April 23, 2010 (#562)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 23, 2010:

It's Coming Like a Train, Domination of the Brain:

"We Live in a System, Authorized Choices in Variety,
Related by Russell's 'Impact of Science on Society',
We Think We're 'Individuals', Masters Think 'Collective',
Given 'News' to Give Us Views, Upgraded to Corrective,
Beehive Cities Attract Predators, Where They Surely Thrive
On Backs of Slaves Who Just Can't Save, Barely Stay Alive,
Yet U.N. Agenda 21 Intends for All to Live in City
So We're Controlled, Most Accept That, More is the Pity,
To Stave Off Mass Neurosis and Violence from Rubbing Shoulders,
They're Working on Techniques, Which won't Need Police or Soldiers,
Introduced by Insatiable Appetite for Hi-Tech Entertainment,
Brain Interface and Neuroscience, Directed Brain Entrainment,
Most Will Grab These Gadgets -- Fear, Loneliness, Feeling Small,
Give Burden of Mind to Experts, They've Plans to Manage It All"
© Alan Watt April 23, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 23, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 23, 2010.  For the newcomers to the show, you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and peruse all the audios Iíve got up there.  Iíve got audios going over the many years; I donít know how many years there are now, hundreds of shows there.  If you can peruse them at your leisure and donít cram in too much at once, try and retain the information, youíll get a really good picture on how this big system, which we call the world, works.  We take so much for granted because everyone else around us takes everything for granted.  We donít realize that we are living in a planned system.  While you are at it, you can look at the books I have for sale and the DVDs and CDs and some of these CD disks have 50 shows on them, for sale.  Most of this audience comes from the United States and I find they are the best purchasers in the world, compared to the rest of the countries, so I generally address this TO the United States.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them - and lots do, they donít like using computers, they know what itís all about, itís all information gathering - they play them on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Getting back to systems, thatís what Iíve been thinking about today, systems in which we live.  We live in one MAIN system called Ďthe worldí and yet our entire lives are run by SUBsystems which all work together with this big whole thing called Ďthe worldí.  Most countries today, in the first world countries, all have the same systems and subsystems where weíve been moved off the land for a long period of time, sometimes quickly in some countries like the United States; the Great Depression forced about 97% of the public off the land and into the cities.  That was done slowly over other countries like Britain and Europe with the Industrial Revolution, mainly through agricultural laws being changed gradually until they are all forced into the cities.  Then once we are in the cities we are given the basic training.  Itís called education, which is a form of indoctrination even though we donít know that at the time.  The first generation that gets education sometimes has inkling that there is more to it than a basic attempt to give you the skills to get through this economic system.  But the second generation never does, they take it for granted.  Then by the third generation there is no one to warn the young that you are actually IN an indoctrination system. 


Thatís where my head has been going today, about the big players who have told us about the system, often tongue-in-check, sometimes letting things slip out of the bag in their writings, people who are involved in sciences which were unknown to the rest of the world and that are not taught even in universities except to a very, very select elite few.  Weíll talk about that tonight when I come back from this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the systems and subsystems in which we live, how very few people really ever stop to question who designed this system and even any particular part within it.  Did it simply develop by itself, evolve through necessity or was it actually designed for you?  Youíll find when you go into social engineering and different areas, they are in fact DESIGNED FOR YOU and then improved for the system over a period of time.  Only a few people down through the last 100-odd years have given us clues as to how this actually works.  These were people who were involved in designing the systems themselves. They tell you truths and they tell you little bits of lies because they are publishing stuff in books which we could all read if we want to.  Very few folk do want to read their books; they are pretty dry but they are very informative.  So as they are telling you about some of the systems, they donít want to let the cat out of the bag and let you know that these systems of controlling, or governing, masses of people, whole continents or empires, are in fact ANCIENT.  They understand that and they were obviously taught this themselves from a very young age since most of them came, in fact all of them came, really, from the GOVERNING CLASS. 


To start off this I was going to read a part of a book.  Itís called The Impact of Science on Society.  Iíve read different pages from it before but it kind of ties in with some of the things Iím going to talk about tonight.  It was written by Lord Bertrand Russell, again, part of the governing class.  His parents before him and grandparents were all high-ranking members of the British, not so much the Parliamentary side of governing, but the guys who really DID the governing, the ones who worked for what they used to call the Home Office, or the diplomatic corps, the ones who dealt with the economics of the country because thatís really what countries are FOR, whether you know that or not.  You are actually there as a big economy.  A country is really a big business.  It can include many sub-businesses, but itís really one big business and we are all part of it.  Sometimes we are the collateral for it.  We are certainly the guarantors for the money and the loans and the debts.  This one here is Bertrand Russell and it was written about 1952 I think.  He talks about mass psychology on page 40.  He saysÖ


I think the subject which will be most important politically is mass psychology.  Mass psychology is, scientifically speaking, not a very advanced study and so far its professors have not been in universities.  (Alan:  Now, that is a bit of a lie, as I say.  If you go back into the books down through the ages, like Machiavelli, you can see mass psychology alright because they understood how the people would tick and how to manipulate them.  Russell knew that too, but heíd been specially tutored in this so he had to make you think it was a recent discovery, how to make us allÖmotivate us to do things.)  This study is immensely useful to practical men.  (A:  Now, they consider themselves to be the only practical people.  In fact, the ones at the top believe themselves to be the only really sane people, to be honest with you, the only conscious people.)  This is a practical thing for those who are practical men and whether they wish to become rich or to acquire governments.  (A  Öto acquire governments.)  It is of course a science founded upon individual psychology but hither to it, it has been employed through a rule of thumb method which were based upon a kind of intuitive common sense.  Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda, of these the most influential is what is called education(A:  Most people donít realize that thatís what your education is.  Youíve been born into a system.  Your parents generally give you an idea of what they think it is, whether itís citizenship or nationhood or whatever, and then school takes over from there.  So youíre already prepped for it.  Plus with the television now being the babysitter, every child is prepped before they go to school.)  Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; (A:  It was a big part for a long, long time.) the press, the cinema, and the radio (A:  Now itís TV and internet too) play an increasing part.


What is essential in mass psychology is the art of persuasion.  If you compare a speech of Hitlerís with a speech of (say) Edmond Burke, you will see what strides have been made in the art since the 18th century.  What went wrong formally was the people had read in books that man is a rational animal.  (A:  This is a very important little line here and most folk will just skip over it.)  What went wrong formally was that people had read in books (A:  and I guess they took for granted) that man is a rational animal and framed their arguments on this hypothesis.  (A:  In other words, someone could simply show you by reasoning what they wanted to do and you, if you were rational, would agree or disagree with them.  But he is telling you here, he saysÖ)  We know now that limelight and a brass band do more to persuade than can be done by the most elegant train of syllogisms  (A:  In other words, symbolism and all the rest of it, and the arts of music are far more persuasive than simple rational argument.)  It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment, (A:  Well, thatís already happened hasnít it?  They have drugged so many children now.) This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship(A:  Thatís what weíre in now because we have almost armies behind Presidents and Prime Ministers now advising them on different areas, even right down to population control, what kinds of foods we should be eating, all of that kind of stuff, all sciences.  So itís really a scientific dictatorship weíre under but on behalf, again, of those who rule the economies.  They are always at the top, the banks.  Then he goes on to talk aboutÖ) 


Anaxagoras maintained that snow is black, but no one believed him.  The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black.  Various results will soon be arrived at.  First, that the influence of home of is obstructive(A:  The family unit, you see, is obstructive.  Thatís what the communists, who were funded by the West, knew.  They had to destroy the family unit.  They called it contamination, that was the passing of one set of moral values and beliefs onto the next generationÖ contamination.  So the home is obstructive, you see.  Then he saysÖ)  Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of 10.  Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective.  Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity.  But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make the maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark grey.  (A:  Heís giving you a sort of an example. In other words, they believe they can make you believe anything.  Now, just tie that in with the greening.  Itís not black, you see, itís not grey, itís GREEN.  Thatís the way they are going, GREEN. They are indoctrinating them into sustainability and of course, weíre all going to die, weíre all going to die if we donít let the scientist take over and control our lives and sterilize us all and all of that kind of stuff.  He saysÖ) 


Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class.  The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated.  When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen. 


So think about that.  This is back in the 50s, written by a guy, a very important person, who attended world governance meetings.  A lot of these meetings were not even publicized to the general populations because it was much higher than just the ones we are hearing of today. 


These guys knew their stuff.  They knew the business of controlling the minds of publics.  They knew how patriotism can be CREATED and USED for different purposes, especially their own purposes at the top.  They also knew how to destroy patriotism when they conquered other countries and eradicate the old patriotism of the conquered country, of the empire, because this is part of the old British Empire he is talking about too.  So you have to be able to know how to USE and CREATE patriotism, use the symbols of it for each particular country.  Thatís generally your flags, familiar songs, marching bands as he said himself, the uniforms that you are used to for your country, stories to do with past battles and glories.  But you also must know how to go into the country you conquered and destroy THEIR culture in the process.  Then you try to give them a sort of symbiotic relationship between YOU, the new rulers, and parts of their old culture to blend them together.  That was very, very successful in India when the British Raj ruled it. 


Now you take this particular book and then you go into the last part I read there where he said that eventually you wouldnít need armies or policemen.  What he is talking about really is control where the public wouldnít even be AWARE that they had been given their opinions.  They wouldnít even be aware of the process that they arrived at their conclusions, how it was done BY these experts.  This is from Mark Baard, the Sci-Tech Heretic. 


Singularity watch: US Airmen to serve in parallel universe

2010 April 22 / blastmagazine.com / by Mark Baard


The US Air Force, which already owns 12 regions in the virtual world, (A:  Thatís the matrix type world, like the movie.) Second Life, now plans to give each new recruit a duplicate copy of himself to manage for the rest of his career.  (A:  I'll read this article, it ties into the Bertrand Russell stuff, when I come back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, tying in an article by Mark Baard with Bertrand Russellís book, The Impact of Science of Society because everything that is happening today ties in with the stuff that was written about many, many moons ago by people in the know, who were really in on the secrets of science and defense, as they call it, the defense systems of their day, and where it was all going to go. 


They always have futurists working on their teams. They project into the future to maintain power 50 years, 100 years down the road.  Thatís how power manages itself.  It doesnít wait for things to happen.  IT MAKES THEIR PLANS HAPPEN, THEREFORE, THEY ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL.  Thatís what folk must always realize.  Even those in the US, they still think that they REACT to things.  Nothing is further from the truthÖ when there are strategies that are worked out for taking over the Middle East and were worked out years and years ago.  Iíve no doubt even the list of countries that would have to be invaded and taken over were being discussed in depth by think tanks when they were already starting to go into Viet Nam.  They already had the Middle East down because they have a whole selection of countries they will have to take down one after another over a 30, 40, 50-year period.  Thatís how think tanks really do work for the military. 


In the days of Bertrand Russell it was no different.  So he was well in on plans for the world.  His special area was science and scientific techniques and scientific gadgetry you might say.  So it ties in with Mark Baardís article here.  Remember, it mentioned in The Impact of Science on Society, that eventually they wouldnít need policemen or armies to control the populace.  They will all arrive at their conclusions at the same time basically, never knowing how they arrived at those particular conclusions.  Only the ones who ruled would know the arts that were being used against them.  Mark Baardís article goes on hereÖ


The US Air Force, which already owns 12 regions in the virtual world, Second Life, now plans to give each new recruit a duplicate copy of himself to manage for the rest of his career.


The Airman in the first run of a proposed, permanent shift by the US military into virtual reality, will be assigned to a base that matches the one he has outside of Linden Labís servers, almost exactly.


The Airmanís avatar, meanwhile, will have a face that crinkles with age. His avatar will also rack up kills, and receive medals, in parallel with his real world rewards.


From a story about the proposal:


ďThis would take place in simulated worlds that mirror the serviceís actual facilities. ĎEveryone who comes into the Air Force will be given an avatar, and that avatar travels with them, grows with them, changes appearance with them,í said Larry Clemons, of the Air Education and Training Command. ĎIt will provide them a history of where theyíve been and a notion of where theyíre going.íĒ


The experiment also reiterates the US militaryís commitment to mastering virtual reality ó after most people are unable to distinguish between their first and second lives.


Thatís what will happen in the Singularity, a forthcoming period of advanced technological development, in which genetics, nanotechnology and robotics converge, and humans achieve immortality.  (A:  That will be for SOME, of course, they are already talking about culling most of the rest of us off.)


The Singularity has been explored and described by Ray Kurzweil and others in the transhuman movement.


And only two years ago, the US Army attempted to define what it might mean to be a leader in the Singularity.


This really ties in with where they are going.  You see, eventually you really wonít need policemen to police you.  Youíll be unable to do anything except what your PROGRAM actually does TO you.  You cannotÖ  Itís so interesting too because it ties in again with the meeting that was held at Loyola University in 2000 where they talked about Ė a scientific meeting, world science Ė about a BRAIN CHIP and how they could actually implant it and control whole regions of areas across the world, each region having a central computer that could give a program TO each person, for the DAY even.  They could program you to be a plumber one day and a carpenter the next, or maybe a surgeon the following day but you would be unaware of what was happening to you.  In fact, youíd have no sense of YOU.   You would BE A ROBOT in a sense, and in the true sense.


Itís all converging together now.  Thatís why theyíre not too worried at the top about losing control over the public.  In the meantime, they have a kind of war, ongoing war against terror which is a war OF terror which they must keep in place, as we give up all rights, freedoms, and at the same time they introduce these technologies which we adapt to and which we actually guzzle up so quickly because they are rather fascinating, not knowing where we are being led.   And we ARE being lead into a new type of planned society where no one eventually will have the ABILITY to rebel, never mind even saying no.  So thatís Mark Baard on the singularity.  Theyíve got a nice picture here of a United States air woman that looks very female, very nice.  Nice kind of uniform on too; itís camo but it looks actually quite dressy.  Youíll say sheís a nice woman and Iím sure she is a nice woman but the fact is, sheís in a subsystem serving the greater system.  She probably has never thought about that in any great depth because everyone around her, in that subsystem, does what she does.  Thatís how we are as humans, specialized sections within systems.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Another thing, too, that these boys talked about, Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley and many, many more, again, guys who were intergenerational big wigs in the governing classes who were involved in high-level think tanks that were very secretive, that had access to all the information of their day, and how they projected the world for their future and how they planned the world for the future.  They also talked about the immigration problems they would have down the road. 


They concluded that they could either stop immigration from third world countries.  Thatís what they saw as being their biggest threat, third world countries overruling the other countries and coming in, in swarms and swamping the people. Or, they could literally equalize the whole world with mass immigration across the board.  Because, really, people like Russell and others didnít really have an affinity for any particular country.  Youíve got to understand that these intergenerational people, who have been bred intergenerationally with each other, saw themselves almost as a different species from all of those that they ruled over.  Therefore, the world was much the same across the world:  the peasant was the peasant in Britain as much as he was a peasant in China.  There was no real differentiation.  They wanted a global society where they could run the whole planet on a scientific basis.  In the process, they wanted to eliminate all opposition, all enemies across the world and make one big system. 


Actually, it was for their own survival that they decided they would have this world system.  They couldnít very well have it if there were competing, or different systems across the world.  So therefore it would be global and the mayhem with mass immigration that would happen in the meantime was just tough luck.  I think Rockefeller himself said you canít make an omelet without breaking eggs.  Meaning the fallout on the native populations with masses of incoming immigration, it was just too bad with the crime rates and all the rest of it because often the first ones to move from third world countries are people who have made money through crime and they are going to get easier pickings in counties that are far more naÔve, they are not used to them. 


That was also talked about by Jacques Attali who was at the United Nations who wrote the book, Millennium:  Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order.  He said that HORDES, vast hordes would come up from Latin America into the United States beginning with the southern states and cause mayhem on the way.  He said it might take 100 years for them to settle down and then most of America, the United States at least, would become Spanish speaking.  He likened it to the attacks on Rome by the various hordes that came in, with the Huns and the Goths and all the rest of it, wave upon wave upon wave.  Attali also talked about the roving gangs of vigilante crooks basically, crooks from Latin America on the prowl for anything they could get to sustain themselves.  And they are coming from countries where they have never really known law and order except brute force, coming into countries where people, in a system that is more cultured, have to go by the regular laws; everyone knows the rules and therefore the social organism works.  But these people are coming in from countries where literally it was either kill or be killed. 


When you read some of the writings by Huxley for instance, he talks about this, he touches on this as well.  Here are some quotes here.  He said in Brave New World Revisited, written in the 1960s I think it was.  Huxley was well in there, again, in the governing classes that were taught these kinds of secret sciences of behavior modification and control of whole populations.  He saysÖ


Overpopulation leads to economic insecurity and social unrest; unrest and insecurity lead to more control by central governments and an increase of their power. 


(A:  And thatís true, isnít it?  Everyone is seeing the increase of the power, more police, more crime and all that kind of stuff.  Everyone suffers.  The same thing is happening in Britain where the systems that were designed to take care of the public, like the National Health Service, are utterly swamped with people coming in from other countries often with various diseases and they bring in their extended families who are often very sick.  It was never meant to cope with that kind of population.  So there are consequences to it all.  People scratch their heads and say well, why are they doing it?  Itís the governments themselves who are responsible.  Left-wing and right-wing in Britain, for instance, BOTH opened the floodgates to mainly India to start with.  Even Margaret Thatcher who was supposedly a conservative said, weíve got to do this because the British people Ė you know British people are very good, they do what they are told, to have 1.5 children and all that kind of stuff, as they were ordered to Ė there are not enough people getting bred to pay off the national debt.  That was the excuse given.  So this is what Huxley said about the United States.  He saysÖ)


The United States is not at present an overpopulated country.  (A:  That was back in the 60s.)  If, however, the population continues to increase at the present rate (which is higher than that of India's increase, though happily a good deal lower than the rate now current in Mexico or Guatemala), the problem of numbers in relation to available resources might well become troublesome by the beginning of the twenty-first century.  (A:  Then he goes on to talk about how, at the moment, it wasnít too much of a problem, back in the 60s, but he talks about the fact that the military would kind of eventually be needed to control it all.)


What are we going through today?  Then you read the article in todayís paper and itís from Time.com and from CNN.com as well.


Arizona Governor Signs Immigration Bill

time.com / Friday, Apr. 23, 2010 / By AP / PAUL DAVENPORT and JONATHAN J. COOPER


Arizona's tough immigration enforcement bill will become law despite being criticized by President Obama as 'misguided."  (A:  There is a big furor over this right now.)


Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill into law on live television on Friday. It takes effect in 90 days after the current legislative sessions in the next several weeks.


Brewer says the law "protects every Arizona citizen." (See TIME's video "Blocking the Border Fence in Texas.")


The sweeping legislation makes it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It would also require local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are illegally.


Obama said in Washington the measure could violate people's civil rights and said he's instructed the Justice Department to see if it is legal.


Obama had called the bill "misguided" and said it could violate people's civil rights, intensifying pressure on the state's Republican governor to veto the nation's toughest legislation against illegal immigration.


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who faces a tough election battle and growing anger in the state over illegal immigrants, announced her decision at a Friday afternoon news conference.


The sweeping measure would make it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It would also require local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.


Hundreds of protesters gathered at the State Capitol complex Friday calling on Brewer to veto the legislation.


Demonstrators have been camped outside the Capitol since the measure passed out of the Legislature on Monday. Their numbers have grown steadily throughout the week, with buses bringing protesters from as far away as Los Angeles.


About a dozen supporters of the measure also gathered.


The bill's Republican sponsor, state Rep. Russell Pearce of Mesa, said Obama and other critics of the bill were "against law enforcement, our citizens and the rule of law."  (A:  And heís telling the truth isnít he?  I mean, under the idea of democracy, and even Russell said the same thing, democracy can only work, when people are scattered across the land, and there is room, and they can control the affairs of their own area, and they make laws.  So here they are making laws to protect themselves, and yet the President is against it all.  So does that mean that the President is all for breaking the law?  There is either legal or illegal.  If they are here illegally, then shouldnít the law be applied?  Thatís quite simple.  Obama has no problem with using the law on everything else and heís been very innovative with some new laws as well.)


Pearce said the legislation would remove "political handcuffs" from police and help drive illegal immigrants from the state. "Illegal is illegal," said Pearce, a driving force on the issue in Arizona. "We'll have less crime. We'll have lower taxes. We'll have safer neighborhoods. We'll have shorter lines in the emergency rooms (A:  in the hospitals.). We'll have smaller classrooms."  (A:  Youíve got to admit it; these are all the problems that countries like Britain are swamped under right now.  Then it goes on about the different protesters and so on and so on and so on and so on.)


Arizona has an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants and is the state with the most illegal border crossings, with the harsh, remote desert serving as the gateway for thousands of Mexicans and Central Americans.


This is expected too, people will try to defend themselves.  The crime rate is going sky high there too and it is true, the vanguard often with illegals happens to be a lot of the criminal element, who are born survivors.  Thatís why they get out fast and go into the lands of easy pickings.  Thatís always been the way.  And yet the national government, the US government is coming down on them for doing so, for following the law, and using their laws.  Itís interesting.  Again, it ties in with what Attali said.  They all knew it was going to happen.  But no one has made any attempt to stop it from happening except until now, in one state.  So they expect it to happen and it would seem that the elites want it to happen. 


How can a country that can send thousands and thousands of troops over to far away places - exotic lands - fuel them, equip them and keep them in supplies, fight wars, and all the rest of it, but we are told that they canít defend their own borderÖ which is utter nonsense.  There has got to be a deeper, deeper reason for whatís been going on with this open border treaty and we know itís part of the Free Trade Agreement and the NAFTA Agreement and what they talk about at the Summit of the Americas all the time, and the integration of the countries into one.  Again, itís just the omelet once again.  You cannot get all the countries into one big blending machine without breaking the eggs first if you want to make an omelet.  Thatís how they describe this kind of process.  So for the people who are the victims of crime, or they canít get hospital treatment or anything else, well thatís just tough luck.  Thatís the breaking of the shells to make the omelet.  They even say it will take maybe a few generations of suffering before anything smoothes out at the end of it. 


Itís quite, quite something but nothing is a surprise because everything is planned that way.  The boys at the top on the national and international level NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING TO CHANCE, so if itís happening and itís been happening for a long time, all across Europe for many, many years, and in the US from Latin America upwards, itís because THEY WANT IT TO HAPPEN.  You canít really bring in a global governance system, where you are going to treat everybody the same unless you first MAKE every country the same, with the same problems.  Then they force sterilization across the board on EVERYONE in the wrong classes.  Thatís really what they are after, all of this. 


The people who run the countries today are all INTERNATIONALISTS.  They couldnít get into power unless they were internationalists; they wouldnít get the funding.  The doors wouldnít be opened for them and the way paved for them.  There is only one agenda and it IS international. 


Talking about ways of influencing people and altering your mind or controlling your mind, I read from Brzezinskiís book.  I read yesterday about, he talked about electromagnetic waves which could be used across whole continents to alter the behavior and the moods of people.  They could actually use it like tranquilizers if they wanted to, or excite you.  Youíll find guys like Professor Persinger also worked with the Pentagon on this kind of technique of mass mind control and manipulation of emotions; make people very passive or excited according to the type of wave you used.  He teaches it to Laurentian University now.  Heís even got YouTube videos up.  The Pentagon did work with him directly on these particular projects, of sending these signals across the whole of the US and Canada.  


Then weíre given, under different guises, better light bulbs for instance, right. 


The low-energy light bulbs that take control of your TV

By James Tozer / dailymail.co.uk / 12th April 2010


(A:  Did you know that the new, beautiful, wonderful, energy saving, mercury light bulbs can emit high, intensive radiation?  Anyone whoís got a good little radio could put it up to one of these bulbs and youíll see it, youíll lose all the stations on it.  It gives off a very powerful signal.)


Some feared it must have been a problem with their remote. Others suspected ghostly goings-on.


But when TV viewers complained their sets were changing channel by themselves, few could have guessed the real culprit  -  their light bulbs.


Low-energy bulbs can make your television turn over the station at random, according to customers.


Among the first to spot the problem were cable customers Alistair and Emma Clements.


They rang their supplier, Virgin Media, and were told the problem could be because of the Philips low-energy light bulb fitted nearby.


But while changing it helped, the couple say the channel still flips from time to time even though the nearest low- energy bulb is now in another room.


Experts say infra-red light from modern fluorescent bulbs can be 'mistaken' by electrical equipment for commands from its remote.


They warn that while moving or changing the offending device usually solves the problem, the proliferation of gadgets in homes increases the likelihood of such interference.


I wonder what it does to your brain, eh.  They tell you not to sit closer than 3 feet from these things because they can also burn your skin with ultravioletÖ and you should always have them really covered so you are not looking directly into them because they are bad for your eyes, if you are getting too much ultraviolet going straight into the retina.  Here it is now, giving off all these pulses basically.  It mentions in here itís a form of pulsation it gives because itís a fluorescent type bulb.  What else will it do?  And why have they been made law?  Why has something containing mercury being made law that youíve got to use them?  What kind of power do they have at the top when someone can mandate the kind of light bulbs that you can use?  Öthat obviously arenít anywhere near as good as the old light bulbs when it comes to giving off light.  Theyíve got all these odd radio waves around them, surrounded by radio waves and energies that affect other things, maybe your brain too.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just before I take callers, I was going to mention, again, Bertrand Russell and his Impact of Science on Society where he talks about, really, mind control for the masses who will be completely oblivious of the fact they are being controlled and how he talks about using music and all the arts and movies, all what we are used to today with the internet now really, to make all this happen, to alter our brain, our way of thinking, bring us to conclusions.  Then I went through the light bulbs too.  Why is it so mandatory?  Why is it a must-be that we must get these very unhealthy light bulbs under the guise of saving energy when they obviously donít give off as much light, white light; they give off infrared and ultraviolet and thatís not very good for you.  They also give off this energy pulse basically, because they are fluorescent.  Is there another reason to it?  Öor are we just being paranoid?  Personally I think there is another reason to it. 


Here is another article and itís from the Mail Online.


3D-TV health warning:

Tuning in can cause confusion, nausea and even convulsions,

says electronics giant

By Sean Poulter / dailymail.co.uk / 16th April 2010


The world's biggest electronics company has issued an extraordinary health warning about the dangers of watching 3D television.


Pregnant women, the elderly, children and those suffering from serious medical conditions are among a wide range of people said to be at risk.


The alert extends to those who have been sleep deprived or drinking. It highlights alarming side effects such as confusion, nausea, convulsions, altered vision, light-headedness, dizziness, and involuntary movements such as eye or muscle twitching and cramps.  (A:  This is from watching television in 3D.  Samsung is putting the health warnings out on all their different gadgetry.)


Samsung says there are also concerns that those with epilepsy could be at risk of (A:  seizuresÖ) fits - as they are from strobe lighting and photographers' flashes on normal television. 


They know already it alters your spatial ability.  If you were to watch this stuff and then jump into your car, you are liable to smash into something because you THINK you can judge the distance between the road and other cars but you CANíT.  Your brain has adapted to the televisionÖ within minutes.  Why is that happening?  We are already getting put into a virtual reality folks and people love it.  They love that itís all through entertainment, having fun.  Thatís what Russell keeps pushing all the time, the one thing they crave in the cramped cities is ENTERTAINMENT.  Thatís the method to get it all through to you; you must want it.


Thereís Prentice from Alaska.  Are you there Prentice? 


Prentice:  Yo, hey, how are you doing Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Prentice:  First of all, I just want to thank you for all you do, man.  To all of your new listeners out there, try to support him and if you do buy anything, I recommend the Sweet Liberty CDs he has because when you listen to those itís giving you an awakening process that if you are sitting with one of your friends who is maybe on the fence or something like that, as information goes, it helps them connect a lot of dots.  Iíd just like to recommend to the people out there, if you want to get something to share with your friends and family, thatís the thing you want to get.† Ahh, is that the end of the show?


Alan:  Thatís the music coming in.


Prentice:  Okay, then.  Well, Iíll call in again Alan. 


Alan:  Sure.  Thanks for calling and reminding them too because I never plug myself and most hosts plug themselves every 1 Ĺ minutes.  Thanks for pushing that.  Yeah, I have lots of good CDs you can buy with old shows where I go through ancient histories and techniques of manipulation and control, thousands of years ago.  So itís all worth while learning and itís interesting stuff.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 


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