May 12, 2010 (#575)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 12, 2010:

Only the Few Have Vantage of View,
Connecting Eagle with Darwin's Beagle:

"Layers of Reality Over Lessers Hovers,
Basic Level Unaware of All the Others,
Kept in a System of Naivetť,
Taught to Work, Pay Taxes, Surf and Play,
Believing Big Choices Best Left to Betters,
Science, Academia and Strings of Letters,
Oblivious of the Mission of These Paternals,
Who All Agree at Convention Fraternals,
In Pushing Transhumanism, Evolving Their Kind,
Eliminating Inferior Less-Evolved Left Behind,
So Firm in Convictions These Masters of Wealth,
They're Quietly Sterilizing by Means of Stealth,
For Most it's Too Difficult to Contemplate,
Taught to Go Easy, Accept, Never Hate,
Comfortable to Believe the Elite are the Same,
Childlike, in Denial, Going Down in the Game"
© Alan Watt May 12, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 12, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 12, 2010.  For newcomers, look into web site.  I always stress that you bookmark all the other sites youíll see there because I DO have trouble with the Yahoo/.com site right now and eventually Iíll probably get pulled.  So look at the alternate sites, bookmark them and you can download the latest shows from my other sites; they are all on that site and listed there.  [Official sites listed above.]  While you are in there, look and see the books that I have for sale, the DVDs, the CDs I have for sale because that helps me to trickle over, along with the occasional donation.  Itís expensive to do what I do.  Believe you me, itís more than any full-time job; I wouldnít pick this in a million years if it was just for money.  But itís up to you the audience to keep me going and you can do so by buying the books and disks or donating to me and passing the word around of what Iím doing.  Bring more people into the show, although there are lots coming in all the time.  The more the merrier, because this is a war to the finish here for things that are and things that will be.  The things that will be are not to our liking, believe you me, when they are coming down the pike.  They are inside now, in fact, all the things that we are about to have hoisted upon us.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.] Lots of folk just get the disks burned and passed to them; theyíve gone off computers all together because itís been in all the newspapers for the last year or so just how much data they are storing on everybody and the fact that they are monitoring every single person, every day, and storing all their communiquť.  So theyíve gone off of them all together; they play these CDs on their CD players.  You can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


As I said before, all the things that are coming down, the things that WILL BE are now turning the bend in the creek and we are seeing them manifest themselves.  Those at the top whoíve been working in institutions for these long-term goals of theirs are rejoicing because they really believe they have us in an enough stage of chaos that we will accept everything.  A whole new way of living, a new REGIMENTED society from cradle to grave, with so many agencies controlling us all through our lives, that we will simply be too content playing video games, watching TV, staring at porn, and all of that kind of stuff, as the entertainment really ramps up into more violent, more sexual themes all the time.  Thatís how they are countering this too; keeping people from thinking about the hard facts, to keep them in a form of double mind and double speak.  They partly know whatís going on, partly, a little bit at the back of their minds; the rest of it is mixed up in with their media, their mainstream news, which is like a circus.  Itís PRESENTED like a circus as you go from horrific deeds and murders and rapes on your news, over to Afghanistan and drones blowing up hundreds of people that happen to be standing around, and everything is a big, surrealistic circus.  They donít care.  They are out of the picture.  They are out of the running.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix I always describe, itís where everything comes from.  Your whole reality, itís given to you, really.  You are born into this reality.  It has many other realities within it.  You are given one at the bottom level, generally.  There are different classes of people given HIGHER realities.  Then you have those who help run the world system who are given more hard facts and data from archives, a different education completely, too, on the past and a lot of it is to do Ė just like the ancient pharos being taught by the priest, they get taught by their fathers and their uncles Ė how the world REALLY runs and how the cons of rulership Ė because thatís all rulership is about, it conning people really, these days Ė how they are carried out and how you can use mass manipulation by using the subconscious urges of the great unwashed masses. 


Part of the plan, Iíve gone over it so many times it gets so sickening but unfortunately thatís what we are in.  If you are in a war and you were fighting every single day, youíd have to get together with your captains and your majors and so on, and you discuss the war and your strategies.  Youíd get pretty sick of it too, but youíve got to do it every day because you ARE in a fight for life and death literally and this is no different.  Itís no different at all because those at the top who believe they are the most evolved of all can have the right to dominate us.  Not just dominate us but now reduce and cull off, definitely cull off a lot of us, as they have been doing with inoculations and now the GMO food until we have populations that are coming down with incredible allergies. 


Everybody has amazing allergies.  Children are BORN with them now.  Children, some children have their skin peeling off themÖ and they just donít understand whatís happening, this NEW phenomena.  Like the sterilization, which is strange too, they just donít know why the men are going infertile.  Then, other scientists will say, here it is and they give you all the data and why, and itís ignored again and you are back to the beginning question mark, we donít know whatís causing it. 


There is an article that I was going to read earlier and I didnít bother because itís terrifically horrible, but itís also kind of passť in this day and age.  Iíll say what I mean by that when I get through this little story.  It was from the Sunday Times.


Doctors sterilise Uzbek women by stealth

Mark Franchetti / From The Sunday Times April 25, 2010 /


WHEN her baby died soon after delivery, Gulbahor Zavidova, 28, a poor farmerís wife, longed to be pregnant again. After months of trying she and her husband visited a doctor who told her she could never have another child because she had been sterilised.  (Alan:  She didnít know it.)


The procedure had been performed immediately after she gave birth, by doctors who did not ask her consent. On learning she could not bear children, her husband left her.


ďNot a day passes without me crying,Ē she said. ďI was outraged when I found out what they had done. How could they do such a horrible thing without asking me?Ē  (A:  This is what the point of it is.   You have to go into the writings of all of these eugenicists and elitists at the top, like John Holdren and the book he participated in, EcoScience, to do with bringing the population down by stealth.  Holdren said, they could do it in the third world countries where there is less education and get away with it quite easily; they wouldnít have to be terribly devious, just donít tell the patients what you are doing to them.  But he said, for the West - for the United States and Canada and Europe - theyíd have to use stealth methods, where they would have to use something in the food or the inoculations to carry it out.  Heís up there with Obama now; we should be VERY afraid, I keep telling you that.  They are there for a reason now.  They are there for a very good reason now.  There are no coincidences when these guys get in and they get appointed on the boards of governments across the world, ALL at the same time.  Back to the storyÖ)


According to human rights groups, tens of thousands of young women like Zavidova have been sterilised without their consent in the authoritarian former Soviet state of Uzbekistan.


Uzbek sources say the measure was ordered by Islam Karimov, the president, who has ruled with an iron fist for 20 years. The policy is aimed at keeping down the countryís poor population (A:  See, they donít want the POOR to breed, same as Charles Galton Darwin in his book, The Next Million Years.) ó with 28m people, it is Central Asiaís most densely populated state.


Activists say mass sterilisation began in 2003, but was eased after two years following an outcry. It is said to have restarted in February this year, when the health ministry ordered doctors to recommend sterilisation as an ďeffective contraceptiveĒ. (A:  Sterilization as an ďeffective contraceptiveĒ.)  Critics claim every doctor was told to persuade ďat least two womenĒ a month to have the procedure. (A:  You see, thatís National Health Care folks.  When a doctor works for the health care system of the government, heís an AGENT of government.  People better get that through their heads.  They do what they are told.)  Doctors who failed faced reprisals and fines.


The reason I didnít mention this one before was because I was thinking about whatís been happening in the West.  Iíve gone through so many articles over the years on fertility in the West plummeting and the phthalates, the Bisphenol As and so on, and the chemicals that get into the motherís body, by design, when the baby boy is between about 8-12 weeks.  Literally, they actually produce some sperm then and if that could be stopped right then, with the phthalates and Bisphenol-A which is in the cosmetics and different things that the woman uses every day pretty well, it sterilizes the male for life.  They know all this; theyíve know it for 50, 60, 70 yearsÖ so itís not an accident. 


In Wise Up Journal, heís got an article from The Daily MailÖ


The infertility timebomb: Are men facing rapid extinction?


Daily Mail / 10.05.2010 / By Tamara Sturtz


One in five men could suffer from fertility problems. And scientists have warned that itís just going to get worseÖ  (A:  Itís amazing.  They donít know whatís causing it but they know itís just going to get worse.)


Thereís a crisis brewing, but it has nothing to do with the economic deficit or the current political uncertainty. Scientists are warning that rising levels of male infertility have become so perilous that it is a serious Ďpublic health issueí. And some go even further.


One science writer even suggested, in starkly terrifying terms, that if scientists from Mars were to study the male reproductive system, they would possibly conclude that man was destined for rapid extinction.


And if it continues, this trend could indicate men are on a path to becoming completely infertile within a few generations.


Reports claim that as many as one in five healthy young men between the ages of 18 and 25 produce abnormal sperm counts.  (A:  Itís actually much higher; Iíll find that link from one I put up last year.  It was The Disappearing Male from the CBC Canada, a good documentary.  Itís much higher than that.  It was more like 5 in 25 had some kind of motile or moveable sperm; the rest were dead.)


Only 5 to 15 per cent of their sperm is good enough to be classed as Ďnormalí under World Health organisation rules - proving that infertility is not just a female problem. Indeed, among those experiencing difficulty with conception, a male fertility problem is considered important in about 40 per cent of couples.


But women trying to get pregnant are facing another astonishing claim: that the core problems of male fertility - while they may be exacerbated by environmental issues  -  start in the womb.


(A:  So they know that this is happening.  One of the experts in the field said thatÖ)

ĎSperm counts are declining and there is mounting evidence that the problem starts even before birth,í says Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility Services.


She cites growing evidence that although the process of sperm production  -  known as spermatogenesis  -  starts in adolescence, the crucial preparations are made in the few months before and after birth.


Factors such as women eating a lot of beef (A:  They actually go into beef eating and rubbish like this and itís nothing to do with that.  It does actually mention that the chemicals, the damaging chemicals that can come out too, from pesticides etc, plastics of course, from the Bisphenol-A and the phthalates and even soya beans.)  during pregnancy  -  which means they have consumed a diet rich in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are potentially damaging chemicals  -  to the issue of obesity during pregnancy and a womanís exposure to smoke, pesticides, traffic fumes, plastics and even soya beans are all thought to have a bearing on a male foetusís future fertility.


Experts talk of a Ďwindowí of testicular development that begins in the growing foetus and ends in the first six months of life. Problems in this period mean that the baby boy may never be able to produce babies of his own.


So, itís on track.  Itís working, you see.  Thatís the stealth method that Mr Holdren said in the book the he was working on with Paul Ehrlich, another guy who wanted to drastically eradicate all the useless eaters on the planet when they wrote the book EcoScience.  Folk will never really get it, will they?  They will never, EVER really get it, whatís really going on.  Itís strange that, how it must always be someone else thatís got itÖ or thatís going to get it.  Thatís how we think, like Russian roulette.  I think people see the news now and read things and it doesnít affect them.  Thatís why when they are told that all their private material has been stored for government agencies, they donít really want to believe it and they carry on in denial.  In a purposeful, choiceful denialÖ and thatís their problem. 


Remember too, that I mentioned an article last year as well, where the UN World Health Organization had, with its umbrella group it sent in, all these NGOs.  The UN supplied all the abortion kits and they aborted lots of babies and sterilized women in Peru, THOUSANDS OF THEM.  I think it was something like 400,000 had been sterilized without their knowledge.  That again was done by stealth; they just simply didnít tell them and now theyíre all sterilized under the wonderful United Nations.  Isnít that just great.  Iíll try and find that too and put it up tonight on my web site. 


Peruvian Government Shelves Investigation into Massive Forced Sterilizations of Indigenous Women

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent / / Friday June 19, 2009


Remember too, youíll find the links that I put up are in the audio section archive at the end of the show.  Youíll see it on the front page and then it goes into the archives along with all these other links I mention. 


What a world we are in to.  What a world, itís just incredibleÖ absolutely incredible.  And they havenít stopped there, folks.  Iíll tell a little story about how they used prisoners to test what Iím going to talk about now, to BLAST the sperm in the male testes, sonically.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I read parts of a book on the air maybe a couple of years ago and it was called Acres of Skin.  It was a history of prisoners that had been used in the United States in prisons, who were used to test out various nefarious chemicals and inoculations and other things.  Some of them even had, I think it was radiation applied to the genital area to see how fast they could sterilize them, stuff like that.  These were all officially sanctioned by the United States government.  Itís a horror story. 


The reason it was called Acres of Skin is because the Mengele type character who was in charge of this, when he saw all the prisoners at his disposal for his tests, thatís what he said himselfÖ ahh, weíve got acres of skin.  That was his field.  Then he went to work on it and made an awful mess of a lot of these lives.  He killed a lot too of course, all under the guise of experimentation, to SAVE people in the future and all that nonsense that they give us.  Itís the same with DARPA, as they are wanting to brain-implant quadriplegics.  Thatís what the Military-Industrial Complex is all about, helping quadriplegics, right?  No.  Itís about death and destruction in the future.  Anyway, this put me in mind of this article here and itís from the Mail Online, today. 


The male Pill? Ultrasound hailed as new contraceptive for men

By Daily Mail Reporter / 12th May 2010 /


(A:  Itís the testes blaster, thatís another name, or sperm blaster.)


Ultrasound is being hailed as a cheap, reversible (A:  ReversibleÖ really?) contraceptive for men, offering a potential new birth control option for couples throughout the world.


Scientists claim a one-off blast of ultrasound is enough to stop sperm production for up to six months.  (A:  Iíd say thatís quite the blast folks.)


Clinical trials currently underway suggest the technique could finally provide the male equivalent to the female contraceptive Pill.


Lead researcher Dr James Tsuruta said: 'We think this could provide men with up to six months of reliable, low-cost, non-hormonal contraception from a single round of treatment.


'Our long-term goal is to use ultrasound from therapeutic instruments that are commonly found in sports medicine or physical therapy clinics as an inexpensive, long-term, reversible male contraceptive suitable for use in developing to first world countries.'  (A:  I wonder how many deformed children will be born out of this, as it deforms the sperm and everything else, when it supposedly wears off.)


One all 'sperm reserves' have been depleted the man will be temporarily infertile, researchers from the University of North Carolina claim.  (A:  I guess theyíve been testing it on prisoners down there somewhere.)


Ultrasound, which produces waves of energy with a frequency above the human hearing range, is commonly used on pregnant women to produce scans of unborn babies, and to treat sports injuries.  (A:  Again, I read an article last year on that because it became so common for women to get little photographs to send on their Facebooks to all their, you know, millions of friends across the world.  They found that these children have much slower learning abilities than the ones who hadnít had ultrasounds at all.  Who knows what else itís caused.  What they did say, it was because the brain was enclosed in such a thin skull at the time and this stuff vibrates in a very high frequency and it isnít much different really at that frequency than microwave radiation.  It was a very in-depth article.  So here they want to use it on men.  Well, Iím sure some will go for it.)


The university has been given £67,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (A:  Those wonderful guys that just jump from one field to another.  Itís always to do, mind you, with reducing the population.  Remember, he attended the Millionairesí Club, that they called it, last year.  It was published again in the Irish Free Press.  Their whole topic was about reducing the worldís population.  Oprah Winfrey and all those characters were there too, remember.  It was held somewhere in New York and Mr Rockefeller, obviously, was there too.)  to allow them to push ahead with further trials.


But experts warned the long-term effects of the treatment remained unclear.


The Male Contraception Information Project's Elaine Lissner said it had not been proved whether fertility would continue to return if a man was subjected to ultrasound blasts over a number of years.


'The exciting thing (A:  Oh, there is the end hereÖ) is that we're getting started finding out,' she said.  (A:  Oh, itís EXCITINGÖ exciting.)


You know, if folk knew what was happening today, weíd have to make Hitler a Boy ScoutÖ and Mengele maybe a Cub Scout.  You know, because whatís happening today is WAY BEYOND what they did back then.  Itís way beyond it.  IT IS HAPPENING FOLKS.  Itís happening all the time.  You should read the book, Acres of Skin; what an eye opener of what they have been doing the United States and no doubt other countries too, with prisoners.  Just astonishingÖ astonishing. 


Everything has changed in our day that we live in.  Everything has changed.  Morality is utterly gone, out the window, because it was the kind of morality that at least HELD people together and give us a sense of what was right and wrong.  Here are the rules, and it was simple to follow.  People were decent.  People would help you out.  They didnít have the TV shows where the cops ran in or bust through your doors with black outfits and machine guns.  They hadnít got to that stage then.  It was still the local cop.  Thatís how they portrayed this in places like Britain with silly programs like Dixon of Dock Green who was kind of half social worker, half father-figure to the young, and the rest cop.  Iíll explain this when I come back from this break whatís happening now in Britain.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  This article Iím about to read is about what happened to a woman who was drowning and what had to be done to save her. 


Hero students leap into river to save drowning woman...

as police officers REFUSE to help

By Daily Mail Reporter / 12th May 2010/


Three students risked their lives by jumping into a river to save a drowning woman because police refused to rescue her because they said it was not their responsibility.


The 18 year olds took action and after spotting the victim shouting for help and struggling to keep her head above the water level.


Police were at the scene but said it was up to the fire and rescue service to save the 37 year old. 


Instead, officers held back the crowd from the edge of the river, Clydeís bank.  Lifebelts were thrown into the water but were out of the womanís reach. 


Graham McGrath, Rosie Lucey and Rhys Black who were walking along the Clyde towards Glasgow Green jumped into the river near Albert Bridge after it became apparent the officers were not going to do it. 


After dragging the unconscious woman to the bank and Lucey performed CPR on the victim whoís lips were blue.  They were told the woman was close to death and that they had saved her life.


Mr McGrath said: 'There was a woman in the water shouting for help. There was somebody throwing lifebelts to her, but she couldn't get to them. '


The police were holding people back from the edge of the bridge.


'It became apparent nobody was doing anything else. She was getting lower and lower in the water.'


Miss Lucey said: 'We realised we were watching someone drown.'  (A:  So they jumped in and pulled her to the bank.)


Mr Black jumped in and dragged all three ashore.


The trio, who are all 18-year-old first-year students at Glasgow University, yesterday recalled the rescue, which happened at around 1.30pm on Saturday.  (A:  Then they go through the whole scenario, her lips were blue, and what was happening.)


(A:  What did the police say?Ö)


The police spokesman said that a woman jumped in the Clyde, was rescued by a member of the public, prior to the arrival of the emergency services.  (A:  Well, by the time they arrived she would have been long gone, you see.)


Everything is COMPARTMENTALIZED now.  Itís like when the hurricane hit Louisiana and New Orleans, the neighbors were told not to help neighbors if they were drowning. You had to allow FEMA to do it.  And FEMA would stop anyoneÖ theyíd arrest you, in fact, if you tried to help.  But these cops are standing there.  Iíll guarantee you if they were told to kill some Arab suspect who was drowning in the water, theyíd be blowing his head off, for fun.  But to go and help somebody whoís drowning, no, no, they wonít go and help you.  This is the society we live in now.  This is the society we live in.  Iíve said before, guys who hang about in CROWDS, I donít care if it is a gang, an army, or the police, are technically COWARDSÖ you understand that.  They need permission from each other to go as the gang and do something.  Then they are all very brave.  On their own, no, itís a different story all together.  Now you have the divisions of labor in all of their forces.  Oh, thatís not our particular department.  So what are they going to do?  Stand and watch a person drown.  These same guys, if you dropped a piece of paper, or a £5 note, would fine you for doing soÖ immediately.  Thatís the society we are in today. 


All the structured fabric that held us together has been systematically destroyed through the culture creating industry and the school system.  Ego-syntonic behavior was encouraged, ego-centric behavior too, hedonistic behavior, me, me, me.  Thatís all people care about is me, me, me and a culture like that cannot stand up against tyrants.  Thatís what the tyrants also know.  Thatís why they promoted THAT kind of culture and lifestyle.  They are easily managed.  When everyone thinks they are doing their own thing and they donít help each other out, they are ALL under Big Brother.  Big Brother is organizing and ordering them about.  There is always a boss. 


What you have is a dysfunctional society today, very dysfunctional.  Whatís even more dysfunctional about it is that we are now allowed to read the horrific things that are being done across the world.  Itís getting us trained that this is all going to be done to us.  Now, when the Department of Defence in Britain, followed by the US military, the big boys, their think tanks, came out with the SAME reports, one month after another, to do with the projection for the next 30-odd years, they talked about flash mobs arising in the US, Canada, the European countries and how the authorities were preparing to deal with it.  There would be food shortages, strangely enough, because you see only the 5 food companies have taken over the entire supply of the world.  Theyíve got us at their mercy.  All the small farmers, almost all the small farmers are goneÖ by design. 


Weíve seen what theyíve been talking about to do with drones, spy drones and all the rest of it.  They can blow up people in Afghanistan and people are forgetting that now they are sending them over the United States.  They can also blow up YOU.  What do you think all this is for?  Why would they be flying drones all over the United States?  Just to spy you think?  JUST to spy?  No, this is all part of a possibly collapsing system to make sure that the dominant minority stay in power.  Last night I read about DARPA, who loves to give us their stuff on brain chipping.  Here is another article about DARPA right here, an interesting one.  Popular ScienceÖ


Out of the Blue, DARPA Seeks Means to Manipulate Lightning

 By Clay Dillow Posted 12.21.2009 /


Lightning Mother Nature has it. DARPA wants it.


China and Russia try to control rain clouds and the Dutch use technology to keep low-lying inland areas from flooding, so why shouldnít the United States be able to manipulate lightning? In an attempt to better understand one of natureís most powerful processes, DARPA issued a broad agency announcement yesterday asking for ideas on how to best protect (A:  Right, ďprotectĒÖ) American personnel and resources from dangers and costs associated with lightning strikes. To wit:


Lightning causes more than $1B/year in direct damages to property in addition to the loss of lives, disruption of activities (for example, postponement of satellite launches) and their corresponding costs. A better understanding of the physics underlying lightning discharge, associated emissions, and related processes (for example, tribocharging in the clouds) (A:  TRIBOCHARGING, they call it.) may lead to revolutionary advances in the state of the art of lightning protection. 


At the bottom of the article it actually says that a lot of folk will actually see this as weaponry, which of course it REALLY IS.  It is forms of CREATING lightning and directed lightning for weaponry.  A couple of years ago I read article and Iíve read article since to do with strobing the clouds with laser beams and so on.  This is all tied in to the same thing. Theyíve been doing it for quite a few years.  One night in the summer when it wasnít raining, which I think was about 1 day in the summer last year, I sat and watched this strobing effect going across the clouds.  It was like someone from north to south playing a piano keyboard; just running their fingers up and down it in sequence.  And incredible flashes; no noise at the time at all.  But they eventually built up thunder and lightning. 


Itís all to do with the big scientists, the scientific community, who truly have been risen to the top in the scientific dictatorship type of mentality that Aldous Huxley and others talked about.  They were all kind of for it, so was Lord Bertrand Russell.  Thatís why they have all these supposed, supposed experts and science czars appointed to the US government now, and across the British government and every other governmentÖ and population experts, which really means depopulation experts, by the way; thatís what it means. 


Iíve mentioned too, that whatever comes along the pike we are conditioned into it before it happens.  We are conditioned without even knowing we are being conditioned, sometimes by little bit and bytes of TV.  Thatís how you get presented with news now, bits and bytes of things, never in-depth anything or reasons for the things often.  They are just presented in bits and bytes that scatter around your fragmented brainís hard drive.  You are being programmed, predictive programming.  The youth are always programmed primarily through movies.  Itís even in their video games too, the coming scenarios, and they will take it all as quite natural. 


A few years ago I mentioned that the first Loyola University meeting of world science took place, hosted by Newt Gingrich, and then the scientists followed Newt Gingrichís speech.  They talked about brain implants and setting up regional area computers that would basically interface remotely, broadband wise, directly with the brains of people with implants.   They had experts on all of these subjects from all over the world talking.  A scientist from Japan said that it was ready to go and all they had to do really was convince the public to go along with that. Thatís why we are getting more and more articles now with brain implants; this is getting you prepared.  Of course, they are using the guise that itís going to HELP people.  Thatís not the reason at all.  The scientist from Japan actually said at that meeting that once this is installed in the brain there will be no more INDIVIDUALITY.  He said, think of it more like the beehive; youíll hear the whispers of commands from central/regional computers going out to those around you and you will hear the whispers coming back from those around you back to the central computer.  Thatís exactly what you saw in those movies with Star Trek, with the Borg.  When they showed you the Borg, they all lived in thisÖ their heads were full of whispers from the computer.  But thatís what they said at that meeting, their only problem now is to convince the public over a few years to take it, to accept itÖ and it was ready to go.  Ready to goÖ


They said what would happen to get it familiar to the public were that movies would get pushed out very quickly to get us used to the idea and they came out with the movie, The Final Cut.  That was about a chip that was put in your head when you were very young, maybe at birth even, and it would see through your eyes, records what you hear.  Thatís how they presented it, a human interest type story, they always have a human interest story as a hook, you see.  AT the funerals, once you died, they can take this out and edit out all the bad bits and leave you a nice picture of a person growing up, going through their lives, loving everybody, thatís shown at their funerals.  They had other movies since with a similar kind of thing.  Thatís how they said theyíd do it.  They also said that theyíd pay novelists to write it into their stories in science fiction; theyíve always done that, mind you. 


Here is from TechMan.


TechMan: Want a record of your whole brilliant life?

Sunday, May 02, 2010 / By Ced Kurtz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette /


Ever think what it would be like to have a record of your entire life -- everything you wrote, watched, heard, e-mailed, spoke?


It sounds daunting and maybe a little absurd, but Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell at Microsoft are working on it. Their MyLifeBits project is composed of two parts: software to retrieve captured materials and an effort to completely document the life of Mr. Bell.


TechMan heard Mr. Bell speak about the project at the opening of the Seagate Research Center in the Strip District. The research center is gone, but the idea lives on. Mr. Bell and Mr. Gemmell have written a book about the project called "Total Recall."


Before coming to Microsoft in 1995, Mr. Bell already had a distinguished career that included teaching computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and helping to design the PDP and VAX line of computers for the Digital Equipment Corp. He also co-founded the Computer History Museum.


He freely admits that he stands on the shoulders of Vannevar Bush with this idea. Mr. Bush was in effect the first presidential science adviser. In 1945, he wrote an article in the Atlantic Monthly magazine proposing a machine called a memex that could record knowledge and allow its retrieval. The idea foreshadowed the World Wide Web.


To build a modern-day memex, you need devices to record the information. For information in digital form -- which is increasingly all information -- the hardware is out there. For recording things in the analog world, scanning technology has advanced to allow fast input of written and printed materials.


But how do we record things we see and hear each day? Microsoft has developed the SenseCam, a device containing a camera and embedded sensors worn around a user's neck that automatically takes a series of thousands of still images and records ambient light levels, temperature and movement(A:  Thatís just PART of the predictive programming to get you for the chip because they could put the chip in you right now.  Itís much easier to do it step by step; it doesnít spook the people.)


Researchers at CMU have used the SenseCam to allow elderly people to review their experiences during the day as a way of aiding short-term memory.


Once we capture this huge amount of data, how do we store it? Advances in hard drive capacity are the answer. A 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) hard drive now starts at about $75, and drives are getting bigger and cheaper every day.


What can 1 terabyte store?  (A:  and all the other technology they can add to that to store it, more and more and more as they go along.)



Mr. Gemmell and Roger Lueder have written database software that makes annotation easy, adding a text "note" to files, even by voice, so they can be found. Advances in facial recognition and video and audio search soon will make it easier to find any kind of material.


So you see how everything works together, and you are always given it firstÖ  Generally you are given it after world meetings and scientists and so on but itís presented to you through movies and little science blurbs on television.  They are trying to get trendy, in science fiction especially.  The youngsters are fascinated by this idea.  They think itís going to give them lots of powers.  Some of them actually think that they can go into this virtual world and fight, and win, never realizing that just like the Matrix movie, as Neo was told by the Grand Architect, that there wasnít a single move that he couldnít do because it was all PREDICTED.  Every possible move he could do was predicted by the programmer.  So you canít fight on an equal term on anything. 


Weíre on a FAST, fast decline into really the end of a part of a system until they bring in the new.  Weíre getting sterilized.  Weíre dying off.  There are lots of nice new diseases on the go.  At the same time, they want everyone chipped and monitoredÖ and weíre allowing it all to happen.  The folk in the cities have no privacy whatsoever, but most donít mind.  Theyíre already gone folks and you have to accept that.  Most are already gone.  Donít waste your time with those ones.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I go to a caller, one last article, Iíll put the link up too, and itís from The Mail Online in Britain, talking about the cops who wonít help people who are drowning. 


Pagan police win the right to take time off for festivals

By Daily Mail Reporter / 11th May 2010 /


Pagan police officers have been given the right to take days off to celebrate festivals where they leave food out for the dead and take part in 'unabashed sexual promiscuity'.


Iíll go to the callers now and there is Mark from Wisconsin.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Yes, I am.  Hey, donít you think itís kind of funny how whenever you see those ultrasounds on TV the baby is always jumping around?


Alan:  Thatís right.  [Alan and the caller laughing.]  I think Iíd be doing the same thing if I was getting bombarded with those.


Mark:  Itís probably blowing his eardrums out.† I was going to mention how, you know, in Brave New World, they oxygen-deprived the babies to make them stupid, to make them into slaves?


Alan:  That was the Betas or the Thetas; thatís right. 


Mark:  Right.  They started clamping the umbilical cord sometime here in the United States, I believe in the early 70s and I canít find any medical facts on why they did it or why they are still doing it.


Alan:  You know something?  They are testing on the public all the time in different areas.  I watched a DVD recently that was sent to me about how the US medical, different hospitals were actually working with the government and they injected PLUTONIUM into peoplesí arms and legs, with massive syringes.  Of course the doctors were all wearing lead gloves and shields, telling these patients that they had cancer and this treatment could cure them.  Then they told you that they didnít have cancer at all.  They didnít have cancer at all; they lied to them from the beginning and used them as guinea pigs.  They all died of awful, terrible cancers that were caused by the radiation.  You wouldnít believe what they are really doing in private, in secret, amongst the populations. 


Mark:  Yep.  The experiments go on.  Could you go over some time this Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged?  Iíve been doing a little research on her and she seems to come from the usual suspects.  She lived in Crimea, the settlement, and she had a Bolshevik education.  Then she comes over here and she writes 2 best-selling books and sheís writing Broadway plays.  What can you tell me about this lady?


Alan:  I think it was Alisa Rosenbaum that her name was; she changed her name.  She went right over and became the mistress of Lord Rothschild for a while; it was the first guy she was a mistress of.  Then she went right over to Hollywood where she mixed with the big Hollywood crowd and became a mistress of various ones at different times.  If you simply reverse the logic of the followers and see it from her point of view, she is saying that those who are already masters of the world and geniuses should not be held back by the masses.  Tie that in with today, the Rothschilds are taking over.  Theyíve got the World Bank on the go, the Land For Debt Swap which they get through the IMF.  Theyíve got the carbon tax thing. Theyíve got the whole world under their belt.  Sheís basically not for the little guy with his little gold pieces; sheís not talking about them.  Sheís talking about the geniuses who have got control already shouldnít be held accountable by the laws of the general population and they should be allowed to do what they want; thatís what she was really saying. 


Mark:  Thatís objectivism.  So where did she get all this money to run all these social and psychological experiments on people in New York?


Alan:  Look at the company she kept.  There are photographs out there; Einstein was one of her best pals.  Lord Rothschild and a whole bunch of other Lords were funding her and Iíve no doubt she was getting money funneled through even all the big banking family channels too. 


Mark:  Thick as thieves.  Thanks a lot.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Yes, nothing is ever as it seems and followers should always check and see it from the leaderís point of view.  She was talking about the ultra elite, THEY were the ones that should go on and not be held accountable to the general public. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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