May 11, 2010 (#574)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 11, 2010:

The Path For Elite -- Variety,
Masses -- Collective Singularity:

"Are You an Individual, Know Your Destination,
Or are You of 'The Hive', Under Electro-Sedation,
Make Your Own Decisions or Confer with Collective,
Prattling with the Speed of Light, Offering Corrective,
Who Controls and Programs, For Your Fascination?
As Hours to Years Pass Away in Mental Masturbation,
If Left to Own Devices, Thoughts Grow, Expand,
Or Do You Follow the Route Programmer Planned,
Easily Managed Children, Perpetual We Will Be,
No Replies in Personal Singular, Always in the 'We',
Each Generation Guided, Future's All in Place,
Controllers' Troubles Over -- Brain-Computer Interface"
© Alan Watt May 11, 2010


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 11, 2010.  For the newcomers, I suggest – at least for the meantime – look into web site.  Bookmark all the other sites I have up there because I do have problems with the .com site right now; Yahoo is trying to get me off.  So bookmark the other sites for future use in case I do go off and that way you can get the latest shows for free, for download.  [Official sites listed above.]  While you are at it, look at the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale.  You are the audience that keeps me going.  I don’t take money from advertisers.  The ads on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN to broadcast the show and for the technical staff, equipment and the actual transmission itself.  So it’s up to you to keep me going and you can do so by buying the things I have for sale or donating to me and that helps me just, maybe, sometimes cover the bills that come in here.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Lots of folks get disks burned by people on computers to play on their CD players.  They don’t use computers and I don’t blame them; we know where it is all going.  You can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


As I said last night, Yahoo has put a choke on my upload as a way to sort of put me off using them all together it would seem.  They still want the money off me, of course.  I am paying for unlimited disk space but they want me to reduce my uploads, which is only about 60 megabytes per week maximum.  It’s not videos that I’m putting up here, it’s just audios.  So when you are not authorized to be out there putting out the information and you are definitely getting through to an awful lot of people over the years, that’s how the real forces come against you.  If they can’t do it legally in some way or another, or defame you in some way, they simply make it hard for you to operate.  That has happened to other people before me, I know that.  I’ve had troubles with different servers before on the same problem.  At least this time they’ve actually admitted - and it’s on the web site, my queries to them and my responses from them - where they admit they’ve actually put a max upload speed of 40 kilobits per second.  So that’s what they do to you.  It’s there for you to go and see. 


Tonight, to get back on topic of things that really matter, while we can talk about them, I should really like to talk about the amount of mail I get from people who are always asking when is the grand finale going to come.  They still think in apocalyptic, almost biblical terminology where some big ending comes here and it all works out in some big battlefield and there are different sides in upheaval with each other.  That’s not the way it works.  It works very slowly in fact.  It works INTERGENERATIONALLY and you don’t realize you’ve been going through, and so were your parents, PLANNED CHANGES PER GENERATION for the last couple of hundred years at least; very well planned too.  I'll be back with more after this break.


I’m Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just addressing something that happens to most people when their bubble bursts for some reason or another, some crisis comes into their life, and they start to ask questions, sometimes for the first time, at least seriously.  Before they think about things seriously, they go along with the flow.  Everyone goes along with the time period in which they are born.  They go along with the conditioning they are born into and you ARE born into conditioning; it’s there at the beginning.  Your parents were conditioned before you and you don’t know that they themselves were conditioned from their parents and their schooling. 


If you go back into the writings of people who where brought over to set up the education systems across Europe, it’s quite fascinating to see that they really had a coordinated plan to bring up what they called, not servile citizens, but very OBEDIENT citizens who would go along with the dominant minority’s plan for each country.  The writings of Webster are quite fascinating when he talks about this.  He talks about making the United States citizen a very obedient, loyal, but he stressed the obedience part of the citizen.  Of course everyone who rules, the dominant minority, always wants a fairly passive society who won’t question things too deeply, who will be quite happy, or at least fairly happy with the wages they get, they lifestyle and the class that they’re are assigned to.  That’s how rulership goes. 


It’s interesting looking into the writings of Huxley and listening to even the Berkeley speech by Aldous Huxley where he talks about the “dominant minority”.  He said, there has always been a dominant minority and I expect there always will be.  Of course he came from a long lineage himself, going back to the Norman era and the Norman invasion of England.  They were the conquerors who, to this day in fact, still really rule England through royalty and so on.  They made it clear in their writings, being the descendants of these long lineages, that have often been in and out of royal courts or parliaments or scientific groups, scientific groups that especially were designed, or set up, on behalf of the royal government.  He was a spokesman in a sense, as was his brother Julian Huxley, about the future that the planners… they were planners themselves; they were involved in the big planning for the future.  They were involved in setting up the SYSTEMS that we are now living through today. 


It’s fascinating to see how many acquaintances that the Huxley’s had, all involved in the same projects of creating a new society.  This gained momentum through the Eugenics Movement.  It was on the go for a long time.  Julian Huxley in fact changed the name from ‘eugenics’ to ‘TRANSHUMANISM’; it sounded gentler… especially after World War II and Hitler.  Hitler based his whole ideas on eugenics and the death camps on the writings of Darwin and others who advocated the fact that the lesser types might out-breed the better types and so they would have to be eliminated eventually.  Darwin and others belonged to an era of the Royal Society.  The Royal Society was commissioned by royalty itself to exist as the premier voice for all scientific investigations.  They designed and directed investigations towards solving this problem FOR the elite, how to manage people and how to keep them in check in a population, and that type of stuff. 


We’ve gone from transhumanism and eugenics into what they also call BIOETHICS.  Bioethics is a more modern, kinder term for various professors and universities who are on the cutting edge of genetics; at least they think they are, I’m sure there are ones much higher above them, in special places, well funded, that are way ahead of anything taught at the university level.  Bioethics sounds kinder and gentler. 


Part of the big plan from the very beginning was, how can they find ways to stop people from becoming agitated and forming groups - forming even the unions, the early unions - that they saw starting to emerge in the early 20th century and how to maintain the power balance.  They thought they could try and sterilize the people as much as possible without them knowing it.  That was a big deal because they realized that the male and the female in a marriage formed a small tribe with a family and they would - as they well knew from long experience - eventually rebel against overburdened taxes or whatever it happened to be that the ones at the top wanted to take from them.  So if you take away their reasons for fighting and created a form of apathy and even, Bertrand Russell said, a form of apathy and NARCISSISM, EGO-CENTRISM, where people would just simply have the world revolving around THEM.  They wouldn’t care about those around them and then it would be very difficult to get people to bond together in a common battle against injustice. 


Many, many meetings were held across the world - still are - annually and sometimes biannually, and there are many, many associations involved in EVERY COUNTRY across the world.  There are members from Japan, China, Australia, and all over that attend these world meetings on DEPOPULATION.  Now naturally, we see the people like Bill Gates who’s in the media all the time now, the great philanthropist he supposedly is, putting so much money out and meeting in the Billionaire’s Club - in the newspapers - talking about depopulation and using medicine or vaccines to do so… as he’s talking about helping the people at the same time.  Doublespeak.  It’s always been the agenda for the elite, you understand, to bring the population down to this manageable size. 


Part of it too, was to take away the drives, the instinctive drives in human nature that cause us to fight in the first place, and make us aggressive toward those who are aggressive towards us.  Sterilization seemed a simple way to do it.  Charles Galton Darwin talked about this in his book The Next Million Years, ways to basically use hormones, for instance, to alter the physiology of the male and how they could introduce it in WATER, FOOD and various other means.  They could do the same with the female. 


Now it’s no secret, as I say; it’s no secret whatsoever since it’s published every year from the United Nations itself on its statistics, to do with population and they mentioned that the male sperm count is down by about 85% of what it was in 1950.  That doesn’t happen by chance, as I mentioned last night; it’s done by design.  Many young people too, many young men are losing their sexual drive before they are 30… which is, again, a new phenomena.  Well, you must tie that in with the writings, again, of Charles Galton Darwin and others who talked about this very need and why they would want to do this.  And why ISN’T it a crisis, for instance?  Why isn’t it a crisis?  It’s not a crisis because, you see, it’s PLANNED.  That’s why no one is making any big deal about it. 


I’ve gone on about the bisphenol-A and other chemicals that are in the plastic bottles that they made awfully popular.  Don’t go away without your little spring water bottle; they made a big fad out of it.  Meanwhile people were soaking up this bisphenol-A and other chemicals.  They knew from the 1800s what this did to the male especially.  They also knew it would reduce the sperm count.  They also had this stuff in all the different shampoos and cosmetics that women were putting on themselves during pregnancy.  They also knew, as in the early 1900s, what this did on the male fetus between the ages of 8-12 weeks, a VITAL period.  It literally would interfere, FOR LIFE, with the production of sperm in that baby.  So nothing happens by chance.  When the evidence is there, why would they go and promote the very things that cause sterilization and ASEXUALITY, you might say, unless it suits their agenda, which of course it does. 


Another big part of their planning in their world meetings was to talk about ‘The Century of Change’.  They had planned and changed the 20th century but they had planned for the 21st century to be the culmination of all of this.  During the 20th century they tried their best to bring the whole world together through a FREE TRADE system under a global governance system.  That’s what the United Nations was set up for and in fact that’s why World War 1 and 2 took place.  They needed wars to bring us to our knees and get everyone bonded together in regions under a singular governmental system.  They set up the United Nations, at least the founders of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations set up the UN to be a FRONT group. 


Part of this Century of Change was to be an age of ‘singularity’, as they like to call it, where they would train everyone in the same exact way using new technology.  TECHNOLOGY was to be pushed to the fore. Now, that’s ALL of technology remember; that’s not just playing with computers and chips that get implanted in you.  It’s also the sciences, the chemistry of your body, hormones and everything else was to be severely attacked.  Remember, again, going back to the writings of Charles Galton Darwin, The Next Million Years, he said in there too, that man is essentially a wild creature and that’s natural; that’s how we SURVIVED this long.  He also maintained that the royal families, just like his ancestor before him, Charles, the royal families were the natural inheritors of the planet because they had, through special breeding – by having their mates selected for them from other winners of warring tribes over the many, many centuries – they were the natural leaders.  They were the epitome of evolution and they should still remain as the dominant minority, and all their relatives.  I hear the music coming in, but I’ll carry on with this after this break.


I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the agenda as it unfolds because, as I say, people look towards some final cataclysm and hope someone jumps in to save them and that kind of thing, or a hero comes along like the movies and makes it all better for you.  It doesn’t work like that because those who are not conscious will go down with the ship, you might say.  It’s only the ones who are conscious that are able to do anything about it, or even communicate to others who have the ABILITY to at least start learning what’s really going on, and to break their paradigm, their paradigm that’s been instilled in them by the media and the hype and all the wonderful things that they are saying about the coming technologies. 


The other night I watched a movie, a DVD, Digital Nation.  I saw the same kind of rah-rah characters we saw back when they were pushing the drugs in Britain, when it was all coming into vogue and how wonderful it was and how exciting this new teenage generation was going to be.  Really, the whole thing was to break the bonds partly of the preexisting structure of society and family unity.  Believe you me, when you are out of control of your own life, you are under the control of authorities because these are the ones who step in and take over, which they certainly did, in fact, with all the fallout and the chaos that ensued.  The same kind of characters were on Digital Nation promoting that the very occupations that they were involved in it, obviously, which was the coming interconnectedness of everyone, all connected together, one big beehive and how wonderful it was going to be. 


Let’s jump back again to Charles Galton Darwin book, The Next Million Years.  He said that man essentially is a wild animal, as I said before, and he praised royalty, etc, for conquering people down through the centuries, intermarrying the winners, other king’s daughters, that kind of stuff.  In other words, the PSYCHOPATHIC types who maintained power and therefore they had the RIGHT to rule over the lessers and do as they wished with the lessers, and if necessary, cull them off… if they became a threat to their betters.  When you join all that together you understand what the singularity really is all about because they’ve had so many global meetings about ways to make people give up their individuality.  That’s where the singularity all comes in.  Everyone interconnected, everyone trained that there is no privacy.  Not only trained, but most youngsters today don’t even think about it.  You see, they’ve been trained through school, through the last couple of generations. 


We’ve already had people growing up going into school being searched, going through scanning machines, all training them – long before 9/11 and what happened then – to get ready for the future that THEY would grow up in to.  You understand?  This is how it was done.  They use the guise of drugs and so on as an excuse to do all that.  They ALWAYS train you in advance of what’s to come and they always go for the youth FIRST.  That particular generation were also the generation that were given their own personal credit cards, the IN thing at school.  SNOB APPEAL was put into it, different types and classes of cards, and that affects their parents because the marketers got in on the act too, to create the snob appeal.  Oh, your child doesn’t have a credit card?  Oh…  and that kind of stuff, you see.  We are ALWAYS trained… always trained, apart from the media and entertainment and everything else that goes along WITH this. 


The singularity, as I saw it, in this particular documentary on Digital Nation was more frightening really, because they showed you the ADDICTION of even 7-year-old children to their games.  They couldn’t get off these games.  They’d spend the whole day and night, just like Aldous Huxley talking at Berkeley, when he made his little humorous comment about the rats.  They had inserted wires into their brain centers at the pleasure principle where they’d feel tremendous sexual orgasms and eventually they’d rather die than press the lever for food, and he chuckled, of course, because that appealed to his mind.  Well, when you see these youngsters being addicted in the same sort of way, by forces which they don’t even understand are affecting them, believe you me there ARE people who design these games who DO know how it’s affecting them.  They certainly do. 


What’s interesting too, is that their self-evaluation of their own worth and of abilities of multi-tasking was completely out of whack with reality.  They interviewed different ones who thought they could do texting, computer work, and talk the phone at the same time, and a whole bunch of things.  When they tested them and in the actual tests, they found they were NOT GOOD AT ANY SINGLE ONE TASK they were attempting to do.  So it’s definitely altering the perceptions of themselves and giving them a false sense of who they are.  But that’s the singularity, where they’re all sitting quietly, all together, and NO ONE TALKS TO ANYONE ANYMORE.  That’s a scary thing.  If you came from another world or planet or time and saw that, children sitting right next to each other, lines and lines of computers, and each one is sitting with their mouth wide open, and fascinated by that light that shines on their face… 


That’s all part of this system, and they are being trained to have no privacy; you don’t want privacy.  They are also being trained, of course, in reality that they can be losers, as they play their games and play their games.  They are never…  How many people can you get at the top as a winner in anything?  It doesn’t happen.  Then you tie that in with all the different shows on TV like Survivor where people get together and compete, compete, compete and then they throw out the ones that are the failures, the ones who don’t make it.  Does it really help your self-worth playing games?  Of course not.  Who does it benefit?  Those who rule you.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how we are trained intergenerationally for the next step and the next step and the next step.  I mentioned before about the great drug era where people who - it’s now admitted to - belonged to the CIA.  They were going around giving tours at universities about the wonders of LSD and so on.  This was all meant to fracture the exact society as it already existed, especially the bonding and what they called the traditional family.  And it certainly had an effect because afterwards, in their ‘free love’ period as they called it, and all the mayhem that ensued with it too and the things that came out of it, which we all know about as well, you had the reclassifications of the ‘new’ family.  The new family, we are still getting reclassifications of even ‘newer’ families, different kinds of families.  So they were very successful there. 


The next step overlaps.  They always overlap one step with the next obviously, since they are training, they are always going for the young ones especially in any particular generation.  You have this overlap of them being trained to be egocentric, exactly as was planned; narcissistic, me, me, me, ‘the me generation’ and they are not really so concerned about each other.  They have shallower affect towards each other because you can’t really be real when you are communicating to another person when they are maybe 100 miles away or thousands of miles away.  You are never really yourself.  There are a whole bunch of different languages, such as body languages and so on, that you can only see when you are sitting next to a person, not some make up doll called a virtual you in a virtual world.  That’s not you at all.  It’s completely fake.  But the idea is to make you want more and more of this and get more realistic until you’ll feel that you ARE that virtual doll.  Can you imagine…


What was interesting too, how the marketers got guys to play with dolls, for instance.  Little boys are boys, you see, and they don’t want to play with dolls.  They had the Barbie dolls out and all that kind of stuff.  Well, they just sat down and said, okay, like any psychologist, let’s study the boy, what is different about him, what is his mentality?  He wants to be rugged, independent.  He wants to be a little fighter and so on. So you give him an action man.  You don’t give him a doll; you give him an ACTION MAN.  And because he has peer pressure with his own group, you give him a UNIFORM, you see, which is obviously a military uniform.  So he plays with an action man dress up in a military uniform.  Now he’s playing with a doll.  You are still playing with a doll.  They get what they want.  Your perception had been altered so easily. 


Now they have adults.  Well, do adults play with dolls?  No.  What do they give them?  A virtual world where you get basically a figure of a doll and you dress it up; you are playing with dolls.  Then other dolls come in and you have all these different people ACTING, adults acting with each other through dolls basically.  And they really think they know each other, as dolls.  It’s absolutely fascinating to see how this is working with different ones in society.  There is always a segment that gets hooked right away.  Always a segment, they get hooked on whatever they are given in fact, and what’s been promoted to them.  The more unhappy you can be made to feel, the more they want to escape.  By the way, in marketing, they don’t use the word ‘escape’.  Escapism is a bad word; they have other terms for it, you see, which are positive terms. 


That’s how they work, by altering your perception of everything.  Whenever you get to the core of some nasty business, they simply bring out new terminology and it doesn’t sound so bad, just like ‘eugenics’ and ‘the master race’, to ‘transhumanism’, which is the SAME group, ongoing by the way, and also to their professors that are bioethicists, the ones who suddenly appeared out of nowhere when Dolly the sheep was first presented to the public.  They said look at this wonderful Dolly, this clone.  Then they went into the preplanned debates they’d have on television about it, all preplanned to make us go back to sleep thinking, well, thank God there is a group of experts dealing with this problem… that’s eventually going to be foisted upon us, this GENETIC TAMPERING.  That’s how easy it is to control the people.  As soon as they say there are EXPERTS there and they have nice demeanors and they seem concerned about it all, then we can go back to sleep and play… because we’ve been taught to play, you see.  Not to participate but to play, along authorized means and methods of play, always from the top.


The planned society, that’s what the Century of Change is.  The end of nations, of course, was a big part of it too.  We’ve had exposés from Britain as the prototype really, where not only they LED the amalgamation of the British Commonwealth countries together and the free flow of people, supposedly- which wasn’t so free after all- but also they have the end of the family unit as we know it, really; it’s in absolute shambles.  If you are watching BBC television and their dramas that they put on, there is nothing in it that would make you bond with anybody for very long, or even at all the way some of these characters are portrayed.  That’s all AUTHORIZED from the top. 


Believe you me, if the ones at the top, the dominant minority, did not want a particular type of society, it would NOT be shown.  It would never get off the ground.  Everything is authorized from the top down. Plato, an aristocrat in ancient Greece, said the same thing… that there is always a dominant minority and if something that was truly grassroots sprung up, they’d have to squash it, unless they could use it to their advantage… because any unforeseen ripples coming from the grassroots could have unforeseen consequences on the control by the elite.  It’s always been that way.  He said, they used DRAMA to influence the masses with stage plays and MUSIC and FASHION as well because PEOPLE MIMIC WHAT THEY SEE.  Always been known. 


Getting back to the youngsters today, they think they are connected but they are NOT connected.  In reality, you are lucky to get through life and really hold on to 2 or 3 friends… and I mean FRIENDS.  Friends are people who know you intimately and who will stand up for you under any circumstances, and vice-versa.  You don’t have to guess what they look like or guess what they really are through some silly doll avatar, made by a programmer by the way.  It’s not the person whatsoever.  This also was discussed by various kinds of professors and scientists who were into information technology years ago and some became very famous, like Marshall McLuhan who was eventually brought down to the United States.  I’ve no doubt a lot of his work went to the Pentagon because anything to do with controlling people and futurism, as they say, how they could blend technology for control purposes and when you’re talking about the mind, how it would change, how it would effect society, is immediately snapped up and generally funded through the big forces like the Pentagon. 


We forget that even the internet was GIVEN to us because they had already used it for warfare purposes for many years before.  They didn’t give it out to us so that we could break free from finding some other way to live.  They KNEW where they were going to take it and HOW we were going to live in the future.  That’s why we were given it.  It would all be monitored, a totally controlled society.  And they have the little dolls of us, little avatars, made up already IN the Pentagon and I’ve read the articles FROM the Pentagon where your DAILY information, all your communiqué is fed into it.  Daily fed into it, to update your little avatar so that you can be predictable.  They can actually do it so well; they can feed questions into it and problems, and if you were going to do a particular thing, how would you respond, and set up these little demonstrations and they are generally correct.  They have so much information on you.  The big companies – as we well know – the biggest servers and so on, and Google, the search engines, are ALL PART of the Military-Industrial Complex.  That’s who funds research and development; through them.  We fund it, really, through government, and then it goes through them to particular areas to maintain control and always GUIDE control of and over society. 


Youngsters today have no idea what privacy is.  None, none whatsoever.  And they’ve been taught that is doesn’t really matter.  In fact, they are being taught by the social behaviorists and psychologists that privacy means you are a BAD person, you are ANTI-SOCIAL.  I’ve talked about this before, how they are using the same techniques they used in China.  In China, for abortion for instance, for a second child it was mandatory that you get an abortion.  They use to use the local militia who would drag off the woman and take her to the clinic.  Now they don’t have to do it; they have trained the citizenry, through schooling, so well that they will come, your NEIGHBORS will come and grab you and take you off to the clinic.  I think the BBC and other companies have done documentaries on this.  It’s called, CREATING SOCIAL APPROVAL and SOCIAL DISAPPROVAL.  The people are utterly, completely indoctrinated and trained; “your child will take food from someone else’s mouth.” 


We are getting the hints now of the same kind of thing in the Western societies, since we went into this great information age which is nothing more than the SURVEILLANCE AGE.   TOTAL SURVEILLANCE on everyone and it hasn’t stopped; we haven’t even got halfway there yet, to where they are going to take us.  They won’t have a safe society until EVERY person is COMPLETELY predictable and under observation 24 hours per day.  That’s where it’s going… and most folk don’t mind… and those people are gone.  So really, shows like this are only for the ones who have the ability to retain some semblance of themselves, and have some kind of chance, maybe just for themselves, maybe for others too. 


As I said, NOTHING is given to the public; NOTHING is given to the public that could be to the detriment of the dominant minority.  Nothing.  All those things you think come out of nowhere because, oh, they just don’t have regulations out to stop it yet and stuff like that, is ALL bunkum.  Research and development into these areas is carefully selected for go-aheads by a dominant minority.  And the repercussions of them are thought out in think tanks and hammered out before they say it’s of use TO the dominant minority for control.  Here is an example.  This is from the Wise Up Journal on March 1, 2010.  They’ve got an article here from The Daily Mail in Britain. / March 1, 2010

Facial recognition phone application described as a ‘stalker’s dream’

Daily Mail / 01.03.2010 / By Daily Mail Reporter


A prototype camera phone application that enables the user to find names and numbers of complete strangers has been labelled a ‘stalker’s dream’.


The application, called Recognizr, has been developed to find personal information through facial recognition software.


The user simply has to take a picture of a person and hit the ‘Recognize’ button.  (Alan:  You’ll be standing in a bar, sitting in a café, on a bus, whatever.)


The photo is then compared to shots on social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter (A:  What a coincidence, eh.) before personal information, which can include phone numbers, addresses and email addresses, is sent to the user.


The software developer, Swedish company The Astonishing Tribe, is currently testing the software, which works on phones with a camera of five or more megapixel resolution.


Simon Davies from Privacy International said: ‘It takes the dangers that already exist and increases them infinitely.’


There are also fears the application could lead to an increase in people being stalked by those who have obtained their personal information.  (A:  Who really benefits from this?  Who do you think benefits because, you see, everyone with one of these phones, these phones are sending the data back to SECURITY AGENCIES, your own government agencies as well, all the time.)


Dr Ian Brown from the Oxford Internet Institute said: ‘A guy could take a picture of a girl in a bar and find out all sorts of information.’


Tom Gaffney, from security software firm F-Secure, added: ‘This application looks like it could be a stalker’s dream.’


Full article (A:  The link to this is on here too.  Remember, I’ll put these links from these articles up on my site at the end of the show, IF the satellite guys who are also after me give me enough upload speed.  Then I have to contend with Yahoo’s choke on my site but I’ll try and get them up tonight; it just takes twice as long.  That’s how they try and wear you down.)



Chat Roulette: Exploring the disturbing webcam service that connects you with strangers

Daily Mail / 01.03.2010 / By Claire Bates


First came Facebook, which connects you with close friends (A:  Really?) and school mates you don’t really talk to anymore. Then came Twitter where you could ‘follow’ and be followed by complete strangers.


So it was perhaps inevitable that the ever evolving internet would push the social boundaries one step further, resulting in Chat Roulette.


Chat Roulette is a service that puts you face to face with a random stranger via your webcam.


You then have the choice of either chatting to them or disconnecting and being matched with another user from around the globe.  (A:  It’s like shopping isn’t it?  It’s like shopping and you think you are safe.  You THINK… you THINK you are safe.  I stress ‘think.’  And it goes on and on.)


Hal Niedzviecki, author of ‘The Peep Diaries’, said: ‘Chatroulette is stark because it feels like television. It’s like sitting in front of the TV flipping channels, except the people are real.’


Let’s connect this with another one.  We know what the military is about; at least I HOPE you know what the military is about.  It’s there to SERVE THE DOMINANT MINORITY.  People are trained, especially young boys who go right from school into the military, maybe coming off a couple of years of unemployment, then they go in; that’s generally the class that goes into it.  They are suddenly a somebody.  That used to be the slogan for advertising for the military for recruitment was “BE SOMEBODY”, you see.  BE all you can be.  I used to spell it BEE… all you can be.  This article here is from Wired.


Pentagon Turns to Brain Implants to Repair Damaged Minds

(A:  This is how they lead off the article, remember.)

By Katie Drummond  May 7, 2010  |


An estimated 10 to 20 percent of troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, which afflict 1.7 million Americans each year. Now the Pentagon’s rolling out a revolutionary initiative to treat the condition: brain implants that one researcher likens to “replacement parts” for damaged gray matter(A:  Then they go through the usual stuff from the usual bioengineers and usual universities like Stanford and so on.  It says…)


“Our goal is to understand — and then be able to change — how a brain responds to trauma.”  (A:  Well, they are working about how the brain can be made to respond to anything, is what they are doing.)


No surprise that military extreme science agency Darpa (A:  You know, those lovely guys that are monitoring all of you and have all your data and have already used a brain chip, maybe a few in fact, in different paraplegics because they CARE about paraplegics.  That’s what DARPA is there for.  That’s what the Pentagon is there for, of course, isn’t it folks?  Isn’t it?) is behind the project, which is called REPAIR, or Reorganization and Plasticity to Accelerate Injury Recovery. (A:  That’s the music coming in and I’ll go on with more of this after these messages.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading an article here from Wired.  They always present this from the military that they are out to HELP people.  You know my whole life I’ve watched charities, money and investigations into curing various diseases.  I haven’t seen a single disease cured in my entire life.  But I’ve certainly seen what they can do to people with their technologies and so on… because that’s the real aim of all of this stuff.  They talk about these electrodes they are going to put into injured soldiers’ brains, they say. 


Then they go on to tell you the truth down below… that eventually this will have many civilian applications as well. 


And while Darpa’s interested in ailing vets, the implants could have broad civilian application


That’s what it’s all about, to pinpoint, literally, specific neurons and stimulate them with these pulses of light and so on. 


Let’s jump back to Aldous Huxley’s little laugher period when he talked about how they could insert WIRES, in his day, into the brains of animals and humans, by the way, because he went to Tavistock [Institute] where they actually did this on humans, and have them in a wonderful state of orgasm, orgasm perpetually, so much so they’d give up food rather than give up the stimulation.  How would you feel if your neurons are being stimulated in a situation where, no, you are no longer the wild animal that can survive – a wild animal needs all of its survival instincts intact.  The elite have said only THEY will need them because the state will be making all their decision for you, the people.  So how would you feel going around in some happy little fog when really, you should be terrified of your life and running in some direction… rather than staring at some kind of screen, or something that seems to be happening in your mind. The totally controlled society is what it’s all about.  Not to help poor guys who’ve had brain injuries; they are just the guinea pigs for all of us. 


There is a caller from Oklahoma; it’s Chris.  Are you there Chris?


Chris:  Hi Alan.  I wanted to… if anybody doubts that the population control agenda is going on, they can take a look at a document that’s available on the internet.  It’s the Memoranda 200.  It was declassified in 1980.  It was put out by Henry Kissinger in 1974.


Alan:  That’s right.  I’ve got in on my site, in fact.  It’s in the archives.


Chris:  Yeah.  If you go in and look at this, it goes into… Like in section 4 it goes into family planning services, information and technology.

National Security Study Memorandum

NSSM 200

Implications of Worldwide Population Growth

For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests


December 10, 1974


Section IV       Provision and Development of Family Planning Services, information and Technology

A. Research to Improve Fertility Control Technology

B. Development of Low-Cost Delivery Systems

C. Utilization of Mass Media and Satellite Communications System for Family Planning


It’s basically how they are going to bring about a reduction of the population.  And if you take a look at that, then go to a web site; it’s  It’s the Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunizations.  You will see that exact same groups that are listed in the NSSM 200 are also members of this vaccination alliance.  That includes UNICEF, The World Bank, The World Health Organization.  They’re all in there.


Alan:  They’re all in there.  You’re absolutely dead on there.  They’re all interconnected because they’re all getting funded from the same source and they’re all CHOSEN by the same people that chose them for all the different groups.  And they don’t ask for volunteers.  They do it because they know they won’t get the volunteers, so they have to do it through stealth and deceit and they think it’s their right to do that, being the dominant minority.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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"National Security Study Memorandum, NSSM 200, Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (THE KISSINGER REPORT) December 10, 1974"


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