June 3, 2010 (#591)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 3, 2010:

That's Your Opinion.  Is That a Fact?
Social Influencing Decides How You Act:

"Seldom Do We Consider Our Conditioning,
Diminishing Freedoms in System Imprisoning,
Accepting New Normals, Old Normals Cowed
By Cognitive Dissonance, Follow the Crowd,
Even the Stubborn Who Think they won't Budge,
By Social Influencing Succumb to The Nudge,
The Significant Other, Programming Updated,
Will Work on the Lesser till Both Loved & Hated,
Planned Social Conditioning is All Technique,
Create Dissonance, Give Solution they'll Seek,
Avoiding Discomfort and to Be Accepted,
They'll Adapt to Opinions the Master Expected
To Avoid the Pain and Outcast Sensation,
Prepared as Serf for World Federation"
© Alan Watt June 3, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 3, 2010
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on Thursday 3rd June 2010.


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Over these last few days I’ve talked about psychopaths. I like talking about psychopaths because if you don’t understand that we’re run by psychopaths you won’t understand anything and there are different levels of them in society. They’re recruited into different authority positions because they’ll do whatever they’re told by those who pay them very well and they also have a creative kind of psychopath, the more intelligent ones, who work behind the scenes and who really run the world, not the politicians. The politicians are really closer to actors and they’re definitely psychopathic because they’ll do whatever they’re told to do and pass whatever laws they’re told to pass but obviously when you see the shenanigans they get up to, you know they’re not running the world. You know they can’t do that. They’re too busy playing golf and doing photo opportunities, that kind of stuff and underhand, ‘under the table’ deals, kickbacks and stuff like that, that breaks out all the time in newspapers over your whole lifetime.

Therefore they’re managed as actors, as front people. They’re personalities. I’ve talked about the ‘cult of celebrity’ before and we’re trained in this society to worship celebrities. So they create personas for them. They use the same machinery they use to create the pop star, the rock star or the movie star to give them a fake image which sells to the public and put lots of money up to send it over to the public relations companies and firms, Madison Avenue.


The managers behind them are generally a bit more ‘savvy’ as to what their part in the agenda is and the whole thing is a ‘Punch and Judy Show’ for the public to believe is real, so we’ll touch on that tonight when I come back from this break so hold on.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m just touching, you can only touch lightly on things in an hour, but touching on what government really is. Government and the types who go into government, I mentioned it so many times before, the psychopathic types go towards government. They gravitate towards it. It’s a magnet to them. Psychopaths like power. They like status and they like to get their hands in a big kitty because they all know; they all know, they’re very street wise, they all know there’re lots of lobbyists and cash in the real world and it changes hands all the time. I mentioned last how the ex prime minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, it has now been declared that he was on the take after all and he was actually accused of that a few years back. He sued the Canadian government soon after he left politics and he went off to be I think the assistant director or CEO of Barrett Gold Corporation, something like that. You get alot of awards for being a prime minister and ramming NAFTA through.

Anyway, he apparently did take 3 cash payments, and I mean cash, like big bundles. So they’ve found this out but before they actually knew that, he was accused of it but they didn’t have the evidence at the time and he sued the Canadian government and got $2.5 million or something around that sum.

Now they’ve found out he actually did take cash after all so they’re going to have a discussion about it in the old boy’s club and that’ll come to nothing of course, because you see, the reputation is far more important to maintain confidence in the government. That’s what they always say to eachother, you see? We’ve got to maintain the confidence of the people so it’s better if we just hush all of this stuff up. But that’s nothing really. That’s commonplace; commonplace.


Look at the money Tony Blair has raked in through all his extremely hard work, you know obviously, since leaving parliament in Britain. It’s been exposed and I’ve read out on the air here all the millions of pounds he’s raked in. These are all rewards. That’s how they reward them. Some of them get too greedy and want the cash while they’re there and get caught and a little scandal breaks and it’s hushed over again, to you know, maintain public confidence in the government.

But it’s a show for the public and I’ve always said this, that the guys who seem to be at the top are really just the actors. The ones behind them, behind the scenes and often appointed, generally appointed in fact as advisors, are more in on what the real game plan is; what their real function is at that time. I’ve always maintained too that the guys are selected for the head offices years in advance. There’s probably a waiting list. They can probably look at a calendar and know when they’re getting put in here as the prime minister or president or the head of the opposition. It’s literally a show for the public because, you see, there’s only one business in the world and we are it. We are all the business. Everything else takes from you and prints up the cash that you use to work that they take back off you to hire other people to make the big machinery that keeps an eye on you and monitors you and stuff like that. It’s a very cleverly designed business but they do upgrade it once in a while.


The old politicians used to be more like Mussolini. If you ever see Mussolini in the old clips, you’ll see the hand waving, the gestures and the chin stuck out there and there’re pauses and stuff like that. Very theatrical oratory was done for the public because they didn’t have television. They just had a guy on a balcony doing alot of yelling, so it had to be theatrical and impress the people. So they used balconies very often, always above the crowd, because it’s an altar and we have this primeval idea that anyone risen above you is better than you. That’s why you have altars and people up on podiums and stages and things like that. It works very well for the entertainment industry today in shows and things like that where people go crazy when they see someone up there on the altar.


We’re all managed by psychology and nothing on this planet, no creature on this planet has been so studied as us; as we have, for thousands of years. Even in ancient times, priests would teach the guy they were putting in as the head, the Pharaohs in Egypt for instance, they’d actually teach them the art of controlling and having power and maintaining it over the public and the Pharaohs had to pass that knowledge onto their sons as well. They are techniques so this knowledge is known and kept and I’m certain that it’s been kept in archives down through the centuries in fact. There are archives that the public are not allowed to even know exist. Professors have told me about this too from different countries that there’re archives and that maybe one professor in 80 or 90 ever gets permission to enter one; where the real information is.


Now, what is real power on the planet? You’ll think nuclear energy, this and that but no, power is the understanding of human nature. You look at psychology today and you get these little primers for the ordinary people, who generally give up because it seems so boring. It’s meant to be boring at that level so that you do give up. You have to go way above that to look at what they’re studying in the behavioural sciences.

There are ongoing tests done all the time; all the time in every country, and repeated over and over to make sure that they’re right, that they’ve got their facts right.

Sometimes they don’t even have to know why it works, a technique of modifying behaviour of vast amounts of people; they’ve got lots and lots of theories, but as long as it works, that’s the main thing. They have all these techniques to alter us, to change our ways and opinions that you were seldom ever aware of.


Most people never know it’s happening to them and that ties in with even what Aldous Huxley said in his ‘Brave New World Revisited’ lectures that he gave around some of the top universities on the planet where he said that he didn’t see any reason why a scientific dictatorship couldn’t last forever. It would have no opposition. It would never be overthrown and people immediately thought ‘Oh they’ll have weaponry’. Yeah, they’ll have weaponry and all that kind of stuff, absolutely, stuff that you’ll never hear of until they use it if they have to, but he was talking primarily about the understanding of human nature.


In other words, they already had it perfected; the techniques of perfection of manipulation of the minds of everyone; whole cultures, whole nations, whole parts of the globe. They’d already tried it out and altered the behaviour of people without their knowledge. So if you don’t know that you’re being altered psychologically, if you don’t know that your opinions are being manufactured for you by experts and put over by various media and entertainment, then you’ve nothing to rebel against. You don’t know how to rebel in fact because you think you’ve come to these conclusions by yourself, these changes and you’ve maybe even modified your own behaviour and impressions on things and even how you talk to other people and how you now see things differently in certain topics. It’s all done by people at the top from behind the scenes who make sure that, via the media and television especially, it’s very important, by using what you think of as ‘celebrities’; very important people, VIP’s, you will adapt to what they are saying. You’re trained to follow the experts and celebrities.


Why do you think they pick celebrities for political purposes? Why not pick your plumber or your carpenter or even your street cleaner if you have one because they would be no more an expert on politics than anyone else?


It’s because the public are already trained to adore them and worship them and maybe even admire them so therefore they emulate them because ‘peer pressure’ is part of it. If they can influence those around you first then they in turn will turn on you, until you share the same opinions or they won’t accept you in company.


The first thing they do is create what they call ‘cognitive dissonance’. It’s an interesting term because it’s so easy to say. You don’t stammer over it and even ‘Wikipedia’ has got a little bit on it, again it’s kind of 6th grade level. I’ll mention 6th grade later because there’s a congressman in the US who wants us to be trained through the media on ‘global warming’ at a 6th grade level because that’s how we think and speak amongst ourselves at the bottom. It says here:


“Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously.”


Orwell touched on that. He called it ‘doublethink’ in a different manner. You see, this ties-in with altering your opinion on things. This is the most studied part of social psychology for those who want to manipulate massive groups of people or use it through marketing to alter your behaviour to make you purchase or whatever. In other words they know that:


Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously.”


Therefore you see, prior to that you had one idea that you were comfortable with and that’s the whole problem, you were ‘comfortable’ with it. If you thought for instance:


‘This is my country and this is how I see myself in my country and I’m happy with it; it seems orderly, the people know how to get along with eachother, they’re sociable toward eachother, they know the rules.’


Well if you are worked on by those in control, they will bring out things about your culture by using specific incidents, generally of a nasty nature, that happen once in a while in your culture, blown out of proportion through massive campaigns and often through talk show hosts on television; the ones that they love to worship; that gives them free presents all the time. Do you know the type I mean? Then they guide you into the new idea and you end up with cognitive dissonance towards change.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m going through some of the techniques that control society in this scientific dictatorship that Aldous Huxley touched upon. He didn’t go into it in too much detail as to the techniques but he was well aware of them because they were perfectly understood in his day and long before him too by a particular class.

Knowledge is power; therefore they didn’t share it with the public, especially the victims. After all they don’t want you to be wary. They want you to modify your behaviour to suit them better for the world that they plan to bring in.


Television, as I say, was the greatest thing ever invented. I mean, it became a mandate in Britain that everyone must get a television set and they were pushing that as far back as I think the 50’s, the 1950’s. Other countries followed suit. Even China made it a mandate that everyone must have a TV. Well why would government care if you’re having fun or getting entertainment? Well it’s not entertainment, it’s the most important brainwashing tool there is because if someone in authority, you see, says something to you, especially if you’re taught through PR, public relations like acting, something very important, you’ll tend to believe them. Or someone is presented as an expert on something you tend to believe them. You’re trained that way from a very young age by the system itself and your parents don’t know to warn you so you’re wide open to it.


We tend to be born into the system that’s already changed from the last stage of the last system and we think it’s normal. No-one tells you that everything you’re thinking today or doing or even in morality is completely different than it was even a few years back. So you take to it like a duck to water and your peer group do as well and you’re accepted by your peer group. It’s a very simple technique to manipulate people as we all move along the same road to the path that we’re all guided down.

Jacques Ellul touched on that in one of his books as well. He’s very good at really obsessionally going over the detail of certain techniques of control and law and how we’re trained to see law, and I mean trained to see it, by those who own your country.

He mentioned inconsistencies of course, if you stopped and thought about things for yourself, which very few folk do, and showed you some of the fallacies of government itself and the law system.


As I’ve said before, we take everything for granted. We were born into a system. It’s natural. It’s here. It has to be natural because it’s simply here and that’s as far as we think about it. If you’re robbed on the street by a guy who’s got a gun, it’s called robbery and you’ll say you’ve been mugged. You’re trained that a guy with a certain uniform on and a gun, can stop your car and maybe even confiscate it from you, then that’s the law. Or if someone says you’ve got to give us protection money or we’ll burn down your store, that’s the racket you see. It’s an extortion racket for protection; a protection racket. Or if government comes along and says we want ‘x amount’ of taxes from you for occupying this space. You know, all you do really is have 4 walls containing air. That’s a space and they measure it and all that and then tax you on it and you pay it up because it’s called ‘taxes’ and it’s called legal. But it’s really the same thing isn’t it?

I think there’s even a video out there about the biggest gang and it was about the police force in the USA.


So things really come down in the world to gangs, and those who profit most off the system by having their gang; and powerful gangs. The most powerful get the most profits and that’s how the world really does work.

However, even say a ‘mafia’ for instance, needs enough victims in an area. That’s why they would divide up cities amongst themselves. They used to fight eachother, the gang mobs, for their territory because what they really meant was; ‘how many millions of people are in the city? We want to control access to all these people; they’re ours’. They’re their victims in other words. That’s what they lived off of. We didn’t call them government, we called them ‘mobs’ and the whole idea was based on protection. That’s what government was used down through the ages for. ‘We have to protect you from those guys over there’. It’s the same thing you see but it’s all in how you’re trained to see things. When they want to change your behaviour to make you more compliant or even more subservient or to put out more effort so they can collect more from you, because they take the money from you through taxation and different means in governments.

You’re the only producer there is. They use it to hire other workers to make things for them or to work for them, including the police, to maintain their power over you and to monitor you through the equipment which you purchase so that they know what you’re up to every minute of the day; what your mail’s all about and what you watch and what you do. They even do studies on you personally.


I’ve given you the article before where the Pentagon has an identical ‘you’ in a virtual reality and it’s updated daily according to what you do to find out the patterns of your behaviour so that you’re predictable.


Let’s get back to cognitive dissonance. Now remember the first part that’s said, is that it’s really an uncomfortable feeling and it goes on to experience guilt, anger, frustration or embarrassment and I’ll tell you how they use that after this break.


(Break message) You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth.


Hi folks I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m talking about techniques that are used on us all the time, daily. They’re used in the schools. They’re used on television and radio. They’re used in magazines and newspapers. It’s meant to alter your behaviour along predetermined paths and most folks all alter at pretty well the same time. Those who don’t and think a little bit more deeply and ask the questions can be shunned by their peer group for holding contrary opinions or being old-fashioned as they like to say, as though an opinion or a moral behaviour is somehow old-fashioned. That’s an example. Most folk will adapt into new behaviours without question because they all adapt at the same time.


Cognitive dissonance is a real keystone to all the behaviour modification because it creates a form of uncomfortable feeling in people who have it holding 2 contradictory ideas simultaneously. They’ll try to modify and get rid of the uncomfortable feeling and simply adapt into what’s now acceptable, whatever it happens to be; whatever it happens to be and we take the easy way.


Now I’ve touched on Sunstein and others, the Harvard people who’ve been into this for an awful long time and who advise governments. They’re still doing it today with all the ‘global warming’ and various techniques of getting to you and creating your opinions for you in so many different ways. But what they’re using is cognitive dissonance really to change your behaviour and to get you to accept what they want you accept, including the ‘age of austerity’ that you’re going to be trained into very, very shortly because we like to be ‘nudged’ into the easy route.

He (Sunstein) talked about that himself. I read some of his articles last week or so on the air here about how they’re using the computer, for instance, to guide you into reading what you should be reading. You’ve all seen these things. ‘Most people who have seen this also look at so and so’ and you’re being nudged you see into what’s politically correct?

What’s politically correct is also full of little ‘land mines’, ‘cognitive dissonance mines’ I should call them, set there to make you feel uncomfortable about yourself because you might hold different opinions and you’ll do anything to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling and you’ll like to be persuaded into the new way you see?

It’s very simple psychology.


Now, as I say, dissonance might be experienced as guilt and that’s very, very important because the ‘guilt technique’ was used for about 30 years pretty well. They decided at the end of World War II and even during World War II, that the cause of all the problems in the world was the male population. You see, males tend to be old-fashioned. They’ll stick to whatever system they’re born into, including all its values and its customs etc and they don’t like being moved from where they stand; across the world that’s generally what happens.

You’ll see people invade countries and it’s the guys that stand up and fight. They fight because they love the land generally they’re born on; that’s a natural thing and they fight to protect their own and they fight too to protect their wives and families in the days that they had them. But that had to be destroyed because the UN had decided a long time ago and those who created the United Nations that they’d have to bypass the males altogether; emasculate them and I’ve given alot of talks about that before, because they wouldn’t budge. They’d have problems with them.

It’s far easier, as Hitler said, to promise to bring in an age of fear and bypass the husband’s authority by going over his head and appealing; he said we’d bring in Socialism by appealing to the woman or the wife because she’s in charge of the family. He said, we’ll promise her food and protection and she’ll come to us. The child must follow and then must follow the man.


When they use cognitive dissonance and they use it primarily; they have been using it primarily on the male population, alot of them don’t know what they are anymore or what their function is or even if they have a function. This is also noticeable in the ex Soviet countries, where they’ve had documentaries on television, where the women are all looking for guys outside their own country, thousands of them, because they were trained through school that their men were the cause of all the problems and they were no good. They still want men but they want other kinds of men; a different image of a man than what they were trained to view their own people.


So you can look at the state of the world today. Now, in the Western world, they also started in the 70’s to plan and finance, using tax money, single parent families because they said that will be the way of the future. Architects were trained then to start designing single parent family homes, you know, a woman and maybe one or two children, and that’s what they were designed for, before they even had it all, the whole family system, wrecked. They knew they were going to wreck it or remake it and now as I say we have the Mark 4 or 5 family today. This was all planned by world planners. They knew by the time they’d finished it all the men would be kind of subservient, because they actually say that in their own writings, that the men would also be changed by their significant others, so if they do have a mate or they want one, then they’d have to be subservient to the new feminist view and that has been awfully successful as well.


Therefore, once you get a country to that stage anything can be done with that country because no-one will stand up for anything. There’ll be no values left really to stand up for and government would be the one that even the single mothers would demand more and more from. They were the new fathers. Governments became the new fathers. I’ve seen it even in Canada, going from a stage of: ‘Should the taxpayers fund childcare for other women who are single?’ Then it went from that in no time until it was enforced, just rammed through and a couple of years later there was a childcare strike. The women were on the street with placards demanding that the government do something, as they would have at one time demanded that their husbands would have done something if they were short of work or something like that.


So everyone gets changed and it doesn’t seem to have an impact as long as they all change together and then of course you have reinforcements that are added to that as well along the way. Once you’ve picked your topic of blame, because you direct the blame you see, you reinforce it with lots of talk shows; in the US they had Donahue. People never realised that within an hour they could watch a show on whatever topic they picked and within the end of an hour, their opinions had been completely reversed through emotive techniques and staged events, planned. Every question, every answer was planned. At the end of the show, the longest part of the show was all the tributes at the end to all the different participants and multi producers they had in specialised departments that had pre-worked all this show out in advance, to leave you with either a tear in your eye at the end or very, very angry about something that had happened; marketing techniques perfected with the use of behaviourists and psychology.


As I say, today there’s nothing much to stand in its way because now they also want to bring down the populations and they’re getting to be successful with that. They want us to really, like George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, work for nothing eventually. That is a goal; that you’ll work for the state and you’ll be proud to work for the state. After a period of so-called ‘austerity’, I’m sure they’ll keep money around in some form for a while, but eventually you’ll go into a stage of rationing and since you’ve already accepted the fact that you’re given your social insurance number, your SIN number; they love these little terms and they pick them very well, they can do the same thing and give you a ration card at birth and you’ll get your state rations for everything that you will need as you go through life and work for the state or the world system.


Remember the articles I’ve read in the past to do with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, I’ve read stuff recently from them in fact, and they still have never changed their mandate that eventually people will work for the state. That will be your purpose, working for the state. That also implies that there will be a hierarchy who will live better than you because they can’t live in the state of your state or the state you’ll be in, believe you me. We also accept that as human beings, it’s part of our nature, that the leader somehow should live better than you and we’re being trained along that road right now.


The United Nation’s Department of Agriculture said years ago that they would bring in a stage of rationing of food across the world and that all the world’s food supply would go through them. They would then issue it to the different regions they’d set up and that would encourage those member states to reduce their populations. How they did it was their own problem. They will use the same techniques they’ve used for China, of social approval and disapproval, and yes, every culture and every people can be made to behave in the same way with these techniques. They work very, very well. Mobs will gather and they will be angry and they will say ‘you’re taking food out of our mouths by having an extra child’ and you will drag off the women to the abortion clinics. Don’t think for a minute that it can’t be done to you.


I mentioned a documentary that was made by the BBC the other day. Everyone should try to get a hold of it. It’s called ‘Starsuckers’ and it’s about the cult of celebrities and how they use celebrities to guide us. You don’t think of politicians of really being celebrities. We seem to separate them in our minds into a different category but they’re created with the same techniques that they create celebrities with. They show you in this documentary how and why it works with us. It also shows you how most of the media articles you read today are staged. They actually show you and talk to professionals in the trade of creating news. They even show you the protestors outside on this United Kingdom beauty pageant thing and how she parades out there and there’re all these women out there. They show newspaper articles there of the women protesting; the feminists. Then they talk to the guy that arranged it. He arranged both sides, including purchasing and hiring these women to protest. That’s how they create ‘news’ and people would get all hot and bothered and that becomes their topic of conversation. ‘Oh did you see those women who were complaining about so and so?’ Then they call them the usual stuff you know.

It’s all staged and the guy who staged it tells you and it’s the same with most stuff you’ve seen in the world, even this gulf oil. They call it a spill of course. It’s just too well timed because they will not...I’ve said this so many times. They make plans and they never falter. Regardless of what happens, they never change. When they make an agenda they never change it. You can always take it to the bank when they make a mandate. They want their global taxation through for carbon and energy use and so on. It’s all part of their new rationing and slave system and one way or another they’ll get it. How fortunate that this happened isn’t it? Just like 9/11 happened in the year 2001. That really was the start of the new century. That was the debate. Was it 2000 or 2001? They said it was 2001 when the century starts; the century of change, martial law, no privacy and no rights. Bingo! They had it. What luck isn’t it?


Then here the G20 and the G8 meetings are coming up in Canada and the main topic will be: ‘Oh we can’t go on like this. Look at this disaster. We’ve got to start cutting back on using fuel and energy and start putting punitive measures on people who do use it’ and they will discuss restricting travel use and so on and so on. Regardless, you’re going to pay through the nose for every part of the agenda that comes through.


Eventually, and they’ve said themselves in Agenda 21 for the United Nations, that’s the agenda for the 21st century, there will be no private vehicles in these sustainable communities. That means we’re all rushed into the inner city ghettos, folks, because they don’t want folk in the rural areas. I read that article too from them, from their own site. They said there’ll only be about 3% of the people on the land in 20 years time or so and they’ll be extremely wealthy people. These will be the homes of their lackeys and the politicians as well.

But how fortunate this happened all in time for the G8 and G20 to pick up on and run with and I bet you once they sign something into law, they’ll plug the hole fast as can be.


Most folk can’t imagine that they would do things on such a scale because they’re normal people. Remember, we’re dealing with psychopathic types at the top. They have no normalcy. It’s like the Cabala. There’s no right and wrong. It’s who benefits at the end. Someone always benefits so everything’s ok. That’s how the psychopath operates. That’s how they validate what they do, to eachother as well, when they’re not acting for the public.


So once again it hangs around this thing called cognitive dissonance, which make you uncomfortable with things, very uncomfortable, and you don’t like that so you look for a way out and they supply the way out.


It says here:


“People have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by changing their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours or by justifying or rationalising them”.


(A: You’ve got to do it to feel better you see? It says...)


“It’s one of the most influential and extensively studied theories in social psychology”


(A: And getting back to what it causes in you, it causes guilt, anger and so on. So they make you feel guilty about things. See, you can also bring it on by using the symptoms first that brings on the dissonance. That’s neuroscience. That’s what they say too. If you have certain things that happen to your body like fear when you’ve got a ‘fight or flight’ syndrome coming on because something’s motivating you to save your skin and you’ll sweat and your adrenalin pumps through and so on, you can also do it by stimulating those areas of the brain of the symptoms and it brings on what would happen with the actual effect itself without the monster in front of you.)


Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m just touching; I can only scratch on the surface really in an hour, how techniques are used. Even this one technique they use and how it’s used on you to change your behaviour and it’s used on your children too as they’re programmed for the society which they will grow up in because it’s designed already, you see, and they will fit into it with as little discomfort as possible because they also will try to get rid of their cognitive dissonance according to what they remember, how things are or how good they felt about this and now they don’t about that anymore so they want to be this way. They’ll take the easy way out as they’re being nudged along and they’ll adapt along with everyone else who’s adapting. They’ll also adapt because of peer pressure and as they get older they’ll have ‘significant others’. The ‘significant other’ is generally a mate and that’s why, again, they go for certain genders who are more easily influenced, that have more work done on them; in fact, an awful lot more work done on them and that will then influence them. The ‘significant others’ are very important to make someone else often subservient and that’s what’s happened in the world, because as I’ve said at the start, they have to eliminate the male out of the picture in order to get what they want. When the man has nothing to stand up for then, no-one will stand up.

The only people who will stand up are people screaming for benefits, things that governments supply through a Socialist system and made them all dependent upon government and they’ll have no memory of what freedom or any other way ever was.

We can be trained to be dependent very easily and unfortunately it’s happened. People run to governments for answers to big problems without realising that generally the government created the problem in the first place.


So we’re nudged along because we don’t like pain, we don’t like to have uncomfortable feelings, we don’t like being uncomfortable ourselves holding two different opinions and we all like to belong, and this is used on all of us by masters who have a different agenda, a different goal and a different destination than you think that you have with all of this. It’s all pre-planned.


Masters run the world. Masters of all of us run the world. That again is what Aldous Huxley is referring to. He knew in his day that this was the system they’d bring in. He also corresponded with George Orwell about the kinds of system that would be in and Orwell was pretty sure they’d use heavy authority before the final phase and actually there’d be an overlap of the use of both of them until we’re trained very, very well, perfectly to do simply as we’re told. It’s not difficult to do because you use social approval and social disapproval and the mob, all those around you, can be made to turn on you if you’ve held onto a previous belief, idea or tried to keep an old way of life.

You make them uncomfortable because of your conflicting opinion; the one that conflicts with theirs.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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