May 24, 2010 (#583)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 24, 2010:

Regain the Self From Spectator Shelf,
Utilize Time to Stop Your Decline:

"Take-Down of Nations -- Race to the Bottom,
Happening for Years, Nothing to Stop Them,
Families Dysfunctional by Social Engineering,
Raced Through Transitions Too Fast for Hearing
Or Contemplation, As Waves of Crisis
Altered Society, Leaving Nothing but Vices,
Combined with Poverty, Violence, No Hope,
Destroyed Values, Traditions, Left Culture of Dope,
Hallucinogens, Crack, Heroin and Ecstasy,
Copulation's Free Pastime, Tied Tubes, Vasectomy,
Individual Isolated, Without Values, Defenseless
Against Authorized Onslaught -- Precise, Relentless,
Knowledge is Power, Intellect Must be Fed,
Regain the Self, No More Easy-Led"
© Alan Watt May 24, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 24, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 24, 2010.  Newcomers look into web site.  I always advise you to bookmark the other sties youíll see on the .com site for future use because sometimes the .com site goes down and this one is going down right now in fact, up and down like a yo-yo.  [Official sites listed above.]  If you have them bookmarked you can always download the latest shows from the alternate sites.  Remember too, that all the sites contain the audios.  They all have the English transcripts, a lot of the English transcripts of the shows for download and print up.  The site also has the transcripts in other languages, so visit them all.  Remember, when you are there donít just listen to all the audios, itís good to help me out here.  You can buy the books and DVDs and CDs I have for sale or you can donate to me.  That will make me just tick over, as I keep putting more and more money out for different web sites as different servers try and put chokes on me and they actually have said that.  They are putting chokes on my uploads to combine with the chokes already on my server for the satellite.  So itís getting harder to get the stuff up there but so far there has always been an alternate method to do so.  If you help me out I can always pay for more and more sites as the other ones go down.  [Ordering and donation option listed above.] 


So far the banks still accept cash from other countries, although it seems that a lot of countries are about to go down and we hear today in fact that one of the big banks failed in Spain and they are bailing that out right now and trying to cover it up.  This is expected because we are going through into the big time of CHANGE, when the power of the purse is the last part to be used to bring it the final stages of this controlled, new, globalize system, this centrally globalized or orchestrated system, a centralized global government for us all with one big central bank.  These are all the birth pangs of it. They have to bring us through this to make it all happen.  Itís very important we all have some suffering to do in order to praise them when they come out with their solution.  Thatís how they always do it. 


For those who get the shows and have gone off the computer all together but some people burn them and pass them around at meetings and so on, you can get in touch with me by writing - yep, the postal works believe it or not - to [address above].  That should get to me although they hold it up a few days while they check it all in their special post offices but they do pass it on with nice blue rubber bands around bundles of them.  Thatís the real world we are living in, folks, because we are totally monitored, watched, and I donít think there is anybody out there that they donít have a complete file upon.  Even on all of those who think theyíve done nothing wrong.  They seem to still think that they only watch people who have done something wrong and if Iím good, they will leave me alone and I can play.  No.  Theyíve been watching everyone for an awful, awful long time.  An awful long time, before you were born in fact, they were watching generations.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I could easily go off and give a hundred examples of whatís happened over the weekend, and in a thousand different areas even, and just hype it into pure terror and fear but there is no point in doing that.  Everyone reads, everyone is on the internet these days and you just canít avoid all the bad news. 


Itís intentionally all out there of course, to make sure that we all get the message that we are going through amazing crisis.  We tend to expect, being domesticated that is, that the masters and governments will take care of the big problems for us.  We get more nervous when they donít seem to be doing what we think are the right things or at least the proper safeguards to protect us all.  Thatís really what itís about, isnít it?  We are domesticated and we want protection from the shepherd and we donít realize that the shepherd was never our friend.  The shepherd is meant to dominate you and control you and have you very peaceful, that way you donít run off and stampede and run away from his grasp.  He wants to feed off you.  So far human beings have been awfully good at feeding their masters. 


Today, there are too many of us.  They donít need us, you see, in the West anymore.  They talked about this even before World War II that the time would come that there would be too many people.  They already planned, before World War II, that there would be an end to the whole industrial era of the West.  Theyíd already talked about setting it up in third world countries where the labor would be cheap.  They even set in the motions, through various United Nations institutions and agreements, to set up departments within every government that signed on to the United Nations to do investment in third world countries FOR big international corporations.  Politicians who would often retire from politics were put into these OECD companies where they went abroad and used your tax money to fund the setting up of plants for the private corporations to take over and move into.  Thatís the real history of the world.  We are used and then the big boys simply move on. 


We have a problem with that because we think that our own kind tend to rule us, our own kind.  We identify those at the top with the national symbols and emblems and the tribal symbols and all that kind of stuff.  Every country has got its own indoctrination into that and you think they must be YOURS.  And yet, big players in international organizations that were set up to bring in globalism, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, have been working steadily since about the 1920s to bring in this world order.  Itís staffed with people who donít believe in nationalism of any kind.  Their whole goal is INTERNATIONALISM. 


Weíve got to remember too that the elite in all ages have simply moved from place to place.  I used to wonder about that because you would get your basic histories where theyíd give you the rising of empires and the big generals and the wars they fought and who got the medals and all that kind of stuff, but they never really told you who funded it.  Obviously the merchant classes and the bankers existed in ancient times; we know this from writings from people like Aristotle, whose wife was given to him from another country and she was a daughter of an international banker of that period.  They funded wars for Athens and other countries.  So when a country fails and goes down, youíd better believe that the elite of that country know itís coming because they are probably financing the bunch that are going to bring you down and theyíve already moved on from there. 


Youíd be surprised how many very old families - who are not bankrupt by any means at all; they never suffer from recessions and that kind of stuff - how many families have been moving out of Europe, old families with old estates, who certainly are raking in the money.  Itís not because they need the money that they are selling off their mansions and their big estates, their historical houses.  They are simply moving out but you know, no one can find out where they are goingÖ and yet they are all listed, these big mansions, in certain directories.  Where are they moving off to?  We know these massive super cities have been built abroad.  Weíve even had documentaries on television from CBC and BBC and so on about the new super cities built in China for Westerners.  Brand new, state of the art, completely modern and high techÖ  But itís not for the likes of you or I.  We just simply get managed as we go downhill. 


We are going into a new order where we redefine everything for sustainability.  Thatís why they brought in the term sustainability.  If we were still needed to manufacture and still needed to be the pure war machine, you would be having a lot of goodies, right now.  Youíd have your junker cars and the cops would leave you alone.  Youíd have your booze and your cigarettes and everything else and no one would bother you.  You would be quite secure in your homes.  You wouldnít be hassled on the streets and so on, as you are today.  That only happens when your usefulness is over.  The ones who are getting the cheap smokes and the cheap booze and the partying and so on are the laboring class in China right now.  Thatís the standard procedure. 


When you have lived long enough, youíve seen this.  You SEE it.  Youíve got to always be aware of whatís happening in your own time.  You must remember each period within your own time as things really changed.  Youíve got to go into and study the system that you are living under.  The books are out there.  The books have always been PUT out there.  Legally they are put out there generally by politicians who have been in politics for their entire lives, or top-level bureaucrats or people like Kissinger, or Brzezinski.  Very boring booksÖ they love to write their memoirs and they put stuff in there that really gives you a completely different view of everything thatís been and what is and whatís to come that was never published and spoken about by them personally when they were in the public limelight, at least to the general press.  At least if it was to the press, it was never released to the public. 


Remember that during World War II many groups were formed from ONE top group already established.  They decided that the whole problem with World War II was the massesÖ and that the masses were just too dumb and stupid that some guy like Hitler might come along in any country and theyíd all rise up, in any country with the same intentions and methods and do the same things.  Thatís what they claimed.  Iíve told you before that psychopaths never, ever blame themselves for causing anything; they always blame the victim.  The ordinary people have never demanded war at any time.  Never.  The ordinary people wait to get told what to do.  The ordinary people get ordered by those who rule over them.  The ordinary people wouldnít even think of getting a whip around the streets for a few pennies to buy a battleship and go off to war.  Itís impossible.  Itís ridiculous.  Nevertheless, the conclusions they came to, at least decided to blame anyway, the ultimate conclusions were that the masses were responsible for all of this and therefore theyíd have to do things in the future to make sure that it would never happen again. 


Theyíd already figured out different techniques to control the minds of the public through people like Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley and many, many, many more specialists that were brought in from Europe BEFORE World War II.  Eventually they settled them in London and the United States, mainly in the big universities to do experimental studies and so on and implement their techniques ON the population to create a brand new culture.  The CIA was also involved in that.  The CIA simply came out of the OSS and the order was given from the President of the United States to literally create a brand new culture.  He gave permission to groups like the Macy Group and the different groups that came in from Frankfurt and so on, the Frankfurt School.  They created the whole drug scene, a whole new movement to break the conditioning of learning from one generation to the other.  All that was normal had to be destroyed.  What had become normal had to be destroyed.  A NEW normal was createdÖ through the Ďfree loveí and all the rest of it. 


They understood perfectly well what the fallout would be and they brought in psychiatry and therapy and all the rest of it to deal with the fallout.  Abortion clinics sprung up.  They basically said, do what you want to DO; you have no responsibility, have a good time.  They made sure that the LSD and all the other drugs flooded into the country and were widely distributed.  There are people up on video today admitting that they were part of it.  Professors were part of this whole thing. 


Iíve also talked about the book, Americaís Cultural Cold War, which gives you a lot of this information but it only goes up to about 1967; the rest of it is still classified from then on.  Why?  Because they were still at it and they are at it today, constantly creating the new culture.  A new type of culture, a culture where no one bonds with anyone, which is beautiful because if you canít bond with anyone and you are the problem and you are the causes of war, you see, or the masses, then you canít even bond together in any common purpose or any common cause.  You canít do it.  Thatís what you find today.  People canít do it.  What they do is actually wait for leaders to be supplied TO them and the government makes sure that they are supplied with the leaders who are trained in how to speak, how to get through to certain types, the type they want to attract, and you are tailor-made for them.  You are open minds waiting to be downloaded into and used.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the things that have happened in the past leading up to the present because youíve got to understand what has been happening for an awful long time, as we are deculturalized and the old system is in shambles.  There are new types of families redefined where women are quite happy to be supported by the state.  THATíS the new husband, you see.  Government is the husband, something theyíd always wanted to be.  They now have complete access to the childrenís minds.  Remember Bertrand Russell said, the state must give the children the values, the NEW values, and thatís been happening. 


I personally can hardly watch a documentary about Britain in the shambles it is in and the state of the youngsters there who have absolutely no hope at all because this is the legacy of the complete takedown. They were used for a few centuries and completely run dry of everything.  They still have got masses of debt to pay.  Their governments, through the GATT Treaties and other treaties, signed away their right to have work in their own country by allowing ALL the companies within their countries Ė they used to get state subsidies too, mind you Ė to go offshore to China and elsewhere, for cheap labor and leave nothing behind, except massive unemployment.  They knew the ramifications of this before they signed the treaties.  They donít sign the treaties and say, yeah, now all the companies will go abroad, weíll even pay them to go abroad with the tax money, and of course no one will have any work to do.  Do you think they just realized that long after the fact?  No.  Nothing happens like that.  Everything is planned METICULOUSLY and the fallouts of everything that they do, by their own think tanks and their RAND Corporation and all the other corporations they have running all data constantly through computers.  They know exactly all the spin-offs and fallouts and so on. 


Youíve got to realize who has been running the culture for such a long time.  I mentioned that book and the title is actually, The Cultural Cold War: the CIA and the World of Arts and Letters, by Frances Stonor Saunders.  Itís an excellent book to read.  Itís a bit long winded at times, well padded, a bit too well padded, but the data is in there.  Literally, how they decided to take over and give a new culture to a whole new generation of youngsters, with a whole new way of living.  They promoted almost every famous poet, artist, musician, the guys who ran the music industry, the rock industry.  They made sure there were lots of various drugs flooding the countries, not just in Britain but in the US.  As I say, the OSS split up into MI-5 and MI-6 and the CIA, with the same people in charge.  They had bases in France and Germany and other countries to make sure that everyone was going along the same path at the same time.  They funded the nihilistic art, that turned up everywhere, because they wanted to create a feeling of apathy as well.  Where beauty had to go, traditional ideas and ideals of beauty had to go and this modernistic nihilism was to be introducedÖ which helps to disconnect, disconnect from the past.  They have been very, very successful. 


They also knew, as I say, the different departments were also moving into creating economies in third world countries at the same time.  The problem is, how do you take down countries and still manage the people, still get enough of them going into the armies because youíve still got wars to fight in the Middle East and other countries before itís all over and then China can take over as the policeman of the world.  The US right now is in the state ofÖ and Iím not kidding you.  Iíve heard a lot of people think they are waking up but what they are doing is simply reacting, REACTING to the conditions that they canít escape anymore, that they canít be blind to.  They are reacting.  They have no idea that this has been going on for such a long time and they floated and dreamed their way through it.  Theyíve got to catch up awfully quick because the US is being drained, as it took over from Britain and funded the whole new world order through its taxes.  They also had all their industry taken abroad through the GATT Treaty.  Because it was such a big country they still have some work left a home, but they are now feeling the pinch as more and more people are unemployed.  They have been raped of their housing industry and their houses.  There are still people losing their houses every day, because of licensing that the government has put out to let these shyster mortgage brokers operate in the US.  They got permission from the government to do that.  They knew what was going to happen.  They could pull the plug any time they wanted to, or keep the bubbles going for as long as they wanted to, but that was the time to do it. 


We are just simply following a long-term business plan, you understand.  Thatís what it is.  Itís a long-term business plan but everything is phased in on queue at the right time, like any TV production.  Itís as precise as that.  Not too late, not too early, but right on queue.  Iíve said for years that as the US was the military machine and the financing machine of the big boys, the new world order, and bringing all this in in the Middle East and finishing it off, they will be pulling the rug from under your feet at home and thatís exactly what they are doing.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and the United States, really, is the last place to go down in all of this. The only difference with the US, and other countries that have already fallen, is that other countries are much, much older, they are used to just simply taking commands from the authorities at the top.  They have never really had any idea of real freedoms or real democracies.  It was always strict party lines always under this strange monarchy; regardless of the country, they were all under some form of monarchy, except for France.  They donít have a MEMORY of anything before that because what was before it really was feudalism and serfdom.  The US was the last place to have a memory of freedoms and rights and all the rest of it, even though the government is stampeding all over them and have been for a long time.  The fact is the memory survives and thatís the only hope that theyíve got really, is the fact that they KNOW there was another way of living before this, before whatís coming down even existed.  Thatís where its best hope lies, in not just reviving a memory but reliving it as a way of life. 


That can be a hard thing to do once you are corrupted and believe you me, the whole society has been corrupted through a war upon them, an invisible war really, an unspoken war that was relentless and done through their schooling, their education, through their entertainment, through the companies and organizations that work through the CIA flooding the country with drugs.  As I say, it was authorized from the top down to do so, to destroy all that was to bring in the new.  What is the new?  Itís the totally controlled society.  Totally controlled.  Iíve always said that we pay for our chains.  We pay for the making of our chains and for transfers from one over to the next, to us, then put on us and we accept them.  That has got to stop.  Thatís got to stop because the chains simply pull you down into the dungeon. 


Iíve often said too, itís odd how we are trained into obedience.  Iíve gone through different textbooks that they use at the top, on obedience to authority.  One of the books is actually called that, Obedience to Authority, excellent book.  They know how we respond to authority.  They know that through our training and conditioning that very few people will ever break free and think, wait a minute now, technically that person has no more right to tell me what to do than Iíve got to tell THEM what to do, but you obey them because youíve been trained to obey what you see are authority figures.  There is so much more to it and of course FEAR comes into it to, what happens if you donít obey?  The governments know.  Theyíve been building up an internal army for over 25 years to ensure they can cope with the chaos that they knew was coming way back then. 


For the rest of the world, they are in an awful, awful state.  Now they have to be trained and taught, whatís left of them, that theyíve got to be MORE AUSTERE than they already are.  The unemployment rates across Europe are staggering.  There is literally no hope for the youth, at all.  Staggering.  They are bringing the same thing to North America.  Itís amazing how no one is concerned until it actually hits them personally.  Iíve often said that, thatís when you think you are waking up but you are really reacting to something hitting YOU.  You are quite content as long as everyone else is getting laid off.  Thatís what they rely upon at the top, the selfish nature of people


How else have they ensured that the present generation, or try to ensure the present generation is going to be malleable?  Remember what they said, and Huxley said it a long time ago, so did Julian Huxley, Aldous brother.  Julian was the first CEO of UNESCO and they talked about using pharmacology upon the people.  Now you all think itís like mandatory pharmacology.  Well, that IS being used, certainly in the schools where there is a massive lot of youngsters, especially the males, being drugged by society.  Society is accepting the fact that children are being drugged by the state.  Can you believe that?  I canít even believe it yet, to be honest with you.  There is also the other kind of pharmacology thatís put out on the streets.  They also meant that too.  Because when people are taking the street drugs they donít feel like banding together and standing up for rights and human rights and their own rights and all the rest of it.  It doesnít occur to them, they are too far gone, and they are somewhere else in outer space, all space cadets. 


There are many ways to disable the mind.  Then the massive inoculation campaigns and ever-increasing inoculations, with autism being blatant at the bottom level and all degrees of it supposedly going up all the way into attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorders and all the other multiple disorders.  They keep reclassifying the psychiatric textbooks and never, even saying how come this is all happening NOW when it didnít happen before?  When autism was incredibly RARE back in the 1950s.  Now they say it could be 1 in 4. 


Here is an article, and Iíll put these articles up on my web site at the end of the show. 


Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine

(Alan:  Thatís what you getÖ see, if you break ranks with these guys and you are licensed, they come after you.)

By MARIA CHENG / The Associated Press / / Mon., May 24, 2010


LONDON - The doctor whose research linking autism and the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella influenced millions of parents to refuse the shot for their children was banned Monday from practicing medicine in his native Britain.


Dr. Andrew Wakefield's 1998 study was discredited ó but vaccination rates have never fully recovered and he continues to enjoy a vocal following, helped in the U.S. by endorsements from celebrities like Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. 


Then they go on to REALLY slam him and slam him and slam him and try to ridicule him by making the statement that his research, etc, is null and void and they have proven that vaccines work, etc, and itís got nothing to do with it.  Which is nothing of the kind; Iíve never yet seen any of their studies saying their vaccines are definitely NOT responsible.  Iím talking about SCIENTIFICALLY put out studies to say that.  Iíve seen lots of comments in the media from them but Iíve never seen the studies to PROVE that vaccines arenít causing this.  And if the vaccines werenít causing this, why ARENíT they investigating into what HAS caused autism to be so common?  Hmm?  Theyíre not looking into that at all.  You think they would be a little curious, wouldnít they?  Thatís another part of it too; itís an attack on the mind.  People who are autistic have problems communicating with other people.  They canít form relationships.  So again, people who canít form relationships wonít band together, protest or riot.  The last thing they wanted was a resurgence of the 1980s riots they had through Britain.  That wonít happen again.  They make sure of these things. 


The drug companies literally are all a part of it. Theyíve always been a big part of this whole New World Order.  Theyíre all owned by the same bankers.  Here is an article to prove how corrupt they areÖ


FDA: Glaxo, Merck vaccines OK despite pig virus

(Reuters) - Rotavirus vaccines made by GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Merck & Co Inc are safe to use despite being contaminated with a pig virus, U.S. health regulators ruled on Friday.

WASHINGTON / / Fri May 14, 2010


(A:  Thatís only been 2 or 3 months since it came out; maybe even less, maybe 2 months that they came out with the statement that theyíd found, an independent group looked into their vaccines and found this strange pig virus.  I read it on the air at the time and according to the companies that make them, they were absolutely stunned and didnít know how it got there.  They didnít seem to be too curious as to why it was there either.  But they didnít know it was there.  This is what they claimed, they didnít know it was there.  Now, if you get a complaint like that put in and you accept that it is there, youíve found it, yep, sure enough it is there, you have to then take it off the market and put it into testing for 5 or more years to test this virus out on other animals and species BEFORE you could possibly come back with a study to say itís harmless, right.  Thatís how it works folks.  However, 2 months later or so, itís just been ruled that itís okay to use.)


The Food and Drug administration, in a statement, said it was safe for doctors to resume giving patients Glaxo's Rotarix and continue using Merck's Rotateq. The agency said there was no evidence the contamination caused any harm (A:  As I say, it takes 5 or more years to test all this stuff out.  They havenít tested it; they just come out with a statement.) and the vaccines were important in preventing hospitalizations and death.  (A:  Thatís exactly what they said about the measles, mumps and rubella, the benefits outweigh the risks.)


Rotavirus can cause fatal diarrhea. (A:  At the time too, it even says, why are they using it in the US because the incidence of this rotavirus is so tiny in the US; itís mainly in third world countries.  Itís big bucks too but itís also got other reasons too Iím sure.  Iím sure that this pig virus has got something that will show itself down the road and they will all be stunned and shocked of course when it happens.)  Both vaccines target the virus, but pieces of DNA from porcine circovirus (PCV) have been found in both companies' products.


The FDA's decision follows a May 7 recommendation by its advisory panel, which ruled that the risk to humans from the pig virus was theoretical at best. (A:  Now that is completely unscientific because you canít come back with a theoretical answer; itís got to be a scientific answer through investigative research and proof in testing.)  It called for continued use of the vaccines, saying their benefits outweighed any potential risk(A:  They say that with everything.  And the mercury, of course they said the same thing with the mercury in the vaccines.)


Some strains of the pig virus are believed to cause a wasting syndrome in young piglets, marked by diarrhea and an inability to gain weight, but they are not known to injure humans.  (A:  Because they havenít tested it supposedly to see what happens when they put it in your bloodstream.)   Tests found DNA from the virus in master cells used to make the Glaxo's product.


Glaxo officials have said the DNA may have come from a pig-derived enzyme called trypsin used early in development. (A:  It MAY have, they donít know and theyíre not really too concerned to find out.)  The company has said there is no manufacturing or safety issue with its vaccine. Merck has also said its product is safe. 


So there you are, they SAY it is safe, they havenít tested to see what this virus will cause in a human being, or anything else for that matter, except what it does to pigs; it gives them a wasting disease and all the rest of it.  So I guess maybe they expect us, you know, the pigs that we are, to come down with the same kind of wasting diseases.  Who knows?  Who knows folks because Iím telling you, thatís how callous it is at the top.  The FDA is staffed by guys who worked FOR these corporations and STILL, Iíve read the articles on the air, they still do reports and work for these organizations and the big pharma companies.  And they are passing this stuff as safe for you.  Amazing eh?


They say the first bank in Spain went down, you all know about that.


Cajasur bank bail-out prompts euro falls

Monday, 24 May 2010 /


The euro has fallen and shares in Spanish banks have been hit following the government rescue of one of the country's biggest regional lenders.  


Thatís all over the media and they are waiting to see who goes down next.  Weíre supposed to all get terrified now and start gnashing our teeth and biting our nails and hoping our governments are going to save us when itís our turn.  Weíve all to get taught the big lesson.


Itís also going all around the internet too, from mainstream news that the Canadians are all being monitored on their online chat rooms.  Well, theyíve always been monitored in their online chat rooms and the different forums that they go into. They have been from the very beginning.  You know the Psy-Ops stuff that Iíve read on the air from the official sites of the governments SAID theyíd put out operatives who would go into the chat rooms and even take over and dominate them.  Iíve gone through the Sunstein techniques as well, where you infiltrate and then you start to take down groups that are forming by making them quite unsure of the beliefs of why they are getting together in the first place.  Theyíve also been monitoring all of us from the very, very beginning. They were monitoring us ALL before they GAVE us the internet and other means as well.  This article is about Canada. 


Harper government monitoring online chats about politics

Correcting what it calls 'misinformation'

Sheila Scott May 23, 2010 /


OTTAWA (NEWS1130) - The Harper government has been monitoring political messages online, and even correcting what it considers misinformation. One local expert says the government is taking things too far.


Under the pilot program the Harper government paid a media company $75,000 to monitor and respond to online postings about the east coast seal hunt.  (A:  This is the excuse they give you.)


UBC Computer Science professor and President of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, Richard Rosenberg, says it seems unnecessary for the government to be going this far.  "The government has a lot of power, that it feels the need to monitor public bulletin boards, or places where people express views and then to respond to that, seems to me going beyond a reasonable action the government should be taking." 


Then it goes on and on and on, but it doesnít surprise me because they have been at it in other ways.  You donít know WHO is in the chat room.  You donít know who it is in the forum.  They are all being manipulated.  All.  Someone comes in and takes over, frightens them all.  Strange how when they frighten them all, they give more respect to the guy thatís frightening them.  Then they start doing his bidding.  They get turned against different people and they shower them with emails and they all get used.  They are so easily used, people, you know, and think they know how to do it at the top. 


Getting the next generation that is growing up ready for the sustainable community, they will be in Brave New World.  These youngsters that are growing up now WILL experience the Brave New World scenario in a time when most eventually, after them, will be born without the need of parents as we know it.  That generation thatís growing up now is getting taught to be sustainable and green and all nice and so on.  They are getting taught nothing but communitarianism and social policy and politics, really.  Socialism, not education to survive because really, they donít need to survive in this new system, in the old way.  They wonít be going into jobs that used to be there, for instance, but theyíve got to be politically correct.  So they are teaching children, about the age of 11 about rape, pornography and prostitution.  Mind you, theyíve already been taught all about masturbation and all different things before that, from UNESCO.  This is from the Daily Mail.  Iíll read this when I get back from this break.


I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading an article to show AmericansÖ see, all this has happened already in Europe and European countries but this is the last bastion, the States, and itís going down fast.  This is what you have to look forward to if you allow it.  Thatís what itís about, IF YOU ALLOW IT. 


Pupils aged 11 debate rape, pornography and prostitution

By Daily Mail Reporter / / 24th May 2010


Educational packs for pupils as young as 11 contain 'over-explicit' information about rape, pornography and prostitution, it was claimed today.


The packs, produced by the charity (A:  A charity, you know, the philanthropists, again, that have got authorization from the UN.) Rape Crisis, also cover female genital mutilation, forced marriages and human trafficking(A:  These are 11 year olds remember.)


Its author claims children are already 'sexualised' (A:  Thatís true, they are because theyíve already had years of being told about masturbation and all kinds of various kinds of sexual preferences and so on.) and teachers can use their discretion to decide what they discuss.


But the Campaign for Real Education (CRE) has branded the initiative irresponsible and said parents will be horrified.  (A:  Well, I donít know.  I donít know if the parents will be horrified; theyíve already let all the other stuff go down without murmuring too much, as they watch all the stuff on TV in front of the children that they shouldnít be.)


The packs encourage mixed classes of boys and girls to discuss whether 'women ask for it (A:  I guess thatís sex, etc.) by wearing short skirts, drinking alcohol etc'.  (A:  Then they get them into role-playing things.  This is what they always do, role-playing.  They do it with adults too in fact, when they are training them and all this stuff.  Role-playingÖ to make sure that it really gets fixed there, sort of imprinting on the brain.  This is what the US has got to look forward to.  Itís all been done elsewhere.)


Here is what else they are doing in countries that theyíve already got down to a completely demoralized state, a completely dysfunctional society.  Britain againÖ


Mum's fury after being approached in the street

and offered £200 to get sterilised

May 23 2010 Exclusive by Stephen Stewart, Sunday Mail /


POLICE launched an investigation yesterday after a mum was stopped in the street and offered £200 to become sterilised.


Outraged Deborah Wilson, 33, was leaving a health centre (A:  Thatís where youíve got health centers over there.) with son Jay when she was approached by controversial Project Prevention.  (A:  Thatís what itís called, Project Prevention, this big CHARITABLE organization thatís, again, authorized by the United Nations and funded through the United States.)


The US-funded group were set up to stop drug addicts having babies.  (A:  But they are approaching everybody, by the way.)


They asked Deborah, who is not a drug user, to agree to have a contraceptive implant or full sterilisation.  (A:  Just imagine walking your child along the street and these people come up and harass you and ask you to get sterilizedÖ)


She said last night: "I have never been so insulted in my life. Who are these people?"


"I was absolutely mortified when they came up to me. I couldn't believe what I was actually hearing.  (A:  I can imagine it.)


"I was just taking my son Jay to get checked up and was coming out of the health centre when these women just strolled up to me.


"They seemed to be filming the whole thing as well."


Deborah and Jay, nine, were stopped by the volunteers on Friday in the grounds of Possilpark Health Centre in Glasgow. 


Amazing.  Amazing.  Thatís what youíve got to look forward to in the US if you donít really stand up now and start dictating TO your government as you should be, thatís supposed to serve YOUÖ and I donít think it has for an awful long time.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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