May 26, 2010 (#585)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 26, 2010:

Purpose of Crisis:
No Thought Feeds While Herd Stampedes:

"Always Amazed that for Every Disaster,
Bigger Government, More Taxes to the Master,
Fat Cats Tell Skinny Prepare for Austerity,
While Polls Take Pulse of Public Severity,
Bad News Churned Out, People Freakin',
World Managers Push Answer They're Seekin',
We're Irresponsible Spenders, Birds of a Feather,
Now the Only Solution Means 'We're All In It Together',
No Individual or Nation Can Go its Sweet Way
Without Approval of Others, Let Them have a Say,
A Scientifically Run World Supplies the Answers,
Taking Care of Yourself's for Losers and Chancers,
To Fathom it Out, Go Be a Detective,
Welcome to World Socialist Fabian Collective"
© Alan Watt May 26, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 26, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 26, 2010.  Newcomers look into web site.  I suggest that you bookmark all the other sites Iíve got listed there for future use in case the .com goes down which it does once in a while.  That way you can always get the latest shows for download for free from the alternate sites.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember, all these sites have the audios.  They all have transcripts for print up in English of a lot of the shows Iíve done.  The site, the European site, also has transcripts as well as the audios, but the transcripts are in the various languages of Europe.  You can help yourself there too.  While you are at it, purchase the books that I have for sale.  They teach you techniques, as you read through them Ė which you learn by reading them, in fact Ė of how you can think non-linearly, or outside the box you might say.  We are taught to think in a straight sequence and thatís how it is so easy to manage all of us with the media and our brainwashing and our education.  So get the books or you can also buy the CDs and DVDs that I have for sale or you can donate to me; that keeps me going.  If you want me on the air, thatís how you do it.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Cash is okay so far, until the countries start collapsing over there, in Europe.  Believe you me, donations are really appreciated from the same people who generally do it over and over againÖ out of the many thousands that listen.  But thatís how life really goes.  Lots of folk get the disks burned and passed to them because they are off the computer all together, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  If you want to get some information from me, write to me; the post service still works, believe it or not. 


Iíve often talked about our versions of reality and our training into the authorized reality that really is all pervasive.  Itís mandatory in fact that we all go along with authorized versions of things.  Most folk accept the initial indoctrination; they donít look beyond it.  They quote the usual quotes theyíve heard and not read in fact, but they will actually quote things theyíve heard.  They will say things like, well everybody knowsÖ  Just like they do with the climate warming nonsense, well everybody knowsÖ all the ones who are advocating it.  Of course, everybody doesnít know.  Again, they are using social techniques; we all like to be the same, inclusive, you see, and you donít want to be excluded from the group.  So they use terminology to its maximum advantage.  I'll be back with more on reality after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking again about reality because we donít have very much of it.  We have a presentation given to us by media at the moment that everything is in chaos and flux.  Of course, they want us to believe and think this because big, powerful people, belonging to very big powerful organizations, who run the world and always have, are bringing us into a new phase, a new sort of amalgamation, a conglomerate planet earth type of deal. 


We see that happening in Europe as they go ahead with each plank of their manifesto in the further integration of Europe for instance.  Now of course, you are not to be allowed to look at your own books.  The Central Bank for the European community is to go over your national budget and all that before the politicians and everybody else does.  That was all a plank of their integration.  They always lie to you when they are pulling off big stunts and they lie at every phase of it.  At the moment the whole world is supposed to be in this chaos and whatever happens over on that side of the planet Ė like the butterfly effect Ė it affects us over here as well and if they go down, we go down and all this kind of stuff.  But itís all based on a racket, of course, which is called money. 


I think there have been very few topics that have so many different books put out about it and itís called money, the whole con game that runs the world.  Money and debt, I mean, every country with its central banking system is based upon fraud really.  They donít have anything to back up their cash with, especially those, EVEN those that still say theyíve got a fractional reserve there, meaning a fraction of what they should have if they had to put out the real gold or whatever they are supposed to be backed with to replace the money; it canít be done.  So itís all a con game and itís based upon loaning money out.  Banks make their money off of loaning money out.  I used to be surprised at the socialists when I was really interested to find out, how did they, what did they think and all the rest of it. 


You go into socialism and of course they believed, like the Fabian Society and youíve GOT to look into the writings of the Fabians; you must do that if you want to understand the REAL socialist agenda.  They were all financed by big bankers.  Youíd think that would be detrimental to them; thatís the way itís always been presented to the public.  Oh, socialism is really communism and itís detrimental to Capitalism and itís nothing of the kind.  True socialism still keeps the banking system, the big banks, there, the big boys that own the banks.  They love it because socialists love to borrow money for programs, which keeps debt going and the banks love that kind of stuff.  They love DEBT; they live off debt.  Thatís what their interest means, theyíve got interest in it, you see.  Theyíve got to get the whole population of a country, now whole countries involved in paying off not only national debts but international debts.  For other people too, because weíre all in it together.  Thatís the whole mantra of war:  weíre all in it together, you see. 


That guarantees that further generations are born into a debt system and having to pay back loans from previous generations that existed before them.  When you go into the history of money, it truly is fascinating.  It truly is fascinating to understand that even the Phoenicians in ancient times were financing wars between countries.  Taking the countries over through debt and then using those countries for further wars - by massive unemployment and so on and recruiting the youngsters and getting them to go off and fight other countries that hadnít succumbed to their money systems.  They wanted a standardized weight for silver; a weight and measures for silver.  Thatís what they were doing, standardizing across the whole planet. 


They also had an amazing system very similar to what we see today because when they went around the costal areas, eventually they conquered those areas through debt and they used little factory towns.  People worked as slaves to produce all the wares that they then took across into other countries for trade and so on.  Itís a horror story really.  We find they even had gold mines as far into Russia even, into the Ural Mountains; the Phoenicians owned them.  What they did was always make bargains with the different warlords when they wanted to go off and fight.  Yeah, we will loan you the money for your ships and all the rest of it, or you can rent ours Ė because they had fleets to rent as well Ė and they always demanded in part payment for their loans, so many of the captured soldiers of the defeated enemy and they used them for slaves.  They worked out that, they went through, I think it was a person would get maybe one ounce of gold before they died in the mines.  That was how fast they lasted in the mines.  Incredible. 


This con has gone on forever.  Itís just con after con after con.  Now itís all IOUs which we call money today.  Everything is based on IOUs and the guys that own most of the IOUs can collect interest on the IOUs.  Itís just fantastic and bizarre.  We go along with this because we are trained to.  We are trained to.  We have specialists always coming on who are economists and so on and they tell us how it all works and of course no one understands them because itís based on baloney.  Really, it truly is baloney. 


Getting back to reality again, John Maynard Keynes was the big professor who they brought in to bring in this cashless, non gold or silver backed type of system.  You just print money out and sell off the debt.  Those who would hold the bonds for that would therefore collect and so on and then trade it amongst themselves.  He wanted international socialism.  He said, Bretton Woods Ė Bretton Woods is what weíve lived on up until now with the agreements and international trade and all the rest of it.  He said, this is only part one, part 2 would come maybe in 50 years, which is about now, you see.  Weíd see the whole implementation of a global structure of socialist control.  Socialists are about control through governments, from birth to death in a scientifically managed society; thatís what it really is. 


The big bankers love socialism because they go to the banks with the strange Keynesian idea that they can borrow money and spend your way out of depression or recession.  Itís a complete farce.  There is an article hereÖ


The Keynesian Fraud

By Monty Pelerin / / March 17, 2010


Keynesian economics is mostly a fraud and always has been. It has little theoretical basis and no empirical support, (Alan:  In other words, provable support.) as I have previous explained.  (A:  And heís got a link to it.)


Our school system has convinced the public that government is the source of most good and can solve all problems. (A:  And thatís true, isnít it.  Thatís what most folkÖ oh, the government should do something about that...  whatever it is, the government should do something.Generations of children have been taught that Franklin Delano Roosevelt "saved" us from the Great Depression. History textbooks proclaim this. Yet Roosevelt's Treasury Secretary clearly contradicted this myth:


We have tried spending money. (A:  This is right before the beginning of World War II.  Thatís what got them out of it, nothing that Roosevelt did.)  We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong ... somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises ... I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started ... And an enormous debt to boot!  (A:  So youíve got another massive debt on top of it, with all these make work projects and so on.)

- Henry Morganthau, Treasury Secretary, May 1939


(A:  Who was Roosevelt anyway?  Who put him in?  Wall Street put him in, the great socialist, you know.  Wall Street bankers put him in, but the myth continues.  World War II was what got the countries in the West out of the depression.  War.  Itís amazing too, Iíve never fathomed it, how can you be completely broke and you can suddenly find money to go off to war?  The bankers are just so happy to throw money at you then as you go off to war.  Itís because the bankers also have control over the big corporations that are going to make a massive profits and a killing off of war.  War is great.  Every shell that goes off, every bomb that explodes has to get replaced.  Big, big bucks for war.  Thatís what got everybody out of the Great Depression.  It didnít last a few years and just disappear.  It went right into the start of World War II.)


Morganthau's statement is the equivalent of Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner stating that "everything we have done has done no good." When the architect and manager of the program admits it failed, on what basis can honest historians claim that it was successful?


If only current political appointees could be as honest as Morgenthau. But the Keynesian myth is too important and must survive at all costs. (A:  Thatís true, to keep the socialism going.  What they con the public with is, well, you see, we take all this cash but look at all the services we provide in return.  Most of the cash that they spend is CORPORATE WELFARE for international corporations, not on the public.)  It is a source of government power and an inspiration for more government spending. It is a source of many economists' income and prestige. Keynesian economics is the bedrock supporting the entire myth of expansive government. (A:  Itís true.  Socialism expands government.  Britain went into World War II supposedly as a free country and came out of it, after the government had taken over EVERY department, agriculture, everything, massively expanded.  They were fighting National Socialism, supposedly, and they came out as a completely socialist country.)  If it is debunked, then so is the twentieth-century conception of government.



In "Keynesian Economics and the Wizard of Oz," Dan Mitchell does an excellent job of exposing what more and more observers believe to be a fraud. Mitchell states:


In the ultimate triumph of theory over reality, the Keynesians say all that matters is the macroeconomic model behind the curtain showing that more government spending leads to more jobs and growth. (A:  But then youíll see how they actually get these models done.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about the Keynesians and their policies and so on.  Itís all bogusÖ but thatís what weíve been living on all this time.  Itís not meant to be understood by ordinary people because if you try to understand it, itís illogical and youíre not supposed to get to that stage; you give up before you get to that stage you realize itís illogical.  Thatís how cons work of course.  It saysÖ


In the ultimate triumph of theory (A:  and this is very important, the TRIUMPH OF THEORY OVER REALITYÖ) over reality, the Keynesians say all that matters is the macroeconomic model behind the curtain showing that more government spending leads to more jobs and growth. Consider the recent report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which claimed that Obama's stimulus created at least one million jobs. (A:  Every country does this; every country uses this same nonsense:  Yeah, this latest thing created a million jobs.)  As Brian Riedl of the Heritage Foundation noted:


CBO's calculations are not based on actually observing the economy's recent performance. Rather, they used an economic model that was programmed to assume that stimulus spending automatically creates jobs (A:  Itís one of these computer models, you see.) -- thus guaranteeing their result. ...The problem here is obvious. Once CBO decided to assume that every dollar of government spending increased GDP..., its conclusion that the stimulus saved jobs was pre-ordained.  (A:  Itís just like the climate model, the computers they use. The THEORY triumphs over fact.)


But surely this can't be true, you may be thinking. Our public servants in Washington would not make important policy decisions based on a model that automatically produces a certain result, would they? Peter Suderman of Reason pulls aside the curtain:



... those reports rely on assumption-packed models that effectively predetermine their outcomes; what they say, in essence, is that the stimulus worked because we assume it did. (A:  And thatís it, thatís good enough.)


Hypotheses in the physical sciences can be more reasonably tested. (A:  When you are testing and dissecting things and so on.)  Here, data have validity because experiments are repeatable. Yet even in the purest of sciences, political influence can corrupt. The modification of data to support the global warming scam is recent evidence of that.  (A:  By the way, Iíll put a link up to show you that in action.  Lord Monckton won the debate in the Oxford debating society, the union, on the global warming farce, he won the debate.  ďLord Monckton wins global warming debate at Oxford UnionĒ († Thatís one of the top debating societies on the planet.  Again, all the stuff that they are using and all these different guys that are cashing in on it, all these agencies that are making their money of the global warming scam used these models, they support all the models all the theories but not the facts.)


Economics is a complex behavioral science. Like all behavioral sciences, it is difficult to use data to support or refute hypotheses. (A:  A hypothesis is a GUESS by the way folks.)  Compounding this problem is the political influence on any investigation. Ideology of either the researcher or the grant provider easily influences conclusions. (A:  Well you know that from the pharma industry and all the exposťs theyíve had and the guys who are guaranteed to give them good results on whatever they test.  Who is paying you?  Thatís who you please.)


The behavioral sciences offer great opportunity to "fudge" conclusions. "Rent-an-economists" are available who will provide whatever conclusion you want, including the absurdity that raising the minimum wage increases employment at the lowest wage levels. 


President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued an omniscient warning in his Farewell Address that pertains to all research:  (A:  This is a very, very important little statement.  Some of these guys, even though they talk from both sides of their mouth, often will say some really, really profound truths, which they all know themselves of course.)


The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars (A:  Academia and so on, right.) by Federal employment, project allocations (A:  Thatís grants by the way.  They all live off of, all these scientists and so on, they all live off of grants.), and the power of money is ever present -- and is gravely to be regarded.  (A:  Simple little statement but SO important to understand.) 


The prospect of domination (A:  Now whoís talking about domination of whom? Dominating all of YOU, whole countries.) of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present -- and is gravely to be regarded.


Any economist who works for the government must compromise his integrity. He becomes part of a political team with political goals. (A:  By they way, that also pertains to when you go into medicine as well and bringing National Health Services in.  Now youíve got political goals.  Thatís been proven in countries like Britain.)  Either he or his scientific integrity must go when it conflicts with these goals.


Milton Friedman recognized this conflict and never would accept a government policy position as a result. He always felt that his advice could be more helpful if it were freely given and not subject to a particular administration's goals. It is a pity that so many second-rate economists seek fame and fortune by becoming political hacks and lackeys.


Thatís so very, very true, isnít it?  Everything, again, gets back to what?  Money and paychecks and grants.  In academia they live off it.  Academia are bought and sold. The characters within it are bought and sold for bags of gold, or paper substitutes.  Thatís how the world really works. Then they come out and help their masters dominate the public and the minds of the public and help to try and validate all the crazy policies they introduce, to tax you more and more and take more and more rights away from you, and to explain, in a very sophisticated manner that most folk canít follow, why it must be so.  Thatís the reality of it. 


So myths persist.  It will still persist and youngsters will still get taught in school, after they are taught that George Washington could not tell a lie then they will also be taught that Keynes helped save us with the Bretton Woods Agreement and FDR pulled us out of the depression, not World War II.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Last night after the show I was doing something I sometimes indulge in, itís an odd habit, but I sat and thought a bit about things; I was thinking.  I do that sometimes and if you want to try it, it takes a bit of patience because you are used to getting so much stimulation from electronic sources and noises and so on and sounds coming in your ears from devices and all that kind of stuff, that you donít do much thinking.  Even with the written word now, the mainstream media, they hype us into a stampede. 


We are not supposed to stop and think about anything but Iíve got this odd characteristic, I do sit back once in a while and I think.  I was thinking last night to myself, you know, we really are in the dark about things.  The whole intention of hyping up fear and crisis, my God, is to make you turn towards the very politicians that have been put in place now to come out eventually, eventually with the solutions, which you wonít like initially but youíll be kind of pleased in a way that something is going to be done.  And because you donít see where they are going with it, the full scope of it, youíll accept it.  It wonít be until 10 years down the road that youíll say, my God, look at the mess we are in now; thatís worse than the last one.  Last night I was thinking about these things.  Itís an intentional stampede we are going through right now, like there is CHAOS everywhere, my God, ohÖ and itís utter nonsense.  Itís all part of the plan.  They cause the problems; you panic and demand answers and they give you the solutions.  Itís all been written probablyÖ They take down the solutions off of dusty shelves and blow off the dust and present them at the right time. 


I thought last night, I can remember a few years ago there was a plague of ladybugs in Ontario and in part of Canada.  They also eventually went down through the States as well, the Pennsylvania area.  Literally you had millions of ladybugs all over the place.  They were getting into your houses; theyíd get into little cracks and so on.  They were even coming out the following winter there were so many of them.  I had opened up my telephone box outside one day to wonder why it wasnít working and there were thousands of them packed in there.  The difference with these bugs too, is there were different kind of weird ones amongst them.  There were some with no spots at all and some were kind of yellow and some would have a couple of dots and other ones would have a bunch.  People eventually started complaining to the government about it.  On the CBC News it came out that people complained about this plague of ladybugs and then they came out with a professor who said that it just happens once in a while and you get swarms of them, and that was good enough for us.  Then, of course, the woman went on to say, by the way, people have said these ones are actually biting them; they donít bite and thatís all nonsense and ya-da, ya-da, ya.  Well, people kept persisting about this because they were getting bitten.  A month later the government came out again.  Thereís the government spokesman, well actually, the government has released millions of ladybugs.  The department of agriculture has released them to kill the aphids, those tiny little insects on crops, but when they released them the crops had already been harvested about the month before.  It was all over.  So why would they release them then?  It made no sense. 


Again, I was thinking about that and thatís a habit I have.  AnywayÖ  What I did note too in the conversation, they said that the government had bred billions of these things and they had underground facilities.  I thought, well, wait a minute, the Ministry of Agriculture has underground facilities?  Why would the Ministry of Agriculture have underground facilities?  Just like the military.  You see, we are living in a fake reality.  We donít even know whatís going on, and how long itís been going on, and where these things are, and how many of them they have.  Why would the Ministry of Agriculture have these things underground?  Then they admitted too, yeah, some of these things were kind of modified and reports of biting had occurred and blah, blah, blah and so on.  So first a complete denial and then an admission a month later by your same government. 


It wasnít long after that, the government came out with its medicinal marijuana, which some people can get on prescription apparently.  They showed you this facility, all hydroponic and so on, underground again.  This is where the government was growing it.  Well, we didnít even know that they were growing it or how long they had been growing that as well.  How many other things do they have under the ground that we have no idea about?  We really donít know whatís going on.  These things are never put out, like most important things, where your money is being spent by the government.  They donít mention any of these things.  Weíre kept in the dark.  And Iíll bet you something else too, if the Ministry of Agriculture have these underground facilities, Iíll bet you anything they grow incredibly good food thatís not soaked in pesticides, not GM modified, and not soaked as well from the rains from the aluminum oxide and barium that comes down from all the sky spraying that goes on as well.  It makes perfect sense to grow it all underground for themselves, you know, the wealthy elite at the top. 


Here is an articleÖ


Chemtrails and Monsantoís New Aluminum Resistance Gene Ė Coincidence?

By Barbara H. Peterson /


Why did Monsanto Develop an Aluminum Resistance Gene?


Monsanto is currently marketing an aluminum resistance gene. Hereís the spin, folks:


Small-scale, resource-poor farmers in developing countries face daily stresses, including poor soils, drought, and lack of inputs. Ongoing trends such as climate change and population growth will likely exacerbate binding stresses. A new generation of genetically engineered (GE) crop research aims to alleviate these pressures through the improvement of subsistence cropsósuch as cassava, sorghum, and milletóthat incorporate traits such as tolerance to drought, water, and aluminum in soils as well as plants with more efficient nitrogen and phosphorus use. (


Now, letís take a look at journalist Michael Murphyís research into chemtrails, geo-engineering, and the fact that extremely high levels of aluminum and barium are found in water, snow and soil, (A:  And this is true.) in areas shown to have heavy chemtrail patterns (three-part video):   (A:  Folk should watch this. There are quite a few videos out there and there are more to come actually.)


Coincidence that Monsanto will ďcome to the rescueĒ with aluminum resistance genes because normal plants die off in the presence of excess aluminum? Or opportunistic capitalism and planned corporate food monopoly courtesy of Monsanto and the Hegelian Dialectic based on insider information that a proposed ďgeo-engineeringĒ scheme is already in place that is filling our atmosphere with chemtrails containing aluminum and barium?


This is no game folks. We are being hit from all sides with a planned, homicidal, genocidal agenda to make a very few families even richer than they already are, and reduce the worldís population to 500 million (A:  Thatís really whatís been said umpteen times at the big meetings, folks.  Itís true enough.) as set forth in the Georgia Guidestones.  This is nothing short of biological warfare.


That might sound far fetched to some people but itís not far fetched at all.  You have to go into who said what - the big statements about reducing the worldís population - who they work for, the kind of incomes they get, and from what sources and the power they wield.  Then youíll say itís not so far fetched after all. 


We also have this idea that the parasites always need all of us.  NO.  They donít always need ALL of us folk.  We are awfully good when we are coming through an industrial era.  We fill the factories for them and the assembly lines and the boring, monotonous, dirty and dangerous jobs.  We supply the armies for them to go off and conquer and standardize the planet for them.  But there comes a time when they donít need all of us, you see.  Theyíve already thought about that too.  They donít sit back and say, I wonder what will happen when there are just too many of the peasants.  No.  They PLAN the future.  Thatís what you always do in big, big business; you plan the future.  Itís called a business strategy. 


The world is just one giant BUSINESS PLANÖ using left and right paradigms to get to the end goal.  Thatís how it always works; itís quite simple.  The left comes in and they nationalize everything and they take over all of the big projects.  What they actually do is use the taxpayerís money to refurbish all the main institutions and things like that you need, like gas works and road ways and ya-da, ya-da, ya.  Then in comes the right wing after that and they sell it all off for peanuts to the guys who were planned to get it in the first place.  Private/public, thatís how it works.  And the bankers laugh all the way to their banks, but, mind you, theyíve already planned the future.


They can probably clone people very shortly, if they canít do it already Ė and I believe they do because whatever is released on the news is at least 50-100 years behind the times, when it comes to sciences.  Iím not kidding about that.  Iím sure they can really bring in the perfect slaves to serve them very, very well.  See, money, really, is a technique and a con game that WE must believe in... and we must be made to USEÖ so that we can work for THEM and supply THEM with their comforts and their status and the research and development workers in laboratories and all the rest of it, that brings out new techniques to manage and control US.  What do you think all the stuff thatís getting used today on the general public, that you know about, which is nothing to compare to what they DO have, with monitoring and listening and all the rest of it?  That all came out of the research and development, paid for by your tax money, given to universities and so on, who came up with the ideas and then patent them for the big boy companies to own.  Thatís where all these devises came from, the Cold War. 


War is great for research and development and grabbing the loot from the taxpayers.  We pay for it and they can hire scientists who get paid money, money, money, money.  Itís only important that WE believe in it, you see.  Whatever it happens to be, blips on a screen, whatever, itís all a joke.  Remember the first bailout part one for the United States?  I think it was $700 billion dollars.  When the woman from the Treasury came on, she was asked, well why did you pick that figure?  She says, well, weíve nothing to base it on; we just wanted a really big number.  And thatís good enough for us isnít it?  They just wanted a really good, big number!  Well, where is the science behind that?  Öwhen there are no facts to back anything up?  She had no facts to go to.  She SAID that.  They had no idea how much they wanted or needed, supposedly.  And this is what we call government?   Öand governance?  Really?  Wow.


Can you imagine, the governments now have got everybody into AUSTERITY.  In Europe they are all signing agreements to go into joint economic governance and austerity.  They are all signing austerity pledgesÖ for the public.  Now the publicís got all the debt stuck on them and they are throwing more money into the black hole supposedly to stop the crash.  Supposedly, the more money they throw in, eventually investors will get more confidence and start investing.  This is their RACKET they are telling us.  What are they actually borrowing?  And who are they borrowing it from?  Billions and billions of Euros, WHO are they borrowing it from?  We are told itís the big international banking families that they are borrowing it from.  Yet nothing is exchanged.  There are no ships bringing gold or anything tangible across any waters or along railway lines to dump into someoneís deposit box.  Itís all blips on a screen; itís nonsense.  And this is what they call economics.  They are telling us, weíve got to just adjust to it and accept itÖ and we are going to have LEAN years ahead, and to get leaner and leaner and leanerÖ because now itís time to pay the piper.  And everyone goes along with it.  There is an article hereÖ


EU holds first meeting on joint economic governance

(A:  See, that was one of their planks of amalgamation.  You need the crisis; set up the crisis and then you amalgamate into the next plank of their manifesto.)

ANDREW RETTMAN / / 21.05.2010


(A:  Brussels, where the big Parliament is, this central Parliament that governs over all of them and they rule them in a non-democratic way; itís not democratic at all.  Thatís the new Moscow for the European bloc, folks.  The new SOVIETIZED BLOC, the NEW Sovietism thatís got a kind of Capitalist flavor to it.) 


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - EU finance ministers and treasury officials are gathering in Brussels on Friday (21 May) to debate tighter co-ordination of fiscal policy in the wake of the Greek debt crisis.


EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy is to chair the meeting of the special "task force," which will present a preliminary report in time for the regular EU summit on 17 June in a paper that may suggest changes (A:  See how they do it?) to the EU treaty. 


When you read through the article, itís total integration where the Central Bank of Europe, you see, thatís owned by the SAME international bankers now.  The Central Bank now will have the right to go over all their books and manage all their books, of the nations, rather than the nations doing it themselves.  THIS IS A TAKEOVER folks.  Itís a takeover.  Itís a business takeover.  Thatís what the European Union is, a big business takeover, a step at a time.  Total integration.  Yet all people see, in the middle of it, is their panic and fear as prices go up and they get riddled every day with the debt crisis, the massive debt, etc.  Oh, can you stop this big black hole?  Can they fill it up, so the people will start buying our debt again?  No kidding.  No kidding. 


Now, as I say, the stampeding technique is wonderful as the big boys make all their moves across the world in a hundred different ways that youíll never even hear about.  Well coordinated strikes and management and takeovers and manipulations of WHOLE countries and continents is going on RIGHT NOW.  Youíll always see it, too, they always know when their propaganda is working when the FRINGE groups start acting up.  They are the first to go, the ones who are neurotic and obsessive and so on are the first to show signs that the EXCESSIVE propaganda is having an effect.  I read an article a while back about a couple who killed themselves and their child because they were petrified of global warming coming.  Whatís the future got to hold? itís going to be awful and barren and sand, all sand like a desert and they killed themselves.  See, thatís the fringe group; that shows you that itís GETTING THROUGH to the state of neurosis.  In this article here, it saysÖ


Global Warming Fears Seen In Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Patients / Thursday, 6 May, 2010


(A:  So itís really working. They take note of these things and itís really working.)


The Royal Australian and New Zealand Collage of Psychiatrists' Congress at SkyCity Convention Centre in Auckland brings together mental health experts in a diverse range of areas; from children and adolescents to old age, mental health across the lifespan will be discussed. Here are some highlights from this morning's program.


Global warming fears seen in obsessive compulsive disorder patients


A recent study has found that global warming has impacted the nature of symptoms experienced by obsessive compulsive disorder patients.


Climate change related obsessions and/or compulsions were identified in 28% of patients presenting with obsessive compulsive disorder. (A:  See, whatever the latest horror is, is what their obsession goes in toÖ and it literally wrecks their lives.  They canít work, they canít do anything.  It literally stalls them where they are.)  Their obsessions included leaving taps on and wasting water, (A:  They go crazy, they blow up, and they might even get homicidal if someone does.)  leaving lights on and wasting electricity, pets dying of thirst, leaving the stove on and wasting gas as well as obsessions that global warming had contributed to house floors cracking, pipes leaking, roof problems and white ants eating the house.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just going through how propaganda, repetition of fear and terror and horror and nonsense actually, it really works but it shows first in obsessional and neurotic type characters.  The ones at the top observe all this stuff and that means itís really working because eventually THAT will filter into general society.  You couple that with indoctrination of children at school who are going to grow up in this amazing socialist utopia, totally controlled from birth to grave, and you can imagine how they are going to be.  The ones right now are becoming mentally ill with it.  If they see ants they think, oh my God, they are going to eat all the house, itís due to global warming.  Well, ants are always there folks; they have been here for millions of years folks.  It saysÖ


Compulsions in response to these obsessions included the checking of taps, light switches, pet water bowls and house structures.


"Media coverage about the possible catastrophic consequences to our planet concerning (A: Öthe FARCE of global warming, that should be addedÖ) global warming is extensive and potentially anxiety provoking. We found that many obsessive compulsive disorder patients were concerned about reducing their global footprint," said study author Dr Mairwen Jones.


(A:  Then it goes on to obese people too and all the rest of it because everyone is being modified through what they are eating, all these modified oils and all the rest of it that are supposed to be so healthy for you, rather than butter and animal fat.  The body stores it as fat, but it canít break it down once itís on.  Itís a good article too; Iíll follow on from this one.)


They know how to manipulate us all.  Every generation gets worked on in turn for whatís to come.  They are always starting with the school children.  Whatever you want to know whatís supposed to happen in 20 years time, you go into Kindergarten books now and see what they are teaching them.  That will tell you what you are going to see down the road in 20 years.  You will be taught what kind of society thatís going to exist in 20 years time and what Ďnormalí relationships will be in those days and all the rest of it.  Thatís how they start; itís a scientifically designed, structured society that you are ALREADY IN.  YOUR reality was programmed into YOU just as carefully as the children who are going into school now are getting THEIRS for the next 20-30 years or so. 


Of course most out there will say, no, no, no, Iím in charge of myself, Iím my own person.  Thatís what youíll think.  Are you really?  ARE you really?  If you were to take most of the things, your beliefs and premises, all that they are based on, and really dissect them and say, where did I get that idea, where did I get that opinion?  And again, if you are a very sociable character, youíll say, why am I becoming politically correct and going along, just so that I wonít stand out in a crowd or in a conversation with people, when I disagree about a particular topic or something.  You compromise yourself.  You donít realize that YOU TRAIN YOURSELF BY COMPROMISING to be accepted by others.  You are constantly given NEW lists of whatís politically correct.  There are always new VICTIMS to accept as victims, you see.  Of course, the victims are used to change societiesÖ for more and more and more control over YOU and everyone elseÖ by government agencies.


To be your own person, donít be scared at any time, any where to say what you think on any particular topic.  If you are inhibited, somebodyís got to youÖ or youíve got a fear of something, a fear of the law, retribution, whatever.  When you canít say what you think and know, your society is over.  itís Over. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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