May 21, 2010 (#582)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 21, 2010:

Ode to Julian Huxley, UNESCO and Kinsey,
Their Army of Perverts and Cover Flimsy:

"Easy Does It, Incremental in Time,
I'll Program the World, the People Mine,
From Conveyor-Belt Kindergarten to Academy,
We'll Wipe Out All Morals (Ooh! What Tragedy),
Each Generation in Turn Carefully Updated,
Unaware of the Future Toward which they're Fated,
Old Culture and Mores was Defense Mechanism
To Stop Megalomaniacs Building World Prison,
I Pushed the Envelope, First, Naughty Peeks,
Starting with Children, Candies and Sweets,
'course I've Actors and Teachers, I Give them Tools
Creating Sex-Obsessed Children, Liking my Rules,
Then their Offspring, Dark, Fair or Blonde,
Can Wallow in Sex, Yet Unable to Bond,
Experts will Rule, Psycho-linguist Distortion,
To Muddy the Water 'tween Life and Abortion,
Then Kill the Unfit, Oh what a Trick,
Depersonalize Aged as 'Geriatric',
With Culture Destroyed, Who'll Stand Up to Me?
I'm Good at Chaos, Look 'round and See,
I've Agents Inside All the Institutions,
Our 'Experts' Come Up with All Solutions,
With No Morals or Bonding on Which to Stand,
They'll Stand for Nothing and I'll Rule the Land"
© Alan Watt May 21, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 21, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 21, 2010.  Newcomers, look into web site; bookmark all the other sites Iíve got listed there.  These are the only official sites I have.  If you canít get me on the .com some night, which is going to happen, then you can get me on the alternate sites.  [Official sites listed above.]  While you are there look into the items I have for sale, the books, CDs and DVDs, and purchase them because I show you how to think, in a sense, NONLINEARLY.  We are taught to think in a straight line using basic logic and it is trained into us from a very early age.  Once you go into Kindergarten right through school, itís all reinforced.  Yet the ones who rule the world, as you know by their games and their deceiving ways that they can manage to keep going and keep dominating the planet, they think in a nonlinear way.  They think of all the scams which YOU would never dream of, it would never occur to you.  It comes to them instinctively.  They can see things from all different angles.  So you can purchase these by [ordering and donation option listed above].  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


For those out there who have been listening for a while, theyíve known Iíve had problems with the Yahoo every year, as they try to stop my uploading to unlimited disk space.  I got the strangest mail back from them telling me Ė and I put it up on my .com web site because thatís the one they are hitting right now Ė that I am paying for unlimited disk space but unlimited disk space might not mean unlimited disk space and therefore they put a throttle on my uploads to dissuade me from uploading to my site, even though I am paying to do it.  So you understand, in this world the people think they have rights and so on, you have none at all.  How do you hit back at these guys?  Who could afford to take these characters to court?  Öunless you want to spend half your life doing it and youíve got the money.  It's the same with everything that is around you today; all the complaints departments donít really exist.  Itís all in your imagination. 


Iíll give you an example.  I was on the phone last night AGAIN with XplorNet to upload through this satellite system and it was crawling from the get-go.  Eventually I get their first line of defense Ė they are all the same kind of people, probably give you fake names, first names Ė and they listen and they give you the usual cluck, cluck, oh, thatís terrible and then you do the silly little speed test where you are putting up something that is about the size of an email and then they come back and tell you, it seems fine to us.  But anything over 2 Megs and thatís when your problem happens.  You just slow right down until you are at a dead loss and when you are uploading to the site, you are almost there, almost 100%, and then they just cut you and you lose it all and start all over again.  This is called harassment.  Believe you me, people are targeted for harassment by the big boys. 


The big boys all work together.  You cannot have many different agencies all going off in their own directions and not cooperating with each other.  In the information age, it HAS to be totalitarian in structure.  Most things that happen in this world are Ďon the dirtyí or Ďon the fly,í as they say, are done underhandedly.  Itís done through the Ďold school tieí.  Thatís how they get to you.  Öand you try and take that into court with you, youíve got nothing to go on.  But Iíve recorded every conversation Iíve had with these guys and itís quite fascinating.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just complaining off about the particular services I get, or disservices, the ones that I pay for, for the sites.  What I am uploading is nothing compared to most people on the same plans, nothing at all; Iím not even halfway there, including XplorNet.  Well, after being on the phone again with XplorNet last night, I got an email from their marketing department today saying I can get a $50 reduction from my monthly fee if I bring in and show new members the wonders of XplorNet high-speed internet.  No kidding.  Can you believe that?  Can you believe that?  They are paying folk, PAYING folk to bring in customers.  You see, thatís how they live.  They live on the intakes of customers in a new area.  There are always folk like me just dropping off with the awful service. 


So they saturate an area.  They do bombardments of mails when they go into an area and once they have enough people signed on, they cut the bandwidth.  They donít purchase more bandwidth for their customers, they cut it to share and it plummets.  But by that time most folk are locked in for 2 years.  2 year plans, their wonderful, good 2 year plans and say my God, Iíve got a month here and itís worked great and boom, down it goes.  That actually came up at one of their meetings in California recently.  One person I know attended it and he asked what this hockey stick graph was that suddenly went downwards.  They guy said to him, thatís once weíve got enough people in the area and it is saturated and then the speed drops.  They can also target you individually because they program your actual modem from the satellite all the time.  Iíve had stories from them telling me, yeah, Iím on a lockÖ and then Iím not on a lockÖ and then Iím back on a lock again and stuff like this to prohibit me from uploading to the site.  I had to read back to them their own guarantee and their plans and all the rest of it, to show them Iím not using half of what Iím supposed to be getting - not that Iím even getting half of the speed Iím supposed to be getting.  It just shows you the cons and the rip-offs that really are above you. 


This is the age of corporations and corporations are amongst the rulers in the new feudal system, exactly as Carroll Quigley said.  Exactly as he said.  You see, your government is totally in bed with corporations, completely.  Theyíve been like that for years and years.  Itís pervasive all through the systemÖ all through the system.  Everybody today is a product, in your social behavior; your likes, your dislikes, your attitudes and your opinions.  You are each a product of your total conditioning.  Most folk are unaware of it naturally.  They are like the people in the movie Brave New World.  They laugh at what they think are crazy, silly ideas; they canít comprehend a different style than utter promiscuity and not bearing children yourself.  Anything can be taught to people with enough indoctrination


UNESCO knows that and of course Iíve talked before about Julian Huxley, one of the guys who was the CEO of UNESCO.  He went through a good part of the plan openly.  He wanted to raise children according to a good conditioning system for social, international, or world citizenship status.  Thatís all being done today. 


Now, you go back to the Communist Manifesto and all the other writings churned out by the mob and youíll find that they also talked about the total overthrow of all society and all existing institutions.  That meant everything.  That means the entire culture, what you thought was right and wrong, are now out the window and in came moral relativity.  You see, people with strong morals - and it doesnít matter what they are, if they are all in it together and they believe in it themselves - they donít like it being changed.  Thatís your customary taboos in the tribe.  Once you are in the flow of moral relativity, then anything goes.  Believe you me, anything doesnít go, itís whatís PLANNED to go that goes.  You see.


The family unit was a big, big part of that of course.  Intersexual relations, even the whole idea, the taboos of sex with children and adults, it was up for grabs.  Of course Kinsey, the pervert himself that was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Guggenheim Institution, another foundation, and the Ford Foundation came out with his totally scandalous book.  It was scandalous because it was not a work of any science whatsoever.  It was an agenda where he triedÖ well, he did; it worked.  He fooled the whole world, because he had such big money backing him, into, you know, here is what REALLY goes on in bed.  He used people as the Ďaverageí American male and most of the people he worked with were all perverts.  He worked in the prison.  He took the prisoners, convicted perverts, as average Americans.  The women that he used in the interviews were mainly prostitutes.  He encouraged his own staff Ė I mentioned the video thatís up on Google about a year ago; very well done exposť, well documented Ė he used the pedophiles for the studies.  He told his own staff to try everythingÖ homosexuality, lesbianism, the whole lot.  No holds barred because everything that man does is therefore normal.  Moral relativity. 


After that was done, he was flown across the whole of the United States, courtesy again of the Rockefellers who had to destroy all that was to bring in the new, which was their domain of course, their kingdom.  Every judge in the landÖ I think it was 600-odd laws or more that were affected in the United States alone to do with rape, rights of the child and not getting raped or touched or molested by adults, and all of that kind of stuff.  Now it doesnít matter that the lies are later exposed.  This is how these guys at the top work always with everything.  Itís the same with the Gulf War scenario where we find out they were all ready to go in long before Saddam Hussein made any kind of moves. We find the same with the 9/11 scenario; they were ready to go into Afghanistan before that happened; they all knew about it.  ITíS GETTING THE DEED DONE that is important.  It only takes a few years for people to start to ACT OUT the new mores of living to destroy the old society and generation by generation weíve plummeted down to the darkest depths today. 


There is another good exposť of Kinsey, for instance, and it documented a lot of this stuff.  Itís called the Kinsey Syndrome.  Thatís maybe up on YouTube or you can do a search yourselves.  Itís very well done.  As I say, it really wonít matter today because you understand, today you are not getting the same outrage at things.  People TODAY, in turn, have all been contaminated, as their generation before was contaminated, bit by bit to the present.  Iíll put that up if I can find the link for it and go through it yourself.  Itís quite, it gets you angry.  It gets you angry.  Some things will get you angry so that you canít go right through something at onceÖ because itís so disgusting when everything is so transparent as to HOW these things were actually pulled on whole societies, marketed from the top, the old boys club, the very rich multi-millionaires.  Also, some of them front for the multi-trillionaires, I should add to that too, have owned the US congress for years and years and years.  In fact Quigley said that they had already owned it for 60 years and he wrote his book in the 1960s. 


They had a grand design.  Theyíve followed it through until people donít even get up in arms when they hear about pedophilia anymore.  It doesnít really bother them.  Why?  Because they are contaminated themselves.  They are sitting and watching stuff on television and mainstream television, entertainment and movies that literally is bringing them down further into degradation and they are enjoying itÖ actually enjoying it.  Thatís how contamination works. 


The word Ďcontaminationí is actually the term that the communists used on the way the people are programmed.  For them, they have to get rid of all the old people, the older generations, who would not accept communism by simply slaughtering them, because they were Ďcontaminated.í  Many prisoners that came back into the Soviet system after World War II, who were imprisoned by the Germans, were actually slaughtered because they now believed they were contaminated with Western ideas.  Youíd better understand this contamination works very, very well indeed.  Itís very accurate, especially if you can start off with the very, very young.  When you see classrooms of children around the age of 5 or 6 or 7 watching this perv put on a condom in front of a class and we donít get pissed off about it, well you see, you are thoroughly contaminated; Kinsey has succeeded on you.  Thatís right across the board now. 


Iíve told you before, the next push by the mass media, entertainment, is for BESTIALITY and for INTERGENERATIONAL SEX, as they prefer to call pedophilia.  Thatís coming.  There are movies out already and youíll see it in certain ways without even realizing it because you are engrossed in the movie; theyíve caught you.  The masters of magic have caught you up and you are forgetting what you are actually seeing.  In 2001, about a month before 9/11 happened, in the newspapers it came out with the International Censors Board - thatís all the different censors that you have on your boards of countries that you think are there to safeguard you and your culture and protect it, and the children.  They met at a world meeting and they decided that now they had won the rights for homosexual stuff to be put on television, it was right to go for bestiality and intergenerational sex and out came the movies after that.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just in a brief amount of time, so short a time really, to explain how we are contaminated.  Itís incremental and itís intergenerational.  Iíve read the article before that came out of the Comintern, the Communist International, from the 1930s.  Beria who was the NKVD leader at the time made a speech and it was written down and published all across the West and you can go into all the second-hand bookstores in New York, youíll find them there.  He basically said, it used to take about 70 years Ė that was a generation then Ė to create even one particular major shift in social behavior, with them at the top of course.  He says, now we have it down to a perfected level; we can actually upgrade the people every 4 or 5 years.  He said, it will be made shorter and shorter as times goes on because they were using all the techniques and so on of Pavlov and others who were working on these very problems, how to condition the perfect society.  That was all done and it was done perfectly


The foundations in the West, Iíve mentioned it ad nauseam that the Reece Commission went in to investigate why these BIG multi trillion dollar foundations all seemed to be funding left wing groups that wanted to destroy the Western way of life and especially America and its Constitution and bring in this SOCIALIST type of system.  Well, the socialist system is a TOTALITARIAN, AUTHORITARIAN regime where you have a massive bureaucracy and experts that run everybody elseís lives beneath them.  They were told that their job in the foundations was to fund all those groups and agitate and keep pushing.  It wasnít just in the streets, it was all through academia.  They were pushing it through academia because you see, these big foundations had their own people PLACED in academia to make sure the generations were taught the new, proper way of behaving. 


Very shortly, once they got that out, they could bring in, they brought outÖ they separated the Ďteenagerí.  They actually coined the term back then in the Ď50s, the Ďteenagerí; it didnít exist before.  They did that to separate a generation from the rest; gave them what they said was their own culture.  Itís amazing when you are young you think everything is YOURS.  The present generation thinks itís THEIR internet.  They always think in each generation, oh, this is our music.  Nothing is designed by them, nothing at all.  Everything is designed by very elderly people with lots of knowledge on how to manipulate YOU through various arts and sciences. 


Weíve gone down the slippery slope.  Most of the morals went out the window.  Even pedophilia today really doesnít cause the outrage it did before.  And it really did cause outrage before.  Every country had its way of dealing with pedophilesÖ and they were very quiet about it too.  Today they are released back into the community like a revolving door.  Why?  Well youíve got to go into the particular lifestyles of YOUR RULERS, folks.  You have to find out exactly what their little preferences happened to be as well because every darn newspaper man out there knows who they are and they know what they do.  Theyíve got all the photographs that theyíve never published to the general public.  They darenít do it.  Famous people, Royal people, all the top people, the very respectable people, the ones at the VERY top that are managing your livesÖ ARE PERVERTS, psychopathic perverts.


They are bringing in THEIR system, so that theyíve got an open hand to play with little Johnny or little Suzy.  They are teaching them in school, well, if you havenít done this or you havenít done that with a male or a female, or both at the same time, then maybe something is wrong with you.  What chance do the youngsters have today?  You see, youíve got no moral background and cultural background left to compare with.  People live in their own time.  The old safeguards have been successfully and completely demolished. 


With this moral relativity comes sustainability, you see.  Itís all part of it too; that weíve got to sacrifice so many to save the rest and all this kind of stuff.  Mind you, the same people who run your world will continue to run it regardless of what regime they call it or system they call it because they will always use their own money system.  Whatever it happens to be, blips on a screen or whatever, they will still run and own it.  They will never give it up.  They havenít for centuries.  So really, you canít fight them by trying to get enough cash to go up against them.  It doesnít work that way.  They have all of academia on board.  Darwinism, moral relativity, no moral absolutes whatsoever, and this is what they are drumming into the next bunch of even more useless sheep than the last bunch of useless sheep. 


Itís a slippery slope and of course, then they can come down and dictate everything to you from above.  From housing inspections to whatever they want, garbage bin inspections, and so on.  The most authoritarian regime the planet can ever have, because these people are absolute psychopathic, perverted control freaks.  Ordinary folk canít understand that mindset and therefore they prefer to shy away from even trying to understand that mindsetÖ and that is to their doom.  I'll be back with more after this break.


I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just bitching on a bit, as they say, about whatís happening in society and how itís gotten to where it is.  Iíve mentioned many authors who have gone through the whole agenda in their own textbooks, well known famous people who work with the big think tanks for whatís called Ďworld socialism,í which is a totally different meaning for those at the top from those at the bottom.  They outlined the whole agenda including the shake-up and utter destruction of what used to be society, and mores and morals and all that kind of stuff.


One youíre into moral relativity, youíre on a slippery slope because anything goes.  Anything goes, mind you, because they plan it to go that way.  From getting automatically registered as a donor when you end up in a hospital, as they were pushing through in Canada a while back.  I donít know if they got it through in Ontario hospitals.  Thatís quite the thing.  You go into a hospital and you are not quite sure now if the doctor is going to try to help you live or maybe waiting for you to die, maybe help you die because there is more profit in transplanting one of your organs.  Big bucks in organs.  Do you think that doesnít go on?  Do you really think that doesnít go on? 


To understand an enemy you must really go into the pits of hell to see them.  Most folk shy away.  They prefer to go into the positiveÖ letís be positive about this; Donít look at the negative, it will just get you down.  Thatís why they pushed all this positive-thinking nonsense from the same groups from the top funded by the same foundations, until itís like mantras today, all through what they call themselves, the New Age.  And if you donít want to look at the train coming up behind you, well, you are going to get HIT by it and all the positive thinking in the world isnít going to change it.  So youíve got to know your enemy.  You have to go into their mind to understand it. 


I truly advise people to go into videos like the exposť Iíve just mentioned, The Kinsey Syndrome.  Iíll try and find the link from last year which is a kind of a precursor of it with the exposťs on what the guy really was up to, how they used BABIESÖ for INTERCOURSEÖ funded and scientific investigation, mind you, for SCIENCE and funded by the big foundations and various professors.  They TIMED every thing that happened with stopwatches.  When does the baby start screaming?  Of course, Kinsey fudged all his reports and said actually children like to have multiple orgasms, so itís quite a natural thing for children to be engaged in sex from the minute they open their eyes, basically.  No kidding.  You know the Kinsey system is still on the go today, a very important foundation and organization, still ongoing with their experiments, with the blessings of the Pentagon of course.  After all, thatís part of the whole structure that rules your lives.  Theyíve got to know how you tick, to alter you.  Unbelievable.  Yet thatís how they changed society DRASTICALLY and RADICALLY till we are in the mess we are in today. 


Iím always surprised by the only ones who really profit from the fallout of society, with massive divorces and God knows what else and lawsuits, are the LAWYERS.  No matter what happens and is brought along, the lawyers, because you see, the legal system is part of the big boys system as well.  There are signs and symptoms to the disease, lots of them.  And donít be fooled by terminology. 


Now they are advertising abortions on television.  Selling abortions on television. 


First TV advert selling abortion - but pro-life groups demand a ban

By Sean Poulter / / 20th May 2010


The first abortion commercial on British television is to be broadcast next week - in defiance of concerns from family groups and church leaders.  (Alan:  Well, I hate to say it, family groups, see, thatís an obsolete word, in the old term of it.  Youíve got Mark 4 or 5 family now apparently.  Church leaders, well, they are out of the picture now too.  See, most of society is already corrupted.  Strange thing when you are corrupted, you start to enjoy your corruption.  Itís like any addition; you are all given your particular addictions.  The masters that gave you all this stuff and the internet had been using the porno industry long, long before you were given the internetÖ for the same reasons, to bring it down and get you obsessed with something.  People have become obsessed with this.  There are so many people now that are stuck watching porn, porn, porn.  Of all ages, thatís the surprising thing.  And all youngsters naturally go right into it, out of their curiosity.) 


The Marie Stopes organisation, which receives an estimated £30million a year from the National Health Service (A:  National Health Service, right.) to carry out abortions, is behind the controversial advert. (A:  So they use the taxpayersí money, thatís a good socialist system you see; it doesnít cost the elite anything.  They make sure that the socialists at the bottom pay for it all.  So they are paying them £30 Million a year and they put their ads on television, all courtesy of the taxpayer.)


Angry campaigners claimed that Marie Stopes is taking advantage of a loophole in advertising regulations.  (A:  Where have they been?)


Yesterday they called on the Advertising Standards Authority (A:  Again, thatís one of those rubber tools they put out for you to pick up.  You think they are there until you pick it up and then you bounce that pick off of the road and then it bounces back up again.  Itís made of rubber.  Just like the Censor Boards.  Just like the Censor Boards, thatís what their job is, to see, are they ready to push the envelope further; are they ready to take it?) to ban the commercial until there is a proper public debate on whether it should be allowed.


They also warned Channel 4, which has agreed to broadcast the ad, that it should not take sides in the debate.


'Channel 4, as a publicly-funded broadcaster, (A:  Öbig foundations in there again.) needs to reassure people that it is not going to take sides on one of the most controversial issues in British culture,' said Simon Calvert, of The Christian Institute.


He added: 'The public and Parliament are split right down the middle on this. Why on earth can't the regulator stop the advertising of abortion services on TV until there has been proper consideration?'


Marie Stopes should not be allowed to 'ride roughshod over the widely held and deeply felt objections of a very large section of the British public', said Mr Calvert.


Clinics which make a profit from carrying out abortions are banned from advertising their services on TV.  (A:  So they are finding ways around it.  See, itís time to push the envelope further.  Thatís all it is, pushing the envelope, are the public ready?  Yeah, most will accept it now.   So, how do they get this is in?)


However, a loophole means that Marie Stopes, a 'not for profit organisation', (A:  You know, one of these CHARITABLE organizations that happens to get Ė what was it Ė £30 Million a year, from one source, just from the taxpayer.)  is not subject to the same restrictions.  (A:  You see, because itís a not-for-profit organization.  Itís non-profit.)


The ad will be screened for the first time at 10.10pm on Monday during a new, live show - The Million Pound Drop - presented by Davina McCall.


The commercial will then run throughout June. While the first showing of the ad is after the 9pm watershed, the organisation that pre-vets TV ads, (A:  Thatís your Censorship committees.) Clearcast UK, has not imposed any restrictions on the time of day it can be aired.


So you are altered bit by bit down the slippery path, you see.  Weíve already seen the introduction of euthanasia, which always was one of their sustainability plans.  After all, if you are not working and contributing to your community you should not really live should you.  You should just do your duty and dieÖ and donít be a burden on those left behind who have to pay for it all.  Itís amazing though, those that run your system can be into their 90s, like Mr Rockefeller.  Heís still going around the world pushing his depopulation plans.  It doesnít apply to those ones.  They are SPECIAL people, you see, with special genes.


There has been a WAR on for an awful long time and generations have been oblivious to it.  Oblivious to it.  Here is an article as they get intoÖ See, they are right intoÖ Remember, they wanted to get the child at the womb if possible.  Thatís what Bertrand Russell said.  They had worked to see if they could find ways to literally take the children from the mothers at BIRTH and bring them up in a Brave New World type where you wouldnít know who your father was, or your mother.  Then YOU wouldnít be contaminated with old-fashioned ideas.  Then they found out through the scientific school that he was funded by a Royal grant to do so, that they could introduce PRE-PUBERTAL SEX amongst children at a very early age and with scientific indoctrination, when the children went home, after school, it didnít matter what morals the parents tried to pass on to them, they would have no effect whatsoever.  He said it was more economically feasible - and better for his own group, I guess, and the country - if parents were just in charge of feeding and clothing and basic care of the child and the STATE would supply everything else.


Here is an articleÖ


Pregnant? Uncle Sam wants to text

(A:  Itís an ad actually.  Itís really an ad.)

By Nate Anderson | / May 10, 2010


Here's a program we missed out on when it was announced back in February: Text4baby. The government has partnered with private businesses to offer pregnant women three free text messages a weekówhich will continue until the child is a year old.  (A:  Isnít that nice of them?)


After registering online or by phone (text BABY or BEBE [for Spanish] to 511411), the Text4baby service will push out messages about "immunization (shots), nutrition, seasonal flu, prenatal care, emotional well being, drugs and alcohol, labor and delivery, stopping smoking, breastfeeding, mental health, birth defects prevention, (A:  You know what that means?  If they say something COULD be wrong with this child it is aborted.) oral health, car seat safety, exercise and fitness, developmental milestones, safe sleep, family violence, and more."  (A:  BIG BROTHER, eh.  BIG, BIG BROTHER.  Uncle Sam wants to text you.)


By supplying one's due date, the messages are tailored to the various stages of pregnancy and the first year of life, though they are not customized for individuals.


Since launching a few months ago, the service has sent more than a million messages to 36,000 soon-to-be-moms. The White House, which is a partner in the initiative, (A:  There you go.) recognizes that text messages alone can't convey much information, but they can point people (A:  You know, like [Cass] Sunsteinís Ďnudgesí.) to other resources, such as national prenatal helplines.  (A:  Quite something.  FREE thoughÖ hey folks, itís free.  Youíd better grab it now, eh?)


I read an article about a week ago about Facebook.  When the creator of it was asked about selling peopleís private info and all the rest of it and he called people dumb, stupid f-u-c-k-s.  And people get all upset about that.  I congratulate the guy, because he said the truth.  He told you the truth.  Wouldnít you rather have the truth from these characters?  Itís a pity they wonít tell you the truth and the INTENT of their free services BEFORE they start them or when you sign on.  Wasnít he telling the truth?  Here you are, going into some site; you have no idea what their intentions are.  Although you should, you shouldÖ if you were uncontaminated you would still be suspicious of it.  Then heís selling all of your information all over the planet.  But itís free.  Itís free. 


Iíve always shook my head when I see the Pentagon and DARPA leading the charge for brain chips.  Itís been ongoing.  Iíve read the articles over the YEARS from the Pentagon who are really into this stuff.  Part of the real project, of course, is to make super soldiers that they can really use in battle, who will not be themselves you might say, theyíll be programmable.  The first thing that they came out with was when they tried the chip, and DARPA put out a big publicity report, how they got a paraplegic to text the occasional email successfully with his brain chip.  So we know that really, the Pentagon is really spearheading the medical profession because they care.  Thatís what the Pentagon is there for, to fix bodies.  We know that of course, donít we?  Here is it and it saysÖ


Pentagon enlists universities to collaborate on brain implants

 to repair brain injury

By Andrew Nusca | May 7, 2010 |


DARPA, the U.S. Department of Defenseís research arm, has announced $14.9 million in funding for major research institutions to collaborate on brain implants that can help repair traumatic brain injury.  (A:  Thatís their cover, of course, as always.  We KNOW thatís their REAL prime concern, wounded soldiers, isnít it?)


The Pentagon project, called RePAIR (A:  They love their little codes here.) (ĒReorganization and Plasticity to Accelerate Injury Recoveryď), aims to find a way to better analyze brain activity to develop more advanced models of how it operates.


The effort is comprised of 10 professors (A:  Theyíve got universities; they work hand-in-glove with universities and have done so since before World War IIÖ in all aspects including all your social engineering departments as well.) and their research teams, culled from fields such as neurobiology, psychiatry and network engineering.


The researchers hail from Stanford and Brown universities, the University of California-San Francisco and University College London.


(A:  Then they go on with their little spielÖ) Brain injury is not an uncommon injury. It affects vehicular accident victims (A:  You see, the Pentagon really CARES about your driving habits.), stroke patients (A:  They really care about them, as they pull the plug on them.  Youíre brain dead; I have to pull the plug.) and military veterans alike, totaling 1.7 million Americans each year.  (A:  Thatís why when youíre broke the Pentagon is throwing money at brain chips.)


The problem? Scientists know very little about it.  (A:  That is utter rubbish.  They know an awful lot about the brain.)


Currently, scientists can create conceptual models of brain activity and can record electrical pulses emitted by individual neurons in the brain. But they canít yet manipulate those pulses to reprogram the brain(A:  Well, not all of it.  They donít even need the chip for that actually.)


Enter optogenetics. The new technique involves emitting pulses of light to pinpoint and trigger a single neuron.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíll go onto Brandon from Florida.  Is Brandon there?


Brandon:  Pretty scary these days isnít it, Alan?


Alan:  Yeah, itís scary.  Itís only scary ifÖ


Brandon:  It seems like they are doing a pretty good job of bludgeoning us to death with constant fear and all sorts of things.  I can see myself getting to a point where Iíll be like that guy in Brave New World, I just want to go off and find my own place by myself and not even want to associate with anybody.  With their sciences and technology they can, they pretty much have all the answers to our minds now so they can do anything they want.


Alan:  They can.  They can and there is always the Q factor though. There is always something that can crop up thatís outside all the plans that they make.  If you stick to your own moral senses and you might find people with their own similar mindset, you can certainly start ripples like you wouldnít believe.  Mao Tse Tung said he wasnít afraid of cannons or anything like that; he was afraid of someone with an IDEA.  Thatís the truth.  Donít let the scare tactics get you down; itís meant to petrify you and disable you.  You are still yourself.  Keep a hold of yourself.  THAT is the main enemy of them, is yourself, KEEP A HOLD OF IT AND NEVER LET IT GO. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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