April 22, 2010 (#561)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 22, 2010:

The Rise of Neuroscience:
News Guides Our Views, Well Who'da Thunk,
Social Scientist The Boss, The Dirty Skunk:

"Should You Wonder at How You Arrive At Views,
You'll Find You're Guided by Recycled News,
Trial Balloon Embedded in the First Edition,
Reinforced Over Years by Repetition,
Until the Head Man Declares It, Solemn and Formal,
And You Accept It as Inevitably Normal,
Knowing to the Unpopular You'll Eventually Yield,
Masters Prepare Your Mind Like a Field,
The Owners of Earth Have Formed an Alliance
With Doctrinaire Education and Neuroscience,
Upgraded Through Life with Gawkworthy Fiction,
Hero - Big Gun, Girl - Big Boobs and Minimal Diction,
From Studies, 87% Parrot Authorized Opinion,
Satisfying Social Scientists of this World Dominion"
© Alan Watt April 22, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 22, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 22, 2010.  I always suggest that newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site where you can download hundreds of hours of talks Iíve given in the past few years and listen to them at your own time and pace and analyze them for yourself.  Check them up and check them against the evidence; check them against the articles I give you and the references I give you to see if you agree or disagree because you the individual must come to your own conclusion. Donít go with the herd.  The herd always goes in one direction and thatís the one they are pointed to by those that rule them.  You can also help to keep me going on this particular show by looking into my web site and buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale or you can donate to me.  That keeps this hour per night ticking over, just about, almost.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Most of my customers are from the States; everybody else is a bit stingy.  Itís always a good idea to bookmark the other sites I have listed on the front page because some times so many people go into the .com site at the same time to download it can be kind of hesitant or sticky downloads and you can always get a faster download by using another site.  These are all the authorized sites and anything else out there isnít authorized by me.  It might be my stuff thatís on it but itís not authorized.  I can only be responsible for my own doings; put it that way.  [Official sites listed above.]  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  Itís very importantÖ someone who sent me a parcel back in January and they held it for 3 months.  She just got it back in the States because one letter was wrong on the postal code.  So they are awfully sticky about that.  Be sure to use the correct postal code and that should ensure that anything will get to me.  I donít have too much trouble with the post office though.  So far itís not bad at all, although they are cutting back drastically in the United States apparently; they are closing a lot of post offices down. 


Generally I try not to go into the main topics of the day because to be honest with you, they are called news holes and they set trends.  Thatís what they call them in the media business, news holes.  Everything that you read in the media is part of a trend.  Youíll see the same stories.  If you do a search on the story, itís from one newspaper to the next paper because itís a trend thatís being set to fill a news hole.  A news hole is a space left between advertising.  Itís whatever thatís made popular is because they all copy each other and mainly because they are all getting the news from their main TWO sources, Reuters and the AP, or API news that they call it.  So they set the trends of what we yap about on the street level; that way you can control public opinion.  You can guide public opinion; ensure everyone is talking about the same things at the same time.  Excuse the voice, by the way, there is a lot of spraying here and it really, really dries you up.  This aluminum oxide from the air dries you up badly.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how the voice comes and goes because your nose gets plugged up in the mornings and again sometimes around your eyes gets dry.  Thatís the spraying in the skies and they havenít let up in Canada and the States and even in parts of Ireland too.  But you will find in Europe, because so many of the aircraft now are grounded because of all the supposed volcanic ash in the air, that gets into the get engines of the aircraft, that they are having great weather.  Itís just amazing.  Iíve had letters from Sweden and parts of England saying how BLUE the sky is and really, when you havenít seen a blue sky for about 12 years, a REALLY BLUE sky, and some people for the first time.  They are growing up now and they have never really seen deep blue skies.  Itís just an incredible phenomenon.  Theyíve put this spin in the media already to tell you why the skies are so blue.  They are not going to tell you that they have been spraying the skies since 1998 steadily.  This is from Yahoo News. 


Ash cloud's silver lining: bluer skies

Writers Joji Sakurai And Karl Ritter, Associated Press Writers / news.yahoo.com / Wed Apr 21


LONDON Ė As volcanic ash cast a shadow over millions of lives, Londoners and other city dwellers across Europe were treated to a rare spectacle of nature: Pristine, blue skies brighter than any in recent memory


The remarkable sight happened in part because mass flight groundings prevented busy airspace from being crisscrossed with plumes of jet exhaust that create a semi-permanent haze ó and other effects beyond the white contrails themselves.


Just as city lights make it necessary for us to go to the desert to appreciate the true glitter of stars, so has modern aviation dulled us to what the noontime sky can really look like ó until the erupting volcano in Iceland offered a reminder.  (Alan:  So, thatís the spin theyíve put on already as though there were no aircraft in the skies before 1998.  The skies were blue then, actually blue, a real deep blue as well.)


Since the year 2000 and even before that there have been less and less airlines in the air at the same time because of the cost of aviation fuel.  Different companies have merged together or closed down all together.  The flights themselves are crammed to capacity, full capacity now, so there are actually a lot fewer flights than there used to be.  So that is their spin on it anyway; they are telling you that you are seeing blue skies because the traffic is grounded.  However, there are other articles too that tells you that the Air Force is also grounded and I think thatís closer to the truth.  However, the further west they go, parts of Ireland, they are already getting the spray there and theyíve kept it up in Canada. 


Itís astonishing to watch it.  Iíve watched it for years.  I can remember the first day it started in earnest in Ontario where it was literally, they were about HALF the height they normally are at now.  They had the sky literally checker boarded from north, south, east and west.  It was a checker board, very precisely too.  It was like walking into a sci-fi movie when you walked out your door.  These trails they were using then were just the white type and they left plumes from horizon to horizon.  It stayed there for the whole dayÖ  the whole dayÖ suddenly.  It was astonishing to me too, that when you ask people for their impression on these trails, how stunned they look and yet at the same time you could see them go into that well, whereÖ the media hasnít told me anything about this so I donít have an opinion on it.  Thatís kind of what they tried to tell you.  If they could possibly thinkÖ thatís what they would come out with.  Thatís probably the truth as well.  Most folk really canít think unless the media tells them WHAT to think about something.


Iíve mentioned before about how major marketing studies proved many years ago that about 87%, I think, of the general public, when they are asked to pass an opinion on events in their daily lives, or in the media, and come to some conclusion, they could only pass on a superficial conclusion that generally they had actually heard from the same media.  They have no real opinions of their own.  Thatís probably pretty consistent down through time.  Thatís the majority of the general public.  But there you go.  There is your spin on it right away.  Itís because the passenger aircraft are not flying that this is happening. 


Prior to 1998, there were far more jets on the go; fuel was cheaper.  I lived in Europe too and I saw them travel through the sky and trails always dissipated about a handís span Ė if you put your hand up to the tail of the craft as it was flying overhead Ė thatís where the end of the trail would start to disappear.  They did NOT last for hours and all day like they do today.  However, thatís neither here nor there.  Thatís just how it really, really is.  We are living in magic land because believe you me, they cannot tell the public what they are doing.  They already know the effects of geo-engineering.  They donít have to have meetings to decide them.  Theyíve had years of studying us and they KNOW the effects of geo-engineering.  They know all the lung problems, nasal problems, congestion, constant infection, chronic infections, and they also know, Iím sure, what the death rate is with the very young and the elderly.  Never mind this incredible new phenomenon that SUDDENLY everyone has got allergies and suddenly, again, you have older people, middle aged people getting asthma for the first time.  That never happened in previous decades.  It didnít happen.   Unknown.  So itís a new normal.  We are supposed to adapt into new normals all the time without questioning it and most folk, mind you, donít bother to question it at all. 


Iíve read so many times different articles on politicians and how they are trained.  They DO get trained by professionals because we are sold a fake persona with politicians. WE DONíT KNOW THE REAL PEOPLE.  We will never know the real people, never, ever know them unless you have known them prior to that personally.  But you will never know them otherwise.  What you get is blurbs in the newspapers, media ops, which are all completely staged and rehearsed, with words written by scriptwriters.  Theyíve got their dress-up people there and the makeup people and all that kind of stuff just like anybody going into the movies or on the news.  Youíll never really know what they are like. Then you get the magazines that come out too and they tell you how wonderful this person is.  This person is a FAMILY man, a family man, so there is a picture of him in a family and all that kind of stuff.  Itís just nauseating really because we never really know the real people.  In fact, itís not until long after they leave politics that you begin to find out their background and their connections, their family histories, involvements in politics and all of that kind of stuff.  While they are running and once they are in, no, you will never really know who they are except what the media projects to you. 


Here is an article that shows you really, and I donít disagree with them.  I know why they do this.  But it shows you what they are taught and how they are taught to talk to the public.  Just a little bit on it and itís from The Mail Online. 


'Talk to public like they are ten-year-olds':

Advice TV presenter gave Nick Clegg

By Gerri Peev / 22nd April 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


(A:  Advice a professional TV presenter gave.)

Nick Clegg has been secretly groomed for months for his TV debates by a presenter who tells clients to talk to viewers as it they are ten-year-olds.


The Lib Dem leader has been rehearsing for the leadersí debates since November and deployed the services of Scott Chisholm, a former Sky anchorman.


Mr Chisholm Ė who initially denied his involvement with Mr Clegg - has a top tip for clients ahead of TV appearances: ĎPitch it (A:  Pitch your spielÖ) at a ten year old. (A:  Thatís what they are told to do.  Listen to this nowÖ  Itís true.  This is true; this is how far we have sunk with the TV generation.)


'If you use words that viewers have to process in order to understand, then they will miss the next three to six words you sayí.  (A:  Okay.  So in other words, if you use a kind of semi big word, that stops them and they are trying to think what does that mean and they are not listening to the next words that follow. So donít use big words.  Keep it simple, for a 10 year old.)


He also advises clients: ĎIf you are asked a question you know nothing about, do not feel as if you must answer it.í 


Another thing they are taught too, it doesnít mention it in this article, but when they get asked a question thatís a kind of cutting edge question that could put them on the spot for a personal opinion, or it puts them or their party in a bad light, they are told to not answer the question as it was asked, but as YOU WOULD HAVE LIKED IT TO HAVE BEEN ASKED.  In other words, you reframe the question in your head. Thatís why they never give a direct answer to any question thatís kind of sticky.  Weíve all experienced that listening to politicians over the years.  But there you go. There is what you get now.  You get them talking down to us as though we are 10 year olds and no one really notices.  No one minds.  We are used to it.  We are actually used to it.  When you get a President like the last one too, saying they went after Saddam Hussein and got rid of him, not because he was involved in 9/11.  He says, no, I never said he was; we just went after him because he was a bad man and the world was better off without him.  So people are broken down into bad men, bad, you know, bad guys.  Thatís how they talk to usÖ to explain wars.  Yeah, he was a bad guy.  We are the good guys, here are the bad guys.  Thatís how simplistic it is isnít it?  Thatís how simplistic it is to run the people when they are dumbed down to TV lingo, or language.  Quite something.  White hats and black hats and thatís all it is, bad guys.  Itís good enough, what they tell us.  Itís good enough for the public. There is no howl about what on earth is he saying, why is he saying this like a cartoon?  Thatís what the people are actually used to.


Again, you get this trivia.  They call it news holes, as they put stuff in.  A lot of it is creating the trends.  The trends, the ripples of conversation that will go through all media and the internet.  People prattle on about it as expected, that they are EXPECTED to do so.  Those that control the media control the trends and what you are going to be prattling on about.  People have no memory.  They have no memory so you can actually reintroduce the same topic a year later and they will prattle on about it just as they did when they first heard it and they canít remember when they first heard it.  Iíll give you an example when I come back from this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how news is recycled to us through news holes where they set trends for gossip where we just prattle about things and say oh my God, look what they are doing to us now.  Everyone you meet, when you bring up the topic, will say the same thing, yeah, oh my God, how could theyÖ and we all say the same things.  We donít realize often a trend is being set.  Itís getting you READY for something.  Because when we moan about things, itís like getting something off your chest and eventually you come to the inevitability we are all going to get this anyway.  But at least you moaned about it and you feel better because you did some moaning to other people.  Thatís really how it works.  So they are called trial balloons when they first give it out to the public because the public have no memory.  They donít realize the particular thing they are moaning about, that they now believe is inevitable, was programmed into them through previous articles over maybe one, two, or even three years or more through trial balloons. 


The first trial balloon that goes up mentions that some people have been thinking about doing this or a new tax or something and itís always somebody MINOR so there is no danger of it becoming law or anything so you dismiss it BUT youíve taken it into your head by osmosis.  Thatís how we learn as humans when we are being indoctrinated gradually as test rats.  Itís through osmosis, through these trial balloons and you are being programmed but you donít remember the trial balloon.  Then you hear it again and itís kind of more familiar to you and then once they are actually ready to push it through they mention it, mention it, itís going to be mentioned by the big boys themselves and brought up in the senate or the parliament or whatever.  Thatís how the technique always works.  Everything is a technique thatís used on the public and itís scientific rulership really that you are under.  The politicians donít dream it up.  They have their experts guiding them on how to do it. 


Everybody is going on about the value added tax as though itís a new idea.  Now, they donít remember that itís the same thing that was pushed a year ago, just almost exactly a year ago.  This article is from the Washington Post. 


Once Considered Unthinkable, U.S. Sales Tax Gets Fresh Look

Levy Viewed as Way to Reduce Deficits, Fund Health Reform

By Lori Montgomery / Washington Post Staff Writer / Wednesday, May 27, 2009


With budget deficits soaring and President Obama pushing a trillion-dollar-plus expansion of health coverage, some Washington policymakers are taking a fresh look at a money-making idea long considered politically taboo: a national sales tax.   (A:  That was in 2009.  Then you get the papers today, todayís papers and here it is again.)


Obama aides neither back nor bury value-added tax

By CHARLES BABINGTON (AP) Ė 4/21/2010 / news.google.com


WASHINGTON ó Obama administration officials on Thursday further clouded the question of whether the president would consider a new value-added tax similar to those levied by some European countries.


President Barack Obama sounded somewhat open to the idea when it came up in an interview.


"I know that there's been a lot of talk around town lately about the value-added tax," he told CNBC on Wednesday. "That is something that has worked for some countries."


"Before, you know, I start saying 'this makes sense or that makes sense,' I want to get a better picture of what our options are," Obama said.  (A:  So thatís how they ready you, bit by bit, sometimes month after month, but definitely year after yearÖ for the value added tax.)


If you go into the Council on Foreign Relations, the guys that really run the country, youíll find in their own web site that they have been talking about bringing in the value added tax for the Americas, not just for the United States but for the Americas.  They have been talking about this and have think tanks working on the project for years.  Itís in their own web sites.  This is not an idea of the government. The government really is run by the CFR and so is Canada.  Remember what Carroll Quigley said, every President has been a member of the CFR for the last 60 years and he wrote his book in the 1960s.  He said, it doesnít matter what party gets in, the top person is always a memberÖ ALWAYS a member.  Itís the same in Canada too.  As I say, itís just old stuff as far as Iím concerned. 


Itís the same thing, again, the parent one in Britain of the CFR; itís called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  From their own web site at Chatham House, itís called Chatham House Publications.  Again, they have think tanks working on every aspect of society including the coming food shortages.  They hand out all their diagnosis to every single country as to what to do about every possible problem, this PRIVATE organization, UNELECTED organization that has millions or billions to play with, of dollars.  They talk about the end of the dollar.  This is an article; I think I was from last year. 


International Monetary System: Beyond the Dollar

The World Today, Volume 66, Number 4

Paola Subacchi, April 2010 / chathamhouse.org.uk



The end of the dollar as the key reserve currency is still far away, but the steps some countries are taking signal changes ahead. The trend is towards a multi-currency reserve system with the backstop of a supranational reserve currency. But we are not there yet and any change to the current arrangements is likely to take a long time.


In the meantime, it is critical to ensure the sustainability of the present system. The transition needs to be managed through dialogue and policy cooperation. Policy cooperation, in particular, should help prepare the ground for a smooth transition by encouraging countries to exchange information about current and future policy decisions.  (A:  Well, thatís what I read about earlier on this week when I mentioned that the IMF wants the power to come into every country and control, literally control your national budgetsÖ and itís all in here too, written a year agoÖ and itís happening now.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing you how really we are so predictable.  We are so incredibly predictable.  It isnít until you get into marketing and the writings of marketers that you understand how predictable we are. Theyíve done SO many studies and polls and tests on the public through control groups and so on that they know exactly what makes us tick.  If you call this thinking, I donít whether we think or not anymore.  I think we are more programmed than thinkers and most people go through their entire lives never realizing that what they are wearing is what theyíve been told they should wear, what the fashion is for that time.  Even when you pick a group as a teenage to belong to, you get the baggy pants or you get some other outfit or you get spiky hair.  You donít realize that no, youíve got 5 things to choose from; they are all authorized from the top.  Thatís really how it is.  Even with those 5 kinds of rebellious thing to wear as a teenager, they will give you maybe 3 or 4 types of music to pick from, or variations of music.  ITíS ALL LAID OUT FOR YOU, FOR YOUR PERSONALITY TO FIT INTO.  Once you fall into the trap you really stunt your personality growth.  You truly will.  You cannot grow when you belong to a predesigned group that gets fed their own information via the internet or magazines FOR that group.  All you do is chatter, you chatter amongst each other and you chatter from the sources that are put out TO you FOR you to chatter about.  Thatís how you do it. 


Itís no different for the adults.  The adults go through their different phases and then they become rigidly politicalÖ Iím left-wing, Iím right-wing, whatever happens to be the name of their party.  They read the articles in the newspapers that appeal to them about that kind of party that theyíve already decided they want to belong to.  We are all very, very predictable. 


Iíve gone into as well, the scientific acquisition of all your data, under the guise of terrorism.  Itís such farce especially when people like Brzezinski were talking about this back in the 70s, the creation of the predictable society.  You canít be predictable and control a society unless you have all the data on every single person.  Not just data of what they did 10 years ago, but you want up-to-date data, constant daily data about what they are doing.  One day truly, and I kid you not, you will have a SWAT team coming into your home if you break your routine.  Iím not kidding about that.  I really am not kidding about that because they are so anxious and terrified at the top of someone, again, the solitary individual that breaks out of the loop and says, ah-ha, eureka; I think.  That terrifies them.  They donít want thinkers.  They want people being subdued, belonging to different groups, very predictable, chatting to this group on a Monday, this group on a Tuesday, spreading all their data across the internet daily on Facebook and stuff.  But one day if you break that pattern theyíll either want to know if you are in the hospital or what on earth you are doing.  Are you being subversive?  Why arenít you putting up the data?  We noticed you havenít put any data up on Facebook in the last 2 or 3 days.  Whatís going on?  You think Iím kidding.  Iím not kidding about it at all. 


You know, the movie Brazil, itís a comedy but itís a reality, a prediction of the future which is now hereÖ done in comedy.  It was kind of laughed at the time of people who chew their popcorn and blow the bubble gum and pass on to the next part of entertainment.  But everything that it had in that movie is happening now.  Everything that was laughed at, at that time, is now happening today, in reality.  People are being mistakenly killed by authorities because of screw-ups.  SWAT teams DO go into the wrong homes and kill the wrong people.  Never mind what are they doing going out to kill people in the first place for, but the fact is they do it.  One day, as I say, if you are not predictable you will be called in.  Iím sure they are already using the data in schools now that they are going into all the studentsí laptops and have been for years and watching them all at home and listening to their conversations and all the rest of it.  Iím sure they will be getting pulled aside to get advice from their various counselors of what they are doing in their spare time.  Weíve noticed this, you know, you arenít sociable enough.  You donít agree with the rest.  See, in this system youíve got agree with everyone else; THE GROUPTHINK MENTALITY THATíS APPROVED. 


But the people will never learn because, again, the vast majority, well over 80% OF THE PUBLIC GOES ALONG WITH WHATEVER IS GIVEN TO THEM because they canít really make a personal decision for themselves anyway.  Iíve often said this, itís not the elite that is just the problem; itís the masses as well.  If you want to belong to the masses, then you are in trouble.  The masses have a symbiosis with the elite, the rulers and the ruled.  They have this strange relationship.  The masses like the kind of socialist society where they donít have to think much.  They are told what to do.  Arnold Schwarzenegger said that himself.  He said, I believe people need to be told what to doÖ and Iíll tell them. Thatís what he said.  Heís a good Nazi, you see. 


It is true too, a lot of people, a LOT of people really want this system that is becoming more and more pervasive into their private lives. They want it.  They are willing to give up and sacrifice all their personal freedoms to have health care.  Even when they donít need it, as long as they know itís there.  Itís like Woody Allen.  He says, why do I live in New York?   Well, if I want a pizza at 3 in the morning I can get it, if I want it.  Thatís what people are willing to do; give all their freedoms because of the social security nets that they think might be there if they need them.  In other words, FEAR keeps them there.  FEAR.  Thatís why youíll never, ever get a movement that is willing to chance some completely different way of living because your biggest opposition would be the public themselves. 


Not just the publicÖ since most of the public today live in cities which are completely artificial constructs where you must live in an artificial system to survive, using nothing but money.  Even to get entertained youíve got to have money.  Everything is money.  As opposed to the country, you can go for a walk somewhere.  THEY ARE TERRIFIED OF ANY OTHER WAY OF LIVING.  They want all their goodies.  As long as they got enough money to buy the latest electronic gadget so they can talk into the ether wherever they happen to be, and have the latest movies coming out, constant entertainment, they will go the whole way and supposed to be giving all the rest of their money to the government to dispense back on them, through rationing or whatever.  They will go the whole way.  They would collapse at the thought of having to risk helping each other through a real bad crisis time for maybe a few years until they bring in a new system with no corrupt banks and a decent way of looking after each other, a more HUMANE system.  They would never go for it. 


So youíve got a symbiosis between the followers and the rulers.  Itís the ones in between that really get the bad deal.  They know whatís happening.  They know whatís going on.  They are thinkers.  They donít want to rule over other people, but they donít want to be ruled over by tyrants either.  Since democracy, this term democracy is usedÖ well the majority accept all these laws, what is your problem sir.  Thatís what you are told.  Thatís what you are told.  So when people start to wake up they first panic. They panic thinking WE must do this, WE must do that.  They donít realize, NO, there is no such thing as WE.  The bulk of the populace out there really donít want change.  They will grumble and they will moan but they will give up NOTHING, nothing at all and chance nothing at all for what youíll think of as independence, even personal independence. 


When you are personally independent, youíve got to take chances and risks.  They donít want that.  Thatís what the elite know themselves.  Only the individual can free themselves and youíve got to free your mind before you can do anything elseÖ and sometimes thatís the only conquest you will get Ė in an Orwellian world, the freedom of your mind.  Even then, youíll be attacked for having it. 


Now, Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about this too, some of it, kind of briefly, for the people in a publication, Between Two Ages.  He talks about the scientific elite basically.  He puts even weather warfare in that book, how it will be used and how they could also control the mind by Ďstrokingí, through stroking the mind basically through electronic stimulation on continental scales which would keep the public quiet and happy.  It was written in the 1970s.  On page 252 this is what he says,


Another threat, less overt but no less basic, confronts liberal democracy.  More directly linked to the impact of technology, it involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society(A:  Is this sounding familiar?  The gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society.)  Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific know-how.   (A:  Have you seen the panel thatís behind Obama?  Have you seen the panels behind the front men in Britain?  Öall the scientific groups, Population Trust groups, all that kind of stuff? Claiming that they are there because there are needed now, because of their scientific know-how.)  Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal value, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control(A:  Is that sounding familiar?  Hmm?  Starting with Bush.  I wonder how many people will even remember this.)  Under such circumstances, the scientific and technological momentum of the country would not be reversed but would actually feed on the situation it exploits


The emergence of a large dominant party, alongside other more narrowly focused and more intensely doctrinaire groupings on the right and left, could accelerate the trend towards such technological managerialism(A:  Rule by experts.)  Such a large dominant party would combine American societyís quest for stability with its historical affinity for innovation. Relying on scientific growth to produce the means for dealing with social ills, it would tap the nationís intellectual talent for broad target planning and exploit the existence of doctrinaire groups by using them as social barometers and as sources of novel ideas.  (A:  All the different think tanks, you see, all the different think tanks now, this public/private sort of deal that runs the governments across the Western world.)


He didnít come out with this stuff because he was just letting his mind wander.  He sat at all the world meetings in his day, in the 70s.  Thatís where this stuff comes from and we are living through it now.  And the vast majority of the public are completely unaware.  All they are doing is moaning and groaning at the announcements made to them that they are going to have to fit into.  Do you understand that?  Iíve been telling people for years this is a PLANNED society.  We were born into a planned society where everything that happens 40 years from now was debated 20 years ago.  Everything that is happening how was debated 60 years ago.  Not just debated but all the problems to make it work into place were went through with a fine-tooth comb by those in academia, including all oppositions, how they would tackle them, how they would get around themÖ before they make the first move on the chess board.  We are already IN this scientific system, the dictatorship as Huxley called it.  We are well in to it and the vast majority are completely unaware.  They still go down to personalities.  They throw rotten tomatoes at personalities.  They still think that these guys are real.  I said at the beginning of the show, you are sold a fiction, a fictional persona, made up by marketers.  Their job is to get hit with the rotten tomatoes and the guys behind them, the real scientists run the show.


So that was Brzezinski.  He also talked about bringing forth a President and creating a great persona for him, the PERSONALITY CULT he called it, would help to speed up this process. 


Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of the mass media to obtain public confidence would be the steppingstones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society. 


Does that ring a bell?  Öto anybody out there?  I wonder.  I wonder.  Thatís why you canít go off half-cocked on anything.  You canít react to the media the way they expect you to react.  They expect you to howl at the air when you hear stuff that you donít like, or the taxes are going up, or value added taxes are coming down and all the rest of it.  THEY EXPECT ALL OF THAT.  They are giving you itÖ They could just as easily have kept it quite for a longer period.  Everything is timed on cueÖ via the news holes and the creation of media trends and the trend becomes what we prattle about through society.  The computer generation calls it going viral, a topic goes viral.  Well, who created the virus in the first place?  No one stops to question it.  And why now?  Our thoughts are already controlled, you see. 


In the same book, Between Two Ages, Brzezinski goes on about the creation of mandatory service to social causes.  Here he is talking about a scientifically controlled society, the bringing in of the Presidents through a personality cult, and running the scientists behind him in a scientific fashion; thatís how society would be run.  He also goes on about at the end they would bring in mandatory service to social causes.   Does that also ring a bell as to what is happening now too?  Remember, this was written back in the 1970s.  These guys donít sit with crystal balls.  These guys sit at world meetings with experts in every field, with all the data at their fingertips discussing their plans of the world they are bringing in, in the future.  Not maybe bringing in or theyíd like to bring it in, but they WILL bring it in in the future.  Thatís how the world is truly, truly run. 


He says here on page 267. 


A good case can be made for ending initial education (more of which could be obtained in the home through electronic devices) somewhere around the age of eighteen.  (A:  Heís talking about the internet.  He doesnít use the word internet but what do you think heís talking about, electronic devices?)  This formal initial period could be followed by two yeas of service in a socially desirable cause; then by direct involvement in some professional activity and by advanced, systematic training within that area; and finally, by regular period of one and eventually even two years of broadening, ďintegrativeĒ study at the beginning of every decade of oneís life, somewhere up to the age of sixty.  (A:  Thatís in the papers this week again folks and he wrote this in the 70s.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just giving you little examples out of thousands that I could give you, to show you that the world is just run by a scientific elite and how they donít change things too quickly.  The herd doesnít like being pushed into a new pasture too fast.  You get kind of used to the pasture you are in; thatís how human beings are.  We resist change; therefore, they give you it gradually.  They prepare you for the changes and then push you into it and we go along.  As long as we all go along at the same time itís okay; we take it for granted that itís alright. 


Everything thatís happening today was planned many, many, many moons agoÖ many moons ago.  Karl Marx talked about a united Europe in the 1800s.  He talked about a world government and over these regional trading blocs.  The EU was really pushed at full momentum after World War II.  They lied to everyone involved.  All the publics of every country were lied to by their Prime Ministers and Presidents as they signed agreements every year deepening the integration until they end up with a super parliament.  They tried this and tried this with the American Union - Canada, the States, and Mexico.  They sign the last deal supposedly this year Ė the 5th one I think it is Ė for total integration.  I wonder how they will get all the rest across to the general public?  Are we ready for it yet?  Have they really prepared us enough for total integration?  They used the war on terror to bring us closer together and integrate the security services.  The FBI, CSIS, the RCMP are all integrated on the same computer systems.  They talked about now that the crash has happened and the CFR said openly the crash might help further and speed up this increased integration and consolidation of the Americas.  Weíve lived through the Free Trade Negotiations then followed by the NAFTA deals FOR this whole thing.  They even talked about where the Parliament would get built for the Americas.  But the average person passes no judgment again.  About 87% will pass no judgment on anything they are told.  Just ah-ha, um-hum.  Thatís how it is. 


Back to Brzezinski, who obviously was better than Nostradamus, mainly because he had a leg in on all the particular meetings, the world meetings that were planning our future.  Not hoping for it but actually planning for it knowing that they would bring it in.  This is page 253 of Between Two Ages


Relying on scientific growth to produce the means for dealing with social ills, it would tap the nationís intellectual talent for broad target planning and exploit the existence of doctrinaire groups by using them as social barometer and as sources of novel ideas. 


(A:  Thatís your NGOs and also those in academia that have a big part now in government and they have since World War II, and your foundations.  So that was discussed all that time ago.  The scientific dictatorship as they said it. Once again, mandatory service to social causes and the social causes wouldnít even have to be national, they could be international and again, paid by the public bodies, meaning the tax purse would pay for it all.  It actually says on page 267 in the footnotesÖ)


This cause could be either national or international, publicly or privately tackled.  It would be in keeping with the humanitarian idealism of the young not to limit such service to nation causes.  One good way to handle the matter would be to maintain a list of acceptable humanitarian activities, service on behalf of which would be an acceptable equivalent for military service.  (A:  Thatís all in the works now folks.)


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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