May 3, 2010 (#568)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 3, 2010:

New World Order:
The Past Destroyed to Bring in the New,
By Giant Cartel, Ruled by a Few:

"Masses are Guided by Men of Action,
Foundation-Funded to Bind Each Faction,
Consensus-Building and Steering the People
From Pen to Pen, Bewildered Sheeple,
These 'Action Men' have Sworn Obedience
To the Paymaster - No God of Lenience,
Economics, Academia, Joined with Science,
Backed by Bankers, the Deadly Alliance,
Brute Force Used in Past, You Will Find
Today the Coercion is by Control of Mind,
We're Cogs in the Wheel to the Psychopaths,
Who in Godlike Humanism, Sniggers, Laughs,
They've Moved Culture from Junction to Junction,
Destroying Society, Family Teetering Dysfunction,
In Each Generation, All this Known by a Few,
Who Teach Others What Rich Psychopaths Do"
© Alan Watt May 3, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 3, 2010
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Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May 3rd, 2010.


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Lots of folk don’t use the computer now. They’re fed up with it and I don’t blame them with all the upgrades and so on that you have to do all the time. That’s all gone once ‘The Cloud’ comes in and ‘The Cloud’ will hold all your data. The whole world’s data will be on ‘The Cloud’ and that’s so that the NSA can track you all and manage you and punish you if you’re a bad boy or girl because you won’t get access to it for a certain amount of time. That is definitely on the cards coming down the road; social approval, social disapproval, punishment and reward.


In the meantime they are upgrading so many programmes that people have a hard time keeping up with them all. It seems to be every other month you have to keep upgrading things to make anything work. This is intentional. When everything becomes very complicated you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when they say, ‘The Cloud’s here. We’ll do it all for you’, and you’ll say, ‘well, thank you very much Cloud’, and away you go; you’re on it before you know it.


Now for those who get the discs burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me [listed above]. Now that’s that done.


I always like to talk about perception and how we’re really managed. Most folk don’t know they’re managed in society. They don’t know that there are massive organisations like even the fashion industry or the music industry and of course the whole conglomerate of the commercial interests behind it all which give you what you end up thinking is actually you; how you behave, dress and even what you sing or think.


I’ll be back with more after these messages about this topic.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


The matrix really is symbolic from the movie; (The Matrix) very well done symbolism with lots of allegories in there and analogies. But it’s really your whole version of reality. Even as you grow older too, you go through different layers of that reality, as you change and you find out who you are. It takes a long time for people to find out who they are and that’s called maturity. You mature gradually. If you can get to maturity it’s only because you can analyse yourself and you’re honest with yourself and you look over your life and you say, ‘I fell for this and I fell for that. I did the wrong thing here and the wrong thing there’. You realise you’ve been an idiot at times and you realise that you can’t repeat those mistakes because they don’t bring anybody any happiness and they’re non-productive. Eventually you get some kind of wisdom and just when you think you’ve seen the light, you die and that’s it, you’re gone.

At one time the older folk would pass the wisdom onto the younger and elderly people were reverenced in some societies because of their wisdom. It’s a pity that they destroyed that in the Western cultures over a period of time. Britain was one of the first countries to try this because Britain really was run by experimental psychologists in various organisations; very well funded organisations through the big foundations, as one big laboratory in a sense. They were the first group/country to really try moving people en masse out of the country into the new ‘slum cities’ to work the factories for the industrial era.

They did alot of experimenting with different groups of peoples to see how long they could keep them alive working in these slave conditions 16 hours a day or down the mines for instance and they kept incredible records on everything.


Britain is really one of the amazing countries for keeping records on all these different peoples that they used; employees going back a couple of hundred years even. Even the people they used from other countries when they exported and they brought in Africans to certain countries to populate them and be their workers, originally starting as slaves then when they did away with slavery they called them servants, or indentured servants, where you sold yourself into a form of bondage for a wage if you worked on an island for a couple of years. The only thing is, they didn’t take them back from those islands and there’ve been some documentaries recently about how these people were so shabbily treated and even kicked off the islands recently, or I should say back in the sixties, to make way for an American base. There was one very good documentary done on that.


They went into the British records and they had the names and addresses and the ages of birth and the genealogies of every one of these people they brought in from Africa 150 years ago or even beyond; amazing records.

They have done so many studies on sociology, you might say, and specialised studies on experiments with groups over the centuries that they’ve got it down to a great art.

What they really do know and what they’ve always known is that the great amount of people in any society, even if you’re brought into society that was not normal 20, 30, 40 years ago then those growing up in that society will think it’s all quite normal and their children will definitely never question it; their offspring.


An example of that is the very fact that lots of people were moved off their lands, as I say, from the agricultural era and into the cities. They were forced off their lands because the Rothschilds did, if you go into the history books. He was in the House of Lords and he brought forth the Corn Law which allowed foreign companies, again run by his relatives in France and elsewhere, to dump their produce on Britain and that put all these small farmers out of business overnight because they couldn’t compete.

So they moved into the cities as planned and became the slaves for a long, long period of time and the carnage was awful. The conditions were awful; 20 to a room sometimes who were crammed into these places; a horror story.

Even Benjamin Franklin commented on it when he went over there. He said, ‘there’re hundreds of people coming out of these factories,’ one of these factories he watched was a shoe factory and he said that, ‘not one of the workers had a pair of shoes on them’. They couldn’t afford the shoes they made and they were all dirty and living in squalor and dressed in rags. That was “Great Britain” you know as it was coming up to the height of its empire and it was an empire ruled by a few, as was Britain itself, and still is today.


Many myths have come out of it. The great British idea. Hollywood did some old stuff about the great British Empire and how brave it was and all that. They never really got into the real conditions and the real machinations behind what was going on and who was doing it, why and who benefitted and who didn’t benefit.

The study of societies has been going on for an awful, awful long time. Even in ancient times, whole populations were often moved off their land and moved to another country to serve some other purpose of those who ruled empires. The Romans did that and people before the Romans did that too.


What you find is that they understood, in ancient times as well, how to manage peoples, how to manage cultures, how to manage them into new countries and give them a new culture, which they knew, as long as one generation was born within that culture, they’d think it was all quite natural and then the second generation would definitely never question it. That’s the same as goes on today. We don’t question anything. The children of today naturally don’t question how their parents lived or how their grandparents lived. In fact they’ve no interest whatsoever. If their parents don’t warn them that anything is coming up or coming down the road, that could be of harm to them in some way, then they think it’s natural because all mammals look to an adult to warn them of its dangers and what it should be wary of.


When you have one conditioned generation and they think that everything’s just swell and wonderful and very altruistic people are taking care of us, then the children of those parents will never question that. They’ll think it’s all quite natural.

What is also true is that when we move into these new naturals; everything becomes a new normal you see, very quickly in society, you’ll find that most folk, like Walter Lippmann for instance; he was an intellectual and a Pulitzer Prize winner; he wrote a book called ‘Public Opinion’ in 1922. He was a good friend of Bernays that again, designed the ‘consumer society’ and Bernays himself was a nephew of Sigmund Freud.

So the idea of managing whole nations through the fashion industry, through a movie industry, the culture industry, the whole culture industry was very essential in creating a type of people and a type of worker for a particular era.

We went through the manufacturing period of that in the Western world and in the US and Canada. That’s all gone now. We’re in a service economy.


Now when I was born it was really towards the end of the ‘jobs for life’ idea. Parents had, they hoped, a job for life. That had been traditional since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. If you went into some kind of trade or factory or whatever, you hoped that if you didn’t cause any trouble and you were always there and you didn’t go off sick, then you hoped that you’d have a job for life.

The ordinary folk were terrified of becoming poor and being kicked out because in those days there was no welfare system. There was no unemployment system and people literally had it drummed into them; their parents would drum it into them, that if you get that little job there you stick to that for the rest of your life no matter how miserable it is, and they did.

The odd thing that happens too is, even as it becomes more and more miserable and the conditions are awful, and even as they cut back on your wages – because the ones at the top are designing or bringing in a new system – those in the old system will fight if they can to keep that old system, the workers themselves; even though, technically, they have no say in it at all. They have no say whatsoever.


Getting back to Walter Lippmann, he called the masses ‘The Great Beast’, the same as Alexander Hamilton did in the US when he was asked about the masses. He said the people are ‘a beast’. That was a typical class statement on the lower classes from the upper classes.

Lippmann, this great Pulitzer Prize winner called them ‘The Great Beast’. He called them ‘a bewildered herd that needed to be guided by a governing class.’

By the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a similar statement about a few years ago when he was running. He said that ‘people need people like me to tell them what to do. They’re too stupid to run themselves. They need people like me to tell them what to do.’

Lippmann described the ruling elite as a specialised class whose interests reached beyond the locality and it’s run by experts and specialists and bureaucrats. He called these experts ‘the elites’ himself during his Pulitzer Prize speeches and he said that the bewildered masses, the herd, he actually called them, ‘the herd’; the bewildered herd, has only one function and they’re just the interested spectators of action. They’re not in action themselves.

Most folk, and that’s true in general society and the neighbours you know and the little society or community you live in, they’re not action orientated for anything. They really want things to stay the way they are. That’s a natural thing; peaceful, quiet and predictable, predictable in their own lives but really everything is outside of their hands because governments make decisions all the time. Governments now are all international. They’ve all signed onto international treaties and when something’s decided in some far-off country, you can find that everything that happens in your own country suddenly turns upside down overnight. So it does change all the time. We are the bewildered herd to an extent. We’re the last to be told why.

Those in upper academia know why because they get taught this stuff. But for the general people, they’re not told and the media certainly doesn’t go into any depths of anything to explain anything to you whatsoever.


Now again, it was only ‘the responsible person’ who belonged to this elite ruling class and that’s how Lippmann called them, ‘the responsible person’. He said that the people within the masses were irresponsible. They’re just followers. They do what they’re told. The responsible people had the right to rule and direct the direction of the world.


Back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt. We’re Cutting through the Matrix.


I’m trying to explain something in a brief period of time which really is not that complex but there’s alot more to it. Basically it’s how we go through the generations and how generations accept their own time. The time they’re born into is quite natural and normal and they’re guided into the next changes and the compliance of the next changes by different forces which they’re generally unaware of.

They’re given even slight things to go for like environmentalism and ‘this is being done for environmental purposes’ and that’s good enough for them. They go with it even though they’ll pay through the nose for it and pay extra and all the rest of it and they’ll never question who benefits from that and the big businesses that benefit off it too or where the money goes. They never question these things at all.


So there’s a truth to the fact that most of the public are really in the dark and they’re quite content to be there; there’s a definite truth there. Most folk want to be comfortable, live a good long life, do the things that they like to do, whatever their entertainment is, whatever and hopefully they want to die in bed. Good luck to them if they can get to that stage these days; at a good old age that is.


Anyway, we’re run by experts and combinations of experts and I’ve mentioned the big foundations before. They really are the parallel governments. In fact, they officially have members on every government’s boards as advisors; scientific advisors and specialist advisors. They’re unelected, exactly what the Club of Rome said they would bring in because ‘democracy was too cumbersome’ they said. ‘There were too many conflicting parties.’ It’s hard to get ‘the big herd’ as they call it, moving in a direction they want planned or they have planned, because we don’t like moving. We like the way things are generally you see? But they’ve got the plans for us.


Lippmann again, with Bernays and all these different people; they all knew each other by the way and even the Huxleys corresponded with them; all these guys who were into social engineering, all corresponded with each other and they attended world meetings with scientists, on how to organise and bring in planned societies, back in the 1920’s and even before. This is also what Lippmann said.


Now I’ve talked about the ‘manufacture of consent’ before and some of the think tanks that are out there, some of the foundation’s think tanks, some of the foundations themselves have branches which do nothing else but go across other big think tanks because they all network together on the same agenda in their specialised areas and they bring them all to consensus, getting them all on board on the same topics so that whenever they vote for something, their whole voice and their power goes towards this or that you see, environmentalism or carbon taxes or whatever it happens to be, they build consensus.

It’s also very political because within those associations within politics itself, they smell which way the wind’s blowing, where the power’s going, where the money’s going and where their future’s going and they want to get on board too, so they have consensus with it. They consent to it as well.


Lippmann said back in the 1920’s that, “The manufacture of consent is capable of great refinements which no-one I think denies. The process by which public opinions arise is certainly no less intricate than has appeared in these pages and the opportunities for manipulation open, to anyone who understands the process, are plain enough. As a result of psychological research, coupled with the modern means of communication...” – that was in the 20’s and look what they’ve got now with communications – “...the practice of democracy has turned a corner. A revolution is taking place, infinitely more significant than any shifting of economic power under the impact of propaganda, not necessarily in the sinister meaning of the word alone. The old constants of our thinking have become variables. It is no longer possible, for example, to believe in the original dogma of democracy.”

This is in the 1920’s long before the Club of Rome which simply followed the same mandate as this group and they published that in the 1990’s that democracy was just too cumbersome and unwieldy.


So he said here, “The old constants of our thinking have become variables. It is no longer possible, for example, to believe in the original dogma of democracy; that the knowledge needed for the management of human affairs comes up spontaneously from the human heart. Where we act on that theory, we expose ourselves to self deception, and forms of persuasion, that we cannot verify. It has been demonstrated that we cannot rely on intuition and conscience or the accidents of ‘causal opinion’ if we are to deal with the world beyond our reach.” That’s what he wrote in his book, ‘Public Opinion’.


So back then, they realised, and they did work for The Royal Institute for International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations back then, the parallel government. They were already working to bring in a future which was bypassing democratic processes, through big foundations, big money and lobbying governments. They even put alot of their own members within governments. They still do today and that way they can get their agenda through because, you see, governments are staffed with general, low-level psychopaths who simply want a darned good career. If you get into politics for 5 years for instance, I think it is, you can get a life pension; a life-long pension; an index rated pension, great perks and all the rest of it.

You also meet all the lobbyists and often you’ll become a lobbyist yourself, now that you know all the high-level politicians and all the bureaucrats.

So it’s a big money thing that attracts a particular type into politics and they are psychopathic; Henderson, Gillespie and other psychiatric studies, they’ve done many studies, on this very topic to prove the point that they have psychopathic personalities, so that’s the type that go into politics so therefore they can be very well managed by those in the foundations who have true purpose and lots of money.

That’s really how the world is run. They’ve said already that democracy was too cumbersome and too many competing parties that they couldn’t get their big agendas through and the public might not like it.

So we’re now living in a post-democratic era. That’s what we’re in now. That’s what the UN is all about and the IMF and all this kind of stuff.


Back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


What I try to do is show you how we got to where we are and why all the big moves are on today to bring us into a new planned future, a different kind of future again, and they do expect people to dig in their heels and do alot of bitching as they’re pushed into this brave new world. They already have found this happening in alot of countries, like Britain, where they now have 9 garbage bins. You’ve got to literally sort your garbage into 9 different bins now and they have chips in those bins that actually weigh the garbage and remotely send the signals back to some central office somewhere and they have the garbage police and all this kind of stuff; all this kind of ridiculous stuff going on.

There’re more police on the road I think than anywhere else in the world, just putting fines out one after the other, because the government relies upon this money. Crime pays for them. Judges, lawyers and so on make a fortune, a phenomenal amount of money off all these different fines and tickets and so on.

So it’s a whole new business that comes out of that, out of what’s supposedly policing and keeping the peace; big business.

But it’s more than that, much, much more than that because you see, when you look at morality itself, morality itself comes from stable societies where, through centuries and centuries, people have worked out systems to keep general crime down to a bare minimum. Even ancient tribes, so-called ‘primitive tribes’; I love the so-called ‘primitive tribes’, the ones who are still completely self-sufficient and really don’t need this system at all. In fact, if we all disappear tomorrow, some of these ‘primitive tribes’ in the Amazon would still be existing quite happily in ignorance of it all for another few thousand years. So how can they be called a ‘stagnant population’? They’ve no interest in getting steel axes and starting to buy things from companies. They’re completely independent. They make everything they need.


But in societies that we have grown up in, which are all really artificial, based on economics and economic systems and banking systems with big armies that come out of it for conquests and empires, we use the same excuses today as the Romans did. The Romans said they were going into countries because people were barbaric and antiquated in their laws so they’d have to go in and civilise them, teach them civilisation, bring civilisation to them, get taxes going, get money flowing and get them using money for the first time then tax it back from them for the big building projects. They love to build all the time these guys who run the banking systems. Eternal debt is great for banks. They live on debt. They wouldn’t be happy if everyone could pay off their debt immediately. They’d be out of business. You can’t plan a future for your great grandson if he’s not guaranteed to be born into a system where he rules over the debt.


In these systems that over the centuries figured out what was right and what was wrong for them, they always made sure that the children were looked after for instance. Taboos against children are through all societies, right down to the so-called ‘primitive’. You take care of the children and perverts and so on who want to get at your children because, you see, perverts are predators; they want to get at your children and they cause alot of harm with their various actions. I don’t care how politically correct or incorrect it’s supposed to be to talk about these things today because they’re trying to bring all these abnormalities into the norms in the mainstream and actually fight all those people and fine them who speak out against them.

So they’re using law now to turn it all upside down you see? This again didn’t come because the perverts themselves had great big organisations in the past and lots of money to fight. It was because really that the big organisations that were already running the world, a long time ago, planned a future where all norms would be turned upside down for a planned society, including the abolition of marriage altogether. They even talked about ‘special mating rights’ back in the 1800’s when they were discussing eugenics and how they would breed special people together, those that should breed for different classes, along the lines of Plato’s ‘Republic’ in fact. So, good workers, specialised workers would be bred and interbred to get the perfect type and the same with those who were higher up in the managerial classes who would also get bred with each other. Those that were scientists would get bred with each other; that kind of thing, a planned society. Not where you just take some sort of hormonal leap at someone because you’re attracted to pheromones. That was their idea of it.

H.G. Wells, who was sent out to start off the whole idea by his masters, because he was taught by the Huxleys grandfather, Sir Thomas Huxley, he was taught in what they called ‘the red tie school’. It was a revolutionary school for the world. It was the precursor of The Fabian Society. Lots of the novelists that broke out and came into the 20th century were all trained there by the way too because you’re altered in your mind and your mindset through fiction more then you are with boring lectures.

He started off the concept, in the late 1800’s, of ‘free love’ long before the hippies came along in the 1960’s; ‘free love’. Of course they had alot of fallout from that when they tried the ‘roaring 20’s’ with their drug scenes, because there was alot of cocaine going along with the booze as well being smuggled back and forth during prohibition and the mini skirt and the Charleston and all the rest of it and ‘free love’. They had too much of a fallout with venereal diseases. They didn’t have penicillin. They didn’t have all the abortion clinics, state funded abortion clinics to deal with it all and the orphanages were swelling and children were being found in dustbins and all that kind of thing; babies were being found in dustbins. So they had to go back to the drawing board, use the tax money for research and development and find some contraceptive, which they did and they reintroduced the whole thing back again with ‘rock and roll’ or really ‘pop music’ they called it at the time; then into ‘rock and roll’ and the drug era.

Alter perception through LSD so you would have different perceptions and so on and a massive culture industry to back it up and tell you what your new perceptions should be. That was all part of the destruction of society.

That’s why Khrushchev could say, when he came over to the US on a visit, that ‘America will fall without us firing a shot’. He said, ‘It will collapse from within.’ Utterly decadent you see?

Of course he knew that Hollywood was well at work with it. The culture industry was well at work with it and he also knew obviously that just like the ‘Reece Commission’ found out in the Congressional inquest into the foundations in the US; they were told, Norman Dodd was told by the CEO’s of the Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations that their job was to so alter the culture in America that they’d blend seamlessly with that of the Soviet Union; a socialised culture that would accept government and obey them and that’s what they’ve got today. That’s what they’ve got today.


Of course, still on the cards was the abolition of the family unit. Who would need to be married anymore to have children? Most marriages can’t stand today. They have too much against them. They have endless entertainment where everyone’s rutting around like a rabbit, you know, and that’s the new ‘normal’.

That is the new ‘normal’. That’s become the new ‘normal’ so you can’t cry anymore. That part’s finished, it’s over with for most folk.

The children are getting taught masturbation in school at the age of 5 and 6 now, via the UN and UNESCO because, you see, they have to abolish all taboos; all the taboos that held society together and made society strong because a society that was strong would stand up against government that was very intrusive or overbearing.

When you have nothing to stand up for and a man has nothing to stand up for at all; no wife, no family, whatever, then he doesn’t stand up and governments will have no problems.


H.G. Wells went through that whole process in some of his books explaining why they were doing it.

I think it was 2000, the year 2000 it was, well it was actually 2001 before 9/11 happened, I think the month before the international census bureaus met to decide if it was time to ‘push the envelope’. Were the public ready? Were they degraded enough now through their culture industry? Were they degraded enough as they ‘pushed the envelope’ for the next step?

They actually said, and it was in the newspapers in Canada and the States right after it. Two professors gave basically the same speech that said, ‘Now that they’d won the rights for homosexuality, it was time to push for intergenerational sex and bestiality; and bestiality.


Now, this is being pushed again in Britain by the government; by the British government and it’s the Liberal Democrat party. It’s interesting too what Khrushchev said when he was asked about communists in America. He said, ‘In the West we don’t call them communists, we call them liberals.’ It’s the same agendas, the same groups.


This article is from ‘The Christian Institute’ it’s called. It’s from other papers as well. You’ll find the same article.

“Lib Dem porn plans slammed by mums” 28th April, 2010.

“Liberal Democrat plans to allow 16-year-olds to watch and star in pornographic movies have been condemned by furious mothers.

The controversial Lib Dem policy has faced intense criticism from users of the popular parenting website

One mother, who identifies herself as crystal123 on the website, warned: “Many young people aged 12 appear 16 or 17 and could easily end up in explicit pornography.”

(A: Right away they’re off the beam there; they shouldn’t get into that argument. The fact is, they’re lowering the age regardless and this is what they’re promoting. Do you understand that when adults and governments promote something, this is giving permission to, then the children feel,  ‘well there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s promoted by the top.’

That’s the real argument folks you see? Of course the rest of it will happen. There will be 12 year olds and so on but that really is the intention of it all.)


“Her concerns were echoed by another Mumsnet user, Clairewilliams1973, who said: “I simply cannot vote for a party that advocates this”.”

(A: Well who should vote for a party like this? You know who votes for a party like this folks.)

“She went on to warn that when her husband had phoned the local Lib Dem office to complain, he was told: “Look I have explained the policy and if you do not like it you do not have to vote for us”.

The controversial policy was passed by a large majority at the party’s conference in 2004, and earlier this week the party confirmed that they stood by it.

But a Lib Dem spokesman added: “Our manifesto sets out what we will do in Government. This policy is not in our manifesto.”

(A: So that’s double-speak.)

“Currently the legal age for watching and appearing in pornographic movies is 18.”

(A: Well you see age has really nothing to do with it. Why do you think they’ve degraded the whole of society? Do you understand too that it’s inter-generational? We’ve all been contaminated. Everyone who’s listening to this show was brought up contaminated with what you thought was entertainment; contaminated beyond what your parents were, a little bit more and they were contaminated a little bit more than their parents themselves were. Their great grandparents were the only ones who could come from the past and look and say, ‘what on earth has happened?’ You see?

The more you accept, the more you will accept and then eventually it’s no big deal. You can’t watch any movie today without blood, guts and lot and lots of sex of all kinds and it’s all propaganda. It’s all indoctrination into ‘this is ok’ and it’s really gone beyond it now because the children are taught all this stuff in school, very, very early.

That’s what Bertrand Russell says, ‘If you can teach them this stuff in school and when they’re pre-pubertal and encourage sexual activity, they’ll never bond with anyone in their life.’

That was the intention of their group, never bonding for life, no families. They don’t want families. Again Orwell, not Orwell but others too, they all said the same thing in fact, but you’ll find that H.G. Wells said that when the average person has no family to stand up around them, then government can speak right down to the individual with no-one to help them. You’ll be helpless.

Psychologically, that alone disables you. You crumble.)


So that’s what’s happening there. That’s your beautiful Liberal Democrats and believe you me, they’ll go a lot further. This is pushing the envelope, step by step by step. That’s all it is because they want intergenerational sex altogether. There’re a lot of paedophiles involved in all of this. You see, people who are really into lots and lots of pornography when they’re young, and when they’re fed pornography along with violence, you’re watching combinations of movies with them both in it, and sometimes one or the other, then they both get intertwined together, violence and so on and pornography. That is where they get their kicks when you’re doing something naughty.

Perverts love to do something naughty. That’s why they have all these fetishes and so on. They’re fixed with fetishes. It’s imprinted in their brains often. Now they want power to make sure that they create their kind of world and to destroy all the old.

Remember what they said, ‘to bring in the New World Order they must destroy all of the Old World Order’. That meant all your cultures and your moralities. Everything has to go out the window and that’s happened; that’s happened.


Just to follow up on that one there, here’s the Telegraph from the same country again, Britain. It says here, 3rd May, 2010.


Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin”


(A: The guy was set up. You can tell by the writer.)


“A Christian street preacher was arrested and locked in a cell for telling a passer-by that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God.”


(A: Originally posted on 2nd May 2010.)


“Dale McAlpine was charged with causing “harassment, alarm or distress”...”

(A: Now remember what it’s like now when someone can actually charge you with distressing them.)

“...after a homosexual police community support officer (PSCO)...”

(A: You’ve got garbage support officers, by-laws for smoking support officers and now homosexual police community support officers. No kidding in that country.)

“...overheard him reciting a number of “sins” referred to in the Bible, including blasphemy, drunkenness and same sex relationships.

The 42-year-old Baptist, who has preached Christianity in Workington, Cumbria for years, said he did not mention homosexuality while delivering a sermon from the top of a stepladder, but admitted telling a passing shopper that he believed it went against the word of God.

Police officers are alleging that he made the remark in a voice loud enough to be overheard by others and have charged him with using abusive or insulting language, contrary to the Public Order Act.

Mr. McAlpine, who was taken to the police station in the back of a marked van and locked in a cell for seven hours on April 20, said the incident was among the worst experiences of his life.

“I felt deeply shocked and humiliated that I had been arrested in my own town and treated like a common criminal in front of people I know," he said.

“My freedom was taken away on the hearsay of someone who disliked what I said, and I was charged under a law that doesn't apply.”

Christian campaigners have expressed alarm that the Public Order Act, introduced in 1986 to tackle violent rioters and football hooligans, is being used to curb religious free speech.”


So, that’s Great Britain. What a sewer it’s turned into eh; an utter sewer.


Back after these messages.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting through the Matrix.


I’ll go to the phones now and there’s Tony in Massachusetts there. Are you there Tony?


Tony – I just want to say, great show. I’ve listened to it for 3 or 4 years now. The question I have for you is, first it’s a statement.

In view of the prostitute relationship or the whorish relationship that organized religion had over the many, many eons of time; centuries of time with the political element of the world and the elite globalists, you know that it’s surprising, well not surprising that they’ve been eerily silent aside for a few of them. They’ve really been eerily silent with regard to things that are coming down upon them in the world right now; this agenda that’s being forged. In fact, alot of them even come out and stand behind it.


My question for you is that at some point, we know that at some point and you’ve even mentioned that fact that they want to bring in their own new religion and in fact they may...they don’t...they show a hostility, a love/hate relationship with all organized religions as we know it today.

Do you see at some point, at some point just cutting them loose and saying ‘we don’t need you anymore? You’ve served your purpose. Our relationship with you is over’ and I’m talking about all the religions. Christendom as we know it, Christendom has been absolutely reprehensible in their conduct; preaching one thing and then doing the other.


Alan – That’s the problem. You see, all mainstream religions end up supporting then state and that’s money, the commercial system and the wealthy. Of course, it’s no secret that even the Church of England...the people who came into the Church of England at the top, traditionally used to come from the wealthiest families, the noble families, and go into the army or go into the priesthood and they would become the bishops of England and so on. So it’s always been kind of wishy washy in England but tied completely to the system of monarchy and elitism and rulership but having an obedient, quiet society. So that part’s all true.

Roman Catholicism has already been changed drastically since the sixties and it’s got alot of the ‘new age’ concepts within it as well. It’s become very politically correct in some areas with different priests and so on, giving out an almost completely new Catholic version of theology, and that’s now accepted with the younger priests. So that’s changing too because the New World Order, and that’s why you’ll see the big people going over to the Vatican. You never destroy a big organization which controls or helps control the minds and morality of millions of people. You want to use it, but you’ll change it over time until it suits your purpose, into a New World Order, and that’s where the Catholic Church is going now. It’s only mainly those Christians who belong to the smaller sects, or the US sects, who are still trying to hold on to their traditional family beliefs.


That’s the difference. In Britain the family’s a mess; an absolute mess now. It’s almost non-existent. So it’s only in the US now that you have any semblance of using a religion, which also gives security to your culture and safety to your children and each other and it gives you a healthy relationship. It’s the last country on earth with that to be honest with you, outside the Muslim countries I should say, but thanks for the question.


I wish I had more time to go into all this because there’s so much to it but maybe another night I’ll do some more on this.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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