May 13, 2010 (#576)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 13, 2010:

Raped Masses are Fearing,
As Rapists are Steering:

"Won't Get Rest, Like a Dog with Mange,
Stampeding Through a Century of Change,
Guided by Creme of Money Masters,
Who Guide the Causes of Financial Disasters
And See Opportunity as they View the Carnage,
Always from Crises Comes their Advantage,
All Planned of Course with Military Precision,
Sneering Down at Vanquished with Derision,
To the Victor the Spoils, the Old Saying Goes,
Citizen as Collateral to He Who Knows,
Debtors are Slaves to Lender's Severity,
Soulless Predation, Merciless Temerity"
© Alan Watt May 13, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 13, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 13, 2010.  I always suggest to the newcomers Ė at least temporarily, until I get another web site Ė to go into web site and bookmark all the other official sites I have listed there because I am getting trouble with Yahoo, at the .com site right now and they have given me problems uploading.  So bookmark these alternate sites and you can always download the latest shows, hopefully, as long as I can keep going here.  While you are at it, look at the books I have for sale.  Look at the CDs and the DVDs.  Figure out what you want.  There are sometimes 50 shows on one single CD.  You can buy them at a good price and that kind of keeps me ticking over.   Thatís all I do here is tick over, in many different ways too.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them - who have given up on the computer or they were wise enough not to bother in the first place, they play them on their CD players - you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


ChangesÖ change is what we are going through.  This is the Century of Change.  You can go back through the various UN web sites and youíll see so many of the top people over the past few years, at the United Nations, different departments:  The International Monetary Fund, Director General and so onÖ They always bring up in their speeches the coming Century of Change.  Well, we are in it now.  It wasnít just to be a few changes in the monetary system, a few changes here or there with trade.  It was to be CONSTANT change.  Constant change, so much so that your whole way of life, for those who are living it now, will really be turned upside-down and eventually those who are born and grow into the new system, as itís changing, will adapt and accept it all as quite normal, as they go through their planned changes as well.  Thatís how the world is run, on a scientific basis. 


There is nothing new in this, really.  There is nothing new at all.  We can go back into the 1800s and find the big foundations, the so-called philanthropies - generally staffed by aristocrats from all over Europe and the wealthiest magnates of their day - having meetings about a planned, organized society.  Then once Darwinist came in to kick off the Ďno rights, no wrongsí idea - tossed all religions out the window which at least had given some set of guideline to the public - then there is nothing to stop them.  Thatís why they went through the laissez-faire/capitalist period where they put children and women down the mines if the husband couldnít work; there was no welfare in those days so the whole family had to take his place until he could get back to work.  And that was okay in those days.  That was a fair profit, by using all means possible.  We see the same thing in China today.  It doesnít bother us in the West that children are locked up in factories because they say, well, you see, Chinaís coming through their industrial revolution later.  No.  China was SET UP by the West to take over from the old squalid factories that we had here.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just looking at things overall.  Sometimes you have to live long enough to really catch on to whatís happening.  Some catch on very young in life.  Some simply rebel against what they see as some big con going on somewhere; generally itís everything.  Many turn to drugs to try to quiet their brain, others to booze, or both, and then they end up as a real mess.  Some come through that phase, a FEW come through that phase and they manage to really get into whatís really going on by getting away from the mainstream primarily and going into those old, dusty books that they had in places they used to call libraries, before they tossed them. 


Itís interesting, even in the 80s and 90s I noticed in Canada and elsewhere in the world, libraries were dumping vast hoards of books into garbage dumps.  People who would live in these countries could always go to these garbage dumps and see them coming in.  Thousands and thousands of books, with lots of histories which of course are much different than the histories that have been rewritten for today, and a lot thicker books too compared to these little magazine type things they call books as well today.  So the history has always been covered up as we go through generation by generation and thatís something that most people really miss out on. 


Another interesting part of understanding what the big picture is, is when you are going through all of this, you get waylaid into different traps.  I always liken waking up to coming out of a tunnel from under ground and into a field.  At the end of the tunnel you see the field, you see the forest across the field that you want to get into and on the way to the forest there are all these signs saying, Ďthis way,í or ĎIíve got it,í or Ďhere is the answerí and you go around in loops and loops and loops.  For the young, they put out so much to do with the occult, which is meant to really take them into endless loops because your imagination is very good when youíre young.  When youíre older youíre a bit jaded so it doesnít work so well.  But when youíre young anything seems possible in a sense. 


We also have some truths to the occultÖ meaning that some organizations were started up with fronts.  Everything is a front for everything.  In the past, a lot of Ďgentlemanís clubsí as they called it, especially in the 17-1800s also had these SIDE lodges as they called them, where theyíd have their riotous parties, especially the French ones.  You see, those who joined them were generally, in those days, aristocrats themselves and the nobility.  They were jaded, bored stiff and sex, drugs and they didnít have rock and roll then but everything else made up for it.  They dressed up in fancy dress and did the Eyes Wide Shut type of idea.  However, thatís come down to the present time and it still fascinates people thinking they are members of various cults or groups.  In a sense itís true; any belief system that starts off is always called a cult at the beginning.  Every one, even all the mainstream ones all began as cults.


You can also take it further and go into the REAL cults because the real cults are to do with beliefs even in science, such as Darwinism.  When you look at Darwinism, you canít take it and be a scientist today, or go and study science today in university.  You canít simply take Darwinism and leave it at that.  Youíve got to accept ALL of this religious theory that goes with it which is a form of secular humanism.  Itís a secular humanism where you have MORAL RELATIVITY.  Nothing is really right or really wrong.  Itís Cabalistic in a sense, which is true.  Itís Cabalistic in that for whatever happens that seems unfortunate to ONE group of people over there will benefit these other people over here


Darwin himself went through a lot of this to talk about the fact that most people on earth are really part of nature, in all strata Ė thatís classes Ė and that the real function of the lower classes was to, in todayís terminology I would say that we are the rocket stages to put the elite up into space, you might say, to make them evolve to the top.  He gave examples of how before a tree can grow in a certain part of the earth, itís the microbes that have to come in and aerate that soil, different bacteria and so on move in, different plants move in and die leaving minerals behind and THEN that seed for the tree can come in and it will grow.  Thatís how he likened society.  He gave that as the example.


Thatís drummed into people who go into science today, that there is nothing BUT science and therefore whatever they decide in academia at the top, being all of the intelligentsia as they like to call themselves, they have the right to do so over the lessers.  Out of that also came various philosophies about GLOBAL sciences and socialism and the planned society and the scientifically planned society, with a scientific elite running the show.  Thatís what Lord Bertrand Russell was always on about.  He belonged to think tanks that were planning not just a good part of the 20th century, in his lifetime, but the century we are in today.  In fact he was the first guy in Britain to be given a Royal Charter to break all the rules against using children in experiments and even when Pavlov was doing it in fact.  He was promoting intergenerational sex in these experimental schools WITH THE INTENTION to see if they could break the bonding that would occur, if you could separate the sexual act from mental bonding, emotional bonding, because they didnít want families in the future for their planned society.  The state was to be ALL POWERFUL and therefore the family had to be annihilated. 


From the 1970s onwards, we saw this heavy trend, and again, the drumbeat through the media as they pushed and pushed for the Ďnew traditionalí families.  I think we are in the Mark 4 now, the Mark 4 or Mark 5 traditional family; Iíve lost count.  But they keep pushing the same drumbeat to show you that the old one is dead and they have nothing really in their way.  When government wants to talk down to you, there is no family around you to stand up.  You wonít have anyÖ By the way, all your friends on Twitter wonít stand up for you either.  But when government comes for YOU there is no one to stand up on your behalf and speak for youÖ or even given you moral support.  Thatís what government always wanted.  Thatís why George Orwell gave you that impression in his book 1984.  Government, Big Brother really talked right down to you; there was no one else there around you, just you. 


So you are living through a planned society and a world of changes.  The Century of Change where youíll have CONSTANT changes. Also, scientists have come out at the top again and talked about what some of these changes will be for the average person and itís a constant TRAINING.  They start the training when you are finishing the training to the next step, and they are actually starting the training of the step beyond that at the same time to overlap with it.  When I first read this, it was in a book written by the Red Bishop or the Red Archbishop of Canterbury who was a far-left socialist in the 1940s and in the 50s.  He was involved in the United Nations.  He put a book out about changes and he was so vague.  He was talking to those in the inner circle obviously, those who were IN the various institutions such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Yet to the outsider, it seemed as though he was just talking about constant upgrading of the public through some kind of ongoing education, like night school; thatís how you would think of it.  It wasnít until the end of the book you realized, no, heís literally talking about using scientific techniques to constantly upgrade the average individual from their birth to their death to suit the needs of those who rule.  Constantly.  No breathing space. 


In many ways this was introduced even in the 70s and 80s when they started to take out the employment of the West and the factories of the West and put them in China.  They talked about, well, the days of the lifelong job is over; youíll need 2 or 3 jobs in the future JUST to survive and pay your rent.  That got hammered like a drumbeat too for a few years and sure enough, thatís what came into being.  Most folk today out there in the world, they donít know that every government through the United Nations signed, and the World Bank signed the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs which gave permission for all your domestic employment and factories to go overseas to China.  Not only that, we paid for them.  The taxpayers paid for the uprooting of the companies, the building of their new plants in China, and their transportation, and we also guaranteed their losses for the first 10 years.  What a deal. 


And donít think for a minute that the bosses who run your country, and Iím not talking about these little Prime Ministers and Presidents, the front men they give you.  Iím talking about the real bosses that run your country and your economics.  Donít think that for a minute they would say, okay, weíve done that, what will happen now; oh, my God, weíve nothing to replace it with.  Of course they knew what was coming.  The KNEW what was coming NOW.  Not only knew what was coming, they would increment the changes in phases.  That is what we are living through today. 


Remember, part of this big world plan set up long ago was to set up a world bank, a WORLD bank.  It IS there.  There is a World Bank.  The World Bank is comprised of the 12 BANKING families that something somewhere in some ancient holy book we havenít seen yet gave them permission to BE the international money lenders, because they donít actually lend gold or anything to any countries anymore.  What on earth do they lend?  They lend PERMISSIONÖ to central banks to print up money.  Thatís what they do.  But they demand payment back and all that, with their interest, in REAL goods, or land, or minerals, or gold, or whatever.  Thatís how itís run.  And we are taught to think that this is somehow quite normal.  As I say, I havenít found a book yet that gave permission for these 12 banking families to be at the top of the tree, since nations all have the right, if they wanted to, to run their own money system and have no debt whatsoever.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the changes, itís the time for changes.  How that slogan was used during Obamaís election, of course, he didnít dream it up.  His marketers did and those who handle him dreamed it up for him.  He never explained what these changes were going to be.  Iím sure there are a lot of people today kind of terrified now that they see these changes come into place and theyíll be more terrified when they see the rest of it unroll.


This is the time for change.  The Century of Change, all of academia was using it and all of academia runs on big grants, apart from the money that they get from governments.  They get big grants from the so-called philanthropies, what Carroll Quigley called the Parallel Government that sit on trillions of dollars and mandate how the world should really be run, by dishing out their cash and running thousands of non-governmental organizations, in the Soviet fashion.  Thatís how the Soviet fashion ran, supposedly, on paper, is that it was a Ďrule by councilí and rule by MANY councils; thatís what the word Ďsovietí means.  And the non-governmental organizations existed in the Soviet Union.  The difference being that the Politburo appointed the leaders and then they would speak on behalf of the people who followed them.  Then they would take all their demands to government and government would say, thatís a quite a coincidence, we just happen to have this drafted up here and you asked for it; we are so happy to sign it.  Thatís how the cozy arrangement really worked. 


Itís just the same in the Western world.  We see all this stuff coming up about carbon taxes and ya-da, ya-da, ya and there are thousands of NGO groups in the Western world, WELL funded by the same foundations that just happen to lobby government when government is talking SERIOUSLY and drafting up stuff to deal with all the carbon problems, that is a lot of hot air to be honest with you.  But it doesnít matter.  For most folk, they will speak it into existence by repetition and that will become the new belief.  It doesnít matter if the king has no clothes; most people only go with OTHER PEOPLEíS OPINIONS and if they are all admiring the king, then they wonít listen to the little voice that says, but the guy is nakedÖ because most folk cannot think for themselves.  They ARE a group, they are part of the group mentality, you see.  They want to be accepted.  It takes a lot NOT to be accepted by the group; they will turn on you.


Society, you know, has been a collective for an awful, awful long time, different phases of it and different countries.  We tend to forget that in ancient times man was a collective as well.  Even the nomads were collectives, they all traveled in tribes.  It wasnít really until literature came out, and even later still, that the literature was available to the general public, which is very recently really, that the idea of individuality came to the fore and weíve had battles between the group, the mass, and individuality ever since.  We are on the road right now of CRUSHING individuality.  Those who rule prefer SAMENESS.  Sameness is very safe, very, very safe.  And yet they leave no chances to those who might not want to live in the sameness of others.  Thatís why you are all going through the monitoring stuff on a daily basis with your own tax money forming a prison.  Itís already formed, an information prison and a tracking prison to make sure that you all stay in the sameness.  Thatís really what it is for.  You will have visits, probably within the next 10 years, if your routines and your patterns change and you are not chatting to your usual clusters as they call them, as they track you, and they want to know whatís wrong, whatís up with you; they want to get you back on track and submerged back into the sameness again, where you are predictable. 


Most folk donít go through life thinking of any of this at all.  Iím sure you all have experienced it as you try to impart some knowledge and wisdom to those around you.  They look upon you as though you are some kind of weirdo and they give you that fidgety look as their eyes look left and right and left and right and not AT you and you know they are just dying to get away.  Or they just stand there with the lobster eyes because the data has been put against their hard drive in their brain and what you are telling them doesnít compute; there is no data to verify what you are saying so they are at a dead loss as to how to answer.  People are very much like computers. 


We are at the age now, we are IN the age where individuality truly is being drugged.  They have decided that it is an unsafe thing to have in a world society.  And who decided that?  Well, the United Nations decided that.  They said in one of their own mandates that the greatest ENEMY to peace in the world Ė youíve got to understand they are talking about the peace of those who already rule it.  The greatest enemy of peace was the individualÖ and they mean it.  Mao Tse Tung said the same thing.  He said he wasnít afraid of armies.  He was the guy who also said that power came from the barrel of a gun.  His big statement was even more powerful.  He said that Iím more afraid of someone Ė SOMEONE Ė with an idea.  Thatís what he was afraid of. 


Ideas catch on down through history.  You see it in all your religions, an idea caught on from one fella to the next.  People for thousands of years lived their lives according to all the stuff they built on top of the ideas.  What you are going through is the scientific idea, where we are all basically animals.  The world congresses to do with wildlife, theyíve all declared the same thing.  In fact, theyíve all said through Maurice Strong and all the front men, who, again, work at the United Nations, that man has actually not even got the rights - or at least not the equivalent - of all the lesser animalsÖ except his own kind of course, who are more evolved.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the changes we are going through, big changes, a lot more to come in fact.  PERPETUAL CHANGES until weíll supposedly BEG for them to stop.  Thatís supposedly how bad it will become.  HG Wells who was one of the propagandists for the Fabian Society and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the parallel government, talked about that, that people would beg them to stop, eventually stop the changes; it would be too much for them.  Thatís where they hope to get us all, always on edge.  When you have a herd stampeding and you know how to guide the herd, you can take them an awful long distance without letting them calm downÖ an awful long distance.  Whereas if they werenít so neurotic and you werenít constantly frightening them, they might run a half mile or a mile and stop again and graze.  No.  You keep them running because you are pushing them in a certain direction.  You are breaking up the fabric of society and people even go crazy as they are going through these massive changes. 


A lot of what is taken for granted today, like drugging your children, is a norm.  Really, in a sense, itís crazy too but we accept it now as normal because weíve gone through these massive changes, the sudden, sudden attention deficit disorders and so on, and hyper activity, JUST OUT OF THE BLUE.  Itís all because they keep making the psychiatric definitions thicker in their manual, in their book.  Big money for pharma.  The drugged society, it ties right in EXACTLY with Bertrand Russell and others talking about using pharma for behavior management of the general public.  And they are doing it.  We are seeing it all happen.


A lot of people donít really understand because they get the title, the original title, stuck in their head from the big players when they announce a project.  If itís not that exact title that is used, when they see it happening in real life they wonít equate it.  They canít put 2 and 2 together; itís the same thing happening under a different name.  Whatís happening in the United States right now, and Canada, and the shake-up of the dollar, is happening in Europe at the same time with the shake up of the Euro and the British pound and so on.  They use different names for these particular shake-ups but itís all under the International Monetary system that runs the world. 


What is the International Monetary system?  Ö from the IMF?  The International Monetary Fund is one of these institutions that were set up, a PRIVATE INSTITUTION that runs elected governments.  Something doesnít jive here.  They get money from all these governments.  They ARE a private bank.  Why would the governments be giving money to a PRIVATE bank that then oversees them?  And is unaccountable to them?  And itís a big boss and is unelected by the peoples?  What it tells you, obviously, is there has never been any real democracy.  Quigley equated this to a new type of feudalism and that is exactly what it is.  Itís a FEUDALISTIC system.  They werenít going to leave anything to democracy from the very beginning.  Democracy helped the rebellions stop forming every 4 or 5 years; thatís why they give you elections every 4 or 5 years.  People do not vote in new parties.  They are so sick of the last ones, they vote them out.  Thatís what happens.  You know that; youíve lived long enough.  Then you will only get hit with the next part of the agenda, because there are no parties.  They all work for the SAME world agenda.  They take their orders from the SAME bosses. 


The International Monetary Fund, The World Bank was set up to BE exactly that.  The first step, they said, through the Royal Institute of International Affairs was to set up central banks in each country and these central banks would be private banks.  Then supposedly they would take control of the economies of the countries.  Then when the next phase came, of course they would cause the upsets and upheavals, theyíd give an even bigger bank to look after those central banks, all staffed by the same people who knew each other and often related to each other.  Thatís whatís happening right now. 


There is an article from the International Monetary Fund, from their own web site.


Concluding Remarks by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, at the High-Level Conference on the International Monetary System

Zurich, May 11, 2010 /


(Alan: the International Monetary System, that was their topic of conversation.  It was Mr Dominique Strauss-Kahn that was one of the speakers.  He starts off being his usualÖ probably ate their usual 10 course lunches and stuff and drank the best wine and nodded to each other for all their successes of getting this far.  He goes on thanking them all for attending and all that polite stuff that they go through.)


Thanks. Let me start by thanking each of you for coming to todayís conference on the International Monetary System, for presenting a range of useful and at times provocative ideas, and debating a very timely topic. The events of recent days have reinforced the need for a robust global monetary and financial system, and though such immediate concerns are at the forefront of our attention, it is good that we are able to set aside time to discuss these broader issues. Let me also extend a very special thanks to Philippe Hildebrand and the Swiss National Bank for graciously hosting us.


(A:  This is how he heads off his topic...  Now, where have you heard this before?  From Hillary Clinton and you had it from, I think it was Kerry; it was one of these guys from the Council on Foreign Relations in the States.  When the towers went down, crisis is an opportunity.  Crisis is an opportunityÖ)


Crisis is an opportunity. Many of you have spoken of the need to strengthen the system and increase its resilience to recurrent crisesóand current events only add intensity to this sentiment. (A:  What heís telling you is this is all planned.  Itís all planned, folks.  These guys are happy with the crisis.  Itís an opportunity.)


International bankers by the way, when you see that stock market plummet for maybe an hour or something and then itís suddenly steady again, like a blip, someone just made a killing of BILLIONS of dollars.  Thatís how they make their opportunities.  So he goes on about the new system and so on and so on and so on, but what is the real goal?  You have to really scour around to find it.  You find that they are after all the central banks to go under the European bank for Europe.  They also want one for the Americas.  There is an article hereÖ


EU bid to rule UK banks

Tuesday, 11th May 2010 / (A:  from the Independence Party in Britain.)


British plans to improve the banking industry in the aftermath of the financial crisis could be in tatters as EU bureaucrats attempt to take charge over all banks operating in the UK. 


So what they are going to do is set up Ė theyíve already got it set up Ė the European Central Bank; thatís the big daddy of central banks that overshadow all the national central banks.  But donít kid yourself, it says national but itís not yours anyway; your central bank was never yours.  Itís putting it all under one system.  Thatís what itís for.  Thatís what most of this crisis right now is all about to be honest with you, because he who rules the gold and owns the gold rules the world.  It doesnít have to be gold either; blips are good enough in the stock market.  Thatís what they exchange, digits, ones and zeroes.  In seconds they make millions.  And we, in our lives, and everything that we have to buy goes up in price and up in price and taxes go up and all the rest of it.  Quite something. 


Here is Germany tooÖ


Germany 'might have to foot entire euro aid bill'

(A:  This is what they are bitching about over there.)

Germany's opposition Social Democrats (SPD) said on Tuesday they had not decided whether to support a European rescue package for the euro, and warned the country could end up footing the entire cost of the bill.  (A:  Because what they are claiming is that Britain is in worse shape than Greece.)

By a Reuters reporter in Berlin / / 11 May 2010


This is hyping up the fear.  What does the fear do?  Why is this hyped up?  Well, weíve got to DO something and forward comes Dominique Strauss-Kahn, you see, who says, crisis is an opportunity.  Itís an opportunity to get their agenda through.  This is all preplanned.


Here is an article too and it is from Holland. 


Crisis coerces EU members into ever closer union

Published: 10 May 2010 /


By extending Brussels' supervision over states' budgets (A:  Thatís the nations of EuropeÖ states.) and expanding the central bankís charter, the EU has made an historical step towards a centralised budgetary policy. 


So once you have a centralized bank OVER all your national centralized banks, they are then making all your budgetary policy and you canít do your own bookkeeping at home anymore.  The central, foreign, offshore bank does it all for you.  They are now in charge of running the entire economy.  Which also means the entire spending from your governments down through society, they are now in charge of it ALL.  THATíS what this is about.  There are many ways and many arms to the world government.  Many, many ways.  Quite fascinating.  Quite fascinating, indeed.


When they are doing that, of course, we have the World Health Organization, which is really the World DEATH Organization because their real job is to cull back the populations of the planet.  Youíve got to go into your history.  If you go into your histories and their own sites in fact and really dig through, youíll find the statements by them:  too many people, too many people, weíve got to sterilize, bring down the populations.   I call it doctor WHO, W-H-O.  This article is from Fox News.


World Health Organization Moving Ahead on Billions in Internet and Other Taxes

By George Russell / / Updated May 10, 2010


(A:  Now, who elected THEM? Well guess what?  NOBODY!  Itís like The World Bank; nobody elected them.  Nobody elects anybody, in any democratic country, to the United Nations.  Itís never been up to the plebes at the bottom to have anything to do with who gets to the United Nations and how it operates and how it runs and what its mandates are.  Itís outside of our hands.  It was set up by the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs with the help of the big banking boysÖ to bring in all of this stuff, including your financial chaos and the reorganizing of it all.  It was brought in by the same bunch.  So here they areÖ)


The World Health Organization is moving full speed ahead with a controversial plan to impose billions of dollars in global consumer taxes on such things as Internet activity and everyday financial transactions like paying bills online ó while its spending soars and its own financial house is in disarray.  (A:  Oh, they always tell us thatÖ itís in disarray.)


The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations' public health arm, (A:  Public DEATH armÖ) is moving full speed ahead with a controversial plan to impose global consumer taxes on such things as Internet activity and everyday financial transactions like paying bills online ó while its spending soars and its own financial house is in disarray.


Are you getting the picture about centralized World Bank?  Öthe WORLD bank, folks?  Because you know itís all going cashless and most folk are already cashless and more folk are already doing all their banking on the net.  Whatís happening here?  Öfor those that are hard of thinking?  Well, The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations' public health arm, is moving full speed ahead with a controversial plan to impose global consumer taxes on such things as Internet activityÖ etc, etc.  Even financial transactions, they are going to skim money off that.  And all this time you are thinking itís your big servers that are going to cut you off or whatever, or itís your own government thatís going to cut your access to the net.  No, no, no.  Itís the WORLD system.  Itís the GLOBALISTS, the United Nations who will be in charge of it all.  It was set up to be a form of global governmentÖ unelected.


Itís amazing too, the UN is always shouting when they want to send NATO in to standardize a country and get them into central banking Ė countries that generally have no debt at all when they start Ė itís amazing that the UN always says, weíre going in because weíve got to teach them democracy.  There is nothing democratic about the UN.  It is NOT a democratic organization.  And itís a front for the bankers.  Itís a front for big pharma, as the WHO is their main proponent for pushing their drugs and their deadly inoculations.  They work with Bill Gates and all these guys, the big philanthropists that say they can use vaccines to bring the population down


Meanwhile, people petition their own governments, thinking they are real, and they fax their congressmen and all the rest of it thinking, yep, these guys are real and they still have a nation at home.  Here is an article and itís the BBC.


EU wants member countries to co-ordinate budgets

12 May 2010 /


The European Commission wants EU countries to co-ordinate plans for national budgets.  (A:  See, their central bank now that they set up for the EU Parliament is going to run every countryís budget and books.)


The European Commission wants EU countries to co-ordinate plans for national budgets in a move to strengthen financial co-operation.


It would involve submitting budgets to the EU for a "peer review", possibly before they go to national parliaments.  (A:  So youíre not national.  Youíre not even in charge of anything anymore, even your domestic spending.  That includes welfare, by the way, and health care and everything else.  I hope you understand what Iím talking about here.  This is the system Obama wants to bring in to the US.  And the US, Canada and Mexico have signed 4 agreements, one coming up, the fifth and last one for total integration into the same system.  Then theyíll have some super bank built, if itís not already there, to be the super central bank of the Americas, over the USís one and the farce they call Canadaís one.  Canadaís one is not even in the phone book; itís just a room where they meet to discuss borrowing money from the foreign money lenders.  Thatís what the Bank of Canada is.)


Some reports suggested the proposal would involve just the 16 countries using the euro currency, though this has not been made clear.


The Commission said its aim was to help prevent another EU financial crisis.  (A:  Ha, ha, ha.)


But the move, controversial as it would mean encroaching on sovereign territory, was immediately criticised by Sweden's prime minister.


The EC statement said: "The Commission proposes to reinforce decisively (A:  Decisively, rightÖ) the economic governance (A:  Not government, but governanceÖ) in the European Union [which has 27 members].


"An early peer review of fiscal policies would help shape a fiscal stance for the EU and the euro area as a whole.


"Union countries should begin co-ordinating preparations for national budgets and economic reforms.


"Member states would benefit from early coordination at European level as they prepare their national budgets and national reform programmes," the statement said.


(A:  And they want Ďdeeper surveillanceí into all the spending at home.  Well, that traditionally is the job of the International Monetary Fund who comes in.  They change their black hats to white hats as they come in as Ďthe rescuersí and then they slash and burn all your domestic social policies at homeÖ to make sure the bankers get their cash back.  You see, thatís who they work for.)


An interesting article here, itís from the Jewish World Review.  I donít see anything in any other country talking about this.  It ties in with Obamaís health care plan and everything else.  Itís already happening in Britain. 


A ĎDuty to Dieí?

By Thomas Sowell / / May 11, 2010 27 Iyar 5770


One of the many fashionable notions that have caught on among some of the intelligentsia is that old people have "a duty to die," rather than become a burden to others.  (A:  Health care crisisÖ health care crisis, folks, cutbacks, millions of pounds in Britain to be cut and slashed by the IMF.  Itís already happening; thousands of nursing staff are on welfare.)


This is more than just an idea discussed around a seminar table. Already the government-run medical system in Britain is restricting what medications or treatments it will authorize for the elderly. Moreover, it seems almost certain that similar attempts to contain runaway costs will lead to similar policies when American medical care is taken over by the government.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know some people will like upbeat shows and they even say, leave us with some HOPE, you know.  What they are really saying is, leave us with the impression that things wonít get TOO badI want to live MY life without too many upsets; Iím quite comfy the way I am, just donít let it get any worse.  Thatís what they want to hear.  You donít know your enemy until youíve really gone through hell and seen them face to face.  Itís only then that any ideas come.  The old ways donít work.  They never did work.  Denial never helped anybody except those that want to keep you in denial.  Thatís why we are in such a mess today.  Thatís why these big bankers, or BANKSTERS, have taken over the entire planet through a hundred-odd years war, and through their CFR and their Royal Institute of International relations. 


Getting back to this Jewish World Review talking about one of the fashionable trends that are coming in, because you see, everything in this new system is based on economics, including your life.  See, as I said at the start of the show and moral relativity and Darwinism, it gave them the ammunition they needed to devaluate, devalue completely the human life itself.  Thatís what you get when you bring in moral relativity and secular humanism and teach it in the schools.  Well, I donít care, you know, whatís happening over there; if theyíre dying itís their fault...  Moral relativity, everyone is disconnected, no compassion for others.  No ANGER at whatís happening to others either.  Thatís what they wanted.  Thatís what they got.   


See that lovely Swiss terminal place where they EXIT you over there, for those that want euthanasia.  They are making a BIG deal out of it.  Theyíve found hundreds and hundreds of the urns now dumped in a lake in Switzerland. 


Fury as 'up to 300 urns containing human remains from Dignitas suicide clinic are found at bottom of Lake Zurich'

By Alexandra Williams / / 28th April 2010


They are in the process of bringing them up.  But who is going to object about, ah, so what if they dump the ashes or the urn in a lake?  So what, theyíre dead anyway.   Why not use the bodies and hang them on wires and weíll go and google at them with our eyesÖ and watch these waxed CORPSES, plasticized corpses from China and call it ART.  You canít save a sick society, folks.  You canít save it at all.  If youíre not objecting and feel upset, objectionable about this, you canít even save yourself. 


Back to the World ReviewÖ  So the fashionable idea is that people, older folk have a DUTY to dieÖ because itís the new economics.


This is more than just an idea discussed around a seminar table. Already the government-run medical system in Britain is restricting what medications or treatments it will authorize for the elderly. (A:  Itís been doing that for quite a few years now.)  Moreover, it seems almost certain that similar attempts to contain runaway costs will lead to similar policies when American medical care is taken over by the government.  (A:  You see, doctors become agents of the government political policies and economic policies.)


Make no mistake about it, letting old people die is a lot cheaper than spending the kind of money required to keep them alive and well. If a government-run medical system is going to save any serious amount of money, it is almost certain to do so by sacrificing the elderly(A:  Thatís a fact, folks.  Thatís happening.  Itís been happening in other countries before itís hitting here.)


There was a timeó fortunately, now long pastó when some desperately poor societies had to abandon old people to their fate, because there was just not enough margin for everyone to survive.


Well, guess what folks?  In Britain they might save you.  They MIGHT save your life depending on what rank in the social order of your community you happen to be standing in.  Welcome to the Brave New World, folks.  Now you can go back and play. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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