ė presumably still convinced that abstinence-only education programs are the only way to go on these fronts Ė are irked by the guidelines' emphasis on condom use and upset over frank discussion of masturbation, homosexuality, and abortion proposed in the guidelines. UNESCO's Sexuality Education guidelines, coordinated with other U.N. agencies including UNICEF and the World Health Organization, (A:  Oh, those winners; the guys that want to kill us all off through inoculations.) are intended to help U.N. member countries improve sex education and sexual health, particularly among young people and in the developing world, to reduce illegal abortions, and to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infection, including HIV and AIDS.  (A: Which of course it does nothing of the sort.)


As I say, Bertrand Russell had the school back in the 20s and they found out that it certainly DID obsess the children with sexual thought and thinking, leading to sexual action.  So they are just lying away there because that is the agenda.  Youíve got to see the movie Brave New World; youíve got to see it.  Remember it was written in 1933.  Huxley said that they could bring in any kind of society that the masters wanted using scientific techniques and THEY HAVE BEEN DOING IT folks.  They have been doing it.  We are run by these very clever psychopaths who see us as a bunch of people in a dollís house and they are looking down from above you and they are just playing with the doll house.  Unfortunately, the systems that they use on the people, or the dolls inside the house, they do work.  They do work.  Absolutely they do work. 


We are dealing with liars and psychopaths near the top, you see.  Destroying cultures was SO important to them; the absolute destruction of all cultures to bring in a NEW culture run by GOVERNMENT.  Thatís the whole idea of it.  Communitarianism is all PART of that.  Youíve got to understand what communitarianism IS.  Itís the PLANNED societies where everyone will be born ONLY if they need YOU to work in their system.  If they donít need you in their system, you will simply be terminated before you are born, maybe even after it because they have even discussed killing off children up to the age of 2 and Iím not kidding about that either.  Thatís been out in the mainstream media. 


Thatís the world we are going into.  We are actually IN it.  When we accept mass killings and we accept bodies being plasticized and hung on wires in art shows.  We are desensitized by these terrible shows like CSI or whatever theyíve got on television where everybody is just a hunk of meat anyway.  Now they are going for not just for preventing the youth from being born; now they are going to shorten the life span.  They call it, weíve got to up the DEATH RATES.  Why do you think you are dropping dead with all these new cancers?  Öall over the place?  And they are always stumped when the find some new cancer disease in our inoculations.  But the big boys, the experts are always stumped, my God, we had it there for 20 years and we never knewÖ theyíve just found it out.  Well, they didnít find it; other companies will find it out for them.  And you scratch your head thinking itís ALL BY COINCIDENCE.  Itís all chance.  Who would do that?  Thatís what you say; itís the first thing out of your mouth.  Oh, who would do that?  Because YOU wouldnít do that, you see.  Well, probably you wouldnít send your own families off to fight in Afghanistan either or anywhere else.  But they do.  They plan wars in advance.  When they plan a war on society THEY MEAN IT and they PUT IT INTO BEINGÖ through various meansÖ as we become more and more dehumanized.  But mind you, the more dehumanized we become, the less we complain about anything.  We are just too busy having a good time, playing ourselves, ADULT CHILDREN, children who never grew up at all and government will advise us in every aspect of whatever we must do. 


Someone wrote to me and his daughter had been basically involved with social workers her whole life because, I guess the mother had the child and it was a dysfunctional family, or whatever, or the daughter had problems.  She actually, as she was growing up, right into adulthood, would call on social work departments as though they were her friends.  When any decision came up sheíd ask them what she should do.  THATíS what government wants, folks.  Thatís what itís all set up to eventually be.  Youíll be an eternal child just playing along and playing along, watching all your stuff on television and going out to the booze cans and dancing away and sleeping around.  But when it comes to anything important, you have to go to your friends at the social work departments to advise you what to do.  Big Brother will tell you what to do.  Thatís the system theyíve pretty well brought in. 


The corrupt, evil characters that run us like Al Gore, they are in the papers all the time.  People believe their IMAGE because theyíve got SUCH incredible publicity behind them, massive publicity campaigns to show them as so squeaky-clean.  The guy was brought up, remember, by one of the top communists in the world.  The top communists are multi-billionaires and multi trillionaires.  See, they created communism FOR this kind of system.  Itís the easiest way to own the world in a socialist system and you boys at the top are the Fascists; there is a different set of rules for you, you see.  I'll be back with more and Iíll mention Al Gore after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just following on with Al Gore, the allegory I call him, the protťgť of Armand Hammer.  Do your homework on Armand Hammer and youíll get quite the eye opener.  Heís another globalist who had homes both in the US and in the Kremlin.  There was no real Cold War as you think.  It was all part of it to bring it together to the present system today where you have a Fascist elite running the world and the communitarian communist style bureaucracy running us all below and we do what we are told.  Thatís what they are bringing in folks. 


So Al Gore, the guy thatís part of the big global warming scam.  If it was a freezing scam, he wouldnít care what kind of scam it was, heíd get in on it anyway; thatís his job.  It says here from this articleÖ


Gore takes cash for water campaign from chemical firm

By Nina Lakhani / theindependent.co.uk / April 18, 2010


Al Gore, the self-styled squeakiest-clean and deepest-green politician in American history, has some explaining to do this weekend. His environmental organisation has taken money to raise awareness about the need for clean water from a controversial chemicals company.  (A:  Thatís nothing really.  He would take it from the local sewage supply, whatever.)


Dow Chemical, the US firm, is sponsoring Life Earth events in 150 cities today. The event aims to raise money for clean water programmes. Research by environmental organisations has found dangerous levels of highly toxic chemicals in rivers, lakes and other water supplies close to several other factories owned by Dow and its subsidiaries in countries including the United States, Brazil and South Africa.


Dow's factories at its global headquarters in Midland, Michigan, have been accused of contaminating the region, including the Tittabawassee River floodplains, with high levels of dioxin - one of the "dirty dozen" most dangerous chemicals. In 2007, the highest level of dioxin contamination ever measured by the US Environmental Protection Agency was found in the Michigan Saginaw River. Residents are advised to avoid contact with river sediments and not to eat locally caught fish.  (A:  So Al Gore doesnít mind taking cash fromÖ See, they are all in it together, these characters, eh.)


Iíve got a list here of all the big boys that attended the Copenhagen meeting and every one of these top companies had representatives there.  They are leading the environmental movement and thatís what the yo-yos below them understand. There are lots of yo-yos, you know, lots and lots of them.  They use the fringe groups as well, the ones who would stand up for whatever fringe thing that appeals to them to get an army together, to make big numbers seem to count.  But they are run by these characters at the top, the clever psychopaths at the top, and they will never figure that outÖ never, ever figure it out. 


Al Gore, as I say, interesting; groomed by Armand Hammer.  Heís sailed through life, this guy, sailed through life.  He claims heís the inventor of the internet, a big lie of course but thatís nothing new.  He has a big mouth.  Heís claimed so many amazing things for himself that itís astonishing.  He should really be laughed off, but no.  As long as the press keeps giving him all these different awards and standing him up on stages and he get accolades from all the Hollywood people and all the rest of it, he will continue doing his clown act as we all end up suffering and having no rights whatsoever.  You see, we are the enemy of the environment, of dear old mother earth, according to guys like Gore.  If you see where his money was sunk youíd get another shock.  Maybe. 


I donít really know if anybody really gets shocked these days, when you really hear about anything.  I think we are so jaded personally and bombarded with useless data, trivia data, in amongst important data, most folk cannot discern what data to take and run with.  Thatís how I see it.  Thatís what they said at DARPA too, theyíd overload us so much we couldnít tell the difference or we couldnít process the data.  Donít give up though.  Itís not up to mass movements.  Itís up to the individual thinkers out there who can communicate with others. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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