May 10, 2010 (#573)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 10, 2010:

The Real Government:
Government, Enemy or Pal,
Is Just the Gopher of Big Cabal:


"Crisis Creation Everywhere On a Roll,
Terrifying the Mind - Freezing the Soul,
Amalgamated, Well-Funded Institutions
Roll-out via Governments' Drastic Solutions,
Which are Really the Goals Set Long Ago
By 'Higher Society' and Those in the Know,
Who Believe the World is Just a Farm,
They, Being Shepherds, See No Harm
In Culling Us Down to a 'Manageable' Size,
But Not Scaring the Herd, The Need for Lies,
To Cover the Sperm Count's Rapid Dwindling,
T'wouldn't Do for Rams to Get an Inkling,
FREE Shots and GMO Foods, Highly Toxic,
Ensures No Offspring from the Frolic,
'course Cancers and Suffering Do Ensue,
But All for the Best, Evolved, Chosen Few,
Who, with their Families, Escape the Poison,
Inheriting a World, All Theirs, Less Noisesome"
© Alan Watt May 10, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 10, 2010
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on Monday, 10th May, 2010.


Newcomers I usually suggest you go into and that’s another story I’ll mention after this little talk here but bookmark all the other sites I have up because I get hassles from Yahoo once in a while, more and more recently in fact and I might even put something up on the website to show you the correspondence between me and Yahoo as they try to get me off their sites. Anyway, bookmark these other sites you see listed there for future use and that way you’ll always get the latest downloads for free.

Remember that it’s you the audience that brings me to you so you’ve got to buy the books I have made for you to buy. You can purchase the DVD’s and CD’s I’ve got for sale as well and from the US to Canada remember you can always use a personal cheque or you can go into the post office and get an International Postal Money Order. Moneygram is good, Western Union is also good. Some people just send cash. It’s the same across the rest of the world, Western Union, Moneygram or cash. You can order as well through Paypal. There’s a ‘donation’ button on the sites. Donate the roper amount and I’ll get the order out to you if you send a separate email with your order and your address.


What’s happened recently; it happens every year actually, it’s how Yahoo goes through the same routine. This happened last year. I couldn’t upload for two or three weeks on my ‘com’ site and Yahoo claimed they didn’t know anything about it and it must be my end, but I was paying for unlimited disk space. They advised me, and I fell for it because I was stupid enough, to temporarily take off a bunch of audios and then I could upload again because they hadn’t put the limit up you see on my disk space, my unlimited disk space. Once I’d done it, it took them 2 weeks supposedly to fix it and then it took me another 2 weeks to re-upload all the shows that had lagged behind, so that was a really clever idea on their part.

This time they tried to get me to do the same thing after I noticed that I couldn’t upload very fast at all to the ‘com’ site just last week there after they’d done a ‘maintenance’ check after I couldn’t upload one night.

What they actually did and they’ve admitted too is that they’ve put a ‘choke’ on my site. Now, they say they’ve got the right to do this, to dissuade you from uploading. Well, why are they taking my cash for unlimited disk space when at the same time they’re trying to throttle me from doing my uploading? It’s quite something, isn’t it?

That’s what I’m saying, that if you’re not authorised to be up there you get hassles from uploading through the satellite company, you’ll get hassles from Yahoo or the other servers that get leaned on. And of course, I’ve said before in the past, these big, big players didn’t come out of nowhere. They’re all big fronts for the big globalist system, the same as Bill Gates with his Microsoft and all the rest of it. These were all put there in front because they could never truly allow free competition and manage the system at the same time. It’s the same with Yahoo and Google as you all know.

Once in a while they go through this rigmarole of giving out personal information to the CIA and MI6 and MI5 and on and on and on; no, that’s who they front for. That’s who they front for, folks.

You couldn’t keep a handle of control, total control in the information age, unless you made sure that the biggest companies eliminated all the smaller companies that tried to get up there. It would never happen. They’d lose control and they’ve got to keep total control and if you’re not authorised to be up there... I could be shoving porno up like crazy and I wouldn’t get a peep from them or spouting the usual left wing socialist stuff, ‘let’s all be one, we’re all one big lovely happy family on the globe’ and I’d be left alone believe you me.

They’d probably give me a discount. But if you’re exposing the truth this is the hassle you have to go through.


Back after these messages.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m just ‘beaking’ off about Yahoo and how they give me this hassle once in a while. They’ve given me many different reasons for it in the past, like the automatic disk space increase doesn’t kick in properly, on my side only mind you and they use their world boffins to try to figure this amazing problem out. This year they’ve actually admitted they’ve put a ‘choke’ on my upload to my site, even though it’s the same amount, about 60MB a week that goes up on that site, that’s all; 60MB and they’re beefing about that.

It’s not that at all as you know. It’s because anything that’s exposing the real nonsense that’s going on out there, and is not authorised to be out there and controlled by the big boys, is taboo and they try to make it as hard for you as possible to do anything and eventually to put you off and make you walk away.


If you were to sit here to upload to your sites for 4 or 5 hours a night, they know, they know what they’re doing. They know how long I’m on uploading. They know everything about you and what you’re doing with your computer. When it’s not them doing it, it’s Hughes Satellite Company through their subsidiaries and the same kind of deal. I’ve had hassles with them as well.


Here’s what they said to me because this started on the 28th April and I put in a complaint and said that the FTP upload speed to the has dropped to extremely low speed. The upload speed varies from 40kbps to 50kbps and does not go higher.
This has happened repeatedly over the last week.


I said too that the other sites are ok. They’ve all got the same amounts on them so I asked them if this was to discourage uploads; I was right to the point saying, if the upload speed has a ‘cap’, lock or limit, please remove and restore the site to the previous settings before their so-called ‘maintenance’. I love their maintenance. They put a ‘choke’ on it and that’s called ‘maintenance’.

So I got a reply back from Yahoo and it said...


“As I understand you’re experiencing slow FTP upload speeds.  Please note that I’ve examined your account and it looks like you’ve uploaded a lot of MP3 files that have taken up a considerable amount of your disk space.”


Now, it’s unlimited remember. That’s what you’re paying for. It says...


“In order to improve your FTP upload speeds I would request you to clear a few of your files and reduce your disk space usage.”


(Alan: That’s the con they pulled last year that set me back a month because once I’d fought it out with them, it took me 2 weeks to get all the uploads I’d missed back up there again and the stuff I’d rubbed off; that I wiped off. So I didn’t fall for it this time so I replied to Mr. Randhir from wherever; his name is Randhir.)

“I went through this with Yahoo last year. I pay for unlimited disk space. I’m not going to remove files to increase speed since I paid for ‘unlimited’. Unlimited means all the disk space I need for my FTP uploads without a cap or lock or limit to slow my speed. I do not want to go through the weeks of complaints, phone calls and mystification on Yahoo’s end only to eventually get the unlimited disk space and accompanying speed that I pay for, so please go into my account and remedy this as you did last year.”


So here they are trying to get you to actually drop alot of stuff off your site and here’s what they came back with.)


“We have tested your account and have determined that the FTP upload speeds you are experiencing are within our acceptable operating parameters...”


(A: See, they’ve remade the rules just for me, you see, so 40kbps is what they’ve given me and they say that’s ok within their parameters. I’d like to see the rest of you lot out there if you had to go through what I go through here. It says...)


“While we do not have a specific limit on the amount of disk space that an account may use, we do reserve the right to limit the growth rate of accounts. This is to prevent extremely large and fast growing accounts from unduly impacting the performance of other accounts.”


What utter rubbish; utter rubbish! It’s not videos I’m putting up there, lots of folk are, but that’s the sort of run around I’m getting now so you’ve got to bookmark the other sites I have.

At bookmark all the other sites because I’m going to get more trouble here obviously, you see? And just to let you know, anyone who wants to complain to them and tell them what you think of this shitty deal they’ve decided to put on me.

There’re much, much bigger sites out there on Yahoo than mine; much, much bigger so what’s the real reason? This is political. This is for political reasons. Private businesses are very good to be used for politics because you can’t complain to your government about it can you? That’s how it goes.


So I’ll probably put this letter on the site tonight and let you have a peruse for yourself just to let you know how the world really runs and it’s nothing about fairness and fair policies and all that kind of stuff. If they want you, they get you; they get you.


Now, there’s an article here on Arizona. Strange that years ago I mentioned on the air when I was reading a book by Jacques Attali called ‘Millennium’. The subtitle was ‘The winners and losers in the coming New World Order. Attali was a big player, he is a big player right now at the United Nations and he was also the chief advisor to various French presidents. In fact really, people came to see him rather than to see guys like Mitterrand. He was the guy you went to see. He was a sort of Kissinger for France.

He wrote the book and he said that because of free trade and all the signatories to the GATT treaties and so on, the international free trade and all that stuff, that America would go down and down and down as they helped to pay for the Third World to come up a little bit. He said eventually there’d be no manufacturing and it would be a service economy and at the same time more people from South America would be coming up into the US looking for work and so on.


Before even that happened he said, or during that period, they’ll start seeing more and more gangs coming up because they’re more ‘adventurous’. They’re looking for easy money in an easy, pacified country. They wouldn’t get off with it in their own country where they’re gunned down by the drug dealers and all those guys so they’d come up to the US. He said there’d be hordes of them and he likened it to the attacks on ancient Rome by the Huns and the Goths and all the Visigoths etc. over a period of time and that this was just an unfortunate period which might last a generation or two as they sort out the chaos.

What they meant by chaos was that there’d be lots of murders, rape and pillage going on and that kind of stuff until it was sorted out. Then eventually a good part of the US, he said, would be Spanish speaking. That’s to be the outcome over a period of one or two generations.

He was speaking as part of one of elite who sit in on the big world think tanks and their foreign policies. So here is Breitbart with today’s news in Arizona for instance. It’s the first one (state) really to take a stand on all of this. It says...


“Arizona governor has serious video message for President Obama”


I’ll put the link up on my sites at the end of the show, if I still have any, and you can see it for yourself the video of her actually giving her talk.

You’ve got to understand too that lots of farmers have been killed down that way too; ranchers, and they’re finding dead bodies of Mexicans who’ve been running drugs then get killed off by the drug runners. They’ve got across safely and now they want no witnesses so they kill them after they get the drugs off them. It’s quite something; a daily occurrence in some parts yet the federal government is refusing to even look into it. So it’s quite something.

Then again, you tie it in with Hollywood. Hollywood is the big predictive programmer for the world for culture, the cultural changes and how to fascinate youngsters into a new way of living in virtual reality. They program you for what’s to come so here’s an article here. It’s called...


“Machete: The illegal trailer” by Amy de Miceli, 7th May, 2010 and it was first published in ‘Agenda, Social Engineering’ and it says...


“A new movie from Robert Rodriguez called Machete is not scheduled to be released until September but that didn't stop him from updating a trailer just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

The trailer begins with a "message to Arizona"...”


(A: Isn’t that a coincidence. This was put out a year ago. It hasn’t come out yet but they started making this a year ago)


“..."message to Arizona" and ends with Jessica Alba screaming "we didn't cross the border, the border crossed us". No doubt about it, his message is to protest the new Arizona law aimed at outlawing illegal immigrants, and meant to fuel the fire that is already burning on the Mexican/American border. Once again Hollywood looks to create reality, this time - deadly violent, Robert Rodriguez style.


(A: And this is from ‘Ain’t it cool news’ it says, I guess it’s a review)


"Well, the way things are in Arizona at this moment - it is kinda insane that there is a movie that was shot over a year ago waiting to be released that is about - THIS EXACT ISSUE... but if, Danny Trejo and buddies went Revolution Wacko as a result. Make no bones about it, this is a pure Mexploitation film, but like real exploitation at its height, that s**t was pulled straight out of the headlines, even sometimes slightly before the headlines were the headlines. "


(A: Predictive programming all ready for today but of course most folk will just say it’s coincidence of course. That’s how it works with most people who live in worlds of coincidences and listen to mainstream media.)


It’s quite the world they’re bringing in though, the one they’ve been talking about for such a long time; the controlled society, the managed society, the scientifically designed and run society that even Quigley talked about and all the hopes and dreams of those who talked about bringing in world peace.

When you go into their talks about world peace you have to understand how they determined they would get to world peace. Since they decided that the violence and so on was really inbuilt into man himself, then they’d have to alter man. They discussed this at many, many think tanks. Some of them wrote books about it who worked for think tanks under the United Nations; Arthur Koestler wrote the book ‘The Ghost in the Machine’. The ‘ghost’ really is you; the kind of ‘wild’ you, the one who’s got survival capabilities which we normally submerge in a pacified, law abiding society, but he found ways to get round that chemically by injecting you with stuff to make sure you didn’t get violent.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m just talking about the fact that people were hired by the United Nations back in the 60’s and 70’s to find ways of literally targeting areas of the brain of the entire human population, except for the ones who would rule the planet of course, because they must retain their capacities for instinct and survival. They actually said that the public wouldn’t need their instincts because the state would be making all their decisions for them; you wouldn’t have those necessary wild instincts that would help you survive. That was their idea of peace for the world and of course they had behaviourists there using ‘Skinnerian’ technology and programming starting with very young; well babies really onwards, trying to see if they could literally create the type of human that they desired; nice and passive, easy going, that would accept very little in the way of reward and be a good worker.

They also found other ways too to deal with the problem of people objecting, which they call violence. If you object to the state being overpowering, overbearing and domineering and you object and get a little angry, and of course governments all over the world are always in fear of going too far as they plunder the public, and the public purse, and having rebellions on their hands.

So they thought that they could maybe lobotomise them and make them much easier to handle. Of course, everyone’s heard of the simple ways of doing it in the very old and tried traditions of putting fluoride in water supplies. The fluoride itself remember first came out with reports from an island in Japan, off Japan, where the people were very placid and easy going and they found that they had a high concentration of fluoride in their natural water.

Even recently bodies across the world have advocated this purpose for putting it in the water, nothing to do with your dental care but to make us all easy going and less stressful. In other words, we’ll accept more of what comes down the pike from government.

During the UN’s look into all of this when they were doing their investigations and their trials, they also talked about lobotomy. They had teams working on lobotomising people. They talked about chemical lobotomy where they could literally target specific areas of the brain to kill off ‘the ghost in the machine’, wild part that is YOU; your survival part.


They really understood at that time how to make certain chemicals ‘piggyback’ onto enzymes and amino acids and get character specific receptors in the brain. It was already an exact science. Then you had other ones talking about using injections to carry this stuff to the brain and other means of lobotomising our ‘thinking noggins’ as they say.

That’s been going on for an awful long time and they have been implementing alot of this. They also decided a long time ago, with the League of Nations, before they became the United Nations, when they first set up their Department of Population, which is population control, that the public would never...They could never see a time when the public would actually volunteer for sterilisation, so they thought they’d go ahead anyway, do it covertly and simply not tell the public.

It’s no coincidence that since the 1950’s the sperm count in the Western male has plummeted to only about 25% of what he had in the 1950’s; a sudden drop. Nothing happens in nature without a sudden change in something in your environment whether it’s something you’ve ingested or it’s been injected into you or whatever, but nothing happens in nature suddenly like this. Something was introduced into our bodies and what happened back then? It was the mass inoculations to be put out there by various governments, especially those that were setting up national health services. It’s definitely tied together and as the UN trots out its statistics every year, they’re happy to tell us their statistics and they make comments on different ones but when it comes to infertility in the West, they just give you the statistics and go onto the next thing. The reason they don’t comment on it is because it’s not a crisis from their point of view because, you see, it’s the agenda and that’s telling them it’s working, otherwise, obviously it would be a crisis; everything else is apparently according to the UN.

People will never really catch on to all of this. It’s the same with autism, the massive rising in autism along with the injections. You can put graphs next to eachother and they’re just the same, you know, injections for a state here and autism going up as well at the same level on the graph. It’s quite startling.

Lots of people at the top know this now that didn’t believe it before but they can’t do anything with it because again it’s covert, it’s mandated by very powerful institutions and that’s the agenda folks. That’s the agenda; a dumb, stupid public for world peace which truly means peaceful management by the managers. That’s what they meant by that because those at the top truly are eugenicists. They believe that they are the most evolved species on the planet and that somewhere in the past there was a great leap forward and they’ve proven it by getting to the top and getting the high academic positions and getting into positions in business, to manage business, make billions of dollars and hold onto it through generations through special, very selective breeding, like Plato suggested. They believe that they’re the highest on the planet and that we’re all Plato’s ‘its’ down below.


People are very confused if you ask them, “What is government?” Ask people in the street, “What is government?” It’s generally something they’ve never been asked at all because they’ve never really thought much about it. Some people will tell you that it’s an institution that’s there to manage your system or our system and only a few will tell you that it’s a system set up to, like Charles Galton Darwin said, it’s a new form of slavery that handles it better for the masters.


Back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m just mentioning how people react in different ways when you ask them to define what government is. It’s something that’s always here. It’s like the guys that run the money. Money’s always here. These are the things you take for granted. Why do you pay taxes? Where do the taxes go? What are they for? It’s just the way it is, it’s just the way it is. That’s what they’ll tell you. Some people think that government is there to help them. They have no idea. They are the most naive people of all; the nicest people too. They’re always the nicest people but so naive. They haven’t a clue. They don’t care to hear anything negative, like the New Agers for instance, negative about how they’re being run. That’s called denial you see?

If you don’t know what’s happening or there is an enemy out there or there’s a train coming towards you and you want to plug your ears, it won’t stop you being hit by the train just because you don’t like the idea of it doing so. That’s pure denial.

Most folk, as you know, will go out and vote for whoever promises them the most. Most of them today just promise to try to not make it any worse than it already is because that’s really what people want. People really want ‘leave me with all the toys, the internet and the fun I’ve got today and the pub that I go to and so on, blah, blah, blah; leave it like that and let me afford to have a few drinks at the weekend’ or whatever it is you’re into, or buy yourself a little present for slogging it out for a month at work. That’s what people really want; stop time, ‘stop time, just don’t make it go any worse.’


It’s almost like the scene...I’ve actually heard people say that they’re not really interested in some other country getting banged harder than they are like Greece for instance. ‘Well, what’s that got to do with us? Better them getting it than us.’ That’s the sort of thing they’ll say. It’s the same when it comes to war. ‘It’s better that they’re slaughtering and clobbering the Afghanis and Iraqis over there than doing anything with us.’

They never realise that this is a world agenda that eventually comes around to you and the big eating machine, whether it’s eating up your finances or your civilian population through warfare, eventually comes around to you.


Why do you think they’re using US drones, flown out of, or at least controlled from, the same military bases inside the US by these guys that sit at their desks and bomb people in Afghanistan? Then they come out into the LA sunshine afterwards and go for dinner with their families. Why do you think these guys are based in the US and why do you think they’ve got drones over the US?  I can’t understand how people can’t put 2 + 2 together. They’ll show you them on television, these drones going in and blowing people up, and it’s been admitted many times by the Pentagon that ‘yeah, if they kill 200 innocents around the one person they’re after, that’s ok, that’s within acceptable limits.’


What are we dealing with here? What kinds of mentalities are ruling over us in this new type of governance, this world governance scenario they keep talking about? Are they really there to serve you? Who really believes anymore that government is there to serve them? The idea that government was there to serve you ended when they created the political parties. The reason they didn’t want political parties; there were massive arguments when they started the US system up, was because they knew it fractured the people and the parties themselves become powerful as competitors and they turn to natural organised crime, like bribery, to get in and dominate so they decided to have a Republic in the US which didn’t last long because the parties came along.

What happens when you talk to the little psychopath that’s running for your local government or your federal government and comes round your door, who promises you this and he’s very attentive and he agrees with everything you say, he’s a good, smooth talker and you’ll like them? Psychopaths are very likeable people.

Then they get into power and when you say, ‘What happened? You said you were going to do this for our area. You’re our representative.’ And he says, ‘Well I can’t, I have to go with the party and the party’s got other plans.’

Well, why do you vote for them? They’re not your representatives, obviously, so political parties are a con and that’s the excuse they want. Without parties they couldn’t give you that excuse. They’d have to give you some other excuse, but they say, ‘Well, the party won’t go for it. They won’t allocate the funding for what we need built in this community.’ The party, the party, the party and people never catch on because all mammals are born into a system looking to adults to warn them of what they should be wary of. If the adult doesn’t know, the young mammal grows up completely naive and will go out to dinner with the wolf. We’re the same.


Now, we get hit with so much at the same time and really it’s all on track as far as I’m concerned with the economic war on one side, the massive weather control debates going on on the other side, another side, another front. You also have the reason that’s behind all of it is that there’re ‘too many people’. So you’ve got the overpopulation crew on a third side and of course, people can’t keep up with all this all at once. There’s so much hammering away at the same time. It’s meant to disassociate you from taking any kind of action on anything since you’ve got such a variety of things to choose from.


It’s to make you think that you’re utterly helpless in the face of it all. Remember what Bertrand Russell said? “Eventually we’ll have to use the technique of creating apathy.”

How do you create apathy? You make everything that’s affecting your life personally, from big institutions and government, seem so far away and remote from you that you’re despondent. There’s nothing you can do you think and you give up; apathy.

When you’re apathetic, government can rule you like a stampeding herd through fear in any direction they wish and you go along with it because you’re not really thinking logically at all. You’ve got fear and apathy.


Remember that this New World Order is completely tied into the United Nations, which is a front group in itself, that was set up to encourage whole areas of nations to join together into regions and eventually to come under the direction of the United Nations itself as a form of world government.

With all governments you have a banking system and the banking system would control the money of the whole world. The idea was to create central banks, initially in every country. Central banks are private banks. They’re not your government’s banks. These central banks would be staffed with relatives, by the way, of the world bankers at the World Bank under the United Nations. It’s still a private bank, the World Bank. The IMF is too. It’s one of these strange deals whereby they actually take in candidates from each country that are sent to them who then swear allegiance to give up their nationality while they work at the IMF.

So they deal with the economic warfare on the public and they decided before World War II that they would eventually start to reduce the population. They’d have to reduce the consumption rate that the US was beginning to show and after World War II it increased, so they really went to task on that one.


They got all the World Wildlife groups and all the so-called ‘nature’ groups started up. They started them up as fronts again all to unite together to help the United Nations and give a voice, a bigger, bigger voice to the United Nations to propagandise us into reducing the population, lowering consumption and all the rest of it.


All we’re going through today is part of the process of the culmination of the agenda to this particular point. The IMF will be in charge of each country’s books. That’s what they’re pushing for right now. That’s what primarily this so-called reshuffling of the financial system is all about. Therefore no nation will be in charge of its book keeping anymore. They want every other nation to be able to look into every other nation’s books because the IMF will be in charge of it.


Remember, they’re private. You don’t vote these guys in. They’re also the guys who recall loans from countries and if you can’t pay, they come right in, that’s the deal they make, and they run your government. They’re unelected and they come in and run your government.


Last week I put up a list of countries they had gone into and they’d been in Britain during Margaret Thatcher’s reign. That’s when they had massive cutbacks everywhere. They always slash your healthcare first. They fire whole bunches of civil servants. Sometimes that’s a good thing when they’re top heavy at times in certain areas and they can also cut back on any opposition that they have in a certain country like the miners in Britain. That’s why there were all the miner’s strikes in Britain because Thatcher was told; ‘You’ve got to close down all these mines’ for interdependence. Margaret Thatcher started to import coal from communist Poland. It was still under communism at that time and folk wouldn’t even question it.


People won’t even question why would a top capitalist country fighting the Cold War be closing down their ability to produce coal in their own country and importing it from a communist country? You see? We were already global. We already had been global for a long, long time. There was no communist. There was no capitalist opposition.

That all came out in the 1950’s from the Reece Commission and you can see that up on YouTube with Norman Dodd who talks about it. He was one of the investigators, sent out by the congress and the senate to find why these foundations were funding all these left wing movements.

These are tax-free foundations that hand out billions of dollars every year to philanthropic causes, ones which they rule and control, mainly to do with sterilisation across the planet and things like that. That’s the real world.


You see, we’re under a consortium, or a cartel you might say, with its own specialised departments like money, population control, the whole idea of political correctness is all part of it too. They experimented with that in the Soviet system; political correctness using Pavlovian techniques in school and that’s the direct translation from the Russian; Political correctness. We use it here every day now as they introduce new ways of seeing things or dealing with things and talking about things and people adapt in Orwellian style. Whatever is new today you adapt to. They use social approval and social disapproval if you won’t go along with it.


Goodie two shoes and especially the upper middle class adapt into it right away because they, and it’s been proven and I’ve read the articles before and studies, they don’t want to be the odd one out in their class so they’re immediately politically correct with whatever’s new, no matter how crazy it is, or disgusting.


Now, on the Sunday Times on May 24th, 2009, an article came out and it said...


“Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation”

 “America's richest people meet to discuss ways of tackling a 'disastrous' environmental, social and industrial threat”

 (A: And it’s by John Harlow from Los Angeles)

 “Some of America’s leading billionaires have met secretly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population and speed up improvements in health and education.”

(A: You’ve got to understand that when they’re talking about health they’re talking about sterilization)

The philanthropists who attended a summit convened on the initiative of Bill Gates,...”

(A: Why would Bill Gates, whose supposed expertise is in a completely different area, be on board with the same agenda as all these other elitists at the top; the exact same agenda. It says...)

“...the Microsoft co-founder, discussed joining forces to overcome political and religious obstacles to change.”

(A: Remember, the century of change? Change is good, prattle, prattle, prattle like a parrot for the voters)

“Described as the Good Club by one insider it included David Rockefeller Jr, the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty,...”

(A: By the way I think the guy’s been put in charge of the Royal Society in Britain now, I can’t remember his first name, Paul Nurse his name is, worked at the Rockefeller foundation before he got his big prize at the UN and was put into the Royal Society. He’s also a geneticist. So these geneticists are working hard on ways to sterilize us. Anyway, that’s an aside. They all come out of the Rockefeller Society. So David Rockefeller Jr. was there as ‘the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty’)

“...Warren Buffett and George Soros,...”

(A: Another guy whose sunk countries with his pals and plundered them for loot a few years ago)

“...the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey.”

(A: All wanting to bring the population down. All these people from...Oprah Winfrey? She’s got the ears of millions of people who are totally mesmerized by the act that she puts on and the political agenda that they can’t even recognise but sinks into them)

“These members, along with Gates, have given away more than £45 billion since 1996 to causes ranging from health programs in developing countries to ghetto schools nearer to home.”

(A: Most of it goes to health programs to do with sterilization)

They gathered at the home of...”

(A: There it is, Sir Paul Nurse who worked at the Rockefeller foundation)

“...a British Nobel prize biochemist...”

(A: He’s a geneticist as well)

“...and president of the private Rockefeller University, in Manhattan on May 5th. The informal afternoon session was so discreet that some of the billionaires’ aides were told they were at “security briefings”.

(A: So that’s what they had on that one)

And here’s an article here from World Net Daily TV.

Bill Gates, he says this in a speech. You can see it here in this video.

“Bill Gates: Use vaccines to lower population”

“Billionaire advocates curbing CO2 by reducing earth's inhabitants” March 8th, 2010.

“One of the world's wealthiest men and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has suggested vaccines as one method of reducing the world's population.”

(A: What do you think that means folks?  I often wonder. You know, there’ll be mums rushing out yet with the next scare that comes out by pharma as they lobby the governments to buy their latest chemical soup and biological soup mix of dead tissue to save their child. They’ll be rushing out because they’re so trained into it; you know, ‘fear,’ save your child. Do you know that the US has got over 70 million shots they can’t do anything with from the last big con that went on? Or is it $70 million worth? Maybe it’s true, maybe those who are the dead have to go. Let the dead bury their dead, in all ages.)
Back with more after these messages

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix

I’m just reminding you remember because you see, these foundations and these philanthropies are not responsible to the public for what they do. That’s why Quigley called them the real government. He called it the ‘parallel government’. It’s the real government that gets the real jobs done because when they go ahead and do things, who are you going to complain to?

The government says ‘they’re not part of us’ even though they have members on their boards, appointed on governmental boards across the world now, to save the environment you know, and so on. It’s the transitional phase. It’s the ‘age of change’, the ‘century of change’ and what’ll happen at the end of this century will be so incredibly different, from the life that you knew, that you couldn’t possibly imagine what it’ll be like.

I guarantee you one thing. There’ll probably be about one third of the population or less.


Now there’s Lark form Texas on the phone. Are you there Lark?


Lark – Hello Alan.


Alan – Hello


Lark – I was just given a thought a few moments ago listening to you speak. It occurred to me that this worldwide communitarian agenda, which is more fully coming into view, it seems to me that the only way that we can really attack this thing and/or force it back, is to utilise language that people understand, like ‘organised crime’ and ‘theft’, ‘white slavery’, ‘fraud’, ‘genocide’ and ‘murder’. Do you think that perhaps people would understand these words more clearly if enough enlightened people got together and decided... “You know what? This is what we’ve got with organised crime; again, theft, fraud, murder, genocide.”


Alan - Yes, that’s what they use. I watched a recent, some marketers on that documentary, it was called ‘Digital Nation’ and one of them said when they were actually accused of getting children into escapism and adults too, he said, “We don’t like the word ‘escapism’ ” he said, “It’s got negative connotations. We call it alternative realities.”

So in other words, they use...the boys who understand how to use the language condition us into the path they want us to follow. They don’t want you using specific words against them but you’re quite right. The problem is that the impact of the words like ‘robbery’, ‘theft’,  ‘murder’ and ‘planned genocide’ aren’t even having the impact anymore because we’ve watched this our whole lives through the media; what they do abroad with their wars. We need even harsher language that’s repeated and repeated. ‘Repetition’, as Russell said, is a technique they use against us for new terminology. But you’re right. We’ve got to find the language to use against them but it’s got to have the impact that shatters the complacency of the average person in the street.


Lark – I think that anybody that keeps their television set on at all anymore is a fool because they’re just simply unwitting dupes. They’re uneducated and it’s just too bad. As far as the marketers go, I’ve brought this idea before to your attention regarding memetic branding and imprinting. It seems to me that this may be the way to cut through the matrix, what I’m suggesting, by utilising cultural words and expressions which brand this uncivil behaviour in its proper terms where people will fully understand the crimes that are being committed against us on a daily basis.


Alan – You’re right. They have used signs and slogans...In fact Lenin said that they would bring in communism through repetitive slogans. We’ve got to get the right slogans and keep using them with the right words in them. You’re right.


Lark – That’s what they’re doing to us.


Alan – That’s what works. Thanks for calling Lark.


Lark – I enjoy your broadcast.


Alan – Thank you.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, It’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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