May 25, 2010 (#584)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 25, 2010:

You Followers of Celebrities Will Get Salvation,
Presented by Masters of Culture Creation:

"The Media's in Gear Hyping Crisis Creation,
Oh, When Will a Saviour Present Salvation?
Terrified Public are Down on Their Knees,
Broke and Homeless, Gave Up Rights to Please
The Masters of Mayhem Who Pull the Strings
And Live High Off Chaos They Plan and Bring,
Sponging Each Generation Until They're Dry,
Speaking Down from Balcony Telling Victims to Try
To All Work Together, Come On, Give Your All,
While Themselves are Off Jetting, Having a Ball,
You See the Deviant Creation Lives Life of Bliss,
The Psychopaths have Always Been Like This,
Followers Demand Leaders, Step Up to the Plate,
You Get Types You Ask For, To Love and Hate,
Just Can't Imagine Them in Shady Dealing,
Media Shows Only Low-Life Raping and Stealing,
Time to Wake Up from Trained Media Blunder,
See Who's the Real Boss of Pillage and Plunder"
© Alan Watt May 25, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 25, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 25, 2010.  Newcomers should look into web site and bookmark all the other sites I have listed there for future use because Iím getting and awful lot of problems with the .com site right now.  Iíll say some more about that later.  If you have these alternate sites bookmarked you can always download the latest shows Ė hopefully - for free.  Go into the archives and help yourselves to that too.  There is a lot of information going back from shows Iíve given over the years; hundreds of them.  There are also lots and lots of links and so on, and subjects and topics covered for you to try and catch up to the real world, the world that the media doesnít talk about much, the ones that control the whole planet and direct us as to where we are going.  [Official sites listed above.]  While you are there, go into the items I have for sale.  There are books, CDs and DVDs that I put out and purchase them because that helps me to just tick over and I mean just tick over; there is hardly anything coming in right now.  Please donate as well.  As I say, thatís the only way I really trickle over here.  Itís incessant the cost of trying to keep sites up and so on.  Iím in the process of moving a whole bunch at the moment because of the troubles with Yahoo, satellite uploads and all the rest of it.  Itís all money.  So that will help me keep going.  Purchase these things.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Cash is accepted as well, that is as long as cash is still exchanged that is.  I think shortly some of the European cash wonít be accepted here; Iíve got a funny feeling about that.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


That will help me keep putting out these shows because this is alternate news.  I try to give you reasons behind things and show you the big picture as to why you have all this chaos heaped upon you at the same time.  We are DRIVEN.  The society is driven by media and the media is controlled by the big boys.  They will cover up for the big boys themselves and expose the lesser ones when required; they just throw them to the dogsÖ of course, thatís us at the bottom.  We glory in that when we seem them fall but thatís the risk that the ones who want to get up there take to serve their masters.  Sometimes they are thrown to the dogs like a bone.  There is lots of that happening right now, but the whole impression is to give the public the impression that everything is going out of control.  Financially, militarily, immigration wise, all of that is all coming to a head with mass demonstrations in different countries.  Theyíve got Islam on the march in different countries as well, with the paid leaders.  Theyíve got Mexicans flooding across the borders into the US and have been for years, setting up their drug rackets.  Of course, that was all foretold by Jacques Attali in his book, Millennium:  Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order.  He wrote that in 1990 I think it was and he prophesized what was going to come.  He worked at the United Nations; he still does.  Itís all MEANT to happen this wayÖ to bring about a new system.  They will come forward, our masters will come forward shortly with the solutions and the benevolent dictator.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I should add too that there are written transcripts of all of the talks that Iíve given in English on ALL the web sites that youíll see listed at web site.  There are also a lot of them translated into other languages on site; so donít forget to look in there too.  They all [the official sites] have the audios Ė hopefully - still up there. 


The other thing I wanted to mention too was, I didnít know this, but I had some complaints from people who were trying to get the .com site up and I found out that for 12 hours after I uploaded, somehow Yahoo manages to alter the IP address and if you type in Ďwww.í it doesnít come up that way and it gets directed to a blacklisted site.  That was only for 12 hours because come noon the next day itís back to normal again.  So I got in touch with Yahoo to see if they will deign to tell me what they are really up to because they are giving me a lot of hassles at the moment.  Theyíve actually put a choke, and I put the email questionnaire to them, itís up on my .com site and the reply is there that they put a choke on my upload speed to them, just to slow it all down and sort of put me off.  Itís just astonishing in a sense what happens when the big boys just have it in for you or theyíve been asked to give you a hard time.  Itís the same with the satellite company I deal with too.  They thoroughly restrict my upload speed as well.  So Iíve got a double whammy there from both the servers and the satellite internet company.  Iím paying for it all of course.  They have no problems taking the cash but of course, as they always tell you, everything is on their terms and their terms are rubber.  Theyíre like a rubber band, they can flex them any way they wish, depending on who you are of course.  They really do this kind of stuff.  Itís hard for some people to imagine when youíre just looking at the usual stuff, like porn and all that, then youíre okay.  However, if itís me putting this stuff up here, they really donít want it getting out.  I explain, or I try to explain whatís really happening behind the news. 


You canít help but to even look at todayís mail and todayís newspapers across the planet and see the chaos thatís implanted SUDDENLY, by ALL the mediaÖ and remember, we are run by the media.  We are run by entertainment as well, and CELEBRITIES.  A whole generation has grown up, maybe the second generation has grown up on this method of control, where people WORSHIP the stars, they soak up Hollywood, and they soak up the celebrities.  When celebrities talk, they suddenly have to listen because they are very important people.  Iím going to put a link up tonight to a very good exposť on celebrity culture and how the big media boys use them to manipulate all of us and how it really DOES work.  They explain WHY it works. 




Starsuckers is the most controversial documentary of the year, and was released in British cinemas in November 2009 to critical acclaim. It's a darkly humourous and shocking exposť of the celebrity obsessed media, that uncovers the real reasons behind our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from it.


There are a few parts to the series.  If you get past the first part - which is like a primer, very basic but they show you a few things - youíll get into the interesting stuff where professors and different people who have studied this explain whatís actually happening and HOW they use it to control the masses.  It works VERY, VERY, VERY well.  Thatís why they put people like Bono up there and other ones, Geldoff, to try and get the public, supposedly, to forgive their debts to third world countries, through their politicians.  It all sounds wonderful but they never tell you that they really work for the banks because the banks love this.  They give the loans to your country to then loan out to those third world countries that then default and you are then stuck with the debt, as the guarantor, you the taxpayers.  This con has been going on forever.  Going on forever, but the media doesnít bother to tell you that, yeah, you are still stuck with the tab.   Then your government gives them another loan right after it and keeps the whole thing going on forever; perpetual debt and the money never gets to where itís supposed to go of course. 


Then you see the big mess down in the Gulf there with BP Oil Company and the black hole thatís flooding the oil into the sea.  Then you look at the European papers and all the money thatís getting thrown into the stock market, this other big black hole.  So one is pumping it out and one is sucking it in.  We are supposed to get all hyper about this kind of stuff, you see, the world is coming to an end as we know it.  Thatís kind of the message behind the message getting us all ready for the answers. 


In the mean time they must step up all the crisisÖ crisis that was laid out long ago, long ago, when they decided to reorganize the world and destroy existing cultures because nationalism HAD to go.  It HAD to go, that was on the books from BEFORE they set up the League of Nations and then to the United Nations.  Nationalist countries HAD to go.  They had this whole idea of free trade and open borders, but it wasnít open borders really.  It was selectively open to certain peoples and they had to make sure it was from the most diverse cultures.  When I saw this happening, I lived through it and I went through all of Europe and saw the same thing happening.  I thought, why are they flooding the countries, especially the ones that are completely economically depressed, like Britain, with so many immigrants when there was no work there for the people already growing up?  I realized then they were setting up the chess board for the future which is NOW.  Thatís why. 


They will intensify the conflicts with these people and theyíd have a war down the road with them or the countries they came from.  I knew that too.  I told people that.  I just knew it and sure enough, thatís whatís happening.  They go into the Middle East at the right time and then there is all hell to pay back home with demonstrations and all the rest of it. Within these demonstrations, with Muslims, they have all the PLANTS that carry the nasty, nasty placards about beheading people and all the rest of it IN countries like Britain.  And they get away with it.  They donít get arrested for carrying these things, even though anyone else carrying something with threatening people in the UK, you are immediately arrestedÖ which means they are obviously protected and allowed to do this. 


Crisis creation is to be intensified.  Weíve all to bite our nails as we come through this listening to all the advisors as they try to fix and patch it all up and fix the economies as they pump billionsÖ  You realize too, that since all this crashing of money in the last few years, countries have never been spending as much as they are now.  They are throwing money, billions and billions of dollars at everything.  Where are they getting it all from?  Öif we are broke?  Have you noticed that?  Itís just utterly, utterly astonishing.  There is an article in the paper today about the cost of the G8 and the G20 security meetings and what they are going to cost to people. 


G8/G20 security costs could reach $900-million!

Colin Freeze / / Globe and Mail† May. 25, 2010


Military helicopters fly, April 20, 2010, in and out of a DZ right beside the doors of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in preparation for the June 26/27 meetings (Alan:  So they are practicing for it.) of the G20 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  (A:  Then it goes on about the cost of all of this kind of stuff.)


Security for the G8-G20 summits will cost taxpayers close to $1-billion.  (A:  We are BROKE supposedly!  Broke!)


Supplementary estimates released by Parliament Tuesday indicate federal government will spend $654-million on security on top of the $179-million announced in March, for a total of $833-million.


The total figure greatly exceeds some published media estimates of the overall costs.


In fact, the government anticipates the final cost could exceed $900-million, meaning that the cost of providing security to world leaders meeting for a few days of meetings near Huntsville, and then Toronto, will cost as about as much as was believed to be spent for security during the two-week-long Vancouver Olympic Games.  (A:  Then it goes on and on and onÖ and that happens everywhere these characters goÖ and the taxpayers foot the bill for it, wherever they goÖ and their big, big luncheons and so on as they discuss ways of trimming the public back a bit and telling us to be austere, and eat less, and tighten our belts.)


Then you look at the chaos with immigration too, and it isnít just immigration.  Jacques Attali in his book Millennium...  He was really the boss behind France.  He was an advisor to Presidents and then he was sent up to the United Nations.  He was a sort of Kissinger of France you might say.  He wrote the book Millennium and he said what was going to happen to the United States.  He says, the next boat people looking for work across the world and leaving their shores will be Americans because they will be flooded with immigration from Latin America, South AmericaÖ starting with Mexico and then all the ones coming up through Mexico.  Itís not all Mexicans that are coming in.  He said, the ones who are the most adventurous, meaning the gangs, etc, the real tough hombres, will be amongst the spearhead of it all because they are going into a land of easy pickings.  Well, this article is in the paper todayÖ


Troops to the Mexican border: Obama to send 1,200

By Erica Werner and Jacques Billeaud, Associated Press Writers  |  May 25, 2010


WASHINGTON --Under pressure to take action, President Barack Obama on Tuesday ordered 1,200 National Guard troops to boost security along the U.S.-Mexico border, pre-empting Republican efforts to force a congressional vote to send the troops.


Obama will also request $500 million for border protection and law enforcement activities, according to lawmakers and administration officials.


The president's action comes as chances for comprehensive immigration reform, Obama's long-stated goal, look increasingly dim in this election year. Obama has been all but compelled to do something since Arizona's passage of a tough illegal-immigration law thrust the border problem into the public spotlight.  (A:  Along with all the massive photographs too. There are photographs everywhere of slaughtering and killings and all the rest of it as they come up through into the US and the drug gangs of course are leading the charge.)


The National Guard troops will work on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support, analysis and training, and support efforts to block drug trafficking. They will temporarily supplement Border Patrol agents until Customs and Border Protection can recruit and train additional officers and agents to serve on the borderÖ  (A:  There are a lot more reasons for this too folks and Iíll tell you why when I come back from this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  The articles that I read I always put up the links for them on all my sites at the end of the show for you to look at yourself.  This follows on from the last thing about the border and so on. 


People have no idea of whatís really going on down there, outside of the people involved in the areas.  Theyíve been trying to get the word out for so long about the horrific carnage of the people coming over the border and the gangs with the guns and all the rest of it and the bodies they leave behind them.  Itís been going on for an awful long time.   The US federal governmentís policy was to totally ignore it because there are bigger plans than that. The US of course, is supposed to be merging into the global system and we are all one wonderful family, one family together, just wonderful and happy and they canít have bad news.  Just like the New Agers, donít look at the negative, just look at the positive and everything will turn out nicey, nicey in the end.  Thatís what theyíve been plugging for so long but it doesnít stop the facts does it?  It doesnít stop the horror of what lies around you and whatís coming your way and whatís already there in many, many places. 


This article is from the AP Press.


Deadly, ultra-pure heroin arrives in US

Alicia A. Caldwell, Associated Press Writers / / Mon May 24


WINFIELD, Mo. Ė Mexican drug smugglers are increasingly peddling a form of ultra-potent heroin that sells for as little as $10 a bag (A:  Actually itís down to $7 in some places I hear.)  and is so pure it can kill unsuspecting users instantly, sometimes before they even remove the syringe from their veins.


An Associated Press review of drug overdose data shows that so-called "black tar" heroin - named for its dark, gooey consistency - and other forms of the drug are contributing to a spike in overdose deaths across the nation and attracting a new generation of users who are caught off guard by its potency.  (A:  You see, the youngsters can really afford this stuff.  But the fact is, itís been grown, the poppies have been grown in Mexico and further south of them.  Not just the Middle East, thatís the traditional area.  Thatís why theyíve got Afghanistan.  When Bush took over Afghanistan he lifted the ban on growing poppies to get the heroin flowing againÖ because they big boys use this stuff to deal for their black budgets and all the rest of it; itís been well exposed in the past.  Now the Mexicans have got their own brand and Iíve no doubt itís genetically modified to be more potent.  Of course that means the big companies are in on it too.  Of course it does.  The most potent forms of marijuana hit the streets of the US and they had been created by the US military.)


"We found people who snorted it lying face-down with the straw lying next to them," said Patrick O'Neil, (A:  You can snort this stuff too.) coroner in suburban Chicago's Will County, where annual heroin deaths have nearly tripled - from 10 to 29 - since 2006. "It's so potent that we occasionally find the needle in the arm at the death scene."


Authorities are concerned that the potency and price of the heroin from Mexico and Colombia could widen the drug's appeal, just as crack did for cocaine decades ago.  (A:  Of course it will at that kind of priceÖ being $7-10!  Some of it is 80% pure.)


The Latin American heroin comes in the form of black tar or brown powder, and it has proven especially popular in rural and suburban areas.  (A:  You see, theyíve got their networks already set up through the immigration, the guys who came in with the immigrants.)


Originally associated with rock stars, hippies and inner-city junkies, heroin in the 1970s was usually smuggled from Asia and the Middle East (A:  Thatís Afghanistan primarily.) and was around 5 percent pure. The rest was "filler" (A:  This is what these guys, the big boys at the top with the military helping them of course because they are allowed to grow all their poppies again in Afghanistan for the opium and they derive the heroin from it.) such as sugar, starch, powdered milk, even brick dust.  (A: Thatís how much they love their customers eh?)  The low potency meant that many users injected the drug to maximize the effect.


But in recent years, Mexican drug dealers have improved the way they process poppies, the brightly colored flowers supplied by drug farmers that provide the raw ingredients for heroin, opium and painkillers such as morphine. Purity levels have increased, and prices have fallen.


Federal agents now commonly find heroin that is 50 percent pure and sometimes as much as 80 percent pure(A:  Remember what they said earlier on there, the stuff they were peddling before was sometimes 5%.)


The greater potency allows more heroin users to snort the drug or smoke it and still achieve a sustained high (A:  Now, can you imagine when crack came in, you know all about that and how QUICKLY the youngsters were addicted on that stuff because it was cheap.  You could smoke it or snort it and you can do the same with this stuff.  Well, you can see this sweeping right through very, very quicklyÖ $7, $8-10 a bag.) - an attractive alternative for teenagers and suburbanites who don't want the HIV risk or the track marks on their arms that come with repeated injections.


"That has opened up heroin to a whole different group of users," (A:  Youíre darn right it is, a very young group, at 7 bucks a bag.) said Harry Sommers, the agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency office in St. Louis.


Among the drug's casualties was William Henderson, a 29-year-old welder from rural Missouri who died in his sleep in 2009, hours after snorting heroin. A bear of a man at 6-foot-1 and 300 pounds, he had tried the drug only a few times.  (A:  Well, heís dead now.)


An increasing amount of the deadliest heroin appears to be coming from Mexico. Although the vast majority still arrives from overseas, Mexican dealers appear to be chipping away at the U.S. market.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the chaos thatís being brought on and carefully planned for years and allowed to go on for years because you canít bring on the chaos unless you allow it to go forwardÖ and then you point to the problems and then you come up with solutions which generally are never close to what you think. 


Laws are generally slapped on everyone to take all your rights away from everyone.  Thatís what they do, isnít it?  Weíve been living through this for yearsÖ yearsÖ and accepting it.  No privacy.  Everyone is living in a world now with no privacy because you see, there are radicals and crazy people out there and there are terrorists and all that kind of stuff and youíve all got to get monitored and watched.  Well, guess what?  Who brought them all in, in the first place?  Who set up the chess board for today?  The same boys that are going to give you the solutions! And what are the solutions?  You can have no rights at all.  None of you.  In fact, youíve got to be monitored 24 hours a day wherever you goÖ every single one of you.  And monitored from birth to death.  Everything about youÖ monitored and noted.  No privacy at all.  Canít have peace and privacy at the same time, they tell us. 


We watch the aggression of society who has been fed the most outrageous, disgusting culture of any culture that has been there before them.  Believe you me, those at the top of the culture industry take their orders from a higher source.  They know what they are going to push.  They know if they are going to push good stuff to make people happy and easy going or angry stuff, aggressive stuff, even deadly stuff to bring out a generation who are going to be pretty hard to handle, to say the least.  When you look at all the movies that they soak up for instance, every one has got a hero and you canít tell if he is a good guy or a bad guy.  I guess heís good because he wins.  See, thatís what they SEE.  Heís good because he wins and heís got the biggest guns and he slaughters the most people, just like a video game.  Over 20 years of this.  Well over 20 years of thisÖ coupled with music. They call it music, that is nothing but anger and kill and do what you want sexually and so on and so on and so on.  You create the morals for the society in the generation you want to USE to cause the problems and then you point to them down the road.  But again, you donít deal with them.  No, you deal with everyone, laws for everyone.  Thatís what comes all from it. 


We watched the cops too, getting more and more aggressive as they SEPARATE themselves psychically from the general population and start calling them civilians now.  Thatís the term they are using in every country, Ďthe civiliansí.  There is us and there is them; they are the civilians.  We all belong to a unformed army.  Weíve got to be tough, you see.  And as everyone is being dumbed down and slowed down with hyper estrogen in their bodies Ė thatís the males of course, through all the chemicals that are out there to make sure that they are sterile Ė they pump up the cops with hormones.  Theyíve been doing this for years as well, which makes them ultra aggressive.  Iíve watched them for years doing it.  I used to see them outside Toronto, outside their gym they used to go into with their bags and their vials and syringes.  Here is an article here, for instance.  Itís getting plugged all through the cops now openly.  This is now in the regular media to show you itís in the open. 


Fort Worth police chief promotes hormone therapy

SHELLY SLATER / / May 24, 2010


FORT WORTH ó Sex drive. Mental focus. Energy.


All were topics of discussion at a recent voluntary Wellness Seminar for Fort Worth police officers. Chief Jeffrey Halstead called the meeting to share his testimony about testosterone.  (A:  Thatís the stuff that all the guys are lacking now.  They start plummeting in their 20s now because of the injections theyíve been given, inoculations and the food thatís highly contaminated with the stuff too, of estrogen and all the plastics in their food plus all the chemicals that mommy took for cosmetics.  Iíve put lots of stuff on my sites before and exposťs about it... including the video, The Disappearing Male.  You should watch that again.)


He said he didn't have enough, and hit rock bottom, until he was treated with hormone therapy.


Halstead said he believes some of his officers may be better officers with a hormone adjustment. But is the product he's sharing safe?


A police chief works long hours and has to make some tough decisions. Managing hundreds of police officers is a challenge.


But recently, Halstead noticed something in his life was off. "Stress of the job, long hours and work ó everything was getting pulled from both ends," he said.


So the chief turned to SottoPelle Pellet Therapy to boost his testosterone levels.


The therapy starts with a small incision under the skin. A pellet containing testosterone is inserted to raise levels of the hormone.


Halstead said he now feels great again, and to share his success, he created a voluntary wellness program for the entire Fort Worth Police Department and invited the SottoPelle team.


"When your boss tells you to be there for the wellness seminar, a lot of people do show up," Halstead said. "But afterwards, it was amazing: Five of them texted me and told me that was a very important day to them."


Halstead released the content of one of those messages:


"Thanks chief for bringing in the group today at all-staff. I will be checking this out to hopefully assist me in my personal life."


"It may be uncomfortable for many other people in my position, but I have absolutely no problems whatsoever discussing this," Halstead said, adding that the information was for the betterment of his officers.


"My benefit in sharing this? I'm going to have a better K-9 officer, a better SWAT officer, better police executives, and people who are going to have better retirements," the chief said.


(A:  Then they go into the levels of testosterone.  Heís way over even a dose of a guy who, Iíd say 50 years ago, was 30 years old.  Way over that.  They all agreed he was taking too much.)


News 8 checked with independent sources about the product Chief Halstead is sharing with officers. Five North Texas doctors with expertise in hormones ó representing five different hospitals and clinics ó all agreed, first and foremost, that the Chief's testosterone level is too high.


He went from 125, which experts said is too low, to nearly 1,000. On average, the doctors said levels should not exceed 400 to 500.  (A:  Why is 1,000Ö 1,000 is going to make you one VERY ANGRY character.  Now what do you see in the cops now?  Trigger-happy cops.  All hyper excited whenever they stop anybody for anything.  They canít wait to use their tazers or shoot you.  This is happening not just in the US.  Itís through Canada.  Itís through Britain as well.  You see them too, when theyíre not exercising they put on an awful lot of weight very quickly, and theyíre hyper aggressive.  They donít approach the people like citizens and police officers any more.  They CONFRONT them aggressively, for anything.)


That means Halstead has twice the testosterone they would recommend.


So there is a great big ad for cops and testosterone.  Believe you me, Iím sure they are having these seminars across many, many police stations across the different countries, especially in Canada and the US.  As I say, you can see it in the police themselves and their behavior and in the news reports that you get when you canít understand why they suddenly want to start tazering people for hardly any reason at all.  It starts to make sense doesnít it?  Somebody wants this to happen.  Somebody is behind it.  Youíve got to start thinking why things work this way.  Believe you me, there is nothing THEY do or anyone else does that isnít monitored and watched carefully and followed.  Always.  So why would they want hyper-aggressive police all the time?  Why?  Think about it.  Nothing happens for no reason. 


Another things Iíve noticed too, is that some of the bones that are thrown to the dogs would have never gotten in the news before; the same news used to cover everything up.  You wouldnít believe the things I could tell you, but I canít tell you because the reporters who have all the evidence wonít give me the actual photographs, although theyíve all told me about them.  These are mainstream guys, about what important people get up to in very, very compromising positions, generally of not a heterosexual nature, put it that way.  Theyíve been putting up some of the personalities out there for years for the public to follow.  Theyíve also been using Royalty for different things, and members of Royalty, and the lesser Royalty.  Again, weíre in the age of the Ďcelebrityí diplomat and the Ďcelebrityí messenger to the public. 


The Duchess of York, Fergie they call her, has been on different sponsored TV shows, going into communities and wrecked Britain, and I mean WRECKED, in some of these places, where there is nothing functional; there is not a functional family anywhere.  A normal functional family now is the mum on welfare from the state and the dad is way off somewhere or heís getting soaked to the gills with taxes and payments living in some dump somewhere.  Men have been simply put out of the picture in many, many areas.  So she went into these areas to get the women together to find ways of getting some Ďspirití back into the community, for the collectivist era, you see.  They did all this PR stuff about her sorting all this out and so on and so on and so on and how wonderful she was at getting involved.  Well here is an article today about the real Fergie, because who is kidding who here?  This is still the same FergieÖ that has probably snorted more stuff than half these Mexican guys.  Anyway, it says here,


Shamed Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson puts on a brave face as she prepares for 'showdown' with Prince Andrew

By Rebecca English, Julie Moult and Sara Nathan / / 25th May 2010


Iím so very sorry, Shamed Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson sobs as she apologies for letting people down. (A:  I should addÖ again, you know.)


A distraught Duchess of York poured her heart out in an emotional phone call from the United States, sobbing: 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.'


Speaking to her most trusted confidantes, Sarah Ferguson apologised for the embarrassment she had heaped on her family and friends after being exposed offering access to Prince Andrew for £500,000.  (A:  See, heís the diplomat for trade for Britain and what she was promising them was that they would get it back tenfold, you see.  You be good to us and weíll be good to you, is what she said.  This is STANDARD though.  Why are they exposing this now?  Like this is news?  Where is your brain if you believe this is news?  This is always how itís always been.  This GRAFT is NORMAL up there.  They donít think like WE do at the bottom; weíve been trained to think in a very naÔve manner, and behave in a more naÔve manner.  Not these guys at the top; theyíve never followed the rules that they set for the people to follow down below them.  And actually too, for £500,000, sheíll actually take installment payments, but itís got to be cash; that also came out as well.)


Those close to the shamed Duchess say they are worried about her state of mind. (A:  Ah, so right away there is your PR spiel:  poor, poor Fergie, sheís done it again.)  Friends describe her as 'fragile', 'desperate' and 'in a very bad place'.  (A:  Maybe we should get a whip-round, should we, a whip-round and get her to a better treatment center than the National Health Service, or does she even know what the National Health Service is.  Iíd very much doubt it, at her level.)


One said: 'No one is excusing what she has done and it will take those who trusted her a long time to forgive, but essentially she is a decent person and it's hard not to feel slightly sorry for her. She is clearly at the end of her tether.'


Prince Andrew's 50-year-old former wife was taped last week by an undercover News of the World reporter greedily pocketing $40,000 (£27,000) in cash as a down payment.  (A:  And there she is, Ďfor charityí, you know.  Telling the folk to collect their money out of the dole and welfare, to get money together for clubhouses to get community spirit going again where you can get cakes and cookies and stuff and maybe a game of Snooker.  For the girls; I guess none of the guys will go there.)


She offered to introduce the reporter, posing as an international businessman, to Andrew, claiming the Queen's son, who works as a UK trade envoy, could help with his business deals. (A:  Well, Iím damn sure he could too.)  She boasted: 'Look after me and he (Andrew) will look after you... you'll get it back tenfold. I can open any door you want.'  (A:  We had a politician in Canada that said that recently too.  Thatís standard business.  Actually, she was the politician and it was her husband that was doing this stuff behind the scenes.  Thatís how it all works.  Itís all lobbyists and payoffs and so on.)


In the aftermath of the scandal, Sarah - who later admitted her former husband knew nothing about her plans (A:  She has to say that.) - flew to Los Angeles to collect a Variety Award for her charity work.  [Alan laughing.] (A:  I wonder who paid for that?)


Attempting to put a brave face on things she told the audience: 'When I got on that flight from London today I thought "Phew, I've had a heavy day".'


She appeared touched as the assembled guests, which included X Factor impresario Simon Cowell, roared with laughter and continued: 'I learnt today it's about making a difference. Most importantly I learnt that I hate grown-ups and I love children.'  [Alan laughing.] (A:  I canít read anymore of this, folks.  Itís a comedy script obviously.  But this is reality.  This is reality of the corruption at the top.)


You understand, that kings and queens have never, ever, ever been anything like the public or the people they rule and dominate and live off of.  Never.  The reason youíve got the balcony and a king and queen is to show you what YOU are supposed to COPY.  Man, wife, and family.  See, the difference about them is they are selected to mate just for the offspring to continue the rulership, and what they do in their spare time is up to themselves.  Theyíre all arranged marriages.  Believe you me, they generally prefer their own gender than each other.  Thatís the history of the world.  Have you looked into how they started off dynasties?  They SLAUGHTERED people.  They loved being in armies.  They loved the body-beautiful image of the soldier.  Look at all your old Greek statues.  Look at the ĎDying Gaulí and all these things.  What do you think all thatís about?  They love that stuff.  Alexander the GreatÖ the masculine figureÖ war, blood, guts, domination, sado-masochismÖ itís all wrapped up together.  Thatís how they got to be very important people, by slaughtering everyone around them. 


That link Iíll put up for you as well and how the media helps promote all of this whole agenda for these types of characters.  Iíll put this up; youíve got to see it, to show you how you are manipulatedÖ by CELEBRITIES, the people that are put up there for you to follow and worshipÖ because thatís what they are.  They give you celebrities, complete fantasies really.  You donít know them.  All you know is the PR image.  You donít know them any more than you know Obama.  Everything that came about Obama was put out by the press, with photo-ops, the family man.  Here is a picture, you see, heís a family man, there he is at home, see.  Thatís it.  Thatís all we need, you know.  And people GROVEL, they GROVEL in the presence of what they think is celebrity and power and money.  Unfortunately, they grovel; they really do. 


Again, that series of the media and the personality cults and so on, watch the exposť to show you how you are manipulated by them. They explain it all for you.  Itís always been like that though.  Then the hangers-on, the ones who get nearest to them and get their cast-offs - the cast-off mistresses, the cast-off this and the cast-off that - they live better than the rest of the public.  We now call them politicians.  Itís all the same old thing, you know, and as long as we worship these characters who turn around and get us slaughtered, and when they want to cull us down they have us all injectedÖ with laws, laws put through to inject us with all these different poisons and pig viruses and stuff and say itís okay for us.  They donít take this stuff.  They donít take this stuff at all.  NO, they donít.  They donít eat the same GM food that you do eitherÖ at all.  Itís all organically grown on special farms for them.  Youíve got to wake up folks or you are done for.  Arenít you sick of getting manipulated from every direction?  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  That was the wailing bit of the guitar because this is a wailing night, of course.  Sometimes youíve got to wail when you know all this stuff and youíve got to let it out.


Talking about con men, they are all con men that are put up there for us to follow. They are managed and they have their PR specialists and theyíve got all their advisors behind them, all the politicians, who put them in place and make sure they follow their scripts, etc.  They are nothing but greedy little con men, really, who will do what they are told and do anything at all to get up there, like Tony Blair, for instance.  Here is an article on Tony Blair, the guy who got Britain into a war that they knew nothing about and didnít understand; still donít.  But it was very important to get that war set off there to start off all the trouble in Britain and get everybody monitored and watched and all the rest of it.  It made great sales for cameras, CCTV cameras watching everybody, make-work projects for more and more police and different associations and agencies to monitor everybodyís email and what they were up to and so on.  Very important job.  This article here, the money keeps rolling inÖ 


The money keeps rolling in: Tony Blair gets ANOTHER new job Ė

(A:  Heís made millions of pounds since leaving office, as they say, in various shady deals. But thatís how they pay off the little worker boys.)

this time telling U.S. billionaire how to cash in on climate change

(A:  Thatís what itís all about, this climate change nonsense, apart from the controlling of the public and the whole world.)

By Jason Groves / / 26th May 2010


Tony Blair has landed a lucrative job advising an American billionaire on how to make money out of tackling climate change.


The former Prime Minister who is thought to have made at least £20 million since leaving his office is to act as 'strategic adviser' to Khosla Ventures, a firm of venture capitalists based in California's Silicon Valley.


The firm, set up by Indian-born dollar billionaire Vinod Khosla, backs firms looking to make a fortune out of developing technology to tackle climate change. 


So there you go, there is Tony at it again.  Last I heard of him, he was trying to get the Pope to put himself in as the new Pope.  He was advising the new Pope on how to reorganize the Vatican.  I thought heíd go off and go to the Dalai Lama and teach him how to reorganize and restructure Buddhism, after that.  But no, he took this instead.  So there you go; it pays more.  It pays more and Tony will get his payoffs; thatís how they pay off these characters.  Itís wonderful how they get maybe £15 million or dollars, depends on what country he is in, for a book on their memoirs that hasnít even been written yet by the ghostwriter.  This is a payoff.  Thatís how they do these thingsÖ for all of them, all of them.  These characters will say and do whatever they are told to say and doÖ by those who own them.  They ARE owned, you see.  Look at the characters that are really behind them, all the advisors and all the appointees, the REAL bosses.  DemocracyÖ oh, come on folks.  Wake up.  Itís never been here.  Never had it, never will. 


Remember too, that the man who understood the Council on Foreign Relations, since he was the historian for them and had access to all the records, was Carroll Quigley and he talked about the new feudal system, as they privatize everything and international corporations will be the new feudal overlords.  He was talking about a POST democratic system, a world system.  You always find the same names though, whether itís private or democratic or governmentally run, or whateverÖ the same names cropping up.  Like Rothschild, who is behind the plan to radicalize the privatization of the motorway networks throughout Britain. 


Radical plan to privatise motorway network

which could pave the way for toll system

By Daily Mail Reporter / / 23rd May 2010


Privatize itÖ NM Rothschild, the same guy thatís got the bank set up for all the carbon taxes, with his help from Al Gore.  Iíll put all these links up for you tonight.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  




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