May 17, 2010 (#578)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 17, 2010:

Scientific Dictatorship Rolls On Relentless,
Interdependence Leaves Masses Defenseless:

"Science and its Branches have Altered Your Brain,
Their Enemy - Individuality -- Gone Down the Drain,
Counter-Culture Movement -- Dysfunctional Relationship
In Order to be Ruled by Scientific Dictatorship,
Thoroughly Domesticated, Yet Responding to Nudges
From Cyber-Masters -- Choice -- Prompt -- Budges,
Aldous' Scientific Dictatorship Could Go On Forever,
With Masses in Dreamscape Land Never-Never,
Completely Upgradeable, Bits-Bytes Viscous,
Empty-Heads Sponging Data with Bread and Circus,
Agenda-Driven 'Experts' Not Met with Derision,
Masses in Strobe-Land can't Muster Suspicion,
Run Over by War they Knew Nothing About,
Tamed to Interdependence, Confusion Can't Shout"
© Alan Watt May 17, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 17, 2010
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 17th May, 2010.


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Now, I’ve had some hassles, as I’ve been telling you, about the Yahoo sites. I’m on unlimited diskspace apparently. I have been for a few years but every so often they stop upping it and they don’t say that I’m now on limited. They actually just tell me that they’d prefer if I didn’t put so much stuff up there. Now what they’ve done is put on a ‘choke’ so that regardless of the speed I’m uploading it’s down to 40% regardless of speed to upload onto the Yahoo .com. So I had that on Friday night again and at the same time, Xplornet the satellite company decided to allow me only I think it was 1 ½ minutes or up to 5 minutes to upload to one site then they cut me off completely. So it took the whole weekend of arguing with Xplornet to try and get the rest of the sites all up to date. This is the sort of thing I get continuously, which I always say is proof that you’re not authorised to be out there and whatever I’m saying is annoying somebody and I’ll have to go back into all the archives to find out exactly what it is they don’t like.

Maybe it’s the presentation, who knows? But this is incessant; incessant. The woman on Xplornet at the weekend gave me the usual responses at her level and she admitted that all the complaints I’d put in and the fact that nothing’s ever been remedied was abysmal. She had all the records of complaints there and I got an acknowledgment from Xplornet this morning by email saying that they found my upload speed of 40-50kbps was acceptable for high speed so there you go. That’s the real world folks. That’s how it really does work. If you’re not authorised to be out there you’re going to get nothing but troubles and troubles and troubles. That’s how it really works. They don’t have to use their cyber warfare teams which they do use. They admit themselves that they can also interfere with uploads or downloads and the 5 ‘D’s they go by. I remember reading about it in the paper when they published it; disable, destroy, deny etc etc and they are using this on selected people. But I’d like to hear from other people out there too who are getting similar problems because of whatever they’re saying that someone doesn’t like in a very high position.


I’ll be back with more after these messages.


Hi, Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix


I’m just grieving over the weekend because the weekends here are generally just as fast and furious as it is during the week because of the things that always happen so there’re no breaks here at all. When you’re getting hassled with the major servers and hassles with the main providers...I love how they call themselves ‘services’. You pay for this and they call it a ‘service’. You might be getting service but in a different way than you think if you understand farming terminology. But the fact is that they’re really coming at me now by giving me the hassles for uploading to different sites.

So it seems to be coordinated between the providers and the satellite upload boys as well. As I say, I told the woman at Xplornet that I’ll keep telling people ‘don’t get Xplornet’. I’ll make it a mandate to do that until they take all the locks that they’ve put on me off because, you see, I’m not even going over what I’m allowed per hour to upload. I’m using about half of that at the most per hour for upload and yet they’re giving me all these hassles by putting chokes on. As I say, come one upload on Friday, just one to a single site, I had no more uploads until Sunday. The whole day on Saturday was spent arguing with them to get the thing restored. So this is ongoing and it is coordinated.


What on earth are we talking about here that upsets people? Well I could go into today’s news, like everyone else I’m sure before me has today on different radio shows and given you ‘oh my God, the sky’s falling’ and ‘oh look at this’ and ‘look at that’ or ‘look what they want to do now to us’ or what they are doing now to us but I don’t see the world that way at all. I don’t see it that way at all. Everything you’re experiencing today is just part of a plan to bring in a closer, more integrated world society, under more control through a world authority. That goes for economics, military, politics, everything. This is what all this is intended to do. These are the shockwaves that are meant to scare us all, to get us on our knees and start begging them to fix it all for us. Lots of people will accept that. Whatever the outcome is they’ll accept it and I guarantee that what it means for the average person in the Western world is less and less and less of everything, not that you just want but what they actually need. That’s what it’s about. It’s a planned society; on the go for an awful long time. You can trace it down through history. You can trace the associations that were clusters in a sense that intermingled with other associations; they called them circles in those days, to do with bringing in a planned ‘utopic’ society. That’s their terminology; utopia. The utopias went through the Soviet Revolution slaughters and the massacres all through the Soviet era. Their utopias went through the Hitler regime of Nazism and slaughters. They did the same thing in every other communist country they went through too to create these amazing utopias, where really, very old ideas going back into the 1800’s and 1700’s to do with an ‘elite’ running the world as it should properly be run according to themselves, would be forced into the open and upon the public through one means or another.

We forget in the Western world that we have not been free for a long time, if ever really. We came from a feudal system, up then through the capitalist system, ‘laissez faire’ and factories, no welfare and no unemployment money for a long time until about the 1950’s or so and then it was supposed to get better.

For a little while, it did get better as they taxed people and you got something back for your taxes. They even gave you a health service which of course doesn’t show its real face until 30 years down the road when it becomes an authority and mandates inoculations and mandates that your children can be taken from you by the state if they claim they’re obese or you’re depriving them of the Rights of the Child under the UN and so on and so on. This was all talked about by Lenin long before that. He said, ‘The services we shall institute in the Western world will become authorities over the people’.


You find a mixture in all areas of controlling life and controlling society from banking to sciences, all kinds of sciences, physicists, biologists, bio-engineers. You’ll find the behaviourists like Skinner involved in it too because their idea was to bring in a new type of society; a new type of creature or man, and it was all born out of the eugenics movement of course, this whole idea of creating a ‘superman’. Then it eventually it would come to a docile society that would probably be dosed with drugs and dumbed down through inoculations and sterilised as well by the way. That was a big part of it because they wanted to control the planet, on a workable basis, by keeping the population at just the right kind of figures to serve those at the top.


Now that sounds like an awful lot to come out with but you have to go into these actual societies and associations that are still on the go today and you’ll find they’re all throughout your governments. Every government that’s ever been in since the early 1900’s, according to Carroll Quigley, had their presidents and prime ministers chosen by one in particular. That was the Royal Institute for International Affairs which is a private organisation. All these groups are private. They all get public funding but they’re actually private. That way they’re not answerable to the public. They do insert their members into political positions and they try to staff most countries’ high bureaucracies with their own people too who are their members. That’s what Quigley called the parallel government.


Let’s go into the utopias he talked about and you can go back into the 1800’s and Albert Pike talked about it; the Brotherhood of Man across the world and all that stuff. It sounded really wonderful except if you read Manly P. Hall, who was also involved in it, he said ‘Man was not fit to rule himself. Man therefore had to be, and had been, ruled by the fittest’. The fittest he meant were those of his own association and that’s still the same today. We find people like Skinner, B.F. Skinner, who had wonderful things to do with animals. He was very much like Pavlov and had no compassion when he watched anything screaming. He was just intensely curious what caused it and he also said the same kind of thing; that man was too wild, he was too unpredictable and therefore man would have to be ruled over and that the behavioural sciences would be a big part of conditioning the new type of man for the new order of things.

Alot of this goes back to Harvard Universities and other universities that took part in it and still alot of it is led from there today, and M.I.T. I should say. Because during World War II, different groups were formed under the directives of the president of the United States of finding ways of bringing in a post World War II society based on these principles which they’d wanted to bring in for a very long time. They tried to bring it in after World War I but it didn’t work so they kept at it. World War II was a little ‘Godsend’ to them and I’m sure they did alot to bring it on too, mind you, but then they started to bring in these organisations and specialists.

One of the groups they formed was the World Federalist Association. You should look that up. They’ve got alot of history there. The World Federalist Association has departments in every country, including Canada, and every major player in politics in Canada is a member of it. You will also find that they had the Macy Group. The Macy Group was comprised as a big think tank that became a foundation and it brought in people who were from European countries; the ‘dispossessed’ they called themselves from the Frankfurt School, many of the members, like Adorno etc and their whole idea, Margaret Mead was there as well. Their whole idea was to reshape humanity itself by controlling the culture and giving the people exactly what was necessary to destroy the old culture which was a counter culture. They designed a system that would really attract the youth, take them away like the Pied Piper from their parents and they would destroy the order of things. They were all basically Marxists or Trotskyites as they liked to call themselves.

They were interconnected, as I say, with all the universities. They had a free reign to push ahead at all the universities. The CIA worked with them.

I went through a book before with you on the radio to do with ‘America’s Cultural Cold War’ on how the CIA, from the OSS onwards, with Britain working with it, decided to give a whole new culture and it had to be based on literally creating a youth generation that would be drastically different from its parent group. They decided to bring in what became known as ‘pop’ then ‘rock’ music; the ‘hippie’ era.


In the ‘hippie’ era they knew how to introduce it because they tried it in the 1920’s in Germany on a smaller scale. So they reintroduced it along with drugs. Sandoz was the big company there to push out the LSD. They sent out rock stars or the budding rock stars across the country. They were funded by the CIA. Many of the guys who ran these rock groups were from military families and ex military themselves. They had the Laurel Canyon Group in California of course and Frank Zappa and different ones were there. They belonged to the Frankfurt School and they had other ones being worked through, as I say, the Macy Group and their offsprings at Harvard University.

They put out front men who had been in the CIA. A Mr. Brockman eventually came out of the military and started immediately as an investment banker. His job was to create artists and make them superstars from nothing; people who would starve to death with tin cans were to be made famous for the new culture.


Back with more after these messages.


Hi, Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix.


We’re just going over some of the pertinent things which led up to today. It’s an ongoing thing as I say because they said, before World War II and after World War II, these big think tanks, foundations and interlocking clubs and societies all funded by foundations they’re fronting for from the private bankers basically, with unlimited financing to get NGO’s and movements working; movements within society.

They decided to take over the whole culture industry which they did, not just in the US but across the whole of Europe. The CIA, working with Britain’s MI6, and that’s documented in the book ‘America’s Cultural Cold War’. It only goes up to the mid 60’s and then it’s taken over from the stuff I’m talking about now with people like Brockman who obviously fit the type they were putting out there; ex military, straight into investment banking who only backed these so-called budding, new type of artists, the psychedelic era mixed with drugs etc. But not just stars or rock stars. It was meant to elevate scientists and people in the news or make them news because we were going into a scientific era and your new bosses would be ‘experts’. We’d listen to the ‘experts’ and we’ve had nothing but a mass, a plethora of ‘experts’ in the 60’s and 70’s changing everything upside down like Dr. Spock who admitted at the end, after telling you ‘don’t discipline your children’ that ‘we’ve raised a nation of psychopaths’.


The fact is, these were all big experiments to go and destroy all that was to bring in the new. They also worked, by the way, with the MK Ultra and Artichoke projects which were CIA run and funded again. The whole idea was; how can you eradicate certain patterns of behaviour right out of the brain itself and bring in the new type of man? Now, a new type of man sounds crazy but it’s in the media even today. It was in the media in the early 1900’s when the founders of the Fabian Society said they’d bring in the new type of man. The Soviets had a term too; the new ‘Sovieticus’ I think they called it, ‘Homo Sovieticus’. Adolf Hitler wanted to bring in a superman as well. Superman, superman was all over from the 20’s right through World War II then they quietened it down a bit and the same groups turned from calling themselves eugenicists to transhumanists and then to bioethicists. These are the groups that decide which way we’re going to go in bioethics. What is ethical and what isn’t.

Well you’ve got to understand their mandate to see what’s ethical and what isn’t and where they want to go with it because they were set up with a particular direction and a mandate to follow and it’s to bring in, again, the controlled society; a socialised controlled society because ‘man’ they claim is just too wild to rule himself; he’s not fit. Therefore the fittest should rule them; and who are the fittest? They themselves, the experts you see? That’s what you’re living through today.


They’re into all economics. The biggest bankers in the world are all part of it and the set up of it. They sat in on alot of these meetings because they had to fund most of it and this is the world they’re bringing in; a totally controlled society from birth to grave and as people like Shaw said, one of the founders of the Fabian Society, ‘you the people will have to come to us and ask us why we should allow you to live’. You see, you won’t be allowed to live unless you’re there to serve their society.


So they call it a utopia. Utopias are the worst horrors we ever go through with wars and slaughtering of all and even in the quieter times we’re still being slaughtered in ways you don’t realise. They advocated the use of big pharma. That’s why they brought out the people like Brockman with The Grateful Dead who toured in a bus called ‘The Experiment’ with masses of LSD to throw around, all supplied by the big pharma companies and funnelled through the CIA to them, to bring in the hippie culture, where if you go back to Karl Marx’s manifesto when he’s talking about the overthrow of all existing institutions, that meant family and everything else that went with it and even what we’d call the normal family structure of man, woman and child. Now we have ‘Mark 4’ or ‘Mark 5’ families as they keep going on with it.

This is the same agenda ongoing. People didn’t realise that even the Hell’s Angels were set up by the CIA initially because they all came out of the American Air Force. They were given the style, the gear, the ‘bad boy’ image and they would make sure of the distribution because you must have distribution of drugs on a vast scale if you’re going to bring in a new culture where the people are going to be half stoned out of their heads, willing and very suggestible to any new idea that’s pushed at them and directed at them. That’s what the whole 60’s and 70’s really was all about.


The writings of Huxley I’ve gone into, Julian Huxley, the descendent of Charles Darwin and others. He was the first UNESCO CEO and he talked about the need to properly drug society, especially the children. Well, how many children today are now on drugs from school, mandated at school often because teachers don’t like fidgety children, especially ones who ask pertinent questions that they can’t answer, in other words leaders or those with leadership abilities? What do they do with them? They fry their brains with drugs. It’s well known what Ritalin does to them. It shrinks the brain. No more future leaders, no more problems.


If you go into the writings of the United Nations, what do they talk about in their declaration of interdependence; the abolition of individuality. We’re all a group now. We’re all one.


Back with more after these messages.


(Break message) You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


The controlled society, the planned society, the regulated society, the totalitarian society really where masses of bureaucracies and agencies will descend on you right down to checking your garbage and everything else and the weight of your child at the house to see if they have to take them away, you see, and stuff like that. This is what they’re talking about; a controlled society that the lesser people, those with lower IQ’s who are simply not capable of living up to the Harvard type standards of guys at 170 IQ so therefore the guys with 170+ IQ’s should rule the rest. That’s what it was all really about. That’s what’s been behind every major movement for well over a hundred years.

Even in their own writings, in their own publications and in their own books they’ve come out and said the same darn thing, that man wasn’t capable of managing himself so the ones who were fit, or fittest, should do it instead for them.

We’ve been trained out of any idea of what we thought was democracy. It’s been gradually trained out of us. Again, the whole concept of the forces that used to protect you and defend you and help you out, which was the family unit, is well nigh destroyed now. It’s gone. It’s pretty well gone for most people.

Then you had all the schools, the experimental schools, like Bertrand Russell’s from the 1920’s who was trying to introduce pre-pubertal sex as part of this ongoing experiment to see if they could separate the sexual act from the physical bonding and therefore end marriage altogether. Marriage you see is a small tribe. When you think about a small tribe you stand up together, you protect eachother. For governments to be truly effective in a totally controlled society, where people are constantly monitored 24 hours a day wherever they happen to be or whatever they happen to be doing, they must have no interference from family members or anyone else around you. You’re on your own and that’s what George Orwell tried to show us in ‘1984’, that Big Brother talks directly to you when he wants to and no-one else but you and no-one else will come near you to help you out.


Governments also instituted all the so-called ‘safety nets’. In other words, they took away all the responsibilities that communities used to supply for themselves where they helped the sick, the needy and the dying in their own areas and all the rest of it. Even when I was small in Britain alot of that happened there too and then in came the agencies and literally stopped all that. Now they’ve become authorities over the people. Now you can’t stay in your home and die anymore. Not only that, you can’t get buried anymore without getting autopsied. They want to get the cash off that too and maybe see what organs they can sell at the same time. You’ve got to get permission to get the body back from the morgue. Sometimes it takes 3 months before you can bury your mother or your dad.


That’s totalitarianism you see, because we’re just too stupid. All these old silly customs that are all nice and quaint from the past just have to be abolished completely and now they bring in the fact that man is dethroned from his high and mighty pedestal and he’s brought down to the level of the animals under the Earth Charter, through Maurice Strong at the United Nations and so on.


Getting back to the ‘superman’ and the ‘new man’ and all that kind of wonderful stuff, when they talked about literally mixing it with cybernetics, way back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. As I say, one part of the experiment was to see if they could do it by altering humanity purely through drugs themselves and controlling and giving a new culture to the youth like ‘do what you want/just hang loose/let it all happen man!’, you know, and give it a long enough period of time to crash all the old ties that carried on from one generation to the next. That’s what it was really all about and we all know the fallout from that.


They’ve achieved basically what they wanted to do. Man really is no longer supreme in anything and as we become less supreme, we have less rights and freedoms at the same time because you’re just another one of billions of human beings and you’re not an endangered species so the government is taking the same approach to all of us. We’re just ‘nothings’. In fact, we’re less than ‘nothings’. We’re just down amongst the ‘its’ as Plato would call the general people.


A big part of it too was sterilisation through different techniques. They tried to mandate it. They had worked through alot of the US states and they were doing it in Britain too, to the so-called ‘feeble minded’.

Everything that Germany did, it simply copied from what it saw happening elsewhere in the world long before it started. That’s still ongoing today when you look at the big Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Billionaires Club too where all the ‘philanthropists’ go, like Oprah Winfrey, to dish out where they want to sterilise the public next and what nations; what Third World countries and so on; where do they want the abortions to start etc etc.

It’s an ongoing war and you’re living through it now. The part you’re really scared about now is the financial part but I’m not worried about it because it’s the shock necessary to get us on our knees, to bring in the next world central banking system and to get every country to agree that they can no longer take care of their own books and keep it private. Out of that comes that you’ll no longer be allowed to dish out the money into your own country into the same areas you have before. It’ll have to go through a world body to do so. It was written about long ago. Go into the writings of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and you’ll see all that there.


Now, sterilisation...Big players like Holdren who’s up there with Obama right now. Quite a guy Obama. I’ve got 2 links too to show you all the Goldman Sachs players that are on his teams and it’s just about everybody who’s worked with Goldman Sachs and the Brookings Institute and the Hamilton Group attached to it; very important players in this big control system, so I’ll put those links up.

Back to Holdren, he wanted compulsory sterilisation. He said in ‘Ecoscience’, a book he helped write with Paul Ehrlich, another total Marxist/Trotskyist globalist, that they’d have to drastically reduce the population. They could do it in the Third World Countries because the people were basically ignorant and would do what they were told. They’d take their injections that sterilise them and stuff like that but in the West it would be more difficult with a literate population so they’d have to do it through stealth. In other words, they wouldn’t tell you. They wouldn’t tell you.


Now, I’ll put up some links tonight to do with the population plummet in the Western male in the last 50 years. I’ve got 3 or 4 links here on that and this is all deliberate folks because they knew what these particular chemicals, the phthalates and so on did in the late 1800’s. They knew if it was put in cosmetics it would go through the skin (it’s called insufflation) of the female. If she was pregnant between 8 and 12 weeks it could literally stop the production of spermatozoa as the child reached puberty. It was that crucial 8 to 12 weeks period that it had to get into the womb. It’s been put into all your plastic bottles. You’re drinking the darned stuff. That’s why they made bottled water so popular. They made it a fad. Whenever you see a fad coming, don’t touch it if you have any sense at all. It doesn’t work.


Now, back to Huxley and all the big players. Now, Huxley wrote ‘Brave New World’ and he gave us a system where everybody was born by invitro-fertilisation but really they’d be brought up in artificial wombs and they’d be perfected for every class of society, the Alpha, Beta, Theta and so on. You’d be given an IQ to match the kind of work you did, so those who were doing the menial tasks would be very dull but they would do repetitive work and everyone could have sex but no-one could reproduce. That’s because everything had been mandated as to who was to get reproduced etc; standardised humanity.


Here’s an article today in the Mail Online.


“Sex will not be used to have babies in just 10 years, as couples turn to IVF”


Now tie that in with the sterilisation that’s going on folks. 17th May, 2010.


“Couples will stop having sex to conceive babies within a decade and use IVF instead, scientists said yesterday.”


(Alan: See, they’re the high priests. I could easily put the word ‘priests’ in there now because that’s what they’re telling us. Remember what Russell said, ‘we will train the public to be ruled by a world of experts)


“They say 30-somethings will increasingly rely on artificial methods of fertilisation because natural human reproduction is 'fairly inefficient'.”


(A: Now, if natural reproduction is ‘fairly inefficient’, why did Kissinger put out his bill back in the 70’s that the greatest crisis and enemy to the state was overpopulation in mainly the Third World countries? There seems to be no problem there with fertility. It seems to be rather efficient alright so what’s the problem about it? It’s become ‘inefficient’ now because most of the men are becoming sterile and it’s by design. It says...)


“If the experts are right, it means the sci-fi world of books such as Brave New World, in which all children are born in 'hatcheries', could soon be closer to reality.”


(A: And you better believe it because you see, they’ve been working on this agenda since the 30’s since Huxley worked on his book)


“And it raises ethical questions over whether greater use of IVF will lead to eugenics...”


(A: See? It’s all coming together folks)


“...with couples screening out characteristics they regard as undesirable.”


(A: Let’s rephrase that. Now, since we’re run by totalitarians, who are all interconnected with their various circles, all funded by the same big foundations, all in total agreement with eachother that they have the right to rule and design the future world. Let’s see who would be screening out characteristics they regard as undesirable, the parents or the state? Well guess who?)


“The startling vision of the future comes from John Yovich, a veterinary doctor from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.

He believes IVF can ease the pressure on couples who have delayed having children to pursue a career, because going for the test-tube option will be more effective than trying for a baby naturally.


Even young adults have no more than a one-in-four chance every month of reproducing through sex. Among the over-35s, this falls to one in ten.”


(A: And really there’re only about 15% of the males has about 10% of motile sperm that can actually find the target and impregnate now. It’s about 85% down from what it was in 1950 but that of course is supposed to be some kind of pure coincidence)


Now, getting back to the groups that were formed during World War II and ordered to be formed and backed up by their president himself during World War II, the president of the United States, you had the World Federalist Society, big players in this. You’d be surprised how many major media stars, especially the ones retiring now, are all members of World Federalism. It was put together through the Rockefeller Foundation. Will Durant was approached to set it up. The idea again was to bring in a new world society of interdependence; a declaration of interdependence that was signed and almost every congressman in the US signed it. They signed away their independence. Here’s what they said...


“Just as independence has been the motto of states and individuals since 1750...”


(A: Now, for the hard of thinking, I’ll say this again)


“Just as independence has been the motto of states and individuals since 1750 so the motto of the coming generations should be interdependence...”


(A: That means interdependence and no individuality, do you understand that?)


“...and just as no state can now survive by its own unaided power, so no democracy can long endure without recognising and encouraging the interdependence of the religious and racial groups composing it. The declaration of interdependence was launched in March 22nd, 1945 at a gala event in Hollywood. The following is a transcript of the LA Times report.”


(A: And I’ll put this link up if Yahoo obliges and allows me to load up into my site and Xplornet gives me the speed that’s a bit above dial-up to put it up on one of my sites at least tonight. But you can read through this and see where it’s going. World Federalists are also World Citizens. They get World Citizens awards from the Rockefeller Foundation again. You’ve got to understand that these people see themselves as the guiders, the leaders and the mentors of humankind. They are elitist and they believe they have the right to rule the rest of us.)


Now, here’s an article here to show that every country’s signed onto this. In Canada in fact they signed onto an agreement when Trudeau was in, Pierre Trudeau. He was also a communist, a millionaire communist of course. There are lots of them. He actually signed on at the United Nations that if the correct world government was formed he was signing Canada over to it right now. That was back then.


“The World Federalist Movement - Canada (WFMC) is a not-for-profit research, education and advocacy organization. WFMC has approximately 1,000 members and supporters across Canada. The WFMC President is the Hon. Warren Allmand.”


(A: And they belong to the International World Federalist Movement. At the top they welcome Lloyd Axworthy who’s a member also of the Council on Foreign Relations. Lloyd Axworthy was Canada’s former foreign affairs minister. So here’s a Council on Foreign Relations’ guy for world government who was Canada’s former foreign affairs minister. He also came out, on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations, on national Canadian television and told Canadians in 2005 that they were signing the first part of the total integration of the Americas, which was really the natural thing to do to follow Europe’s total integration. The last part was to be signed this year)


Now, the media don’t make a big thing about this. They don’t make a big thing about anything that’s really interesting. The media’s job is to give out the shocks and ‘be afraid, be very, very afraid, oh look what they’re doing to Greece, look Britain might be next’ and that’s meant to create the fear and panic so that all these boys, these globalists will come together and offer you the solution and you’ll be awfully, awfully grateful when they do until you find out you’re wearing rags at the end of it.

There’s nothing happening today that’s not a continuation, especially in the world of economics, of the Bretton Woods Agreement. Bretton Woods was part one and I read the article from John Maynard Keynes himself. He said...‘We today are setting up part one as we shall not see the completion of it, part two, which will happen in about 50 years from now’. We he was dead on. This is time for it; the total integration of the economic system under one total world body. Do you realise the power that has? Do you realise the power that these amalgamations cause? Look what Europe’s doing to all the countries that it’s picking on. They are picking on them because they all lied about their books when they joined the European Union. At one time a little country could probably pull itself out of it but you’re not allowed to under the EU rules. Germany’s bitching about having to basically bail out the whole of the EU and take the worst of the burden. That’s what you get out of it, all for one and one for all; and guess who the one is? The ones at the top. Well they’re rather illumined and they generally have Harvard degrees or Cambridge or Oxford.


Back with more after these messages.


I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting through the Matrix.


I’m just trying to get you to understand that tyrants down through the ages have dreamt of having total power over the entire planet and here we all are getting rushed through this stampede of fear after fear, one after the other. We’re going through the age of terrorism now and into the total surveillance society, a total information network society etc etc and no privacy whatsoever for the safe society and all of this. Do you realise the power that’s going to give a small plutocracy? Across the whole world there’ll be nowhere you could run to get away from it. This is our worst nightmare that these elitists, these psychopathic, and they are psychopathic and very arrogant, completely egocentrical with their views and opinions, never doubting themselves in anything or their right to do any of this, can you imagine what life’s going to be like under those guys? And the public haven’t a clue, most of them, of what’s really going on or why.


Now there’s a caller there. It’s Eric from Ontario. Are you there Eric?


Eric – Yeah I’m here.


Alan – Yes, go ahead.


Eric – Thanks for taking my call. The first thing I want to say is just thanks for doing the program Alan because personally I really appreciate it and I’m sure alot of other people do because it’s kind of like...especially for people who have really kind of been aware for a long time, it’s kind of like a breath of fresh air to have someone else who you know can see things, you know? So thanks for that and I guess if I had to really talk about one thing, I think that alot of people have this idea, that in order to, you know, take back our planet, we need to form one form of great plan. But really what it comes down to and what is missing on this planet is the knowledge itself, the individual. Because I mean, even this whole system that is just so insane and massive, it comes down to individual wills that are pushed forward.


Alan – That’s right. People have to realise that the whole system, from the 50’s onwards especially, was designed to knock out the individual altogether. You’re part of the whole, the oneness. The New Age movement was created by the culture creators too you know; the oneness idea, we’re all interconnected, interwoven and that was all to get us to doubt our own ability to make the correct decisions for ourselves. We have the same bunch at Harvard today under Sunstein, working with Obama as well by the way, the same group of culture creators, designing new internet programs to give us ‘nudges’ on what decisions to make on the net, what things to choose, what things to look at. We won’t even know we’re being ‘nudged’. We are under the scientific dictatorship the Huxley’s said would be brought in. We’re under it now and most folks don’t even know.


Eric – You know, it’s funny. I actually went to this group a couple of years ago that was supposed to be getting together to discuss philosophy and I was kind of saddened when I saw the people because it was a very sad philosophy group to put it simply but I remember this one guy bringing up the whole Google suggests different ads for you based on what you’re searching. It’ll put in the ‘correct’ ads for you and this guy was actually like... I don’t know, he somehow had the idea that this was for his benefit.


Alan – I know, that’s the beauty of the techniques of this kind of control in a scientific dictatorship. You’re unaware that you’re not making your own decisions. You’re being prompted and nudged to make decisions that those who program them want you to take and that goes through all the things you will choose from here on in life because everything’s to be on the ‘singularity’ they call it from the same group on the web.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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