May 5, 2010 (#570)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 5, 2010:

Banking Crisis and The New World Order:
Praise 'Money Heaven' and The Banker King,
With Golden Cherubs that Silver-Tongued Sing:

"Birth Pangs of Crisis Cross Every Border,
Economic Disorder of the New World Order,
Bringing the Next Phase of Consolidation,
Global Governance and the End of the Nation,
Culmination of Wise Men's Machinations,
Famine, Wars, the Cause of Vexations,
For Mr. Moneybags, There is No Appeasement,
His Front-Men Sign Each Global Agreement,
Of All the Flags that Could be Unfurled,
It's That of the Banker Rules the World,
All Peoples to Suffer His Age of Austerity,
'cept the Banker who Sidesteps, Nimble Dexterity,
We'll All Be in Want of Things We Need,
Now the Banker is King, Salivating His Greed"
© Alan Watt May 5, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 5, 2010
(Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on 5th May, 2010.


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Remember too that the topics I mention, I usually give links to these topics so that you can look them up for yourself. I don’t make up stories. I don’t speculate either. I use the official sources at least because they’re too many people speculating these days. Even then I try to work through the stories with the mainstream to show you what else is behind it; the stuff they don’t tell you in the particular story.

Most of these news articles are meant to lead us along the path, again of linear thinking, until one day we’ll breathe a sigh of relief. For example, when the IMF takes over the planet on behalf of the World Bank. We’ll say ‘thank goodness they’ve fixed it at last’ but they’ve got to take you through a period of chaos first.

They’re very old techniques and we go through them all the time down through the centuries. That’s how the world is really run. It’s run by very wise men who are taught from archives of histories in economics. Economics is a very, very old science.


I’ll be back with more after the following break.


I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I was saying before that economics is a very old science and it truly is. It’s probably something that’s been of vital importance in keeping records; keeping records of money owed to countries, owed by countries and to whom and all the rest of it and trends and histories that go down through the ages.

Bankers really, ran the commercial routes in ancient times, owned the fleets of ships that did the trading. They still do today alot of them. They really had to keep records of how the rises of nations and empires happened and they’d often guide them along in fact and sometimes they’d even take them down if the empires turned against them for some reason or another or they owed them too much money. So it was an exact science of manipulation and the bankers learned their trades very well. These were international bankers even in ancient times. It goes back as far as we know about money itself, even before they coined money when they used to weigh it out, the bankers were heavily involved in lending money to different nations and even introducing money into certain areas through warfare from countries that they’d already conquered through economic means and they would build up empires.

It’s a fascinating story when you read the histories that we know of; the little that’s been given to the public about the Phoenicians and different peoples down through the ages. But this has never been lost; never been lost. Whereas in our schools and universities tended to focus on the rise of nations, conquerors, generals and that kind of stuff, the bankers were teaching their offspring the true history that ran all this stuff and manipulated it and brought them up and brought them down, down through time. They’re very important sciences.


What we’re going through today is just the shakeup of the beginnings really the end of the first part of the New World Order, at least this New World Order; there’ve been many in the past, a truly World Order for the first time, a truly World Order. Many have tried it before. Many have had ambitions but they didn’t quite succeed, although in a sense, each major war or world war, tended to bring us closer to its setup, for instance, the institutions that are bringing in this World Order, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements and so on.

These are all the instruments to bring in a truly World Order.


Now, people when they start classes in economics are told off the bat is that economics really is what every country’s system revolves around so money is at the heart of it all.

All your laws, even to do with prison sentencing or the death penalty or whatever, all revolve around economics. Believe you me, if it suits the people to have more people in prison and behead them they’ll do so or vice versa. They’ll go back and forth either way and they have done that down through history too.

So all of your laws, all of your taxation systems, everything comes down through economics, including the particular system if you’re going to be a nation of workers or employees rather than employers and of course many of the countries in Europe; Britain is a very good example where they’ve been training their students for many generations to be employees. They certainly never encouraged them to get into private business.

There are people who design these systems. There are people who manage the systems inter-generationally and bring them to their final destination. The other systems which also the same people control, that they’ve tried down through the ages, the Nazi type or fascism type and the so-called democratic type and they’ve also controlled the soviet type.

The soviet type is a form of collectivisation and even the soviets remember would often call themselves democratic. Democratic simply means that the ones at the top get to vote. It doesn’t really matter if the masses get to vote or not.

They often say that Greece was the home of democracy but really about 25% of the people there were actually called citizens because they had to prove their genealogies for a few generations; very much like the Nazi regime in fact and the bulk of the population were basically nobodies although they did all the work and the rest were all slaves, an awful lot of slaves.

However, those at the top were allowed to vote on all major decisions. So in a sense you had fascists running a democracy. In fact I’ve often said that democracy is the greatest cover for fascism.

You know, Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton himself, who was widely read and hated by the patriot community because he did prefer tyrants and powerful people down through the ages, according to Thomas Jefferson’s writings, when he met Hamilton on a few occasions. When Jefferson asked him why he admired tyrants he said, well, when you have a tyrant things tend to go smoothly for a while. There’s less interference. In other words there’s very small government. He also said, that if the guy gets too bad for the people, very unbearable, you might have to suffer him for one generation and you’ve only got him and his family to keep and his little army sort of thing; whereas if you have a government with lots of bureaucrats and democracy, he said you’ve got thousands and their families to keep in luxury and they’re there for perpetuity.

So who’s right if you think about the two systems? So really democracy is the greatest cover for fascism because it always ends up with a special elite class and it’s inter-generational, often inter-familial. There are generations and generations from the same families and the up and coming psychopaths of course, that join them and go through the universities, get the right contracts because they’ve played the game and they’re allowed in and allowed to be voted upon into power to get their piece of the pie.

But they’ve already proved themselves to the existing elite at the top or they’d never get a chance of getting in. The guys at the top are always pre-picked as Professor Carroll Quigley said, by the Council on Foreign Relations. It doesn’t matter what party they come from.

Now we truly have really the beginnings of a World Order with one economic system and we see the chaos that’s rolling out across Europe. That’s planned chaos by the way, just the same as 9/11 was definitely planned because they couldn’t have kicked off the massive surveillance society without 9/11 happening. A surveillance society is imperative to bring in a totalitarian regime across the whole planet and a whole new way of living. You either knock people into shape physically to go along with what you want, and take care of the riots which will obviously ensue when people lose their sovereignty, or you give them other reasons for binding together. Even in ancient Greece they had alliances. They started off alliances with different little islands and city-states around them and eventually dominated them like an empire. That’s how democracy always goes.


Under the guise of democracy, these guys and the bankers behind them, have literally, with the setting up of the IMF and World Bank, and the chaos to bring them step by step to their true goal, which is running the total world economy from one major source, that’s how it’s done. It’s done through chaos and planned chaos and they always come out at the end and say ‘we’re here as the saviours, here’s the plan’ and even by that time even though we’ve lost almost everything, we want to keep that little bit left. So we say ‘thank goodness, maybe we can hang onto this little piece here of what we had.’

That’s an old, old technique but we never really catch on. Most folk still think that governments are national governments. They haven’t been national for an awful long time. It was decided even during the Cold War in different publications, official publications, that if the soviet system didn’t take over the world then those who would defeat the soviet system would have to take over the world. The exact same excuse that ancient Greece took for taking over all the countries round about it to save them all against Persia. ‘Let’s bond together against Persia.’ Then of course Greece simply dominated all, or Athens dominated all those countries and became tyrannical with heavy taxations, they took all their food, their grain and so on from them and turned lots of people into slaves.


That’s really what World Orders are about. It’s really about who’s going to be the bosses, how many bosses do you need to run the people and how many slaves are you going to have. Slavery can take so many forms and ‘wage slaves’ of course is what you call employees. That’s what they’ve always been called. You sell your labour. If you’re getting paid back in a fair deal for your labour, or whatever’s been decided upon, or whatever your boss has decided upon I should say, then a good chunk of that is simply taxed back by the governments that are there to keep you safe. As they keep you safe, they live very well at a very high standard of living, way above whatever you could afford and that’s the system of what they call democracy where they bring in what’s called ‘equality’.

It’s a strange concept you know. You have to do alot of mental gymnastics to even try and pretend you believe in it and lots of people do. They never even question it at all. In fact most never question anything. They just go along with what is. What exists when they’re born, what they live through, that’s what is. That’s as far as they get and what is, is. It’s good enough for them.


If you look at what’s happening in Greece right now, and I knew they would use Greece as the testing bed for the rest of Europe. They’ll blame Greece for alot of the causes. What they said at the beginning was that Greece had fudged all its books to get into the EU and to be allowed to trade with the EU. Of course, if they didn’t join the EU they’d have been bypassed and cut off from all the goodies. You’d be bypassed from even exporting your own stuff to the rest of the EU. That’s the deal. It’s a gangster thing you see.

‘Trade with us, go under our laws and rules, give up your sovereignty and you’ll be allowed to trade with us. If you don’t, no-one’s going to trade with you. We’ll make sure of that.’


So they’re blaming Greece for all the problems. They’ve got to blame somebody you see. But they all fudged their books because bookkeeping is just that. It’s all fudging books isn’t it? I don’t think one single country in Europe has ever been honest about what it owes to anybody.


Anyway, here’s an article here from Reuters, May 4th, 2010, and it’s about, “A renewed selling frenzy gripped the Euro zone financial market on Tuesday” because they’re concerned about a financial meltdown beginning with Greece because it’s going to spread throughout Europe.


Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m reading an article about the Greek crisis right now and Greece as I say is getting blamed for so much and every country involved really has done the same bookkeeping fudging as I’m sure Greece did. They did get the big boys in to validate their books before they joined the EU. I think even Goldman Sachs was in there fudging the books for them. This article here, May 4th 2010 from Reuters goes into it and says...


“A renewed selling frenzy gripped euro zone financial markets on Tuesday as concern mounted that a record EU/IMF bailout for Greece would not stop a debt crisis spreading in the single currency area.”

Now that was another part of joining the EU. They forced this EU coinage, or money system, on you as well you see, again taking more and more sovereignty out of the hands of the countries. That was the intention of it but not the total intent. The intent ultimately was to go into a world system under the IMF. The IMF wants to get into everybody’s bookkeeping and take away that bookkeeping from governments. This is what it’s about for the World Order you see? All the money that’s already been bailed into Greece, apparently it hasn’t been enough to stop the fall in the money system so that means that all that money that was borrowed from the World Bank by the EU countries has just gone to ‘money heaven’ just like the big last crash we had; it went to ‘money heaven’ you know. I’d like to see who are the guardians of ‘money heaven’. It must go somewhere. It says...

“Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero dismissed as "complete madness" a market rumour that his country would soon ask for 280 billion Euros in aid from the euro area.”

(Alan: Because they think Spain’s going to be next.)

“The euro sank to a one-year low of beneath $1.31 and the risk premium on Greek, Portuguese and Spanish bonds soared amid jitters about a possible Greek debt restructuring and worries over the fiscal health of other southern European countries.

In Athens, striking public workers challenged Greece's 110 billion euro ($146.5 billion) bailout-for-austerity deal,...”

(A: I love that ‘bailout-for-austerity deal’.)

“...starting a 48-hour national strike that shut down ministries, tax offices, schools, hospitals and public services.”

(A: You see, the IMF go in as I say and they strip the country of all its national services, healthcare, pension funds, wherever they can slash and burn they do so to make sure that the big boys that lent the money in the first place all get paid back at massive interest.)

"There is no faith in what the EU and the IMF have proposed for Greece," said Dean Popplewell, chief currency strategist at OANDA, a foreign exchange brokerage in Toronto.

"Capital markets are betting on a Greek default,...”

(A: See there again there’re guys, because we don’t understand this currency trading stuff, there are sharks at the top. As I say they’re taught it since they’re weaned on this stuff because they belong to the right families. They make money off people going down. They bet on people going down. It says...)

"Capital markets are betting on a Greek default, as Greece's own populace is not going to accept the terms of this rescue, and contagion is a real concern hurting the euro," he said.

News that Greece has appointed debt restructuring specialists Lazard...”

(A: The Lazard brothers.)

“ provide "general financial advice" fuelled speculation that some form of orderly rescheduling or payment moratorium may be likely, despite vehement official denials.”

(A: And so on it goes.)

But this is all to go to a world government you see. A whole new way of doing things where the World Bank will rise up to its proper status because that’s what they put it there for; to take over, and the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements will do the bookkeeping of every country forever. Your governments won’t have to do that anymore. It’s taken out of their hands. That’s the ultimate goal for the whole planet.


Then we go onto an article here. It’s a good site actually. It’s ‘Spotlight On Sovereignty - Global Governance Watch’. It says...


“G-20 and IMF Officials Institutionalize Economic Global Governance” April 28th, 2010.


“In particular, we are floating the idea of a new multilateral surveillance procedure. . . . I believe the world is ready for a shift to this more "systemic" vision of IMF surveillance.”


(A: That’s what they’re calling it – International Monetary Fund Surveillance; the whole world.)


“A clear indication is the G-20's...”


(A: That’s all the group of 20 that all your presidents and prime ministers join and go and go in there as a group, bypassing what you think is national democracy. It says...)


“...launch of the Mutual Assessment Process. The so-called MAP aims to reduce risks to the system by making the world's largest economies accountable-to each other-for ensuring the global consistency of their economic policies. . . . Of course, there is a much broader range of international policy challenges than those currently being considered by the MAP. And an enhanced multilateral approach, with increased accountability between countries, is essential for finding lasting solutions. I see a role for the IMF to help address these kinds of multilateral problems.”


(A: That’s right on track with them taking over.)


“~ From an address by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, at the Bretton Woods Committee Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., February 26, 2010. “


“The Group of Twenty ("G-20") nations, the new Financial Stability Board ("FSB"), and the International Monetary Fund ("IMF") are progressing on two fronts: the monitoring and revision of national and regional economic plans to facilitate global economic governance...”


(A: That’s the purpose of it; to facilitate global economic governance.)


“...and the pursuit of a financial industry regulatory reform agenda. The recent remarks of IMF Managing Director Strauss-Kahn indicate that these two areas may only be the beginning and that efforts will be made to globally govern other economic and industry-specific areas...”)


(A: I’ll be back with more on this after this break.)


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m reading from an article by ‘Global Governance Watch’; a very good article. It’s a very good site actually and you’re not quite sure whether it’s for the globalism or not but they also got alot on NGO’s and it shows you what they’re into as well. It’s going on about the IMF basically taking over and it’s using quotes and so on from Strauss-Kahn from the IMF and so on.


“Thus, corporate executives, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders in industries such as energy, pharmaceutical, and food whose products (or lack thereof) pose "risks" that conceivably contribute to global poverty should be prepared for a new global level of monitoring, intervention, and regulation by the G-20, IMF, World Bank, and other international organizations.”


(A: In other words they’re telling you that whatever corporations or whatever are in your countries will no longer be self-enterprising units. They’ll be under the auspices and the watchful eye of the World Bank because the World Bank will be into everybody’s books by law. They want a world law for this to let them into every country’s books and actually eventually do all of the book keeping. That’s utterly the end of sovereignty for anybody, you see?)


“In a previous article, this author explained that, in a November 2009 communiqué, titled "A Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth: Developing the ‘Mutual Assessment Process," the G-20 announced the mutual assessment process ("MAP"), pursuant to which G-20 members would present national and regional economic plans by the end of January 2010 for review by the FSB and IMF so that alternative policy options could be developed that would enable the global management of national and regional economies.”


(A: OK, that’s the important part. They’ve already agreed to it through all the big boys in the G20. They’ve enabled “the global management of national and regional economies.”  That also means managing all the taxation systems ultimately as well, which of course, is the goal of these guys under the auspices of the UN. These are very interesting articles here and I’ll put these links in at website at the end of the show and you’ll find them along in the archives section as well along with the audios.)


Now, just to prop that up too, here’s an article coming out of India I think it is actually and it says...


“BRIC must create a New World Order.”


“The BRIC group of the world's four biggest emerging powers has a fundamental role in creating a new world order, Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Thursday.

Lula was speaking at the end of a summit in Brasilia with the leaders of China, India and Russia. The countries reiterated their call for developing nations to have a bigger role in global economic and financial decision-making.

PM pitches for close cooperation among BRIC nations

Noting that India, Russia, China and Brazil are resource-rich, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday pitched for close cooperation among them in the fields of energy and food security besides tapping potential in other sectors like trade and investment, science and technology and infrastructure.”

So there’s that phrase again; a New World Order. It’s ok when the big boys say it themselves like Mr. Brown in Britain when he addressed the G20 before and called it the New World Order and many others; George Bush Senior, but when we say it it’s like we’re some kind of paranoid crazies, even though we’re simply using their material and quoting them, but that’s really what’s happening. That’s what all this chaos today is all about, planned chaos mind you. It’s not just happening now either. They’ve been working at this for an awful, awful long time; an awful long time.

There’s a very good article here and I’m going to put in the link as well. It’s called...


“Reinventing the government corporation”


This was done on April 11th, 1996 and it’s from A. Michael Froomkin


“In this article, Professor A. Michael Froomkin takes a comprehensive look at federal government corporations,...”


(A: “...federal government corporations,...” It’s very interesting these corporations; other countries call them ‘Crown Corporations’, they’re untouchable, very private. They do have shareholders but they’re not available for the public. It says...)


“...focusing on the legal implications arising from their character as both public and private entities. Federal government corporations often enjoy public advantages, including national establishment, tax and securities law exemptions, sovereign immunity, and privileged access to capital. As a result, they face diminished market discipline and may not be as efficient as their proponents claim unless they have similarly situated competitors. Because some federal government corporations are owned wholly or partly by private parties, yet maintain control over public funds and functions, their legal status raises important constitutional questions concerning accountability, separation of powers, and non-delegation.

In his 1993 Reinventing Government program, Vice President Al Gore encouraged the proliferation of federal government corporations,...”


(A: And that’s true. During that era they sprung up all over the place, under the auspices of Al Gore, Clinton and so on.)


“...obscure government devices whose legal status remains unclear even after 200 years as part of our national life. Professor Froomkin suggests that some regulatory reform is needed before this suggestion is adopted. After a critical analysis of existing proposals, he offers alternatives designed to increase accountability to both government and market discipline, thus ensuring that private parties do not profit at public expense, and limiting taxpayer liability in the event of insolvency.


I’d like to see that happen where the big boys go ‘belly up’ and we have to bail them out as usual but then, pigs might fly one day too with enough genetic engineering I should say.

But that’s what we’re going through.


Now we’ve all to go through this austerity stuff as the IMF goes into every single country and takes over basically the book keeping and that means it always follows the same routine, as I say, slashing hospital care, slashing your pension funds and robbing you actually and cutting back on all the stuff you’re supposed to have built up through your tax money, all the different services that the government is supposed to run.


This is from the Times, April 30th, 2010.


“Austerity Britain will hate its new Government, says King”


“The Governor of the Bank of England was at the centre of an electoral storm last night after saying that the austerity measures needed to tackle Britain’s budget deficit would be so unpopular that whoever wins next week would not get back into government for a generation.

Mervyn King’s opinion, revealed hours before the prime ministerial debate on the economy, came as a respected think-tank predicted that taxes would have to rise by the equivalent of a 6p-in-the-pound increase in income tax over the next ten years.

(A: Well that’s tiddlywinks. It’s going to be up by alot more than that; alot more than that.)

The Governor’s prediction was made to the American economist David Hale, who passed on the remarks in an Australian television interview. Mr. Hale, who has known Mr. King for many years, was commenting on debt levels in major economies when he turned to the British election. “I saw the Governor of the Bank of England last week when I was in London, and he told me whoever wins this election will be out of power for a whole generation because of how tough the fiscal austerity will have to be,” he said.”

So, we’re in for wonderful times it would seem; just wonderful; wonderful times, wonderful times.


Now this site is very good too and it links up with a previous one too that I’ve talked about on the G20 and it’s from the AEI which is supposedly a Conservative sort of think tank but they have branches across the whole world and it’s supposed to be to limit government and all that but it’s also about globalism. I’ll put this link up too. It says...It called...They have a ‘Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee’. It’s one of their projects; a ‘Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee’. What’s a shadow? A shadow is something that’s put off by a body. There must be a body there somewhere. I wonder who the body is. Anyway it says...


“The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee is a group of publicly recognized, independent experts on the financial services industry who meet regularly to study and critique regulatory policies affecting this sector of the economy.”


About the Committee
The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee works to identify and analyze developing trends and ongoing events that promise to affect the efficiency and safe operation of sectors of the financial services industry; explore the spectrum of short- and long-term implications of emerging problems and policy changes; help develop private, regulatory and legislative responses to such problems that promote efficiency and safety...”


(A:  And blah, blah blah. When you look down the side of it, they’ve got alot of good spin-off sites they look into such as Non-Governmental Organisations, who runs them and it shows you the power of some of these Non-Governmental Organisations as they lobby, not just politicians, but actually lobby against investing companies. Of course they’re all followers you see, except for their leaders. The leaders have a boss. The boss is generally some very rich foundation owner who tells them what to protest against.


It’s quite fascinating to see how they work and how the Non-Governmental Organisations actually will go into companies that are trying to invest pension funds and so on and if they don’t like what they’re investing in, they’ll do all they can to stop it. That’s what you call incredible organisation and power.

You see, organisation is behind everything. That’s how the Soviets talked about taking over by communism. It was all through organisation; massive organisation, where everybody instantly obeys those above them right to the pyramid top, strict obedience. There was no deviation from the line. That’s how these NGO’s are run with the foundations that really are the parallel government on the top telling them what to protest etc.


Now here’s a little aside too. I talked about these Crown Corporations a minute ago and these private national corporations or governmental semi-private companies.

Here’s a little article that snuck through, and it wasn’t in the mainstream media except for this one and it’s the Tehran Times from Iran.


“UK to repay Iran $650 million for tanks”


(A: That’s military tanks. It says...)


“LONDON (UPI) -- An international trade court ordered Britain to pay Iran $650 million for failing to deliver some 1,300 tanks after Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was toppled in the 1979 Islamic revolution, officials said.

The ruling ended a bizarre legal battle which was fought over 30 years largely behind closed doors in the arbitration court of the International Chamber of Commerce in The Hague with little public knowledge.”


(A: You’re darn right.)


“The settlement is between International Military Services Ltd, the state-owned company used by Britain's Defence Ministry...”


(A: You see? That’s one of these protected companies; these Crown Corporations. It’s private. It’s funded through tax money as well but there are shareholders who profit from it but they’re not allowed to tell us who they are and they don’t put the shares up for bids for sale. It’s all the elite of course who are the shareholders, including members of the royalty. That’s the International Military Services Limited. They do all the main military trading of all the weapons industry for Britain.

Anyway it says...)


“... the state-owned company used by Britain's Defence Ministry that concluded the Chieftain deals in the 1970s, and Iran's Ministry of Defence.

Britain's The Independent newspaper noted that the settlement ""will bring to an end one of the more tortuous and murky sagas in that most opaque and scandal-riddled area of international affairs -- nation-to-nation arms deals.""


(A: Yet Britain’s always created the best enemies that money could buy, believe you me. And through The Hague, even those who lose will have to pay it back. They’ve got all these global deals already made through the international courts and the Bank for International Settlements.

You know, when Britain went to war with Argentina over the Falklands, Britain had sold pretty well every ship that they used, the enemy used, to them. And of course, they found too that Argentina had taken loans out from all the usual international money lenders to buy those ships and they were still in the process of buying them when Britain sunk them. So, Britain sold them the ships, Britain sunk the ships and Argentina, even though they lost, had to pay back the bankers and then the money went back to Britain.

The best enemies money can buy eh? And the folk never catch on. And all the young characters are just dying to dress up and play soldiers and go off and fight for some fun and all that kind of stuff and get a little tin star, a wee medal. That’s all they need and suddenly they’re somebody. If they survive it, they’re somebody until the novelty wears off and they’re just Joe Nobody once again. But it says here...)


In the 1970s, the shah's government was favoured by the United States and Britain as a vital bulwark against Soviet expansion to the strategic oil-rich Persian Gulf.

From 1971-76, his government ordered 1,500 Chieftains and 250 FV2404 armoured repair vehicles, which retrieve damaged tanks from the battlefield, all manufactured by the Leyland Co....”


(A: That’s the big car manufacturers in Britain.)


“...and Britain's state-owned Royal Ordnance Factories.”


(A: Again “state-owned Royal Ordnance Factories”. That’s really your Crown Corporations; these secretive corporations.)


“At that time, the FV4030/1 Chieftain was Britain's primary main battle tank. When it was unveiled in 1967 it had the most powerful main gun of any tank in the world...”


(A: And then they go on about what they could fire from it and all that kind of stuff. The stuff that little boys are really awfully interested in.)


“The contracts were worth 650 million pounds, today worth around $1.04 billion,...)


(A: Boy, that shows you inflation eh. So back in the 70’s it was 650 million pounds and today it’d be worth around 1.4 billion (dollars))


“...and were paid in full in advance from the shah's treasury, then overflowing thanks to Iran's oil wealth.

Those funds were crucial in keeping Britain's defence industry going at a time of slumping sales.”


(A: They’ve got to keep wars going when there’s a slump in sales you know.)


“But by the time the shah was toppled in January 1979 and went into exile, Britain had delivered 187 of the 55-ton FV4030/1 Chieftains, which the Iranians dubbed Shir-1. The British halted deliveries to what was deemed a hostile government in Iran after the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was stormed on Nov. 4, 1979.


(A: In other words, they still owed them all those tanks for the money that they took. They didn’t give them back the money you know and they didn’t give them the tanks either. So they’ve been ordered to pay back the difference.)


It just shows you, as I say, it doesn’t matter who wins/loses or how things come and go in history, the bankers must be paid, one way or another. It doesn’t matter if you’re winners or losers you’ve got to pay the piper because they have international laws about that at the top and it goes through The Hague; the court at The Hague. It’s wonderful isn’t it, wonderful.

We the little people hardly know anything about what’s really going on in the world at any particular time. We’re the last to be told any kind of close truth; any close truth whatsoever.


Now here’s a laugh too because this whole emissions stuff is a new economy. Do you understand that? It’s to take over from a real economy where you produce things; a production economy.


“Anti-fraud investigators swoop on EU emissions traders”


(A: For fraud. So fraud over fraud is quite an interesting thing.)


Back with more after this break.


Hi, I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


This article here’s about an anti-fraud investigation into EU emission frauds where they’re making all the money off of nothing; no outlay, nothing. It’s fantastic. They just trade carbon and it’s really worked out through mathematical processes where they imagine how much CO2 will be produced in the manufacturing of this or that, and they convert energy to CO2 and all that kind of stuff and it’s supposed to sound complicated to cover the fact that it’s all nonsense. However, they’re going to make an awful lot of money out of it because this is the new economy. We’ll all be paying through the nose, or through the mouth depending on how you breathe, for CO2 for as long as you live and these guys don’t even collect it. It’s fantastic isn’t it? No outlay! You don’t have to get into plastic bags and sell it or blow up balloons with it and trade balloons. You just imagine it’s there and you trade with these credits, we all pay for it and big bankers get rich. It’s fantastic isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s...


“Anti-fraud investigators swoop on EU emissions traders”


“EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Traders involved in Europe's flagship climate change programme, the Emissions Trading System - some of whom work at Germany's biggest banks and energy firms - were the focus of a series of raids and arrests by British and German prosecutors in part of a massive pan-European crackdown on CO2-credit VAT fraud.


(A: Isn’t that amazing eh? They’re getting people on fraud even though they’re dealing in legitimate fraud, which is the CO2 scam and trading and it says here...)


“A total of 25 people were arrested amid a blitz by authorities on hundreds of company offices in the two countries, including Deutsche Bank and energy firm RWE, in a case involving the theft of an estimated €180 million from government coffers.

On Friday (30 April), it was revealed that UK tax authorities had raided 81 different offices and homes earlier in the week, arresting 22 individuals - 13 in England and further eight in Scotland.

The swoop, which occurred two days earlier, involved roughly 450 staff from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.”


(A: Not Britain’s but Her Majesty’s because everything in Britain’s democracy is owned by Her Majesty you see?)


“German authorities simultaneously raided 230 premises, including the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and the offices of RWE

Three individuals in Germany were arrested. Seven of the suspects were employees of Deutsche Bank, although none were among those taken into custody.

The operation, which targeted a total of 50 companies and some 150 suspects in Europe's biggest economy, involved around a thousand investigators from Germany.”


(A: By God, they’re top-heavy for investigators. It goes through all the other countries that took part, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Portugal and Norway ya de ya de ya.)


“Computers, mobiles, memory sticks and business records were seized, as well as undisclosed sums of cash.”

“The criminal activity the raids focussed on relates to what is known as "carousel fraud." Criminals establish themselves in one EU member state and open a trading account with the national carbon credit registry. They then buy carbon credits in a different country, which makes them exempt from VAT. These are then sold to buyers in the original country, but with VAT slapped on, although the VAT then just disappears along with the trader and the money never arrives in government coffers.”


Whatever scam they come up with, it’s only crooks who can figure it out and how to use it. Do you ever realise that? It takes the crook’s mind, the streetwise guy, to understand the con games that are going on anyway and they take advantage of them. The ordinary person, again with linear thinking, never figures that out; the same as you never figure out how guys can make such money on betting on companies folding or even countries going bankrupt and they can make a profit off of it. It’s beyond our comprehension. It’s totally beyond our comprehension. The crooks can do it. The rest of the crooks are in government working for them and in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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