May 6, 2010 (#571)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 6, 2010:

The RIIA/CFR, Bankers, All their Sons and Lovers,
Live High on Hog, We're the Dog, The Masses -- Suckers:

"When the Plundering's Over, We'll Grovel, Praise and Thank
The Big Heroes IMF and a More Powerful World Bank,
World Bankers Inc. Worked Long, Gladly Sold their Souls,
Manipulated Wealth of Nations to Reach these Lofty Goals,
The Nations Now are Punch-Drunk, Spinning in Dizziness,
Once Bankers Own the Globe, They'll Run Us as a Business,
A New Age of Austerity will Cost More as the Fashion
Is to Serve Ecology, Recycle, Work or Get the Lashin',
Yes, it's to be a Brave New World, Wages are to Go
In Taxes, Fees and Planting Trees, Rest You'll Never Know,
And as Always We'll Adapt, True Memory Seldom Lingers,
Feudalism Will be Normal, Serving Podgy Golden Fingers"
© Alan Watt May 6, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 6, 2010
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Hi folks. This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix on May 6th 2010.


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If you can buy them it might help you to come out of your linear thinking and see how the world really works and believe you me it’s a drastic change from your conditioning and how you’ve been taught to see it.

You’ll see the cons, you’ll be able to see through the cons and you’ll realise that most of society and the way it’s run, the structure of society as it was taught to you and spouted at you by the media and the money bag men every day, is all a big giant con. It truly is a big con. The more complex they try to make it sound, and scientific, the less you’re inclined to delve in and try to understand it. That’s what they count on in fact.


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As I say, lots of folk have gone off computers because they’ve had the wisdom to realise that really it’s all out there to track and trace and do your personality profiles on. That’s really the reason they gave it to the public and to be honest with you, people have asked me as well, even mainstream shows I’ve been on, ‘does the computer and the internet really help people in their understanding?’ It’s a bit of yes but alot of no as well because the big boys made sure that there’d be so much conflicting information put out on the same subjects that it’d be very hard and even more difficult for the average person to find the truth on any particular thing.

You can certainly fascinate the public by giving them lots of truth and lots of sci-fi mixed with it or supposed spiritualism and so on. That fascinates them but really keeps them going in loops. They’re all intentional, folks. That’s how they run your minds. They’re not there to free you.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’ve spoken many time before about the big system that runs this world and I’ve read from the various textbooks put out by professors who were involved for instance with the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the same thing really and their branches across the world through all the British Commonwealth countries and how they wanted, on behalf of the bankers who already ruled the world; the international bankers, on behalf of the bankers to bring a system, a society, a world society where they would be in charge of everything.

From their point of view, and you can understand their point of view too, they were the only ones really, these hereditary families, that had kept a kind of history of the world for thousands of years, on buying, lending, trading, all commerce and how it works; all the stuff to do with debt, interest etc, wars and what happens with wars; who gets paid afterwards; how can you get your money back if you’ve lent to a country that’s been defeated etc.


At the turn really, at the end of the 1800’s and the start of the 1900’s they set up their institutions to attempt to try to bring the world under their control. Professor Carroll Quigley, being the historian for this group; and they have historians in every generation, they have their own private archives. He was allowed into them to update their archives and he had access to their histories. He was all for what they were doing. He believed too that the people were just too dumb, stupid and illiterate to manage their own lives. He also believed that if you left it to the up-and-coming general psychopaths, the general ones as opposed to the economic ones, they would want to become very important military people and conquer by conquest and looting countries and basically bring in alot of disorganisation, especially for commerce and so on.


So their plan was, because they were the historians who understood the world better and how it functioned through economies, then they would take the world over themselves.

It’s interesting too that the same bankers who started it up, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, that started off really as the Milner Group, Lord Milner and the Rhodes Society. The Cecil Rhodes Society combined with Lord Rothschild as the co-founder basically of both parties.

They’d already been lending money to countries for centuries, Britain and other countries for warfare purposes and that was their big problem. How can you ensure that a defeated country would pay back the loans they’d borrowed from these particular, these same bankers?

They wanted international courts to be set up to arbitrate and work out deals so that the bankers would get paid back. That was one of the first reasons really, one of the real reasons, behind the setting up of the League of Nations which became the United Nations.

Therefore they would have a two-pronged attack; one was to take over by pure centralisation of government. That meant putting their own people into governments in all member countries and centralising the control, standardising all the laws throughout any particular country, taking away the rights from local areas or local states, as they say, and federalising them. Then eventually, through the United Nations, they would bind them by treaties; ever deepening treaties, until they could never back out. Then also, they wanted them to establish central banks. That was a ‘must be’. They already had it planned for Europe. It might take them 100 years they said, to establish central banks throughout the whole of Europe which would then combine into a giant central bank and at the same time they got the politicians to join in a bloc or a union and that’s what they have in Europe. They have a European Union. They each have their central banks too but they’re all responsible to an even bigger central bank for Europe. That in turn will be responsible to the World Bank.


Now, it’s really a small group of men at the top of the world bankers; really 12 banking families who are the lenders to every country, every major country in the world. It’s a hard thing for us to comprehend that they have the right to basically issue, really cheques to countries to give them permission through the central banking systems. The central banking systems remember are privately owned but the same boys in the World Bank control the heads of those central banks. It’s one big consortium. That’s how it really works.


Now they’re going for the big push and that is to standardise the world into giving the World Bank, their World Bank, with the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements total power over everybody’s book-keeping. In other words, they’re taking over the book-keeping of the planet. That’s their goal.


What we’re experiencing right now is a manmade recession or depression, it depends if they want to go far enough with it, to bring all the countries under the heel; to shock the people enough into literally getting the last bit of sovereignty they have. It’s kind of like someone coming...It’s kind of like your boss at your work coming into your home and going over your own book-keeping to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely. That’s what they want to do to all the countries and when the IMF comes in, that’s what it does literally and they all work for the same group at the top. There’s nothing independent about them whatsoever. They’re all part of one big long-term plan which is culminating about now in its final; at least this part of the final plan which is consolidating all of the world’s markets, all of the world’s money and financial systems, lending and borrowing all through their own particular world bank.


You understand that the United Nations was set up during World War II. It transformed from the League of Nations to the United Nations. At the end of World War II they were very bold about their projections to where they were going with it. They really wanted to push through the United Nations as being more than just a place where countries went to negotiate or air arguments and come to solutions. It was more than a bargaining table. It was meant to be set up as the embryo of world government with all these financial institutions and military institutions as well eventually underneath it and that’s what they’re pushing for today.

This lesson here is to teach us that we can’t manage things ourselves. We’re in such a mess. We’ve got to go through the experts at the top and they will dole out the cash to every region as they like to call them, blocs of nations and we will simply take what we’re given and we’ll be told to manage the books ourselves.


Now it’s the same thing as they go for the department of agriculture at the United Nations. Their goal, and it states it in their mandate, you can look it up yourself, is eventually to be in charge of the entire world’s food supply and they will dish out portions to every country and region and eventually you will be forced in those regions to maintain your population numbers by whatever means you deem necessary. That literally is their mandate, all to go through the United Nations.

NATO as we know, NATO is just a branch of the United Nations, the military branch, their attack branch for countries that don’t quite go along with certain things or they won’t go along fast enough. NATO’s been into other countries when they don’t want to establish their central banks or they’re trying to keep more sovereignty and they pummel them into the ground.

Under the UN auspices they also go into the Middle East and standardised them too. We don’t realise that the Middle East have different customs, at least they had up until now. They’ve different customs of handling money. Their religion is their tradition. Their religion is their way of life and they didn’t have the central banking system with borrowing money from the world bankers and that’s a no-no. You’ve got to have alot of debt or you’re of no profit to the world bankers. They live on debt you understand. Bankers live on debt. They don’t live on lending you money and getting the same money back. They live on the debt you accumulate through the interest charges they put on your loans.


So they’re standardising every country they go into and UNESCO are one of the first ones in under the UN too, to make sure that one generation, the first generation, is taught in their schools and they give them all the Western ideas to be ‘democratic’. Democratic, as I say, is just the greatest front ever devised for fascism; it truly is. It even began off in ancient Greece with really fascists at the top using democracy to build a world empire and start up a League of Nations; the first League of Nations which they then dominated. Then they got everybody into a central banking system there too in ancient times, while the top bunch of hereditary aristocracy, who pretty well owned most the stuff, benefited enormously from all these wars that they had and the conquest and plunder they could get out of it too.


Nothing changes in this world really. The bankers of ancient times, I think it was Mark Twain who put it pretty well. He said that in ancient times, different peoples looked around for different ways of gaining power and prestige amongst themselves and other peoples, and some people did it by war, becoming the general and getting all the praise etc. Others did it through other means, he said, but the bankers really realised that money was the key. Everybody worshiped money, even the generals. They needed money to get their wars going even in ancient times to the present. You can’t do a darned thing without money.

That was the king of all. Money was the kingpin of all. So certain people dedicated themselves to being the money lenders and it hasn’t changed today. That’s still the kingpin. Money is still the key to everything that runs this particular system. It doesn’t have to be. It certainly doesn’t have to be, but it’s the only way we’ve been allowed to be taught, that it’s the only way there is, and we have been for a couple thousand years in the Western world.


Religion helped that too because even the big church needed money coming in from the peasants.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m just talking about a little bit of the history of money itself, just very briefly touching on it. They always say it’s a means of exchange or a medium of exchange but many things, basically bartering, is a medium of exchange too. You barter a sack of oats for a sack of lentils or whatever else you decide to barter. It’s up to you. The only honest trading really is when two people exchange their sacks or whatever and decide upon what’s worth what; half a bag of this for a whole bag of that or whatever they want to do because price remember is an idea. It’s not fixed in stone. It doesn’t come from heaven. It’s just someone’s idea to see how much they can gouge off you generally and to see how you go for it.

That’s why in the Middle East, for instance and Asia, haggling is really a way of life. People are taught to haggle. In fact, they’ve got no respect for you if you don’t haggle. So that really is what it’s about. A price is just someone’s idea.

Of course we’re not taught any of that when we grow up and especially in the Western world we’re taught to just walk into a store and you buy and that’s the price and that’s it and you use this thing called money.


When I was small I can remember asking my folks, because they were always talking about needing a pay rise every year you see, and I’d say ‘well, why do you get a pay rise?’ and they’d say ‘well, because it’s customary that you get one every year’ and I’d say ‘well why is it customary?’ and they’d just...because they’d never thought about it themselves, they’d always give you that answer they’d give children, ‘well it’s because it just is, that’s why.’ Then you’d see that the prices of everything, your little bar of chocolate, went up every year and everything else went up every year and that’s why you had to get a pay increase every year. So it told me that there were different sides and factions working together to make sure that everything went up every year.

What you learn later on is that they have this thing called ‘inflation’ which is supposedly due to the over-printing of money and putting too much money out; too much cash out there amongst the public, which doesn’t make any sense to me either. I didn’t see why that should make any price go up or down. Of course, the economists who are really another form of voodoo to be honest with you, and some economists have left. They’ve even done documentaries years on the BBC, where top economists and professors who have left the profession saying it was alot of nonsense and they said a truth, which was that if we understood what we were doing we’d never end up in these messes. And isn’t that the truth?


However, with banking and money being a fixed thing in a society and being taught from generation to generation as being as normal as air, no-one questions it. But those guys at the top who deal with it and the big bankers; I’m talking about the ones who distribute to the central banks which they can create actually. Central banks are private banks but they create them or they make sure their boys are in there and create them. They run the countries and they run the economies and they lend to government.


Every government was supposed to have at one time its own ability to mint its own coin and they didn’t need extra bankers to do it. They would buy the gold and all the rest of it then they’d mint it and then they would sell it off to some of the other banks and banks would regain extra cash above that by loaning it out. That’s how it used to work. When they did away with anything to back it up with, then the sky was the limit for the international bankers because really, what they give to a central bank is permission to print up cash and then distribute it. But the central bank through the government, through a deal with government, must pay the central bankers back who probably just gave them a cheque. They have to pay them back with real goods or real wealth. That’s not a bad deal, isn’t it?

If I give you a piece of paper and permission well you’ve got to give me half your country if you default. You know, ‘land for debt swap’ or something like that. That’s not a bad deal at all, yet we’re all taught that this is somehow normal and there’s not one party in the world, left wing, right wing, up, down, whatever that will ever challenge that and get into power. It’ll never happen. You’ll never see it in your lifetime. That will never happen because they’re all hand-picked by the same people and backed by the same people through various funding means and channelling cash for campaigns. They’re bought and paid for when they’re even selected. Before you even hear their names, they’re bought and paid for and they’ll keep the same system going on behalf of the bankers.


It’s interesting that whenever a prime minister, of Britain or a Commonwealth country, a British Commonwealth country gets in, the first person he’s got to go and see is the guy in charge of the bank; the bank that he’s going to go to, to borrow money.

Now why are governments who are rolling in taxes of all kinds; taxes you don’t even hear about because you’re paying them all the time through everything you buy through hidden taxes, they’re rolling in so much money, why do they have to go to these guys in the first place and borrow money, when they’ve got all that coming in? Why?

It’s never ever explained to the public, and as I say, no person is going to run for office and ever go against that and stop that system and make the country itself responsible for creating its own money so that you don’t have to go to outsiders or private banks to do so. It’d be quite simple. That was the whole idea in the US when they started it up. They knew the cons that were already going on; they were very, very old in their days, of the banking systems of Europe They understood it very well. They didn’t intend for a central bank to come in; a private bank to come in and do all their cash. That wasn’t intended at all but that was mandated by the moneylenders themselves who planned this world; the future we now live in which is the present.


Back with more after these massages.


I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m just explaining some of the simplicity really of the con of money and governments too, which are simply extensions now of the banking system, and those in the banking system ensure that the top members of the parties are all members of the Royal Institute for International Affairs. That way it doesn’t matter who gets in. They will be faithful to their masters because, as I said at the beginning of the show, the bankers who sat around with Cecil Rhodes and Rothschild and then the Milner Group; the Milner Group were all bankers initially and became the Royal Institute for International Affairs; a private organisation that literally decides the world. They’re the biggest think tanks that advise all governments on everything. So they would take over the political system of course, which they did. They’ve owned it for well over 100 years of every country and Quigley admitted that too for the US. They would also make sure that the political boys would go hand in glove and work with these incoming central bankers and establish the same system across the world and that’s what they’ve been doing up to the present and as they amalgamate and amalgamate, not just the banks to centralise banks into a conglomeration of centralised banks, they put them into the big bank like the one they’ve got in Europe now that they’ve got the whole of Europe together in a bloc.


Karl Marx also talked about this because he really worked for the same boys, whether you like it or not, he worked for the same boys. He wanted a controlled society where the stupid people, you know, the masses would be guided by the intellectual ones who knew better how to do things. It’s the same as the bankers, no difference whatsoever. His was just a faster way to make the public conform into a new system and that’s why he was based in London and financed through certain parties for his manifesto although his name didn’t even appear in it until much later.

As I say, the bankers truly believe they understand how the world runs and that they’re the best ones for the job. That’s why there’s a famous statement by one of the Rockefellers who, I think it was at a Bilderberger meeting, (Trilateral Commission 1991) on the one hand he thanked all the newspapers for going along with him and never mentioning what happened at the meetings, that secrecy was important, that they could never have gotten this far without their help he said etc. Because you see, all the top guys in newspapers and journalism are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

He also said it was far preferable that bankers and intelligentsia should basically rule the world; organise and rule the world, rather than leave it to independent sovereign nations making their own destiny and causing conflict on the way. That’s how they rationalised it, through consolidation and using economies as the big stick and economics as the big stick and debt as the big stick. They could rule the world much easier with less fallout. That’s what’s been happening today.


The US, Canada and Mexico and I think Chile as well plus a few other countries are to come in under the big North American Bloc because Karl Marx talked about Europe being the first Bloc they’d create followed by the American Bloc and they were also going to have an Asian Pacific Rim Bloc and that’s what we have today.


If you read Professor Carroll Quigley’s book ‘The Anglo American Establishment’ and ‘Tragedy & Hope’, you’ll get the whole history of this group and how they set it up. The names are all documented too, the meetings they attended, the operative agents they sent out across the world, generally their own sons, the bankers actually initially and how they set up the same system in every country, using the British Commonwealth system as the embryo for world government. That’s what they were to build on, the British system. That’s why you have today this Anglo American alliance. It’s often called different names, our ‘special relationship’ etc. That’s why whenever Britain invades a country the US goes in with it and vice versa. There’re no questions asked. There’re already signed in a pact to do so.


That’s really what’s happening today. We’re going through a shake-up to terrify the public more than anything else, to be honest with you, to accept a new type of system. The boys at the top of politics in every country know darn well what’s going on. They know what the next phase is to be; consolidation with a world bank, the IMF and so on, but they have to play the game. This is to teach the public just to accept this new system and as the bankers get richer off the new system, in a world they decided would cut back on resources, they still want the same profits and bigger profits. So they invent something called ‘carbon taxes’, energy taxes and so on.

All the money you used to have to purchase things with will go back in fees and so on now; fees and taxes. That’s how the bankers will stay incredibly rich and stay on top of the whole world system and they’ll still run it for the next God knows how long. You see, that’s what it’s about. That’s what it’s about.


This is all based on a thing called money, something that the major religions use. They have no problems using the money. It’s interesting that the Catholic Church forbid usury amongst Christians but that really left a gaping hole for non-Christians, as we all know, to come in and fill that gap and they were allowed to use usury so naturally they ended up on top of the financial system. That’s only common sense, isn’t it?

Because they used money for the Catholic Church; they wanted to have tithes etc and to build big fancy monuments and have wonderful robes for archbishops and so on, then they wanted money to flow in through donations and contributions and tithing and all the rest of it and big lots of nice places in Rome, which they did.

Then the Protestants came in and really the Protestants were updated for a new type of model of even working for an industrial system; a heavy industry system as opposed to an agricultural system. That’s why really the Protestant sects were invented and I say invented because I really think they were for that purpose, for the money boys behind them.


You know, we think in such small time spans and a youngster will think that life is going to be eternal, that you’re always going to look like this, you’ll never get old. Older folk are a different species to you. You can’t imagine getting old. You live for the moment and the day and that’s it and yet you’re impatient for anything. You want something and you want it now. Or you start building something and you want to see it finished very quickly and because of that you’ve trapped yourself already in a mindset.

You don’t realise, and this is true too as Professor Quigley said himself, that the big boys set up foundations and each foundation has its own mandate to accomplish a set goal, which might take 100, 150, 200 years and they’ll hire and retire; hire, train and retire generations to accomplish that goal. So they do get what they want. They can work generations just like the old stonemasons. That’s often why they use the terminology of masonry into freemasonry. They used generations of stonemasons making the big cathedrals in Medieval Europe and the ones right up to the very end, only the ones at the end saw the finished product.

Some of them took 6 generations, 7 generations that never saw it. They all built towards it. They called it a ‘great work’ which is what freemasonry uses for the world as well.


Everyone gets fooled at different levels. They’ve used groups. They’ve used revolutionary groups as well down through the centuries to make this all happen because money cannot simply get it all done by itself. It needs groups. It needs political groups to work for it to sign legal agreements and then they say, ‘well we’re in it now, we’ve joined the union now, we can’t get out now, see it’s in writing, it’s the law.’ We all go with that too thinking, ‘well that’s it, it’s like something written in stone.’ Even if it is written in stone, break the stone. I mean, Moses broke the first set of stones he brought down the hill. We don’t think about that, but all your politicians tell you, ‘no, we can’t go back on that, that’s breaking the law, breaking the treaty.’


If something’s not working you fix it, obviously. So what we really need is a new way of thinking about things altogether. It has to be a different system than the ones that have been pushed out for us to follow by what we’re taught to think of as experts.


Just keep in mind that the plan we’re going through today was probably envisaged 100 years ago, this part of it too. We need a different system altogether and nations number one.

See, if you’re in your own local area, in Medieval days it’s a good way to go back to is Medieval times, even the tradesmen, a journeyman was a journeyman because tradesmen could only go to work in a place or a house or an estate in a day’s journey from where he lived. That was the distance you covered in a day and you were called a journeyman. You could also attend local meetings about things that’s mattered in your little area and you could have a direct say. That was the only true democracy you could have. Anything outside that area you didn’t really have any say in at all. You didn’t even know what was going on and that’s why nations were so great when they federalised nations.

That’s why the US itself is the biggest experiment with different states within this big continent. Because they knew that if something got too big, then it was out of the grasp of the people living in a particular state. When you have a remote central government somewhere, believe you me, they have very little in common with you. They certainly won’t have the lifestyle that you have in common because the capital is where all the big boys live; the rich and wealthy, who deal with the big problems etc, stuff of course that benefits them very well. Really they don’t care about your plumbing system in the town of so-and-so or anything else. They just want taxes off you.


When you end up conglomerating these countries into whole regions like they’re doing with Europe and they have done with Europe, you’re even further from them. You have no say at all. You feel helpless. It’s outside your control. You’d be as well basing the head of the EU in Beijing because once you get past a certain distance away it doesn’t matter how far away; or put it on Pluto. The people at the head of the European commission are then into their own particular world, cut off from all of you. There’s no way they can handle the problems in your local area at all or do they care to. It’s disastrous. It’s a disastrous thing to do and yet none of the countries were given a say in this. None of the countries were given a say. When countries voted not to join the Union, they were threatened, cajoled, given mini recessions and all the rest of it and kept coming back and back and back until they voted it right. Either that or they fudged the vote, which of course is a normal thing to do as well.


That’s the reality of the world we live in. During the ‘Free Trade’ negotiations which were the precursor of the NAFTA, the North America Free Trade negotiations, they discussed a central government for the Americas and all the prime ministers and the president of the US attended these meetings and they said at the time that they’d base it in Montreal. That’s what they wanted. They were supposed to be finished with the amalgamation of economics, the taxation system, the customs duties, the intelligence services and the police services by this year. This is the final year to sign the last integration deal and that’s to take place shortly in fact I believe and then we’ll see what comes out of that.

They might even use this big deal with the IMF and the planned crisis and all the bubbles that they made sure were going to happen. They could have kept the bubbles going for another 20 years. They’d always done it before without a problem.

When they crash the system it’s because they want to change it to the next phase now and that’s what we’re seeing and I guarantee you they’ll bring up, ‘it’s better if we integrate the Americas; see we can’t manage alone anymore; we’ve got to compete with Europe.’

Incredible isn’t it? Incredible!


Before you know, people could live fairly independently in their own country but no. Now you’re told you’ve got to compete with Europe and China as you race to the bottom trying to compete with eachother. How can you compete with the labour of China? Yet economists put this crap out in the media for us every so often and where’s the loudest cry coming from? The CFR telling us we‘ve got to do this.

Well I don’t fancy competing with the peasant in China. It’s impossible.


So we’re going into a new system. Bit by bit we’re being trained into it and being scared into it. You always use fear, you see, then offer the solution and the solution was always the goal in the first place and we always accept because we’re given no choice; at least we think we’re given no choice. That’s how your politicians will present it to you.


Now, they’ve picked Greece for the poor man of Europe as an example to start with to terrify the rest of Europe to panic and go along with the IMF on everything. There’s an article in the Guardian there where it says...


“UK budget deficit 'to surpass Greece's as worst in EU'”


(Alan: So why did they pick on Greece? Because they’re not too afraid of Greece, that’s why, and Greece doesn’t have enough members, big boys in the big club that Britain does with the very old families, you know? But that’s from Wednesday, May 5th. It says...)


The European commission forecast for the UK budget deficit is higher than Alistair Darling's

“Whoever wins the election must make sorting out the public finances the top priority, the European commission warned on the eve of the poll, as it predicted the British budget deficit would swell this year to become the biggest in the European Union, overtaking even Greece.”

(A: Would this have happened if Britain had joined the Union? Do you know that Britain pays hundreds of billions of dollars a year now? Or millions, hundreds of millions of dollars a year to the European Union central bank on top of paying all the dough to their own central bank? It’s all part of it. Wouldn’t they be better off if they didn’t have to pay that extra now to the European Union? Wouldn’t France be the same or any other countries or Spain be the same? So how come all these things are always going to be better for us and end up apparently disasters for us? It’s not bad planning. Never ever mistake it for bad planning. The boys at the top know exactly what they’re doing. It’s incredible.)

Then you have articles galore. I’ve got so many I won’t even read them but here’s one here. It says...

“Crisis, what crisis?”


“EU demand Britain and other countries pay £7Bn more in 6% budget boost”


(A: They want more money coming in even although they’ve got to pay £176 million already to the EU this year. They want £7Bn more, for who? For the commission at the top of the EU, the guys who want the big, big cars you know. That’s the 29th April 2010 from the Mail Online. It says here...)


“European bureaucrats last night brushed aside the economic crisis...”


(A: Yeah they can do that. Quite simple isn’t it?)


“... – and announced plans for an astonishing 6% budget increase.”


(A: That’s for all the member countries. It’s amazing isn’t it? It says...)


“They pointed out that the increase comes despite the fact that auditors have refused to sign off the Commission’s accounts for 15 years in a row because of concerns about fraud”


(A: The guys who are demanding it, this European commission at the top, the secretive bunch, won’t even show you the books of where the money’s been for the last 15 years. It’s all corrupt folks.)


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Hi folks, this is Alan Watt.


I’m just talking about the nonsense of the present crash and so on and bubbles and all that nonsense because as I say they’ve had bubbles forever. It just depends when they want to burst them. It’s strange how so many folk had a few years of knowledge of when it was going to happen and they could then make all their bets on what would fall and collapse and they made alot of money off it too; something that’s way above our heads you see. Again we’re taught to be linear thinkers and simplistic in our thinking because linear thinking really is not natural at all. It’s not natural whatsoever linear thinking. There’re so many variables we don’t even look at or even think are there. We have no notice of them at all. That’s how the big boys can do what they do to you.


But the big bankers, as I say, that formed the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute for International Affairs, when it combined with the Rhodes Society and the Rothschilds, it’s so interesting to study because you’ll find that Milner himself was given a partnership. He was offered a partnership with the Morgan boys, the big Morgan company, and he found it safer and better for their world enterprise that they were embarking on to become the head of a few different banks. One became Barclays and a few other big ones. So the bankers themselves were the Milner Group, which were the big boys at the top of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and really nothing’s changed. They’re at the head of the CFR in the US.

They also you’ll find, these big banks, also own the pharma industries. They go hand in glove down through the centuries; money, debt, lending, they run the commercial systems, they own commercial systems, fleets of ships and so on, but they also run pharma. They’ve done that for hundreds and hundreds of years.


It’s interesting that the US and every other country was gouged for all these, useless and dangerous actually, flu vaccines for non-existent flu, which they got their newspapers which they own as well to hype out of all proportion to terrify the public. They gouge us over and over. It’s like getting raped over and over again. Raped over and over again; that’s what we are and these boys do it as a way of living. It’s their nature to do this.


Of course they use their same group with the Rockefeller boys in the US and other ones in Britain to direct the pharma industry since they own it and here’s an article here; a very good article by Minnpost.


“Ex-editor of NEJM tells how Big Pharma has corrupted academic institutions”


(A: Now I’ve told you they run academia now; all academia and political correctness and all the trends that come out of academia, are given to them to push. They have their professors, their selected professors and they get into the heads of the students and give them their ideas to run with and that’s what happens.


“In the May/June issue of the Boston Review, Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, details the sordid story of how corporate dollars have corrupted research and education at academic medical centers — including at her current place of employment, the Harvard Medical School.


The article is adapted from a talk she gave at Harvard last December. Angell, of course, has written about this topic many times before, most notably in her 2004 book, “The Truth About the Drug Companies.””


Then she goes on and tells you how they did and how they’re doing it and so on. It’s a very good article; it’s good book to read I’m sure too. I’ll try to get a hold of it myself too. It only confirms what you already know. The bankers, even the Rothschild’s Bayer company is theirs. They all have their pharma companies and front ones too under different names and we’re gouged over and over in every way possible; wars, drugs, plagues, etc.


That’s their world and we want them to save us? Really? That’s what your politicians will tell you.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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