April 28, 2010 (#565)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 28, 2010:

Electronic Slave:
Mandated Computer Future, Come, Conform, Behave,
Give Peace to Master, Be Electronic Slave:

"Humanists Praise Darwin, Preachers Pray to Saviour,
Governance Uses Scientist to Alter Our Behaviour,
In the Concrete Jungle, Nothing's there Incidentally,
You're Adapting to New Programs, Introduced Incrementally,
Phone's Tapped, Mail Read, Watched, 24 Hours of 7,
Can't You Smell the Master's Hell, Electronic Heaven?
Penetration into Cyberspace Causes Flattening of Emotion,
Titillation Sucks You On, The Addict's True Devotion,
Churns Out Pea-Pod-People, Personalities All the Same,
Merging with Virtual World, Enjoying Fiction-Fame,
From Singular to Allness, No Danger they Detect,
Having Fun in Body Electric, Trick of the Elect"
© Alan Watt April 28, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 28, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 28, 2010.  For the newcomers, I suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Scroll down and bookmark the other sites I have up there.  Itís very important because even last night the .com site, the provider decided to do a maintenance supposedly on it; Iíve never heard of them doing that, on this particular server, but this happened last night.  If you had the other ones bookmarked you could have got the show, otherwise you were kind of stuck.  So always bookmark the alternate sites I have there and you can always get the show if this happens again, or I get the other problems which Iíve had before too.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember too, when you are in the site there, look at the books, CDs and DVDs I have for sale.  That helps me keep going along.  I donít get paid by advertisers; the ads on the show are paid by the advertiser to RBN directly for the air time and for their staff, equipment, bills and maintenance and all the rest of it and the transmission of the show.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  Support me by buying the products I have for sale on my web sites and you can also donate as well.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  That will help me tick over; I just tick over here and the expenses are high, believe you me.  Lots of folk get the disks burned and passed to them because they have gone off the internet all together and they play them on their CD players - they get them passed at meetings of the different talks I do - you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


This new world order is amazing because itís continuous.  People are always asking Ė itís like they are looking for an Armageddon Ė when is the final day?  I keep telling them, you are living through it your whole life long.  You are living through a script.  Just as the Department of Defense comes out with their projections of events which they see are definitely coming within the next 30-50 years, well you see, they were already at it before we were born, before any of us were born.  They had this whole period worked out too, including the global agenda.  The time would come, they said, where eventually wars between nations would cease because technically there would be no nations.  And even then, 50-60 years ago, they said, they would have terrorismÖ that would be the next form of warfare, as they moved into a totally controlled society; a lot of people wouldnít be too pleased about it.  Thatís really the phase we are almost at today.  In fact, both systems actually, national and international, work in conjunction together; they kind of overlap during this particular period that we are living through right now.  It truly is scripted.  Itís astonishing what turns up in the news years after certain events.  One of the interesting things came up about 6 months ago was that Mr Rockefeller went over to see the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union, 15 years before the wall came down, and he told him, the whole of Europe was integrating and Russia better get in on the act.  I'll be back with more after this break with more.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how we are all constantly living through this new world order and we have been for a long, long time.  It was not something that sprung up on us by surprise because anybody can go into big sites, like the Council on Foreign Relations.  You can buy their old books and realize they were talking about this very system 50, 60, 70 years ago.  Not just talking about it, they had world meetings ever year and they had special think tanks and departments working on every project to do with society and the society that they wanted to bring into existence.  They also really coordinated with all the other big foundations around them that also were engaged in specialized areas of society and the type of society that they were going to create for the future.  Thatís whatís called The Parallel Government. 


I never forget that even when Iím talking about politicians or reading something from the media.  I never forget the fact that there is a parallel government, the REAL government that Carroll Quigley talked about in his book, Tragedy and Hope and his other book Ė youíve got to read it too Ė itís The Anglo-American Establishment.  He goes through the whole history of setting up the idea, the groups that founded it, the idea of working towards a WORLD GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM and a specific type of world governmental system.  Governance is a sort of slightly different word from government.  Government is what is there and governance really is a new type of system.  Itís a system where you are ruled by expert departments and people, divisions you might say.  Thatís what they mean by governance; not just a single building in your capital city but itís actually spread across the planet.  Specially trained people who work in one particular department but they can live all over the world, instantly communicate with each other.  Technically, they are internationalists, they donít have a country.  They see the world as theirs.  They are global citizens, so much so, that a lot of the members of the CFR get global citizenship awards from the Rockefeller Foundation.  They award them every year.  Some of the biggest players you will ever see, including all your major newscasters, are actually ordained, you might say, global citizens. 


Strange thing to hand out isnít it?  Especially, even before and during the Cold War, to hand out global citizenship awards when supposedly there was no world government.  How can you be a global citizen?  Thatís how they see themselves.  However, they donít see the world the way that we do.  They see it in a scientific viewpoint or from a scientific viewpoint.  They believe, being the experts, then they must create a post-democratic society. 


Technically the parallel government has always bypassed democracy and led the world even during the supposed democratic period.  They claim that we are now post-democratic because in democracies you have too many conflicting and competing parties going for power that nothing, they say, can get done.  The Club of Rome actually wrote about that in one of their books, The First Global Revolution.  They said we are post-democratic.  Carroll Quigley, again, the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations talked about the same thing.  He said the technocrats exist.  Technocrats are appointees.  They work behind the scenes. They are not responsible to the public for any of their actions.  They have more power than Presidents or Prime Ministers because the big banks, and yep, he did say that the big bankers are all part of this, a very essential part of this.  He says the big banks shield them, finance them, and ensure they can even get public funding for them, for their big, big projects across the planet as they build this new integrated system.  Maurice Strong is a technocrat.  Kissinger is a technocrat.  So is Brzezinski a technocrat.  They are always involved doing something for this world order.  They never retire and there are many, many, many more.  They have them throughout the world in all countries. 


Itís astonishing, all the tie-ins with the Council on Foreign Relations or the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which are really the same thing.  When you find that they also have the Rhodes Scholarships on the goÖ  Rhodes Scholarships have been on the go for over 100 years.  Their whole duty is to train people in Oxford University, from all over the world, to go back to their countries; they open doors for them and work WITHIN their own governments towards world government.  Itís so interesting to me because you will see them going into their own parliament or their congresses and giving all the national speeches to get elected, etc, or to stay in power, but actually they are already sworn to internationalism.  This part of it is kept out of the general media.  You will catch glimpses of it and so on.  They will mention Rhodes Scholars; they just wonít explain what it actually means to you.  They have them all across every country in Europe.  The US government at one point a few years ago had 200 of them working within the higher bureaucracy in the federal government. 


We donít elect bureaucrats either.  Thatís how they also run the world.  In fact the bureaucrats and civil service are the only ones who truly know what their goals are.  The politicians come and go.  Theyíre out for themselves.  Politicians have no expertise in any particular area generally once they get into government.  Only the bureaucrats who have been there for years in each department KNOW what their part of this agenda is.  They give the scripts and have the scriptwriters for the politicians that FRONT for the Minister of this or whatever.  Thatís how it really works. 


Once again, itís no big stretch to understand how the world truly is run.  Itís run via bureaucracies, which in turn are controlled by a parallel government because the guys like Maurice Strong have total access to the bureaucracies in different countries VIA the United Nations.  The UN can appoint anybody to these countries and give them an open door right into their various bureaucracies, bypassing the politicians all together.  After all, what are you going to learn from a politician?  Not much. 


Itís interesting too, that Winston Churchill talked about how they would control the direction of World War II.  He said, weíll take a leaf from Hitlerís book; you donít do it through the politicians, because the British Parliament continued during World War II.  He said, you do it through your bureaucracies; you must get them all on board with you, behind you.  In other words, you reach kind of deals with the top bureaucrats in the high departments to make sure they will be on board with you.  Itís the same with the United Nations too. 


We hear things mentioned like the International Monetary Fund.  Growing up we think these are very official and NATURAL organizations.  Thatís the key to training people to accept things, never question.  You hear them so often and you think they are just natural; they are naturally there like gravity.  They are naturally there like fruit trees; they are just natural.  Well, there is nothing natural about them.  They were set up by the same banking crew, the International Monetary Fund and its board of directors that set up the United Nations.  Carroll Quigley himself admitted and he goes through the history of the setting up of the League of Nations that turned into the United Nations in his own book, Tragedy and Hope and his other one, The Anglo-American Establishment


Itís on record that Rockefeller, for instance, said himself, itís far preferable that bankers, international bankers, and intelligentsia, the intelligent ones, rule the destiny of countries rather than leaving it up to their own direction basically, to the countriesí directions.  That really is what they do believe.  A scientifically run, expert led, world system bypassing democracy and they believe they should run this world towards a planned society.  Thatís why you have been taught basically that the human being is nothing more than another animal, and a lesser one at that according to some of them.  Youíve been taught to devalue life completely.  In fact, we feast on horror movies and war movies and action movies of blood and guts where faceless people are just blown away all the time and we call that entertainment.  We watch wars occur across the world that we are all funding and supplying the troops for and it doesnít bother most people at all.  Itís over there somewhere; itís too vague for them.  It must be alright because, again, our holy government has authorized it. 


When the people truly lose interest in what their governments are up to, you know you are conquered.  That has been very successful for the MIND, the minds are conquered.  Itís only natural that people inquire, all the time, as to what your governments are truly, truly up to.  The power they have is phenomenal.  Through law and legislation and through the heavies they hire, and they have lots of heavies under different guises and uniforms and departments, they can cause a horror show in any country and we must never forget that.  People always think of totalitarian regimes as being uniformed, with the leader wearing a uniform on a podium yelling and screaming and so on.  It doesnít happen like that in this modern age, you see, the fanatics wear suits and ties.  They go into your trained place, the place that you are trained to see them as your leaders.  They are, again, surrounded by your national symbols, whatever they happen to be.  Youíd better listen to when they talk, even though the speeches are written for them; they are exoteric and esoteric at the same time.  When they say something so slickly and easily thatís kind of new to you or you donít quite understand, CHECK INTO IT DEEPLY and find out the meaning because itís going to be very, very important to YOU.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the way things really are as opposed to how they are presented to you.  For most folk, of course, as you know yourselves, those who are awake, itís very hard to snap people out of their conditioning and they ARE conditioned, scientifically conditioned.  Many authors and participants in the conditioning process, many of those who helped draft up the methods and tested the methods in various schools over years going back as far as the 1920s, wrote about it.  People like Bertrand Russell and others.  They worked with Tavistock and they worked with the British governmental system.  They worked with the secret service network of Britain.  They really all worked towards this particular, scientifically controlled society. 


Just yesterday someone was telling me about some children in a US school where 6 and 7 year olds come in with their little cell phones there and they donít look up books anymore.  They will sit at their desk all day and any question they have, they just type it into their phone and get the answers.  Itís an odd thing, this teacher said, to see such young children all transfixed on these tiny little screens.  Whatís noticeable too, is they have no memory.  You donít need to remember something when you can get asked the same question a thousand times throughout your life and you just have to punch up the question to find out what the answer is.  So why bother remembering anything. 


It reminds me of Skinner, the big behaviorist thatís risen to an icon amongst the behavioral studies.  He says, if you want to change society you simply change something in the environment, of the target basicallyÖ the people being the target.  That was true of RADIO, for the beginning because even the BBC was created as a propaganda arm of the British government using radio.  They used various techniques to try experiments on the British populations.  They found if they could give them a serial that would come on every day, maybe Monday to Friday, people literally would try and be in the house at a particular time to find out what happened from the previous day.   A cliffhanger, they always leave you with a cliffhanger; they could alter peopleís behavior.  Of course they used it for incredibly good and well done propaganda.  Television was introduced into the home and people stopped talking.  When they did talk, they generally talked about what they just saw on television.  The parents stopped talking to the children and vice-versa.  Thatís what Skinner said, you just want to change something in their environment to change the people themselves, their behavior.  That was his speciality, behaviorism, altering FOR the planned society, creating a generation that would grow up never knowing that they had been literally scientifically controlled and modified.  Now you have the cell phones and all the other gadgetry there. 


We live in an era where big governments, who share the information with each other, monitor every single citizen on a VASTER scale than any tyrant in the world could ever have dreamed of.  We are being taught that itís all quite normal.  You know, people talked about the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and it was often said in various books at the time, that when INTRUSION comes into the home, intrusion and the breaking of privacy and surveillance on the citizenry becomes normal, then thatís the worst kind of tyranny you can have and yet weíve been trained, VERY WELL TRAINED, by experts, to accept it all as quite normal.  A generation is definitely growing up, they are definitely growing up already not caring about privacy at all.  Privacy is a foreign thing to them.  Theyíve been taught to share all their thoughts, all their ideas, all their activities on a kind of open world diary. 


Where to they get all this from?  They got it all from their schools. They got it from the various Ďfreeí services that were put out for themÖ FREE services.  Nothing is for free.  Your browser thatís for free isnít free.  All these big things that you get for free are part of the Military-Industrial Complex to get your information from you and to monitor you; Facebook and all the other gimmicks that are put out there to trap people.  Again, behaviorists have a big part in planning the society and guiding and running it.  They are completely involved and always have been involved in the educational systems.  Thatís the kind of world they are bringing in, a society where no one THINKS about privacy.  In fact, eventually youíll be called ANTI SOCIAL and they will create SOCIAL DISAPPROVAL against you if you are the oddball who says, you know I like my privacy or they will say, itís none of your business what Iím doing.


Because, again, totalitarian societies can only relax when EVERY SINGLE PERSON is monitored 24 hours a day and is COMPLETELY PREDICTABLEÖ completely predictable.  Thatís what they are bringing in, the controlled society using social disapproval for those who will not join it.  You are the oddball, you could be dangerous, and you never know what youíll do.  Itís far, far worse than even that which Iím talking about right now.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, computer/brain interfaces are all over the place now.  Itís an old, not just an idea; they were working on this a long time ago.  I think Sweden was the first country to use prisoners in fact, to hook them directly into computers back in the 70s even; I remember reading it in the newspapers then.  Iím sure other countries were doing the same thing.  The whole idea is not so that you can become some kind of Superman by interfacing, it really was to find out if you can control the individual by using the computer. 


We see thatís happening today.  You know, you can actually control a person by really directing their Pavlovian responses to something.  Give them a stimulus in other words and have them respond.  We take all these kind of little stimuli for granted; we get used to them.  We think itís normal.  When you go in your car, you are PROMPTED to put on your seatbelt; thatís a Pavlovian stimulus, you see.  There are many more types of stimulus out there too.  If you use the computer, thatís all you get, is one little prompt after another.  It guides YOU across a certain amount of action and sequences to take to get what you think that you want, which might not be what you want but itís definitely what those who made the computer and programmed it want you to do.  So you can be altered, your behavior is altered, again, by putting something into your environment that wasnít there before. 


The computer-brain interface, it doesnít have to be hooked directly in.  It can be wireless and they have been working on that for years too, using animals and Iím sure people too along the way.  Youíll find that the military declassified experiments Ė they always declassify something at least 50 years after an event and no one cares then because another generation grows up.  We donít care whatís happened to previous people; itís kind of like itís ancient history to us.  Thatís why they can declassify stuff.  They have done horror things, horror shows in the past on experiments ALWAYS on their own subjects that raises no alarm on the present generation.  We find that the computers now, that they are working on, supposedly can use magnetic waves to, again, old technology going back to the Koren Helmet a long time ago.  They use these waves to literally sense parts of your brain to see whatís working.  We know the Air Force have used these for years, too, with pilotsí helmets to try to coordinate their thoughts or emotions or even muscle movement of their eyes with direction target finding, that kind of thing.  But itís way beyond that now too. 


They use these things in games.  They sell them to children with helmets and they literally can sense, almost strobe the surface of the parietal lobes and interact with a human itself by anticipating, through its program, what the subject wants them to do.  Itís going to go a lot further than that.  They talked in Microsoft, while they were making the helmet, another division of theirs was working on the same kind of thing without a helmet where they would build in the kind of sensor, a sensory frame around the screen of your computer and THAT would literally do the same thing that the helmet did without you having to wear anything.  Now they are bringing out computers that will interact with you and literally watch you, your behavior.  It will study your behavior because you will fit into a certain system of behaviors, multiple behaviors that the computer is fed.  It tries to put you in to different categories, you see.  Eventually they will ask you, how are you feeling George?  And youíll talk to it.  These things are already here.  Some programs are already out; they are putting them out now.  If you are slouching, it will tell you, you are slouching.  Why are you slouching?  Are you tense?  Why are you tense?  Whatís on your mind?  Just like HAL the computer that you saw in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. 


Now tie that in with last nightís program where I talked about the coming new health care system in the United States where you are going to get, basically what you are going to be paying for through your taxes, will be advise from doctors or maybe their avatars Ė who knows, that will come along too Ė on the internet.  A massive project, already obviously designed, ready to go.  They never mention these things that they want to do somethingÖ they always have it up and ready to go when they want to do it; thatís when they mention it.  Theyíve already trained the public to do with nursing, stand-ins for doctors, for lesser health care, for quite a few years.  Well, now you are going to get basically the same kind of thing but itís via the internet.  They say itís in real time and of course you must have a camera and all the rest of it to see the doctor, or perhaps his avatar or somebody who says heís a doctor.  Thatís going to be that.


Tie that in with the computerís program thatís observing you.  Now supposing it thinks you have a bit of stress there, thatís automatically relayed to the health authorities.  Now supposing that program decides or sends off to them that it thinks you might be coming out with VIOLENT stress.  What do you think is going to happen then?  Itís going to be a whole new form of policing.  A whole new form of policing.  We already have a type of this policing in some parts of the US and elsewhere, where social workers and informants in society SPY ON THE CITIZENRY.  Neighbors are taught that and to report people who are behaving a bit oddly and in comes this team of social workers, little sort of SWAT teams of social workers and accompanied by policemen and they go into peopleís homes and start demanding answers to the various questions.  Now they can actually just monitor you on a daily basis by not just how you behave in front of the computer, or what you are watching, what sites you are looking at and how itís effecting you, but also by your email contents and all that kind of stuff. 


That will help train the public to be like the kind of character that George Orwell put in his book 1984, Winston.  Winstonís character was someone who was trained from youth to show no expression whatsoever.  Never show dilation of the pupils through fear or excitement.  Never show any expression when you hear any kind of information passed to you, even if it sounds absolutely crazy.  Those are dangerous things to showÖ because everything is on camera.  Now youíll have computers, as I say, which can read those particular little signs.  They are using them at airports; you all know that too donít you?  It was only a natural thing they would use it in your home computers as well. 


Theyíve made computers pretty well mandatory havenít they?  It was one of these things that came along and say, well, you know manís always adapted to science.  Then they give you examples of how we got the horse and cart, you know.  We forget too, that most folk didnít have a horse or cart; you had to have pretty good money in the old days to have a horse in Europe, or be Nobility.  Some places you could be arrested if you were on a horse, if they suspected you were not Nobility.  Then theyíll say, then we had the ships.  Well, not everybody could afford to go on a ship either, so not everybodyís life was changed by it directly.  Then they had the steam engine and so on and that brought a lot of little towns along in its wake.  But the folk didnít sit there and talk about the railways all day long.  They didnít go and sit on the tracks all day long.  They gave you the computer after TV which got you ready for it.  You can sit for hours, maybe the whole darn day on it - complete behavior alterationÖ and you take it all for granted. 


Not only that, they make it almostÖ in fact itís really now a priority to have oneÖ and shortly will be when you go completely cashless because everything that you need, even your bank account, is basically weaponized.  By that I mean it can be used as a weapon against you.  You have no terms to dictate anything, youíll notice in this world.  Any agreement that you make with anybody out there, any bank or whatever, even your internet service provider and all of this kind of stuff; read all the contents, look at the programs you download and agree to, agree to, agree to, may vary according to the owners, blah, blah, blah, blah.  You have no rights whatsoever.  The same thing goes when they go cashless and you have to have a bank account and you must use all your bank access, your purchases and so on, via the bank.  Most folk already do it today already, with their cards.  They are already trained to do it. 


Youíve got to stand back from society and study society.  Itís not difficult at all.  You must look at what youíre looking at WITHOUT taking it for granted.  I remember when I first saw people, I generally never when into big stores and even big grocery stores.  When I first saw people one after another in line taking out their card and swiping it through, I was really kind of shocked to see it.  They were doing it as they do it every day.  To me, that was a foreign thing to see, as though they were all trained to do it.  Itís no different than swiping your hand past a machine and that palm print or whatever will be YOU and itís drawn right off that palm print.  See, youíve been trained bit by bit, right down to the hand, to use it.  Swipe it past this, swipe it past that.  They accept and adapt and accept and adapt without question. 


ComputersÖ You know, computers, Iíve always said this too.  They could have given you the final version of the computer BEFORE they go into the Cloud; thatís how itís working out to be.  The computers that are out now will be the last versions of their type before the Cloud comes totally, completely in and takes over everything.  They could have given you the final high-speed version that you are buying today at the very beginning, 15-20 years agoÖ because they could have done it then.  They had the ability.  They had the technology to do it.  They were already giving it to very high sections of the CIA.  The NSA had all that too.  They were not sitting with big tape machines like they love to show you in the old movies.  But they dish it out piece by piece to train you along the way, that you are just gradually evolving along a certain path.  If they gave you the latest thing at the very beginning, youíd have been stunned and shockedÖ especially if they told you that all your data was going to be collected and gathered for every single thing that you did on that computer.  No, they give it to you piece by piece.  Then 6 months later they tell you, well, itís kind of obsolete; itís a bit faster now


All the companies churn out the same faster stuff and the same time and no one says, isnít that weird, if they are all competing how come they are always out with the same stuff at the same time?  Do you really think all these separate companies are really there to compete with each other?  All these big companies, big electronic companiesÖ itís like General Electric.  You think itís there to make nice light bulbs for you?  I can remember when they showed you the cannon, the rotary cannon that General Electric had created because its biggest part is for the Military-Industrial Complex, like all these electronic companies are.  The cannon could fire so many rounds per minute, you didnít hear the individual shots, and you just heard this hum. 


The article I read a couple of years ago, where Sony in Japan Ė Sony gives you a nice stereo and all that Ė had interfaced its silicon chips with human brain tissue and successfully managed to transmit messages.  But you thought they were there to give you good audio, right.  You know, the CIA has put up more REAL companies out there than any possible competitor could even try to get in to being.  The idea being, that you donít want competitors.  If you are directing the course of history and youíve already decided during the Cold War that those with the highest sciences will win the war, you donít share technology.  You donít ALLOW technology to spring out on its own independently and come out with some kind of new system thatís NOT under your controlÖ and that might help free the people, even unintentionally.  You would not allow it to happen, therefore YOU create the real companies and YOU fund them into existence. 


Who do you think funded Japan to be the leader in electronics in the world after World War II?  Go into the writings of Hopkins that was sent over to design and set up and install the new Japanese system on behalf of the US.  All those companies were funded VIA the Japanese government, which was just a puppet government of the US.  They funded those corporations into existence and directed where they were going.  Itís no different in the States, no different at all.   


Itís like the chip that they were giving to the youngsters, the teenagers, in the Baja nightclubs.  Put the chip in the arm and charge it with your cash.  You could withdraw and withdraw without having to use cash; very trendy.  You get all the good gals at these clubs; they made sure that there were lots of them.  Again, how to you get your victim, what does the creature have in common?  They are young, they are horny, the best girls are here.  Thatís what you do.  They study us like any prey.  They are the predator, we are the prey.  We are not difficult to understand.  Then you find the director of it happened to be, just left the NSA, the National Security Agency.  What a coincidence!  THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES like this folks, none whatsoever.  The private organizations that ran the Cold War, the companies, are the well known brands that you hear of today.  They are still there.  Their sideline is supplying you with irons for you clothing and stuff like that.


The scientifically controlled society is talked about by Bertrand Russell in the book, The Impact of Science on Society.  He talks about the necessity to first train the trainers.  You train the teachers.  You must have, if you want to set out advocates for a particular system of ways of doing things, youíve got to make them TRUE BELIEVERS.  They donít have to know the truth.   Itís like evangelists; you must create GOOD evangelists, taught how to get converts.  Thatís how they went into the educational system.  Thatís why they created UNESCO and the International Educational Association.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Here is an article from the Associated PressÖ


You might wear computing's next wave

Posted 10/15/2007 /  by Josh Reynolds, AP / usatoday.com / Brian Bergstein, AP Technology Writer


 (Alan:  We are hearing about the Ďinternet of thingsí and how everything will communicate with everything else.  This is all about that but itís 3 years ago.) 


BOSTON ó From clothes riddled with sensors to name tags that detect our moods, (A:  Name tags the detect our moods, folks.  Um-hum.)  computing's next wave could unleash small devices that increasingly augment everyday activities with digital intelligence.


That was the predominant vision at a conference on "wearable computing" held this week in Boston, where researchers showed off prototypes and discussed ideas.


Some attendees took wearable computing to its extreme, donning cyborg-like miniaturized displays attached to eyepieces. But most of what was on exhibit seemed much closer to jumping into a mainstream commercial product.


For example, researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (known as ETH Zurich) showed off stretchable, threadlike sensors that can be woven into shirts to detect their wearers' posture. People with back pain or injuries could be prompted on a PC or a mobile device to straighten up, pronto.  (A:  I wonder what else it could do.)


Stephane Beauregard of Germany's University of Bremen displayed a shoe-borne sensor whose tiny accelerometers perform electronic dead reckoning -- providing real-time location tracking in places satellite navigation systems either can't reach or can't describe with precision. For now the sensor has to be held in place by the shoelaces, but Beauregard expects a version that can fit inside a boot heel could be a year away. (A:  Well, itís done already, since then.  Itís really all going in one direction.  Itís to control you, even your posture.  Well, that will mean your mood as well, Iím sure.  Thatís coming.) [Another article Alan has posted.]


Wearable Sensors Watch Workers

Sensors that track social behavior highlight the benefits of face-to-face interaction.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 / technologyreview.com / By Kate Greene


Thatís all coming, for this nice, safe world they are talking about.  Meanwhile too, itís incredible how countries that have got the IMF already going over their booksÖ  And by the way, theyíve already been over the books of the United States.  They are in there right now.  They are in Britain right now too; theyíve already gone over and audited them.  But theyíve got all this cash to spend on all the prisons and the prison-like materials they are setting up for you all over the place.  You understand, you donít have to be behind bars to be in a prison.  Being monitored 24 hours a day means you are a prisoner.  It means youíve got a watcher, a jailer watching you.  Itís all in how you perceive things isnít it?  Or how youíve been taught NOT to perceive things. 


High-tech speed cameras which use satellites to track motorists on secret trial in Britain (A:  Itís to go nationwide, then worldwide.)

By Luke Salkeld / dailymail.co.uk / 23rd April 2010


Speed cameras which communicate with each other by satellite are being secretly tested on British roads.


The hi-tech devices can follow driversí progress for miles to calculate whether they have broken speed limits.


Combining number plate recognition technology with global positioning satellites, they can be set up in a network to monitor tens of thousands of cars over huge areas for the smallest breach(A:  Öof the law.)


Known as SpeedSpike, the system uses similar methods of recognition as the cameras which enforce the congestion charge in London, and allow two cameras to 'talk' to each other if a vehicle appears to have travelled too far in too short a space of time.


After a covert national trial (A:  COVERTÖ this is supposedly democracy.  They have COVERT trials and spy stuff on the British public.  What do the British public do?  Nothing!  Apathy, apathy, we must create apathy, says Bertrand Russell, while we are bringing through the totalitarian phase of this and weíre here now and it isnít just Britain.)


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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