May 19, 2010 (#580)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 19, 2010:

UK Manifesto:
Austerity -- Service to Your Community,
Political Correctness, No Disunity:

"De-Personalize, De-Culturalize, Welfare State,
Then Plundered by Banks People Love to Hate,
Time for Next Phase of Scripted Sentence,
Communitarianism, Austerity and Interdependence,
Sold Under Guise of Citizen Involvement,
End Game of Personal and Nation Devolvement,
'Your Community's Responsible for Mess it's In,
Practice Austerity, Serve and Chip-In,
We're All In It Together, Sacrifice, You Should
Rejoice in Simplicity for the Common Good,
Now Serving Together Requires New Rules,
But We've Already Trained Professors with Tools,
Ensuring Political Correctness is Drummed into Leaders,
They'll Guide Society, Build Communal Feeders,
Work with Solidarity Until Each Sunset,
In a Thousand Years, You'll Pay Off the Debt' "
© Alan Watt May 19, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 19, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 19, 2010.  For newcomers, look into and bookmark all the pages you see up there for the alternate sites.  I’ve got problems right now with the .com site and if you bookmark these other sites you can always download the latest shows as time goes on; that’s if I can get to use them too because I’m getting problems not with just uploading through the server but I’m getting problems from the different sites themselves and the providers.  Hopefully that will be taken care of over the next week or so.  [Official sites listed above.]  When you are in there you can see the archives; there are hundreds of audios there.  Make use of them while you can.  I try to fill in the big blanks in history and the present blanks that you are not given by the mainstream media, to show you how you are simply living through a script, a script that was planned long ago and played by all parties because all parties really take their orders from the SAME source towards a common goal which they are brining into place right now.  I’ll be talking about that tonight.  When you are in the site too, see the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale and purchase them.  I tell you, or show you in a certain technique how to deprogram yourself from your linear thinking.  Those who rule you know and understand and are taught non linear thinking, and some of them are actually raised that way.  That’s why the people never benefit from anything that happens from the big boys at the top. We get bread and circuses and lots of shows.  Sometimes they change their faces but it’s all the same organization that they have loyalty to and they are working towards the same agenda.  [Ordering and donation option listed above.]  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Tonight I’m going to show you some of how this agenda we are going through works.  You can’t do an awful lot in an hour; that’s the unfortunate thing.  There is so much history to it and so many names and organizations and connections and histories of the connections between the cooperating organizations - that run our lives - going WAY back, so far, it would take volumes and volumes of just reading through them to understand them.  I have done a lot of this myself over many, many years.  What happens now is simply a new phase and I’ll be talking about what’s happening in Britain right now with the election and what happened and what is declared in the newspapers as ‘amazing new changes…’ amazing new changes that have to come into place in Britain.  I’ll explain what these changes really are because the media isn’t really explaining what’s behind it, who planned it, or all the agreements that have already been signed towards it.  However, to the general public it will sound kind of wonderful, kind of like a reenactment of the hippy era.  There is a sense of excitement and change… generated by the media and even from the government at the top and even from the Conservatives such as the BBC, as they call them, which really is anything but conservative; it’s internationalist.  I’ll show you how this will all tie together because we are living through a script. 


Some people say to me, it must be tough to prepare for the show.  I don’t prepare for the show in the way that you think.  I don’t prepare what I’m going to say.  I generally decide on the spur of the moment.  I'll be back with more, on a particular thought that came into my head just at the start, after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big changes that we’re going through and we’ve been going through them for a long time, in fact our whole lives.  People don’t even know what set up the start of the changes before they were born.  It’s not taught in schools.  It’s not taught in history because most of the REAL histories are OMITTED from general schools.  Special schools, Ivy League schools and so on tend to have them there; all the best books written by their own, all the associations and the players and so on, but other schools omit them all together. 


We’ve watched the amalgamation of Europe for instance.  We’ve had exposés on television in Canada about the integration of the Americas.  In fact, it was announced in Canada on the mainstream CBC – that’s our version of the BBC in Canada, government funded – and Global television as well, by the Council on Foreign Relations own staff who are all ex-politicians who said that they drafted up the integration charter for the Americas to be signed in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Supposedly the last one is to be signed this year.  They came out openly for the first time, not as advisors to politicians; they came out openly AS the Council on Foreign Relations itself. 


In the UK they have the Royal Institute of International Affairs because it exists under Royal Charter.  It’s a PRIVATE organization, as is the CFR itself.  They do place their members all through bureaucracies across the world and all through the British Commonwealth and they put them through the US government as well, under the Council on Foreign Relations.  ‘Royal’ doesn’t go down too well in the United States; that’s why they called it the Council on Foreign Relations.  These guys work towards a world society, a world society they seldom talk about, at least to the public.  It’s so intertwined… so intertwined, there are so many different departments, special departments working together towards a particular type of society but it will GIVE THE APPEARANCE OF A SOCIALIST SOCIETY.  We’ve been going through the changes for that really since the ‘50s and speeding up in the ‘60s and then the massive welfare state part of it.  Then the plundering of the banks part of it and the banks always stay supreme because they will continue onto the next phase as well, which is COMMUTARIANISM, it’s called. 


Commutarianism is an idea which is based, really, when you compare it to what it looks like, as the Soviet model, where people live in their communities, you all participate in civic society, you do voluntary work when you are told to, and supposedly you get the right to decide what happens in your community.  It all sounds rather wonderful but in reality, like the Soviet Union, it wasn’t run that way at all.  You’ll find the head ones are appointed or they are already TRAINED for their positions, coming out FROM you, appearing AS you, and taking over the leadership positions.  You’ll find groups like Common Purpose are doing this.  I’m going to read an article here from the BBC and explain what this is, what it means, and how this ties together. 


Nick Clegg pledges biggest political reform since 1832. / Wednesday, 19 May 2010


(Alan:  They’ve got a coalition government there, that happens in Britain sometimes where you can have two parties that were neck-and-neck and they share power for about 4 years or so.  They are going to take a 5 year run at it this time it says here.  You have conservatives, supposedly, which are not conservatives, and you have liberal democrats, which are not really liberal democrats, working together here.  So Nick Clegg, I think he’s from the liberals, is promising all the public this wonderful utopia.)


Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has promised the "biggest shake-up of our democracy" in 178 years as he sets out plans for political reform.


The Tory-Lib Dem coalition is proposing fixed-term parliaments, an elected House of Lords (A:  For the first time supposedly.) and a referendum on changing the voting system.


Mr Clegg said the government was "not insecure about relinquishing control".


The Lib Dem leader also called on the public to nominate laws to be repealed, as part of a "power revolution".   (A:  You’d better look up these terms because you will find that these are little slangs and slogans that they use amongst themselves and you will find they are out there and you’ll find how you can associate them with other, much bigger plans and organizations.)


Mr Clegg, who is overseeing the government's political reform plans, said he wanted to "transform our politics so the state has far less control over you, (A:  Sounds wonderful, right.) and you have far more control over the state".




This would include scrapping the ID card scheme and accompanying National Identity Register, all future biometric passports and the children's Contact Point Database. (A:  Remember, this is a politician who will tell you whatever you want to hear to stay in power… and to pull the wool over your eyes.  I hope everyone has learned that by now.  Doubtful though.)  It would also ensure CCTV (A:  All these cameras they have up.  Now listen to the terminology again…) was "properly regulated" in future (A:  What does properly regulated mean?  Nothing.) and the storage of innocent people's DNA restricted(A:  Restricted.  Why shouldn’t it be scrapped all together?)


Mr Clegg said: "Britain was once the cradle of modern democracy. We are now, on some measures, the most centralised country in Europe, bar Malta."  (A:  What is the reality of that? Britain is locked into a European Union.  It is now one of the little minions under that union.  It doesn’t address that at all.  What is happening now is the next phase for all those countries in the Union, as you gave up your sovereignty step by step by step with integrating into the Union.  Now you go the next step, as they transform society, into the term that George Bush Sr used, ‘communitarianism.’)


The deputy prime minister promised to give voters powers to "recall" corrupt MPs and for an elected House of Lords, based on a "proportional" voting system.


He said: "I'm talking about the most significant programme of empowerment by a British government since the great enfranchisement of the 19th Century.


"The biggest shake up of our democracy since 1832, when the Great Reform Act redrew the boundaries of British democracy, for the first time extending the franchise beyond the landed classes."  (A:  It took World War I actually to get the vote in for the ordinary people.)


He added: "Incremental change will not do. It is time for a wholesale, big bang approach to political reform."  (A:  Remember, he will never touch on the same banking system that must always stay in place, that plunders you every couple of centuries.  He won’t touch on that at all.  He won’t touch on the massive, incredible debt that Britain is carrying.  They can never pay it off.  Even if they could breed for another thousand years they couldn’t pay it off.)


He accused the previous government of "obsessive lawmaking" and pledged to "get rid of the unnecessary laws" and "introduce a mechanism to block pointless new criminal offences".  (A:  They promise, remember, they promise, you see.  ‘We promise something’ is politics, it’s not legally binding, remember.  I hope people have learned that in their lifetime.)


He promised to ask the public "which laws you think should go" as they "tear through the statute book".  (A:  Remember, the face of Britain has been UTTERLY turned upside-down in the last quite a few years.  The culture is in flux; it really doesn’t have a culture now.  That was the intention of Blair then Brown.  Blair, I read the articles on the radio that Blair told his next in command that he would change the face of Britain forever through massive immigration until they could never go back to any other way of thinking or doing.)


Mr Clegg added: "This government is going to persuade you to put your faith in politics once again."  (A:  Well, suckers you if you do.)


He said differences between the Lib Dems and Conservatives were "almost impossible to spot" when it came to wanting to decentralise power. 


The plan, if you go through the plan that the Royal Institute of International Affairs drew up when they wanted an integrated Europe, they wanted it based on the Soviet ideal.  They worked with the Soviets.  They also wanted to bring it in through stages… until it came down to the local area where you’d find, as I say, you not only are born as a citizen now with certain duties, which is to pay taxes and do what you are told, but you would be born with certain community duties to do as well, and lots of volunteerism and so on.  Really, it will be a lot worse because it’s going even further, through the United Nations.  One day in the next few years you will have your food rationed VIA the United Nations to your little community and if you have bred above your capacity or quota then you have to find ways of bringing that population down because you aren’t getting any more food.  So you read all this stuff and you go right down to the bottom and then it’s about backtracking on certain things as well and they pretend they are not so pally as they really are.  This is all planned that they get in together like this, with this whole thing here.


Another thing that they didn’t mention was the fact that, you see, Britain has a strange Parliament.  The Queen is the ruler of the country.  I’ll put a link up here along with the other articles I read tonight; go into the site and you’ll find them.  It’s the opening of the Parliament by the Queen’s Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard. 


The Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard

Created and maintained by Yeoman William Norton /


You see, they can’t open or close Parliament without permission of Her Majesty… because the government IS Her Majesty’s government.  They can’t pass a law without her signing it.  Nothing really changes folks; you just get shafted more and more under different guises, but they want your cooperation this time.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning that the Queen has to open Parliament and accept it or dismiss it and all this kind of stuff and how everything and everybody in it swears allegiance to the Crown.  That’s the first oath they have.  Everyone in uniform in Britain and its Commonwealth countries swears allegiance to the Crown, not to the country in which they live, or the people whom they are supposed to serve.  So nothing really changes.  The same players always rule.  They always rule, the same players, with their banks too, always rule.  I’ll put this link up and you can see this incredible pageantry that they go through to open it up and all the different characters involved and all the terms they use for the particular people in the procession, like the ‘Red Dragon’ and stuff like this.  No kidding.  No kidding.  This is from their official web site on it.  And you think you’re going to get a change and some kind of for-the-people democracy. 


Where are they going with all of this?  They are bound together under treaty which takes away sovereignty, a lot of sovereignty and the rights as to what you can do in your own country.  They are centralizing their bookkeeping system for the bankers because the bankers are in charge of all that, and the Central Bank for the European Parliament.  The next step is the communitarian phase which was planned and talked about a long time ago.  It’s had different names and in the ‘90s they changed it again to communitarianism. 


This particular article I’m going to read now is about global governance.  Then I’ll go on to communitarianism which all ties in from this site too, and many other sites out there.  It’s from  It’s a site that’s put up FOR all those active in bringing in global governance and have been for a long time, involved in it.  Not the higher players mind you; remember, there is always the OUTER PARTY and there is an INNER PARTY, as Orwell told us. 


G-20 and IMF Officials Institutionalize Economic Global Governance

by Jim Kelly / Wednesday, April 28, 2010 /


In particular, we are floating the idea of a new multilateral surveillance procedure. . . . I believe the world is ready for a shift to this more "systemic" vision of IMF surveillance. A clear indication is the G-20's launch of the Mutual Assessment Process. The so-called MAP aims to reduce risks to the system by making the world's largest economies accountable-to each other-for ensuring the global consistency of their economic policies. . . Of course, there is a much broader range of international policy challenges than those currently being considered by the MAP. And an enhanced multilateral approach, with increased accountability between countries, is essential for finding lasting solutions. I see a role for the IMF to help address these kinds of multilateral problems.

~ From an address by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, (A:  Which is nothing but a front really, for the World Bank and it’s the same few banking families that run it and supposedly every government appoints a member to it, just like the UN, exactly the same as the UN in fact; it has to swear allegiance TO the organization and not to their country when they go there.)  at the Bretton Woods Committee Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., February 26, 2010.


The Group of Twenty ("G-20") nations, the new Financial Stability Board ("FSB"), and the International Monetary Fund ("IMF") are progressing on two fronts: the monitoring and revision of national and regional economic plans (A:  National and REGIONAL economic plans…) to facilitate global economic governance and the pursuit of a financial industry regulatory reform agenda.


Big shake-ups all right.  And here is this guy in Britain promising people they are going to have some kind of wonderful participation in decision making… using the exact same system under a hierarchy of Royalty who are intermarried with the banking communities and we’ve seen what they do time after time after time.  Don’t forget, they were the same Royal families who gave you the charter for the Royal Institute of International Affairs which was made up of the Cecil Rhodes Group and the Lord Milner Group.  The Lord Alfred Milner Group were the bankers and they became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations who work all over the world to bring in this plan, step by step by step.  They use all academia; they change culture in society, through academia and the culture creators, a generation at a time. Now it is much quicker.  It’s not 70 years; they can change it and upgrade it every 2 to 3 to 5 years. 


We’re all integrated monetary-wise now and it’s time for - since we’ve lost sovereignty and are losing sovereignty - it’s time for bringing out communitarianism.  When you look at the Conservative / Liberal Democrat government coalition, they’ve put out something called…


Building the Big Society


Our Conservative - Liberal Democrat Government has come together with a driving ambition: to put more power and opportunity into people’s hands.


We want to give citizens, communities and local government the power and information they need to come together, solve the problems they face and build the Britain they want.  (A:  That will be the day when the people build something they want.  They get taxed on it.  I'll be back with more and explain this to you and dissect it after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading this ‘Big Society’ that is supposed to be brought in, starting again with the flagship Britain.  This is how it always goes because Britain has always been the flagship for this new world order.  The plans were hatched there too, in London, long, long ago.  Carroll Quigley documented a lot of it in his book, Tragedy and Hope and his other one, The Anglo-American Establishment.  He showed you how the wars came about and he showed you how these guys were behind the setting up of wars, of conflict for geopolitical reasons.  Not only change in the world as such but also to change societies and the cultures of the societies as well.  But to go on with their ‘Big Society’ and building it…


We want society – the families, networks, neighbourhoods and communities that form the fabric of so much of our everyday lives – to be bigger and stronger than ever before. Only when people and communities are given more power and take more responsibility can we achieve fairness and opportunity for all.


Building this Big Society isn’t just the responsibility of just one or two departments. It is the responsibility of every department of Government, and the responsibility of every citizen too. Government on its own cannot fix every problem. We are all in this together.  (A:  There is that famous line, again, from the movie Brazil, the comedy, totalitarian movie which basically showed you a society of total centralization, all data collection and so on. The slogans were everywhere.  You are under a big war all the time against terrorists that no one ever sees.  The slogans are always ‘we are all in this together’.  You’ll hear that through every war.)  We need to draw on the skills and expertise of people across the country as we respond to the social, political and economic challenges Britain faces.


This document outlines the already agreed policies that we believe will help make that possible. It is the first strand of a comprehensive Programme for Government to be published in the coming days, which will deliver the reform, renewal, fairness and change Britain needs.  (A:  Once again, they are telling you what it needs.  Politicians are telling you what you need.)


1. Give communities more powers (A:  You’d better sit and think about that.  Remember what I said before, the BLEND that was to come out of the Soviet/Western pact, according to Norman Dodd, was a combination of the two together.  I’ve always told you it would be a fascist bunch on the top living high off the hog; you are all of the hogs of course, that’s how they talk about us.  Down below, people live in the little communities where everything is shared, that also – if you go into it deeper – would mean the END OF ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY and private business ownership.  TECHNICALLY your community is going to own all of this stuff.  But of course they don’t say it in this particular little part here.)


- We will radically reform the planning system to give neighbourhoods far more ability to determine the shape of the places in which their inhabitants live.


- We will introduce new powers to help communities save local facilities (A:  So you will be left with the burden.  After building hospitals and all the rest of it and watching them being sold off, you’ll be given the burden of keeping them going.  If you can’t keep them going, well, you’re going to blame your government.  They’ll say well, you are in charge of it, you people there; you are just not producing enough; that’s your problem, deal with it.)  and services threatened with closure, and give communities the right to bid to take over local state-run services.  (A:  The sharing of massive taxes locally.  It means that too.  Of course you will still have federal ones as well.)


- We will train a new generation (A:  This is the part the interests me because it’s right out of the techniques and the wording of the Chatham House Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Their whole idea, in every generation, they’ve been doing it for 100 years, is to train certain people, from childhood, to be local and governmental leaders, as is the organization that is called Common Purpose.)  of community organisers and support the creation of neighbourhood groups across the UK, especially in the most deprived areas.


2. Encourage people to take an active role in their communities (A:  Remember I told you, one day if you don’t turn up at a community event, they will be coming and looking for you…  What’s wrong, are you anti-social?  I’ve said that over and over for years.)


- We will take a range of measures to encourage volunteering and involvement in social action, including launching a national ‘Big Society Day’ and making regular community involvement a key element of civil service staff appraisals.  (A:  For years and years and years they have been retiring federal civil servants and scattering them across the countries.  They start up little NGO groups that become rather big and popular.  That’s how your environmental groups got started folks, by semi-retired or retired top civil servants across the world; it’s happened here in Canada.  I watched it happen.  I followed them.  I traced them.  I watched what was going on.)


- We will take a range of measures to encourage charitable giving and philanthropy(A:  So you will be blended in your communitarian groups, with the George Soroses of the world, you see, and the Bill Gates and all these philanthropies because after all, they are all part of the foundations that have always been the parallel government, or work for them, and created the NGOs and funded them.)


- We will introduce a National Citizen Service. The initial flagship project will provide a programme for 16 year olds to give them a chance to develop the skills needed to be active and responsible citizens, (A:  Once again, you are being TAUGHT, as you go through these courses, what KIND of citizen they are talking about because they’ve already got a preconceived idea.  It will be different from YOURS; I can guarantee it.) mix with people from different backgrounds, (A:  For the global society.) and start getting involved in their communities.  (A:  It is going to be mandatory, eventually… to get any work if you are not involved in your community and you’re politically correct.  Remember, ‘soviet’ means ‘rule by councils’.  Their charter sounded WONDERFUL in theory, but of course the big boys put all of their own leaders in, on top of the NGOS that represent YOU and your community and the people get the dregs at the end, of the economy.)


3. Transfer power from central to local government

- We will promote the radical devolution of power and greater financial autonomy to local government, including a full review of local government finance.  (A:  Well, how much of the debt are they going to slap on these emerging, new little communities?  Because they are not going to write that off.)

- We will give councils a general power of competence.

- We will abolish Regional Spatial Strategies and return decision-making powers on housing and planning to local councils.  (A:  You will have to belong to the proper cliques to get anything done, just like it was in the Soviet Union.)


4. Support co-ops, mutuals, charities and social enterprises

- We will support the creation and expansion of mutuals, co-operatives, charities and social enterprises, and support these groups to have much greater involvement in the running of public services.

- We will give public sector workers a new right to form employee-owned co-operatives (A:  See, it’s cooperative.  That’s how it going to be folks, no private business.) and bid to take over the services they deliver. This will empower millions of public sector workers to become their own boss and help them to deliver better services.  (A:  Right!)

- We will use funds from dormant bank accounts to establish a Big Society Bank, which will provide new finance for neighbourhood groups, charities, social enterprises and other nongovernmental bodies(A:  Non-governmental bodies… NGOs.)


5. Publish government data

- We will create a new ‘right to data’ so that government-held datasets can be requested and used by the public, and then published on a regular basis.

- We will oblige the police to publish detailed local crime data statistics every month, (A:  They are already doing that in Britain, by the way.  See, they are already underway with all of this stuff before they actually come out and announce it.  There are web sites up in Britain where you can actually look in to see the worst crime areas and what it is that day and so on.) so the public can get proper information about crime in their neighbourhoods and hold the police to account for their performance. 


Commutarianism.  What do they stand for, commutarianism?  Well, the NGOs have been formed long ago for them by, again, the big foundations in the US, Canada, across the British Commonwealth countries and Britain itself.  It says…


Quotes and Excerpts - Reinventing Government

What the Communitarians Stand For

Compiled by Niki Raapana, revised 3/04/05 -


Communitarianism (Idea and Movement in politics) - "With the demise of true socialism as a viable intellectual force, communitarianism is now the most active philosophical opposition to libertarianism. Communitarianism is usually presented in a vague terms, but it is probably best understood as a mild form of collectivism or "democratic socialism." From the The Ism Book


"The theory is based on a two-dimensional political grid that rejects the one-dimensional, liberal-conservative spectrum. It’s explained in detail on a Web site Janda created,, which also offers a self-test to determine where you fall on the grid.   (A:  You can actually look further into it at this site, but you’ll also find it in the university sites as well.  They are against INDIVIDUALISM.  That’s part of their manifesto.  The individual is a problem, to the world controllers obviously.  That’s who it’s a problem to.  That’s why you are going to work co-operatively, in co-ops, for the community.  If you want to know more about it, go back a few years to Alvin Toffler.  You’ll find Newt Gingrich was passing out Toffler’s book called The Third Way to every Congressman in the United States to let them know what their real mission was all about.  The Third Way… look into it yourselves; I won’t do all the homework for you.  You can do something for yourself I am sure.)


In Their Own Words - The Communitarian Network


"The Communitarian Network is a coalition of individuals and organizations who have come together to shore up the moral, social, and political environment. We are a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, transnational association.... The Communitarian Network investigates issues and policies such as the balance between rights and responsibilities in society, community justice, multiculturalism, the community's moral voice, and developing global society."  (A:  What it actually is folks is the epitome of political correctness.  To survive in these communities you’ll have to constantly update yourself in political correctness for what’s right TODAY, as opposed from yesterday and tomorrow.)


"Communitarian thinking is not an American import. Its roots sprout from ancient Greece and the Old and New Testaments. (I was trained by Martin Buber in Jerusalem.) While each society must evolve its own communitarian answers, the challenges are similar. Man and woman do not live by bread alone; it is unwise to believe that all we need is economic rehabilitation. We require our daily acts to be placed into a context of transcendent meaning and their moral import made clear."  (A:  And there are various professors who’ve written books on it, quite a few in the US as well.)


That was the end goal of a big part of the manifesto set out by Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It’s also what’s really referred to as ‘Century of Change’ that we are NOW in.  The 21st century was to be THE Century of Change.  Under all these ideas of what APPEARS to be on paper, like the Soviet, the Soviet Charter, unlike what it says on paper, it’s going to be an absolute nightmare for people unless you literally rub shoulders with people all the time in your community and say and do all the right things, attend all the proper functions, or else you have a new Stasi turning up to find out why you didn’t, or the psychological team backed by a SWAT team to find out why you didn’t attend these particular functions.  Are you anti-social


Of course they use psychiatry in it in a big way.  The whole thing is about reshaping our way of thinking.  Psychology and behaviorists’ theology, they’ve already stacked all the universities with the right people through testing of these people when they were students who will also become teachers and professors to ensure that they teach it.  When you go into the science of propaganda and the science of mind control, when the top group wants evangelists out there amongst the public, you must create TRUE BELIEVERS.  True believers, only a true believing evangelist will be believed by the people he is trying to convince.  They have massive, incredible psychological tests; they’ve had them for an awful long time.  It was the same test that they used to pick guys for the CIA, designed by the same person in fact.  They can tell every flaw that you have and every weak area that you have and where to bolster it and how to BLOCK your own personality from developing so you don’t fudge your job.  Perfect sciences.  Then they go into the universities and teach the children.  Then they in turn pick ones for likely candidates. 


Communitarian is simply the next step after you amalgamate into and give up sovereignty to a centralized power of Europe.  Then it is your responsibility in your community, all of you in your community, to make sure you can get by with food, the distribution of wealth and clothing and shoes and everything else down the road. That’s what’s coming down the road.  As time goes on in Britain - this will unfold there because the country is too broke you see, just SO incredibly broke that they can’t pay off this massive debt - everyone has got to sacrifice and really tighten their belts.  Just like the Soviet Union, they will have competitions between communities to see who is doing well - in their propaganda papers, the British Pravda - and who the best workers are and what they’ve achieved and sacrificed to get and so on.  That’s what it’s all about. 


You see, every election is rigged.  The people are all chosen in advance. The parties are chosen.  The winners are chosen.   …all in advance… and always have been, always have been.  Those who ruled never, ever decided to let go of rulership and power, any more than their relatives in the banking industry ever decided to let go of their stranglehold of their corrupt system.  That’s what they have to live through now in Britain.  After all, Britain is the flagship, as I say.  Some very good movies came out of Britain years ago, one was Fahrenheit 451.  In it you see the regimented society, very much like George Orwell’s, where the vans from the local government come around and order everyone out into their lawns, every member of the family so they can be inspected and seen and so on… and they all obey quietly and do so.  That sounded crazy when it came out in Britain, but it’s not crazy now.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the coming system that Britain is to spearhead and test pilot it basically.  People in Britain always get the suffering edge of things to be tried on the rest of the planet.  That’s just the way it goes.  Step by step they will introduce exactly what I’m talking about here over a period of time.  They will keep their pulse on the public to see if they are ready for the next step and the next step and the next step, with constant data collection.  Quite easy to do. 


This is all under global governance.  The whole idea was to end sovereignty of nations, bind then through treaties and alliances - initially through treaties - to the UN, and then denationalize them.  As you decentralize their power, at the same time centralize the governments into a central body like the EU parliament that’s now supreme over the whole of Europe, the WHOLE of Europe with its own central banking system.  Everything becomes a little colony around it; all those countries are now little colonies, you might say.  They call them regions.  That was the big plan to bring in the new feudal system, the new feudal system that Quigley talked about.  The big corporations keep going, the big international, multi national corporations keep going.  They are the new feudal overlords and of course they will also be negotiating with these little, lovely communities, as they do their basket weaving and so on and trading amongst themselves, supposedly, in theory at least. 


Going back to Global Governance Watch, it tells you what they are. 


About Global Governance Watch


Global Governance Watch (GGW) is a joint project of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies. Its goal is to raise awareness about global governance, to monitor how international organizations influence domestic political outcomes, and to address issues of transparency and accountability within the United Nations, related intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), and other non-state actors.


GGW focuses on four thematic pillar areas: Human Rights, Environment & Health, Law & Sovereignty, and Economics & Development. The GGW website catalogues legal resources, commentaries, and academic papers related to global governance. It also posts up-to-date content with In the Spotlight and On the Issues commentaries written by GGW staff and occasional outside contributors. In addition to the website, GGW hosts public events and participates in related conferences dealing with global governance themes. (A:  They’ve got a lot of stuff on their site about various topics and so on. Their whole point… this site is FOR the non-governmental organizations to follow, and who to lobby, and all the rest of it.)


GGW also promotes transparency and accountability in nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) on the NGOWatch section of its website. NGOs are key influencers of governments, corporations, and international institutions. (A:  And you thought… why were you voting all this time?  What were you voting for if these little organization, these thousands of them, these ‘thousand points of light’ as Mr Bush referred to them, were actually making the decisions, for their masters of course, who fund them, the big foundations, who are owned by the big bankers.)  As NGOs address critical issues – human rights, environmental protection, and poverty reduction, among them – and often receive funding in whole or in part from governments, (A:  Your tax money funds these guys too, because they call themselves charities and non-governmental organizations.) it is important that they are encouraged to embrace the same standards of transparency and accountability that they demand from governments and corporations.


That will be the day because they’ve been liars since they were set up, all these NGOs were… ALL these NGOs.  If Jesus Christ came back tomorrow to set one up to get back to the truth, or at least some decent way of living where you’re left alone, they’d have it taken over as soon as he turned his back.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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