April 30, 2010 (#567)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 30, 2010:

Surveillance, With Complete Disregard of Rights Displays,
Ultimate Evil Is The Master, Of All That He Surveys:

"Fanatical Social Scientists Worked Hard Night and Day
To Eliminate Group Cohesion, See the State Fade Away,
'Twasn't Only the Elimination of Each, Every Border,
Claimed They'd Need No Police to Maintain Order,
Behaviouristic Conditioning, Intense and Expedient,
Would Create the Peaceful Society, Orderly, Obedient,
Russell, Huxley too, Thought Schooling and Some Drugging
Would Achieve Desired Outcome, With Surveillance and Bugging,
It's All Here Today, The Gifts that Science Brings,
Everyone's Been Conditioned, Now it's the 'Internet of Things',
Where Everything You Wear or Eat, Every Pill You Pop,
Communicates with Other Things, Acting Like a Cop,
And Every Shoe or Sock is a Communication Device,
Transmitting to Databases Your Virtue, Secret Vice,
Each Gadget will Guide Choices, Makes One Suspect,
No Police Required, You Will Be Very Politically Correct"
© Alan Watt April 30, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 30, 2010
(Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 30th, 2010.


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And all that’s out of the way now but as I say, it’s important that you do have the other sites because I don’t understand it when Yahoo suddenly does maintenance right at the time I’m going to upload to them. Only on the one site mind you and I can’t get anything up there. Or else, even although I’m on unlimited bandwidth and upload, they cut me back with that too or it doesn’t automatically upload as it’s supposed to and the whole staff they have across the planet can’t put their brains on it and figure out what’s wrong. That’s what I’m told, so that’s the sort of games that go on.


Now I’ve been going on about perception again. Perception is so important because we take everything for granted the ways things come to us, how information comes to us, the spins on information. I read last night some of the stuff from Mr. Sunstein and Thaler where they’re using prompts as they call it, prompts to prompt you to make the right decisions and choices, especially as we go into a greater and greater entanglement of electronic living. We’re in a time where everything is interconnected and going to be really interconnected in the next maybe 5 years or so.

They’re talking about the ‘Internet of Things’ where nanotechnology and chips in your clothing, in your shoes, in anything you purchase will all be communicating with each other continuously into these massive data banks and I can tell you that they’re so far ahead than anything they discuss in the tech magazines of what they have in order to be able to accommodate this stuff and utilise it and they know how they’re going to utilise it to control you.


Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


Just before I go on with tonight’s show there’s a caller from New England, Zack. Are you there Zack?


Zack – Yes I’m here. How’re you doing tonight?


Alan – Not bad, I’m just keeping outside of the chemtrails. They dose me every night you know.


Zack – Yeah, they’re out and about here in Maine too. I saw a section of the sky that was eggshell coloured but just to the north it was blue and I saw little swathes of the chemtrails this evening but anyway I noticed something in my car yesterday and somebody noticed it over the weekend and didn’t tell me about it. I think it connects to something I saw on Facebook where I started off a conversation talking about electronics and everything. You know, we get sucked into this mess and I’m one of the ‘la-las’ out there who uses Facebook and I’m noticing with the people at work that the conversation at the shop they are talking about all the undercover police officers that are everywhere. They’ve got so many different cars out where they’re pulling people over and they look like ‘cop cars’.

Well somebody posted this on Facebook and I’ll read (it). I’m logged on now and I’ll read my response. They said:

“So apparently there’s an undercover cop car in Bangor driving a greenish Ford Taurus, completely unmarked, with the exception of lights installed in the head and tail lights. Glad it wasn’t me who learned that the hard way.”

And I responded back. I said:

“That’s predatory. The best way to get rid of the Mafia is to make the extortion racket they run legal and to me it almost seems that law enforcement truly is a legalised Mafia out to make as much from the people by way of fines to give to the state that is desperately in need of money, thanks to the artificial scarcity of it that has been created by the money magician banksters that dictate our fate. It’s a good way to train the public that Big Brother could be anywhere and cops need money too, even the undercover ones that prey on the public in the name of public service.”

And that’s what I wrote and I kind of wonder if the fact that one of my windows was shot out with a BB (gun) has something to do with some secret group out there trying to, you know say, ‘hey, you know, watch what you say.’


Alan – Well actually it’s not unthinkable because alot of these cops are very immature and they’re all ‘gung ho’ and they really do have the impression that they are the bosses over the public. They’re not policemen anymore and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something like that too. There’s no doubt about it, they really get upset personally, some of them, if you even ask them a simple question. They think you’re challenging their ultimate authority so it’s not unthinkable at all. I know of people who’ve complained to police about different things before and they’ve been persecuted for months on end by getting their cars stopped everywhere they go for no reason and it’s of course because they’ve marked them as a target.


Zack – Oh yeah, speaking of police, this popped into my mind about Facebook and the weird network of everything that people post. I’m not in college but I have friends who are and there was a big end of the year party that was just off campus with a bunch of band kids. But anyway, they posted an invite for people online and this afternoon cops showed up at the door. Nobody was there yet. The party was later on at night and they said: ‘We know about your party and it would be a good idea not to have it.’

I personally wasn’t going to attend but it just shows the people that, you know, of course they learned about it on Facebook, you know. It’s scary.


Alan – It is scary but that’s a given. I know in Canada they’ve shown us various divisions of police forces, even local ones with their banks of computers just scouring the Internet for anything to look into and they did mention that parties were a big thing, under the guise that they’re looking for ‘ecstasy’ parties and that type of stuff and so on but they’re into everything.

There’s no privacy at all and what you’re finding now as the technology that the big boys themselves used, maybe 10 or 15 years ago, 20 years ago has become obsolete. They sell this technology off and eventually this stuff gets filtered down and bought over by the local police even. So they’re now using stuff that to us is very advanced but is really obsolete to the NSA for instance. But the military-industrial complex, believe you me, is through all of this; all of this. There’s no end to it. They’re into everything and I’ve got so much on the military-industrial complex and how they decided, even in the sixties, that if they went through the Cold War and eventually won, they’d have to find new ways of war.

Terrorism would be the thing and the public would be the terrorists therefore they would start the massive lobbying as far back as the sixties to get governments to start introducing legislation to enable the government to purchase all the surveillance stuff that’s now in use today.

This goes way back so you’re quite right. But the police really don’t see themselves as servants of the public. You’re quite right too that there’s so much stuff in Canada. When the cops in Toronto, they’re still under the Metropolitan Division, they went on strike a few years ago and the government, the local government in Toronto was losing, it said in the papers, many thousands, multi millions of dollars per day in tickets. They relied on these tickets to fill the coffers of local government. So that’s the standard thing.

In Britain a massive chunk of extra spending money for government comes from police forces. That’s why they concentrate thousands and thousands of cops on the roads all the time.

They’ve put in this new, super sophisticated spy system on all roadways so that the computers themselves on one road and other roads can communicate with each other, timing how long it took you to get from A to B or C to E and they’d actually backtrack and fine you retrospectively for breaking a speed limit.  Massive fines too.


Zack – Well, I was mowing today and I was thinking that the only vaccination for ‘zombification’ is truth and thanks to you I’ve had quite the doses of truth just over the past year I’ve been listening to you. Thanks for all you do and I recommend to all your listeners out there who haven’t read your books or heard some of the blurbs you have, to take a look at your site and they won’t be disappointed at purchasing a book or two.


Alan – Yep, that’s true.


Zack – Well have a good weekend and I’ll see ya.


Alan – Thanks for calling.


Personally I stay away from all these sites. I knew when they first came out what they were set up to do. I don’t care what appeal they try to give you, and they’re very appealing apparently for different age groups. They target the age groups but it’s all to collect data for the big boys themselves and whatever you put out voluntarily can be used in court against you and all the rest of it down the road.

Why help them create and update your personality profile? Why help them out here? I don’t understand it at all.

You know, in reality, you’re lucky if you can come through life with maybe 2 or 3 friends and even ancient philosophers in Greece said the same thing. If you hit 5 friends in your whole lifetime; they’re perhaps not always, always your friends, you’ve lost them in the past or whatever, but in fact if you’ve made 5 in your lifetime you’re doing good. Yet here they are, all these imitations. ‘Join this, join that. Here’re your friends on Facebook.’ It’s rubbish folks, rubbish. Never, never lose track, I don’t care what ‘chat rooms’ you go into and all the rest of it, remember how Sunstein talked about how they’d already been into all the chat rooms? They’ve got special teams, hundreds of teams, hundreds and hundreds of teams doing this full-time, going into chat rooms. Whatever your ‘beef’ is, they’ll get somebody coming in who’s even better at explaining the ‘beef’ than you are. Then they subvert you and break you up and all the rest of it and get all the info on you. It’s incredible.


See, the government’s got unlimited financing from you and from the next generations to come. That’s where they get their financing from to create your chains. So don’t help them. I mean you should be using the thing as minimalistically as possible, the computer, even emails in fact, even emails. You don’t know who’s on the other end of whatever; you have no idea. You don’t even know what gender it is or what age it is or anything else and you don’t know if it’s cop teams trying to set you up for something. There’re lots of them doing that so be very, very, very careful.

You know there’s a true saying too that you can’t help an accident waiting to happen. There are people out there who seem to be like chickens, they’ve got that ‘chicken’ look you know, they strut around with the chicken look and they’re just dying to be plundered by somebody and they will be plundered by somebody or set up. Be very, very careful.


The industrial war complex, the military-industrial war complex and by that I mean all the big pharma vaccine manufacturers that have laboratories where they experiment with vaccines, bacteriums, viruses and so on, that’s all part of it and the big chemical industries are all part of it too at the top, apart from those guys that make the aircraft, the tanks and so on and so on. It’s a massive, massive business.

Really they’ve weaponised everything else that technically wasn’t theirs but they’ve weaponised you might say, the school system to make sure that everyone’s standardised with the same nonsense they call education; it’s really a social indoctrination they’re getting.

Your food has definitely been weaponised. People really have alot of problems today. They never had them recently, just the last 10 years or so. When you suddenly see autism skyrocketing you know something caused it. That’s the standard, medical detective work, ‘What’s changed? What’s changed to cause this? What’s changed in your environment? Have you changed you food? Have you had any inoculations? Have you? Have you? Have you?’ And that’s how you get to the bottom of something.

Allergies are the same now too. We have massive increases of allergies of all kinds and description and yet there’s no crisis about it. It’s a sudden transformation of all society with massive allergies. There’s no crisis. It’s no crisis when we all become sterile at the same time etc, etc... That means folks that they did it on purpose and that’s why they’re not worried about it.


Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.


Last night I just touched on at the end, a report that was brought about by and for and on behalf of the Privacy Commissioner of Britain. They have these Privacy Commissioners in all of the British Commonwealth countries, such as Canada, who occasionally come out and tell us startling news like you’re losing all your rights and your freedoms and your privacy and then he says that, although I’m the Privacy Commissioner, I’m not allowed to do anything about it. He has no powers in other words except to tell us what’s happening to us. Then people turn onto the sports and forget all about it.

This particular report was done for the Commissioner in 2006. It’s very revealing. Of course they’ve come a long way since then but alot of the stuff they talk about has come to pass in fact.

Now down in Part 9, it’s about Echelon. Everyone, I’m sure, in the ‘patriot’ communities across the world have heard of Echelon. There was a big ‘hubbub’ about it at the time where’s it’s voice recognition on one hand, because we’ve all got voice recognition and they even showed you that in movies like ‘Enemy of the State’. The NSA was doing it back in the sixties and seventies for phone calls.

Echelon also goes into key words that you use and it’s very sophisticated. It isn’t simply a matter of saying ‘bomb’ and suddenly they tune into you. That is part of it but with your sequences of sentences and words, there’s actually a sort of logic in it, it can figure out your intentions and all the rest of it. So in part 9 it says here;


9.4.6. - “Transnational state surveillance of telecommunications, signals intelligence (SIGINT)...”


(Alan: That’s kind of like the British NSA. They all work together though.)


“...remains an area shrouded in secrecy, with the technological capabilities the subject of a combination of educated guesswork, extrapolation and rumour. States also routinely filter vast...”


(A: States are countries.)


 “...vast amounts of telephone, telex, e-mail and fax traffic for reasons of ‘national interests’ (both security and economic interests).”


(A: They do spy. You’ve got to understand that these big agencies, the guys who’ve been in MI5 and MI6 have admitted that their prime missions were to secure and maintain the economic systems, especially the economic super-personages of their particular country to make sure they had the edge in business, international business. That’s what your spy systems really are Number 1 concerned about. So it says here)


“The so-called ‘ECHELON’ system, the global surveillance network operated by the American National Security Agency (NSA) maintains a huge base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, England, which routinely automatically filters all telecommunications traffic passing thorough the UK for key words and phrases and increasingly employs more sophisticated algorithms for advanced speech and even meaning recognition.”


(A: That’s what I’m saying. They can actually put things together.)


“International Licensed Cable(ILC) communications are perhaps one of the easiest forms of communications to intercept as for historical reasons all lines pass through nodal points located in major cities.”


(A: And they do. They have them all over in major cities. From there they’re tapped back to the NSA and SIGINT and so on.)


“London is therefore a major centre for the interception of ILC communications...”


(A: That’s that licensed cable communications.)


“... carried out by the UK’s General Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) through a massive computer known as Dictionary.”

(A: Dictionary, they’ve probably got Thesaurus as well.)


9.5. Video Surveillance


9.5.1. Photographic surveillance has been inexistence longer than most people think. Almost as soon as it was invented, the camera was being used to record the faces and other physical characteristics of criminals.”


(A: See, we’re all criminals now you understand.)


“Even television and video surveillance using Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) was used temporarily in public open streets in Britain as far back as the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 and permanently in some areas on London from the late 1960s.


(A: Most folk never even knew until now. Now police chiefs, you’ve got to understand there’s an Association of Police Chiefs that work under the UN; they’re the big gang at the top and they also get lobbied by the military-industrial complex and you better believe, like all like transactions, that money passes hands if you take on their contracts; that’s how business works. So this great coterie of world police chiefs via the UN, of course are all for all of this equipment and goodies and so on and so on as they expand and expand and expand. See, any department that gets set up for any function must try and justify its existence and they truly feel security in numbers.

They also have their own public relations team for propaganda which they always churn out how bad the world is and how incredibly unsafe it is and how they need more policemen and more equipment yah de yah de yah, to justify their existence.


If crime truly went down and you had to start laying of the police they would not be too happy. Anyway, it says here.)


“Police chiefs demand...”


(A: They demanded. This is on the official report to the government.)


“The intensification of surveillance of the motorist is set to expand rapidly. In March 2005, the Association of Chief Police Officers demanded a national network of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) ‘utilising police, local authority, Highways Agency, other partner and commercial sector cameras including the integration of the existing town centres and high street cameras, with a National ANPR Data Centre, with an operational capacity to process 35 million ANPR reads every day increasing to 50 million by 2008, stored for two years.”


(A: And they’ve done all this stuff I’m reading here. They’ve done it all and more.)


Back after this break


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix reading some paragraphs from a report put out for or by the Privacy Commissioner for Britain and as I say, every country in the Commonwealth, the British Commonwealth, has the same thing; a Privacy Commissioner, who tells us how bad it is and the fact that we’ve no rights and no privacy whatsoever but there’s nothing you can do about it.


Now on part 10.3 it says;


“10.3. Unintentional Control


10.3.1. However, whilst social sorting is both an intention and an outcome of many forms of surveillance, surveillance should not be taken to be identical with direct social control. While social control, the strict regulation of personal behaviour to order society, can be the intention of surveillance (and has been historically...”


(A: Remember what Skinner says, if you want to alter the behaviour of the public you put something in their environment that wasn’t there before and cameras are everywhere and you don’t behave the same way when you know you’re getting watched all the time. You end up looking like George Orwell with no expression on your face; just hands in the pockets and look straight ahead on the sidewalk as you walk along. But it says here.)


“...in most contemporary western cases the controlling effects of surveillance are indirect or unintentional.


(A: Well I don’t believe that because I’ve read other articles from government sources and they’re darned well quite happy that it’s making people quieter and more orderly and all the rest of it that you can’t be spontaneous with your friends when you’re on camera all the time. It says here on 10, part 5, I don’t know if it’s 3)


“10.5.3. Even border surveillance practices are being privatised.”


(A: We don’t realise that how the military-industrial complex is in and out of everything. It’s totally interwoven so even border surveillance practices are being privatised.)


“The evidence is that the outsourcing of state border security to private commercial companies – IT multinationals, major weapons and military hardware manufacturers, consultants, risk analysts, banks, identity management and biometrics corporations – is a burgeoning practice. For example, in 2004, IBM won a £15 million contract for ‘Project Semaphore’, the first phase of the UK government’s e-Borders programme. Project Semaphore, in a similar programme to USVISIT will integrate databases on airline passengers entering and leaving the UK.”


(A: That’s already being done.)


“Together with ‘Project Iris’...”


(A: All these projects. These are all military terms for exercises. Do you understand? That’s why we’ve got all these. Project Iris, Project Semaphore, Project This and Project That.)


“...also trialled by IBM, the programme will link biometric data to integrated databases that can identify anomalous patterns of behaviour. IBM is one example of a vast array of companies who now have a designated ‘homeland security practice’ offering data management, biometric and identity services to governments. Other notable players are: Accenture, which leads the $10 Billion US Smart Borders Alliance in the US; Oracle, whose ubiquitous identity management systems are now being used by the UK and US as ‘homeland security solutions’; and consumer electronics and telecoms companies such as Ericsson, who are contractors for the US Strategic Border Initiative (SBI).”


10.5.4. In many instances the biometric border schemes are linked to frequent flier programmes of other loyalty cards...”


(A: Remember the ‘loyalty cards’ too that all started off with one for your pharmacy, one for your supermarket and all the rest of it and you thought ‘that’s nice you get a little discount’, do you know that the government started most of those things off to collect your data? So here they are with...)


“...biometric border schemes are linked to frequent flier programmes of other loyalty cards and, in the US, the trend is toward corporate sponsorship by credit providers such as Mastercard. The expansion of privatized ‘ID guarantee’...


(A: That’s what they’re calling it ‘Privatised ID Guarantee’ to get you across the borders and all the rest of it.)


“...has the potential to render obsolete...”


(A: So they’re going round your national debates on ID. They’re going to do it by doing it internationally.)


“The expansion of privatized ‘ID guarantee’ has the potential to render obsolete some of the debates about national ID cards and biometric passports.”


(A: Then it goes on to talk about social exclusion.)


11.4.3. The intensified surveillance of urban life also involves powerful processes of social exclusion. This is characterised by the creation of disconnections for those people and places deemed in some way unprofitable or risky.”


(A: Remember in this Brave New World you’re going to be a person or non-person. To be a person you have to be totally in their system following all their rules. It says here)


“Crucially, then, the new surveillance technologies can thus forcibly slow down certain people’s lives, making them logistically more, not less, difficult.

Much of this social sorting by surveillance systems now works automatically (i.e. without human discretion), continually (i.e. 24 hours a day), and in real time (i.e. without delay) through software. Very often, the motivation is overcoming the barriers of electronic and physical congestion facing affluent, privileged or powerful people and places, as they confront the challenges of living and operating in dense, urban, and increasingly mobile societies which place a premium on networked connections and flows connecting to other places. However once introduced, both access and blockage...”


(A: That’s what they’re calling it, ‘access and blockage’ and alot of people will get blocked believe you me.)


“...are increasingly policed automatically, threatening a technological lock-in dividing contemporary societies more decisively into high-speed, high-mobility and connected and low-speed, low-mobility and disconnected classes.”


(A: And then it goes on to say here everything’s monitored.)


11.5.2. Appropriate policy is especially difficult to define in respect of covert surveillance. Where this involves transnational espionage, as with the ECHELON system, the fact that for official purposes such systems do not



(A: “For official purposes such systems do not ‘exist’”)


“...or are held to be in a realm beyond the law...”


(A: That’s what they’ll tell you. ‘Well we can’t do anything about that. It’s out of our hands’ while they’re snooping on you.)


“...or conducted in partnership with the agencies of other states, makes a mockery of ideas of choice and consent.”


(A: You have no consent in any of this you understand. That’s what he’s telling you. You have no consent.)


“The UK has a long tradition of secrecy and a blanket assumption of exemption on behalf of the intelligence services. For example, the Intelligence Services Act (ISA) 1994 specifically allowed GCHQ ‘to monitor or interfere with electromagnetic, acoustic and other emissions and any equipment producing such emissions and to obtain and provide information derived from or related to such emissions or equipment and from encrypted material’ for a wide range of purposes ‘in the interests of national security...”


(A: They can do anything they want regardless of any law that you think is on the books to protect you; anything they want, and all they have to say is it’s in the interests of national security and everyone’s using that one. Every country’s using that.)


“...the economic well-being of the United Kingdom [or] in support of the prevention or detection of serious crime’.”


(A: See there (you are) again.)


“11.5.3. It is commonly believed that a warrant is required for every specific instance of telecommunications interception (‘telephone tapping’). This is true of ordinary police surveillance. However, the ISA actually stated in a particularly cunningly-worded paragraph that ‘No entry on or interference with property or with wireless communications shall be unlawful if it is authorised by a warrant issued by the Secretary of State under this section’, which does not say that any of the actions mentioned is unlawful unless authorised by a warrant.”


(A: That’s a beauty!)


“Within the meaning of the Act 'entry on or interference with property or with wireless telegraphy' could be carried out lawfully without a warrant.”


(A: It’s all in the wording folks. I’ve told you before that everything, even law, especially law, is exoteric for the public and esoteric for those in the know, all in the same written paragraphs.)


26.2. If we are to suggest overall themes they are that the future surveillance society will be one of pervasive surveillance, primarily directed at tracking and controlling mobilities of all kinds (people, objects and data) and at predicting and pre-empting behaviour. We also assume that the shift of power from public to private continues.


(A: Now you understand that when it’s all private you have no...well, right now you’ve not much to say to be honest with you because the governments don’t work for the public. They never have. That’s just been the con game.

That’s why the private soldier companies like Blackwater, that changed their name recently and other ones too, they’re not responsible to the public. If you go to the government and complain about what they’ve done, they say ‘well we can’t do much, they’re a private organisation. It’s out of our hands. It’s not our jurisdiction.’

Quite wonderful isn’t it?

Then they go through other things here with links here on scan systems and different articles and so on and so forth. I’ll put up a bunch of links tonight for you to look through all of this stuff for those that really want to know what it’s really all about out there. But you’ve got to also go into the universities. You understand academia, and I’ve read the articles before, academia truly was blended with the industrial war...the military-industrial complex back before World War II, definitely all the way through it. All the universities were working on viral and bacterial warfare for the big boys and various other gizmos and gadgets to kill people and then in the Cold War they all got in on the act of surveillance and tapping and so on and so on.

Academia is a great big part of it and I was reading a paper recently, from a university in Canada, where the character who...they always show you a first page that doesn’t mean much because he’s showing off his vocabulary. That’s his little test for his peer group to show he can actually string a sentence together.

It’s unfortunate they can’t put it in a straightforward manner that anyone understands, but it eventually gets down to the ‘nitty gritty’ and what it’s really based about or on is how they can use the paranoia of the public.


Do you understand? You see, we think in a linear fashion. You understand? We truly think in a linear fashion. Those who work in the military-industrial complex are non-linear. The guys, the real top of it, are non-linear.

It’s no different from the behaviourists who go to the marketers, or work for the marketing companies, and you go with a problem like you can’t get the customer to buy this particular product and they’ll figure a way to treat you or observe you like an animal, what makes this animal tick? We’ll make them go for this item by encouraging this, this and this and then they’ll go for that item and you’d never ever dream up... you could never imagine yourself, with your linear thinking, how it’s done until it’s explained to you.


Well this article from one of the universities here was on how to use the people and the public’s paranoia about the surveillance society and those who are involved in ‘conspiracy theories’.

It’s quite amazing. I mean, the very fact that they’re obviously calling anyone in any group that questions this intensive surveillance ‘conspiracy crazy’ as you know. But they’re saying, ‘how can we use this force and turn it to our advantage? So the rest of his thesis is how he can actually do that for the intelligence services. But we’d never dream of this. We never dream of the day your own anger or disgust at what’s happening could be used against you.


Do you remember the movie, George Orwell’s 1984?

You see the process of the torture of Winston, the character in it, by O’Brien and every so often they’d take you to the scene where’s there’s a door into the big field, and the hill and all that and it’s really nice, and O’Brien tells him as Winston praises him that ‘you’re the most wonderful person’ and O’Brien says, ‘yes I am.’

‘Here’ he says ‘this is my world. If I say I can fly, I can fly.’ And of course Winston would have to agree with him. ‘If I say 2 + 2 = 5 then it’s 5. Whatever I say, being a representative of Big Brother, whatever I say is therefore reality and you better believe it as reality.’


They use your own weaknesses against you, whether it’s the weakness to please a master when you’re under torture; it’s intense psychological studies is what I’m saying, and that’s all used against us. There’s been nobody more studied or monitored on this planet. Forget all the insects and the little cuddly animals on all the nature shows. We were studied for thousands of years and even more intensely since they created anthropology and all the rest of it and zoology as well and all the other ‘ologies’ that go along with it to study mankind himself.

When the behaviourists got into the act with their study of humanity and they could prove it, they could prove their studies worked, as opposed to the usual therapy psychology that goes all the way into the New Age now, the behaviourists have a different thing now. They can prove it by studying and film shows of actual experiments where you can actually see how they work with people.

They know how everyone ticks; they know it. They know that a spontaneous leader doesn’t come out of a crowd. It’s a very, very, very rare thing. You can sit in a doctor’s office and I’ve seen these in psychology videos and you’ll hear someone getting beat up next door; a woman for instance who’s screaming.

It’s only once in a blue moon that a person will actually get up and go and investigate. They all just sit and look at each other then some of them get ashamed and walk out and so on. They know human nature. They understand human nature.

When we read about these little events in the media, ‘so-and-so raped in broad view of a hundred passers-by’, they’re not surprised at all as to how we react to things. They’ve done repeated experiments on the public in every possible situation; every possible situation and they know how you’ll react.

They actually have teams out there you know working with universities, working with intelligence agencies, who’ll target certain individuals with strange emails. They’ll have the personality profile of the person, what they’re interested in and so on, and the person might be tempted to open that email. Even though it’s a strange one, a strange name or whatever and they’ll open it up and get a little bit fascinated. They can actually play a game with you and run you round in circles and get you to do all odd kinds of things. Then they monitor your email going in and out to everybody else at the same time because they give themselves permission to do that you see?

They play with us. They play with us likes rats in a cage in a laboratory and very few of the public really know that. See, if you really do know that, you don’t play their games. You don’t use their Facebooks and all the rest of the stuff that they throw out for you. You don’t help them.

Most people know that on one level, on an intellectual level, but they go ahead anyway. It’s quite fascinating; quite fascinating. I’m sure they’ve even got it worked down to the averages and the percentages of people that will actually wisen up to this and leave it alone. They probably have all those studies completely completed long ago.


That’s the kind of world we’re in. We have no freedom whatsoever, and really in a sense, if they could have had this a hundred years ago, this technology, they would have used it then and just the same way and gone the exact same way with it because those at the top live in utter paranoia of all of you and no wonder, if you knew what they were up to and how they plunder you.


Back after this break.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting through the Matrix.


I mentioned that ‘Enemy of the State’ before. Now people should really see that and watch it 2 or 3 times because it was done back in the nineties. It showed you at that time what they were already really doing. The equipment that they showed in the movie was actually used and had been used for a long time, many years by the NSA. They could go into your bank account and put money in it then put in reports in the paper that you were embezzling and stuff like that. They do that kind of stuff all the time when they target someone. They set you up and you’re in the newspapers, suddenly disgraced. Someone they want out of the picture and that happens all the time. They all do this too. Britain does the same thing as well.


You should also see the movie ‘Brazil’, the comedy, comedy/satire of the future which is now. It was written again back in the eighties I believe, by some of the guys from the Monty Python crew and in a comedy form they show you this massive bureaucratic society, a world society, where the biggest building is the Department of Information Retrieval and heavily guarded of course and the different class structure that works within it and then the ordinary folk down below at the bottom.

But it goes through alot of this, especially when the movie starts off with a SWAT team coming through a roof to kill someone and it’s because a fly, this is how they do it in the comedy, a fly had got into the telex machine and a ‘B’ turned into a ‘T’ and Tuttle ended up getting assassinated and then they try to cover up their mistakes.

Well you see, science fictions writers were writing back in the fifties what would happen in this coming computerised society that they talked about that was coming up.

People and non-persons as I say, if you’re not fully in it you don’t exist you know?

Also the people getting convicted all the time or being accused or put on databases by mistake and you can never get off of it. Nevermind the ‘no fly’ list, and lots of folk are on that, even babies are on that by the way, and they can’t get them off. Once you’re on that’s it.


From the Mail Online in Britain.


“The innocents branded yobs and perverts in crime record blunder”

14th April 2010.


“Seven innocent people a day are falsely branded criminals because of bungled records checks.


They are wrongly accused of being paedophiles, thugs, fraudsters or drug addicts potentially ruining their reputations and their careers.


In many cases, misleading information has been disclosed to schools, hospitals, nurseries or charities.


Over the past six years, the Criminal Records Bureau has been forced to admit making mistakes in almost 15,000 cases. It is now paying compensation at a rate of £290,000 a year.”


(A: That’s for the ones who’ve got the money to fight them and get off the list.)


“Last night campaigners said the scale of errors was typical of the ‘lackadaisical’ approach ministers have to personal data.”


(A: You’ve got to understand too and it’s true obviously that the agencies that deal with the data now that the security agencies are becoming lackadaisical about it. They’re just used to it all. ‘So what? It’s no big deal if someone gets falsely branded. It’s just another statistic and who cares you know?” Then they go onto something else.)


“They warned that problems will worsen when the controversial Independent Safeguarding Authority begins vetting up to 9 million people who come into contact with children, including parents who want to help out at schools, sports clubs or youth groups.


The scale of the controversy emerged yesterday following a Freedom of Information request to the CRB. This revealed that during the financial year 2008/09, 2,522 disputes handled by the agency were upheld.


(A: Once you’re on them though you’re generally there for life folks and you can’t defend yourself.

Brave New World here we are.)


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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