April 29, 2010 (#566)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 29, 2010:

Choice Architects:
Behaviourists Don't Jest, Believe They Know Best,
From Sunstein and Thaler, All Hail the New Father:

"From Psycho-Linguistics to ELF Modulation,
A Lifelong Process of Behaviour Modification,
Masters Ensure We've Proper Rectitude
In Order We Come to Love Our Servitude,
When Public Appears to Be in Derision,
Behaviourists Guide It to 'Correct' Decision,
These Specialists have Bonded Relationship
With Government, A Scientific Dictatorship,
Old Governance is Dusty, Outmoded, Strange,
Academia's Rising in this 'Century of Change',
Old Charters or Bills of Freedoms and Rights
Must be Tossed in Arcana with Arabian Knights,
Decision Architects - Guide, Through Choices You're Prompted,
Arriving at 'Right One', The One Prompters Wanted,
Well Trained in Recycling, Obedience, Environmentalism,
'Prompted' Through Life by 'Libertarian Paternalism' "
© Alan Watt April 29, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 29, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 29, 2010.  For the newcomers to the show, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  You’ll see all the other sites I have there up on the front page, bookmark them whatever you do.  Bookmark them for future use because whenever I omit to say this, the .com site will go on a freeze or I can’t upload to it.  People don’t know they can get all the audios from these alternative sites.  So, bookmark the official sites you’ll see listed there and you can always get the latest shows.  This happened just the other day with Yahoo in fact.  You can also go into the site and see the books I have for sale.  These are different books from the books you’ll normally read.  They are non-linear in construction.  They are meant to get YOU thinking as you really should be thinking, with your own abilities coming to the fore.  You can also see the CDs and DVDs I have for sale as well or you can donate to me.  Most of the customers come from the United States so I always start there and tell you that [ordering and donation options listed above].  From the United States you can use personal checks to Canada; we’re all one country now really and we have been for a long time.  We even have the same area code, 1, for the country; that’s it.  So, personal checks are good.  Donations are important because often that’s how I trickle by here.  Cash is fine from any country pretty well.  Some people just get disks burned and passed to them because they don’t like using computers; they play them on their CD players.  You can get in touch with me at [address above].  And that’s that out of the way.


For the last few days I’ve been coughing like crazy and I’ve got my sinuses just flowing here.  That’s because of the HEAVY aerial spraying I get in this area.  The air literally is as dry as a bone.  It’s impossible, by the laws of physics, at least how it used to be a few years ago, a very few years ago, because I’m surrounded by lakes here.  I’ve had the snow melt.  The snow… water is still lying in the ground; it hasn’t evaporated… it doesn’t evaporate now into the air.  The heavy spray contains aluminum oxide which is incredibly hygroscopic; it attracts the moisture right into it and takes the moisture in the air right to the dirt itself, right to the dirt level.  This area - people don’t realize this - this was like Louisiana in the summer time.  No kidding.  We had the extremes of everything.  We had the tremendous snow in the winter certainly, but we’ve also got an extreme summer as well.  In fact, it’s fruit country and berry country here… with very high humidity for summers, very, very high, in fact often higher than Louisiana, and sometimes higher temperatures too, quite often higher temperatures.  That’s how it WAS, at least up to about 4 or 5 years ago until they changed their spraying mix.  Now, the air is as dry as a bone.  Surrounded by lakes and temperatures going up right now to 75-80 degrees during the day and nothing is evaporating off of the ground… because of the chemicals they are spraying on us.  So that’s why my voice comes and goes.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just explaining why my voice tends to come and go, because your sinuses start flooding.  During the day they are just dry as can be and then they start flooding in the evening.  You end up with this incredible phlegm coming out of nowhere and that’s what chokes you all up.  But this is common around this area now.  Other people have got it too, not just myself.  Of course I know what’s causing it and they don’t.  I’m sure the doctors’ offices are booming and big pharma is booming as people just grab antihistamines galore and guzzle them because they don’t understand what’s really happening.  Doctors, too, will just tell them they’ve got sudden allergies or they are getting asthma, the new adult type asthma that didn’t exist before; it’s all quite normal now apparently.  Incredible allergies are breaking out all over.  But it’s this heavy spraying.  Just this evening before the show, I watched this blanket… see, we don’t have clouds anymore, we get spray blankets.  If it’s sprayed to the south or the east or the west or wherever, and the wind is blowing in the appropriate direction, you’ll see this blanket just being pulled over the sky as it comes in.  No definable clouds, just the grey mush, the whitish mush, and that’s it; you are covered with chem-clouds. 


All this nonsense about going into geo-engineering is rubbish.  They know it, of course, all those involved in it, even those at the meetings because when you go into the meetings like the one that they had in California with the so-called scientists and all the specialists debating whether they should go ahead and geo-engineer and debating all the pros and cons and possibly the terrible fallout on health, etc, they all knew darn well what was really going on and that we’ve been sprayed for years because they partook in it.  They all work for the Military-Industrial Complex.  Some of them had contracts with the Pentagon and the Air Force and all the rest of it.  So these guys knew their stuff and they were not debating inside about something they were hoping to do in the future; that’s just for public consumption. 


We are dumb, after all.  We’ve been taught to be dumb since we were born.  We were brought up in a scientifically controlled society and standardized and made uniform so we all think in the same way.  We all accept the system as it’s presented to us.  We actually accept reality as it’s been presented to us and we don’t question it.  One of the statements that Bertrand Russell made to do with the people and logic; he used to say, we used to think the people were REASONING creatures but now we know that they are not at all, they are not reasoning creatures.  Why did he say that?  It’s because being a basically totalitarian type himself and wanting to control the world on behalf of the guys he worked with, all the upper aristocracy who dabbled in science and philosophy, they thought they had the right to not only literally control people and rule people but TEACH them how to behave BETTER to serve the same elite.  I’m not kidding about that. 


We see this sort of stuff in movies about tyrants, and movies about the Middle Ages and warlords and stuff.  It’s never changed.  In fact, these guys like the Huxley’s and so on, and nobilities of Britain especially… most of the nobility of Britain of today were actually brought in as high-class merchants that were knighted.  The other ones came up through conquest and slaughtering peoples through the Norman Invasions and they became the warlords.  They had all the serfs that they bought and sold amongst themselves, which is a nice way of saying slavery; it covers it a bit…  Serf, you see, you are a server and it doesn’t sound so bad as being a slave, especially when technically they couldn’t have slaves under Christendom, as they called it at that time.  But being good guys as far as understanding the psychology of people, they just changed the term and called them serfs.  That’s how they got around that.  No great legal battles in those days.


Nothing has changed, as I say, except the con games go on.  I’ve explained this before; it’s all to do with the way you are trained to perceive things.  In ancient times, people used to put on a fire to cook something, say in the ancient Middle East, and then one day some guy comes along, a follower of Zoroaster, and says, oh, you can’t do that anymore, that fire is holy, it’s part of the sun, you know, and bad luck will come upon you if you do that, without permission.  Then you say, how do I get permission?  He says, well, I’m a priest of the sun, I’m one of the Zoroastrians and we can actually help light it for you, using a sacred fire from the sacred flame.  And you pay through the nose for that and suddenly you were paying for something you’d always done for centuries and it cost you nothing.  Because you were taught how to perceive it and within one generation the children would parrot this stuff, oh, don’t light that fire, you know that’s going to bring bad luck, we’ll get cursed, you have to get the priest to do that.  And they thought it was all quite normal. 


Today it’s the same with taxes and stuff and departments of government from federal right down to local.  We are taught everything is quite normal.  You own property but you don’t own property.  You own it but you don’t own it.  You own it but you don’t own it… click, click, click.  You are in doublethink, you see.  See, if you own something, no one can take it from you.  If they take it from you, it’s called STEALING it from you.  You understand that?  That’s basic, common sense.  A ‘tenet’ of existing, you either own something or you don’t own it.  And yet when you go to buy some old shack somewhere and you think you are making good.  You buy a starter home, which means you are a failure – that’s what they really mean by that – then you sign a little document for property.  Under ownership it actually has ‘tenant’.  You are a tenant, not an owner.  There is a big difference in tenant and owner.  When I was getting this old shack here, I had an argument with a lawyer and I says, no, in that case.  He says to me, tenant means the same as ownership.  I said, I come from Britain and I know my history.  He says, oh, it means the same thing.  I said, if it means the same thing, in that case, write down owner.  Score out tenant and write down owner; that’s what I said to him.  Lawyers are fantastic, eh.  Anyway…


Then you get hit with your tax bills.  What happens if you don’t pay your tax?  Well, they steal your home and they kick you off of it.  Then they resell it on some market or another for what they claim is owed to THEM …owed to them.  Now, an extortion racket is an extortion racket.  We’ve all seen the old mafia movies and we understand how it works.  I’ve mentioned this so many times.  You have a little shop or a store and the guy comes in and he demands money off you.  You say, why?  He says, it’s for protection.  You say, well, protection from whom?  And he says, protection from my boss.  Well, what’s the difference between that and some people coming to your door on behalf of some council - or whatever they want to call themselves - with some official name, rather than ‘the head body smasher’, as the mafia would call them.  He’s got an official name, you see, to alter your perception of things and demand cash off you because you should have paid them taxes, which keeping going up of course.  It’s this wonderful, arbitrary idea they have.  They can always stretch everything in every way they want and you have no input into anything AT ALL. 


So they will steal your property and if some yo-yo…  And this happened to me, by the way.  Some yo-yo across on the other hill, who’s in real estate themselves, bought an area there and they paid $98,000 for this parcel of land, quite a big parcel of land but it’s just the same kind of trees as I’ve got here and a house pretty much like the shack I’ve got here.  But being cunning little souls, being in real estate, they’ve now got it up for sale, after maybe 3 or 4 years, and they are asking $399,000.  No kidding.  There’s the gall of the shysters, eh.  There’s the gall, hoping some schmuck will come along.  They’ve probably got enough homes like that all over the place; where they’ve bought for technically peanuts and they will wait and bide their time for some schmuck coming along that just can’t refuse it or the wife will like the picket fence which actually isn’t there.  The only fence they’ve got they stole from railroad track because I saw them doing it.  But anyway, because of that, this little shack here, next door to it, quadrupled in price, according to the tax man… for taxable value.  Right.  So I said to the guy, well, if someone builds a Tajmahal next to me it doesn’t mean my shack is any different; it’s still the same shack and the swamp is still the same swamp. 


But it doesn’t work like that, you see, because it’s a Mafioso which we think is an official thing.  We’ve all been TRAINED that this is the way it is.  You see, you CAN’T ALLOW corruption and cons to start.  The first generation that experiences a particular con must NIP IT IN THE BUD RIGHT AWAY and use their logic because they’ve got the ability at that time to use their reasoning and their logic and say this is BS, you know, like Bothersome Stuff.  Just stop it right where they start.  Once you allow a global corporation, or a GANG - the same thing, it’s a corporate gang - pass some ruling and you ACCEPT it.  You acquiesce by your silence.  And most of your neighbors will just pay up… well, what can you do… what can you do, eh.  And here you go. 


So as I say, because they jacked up the price next door - they haven’t sold it, by the way - and yet the taxes have gone up because the guy from the tax office KNEW what they were wanting for it so they adjusted ALL the prices in the area accordingly.  Suddenly my swamp must be awfully desirable.  Maybe I’ve got special mosquitoes here… VERY special mosquitoes.  Who knows, eh?  That’s the cons you live under. 


When I moved in here, I said, well, I’ll get something to the value that it won’t annoy me if I have to walk away from it one day because I knew what was coming down the pike.  I knew they were going to start to abolish private property until only the very, very rich and wealthy, who generally are working for government – they are the ones who buy stuff in the country now – will be able to afford it.  I knew that.  I read Agenda 21.  I read all the different ones, the preceding articles from the United Nations which the governments all signed.  I’d read the books by the Royal Institute of International Affairs who BOASTED in their books, and the Council on Foreign Relations, their American brothers, they were the ones who introduced the personal income tax into both countries, the United States and Britain and the British Commonwealth, AND property taxes; they take credit for that back in the early 1900s.  I'll be back with more after this break.


I’m Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about perception and how we’ve been INDOCTRINATED.  We’ve had a uniform indoctrination, scientifically organized as Russell himself said.  He was experimenting with this back it the 1920s to make sure they created a uniform, dumb, stupid society.  In fact, he said this in one of his books called The Scientific Outlook.  Bertrand Russell, LORD Bertrand Russell, he says…


Diet, (Alan:  So the food you were going to be fed, the government would take over that too, in collusion with private companies like Monsanto, Archer-Daniels-Midland, and those guys.)  Diet, injection (A:  That’s your National Health Service; they’ve got to get that through, make it mandatory.)  and injunctions will combine from a very early age to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable. 


(A:  Listen to that again…)  Diet, injections and injunctions (A:  This is for the hard of thinking.)  will combine from a very early age to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible


(A:  Now, I’m talking about taxes and stuff and things like that and how you think you can map out your life… I’ll get this old shack and I can get a cheap one, don’t fix it up because they will tax you on it, so I just left it as it was, and then they go and jack it up regardless because some yo-yo next door is trying to make a… is waiting for the right sucker to come along, as Barnum would have said, and buy their swamp, basically.  But because of that they’ve got to jack up my taxes too.  You see.  But most folk will just succumb to that and give in and say, okay, what can you do.  Psychologically impossible…. Psychologically impossible.  criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.)


Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy because the government will tell them that they are so.  (A:  Won’t they?)


Have you noticed the UN’s little stuff?  Every so often when people get a bit ticked off in a particular country like Canada, suddenly it’s the best country to live in according to the UN stats and then they give a sliding scale.  Then the next year it’s some other country that’s thinking of pulling out of the UN, or they are fed up with their politicians, so suddenly that shoots up to the top, the most desirable country and all this conology, you see, just to condition us and keep us in a la-la land.  Alice in Wonderland, that’s what we are in today.  You see, Alice in Wonderland, when you went down the rabbit hole, everything that worked on the surface was the opposite way around in the rabbit hole.  You could never take anything at face value.  It’s like rain, for instance; you expect to get wet.  Up here, as I say, with the new spraying, you just have incredible bronchial troubles and DRY air; it’s incredible.  Even after a little sprinkle, it’s dry as could be.  The aluminum oxide that they spray into the air, and the barium, SOAKS up the moisture.  That’s what it does.  That’s why they put it in table salt, the kind you buy all nice and ready for your little pot to put into and sprinkle; they put aluminum oxide in there too, for that reason.  It keeps it nice; it doesn’t matter how humid it is, it won’t clump up.  But this stuff in the air takes it right down to the ground, right down past your Wellies boots – that’s your rubber boots – and there is nothing left in the air.  So all the laws that used to apply to what nature was, are completely all upside-down now.  It’s been like that for quite a few years. 


When you look into Huxley, another friend…  They all knew each other because they all belonged to MI-5, by the way.  They wrote lots of novels too, most of them, except for Russell; they also wrote nonfiction as well.  Even novels were meant to bring you into a way of THINKING.  I’ve explained all that from America’s Cultural Cold War, the book released with all the declassified stuff from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.  How the CIA ran the WHOLE cultural industry and hired hundreds of hack novelists and even put movies out there to influence the public’s opinion into the NEW promiscuous society and all that kind of stuff.  They did the same in Britain and they had offices in every country in Europe. 


George Orwell wrote a lot of letters to Huxley.  They both had been groomed for the same managerial role of looking after society but Orwell kind of turned against it when he realized the terrible cons that were going on.  In a letter to George Orwell, Aldous Huxley said this, and this is from the book, it’s published in The Letters of Aldous Huxley by Harper and Row 1969.  It says…

Within the next generation I believe that the world’s leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco hypnosis (A:  That’s been all over the papers now, they want to start giving drugs in the womb because they are going to predict if you are going to be manic depressive or hyperactive or stuff like that.  I’m not kidding.  It’s mainstream.  It’s not conspiracy stuff; it’s the main stream.)  are more efficient as instruments of government  (A:  So it’s an INSTRUMENT OF GOVERNMENT, conditioning us as an instrument of government… You understand that?  What do you think government is there for?  What do you really think…  Do you ever think at all about it or do you just accept it?  We are conditioned AS AN INSTRUMENT OF GOVERNMENT and they want to use narco hypnosis and various techniques to make us more conditioned.) than clubs and prisons (A:  In other words, threatening the public.) and that the lust for power (A:  His own class, you see, the LUST FOR POWER…) can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude, as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)

This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing how we’re all conditioned and how we’ve been taught to perceive things but to serve the masters, not to serve ourselves.  It’s always to our detriment.  I gave an example about taxes and so on because even for your property tax, you get NOTHING back from it.  I haven’t signed a deal with anybody to pay them anything, so why am I being taxed?  I didn’t ask… they don’t fix the roads here; there’s a separate tax for that.  There is a separate tax for the schools and all these kind of things.  It’s all separate taxes.  So you get nothing back.  You are being extorted by the GANG, a corporate gang, and that’s what this is all about.  It’s all, again, to do with the abolition of private property.

When they set up the communist party - the same bunch actually who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs by a Royal Charter, and the Council on Foreign Relations and the Fabian Society and special branches, and all the foundations - they had already decided back then that the world they’d bring in eventually would have no private property EXCEPT for themselves, the ultra wealthy.  They could wave all the laws and regulations because they would be serving mankind, you understand, in very high capacities.  Yeah.  All figured out. 

Getting back to this letter to George Orwell from Aldous Huxley who wrote Brave New World.  This was written in 1949.  He says…

Within the next generation I believe that the world’s leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco hypnosis are more efficient as instruments of government than clubs and prisons and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied (A:  Obviously they accept the fact that they have a lust for power at the top, you see; all these people do.) by suggesting people into loving their servitude, as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience.  In other words, I feel that the nightmare of 1984 is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World(A:  That was with his artificially created humans even, through test tube babies, etc, etc.  Get rid of the old types of humans, standardize society into the perfect beehive, with your Alphas, Betas and so on.)

Well worth seeing the movie too.  There are 2 version of Brave New World out there that I’ve noticed.  There is an older version and a newer version.  They are both very telling in the way it’s presented; well worth seeing.   Read the book as well.  Also read 1984 by George Orwell.  He’s right.  They are using the Orwellian phase to go into the Huxlian phase.  Right now we are under the totalitarian phase of brute force and fear.  Your police are now completely militarized and there are so many alphabet soup agencies out there that are wearing black outfits, you don’t know who is who any more.  Often they don’t know who is who themselves.  This is all part of it as we modulate into the genetic engineering to create the perfect Brave New World of compliant servants who all LOVE THEIR SERVITUDE. 

You think that is far fetched?  Who do you think served your school system?  See, the BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGISTS set up your school systems and the methods of teaching, never mind the topics of teaching, for political correctness and all the rest of it.  They had to standardize the educational system, a long time ago, starting with a National Educational System in every country and then pushing it to the next step.  The same with countries as we amalgamate, you always get a CENTRAL system first for a nation, then they do treaties with their brothers across the sea via the United Nations - and you’ve got UNICEF of course; that’s what they set UNICEF up for - then you’ve got a coordinated, standardized system.  So you can talk to the brain dead in Britain and go over and share your brain dead opinions with the brain dead in Norway or Canada or the States because we’ve all had the same conditioning, to make us happy servants and bring us all to the same conclusions because we’ve all been taught the same nonsense.  We’ve all had the same conditioning… simple. 

Behaviorists like Skinner and so on…  That’s why you find John Dewey and others were sent over to set up the American educational system and every other country’s educational system at the same time.  Many of them came from the Frankfurt School, all believing in man being an animal.  They believed that Pavlov proved it, that they could be trained just the same way by conditioning processes as the animals had been.  I talked before about one of these guys, remember.  Obama’s is the first officially open government the United States has had that’s now run by SCIENTIFIC OLIGARCHIES.  Even the papers have acknowledged this; they call them SCIENCE CZARS, for instance.  Some of them actually were card-carrying communists; of course, very wealthy ones.  People don’t think about communists as being wealthy; they forget that some of the top communists on the planet and in the Western world were extremely wealthy people, like one of the Prime Ministers of Canada, Pierre Trudeau… and he was a communist by the way.  He led the Comintern for Canada - young Comintern, young communists - over to Moscow from Canada in 1952.  He was the representative for it.  Again, the communists simply work for the big bankers because it’s a better structured society; it’s a fast-track method of standardizing a society under authorities, you see, and under authorities, training the children uniformly from coast to coast. 

Sunstein is another one that Obama’s got on his… Never mind Holdren.  Holdren was also into sterilization by order of the government to bring down the populations and doing it also discretely, through covert means, because he says he couldn’t do it to the Americans as they could obviously do it to the ignorant Indians, he said, from India.  That’s what he said in his own book, EcoScience, which he helped write with Paul Ehrlich, another fanatic.  Here is Sunstein.  Sunstein, he teaches this stuff, behaviorism, on mass levels of psychology… behaviorism.  He talked about and I read the article maybe a month ago where he advised the government to infiltrate all patriot groups and they’d also use the internet as well with their cyber teams and all that kind of stuff to infiltrate patriot networks and chat rooms and forums.  They’ve been doing it for years actually.  He said, disrupt their being, their reason for being, their convictions, even religious groups.  Disrupt them by putting in certain amounts of information.  It’s WEAPONIZED WORDS, WEAPONIZED TERMINOLOGY, WEAPONIZED PHRASES, using psycho-linguistics.  Under neuro-linguistics there is such a thing as psycho-linguistics when you want to alter the psyche of the person that’s hearing your program, and you program them.  And once they have no reason for being or they are unsure of themselves, they fall apart.  You see. 

This same Sunstein wrote another book.  It’s interesting.  I won’t buy it, by the way, because I understand this…  There will be very little for the public consumption and it’s put out for the public.  It’s nowhere near the stuff that they teach for themselves and use in high-level marketing especially for governmental purposes.  But the book is called Nudge.  Now listen to this and how it’s worded.  The brain dead, of course, the ones who are conditioned, will see the nice parts about it but they will miss the weaponized parts.  It says…


Nudge:  The Gentle Power of Choice Architecture

(A:  A lot of them will turn off right there and say, well, that’s nice; it’s probably about buildings and all that.)

Research by Richard H. Thaler / chicagobooth.edu


Richard H.Thaler is the Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Service Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics and Director of the Center for Decision Research(A:  very important.) at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. (A:  Remember too, he wrote this along with Sunstein as well.)


Can subtle features of everyday situations really enhance our health, wealth, and happiness? (A:  It says OUR… so, it’s collective we’re into.  Oh, we’re along with him.  This is how the self-help books start, OUR, you know.)  A new book shows that they can, and that it is possible to proactively (A:  It’s very proactive… I love their new terminology.  You can always tell a generation by their terminology that they use.  Active isn’t good enough, being active towards it.  No, PROactively…) structure situations to nudge us toward better choices (A:  He says ‘better’ to start off, you see.) while protecting, or even expanding, individual freedoms.


Who decided that the “Popcorn” button on your microwave should set the appliance to run for 2 minutes? Come to think of it, who decided that your microwave should have a “Popcorn” button to begin with? Have you ever taken any time to think about how the button might affect your consumption of popcorn (both buttered and burnt)? (A:  So you are into the little pseudo humor here to throw you right off guard.)  More importantly, do you think the person who designed the button considered these issues? In the new book Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, (A:  Sounds very innocent.) University of Chicago Graduate School of Business professor Richard H. Thaler and coauthor Cass R. Sunstein of the University of Chicago Law School suggest that microwave designers—indeed, anyone who determines how choices and options are presented to people (A:  Remember that Sunstein is working for your government here, un-appointed of course, by the public… along with the other scientists that believe in total control.  How THEY, the people who HELP to MAKE YOUR CHOICES…) —can help us lead more satisfying lives by considering how their presentations can move us toward different choices, and thus different experiences.  (A:  They start to eventually get into some real stuff.)


“When somebody designs a grocery store, they imagine that people will walk through the store in a certain way,” says Thaler. (A:  This is really for the brain dead to start off.)  “Of course, people are free to walk however they want, but the entrance is at one place, cash registers at another, and store designers know that those locations will influence the route that most shoppers take.”


(A:  Then he goes into other examples that we all know, or people who think about them anyway.)  Thaler adds: “When you go to a cafeteria, if the first thing you see is the salad bar, that’s probably a good thing. If you had to get past the burgers and the fries to get to the salad bar, you might be more likely to sin.”


It is pretty clear that human beings could use a little help making the choices that bring us the outcomes we want. (A:  Okay, ‘human beings’ that’s a differentiation from ‘us’ here.  The outcomes the ‘WE’ want.  He’s talking from a particular profession here.)  For just a few examples, consider the numerous Americans who struggle to eat healthy, fail to save enough for retirement, or choose health insurance plans that poorly serve their needs. There is no doubt that the human mind has many reliable and impressive capabilities, but despite humanity’s distinguished accomplishments in engineering, medicine, and other fields, few among us can claim never to have misplaced our house keys or left the car lights on.


Thankfully, behavioral science has produced remarkable insights into human fallibility, making it now possible to give people helpful “nudges” (A:  Remember what he said before, to make the right decisions, right.) toward more satisfying and productive decisions. To do this, Thaler and Sunstein suggest that we turn to “choice architects” (A:  That’s the guys who are going to make all the prompts for you, the Pavlovian prompts.)—anyone who helps shape the situations in which people encounter choices. Of course, some choice architects have long known how to structure situations to nudge people toward certain decisions.  (A:  They’ve been doing it for YEARS folks.  Change is good, change is good.  And no one says, what changes are you talking about?  It doesn’t get asked, you see.)


“The person who designs the grocery store layout wants to make sure you walk by the aisles with the most profitable items and the items that are most likely to be impulsive purchases,” Thaler explains.  (A:  That’s why they keep changing it, by the way.)


Nudge is about using this power of choice architecture on behalf of the choosers, to make the easiest choices the ones that people themselves will find to be the best.  (A:  So they are going to BRING you to make the easiest choice because THEY have decided, as the controllers, that it is the best.)


Choice Architecture: Helping Us to Help Ourselves


The world is a complex place and it does a good job of keeping us busy. Most of us just do not have the time to think deeply about every choice we make. In Nudge, Thaler and Sunstein explain that people look for rules of thumb for decision making; these strategies often work so well for the small decisions in life, such as buying a television from a trusted brand name (A:  Or joining a political party because your Dad did.), that we are tempted to use similar shortcuts for more consequential choices as well, such as selecting a retirement plan because it is the one we have heard of before. If everyone had ready access to complete information, unlimited cognitive abilities, and complete self-control, we would likely deliberate much more about these choices, and demonstrate unerring wisdom. Since that is not the case, we need some help to make the best choices. Nudge suggests that, by following simple principles, choice architects can provide it.


One of these key principles involves appropriately setting defaults. (A:  In the human being.  You understand, you are a computer folks… setting defaults.) According to Thaler, “In any choice situation, the choice architect has to decide what happens in a system if the user does nothing; that’s what we call a default.”  (A:  Remember I read the other day there, from I think it was Russell.  He says most people, when they are faced with any kind of choice or decision, they will stand there and do NOTHING.  In fact, what they will actually do is look around to see who IS making a decision… what are you doing?  Well, I’m paying my taxes.  Okay, I’d better do the same.  And that’s what you do.  That’s how it works folks.)


Defaults have immense power in a world of busy people. Limits on time, information, energy, and ability will often mean that people end up with whatever default option is given to them, whether or not it is the best option.


Past research suggests that most of the time, people will select the default option, either because they think that somebody made it the default because they thought it was good for them, or because they are lazy, or just spaced out and forgot to fill out the form,” explains Thaler. “The problem is that the people who designed the default may not have selected the default because they thought it was good for somebody—they may not have put enough thought into it.”  (A:  So what are they going to do about it?)


Thaler and Sunstein urge choice architects to realize that the choice of the default is extremely important, and to put it immediately into the repertoire of tools they can use to influence choices for the good.


The authors are interested in all the small factors that influence the choices people make—factors often under the control of the choice architect. (A:  That’s like the Grand Architect isn’t it?)  Accordingly, the authors not only show how choice architects (A:  Now, this is for governmental people, administrative people, even down to your town council people and your schooling.) can use defaults to promote better choices, they also suggest that choice architects should do the following: anticipate common errors; understand how people predict their experiences based on different choices; make complex choice information more comprehensible; provide choosers with useful feedback; and align the incentives of all the people influencing choices(A:  Align them ALL.)


Freedom through Flexibility and Feedback


According to Nudge, a good choice architect must be committed to freedom. (A:  Remember the ‘new freedom’ you heard about?)  The goal is to make it very easy for people to make choices to best serve themselves, while ensuring that alternatives are not blocked, fenced off, or even significantly burdened. Thaler and Sunstein herald this approach as the cornerstone of a new movement: “libertarian paternalism.” (A:  Here is where we are getting down to the REAL stuff now, for government, you see.  LIBERTARIAN PATERNALISM, you know, big DADDY. )  A new and coherent philosophy of economic policymaking, libertarian paternalism is an approach designed to improve choices while vigilantly preserving freedom of choice(A:  That’s your new freedom folks.  Your big daddy is going to BRAINWASH you and TRAIN you all in the same way so you’ll all come to the same choices on the same things.  Isn’t that nice?  And this creep has been appointed, APPOINTED mind you, on the board, helping with the science czars to decide what kind of society, after the last character Bernays, that they are bringing in, the new one.  The Choice Architects.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the new form of government, really, or governance they call it… governance.  It makes you think you have choices, it doesn’t sound like a big, this one monolithic character, but governance, it sounds a bit better doesn’t it?  Again, that’s psycho-linguistics and neuro-linguistics.  You’re getting libertarian paternalism running your government, you know, to bring you to the RIGHT decisions, the ones that are healthy for you, like what to eat and what you should do and how much exercise you should get and all that kind of stuff, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  You see, what big daddy wants.  You know, the RIGHT decision and big daddy knows.  You don’t know; you are just too stupid, you see, to know what’s better for you.  Yep.  You need PROMPTS, you see, PROMPTS… or conditioned reflexes. 


I’ve talked about the militarization of food; it’s weaponized.  Food is weaponized.  The pharma industry was always weaponized because they worked hand-in-glove with governments especially during World War II to do with the creation of very deadly bacteria and viruses and fungi too, which they could use across enemy territories, whole nations, and wipe out their livestock or the people themselves, or make sure the next generation were deformed or weak and sickly, if there was ever going to be a long, protracted war.  The big boys think of all these things. 


That’s the beauty of having all your tax money at work.  You get crowds of psychopaths at the top, big, big massive gangs of them with specialized departments that can work on all these top projects.  This article came out for the British public actually.  It’s just been released but it’s September 2006.  You see, all the British Commonwealth countries including Britain have Privacy/Information Commissioners who come out every year and tells you, and they have actually come out in Canada and told us, you are losing all your rights and all your freedoms and your phones are tapped, but I can’t do anything about it, he says, I can only TELL you what’s happening.  This is a report from 2006 for the British and the Commonwealth countries including Canada.  Here is a section from it… The Militarization of Surveillance.  Surveillance is all militarized.  8.3.1 is I guess is the chapter.  I’m going to put these links up on my site at the end of the show and you can go into the front page and the audio archives section and find it.  I’ll put these up for you to peruse and the whole document itself too. 


A Report on the Surveillance Society

For the Information Commissioner by the Surveillance Studies Network

September 2006 / ico.gov.uk


The Militarization of Surveillance

8.3.1. The drive to security is at least partly evidence of the continuing or revived importance of the military in western societies. Military surveillance is one of the few phenomena that can be said to be truly global in an age where everything is supposedly being globalized. The Earth is increasingly surrounded by a multitude of military surveillance satellites.


8.3.2. In addition transnational communications systems are thoroughly interpenetrated and infiltrated by military surveillance systems: even their invention, design and protocols have military elements. One example is the Global Positioning System (GPS), which was developed and is still ultimately controlled by the US military, which can alter its functionality in certain places and times when it suits military objectives. Another is the Internet. (A:  Yep, they designed that too and they give it to you folks, through their front organizations, the well known brand names.)  This transnational system of network connections and protocols was in no small part based on the American military's ARPANET distributed communications system, designed to survive destruction of particular parts of the system. (A:  And so on and so on.  It goes on about how they are into everything, and keeping your records and ALL your communications and that these cameras are going to go up in ALL countries EVERYWHERE.  And that they’ve been actually putting them up since the 1950s.  Did you know that too?  Project Echelon, etc, it goes through all that stuff and much, much more. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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