May 18, 2010 (#579)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 18, 2010:

Wolves Gaze Down, Expressions of Piety,
Prey Ask, 'Save Us with Planned World Society':

"Rapid Global Escalation of All Prices,
Eternal Rulers Create, Benefit from Crises,
Own Systems, Products and Distribution,
Tighter Order From Chaos is Their Solution,
Formula 'Crisis Europe' Rip-Off's Finding --
Plugging Euro 'Black Hole' = Deeper Binding,
Readers of 'Tragedy and Hope' Well Know
That Integrated Sovereignty Must Now Go
To a World Authority, Rulership Severe,
They've Now These Derelict Nations to Steer,
All Societal Systems Must Be Standardized,
Freedoms, Choices and Rights Sacrificed
For 'The Greater Good', You'll Give and Give,
Cradle to Grave, They'll Decide How You Live,
87 Percent Floating Through These Transitions,
Adapting in Oblivion to New Positions
For Shafting by Same Greasy Pole,
The Perfect Slaves, Under Mind Control"
© Alan Watt May 18, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 18, 2010
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 18th May 2010.


For newcomers I always suggest you look into website. It’s important that you bookmark all the other sites I have up there because I’m getting trouble, big trouble from all the servers right now. There seems to be a concentrated and concerted effort amongst them to get me off the air basically or get my sites off for sure. So if I get trouble uploading which I do by the way, they’ve put a choke on the ‘com’ site and I can only upload at 40% regardless of the speed. They’ve cut me down to 40% so it takes 2 or 3 times longer to upload just to that one site and they say it’s within their legal entitlement to do so and all this stuff because they write the rules as they go along obviously and depending on who you are. So if you bookmark all the sites there, hopefully for a while, you’ll be able to get the latest shows for download from the alternate sites. While you’re at it remember that I don’t get financed by the advertisers. The ads on this show I’ve got nothing to do with. It’s paid by the advertisers straight to RBN. That pays for the airtime. It pays for their staff, equipment, bills and so on and the transmission of the show.


So you the listeners, go into my sites, see what I have for sale, the books, the CD’s, the discs because that’s all I trickle by on and I don’t have time to churn out more stuff really because this is more than a full-time occupation and it’s certainly not a job and I wouldn’t pick it for a vocation either personally or as something you loved. It’s something that has to be done at this time and that’s why I’ve come out and given all this information out to try to wake people up and I seem to be successful in doing so. So much so that different authorities, including the satellite for upload who have cut back my speed as well. That doesn’t happen if you’re churning out the usual stuff. Whatever I’m saying, or am saying in such a way, is getting through to people and giving them shortcuts to the higher realities, as opposed to their conditioned reality that they’ve been born into. So you can pay remember from the US to Canada and order by using Paypal, for ordering and donating. Just send a separate email for the order. A personal cheque is good from the US to Canada and an International Postal Money Order is good from the US to Canada as well. Cash is accepted and that’s the same across the rest of the world. You can wire it through Western Union or use Paypal for donating or purchasing with a separate email, Western Union and Moneygram and cash again is acceptable, so far. So that’s that part over with really but you’ve got to keep me going because it costs me money as I fight this. That’s why there are so many websites up there as I’ve trouble with them all in the past.


Now generally at this time of year, even though you’re on unlimited diskspace, they hammer me with the fact that ‘well, unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited diskspace’. It does for a lot of people and so on who put videos up but I’m just putting audios up but for me I guess I’m in a special category of some kind or another classified by some strange agency I can’t get in touch with or who really rules them because, for you out there who think these are all independent companies, you’re up a gum tree as they used to say. There’s nothing independent in all these corporations. They’re all connected with each other because during the Cold War they said they couldn’t allow independent corporations to do with the transmission of any kind of information to be free from governmental and CIA and NSA control and they set up real, real companies back in the Cold War and they set up real companies today.

If you look at the founders of the Verichip and so on you’ll see they all worked for the NSA.


Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


Rather than go into all the problems you get when you try to do this kind of show because most folk won’t believe it, they can’t imagine it, these kind of incessant hassles you get and there’s no complaints department. You go round in loops and circles within divisions of departments and of course they pass you back to the beginning. That’s the technique of hoping that you’ll just go away basically. But I’ve told them already, I’ve told the uploaders Xplornet, that I will not go away and if they keep hassling me, even if I have to use some other service or get someone else to upload, I’ll dedicate a whole website to complaints about Xplornet and put it across the planet and I’ll do the same with Yahoo as well.

Yahoo isn’t scared. Yahoo isn’t scared; they’re funded by bigger powers than you think. They’re not just a private corporation. Nothing is private here. Why do you think they can take all of your data? All of them have been doing this from the beginning including Google. There’s even the CEO of Google in Britain admitting to selling all the information to the so-called security services of Britain, whenever they’re asked, no problem whatsoever. That’s why they gave you the internet. That’s why they made sure that they would control it; the big boys would control it.

The small providers start up at the beginning and think they can compete. Then they find out quickly that they can’t. They’re cut off from a whole different bunch of sources until they sell out and they’re amalgamated into the big boys.


What they say in business is ‘business is war’. The Japanese said that. They learned it from the guys that had run business for thousands of years and it is war. It’s completely ruthless. As they say in business ‘there can only be one’ especially in the world of international corporations supposedly all vying with eachother for total power. It’s no different from the fact that you’re all in a world government already whether you know it or not. You think you’re losing what you had, but you’re not really. They’re just upgrading the system. The ones who own the system are upgrading their system into the next part. We’ve just got used to the part we’ve lived through. We get used to the parts regardless of the era we live in. We get used to it. Slaves can get used to anything.

If you look into the histories of Egypt for instance, they never had slave revolts and they ruled for thousands of years. Talking about slavery, if you look into the writings of the big boys, who again were all connected just like the ones today who run the culture industry, the entertainment industry and academia, they put their professors across the main universities who all belong to the same associations. Aldous Huxley was a member of lots of them. He knew the whole agenda back in the 1930’s when he wrote ‘Brave New World’.


Now in the 30’s remember they were still running around in their bi-planes. They were still using castor oil even for lubrication in some of these old planes and stuff like that. And here he is going into genetics and genetic engineering and creating the perfect types of society and the kind of perfect types for the classifications who would run and rule that society and all the lessers who would work in the different categories in that society.

Again, it all ties in with predecessors, such as Karl Marx and the ‘division of labour’. What’s the most painless way, equal way or best way, humane way of giving people really dirty jobs at the bottom? Well, you create the people with a very low IQ with very little need for external stimuli and that way you’d be creating the perfect worker in a humane way, you see. Big associations, who all worked together, really being one association, came out of philosophy and academia, with a grounding in religions going way back, way, way back, including how religions had already worked so well in different parts of their own histories, for ruling peoples and the minds of people and using the same principles basically and calling it a scientific era. By using the same learnings, techniques and principles they realised first of all that they could get society ready for this new type of genetically engineered society. You know, the world would be made the way it should have been made in the first place. That’s their attitude, you see?

They had it all figured out in world meetings, long before Huxley wrote his book ‘Brave New World’ but he certainly participated with alot of the big think tanks along with the other big players of his day like Bertrand Russell who also worked with the Vienna Group and they worked with the Macy Group and so on.

You’ve got to look into these people because the Macy Group really came over from Vienna and they had a whole world plan for a global society with a conditioned and mind-controlled society living underneath it oblivious of the fact that they would be ruled in such a manner. They would think they were free. They were given orders, by the president, to work on creating this global society. That is why in the 1950’s, when Norman Dodd and the Reece Commission looked into the big foundations and asked them why they were funding what appeared to be globalist, socialist or communistic movements, it’s up there, it’s in official records, Norman Dodd talks about it in his old stuff up on Google, Norman Dodd actually gives the story himself, and he said that the heads and the CEO’s of the foundations sent their report right to the White House. They take their orders from the White House which threw him right off balance because the White House supposedly was serving the people, not some foundation that appeared to funding communistic groups. The function of the CEO’s was to blend the Soviet system painlessly with that of the West.

But first they had to so radically alter the culture of America and the Western world so that they would blend painlessly with that of the Soviet Union; a predetermined world society. The last people to know obviously would be the people themselves who were just working away and playing and so on.


Therefore, they decided on this, as I say, long before in world meetings to do with world federalism. Durant wrote about it. He was set up. Will Durant was a front man for Rockefeller. His job was to set out a whole bunch of histories of the world with a particular slant intended – and he admitted this at the end because apparently, supposedly he committed suicide because of what he’d done – but he said, this slant on history, was to take all hope away from people that individuality could leave the world in safety. It was to make them think that dictators and tyrants just arose spontaneously in populations and societies and slaughtered lots of people and dominated peoples for a while until another one took over somewhere else; just ‘happenings’, you might say in the hippie terminology, when nothing’s further from the truth. Because you’ll find even in ancient times the bankers funded nations to go to war. Money ruled then and money rules today and banking families are intergenerational down through the ages and very powerful people.


As I say, Will Durant was found with his wife eventually, after doing this massive compendium of histories, slanted histories, on behalf of and paid for totally by the Rockefeller Foundation to take the hope away from people and he said in his suicide note, ‘This is terrible, we are taking the hope, we are taking the hope away from people; the hope of creating a better world for themselves by giving them this bleak future in a slanted fashion’. The idea of slanting it was so that we’d give up all our rights and allow those that were ‘fittest’ to rule us, to come forward and do so.


Now, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs are all one big group with special departments within it, many special departments within it.

Professor Carroll Quigley, the historian for the group wrote ‘Tragedy & Hope’.  You will never understand the missing pieces and the whys of history unless you read his book ‘Tragedy & Hope’ and his other book called ‘The Anglo American Establishment’.

Their idea, was not only to spearhead, British style, Commonwealth countries across the world and dominate them and change the culture to adopt the same system, but also to set them up to amalgamate into bigger and bigger unions. The whole idea of taking over and creating the area called Rhodesia and then taking over South Africa by causing a war; they admit they brought on the war as a ruse to get the British public and the British government to finance it sending in troops and they did. They sent in raiders, the ‘Jameson Raiders’ into South Africa, killed a whole bunch of the Boers, had their own reporter, because they owned the newspapers in London, and the reporter mailed back that the Boers had attacked and slaughtered whites which was completely untrue. It was the other way around. Of course the British government said ‘oh dear, dear’ as they waited for this, you see, ‘we have no option but to go in and take this over and deal with it.’

That’s how they work.


As they would use even white peoples to rule over an area for a while, and the boys they served, because you see part of the group of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, was the Milner Group and they were all international bankers, they also decided that they would loot those countries and when it served their purposes, they would eliminate the white populations and unite the whole of Africa but still rule it.


Back after this break.


This is Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m just briefly touching on the way this, one of the techniques of how this system operates, this group operates down through time and it’s well catalogued through Quigley himself and many other books out there giving you other bits and pieces of it, but for the whole lot really you can’t go past ‘Tragedy & Hope’ and ‘The Anglo American Establishment’ that outlines the whole plan.

They set up a whole bunch of front organisations for world government under many names, the World Citizenship Association, the British Israel Association, the World Federalist Association and I think it was Cronkite I think was a member of the World Federalists and there’s a video up there on YouTube where he’s been given some award at the end when he retired.

These characters are the ones who give you your news all the time; the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations. They own the media. All the big players and moguls are members of this.


To control the mind you must control the information that goes to the mind. You must feed the programs that go to the mind so you will come to the conclusions that they want you to come to. That’s continuous, ongoing. You cannot have really independent mainstream media going in their own direction. It could never be allowed to happen. It couldn’t be allowed to happen. Remember that everything is licensed too and there’re reasons for licensing. That’s to make sure, as they say themselves, that you ‘toe the line’.


I should also mention too, be careful as well. The guys also control the information that’s put out for you to follow to complain about, even in what you think is the ‘patriot’ movement. When anything’s released to the general public by these organisations, you can’t believe a thing they tell you unless you understand their language and I really mean understand their language and their techniques which they admit. Quigley goes through their techniques. They thrive on deception. They thrive on conflict. They cannot get their program through without shake-ups and conflict. It’s essential for them to get forward with this agenda.

They always say they can turn any crisis into an opportunity for their agenda. They say this openly, time after time after time and they don’t go this far to give it all up at the end. If they say they’re losing control they’re lying again.


Now, there’re two callers on the line so I’ll take them first before I continue and tie it in with the present day as to what’s happening. There’s Rico from Toronto. Are you there Rico?


Rico – Hi Alan, how are you?


Alan – Not so bad.


Rico – I have a question for you. I don’t know if you’ve had a question like this before. My question is, is it even kind of worse that...I’m at the age where now all my friends are getting properties, do you know what I mean? They’re paying for them, getting mortgages and all that stuff. Is it even worse to look to get that if later on their plan is to take it away from you?


Alan – Why, when we get slapped in the face time after time with bank crashes, at least twice every century, that’s standard, recessions in between and mortgage failures, why do we keep throwing money into black holes to keep the same system going when it’s never worked on behalf and to the benefit of the public? The public really don’t figure this out. They take it for granted that this benevolent government that they have allows it to keep going because it’ll rectify itself. Never in the history of banking has it rectified itself and stopped crashes and stopped ripping off the public twice in every century. So we never learn.

Now part of their mandate is the end of private property. There are many ways to bring this about over a period of time. It depends on the particular dates they have set to end it all or phase it in, but that’s a definite mandate from the UN all right down. It’s the end of private property. It’s through all the world manifestos and yet we still fall into the same trap, giving ourselves this sense of security that we actually own something, Because somewhere in the deep recesses of our intellect, if we’ve got any left at all, that’s come through unscathed from the indoctrination of the public school system, somewhere we realise that if you own nothing then you’re at the mercy of someone else, you see.

You own nothing even when you buy your property. If you buy a spade and don’t get conditioned with the spade and that an inspector can come in and inspect my spade, measure it and tax me on it. He doesn’t come in and say, ‘you can’t use it on sand, you can only use it in gravel’ and stuff like that, you see? No, someone else owns that spade if that’s the case. I don’t own that spade. You either own something outright or you don’t.

We go through this illusion that we are buying our houses. Now, if you go into any lawyer’s office in Canada or the States or Britain or any of the Commonwealth countries and you will find when you get the little fast-talking guy saying ‘sign this, sign that’.  No, you go through all the stuff he asks you to sign, and you will see that you’re put down as ‘tenant’ not ‘owner’. A ‘tenant’ is not an ‘owner’. You reside there and therefore the ‘owner’ can tax you. The ‘Crown’ in Canada is the owner.


Hold on and I’ll be back after this break.


(Break message) You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


Alan - We’re talking to Rico from Toronto who’s asking about whether it’s worthwhile trying to make a place for yourself really in this life, by using the system and I’m explaining really what the system is because there’s nothing really in this life that you’re allowed to own outright under this particular system. The definition of owning something is that it means it’s yours. It means that no-one can take it from you. If they take it from you it’s called stealing. It doesn’t matter if they change the terminology and say ‘we’re putting a ‘lien’ on it because you haven’t paid taxes’. If you have to pay taxes, you’re paying a rent. In other words it’s called ‘extortion’. It’s an extortion racket.

If you own something and you own a home you should have perfect peace, safety and privacy and security in that home from all outsiders and all so-called government agencies of all kinds. You should be able to survive through a depression and unemployment without being kicked out of your home because the government has decided that you owe them rent which is called ‘taxes’.

So, we’re very, very confused with the terminology we’re given because most folks take things for granted. It sounds nice: ‘Buy your home’. If you can afford to play the game and you are well employed and generally work for government, you’re pretty secure. You can maybe own it for a while then resell it and recoup some cash. But if you’re on the bottom level you’re at the mercy of the whims of a controlled and manipulated market, run by very clever people, who know when to crash it and reap the benefits. They’ve done it so many times over and over.

I understand what you’re saying. You still have to live through this life. It’s going to be here. There’s always been the dominant minority, the same dominant minority, and it’s going to be here for the whole of your life. How do you get through it? I tell people that if you’re going to buy a home, because you do know the histories of this racket, then buy something that’s cheap enough, don’t repair it and don’t put so much money or work into it that you’re afraid to walk away from it because you might have to walk away from it one day. That’s my advice.


Rico – Thank you. That’s a very complete answer. I think this question is also because alot of people feel like...My sister tells me all the time with the information that you expose through this, that you don’t go along to get along. You’re aware; your eyes are have motivation...and not like everyone else, which is, I want to get this just to play the game. Do you see what I’m saying?


Alan – That’s right. Always look after yourself knowing what the history of what you’re doing has done in the past, and just the recent past as well, it’s happened again and the guys who do it get rewarded for ripping you off and nothing goes to ‘money heaven’ It doesn’t disappear. Real estate is exchanged from people who thought they owned it to ones who now do own it. That’s ‘money heaven’ when they collapse the market and they always benefit. Then they get rewarded for ripping off the public because, you see, the same bankers and so on rule the governments. You cannot have a separate banking system and a world society of control and commerce all separate from eachother. They’re all the one system and that’s the key to it.


Rico – Well, thank you so much and I’ll let somebody else get on the line.


Alan – Thanks for calling.


It’s such a deep topic with so much history behind it but that’s really what it is and it’s hard for people to get through that because of their conditioning. Most folk, and this is good what Jacques Ellul said, ‘you know, if you want to know what people want, just look at what all the other people are doing.’ They all do the same things and they all want the same things because they’re told to do and want the same things. They don’t stop and think for themselves and therefore they repeat the same things over and over.

We’re expected to believe that governments just relax all the rules on ‘free market’ like Margaret Thatcher did and so on and other ones and somehow it ‘manages itself’ they said, like the greediest psychopaths on the planet, who run the system, will suddenly become benevolent. No, no, no. They stay sharks but they become bigger sharks. That’s what they allowed them to do and this whole crash was manipulated, not just for profit and more power. That’s part of it. This whole crash was manipulated to move the whole of the world society into a new system of more control under this world centralised banking system; and it’s working.


The general public, like it says in the New Testament and many other holy books, right to the end they’ll be giving in marriage, partying and boozing it up like nothing’s happening because they never learn, and that’s so true; so true.

They always want to believe that their masters are benevolent and want to take care of them. Well tell that to all the thousands who are still losing their homes in the States and elsewhere and they’re getting kicked off into the streets.


Now, we’ll go to Zack in New England. Are you there Zack?


Zack – Yeah, I was just listening to your response there. It’s amazing the clarity with which you present your opening talks; a big picture presentation and then the last answer you gave about the housing situation with the same amount of clarity for a small subject. I hope to be as efficient in my words. But anyway, what you were saying about benevolent rulers, I was looking at Plato’s ‘Republic’ there and it reminded me of Thrasymachus’ view of ‘injustice’ being better than ‘justice’ and that pretty much sums it up with the benevolent rulers, you know, people that are definitely preying on those that think we have altruistic rulers when we really don’t.


Alan – When you look at the psychopathic personality, and there’s that very good book out there called ‘Political Ponerology’, about the study of psychopaths and how they rule societies because they crave power and they’re born within every generation. If you look at the average history of a particular psychopath, you can pick a criminal or whoever that’s been caught at something, they love to boast about what they did once they’re caught because they’re egocentric. The world spins around them. They’re ultra confident but they never admit that they did anything wrong. They always blame the victims. They literally...If it’s a serial rapist who gets off on the power over others, they will actually tell you that the victims, in a sense, actually demanded that they get raped. They can never blame themselves for anything they do, never.


When you look at these big professors that talk at the big groups that change your culture and manage your culture and work at Berkeley and M.I.T. and literally direct the culture towards this path we’re on, they talk with the exact same confidence. Some of them like Brockman admit that yeah, they flooded the US with LSD and the whole ‘free love’ stuff, end marriage, just do as you want, and all the fallout and chaos from that and folk going crazy and shooting people, killing eachother, drowning themselves and walking out of buildings. ‘Well, that’s unfortunate’. They don’t even discuss that because they’re psychopaths, you see?


Zack – Yeah. I don’t know. There’s some amount of optimism there in your opening talk where you mentioned Will Durant and how he had, you know, some regret or grief over, you know, knowing the big picture.


Alan – Well he was found in his hotel. He was found in his hotel and he’d regretted what he did; he left a suicide note. His wife and he were both dead after completing this massive compendium and he wrote to every world leader, at the time, with the same letter. I’ve got copies of it here. It’s even in one of the books that were published at the end and he said, ‘the group I work for are bringing no hope whatsoever into the world of humankind’.

He knew that the work he’d been doing was to convince humankind that they themselves were hopeless and always in danger from eachother unless they were ruled by those that were ‘fittest’. So he’d lied to the public. He spent years taking big money to do all this stuff and set up the World Federalists as well. He was approached to be the spokesman for them. He wrote to Stalin. He wrote to Churchill. He wrote to all the big leaders admitting that he’d basically fudged all the work on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation and the globalists who wanted to bring in this world society with benevolent dictators.


Zack – I had a strange moment yesterday, just normal living I suppose and my brother just came out of a relationship like me. It was long term. But anyway, he’s been seeing this other girl and we both live with my parents for a short time here. But anyway, my mom was getting upset with my brother but for the fact that he wouldn’t call this girl that he was seeing his girlfriend even though he would spend the night at her place. So she told me ‘did you hear me tell Jack this or that?’ She went to do something else and when she left my dad came in to talk to me and said ‘jeez, if she only knew the stuff that I’ve dealt with on a regular basis,’ he works for the department of education in the state of Maine and he’s told me about all the cases he hears of erotic play between the young kids there, you know.  He said one story he heard today on the bus that I didn’t ask him to repeat but I thought, ‘jeez that’s exactly right out of Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. It’s really scary. It’s like they really are destroying the bonds and any chance for people to have, you know, kids.


Alan – You’ve got it.


Zack – And you’re talking about the money system. I mean I’ve had quite a few relationships that were, well I don’t know, 3 or so that were 2 years plus and in a different system I kind of think ‘well jeez, I should really have kids from any one of those relationships or still be in them and just on the basis that we have a monetary system, where, you know, people put off their futures, you know.


Alan – You postpone the future.


Zack – It never takes off the ground.


Alan – That’s what Charles Galton Darwin said in his book ‘The Next Million Years’, If we can convince the public and forego families and buy the car instead and the goodies, then that will stop them from having children. So materialism was to be replaced for it but they also had big groups working, especially during the drugs era and so on working on this very thing, of separating emotional bonding from the sexual act and that was to get mandated by teaching it in school and causing obsessional fixations, neurotic fixations on sexual gratification without bonding and that’s what you’re seeing today. It’s through every so-called rock music or pop or whatever they want to call it today. It’s just no melody music. When you see the females they’re putting out there into erotica and now you’ve got children at 8 years old trying to dance like them and gesticulate like strippers, they’re already being trained for their ‘Brave New World’ roles.


Zack – It’s pretty sick. You mentioned music and I don’t want to hold up the line too long but there was a song from a British folk group that I liked. It was a good music video but one of the lines in it said something like ‘when you pray to a God who you never believed’. And there’s a new guy, well not a new guy but somebody new to my particular line of work who’s been travelling with us because we have another one that’s out for surgery. So the channel for the music is on ‘pop music’ and one of the lines from a mainstream song now is very similar and they repeat ‘pray to a God you don’t believe in’ which is very similar to that same lyric from 2 or 3 years ago from England. It might have been more than that. But that’s classic doublespeak, doublethink bringing in a scientific dictatorship if you will because they’re already saying in the song that you don’t believe in God.


Alan – They’re always programming you, programming you. As I say, if you look into ‘START’ with the Vienna Group and their inner circle. They also had a musical group doing experimental music from the 1800’s into the 1900’s. Then they combined with the philosophical groups and then they also created the movements, the Frankfurt Group. They decided to use art, music and psychology and philosophy mixed together with the precision of wording; word precision of mind control wording from the actual Vienna Group itself running through the lyrics.

That hasn’t changed today and also with the incredible use of symbology; the incredible use of symbology as a language, a definite mental language which we all subconsciously understand. It programs us subconsciously and it doesn’t come into our consciousness that we’ve even been programmed. There’re stacks of stuff out there on these particular groups and they were brought into the US in the 1930’s and given presidential rights through the Macy Group to form, create and take over the American culture of the future. Alot of them belonged to the OSS. They then transformed into the CIA, still working with the same groups and that’s why they published that book too, that only goes up to around 1967 about America and how the CIA controlled America’s culture during the Cold War.

It was all these groups that gave you your culture. They brought in the drugs with the permission of the government and the big pharma companies that made those drugs, the LSD and so on and they were also given millions and millions of dollars to train specific people to be the first ‘stars’. Their job was to make them stars with unlimited funding; people who could never make a dime on the street with a guitar and a hat were to be made stars but as long as they followed orders and sang about the things that brought in the sex and the free love and all that stuff into it. Their stuff was all written for them.

Theo Adorno was a big player with the Frankfurt Group.


Zack – And his work with the Beatles there.


Alan – He owned the rights to all the Beatles’ songs and when he died and they went up for auction, Michael Jackson competed with Paul McCartney for the titles and Jackson won out and I read recently when Jackson died, I suppose the rights of the Beatles’ titles will be up for sale again. I don’t know what’s happened or who’s bought them.


Zack – Anyway, it’s a pretty hopeless picture, you know. I know that I’ve been mind-bombed with the chemtrails and the Ritalin as a kid and everything else but I try to cling to hope that, you know, by solving, by getting into this stuff that maybe you can you know...


Alan – There’s hope, there’s hope but you’ve got to understand the enemy no matter how painful it is.


I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.

It’s overwhelming to people when they haven’t really studied it all and even when you study alot of it, it still seems overwhelming but you’ve got to break through the conditioning that you’ve had a system – that’s my whole point here – that you’ve had a system that served you. You’ve never had a system that served you. It never existed. The greatest trick is to train peoples into nations and then tell them that they have a nation. Well, if you have a nation, once again you’ve a right to this and a right to that and a right to private property, but you don’t. Your government then comes in and tells you that you don’t serve you at all. They order you. They dictate to you but they don’t serve you.


When they can tell you to go off and fight in some war they’ve planned on, that alot of their boys will profit on, you don’t have a nation. No, you’re serving a private business here. But the best person to work in such a system is someone who’s a good slave who really thinks that they’re fighting for themselves. The slaves don’t like being upgraded to the next pasture because you’ve gotten used to the pasture you’re in because you’ve been left a certain amount of your freedoms to play yourself in your spare time; lots of entertainment, bread and circuses like never before. That’s what we’ve got now. That’s why we’ve got so much like never before, now.


Look at the countries that were set up to be the test beds for all of this, the ones that pushed the very foundation of this global society. Look at England.


There’s an article here...


“The nine-bin nightmare: Families forced to follow green zealots' new recycling diktats”


Diktats! 24th April, 2010. You’ve got 9 different things to sort out into 9 separate bags now or you get £2000 fine if you don’t. You work for them. You see, you’re working for private business. You’re doing the recycling. You’re sorting it all out. The companies get their factories built to recycle all the plastics by government grants, which is your tax money again. You’re working for free and you can’t figure that simple thing out. That’s Britain, as I say, the home of ‘democracy’. Remember the UN said they based their system for world government on the British Commonwealth.


“Parents of under-fives face 'nanny state' home inspections [from the government] to keep children safe”


A new law they just passed. 18th May 2010 from Britain. Your private property? The state’s coming in there to make sure the children are going to be safe in your house and that you’ve got thermal safety stops and so on all the water supplies so the little child won’t scald itself and all this stuff; special stairs, gates and locks on medicines and stuff like that; inspections, inspections, inspections. That is your benevolent dictatorship run by control freaks and they keep creating more and more jobs for their family members who all have the psychopathic control freak gene in them.

There’s no end to this. Do you realise that you cannot fix a system that has gone this far that even has lots of thousands of families now where they’ve put mandatory cameras in their homes so government agencies can watch you. You can’t fix this system, you can’t negotiate with these people, you understand? You can’t do it. It’s beyond repair and it’s non-negotiable. What’s left to lose?


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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