May 20, 2010 (#581)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 20, 2010:

Overlords Plan to Save Us, Vote, give Thanks
In World Commune, Owned by the Banks:

"Some Figure with Facts, Reason with Ease,
Following Signs and Symptoms of Disease,
Most get Lost, Confused or Broken
When Various Names for Disease Spoken,
Suckers for Parties, Left-Right-Liberal,
Discarding Memory,  Unforgivable,
Vainly Leaving for Politicos to Fix,
Blinded by Magic and Bag of Tricks,
Nudged Along Without Ever Knowing
Disease Flourishes by Bacteria Growing,
An Integrated System of Bankers Detected,
With Social Plan to Where World Directed,
Long History of Raising or Crushing at Will
Countries and Empires, Masters at Skill,
This Familiar Group of Banking Bacteria
Can Lull us to Sleep, or Whip up Hysteria,
Microbes Know Purpose, no Concept of Sinning,
To Cure this Disease, We Need New Beginning"
© Alan Watt May 20, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 20, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 20, 2010.  Newcomers, look into  Scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have up there because Iím in the midst of moving around to the different servers right now and if you bookmark the other sites at least youíll get the latest shows from one of them, until I have all the other servers up and running.  [Official sites listed above.]  While you are there, look into the items I have for sale, the books, CDs and DVDs or you can donate and THAT will help keep me trickling over here because thatís all I do is trickle over.  [Ordering and donation option listed above.]  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them - and lots of folk do; itís amazing how people are passing disks of talks around at different meetings all over the place, all over Europe and different parts of the world - you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Itís astonishing really, as we live through these transitionsÖ remember this is the age of transition.  This is the new century.  This is the Century of Change. Theyíve used different terms for the same program and agenda because there only is ONE program and agenda and that is a very old one, the planned society, post-democratic, to be ruled and governed Ė thatís why they call it governance.  Even the national politicians are using governance now.  Theyíre all on board with it because the rats smell the wind and politicians come from that particular type of family so theyíre very politically correct and they jump on board and whatever their big masters say, they do without question.  Itís interesting with the psychopath because they know that even in the military type, they have a dictator at the top and the lesser psychopaths beneath in a descending order; each one admires the one above them because they admire power, and they kind of despise the person just one rank below them.  Itís the same with politicians.  These politicians are trained years in advance for their role.  I have been certain for many, many years that Presidents and Prime Ministers and the coteries that come in behind them, that really do the governing, Iíve been convinced for years that they are all PRESELECTED and TRAINED and even told, probably, when their turn will be to get in at the top because, power canít ALLOW democracy.  Power, total power, eugenical power, planned society power, the big banking power cannot EVER afford democracy and so they never allowed it to happen in the first place.  We never had it.  Itís a nice term.  They keep prattling on about ancient Greece and how democratic it was but in reality you had to be one of the big boys in the landed owners and they even had the Nazi philosophy: you had to be third, fourth, fifth generation Athenian to get the vote.  All the rest, well, you were either a slave or just a commoner, werenít you?  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve been going on a bit about the big Royal Institute of International Affairs system/Council on Foreign Relations, the Milner Group, the big banking boys and so on and how they really all came out of the same beginnings. 


People at the beginning of the 1900s and just before, the late 1800s, realized Ė Iím talking about the banking families, of course Ė they realized that democracy would be not too good a thing for them because it could be unpredictable and they donít like that kind of thing. They want things to be very predictable.  So the way that they saw to go around this was to not only start in Britain, but make this a world wide global effort through FREE TRADE.  They used the free trade idea that really came up with Francis Bacon.  Free trade was an idea that Bacon came up with and presented to the Royalty at the time.  He was the one who also coined the term, Ďthe Brytish Empireí, a conglomerate of nations that eventually would ALL be based on the SAME parliamentary or governing system with all these rules to do with trade.  Even then they knew that ALL the laws of the land center around economics.  When you kill someone and they send you off to prison for killing them, believe you me, itís taken into account the value as a taxpayer and the level of the person that you killedÖ and that will help decide your sentence.  Thatís ALL taken into account.


Everything, all the laws revolve around economics.  In fact, economics runs everything in your life.  Everything.  When the cash stops flowing, of course, the factories can sit there, business can sit there, but nothing movesÖ because of this odd thing that is supposed to be CURRENT, and thatís why they call it CURRENCY.  You see, it FLOWSÖ supposedly.  The beauty of this currency is that it can be diluted over and over again and then they call that inflation and hyperinflation.  The big boys who rule the banks and so on established central banking systems, which they all own; they are all interconnected.  Many of the leaders of the central banks are all intermarried with each other.  They are also intermarried all the way up to the IMF and The World Bank itself.  So you literally have FAMILIES running the WORLD banking systems. 


They have never made such a killing as they have this last while, as they looted the public.  They put speculations on who would fail and got profits off of that too.  I mean, itís an amazing, again, non-linear way of thinking.  Itís so easy to do when youíve trained the world and established the same educational system to be taught around the world to make sure all the sheep have pure linear thinking.  It doesnít stop when you complain.  It never has stopped.  Why should it stop?  It puts out its politicians, that you reelect, and they stand up for it and they keep the same system going.


Looking at the Gulf and this big oil plug that they have and itís pouring out of the bottom of the Gulf thereÖ Theyíve floated all these ideas of sinking millions of golf balls and everything else into it and putting a dome over it and ya-da, ya-da, ya.  Itís no differentÖ at the same time you wonder if someone is playing a joke with you.  While the countries in Europe are constantly borrowing money, at least they say they are borrowing money.  Now, are they borrowing real money or are they just numbers or figures or money theyíve still got to get from some other world bank orÖ where are they getting it from?  They are throwing these billions and billions of Euros into the big black hole called the Free Market, for speculators.  Once again, the same guys that caused the last problem, run by the bankers to profit from. 


There is a Der Spiegel article up there from one of the top guys in the central bank talking about this and whoís making a killing off of it. 


Bailout Plan Is All About 'Rescuing Banks and Rich Greeks' /  05/18/2010


And they canít lose, these guys, these speculators because all these counties have signed agreements to back up each other; so none of them can fail.  Itís an incredible con.  So as I say, weíve got one in the Gulf to get plugged with billions of golf balls and one in Europe thatís going to be plugged with trillions and trillions of Euro dollars, Yen and everything else, I suppose, as time goes on, BUT it will all be in IOUs left for the taxpayers at the bottom.  But that is the way itís always been and not one single politician is EVER going to stand up and say, weíve got to change this corrupt and PRIVATE banking system and these central banks, with names like Federal Reserve or Bank of Canada, which arenít Canadian or Federal at all. 


The politicians get the rewards after theyíve served their masters.  As I say, the CFR, the Fabian Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs are ALL connected together.  We saw what happened to Tony Blair, the man who said that he would completely alter the face and cultural system of Britain so much that they could never go back to it.  Total deculturalization for total immersion into an INTEGRATED EUROPE, that is part of the idea.  Thatís part of their manifesto.  I read the articles from the newspaper where his second in command admitted that was his job, was to make that happen.  That was accomplished. 


The next part of course, is to bring a SINGLE PARTY SYSTEM in.  Thatís what you have now, a single party system, a so-called coalition of liberals and a coalition of the labor.  Itís a single party system that is promising them the earthÖ communitarianism and how all local areas will run themselves; self governing in a sense.  Thatís straight out of communitarianism.  Once youíve merged totally with the EU, you are no longer a nation as such.  Now they have to break you down even further into communities, in regionsÖ written about LONG ago, long, long ago.  If you want to know about regions, go into the UN web sites and read for yourself what they say about regions.  Theyíve got the whole globe carved up into varying regions and sub regions and so on. 


As I say, the politicians do their thing to direct the countries and then they get rewarded.  Blair got rewarded.  He is now worth millions and millions and millions of pounds.  They just canít help but get it in, you know.  They get paid millions in advance for their terrible biographies that they never write themselves either.  These are called payoffs.  They just buy houses all over the place, about 5 million each, or 11 million here and there.  Thatís how they pay off these guys once they get out. 


In the UK Column, for Mayís issue, on the front page Ė Iíll try to get the link for that too Ė they talk about the COMING election.  The election has been held already and theyíve got this coalition government.  So the article on the front page was spot on; itís going to end up with a one party system, which is the plan.  They also go through, on the front page, how the BBC, again, the government controlled, definitely Fabian, television stationÖ

UK Column Ė May issue


The BBC surpassed itself in producing bland orchestrated theater of so-called debate between the 3 leaders, Brown, Cameron and Clegg. 


Heavily stage managed, manipulated with over 50 rules of engagement, the voters are treated as children, expected to believe that these men are the only voices we need to hear in the election campaign. 


It was very, very theatrical apparently and heís right, they really talk down to you as though youíre children.  You know, youíre children.  So Iím not surprised that they got what they wanted.  They got their collation in, the one party system, all on board, all agreeing with each other because you see, all parties obey the same one master


As I say, Blair was well rewarded.  We saw the chaos and the havoc he caused and the massive debt he left.  There was a great interview in a newspaper I read a while back on Blair when he was asked if there was anything that heíd regretted in his whole time in Parliament.  He said, very quickly, no, no.  See, heís a psychopath; psychopaths have no regrets.  They PICK psychopathic personalities for these positions.  They donít have to be the brightest either, just have the psychopathic traits, who can stand up, stare at cameras, and lie efficiently, all the time.  Thatís all you have to do.  The guys that are appointed behind you are the guys who run the show.  Most governments are run by appointees now, not by elected officialsÖ in ALL countries. 


Mr Brown is out supposedly, right.  No.  You see, it was MEANT that Mr Brown leave.  It was meant that Mr Brown leave, the ex Prime Minister of Britain after Blair.  Itís TIME for him to leave because he accomplished his mission.  And what does it say here?  This is the 


Brown's heading to US for IMF (Alan:  International Monetary Fund) role

By Stephen Martin 16/05/2010 /


(A:  Thatís part of his reward, you see, for wrecking the UK, destroying what was left, leaving them in a big PIT, a money hole that can never get filled with all the borrowing.  Again, he encouraged the incredible change in culture, following on from his pal Blair.  So this is part of his reward.  Theyíd have it planned to go to the US for YEARS, of course.  Iím sure their master says, what would you like, Gordon, once you leaveWell, I wouldnít mind getting something kind of big, you know, maybe the IMF, The World Bank, something like that; maybe move to the US because by the time I leave it, Britain is going to be in one hell of a state; who would want to live there?  So it saysÖ)


The couple indicated to friends they see their long-term future there - with the ex-Prime Minister tipped to head the International Monetary Fund in Washington when the job comes up in 2012.  (A:  So God help you, Washington and the States, when the Prime Wrecker gets sent in there.)


Former Chancellor Mr Brown was widely praised for his role in fighting the global financial crisis. (A:  Ho, really, fightingÖ fighting it, really?)  And before the election, as the Browns discussed their options with friends, Sarah said she expected him to take "one more big job".


A source said: "The unspoken assumption was it would absolutely not be a Tony-and-Cherie style retirement into riches, lucrative speaking dates and globe-trotting.


"Gordon would relish the IMF job - not for the status - for a chance to tackle world poverty."  (A:  Since heís created a hell of a lot of it.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about Mr Brown, the ex Prime Minister of Britain.  Heís stepped down there to let this one party system in, to finish off the job.  Heís going to go over to the States and take up the International Monetary Fund, which again, is a PRIVATE organization run by The World Bank, which is a PRIVATE organization run by 12 or 13 banking families.  Of course, Mr Brown got his job in the first place because he was into economics.  He was the guy in charge of Britainís economy, supposedly, for a while there; the Chancellor of the H-Checker, a term that goes all the way back to the Knights Templarís days, and Temple Bar and Temple Square in London.  Heís off to get part of his reward with the International Monetary Fund.


The International Monetary Fund, as I say, is run by the top bankers and is owned by the top bankers.  If HE was such an awful catastrophe, financial wise for a country, why would they give him a top job?  Well, he did what they wanted him to do, you see.  Thatís why heís getting rewarded.  If the world was run the way that youíve been trained to think itís run, he would be the last guyÖ you wouldnít even read his resumť, at least all of it; you would toss it in the bin before you got halfway through it.  You would think heís a top wrecker.  Well, thatís his job.  Youíve got to wreck everything to bring in a new society.  Heís the same Prime Minister that at the last G20 meeting said, we are bringing in the New World Order.  Itís up there on Google.  It was put out by the BBC and everybody else.


Which world order are they talking about?  What is this world order?  Most folk will just hear these phrases and it goes over their head and they donít ask any questions.  How long has it been going on?  Well, Iíve gone through Norman Doddís inquiry into the big, tax free, multi trillionaire foundations that ran the US back in the 1950s.  I put links up where Dodd himself, who was told to lead the inquiry on behalf of the Senate and Congress, was told that they were going to blend the Sovietized system with the West, the Capitalist system.  Now we already know that the same banking families funded all sides in World War II.  They funded the Soviets, as Professor Anthony Sutton put out so well in his different books.  They funded the rise of HitlerÖ to bring in this society.  And folk cannot quite separate these slight differences.  They canít separate them first to see what they are, to find out they are ALL the same THINGS working together towards a common goal.  Most of the US citizens donít even know their OWN history of what was happening in their own country in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.  A lot donít even know today; they havenít a clue.


When you go back into the IMF, youíve got to go back into the Bretton Woods Agreement and John Maynard Keynes.  Youíve got to look at some of their top players back then, a few years back.  Here is one of them.  Iím going to put the links up for you.  Itís from Wikipedia and you can read it for yourself.  Iím not lying about this.


Harry Dexter White


[Article on Wikipedia has been altered.† Following is excerpt from May 20, 2010 version.]


Harry Dexter White (October 9, 1892 Ė August 16, 1948) was an American economist, and senior U.S. Treasury department official. He was a primary participant in the Bretton Woods conference (A:  He was a communist, by the way.  Iíll get on to that later.) and the formation of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. (A:  Öand get all the countries to sign on to it, on behalf of the world bankers.)  A number of sources from the FBI and Soviet archives, and messages decoded by the Venona project, suggest that he may have passed government documents to the Soviet Union prior to World War II.  (A:  Well, it didnít stop with World War II.)


Early life

Harry Dexter White was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the seventh and youngest child of Jewish Lithuanian immigrants, Joseph Weit and Sarah Magilewski, (A:  So he changed his name to White, blah, blah, blah.)  who had settled in America in 1885. In 1917 he enlisted in the U.S. Army, and was commissioned as lieutenant and served in France in a non-combat capacity in World War I. He did not begin his university studies until age 30, first at Columbia University, then at Stanford, where he earned a first degree in economics.  (A:  Columbia and then StanfordÖ he just shot right up.)  Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University at 38 years of age. 


(A: Then you go into what his politics were.  He believed in John Maynard Keynes. He was a total world socialist, the planned society, the planned regime, eugenics, the whole lot, superior types, inferior types and all of that.  Yeah, communism actually has all of that in it too, you see.  Call it communism, socialism, it doesnít matter; itís all the same thing.)


As a dedicated Rooseveltian internationalist, his energies were directed at continuing the Grand Alliance and maintaining peace through a liberal trade regime. (A:  See, thatís the trade, the free trade thing and so on.  Then they go through all the stuff that he did.)


Treasury Department

(A:  He was passing stuff all through, before and all through World War II onto the Soviets.  He even sent them printing press plates so that they could print up BILLIONS of dollars of US money in the occupied zones at the end of World War II.  All his pals were in it together.) 


White was appointed assistant to Henry Morgenthau, Jr., the Secretary of the Treasury (A:  at the time), to act as liaison between the Treasury and the State Department on all matters bearing on foreign relations. He was also made responsible for the "management and operation of the Exchange Stabilization Fund (A:  Which is quite the thing.  It went right through up to the Bush era.  They were using the Stabilization Fund to make sure that the US big corporations wouldnít drop in their stocks.  I used to watch it dropping and suddenly an injection of money would go in there and up theyíd go again.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just going through some of the previous occupants in the US of the same position that Mr Brown is just stepping into.  Harry Dexter White was a well-known communist and people canít figure outÖ they still think of communists as being sort of working class people.  That was a great image that they put into our brains.  Of course it had nothing to do with the working class; it was an elitist organization.  It was the big experiment in socialism where the intelligentsia, who were properly trained Ė PROPERLY trained is the way to say it Ė in the way that things should be run, would run the country and everyone else simply obeyed.  Of course they would live much higher in a standard than the average person that they were supposedly serving.  Service, isnít it?  They always are upside-down, backside-foremost, these guys, with the way that they talk.  This guy was the best pal of FDR. 


FDR knew because the different agencies and police agencies were putting reports in on this particular guy, Harry Dexter White, and he kept covering up for him.  Why would he cover up for him?† Have you ever looked into the genealogy and the histories of FDR?  You should.  You should look into it.  Get the books written by his wife because she puts family trees in there and heís related to the Sachs family.  Thatís the big boys that are still running it today.  Same people.  It says hereÖ


White was the senior American official at the 1944 Bretton Woods conference, which he and Keynes dominated. After the war, White was closely involved with setting up what were called the Bretton Woods institutions - the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. These institutions were intended to prevent some of the economic problems that had occurred after World War I, (A:  Yeah, sure.  Theyíve happened time and time again, as we just found out recently.) and help ensure that capitalism became the dominant post-war economic system. (A:  What it meant was, The World Bank monetary system for the big bankers became the dominant economic system. Thatís what they mean when they say Capitalism.)  As late as November 1945, White continued to argue for improved relations with the Soviet Union. White later became a director and U.S. representative of the IMF


The same job that Mr Brown is going to be rewarded with in Washington.  Not bad, eh?  How it repeats itself and folk never catch on to it.  Then you can go into the ĎAccusations of EspionageĒ and go through all the different links that you are given here.  There are lots of books that have verified all of this stuff.  And the guy got off with it, of course.  No one touched him because heís too high to touch, you understand.  Even J Edgar Hoover was told to stand down, which he did.  But they all knew what he was up to.  They all knew his contacts. They all knew the agents.  Yep.  All of them. 


There is no opposition to any of this because there never was any opposition.  The only opposition are the ones who are trained at the bottom to catch these characters but they are not allowed to.  You find that happened in Britain too, with Dick White. He tried to catch some of the characters he was after and everything got blocked, higher up than him, and strangely enough, Lord Victor Rothschild was eventually put in charge of ALL the security services of Britain.  Lord Victor Rothschild, once he died, a book comes out and tells us - The Fifth Man by Perry - that he was the main one sending all of this stuff from the British military, all their advances and so on, TO the Soviet Union.  This is verified stuff.  He was sending it all to two places, to Moscow and Israel; every invention that came out of Britain to do with radar and so on, and communications and listening in and so onÖ all getting given away to those two. 


Nothing is going to change, folks.  I donít care what puppet gets voted in.  If the whole corrupt money system isnít addressed, nothing can possibly change it.  They donít want to change it because thatís the main power those who control the world have.  Why would they change it?  No, theyíll keep just shooting billions and billions and billions of Euro into that big, black hole so their own speculators can make rip-offs of government and then lend them more to put into it.  They live off interest, remember.  Quite something.  Quite something. 


While all of this is going on, I mentioned communitarianism last night. That is the next step for the whole of Europe, as you are now DE-nationalized.  You are in a sense DE-sovereignized.  The whole idea is to bring you down to the LOCALIZED level where supposedly, over a period of time, institutions will be set up where people will SELF govern.  You know, the cliques are already trained to be there, like Common Purpose.  Theyíve already trained the leaders who are going to be your SOVIETIZED leaders for your area.  They will tell you what to do and what YOUR service to the community WILL be.  How you all have to get into the fields, just like the Stalinist era and the Lenin era, and grow your own stuff and all that kind of nonsense.  Mind you, youíre still saddled with national debt.  There will still be a federal input to do with the national debt.  You are stuck with that forever.  Thatís how itís supposed to go.  Thatís how itís planned to go.  That was the very old plan and thatís what Carroll Quigley was talking about, the NEW FEUDAL SYSTEM, in his book Tragedy and Hope, being the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations and an elitist himself who was all for their agenda. 


As we are post industrial, post democratic and post everything else, you know, they have this new economy based on carbon.  Itís done by equations basically, mathematical equations.  Energy in = carbon out; this is their phony equation that theyíre using.  Weíve all to get taxed into the ground for that too.  Weíll be paying for the air that we breathe eventually.  Weíre certainly going to pay for the air that we breathe outÖ as they teach us to be AUSTERE, meaning to live in utter, abject poverty.  It will take some years in the States before all private property goes but that is DEFINITELY on the cards.  The only thing they have in the US are so many local and state laws that have to be maneuvered around with more difficulty than any other country.  Thatís whatís held it back in the US.  Plus, people in the US tend, even if they donít know exactly what itís all about, they tend to form opposition groups to certain bills very quickly and stand up together to stop certain things. 


Here is an article from the San Francisco Examiner.  It saysÖ


Cap and trade is a license to cheat and steal

By: William OíKeefe / Special to The Examiner / May 19, 2009


One of James Bondís first movies captured attention with the title ďLicense to Kill.Ē Today, Washington, D.C., is setting the stage to compete with Hollywood in the sensational headlines market. Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee are in the process of scripting climate change legislation worthy of being titled ďLicense to Cheat and Steal.Ē


This cap-and-trade bill ó actually called the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, or the Waxman-Markey bill (A:  Who would think it too.  See how they wordÖ They know what they are doing, donít they?  Most people read that, American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, and think thatís quite nice.  We like clean; clean is a positive word.  American is good and energy and security.  See, itís all very niceÖ but itís to do with taxing the publicÖ for this invisible stuff, that everything gives off, that breathes, even insects.)  ó would mandate severe reductions in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Since emissions are mostly generated by energy use (heating your home, cooling your groceries, driving to work, etc.), these targets would effectively mandate energy rationing. (A:  Rationing folksÖ itíll soon be in your little communities if you donít stop thisÖ your little communities with your appointed Sovietized leaders.)  Since these targets are not based on economic or technological realities, (A:  Based on NO reality actually.) there can only be one outcome: much higher energy prices.


Severe limitations on emissions could easily turn well-intentioned (A:  No, they are not well-intentioned policy.  Itís a political agenda.) policy into an opportunity for shady moneymaking schemes at the expense of the environment and American households.


Research indicates that implementation of a U.S. emissions market could drive up energy costs for Americans anywhere from $324 to a whopping $3,100 per year. (A:  Itís going to be 10 grand, $10,000 I say minimum.)  And because low-income families spend a greater percentage of their earnings on energy, this burden would fall heaviest on those least able to afford it.  (A:  Well, thatís good you see, because they want to bring down the population.  if you canít heat yourself in winter, itís a shame.  Itís a shame.)


In contrast, the financial benefits would be enjoyed by Wall Street opportunists and special-interest groups.  (A:  They already do.)  The government-regulated trade of carbon dioxide opens the door to the creation of risky financial tools like the derivatives, hedges and credit default swaps that led to our recent economic crisis and the scandals associated with it. 


Do you understand what Iím trying to say here?  Öis you cannot fix a crooked system.  You canít fix the Tower of Babel that is held together with glue and sticky tape.  Itís still going to be decrepit.  Its foundations are rotten.  And until this whole monetary system that runs politics, runs all the governments, is utterly separated and even put out to outer space, while a new monetary system where folk can get debt-free money to start with is put in place, this will continue and they cannot lose.  They cannot lose until thatís done.  A debt based system, thatís what we live in, thatís what the great Harry Dexter White and John Maynard Keynes and all these other world socialists/globalists wantedÖ a debt based system.  That means the big bankers have total control over ALL government.  Canít fix it.  You cannot fix it.  It has to be completely dismantled and something put in its stead.  Even then, the sharks will be right in there to con you again if you are not watching... very easy to do. 


Here is another article.  Itís about something similar.  It was in Yahoo. 


US top scientists urge coal, oil use penalties

(A:  You are going to start getting penalties now for using your heating.)

By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer / / Wed May 19


WASHINGTON Ė Ditching its past cautious tone, the nation's top scientists urged the government Wednesday to take drastic action to raise the cost of using coal and oil to slow global warming.  (A:  This is a complete farce.)  Iíll also put up the article by James Delingpole about the farce of global warming. 


Only morons, cheats and liars still believe in Man-Made Global Warming

By James Delingpole Politics Last updated: May 19th, 2010 /


Any farce will do as long as the mantra keeps going and they brainwash the youth to believe it.)


The academy, which advises the government on scientific matters, (A:  Who gave them the authority to advise the government?  Did the public ever get asked this?  Did the public get told what this particular bodyís politics are?  What their agendas are?  What their members are?  No.  These are social policies, or POLITICSÖ these advisory groups, unelected, who are VERY, VERY RICH working for the biggest foundations and world bankers who want to make sure their agenda goes through.) said the nation needs to cut the pollution that causes global warming by about 57 percent to 83 percent by 2050. That's close to President Barack Obama's goal.


"We really need to get started right away. It's not opinion, it's what the science tells you,"  (A:  So were are just supposed to OBEY the BS nonsense that comes out of the scientistsí mouths.) said Robert Fri, (A:  Ödo what science tells you.) who chaired one of the three panels producing separate climate reports.  (A:  Well we know who he works for.)


Fri was acting Environmental Protection Agency chief under President Richard Nixon and until recently on the board of American Electric Power Co., a major producer of carbon dioxide. "The country needs both a prompt and a sustained commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions," he said Wednesday. 


So what they donít call taxes, they will call penalties and fees.  You understand.  You are all getting the Smart Meters installed right now as I speak.  Iíve had it happen in Canada where I live.  The real intention of this, apart from monitoring all your use, is to eventually cut you off, as they bring in the rationing down the roadÖ depending, of course, on your social status and how valuable you are in standing to your particular little communitarian area.  Thatís what itís about. 


There is another article I wanted to touch on tonight briefly.  It was about how the whole computer system is all Ö People are finding things out Ė at the right time we are allowed to find certain things out Ė about how they track and trace you and all the rest of it.  It doesnít stop most folk from joining up with all these free sites and using them.  Most folk now are quite comfortable having no privacy.  Theyíve been trained.  They donít think through life; they go through by osmosis.  Everything comes into their mind through osmosis, as Jacques Ellul said.  The computer industry was set up for total tracking and tracing and monitoring and all that kind of thingÖ FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, by the same guys who run the banks and your central banking systems and your governments and politics.  This article saysÖ


Virtual fingerprinting exposes computer users

LOUISA HEARN / May 19, 2010 /


A US privacy group has discovered the existence of a virtual fingerprint that can be matched up with most computers to monitor the online habits of individuals.


According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, most web browsers carry a unique signature that can help websites gather information about online activities. Although this data does not directly identify you as a person, (A:  or THE person.)  it can be used to build a very detailed internet profile.


"Several companies are already selling products that claim to use browser fingerprinting to help websites identify users and their online activities. This experiment is an important reality check, showing just how powerful these tracking mechanisms are," senior EFF technologist Peter Eckersley said.


Data privacy has emerged as one of the key public concerns this year with market-leading companies such as Google and Facebook coming under fire for making too much information about their subscribers publicly accessible.


Google dismayed many of its Gmail users in February by making their email contacts public to other subscribers when it launched its new Buzz social platform. Facebook has also recently angered users and privacy advocates with changes to its privacy policy that allow third-party websites to incorporate members' profile data. 


Google right now is out with their phone and some program Ė at least they are thinking about putting it out there Ė to match their competitors because the next thing is you will be photographing people and getting instant readings on facial recognition and digital photographs as to exactly who they are, where they live, and all about them.  You are getting TRAINED to have no privacy and most folk are helping them do it. 


Google debates face recognition technology

By Maija Palmer in London / / May 20 2010


I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just tying some things together to show you that your perception of the world, with different sides, different parties, and east and west and red and blue, and all the other stuff Ė Iím talking about communism, capitalism Ė are all one thing because they are all set up by the same bankers in the first place.  Youíve got read Anthony Suttonís books, such as Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, and who financed Hitler and so on.  Youíll find the same big players, big boys, that still run the worldís banks today Ė at least their families do, their offspring do, their nephews because they let you marry within each other and put them across into central banks to make sure the central banks are in obedience to their big world bank.  Theyíve got it all sewn up. 


They also have a parallel government that funds thousands of NGO (non-governmental organization) groups.  These are not little tin can, ring-the-door characters.  These are groups which have their own office towers and pension plans and are fully staffed and all the rest of it because the foundations are worth trillions and trillions of dollars.  They are owned by the big boys like The Rockefeller Foundation and many, many others; there are THOUSANDS of them.  They are all connected to working on the same globalist, communitarian agenda where you are going back to peasantry.  They call themselves philanthropists, you see.  Wonderful name, philanthropists; they like to help the poor and needy.  Here is the last articleÖ.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation working on

 Sweat-Triggered Vaccines

10.05.2010 /


Foundation Funds 78 New Innovative Global Health Projects, Including Cell Phone Blood Tests, Carnivorous Plants, and Sweat-Triggered Vaccines. 


Itís all part of the Military-Industrial Complex.  Yep, sweat-triggered vaccines, nanotechnology.  Billy Gates there, you know, the guy who was chosen to be the head of one of the biggest corporations to make sure there was no competition, carries on just like Brown carries on, and Blair carries onÖ all given their rewards.  They all end up as some kind of philanthropists doing wonderful things for humanity.  So they go on about, the first thing they go on about is malaria.  These are the same boys, remember, Gates and them, that went to the Millionaires Club and discussed the need to REALLY bring the population rate down drastically, quickly and he actually said that vaccines was a good way to do it


These guys have no problem with this agenda because Iíve heard one of them; Iíve actually spoken to one of these people.  It was a woman and she said to me, well, if we donít do it, who will?  Meaning, they were actually DOING it.  They are actually sterilizing people in reality.  They wouldnít get their cooperation if they asked for volunteers, so they canít ask for volunteers.  They must just keep their mouths shut and pretend they are helping people.  Now theyíve got a sweat-triggered vaccine, nanotechnology thatís going to go into your system.  They talk about ways to put it across, even SPRAYING IT FROM THE SKIES just like the chemtrails that we all get already.  Wonderful isnít it?  Strange how they can release all these new nanoparticles into the atmosphere and into nature with impunity isnít it?  Ösince there is always some government or group going to stop them through the world, through the United Nations.  Why arenít THEY coming out and saying wait a minute here, this is a bit dangerous, new nanoparticles, nanotechnology into the atmosphere, whatís it going to do on humans, animals and all other kinds of life?  It doesnít seem to enter into it. 


Iíll put all these links up on my site IF I can get the satellite speed up.  I can tell right now they are going to give me a hard time tonight so it might not be up tonight.  The link just keeps breaking so Iím getting hassles from lots of places because Iím saying something right.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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