June 9, 2010 (#595)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 9, 2010:

World Planners are Brewin' Your Road to Ruin,
This Show You're Living Becomes Quite Chilling:

"Predictive Programming Slogans Repetitive,
Unperceived by Most, that Socialist and Conservative,
Although they Spar and Hiss in Public Mime,
Are One and the Same on Laws they Sign,
With Marx's Plan for Unified Blocs,
Super-Parliaments Over Multi-National Flocks,
In Turn are Subservient to their Covenance,
Taking Instructions from Covert Governance,
Can't Claim the Planners Silly, with Myopia,
This Dystopia is On Their Road to Utopia,
Brainwashed 'Unwashed' Beading with Sweat,
Truly Believing they Must Work Off the Debt,
The Means-to-an-End, Money is Just a Tool,
Along with Debt, The Masses to Fool,
Aristocracy, Marxists, Fabians it Seems,
Believe the Future's for Superior Genes,
Here's Austerity, Medicine, Food Unattainable,
As the Poorer Go First for World 'Sustainable' "
© Alan Watt June 9, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 9, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 9, 2010.  Newcomers, I always advise you to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Iíve got hundreds of shows listed there for download for audio that I have done over the years and you can pass a lot of time going through those if you want to.  [Official sites listed above.]  All the sites that are listed there, bookmark them for future use in case the .com site goes down again, which it no doubt will.  Remember, all the sites also have all the same audios but they also have English transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given for download and print up.  If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu youíll have the addition of transcripts in the languages of Europe to choose from.  Remember too, I donít get paid by advertisers; most hosts do and thatís how they make their living.  I depend upon you the public to keep me going; that gives me a freer hand.  The ads you hear on the show are paid directly to the station for the broadcast of the show.  It pays for their board ops and equipment and bills.  So you help me with mine by going into my web site and see the books I have for sale.  They are different than anything youíll read because what you are living in is beyond any textbook you are going to read.  It truly is; itís beyond sci-fi.  I try to show you other ways of thinking and seeing things from a non-linear perspective and if you want to survive, at least for your own soul so to speak, than youíve got to understand how to escape all the traps that are laid out for you.  This is a total war thatís been going on the public for an awful long time and youíve grown up in it not even knowing.  Your whole reality has been shaped for you, including getting you ready for a future which you havenít even thought of... youíd never imagined.  So purchase the books, the CDs and the DVDs or you can donate to me; I really depend on donations.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


As Iíve said before, people really donít know; in fact we are all trained to think everything is normal all the time.  From the minute you were born you were taught that everything was normal and it was a bit different from your parents.  As soon as you were into school, of course, you were taught a different curriculum, a different world view in fact.  You didnít even discuss it with your parents because you thought they knew.  Meanwhile, your parents were watching television, being updated daily into a whole new way of thinking as well.  It wasnít their thinking; it was all programmed for them.  It becomes their thinking and even their behavior patterns are emulated off of what they see.  Nothing has happened in the lastÖ definitely since, actually since the time of HG Wells when he talked about it and the Fabian Society.  Nothing has happened in culture across the whole Western world that wasnít planned by very big WEALTHY powers to bring in a whole new society of total control.  The Fabian Society certainly did write a lot more than some of the other bigger societies that had a leading role.  The bigger societies were not just international banking groups and those who dealt with economics Ė and that means YOU, folks, you are all part of economics and whole generations thereof.  It also meant that theyíd have to plan a whole new society with depopulation and so on, but they had to play the good conservative role because the conservatives truly did lead the charge for integration of Europe and the Americas and so on, because they love socialism.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís astounding really, when you understand, really, a fair bit, but never enough; there is always so much more to the big system, the MATRIX IN WHICH YOU LIVE.  There are so many compartments and rooms and various corridors and adjoining rooms and so on, and people all working together, different groups working together towards the same goal and itís a goal the general public would never like, of course, if they truly understood it.  So the art is to keep you dumbed down, silly, drugged down and toxicíd down with all the foods that you eat with the GMO stuff and all that, and keep you vastly entertained with trivia.  Youíll never really clue into it, even as you are passing through and going through the incredible changes that were planned long, long before you or your parents were born. 


It takes all parties at the top to work together and appear to be in opposition as they run for politics to bring it about.  Thatís a trick as well.  After all, we are the herd.  There is only one herd.  You might go into a category of the herd but itís still one herd and people like categories, the like to say, Iím this or Iím that and they join preexisting categories.  But itís one herd so you need different shepherds to bring them to the same enclosure.  If you watch sometimes, sheepdog trials, if youíve ever seen them, the shepherd would often use two dogs for a large herd.  Theyíd go on either side, to the left and to the right of them.  Sometimes they would even take a whole sway of the sheep off into one direction with one dog, and one with another; take them around in a circle and put them all back into the same pen.  Well, thatís the technique that they use through politics to manage the public.  The sheep donít know that the shepherd is the bad guy.  They kind of like the shepherd, theyíre kind of fond of him.  Theyíve seen him so many times and he will often feed them with extra tidbits and stuff.  But when he kills them off to eat them - because thatís their function - or sell them, or for the wool to wear his woolen clothing with, they donít know that.  All they see is this nice guy and the dogs really are their enemy as far as the sheep are concerned.  So itís very, very clever.  Thatís how the public are generally run, in all countries. 


Going back to the late 1800s for instance, the massive socialist movements that we take almost no notice of today as a passing, vague thing in history.  We are given little bits on it, very little bits on it, and some of them will even still push that it was for social progress.  When you look at the communist movements that came out of it and Nazi Germany as well that came out of it, and the incredible slaughters FROM the Soviet Union AND Nazi Germany, you realize, well, itís the same agenda world wide of socialism that still exists.  Socialism isnít just helping the people out with welfare and free this or free that.  Socialism is far more; itís about population control for instance.  Itís about SCIENCE and GOVERNMENT working completely together as one. 


This was put out.  HG Wells was a propagandist for this whole system, a guy who denied that atrocities were happening in the Soviet Union.  He used to go over there and come back with glowing reports of how wonderful it was.  Of course he never saw the prison camps and the wires and the experiments they were doing on people, when they cut the tops of their heads off and did brain experiments by the dozens and hundreds actually, eventually.  He didnít see that kind of thing or if he did he didnít care.  He thought everything was proper because science should rule.  He put a book out that was called The Shape of Things to Come.  He outlined everything in a fictional form, given data of course from his masters.  Thatís how big novelists really work even today, with the Futurist Society.  They are picked out, they are told to write a story around these topics, to get points across and you get immersed in fiction.  Fiction is the greatest guide of all.  Fiction takes you along with a human story through different encounters, changes, and before you know it, youíve gone through all these changes in YOUR MIND and youíve downloaded a whole bunch of possibilities that you havenít thought of before, which become INEVITABILITIES so when the real stories pop up you think thatís quite natural and it seems to be made that way, things are sort of progressing naturally.  You have never CONSCIOUSLY worked through them, logically; youíve been downloaded.  That is called PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING. 


In his own book and in the movie they made too Ė prior to World War II is when they made the movie Ė they showed you the world up to the year 2035 or so with a CONTINUOUS WAR starting just around the time of World War II did begin, but a continuous war.  Now, there are many ways to have a continuous war.  Most folk think itís just complete fighting and tanks and bullets and guns, but war is fought on economic fronts.  Itís fought on psychological fronts, more than ever.  Itís fought on deception fronts; MANY, MANY fronts are involved in deception.  That also includes pretty well all of the mainstream media, who have done a fantastic job of deceiving the public as whole blocs were reformed after the supposed Soviet Union fell.  You now have a new Soviet bloc they call the EU with more powers than the Soviets even had.  Really, they have more power than the Soviets had, over the people.  HG Wells went through all of this.  He went through a time that would come out at the end where - Raymond Massey I think was the actor and he said, when government joins with science, they will be invincible.  He said, individualism is nothing; man by himself is nothing as the individual, but man collectively can do anything.  Thatís the collective again, the weíre all in it together idea.  But science was to reign supreme so the fittest could survive, if you go into the book version.  Interesting too, he said that they would use techniques on the public who wouldnít go along with things.  He called it Ďthe peace gas.í  ĎThe gas of peaceí and theyíd spray it from the air.  It kind of reminds me of all these chemtrails that are all over the place and have been since 1998 continuously.  If thatís the testing Ė they say theyíve been testing it, trying it out Ė God help us when they just cover the whole globe in one big blanket of cloud continuously.  Then you will be in Blade Runner the movie, another predictive programming one of course.


So you are living through massive changes and the last people who must understand whatís truly going on are the general populations because you are in a POST-DEMOCRATIC era.  Post-democratic.  The first ones to talk about post-democracy, it wasnít just the Club of Rome.  You found it in the Fabian Society and in their writings; they would BRING you into a post-democratic society.  Then the Club of Rome was given the JOB to find ways to bring us under this socialist, totalitarian system.  They came up with the idea of global warmingÖ that would fit the bill, they said.  Climate change, global warming, man would be the enemy of the planet and therefore theyíd have to deal with it. Well, here we are today.  They wrote the book in the 90s but they said that theyíd come up with the idea in the 70s, early 70s.  They were the PREMIERE think tank for the United Nations, another great frontÖ that people really think is wonderful.  They really believe they are out there to hand out tents to people in earthquakes and stuff.  They really DO believe the propaganda theyíve been given. 


Wells went through the whole scenario of where theyíd take the general public.  He also said, most folk wouldnít work then because it would be a time when machines did everything.  That was a big lie too because they knew on a higher level in the Fabian Society that they had no intention of keeping around excess population eventually.  In fact, they drummed on about, from the very start, KILLING OFF THE EXCESS USELESS EATERS.  In the documentary, The Soviet Story Ė an EXCELLENT exposť of how wonderful the socialist system truly was Ė they showed you not just experiments on the general public, incredible experiments, and the massive slaughters they had, but it begins with a talk by one of the founders of the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw who said, when we are in power, when we rule, YOU will have to come to us and JUSTIFY why WE should keep you alive.  Now that soundsÖ itís almost like a movie to most folk today who canít tell fact from fiction anymore.  They canít; they live in a psychedelic kaleidoscope of advertising and flashing things on television and sex and boob babes and little bits and bytes of news and people getting blown up by drones.  Itís all one big mush to them.  And itís intentionally that way so that you cannot think LOGICALLY through any one particular thing. 


Part of the psychological warfare is to also to keep you ALWAYS WORRIED and AFRAID so mentally you are running all the time.  You are running.  You have fear of bad health.  Youíve got fear of unemployment.  Youíve got fear of sickness, fear of death, fear of homelessness.  All these things are played onÖ sometimes individually, a long period of so-called recession and unemployment and sometimes all together, and you are at the all together stage now where EVERYTHING is coming down at once.  Thatís wonderful, very clever, psychological warfare manipulated by a capstone with a whole bunch of bricks underneath them making sure you get it from all different angles and perspectives, but never the truth.  Thatís how you are managed. 


We are managed to a point and most folk will truly think, they really believe, money is real.  They believe that debt is real.  Most folk out there canít even tell you what money IS or how it even comes into circulation.  Most folk still cannotÖ theyíve never even gone beyond getting a paycheck or going to the bank and withdrawingÖ never knowing how it is even created.  They have no idea at all that all money is put into circulation through the central banks via the ones who supposedly lend to the central banks as debtÖ as debt.  Itís so simple.  If you only had $100 printed up in the world and that is sold off, as somebody thatís bought the bonds to guarantee that debt you see.  Heís guaranteed as well; heíll get interest on it, of even 10% at the end of a year.  But no one has printed any more money up.  So youíve got $100, plus $10 to give him back.   Where does the extra $10 come from?  Itís not printed yet.  Itís constant debt.  Itís a debt system, in EVERY country to keep you slaves, always slaves, but for a bigger purpose than that even too.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going on about our reality and a little bit of the rush through history that we DO go through; we rush through life donít we?  We are rushed through; we are actually stampeded through life from one crisis to another and thatís intentional.  That is intentional because there is a method to the madness, and of course, it drives us mad.  Thatís obviously the intention.  When you are mad you canít make very good decisions about anything or come to very good intelligent conclusions.  You are driven to a certain point and thatís the conclusion you will reach.  Itís all intentional. 


You have to go into the history books, and youíve got to do it.  Youíve got to go into the big players that existed in the late 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s and all of the documentation in books they put out there.  The beauty, the beauty - as George Orwell knew - of history, is that it goes down the memory hole by those in charge.  In his particular writing, he had an actual sort of furnace hole and you just chucked the stuff in there and that was the end of it and they REWROTE history for the stuff theyíd just submitted, a new history.  Today we have the internet and itís beautiful for that isnít it?  Iíve lost count of the times Iíve put up links to different articles or sites or even videos and before the night is out they are pulled, even mainstream science magazines.  Itís just astonishing and thatís how quickly itís gone.  I always advise people when I mention something, copy it right away.  Make sure you copy it right away.  Donít think you can go back 10 minutes later or an hour because if it is something important it is pulled VERY quickly. 


There ARE intelligence services monitoring EVERYTHING we do and say.  Quite a few years back I was interested, there was a very good little bit on I think it was the CBC or a radio station in Toronto about something that had happened in Canada.  I managed to get a journalist and I says is there anywhere I can get a copy of this?  He says no we donít keep copies here; this was the station that broadcast it.  He gave me another link, like a phone call, a phone link to someone who might and it was an agency that had copied and taped EVERY television and EVERY radio program EVER broadcast in Canada, across the whole country.   I didnít know it existed.  Iíd have to pay $70 for a cassette tape.  Then I realized, Ė after it, mind you Ė this is an intelligence network.  It obviously was an intelligence network.  That was years ago.  Years agoÖ thatís how completely everything, EVERYTHING always has been monitoredÖ by an incredible system thatís way above us.  All around us but way above us that is never mentioned.  Never mentioned. 


We see the different organizations that come forth speaking on behalf of this charity, or this NGO, or this or that; you donít realize that most intelligence agencies are actually PRIVATE organizations.  That way government is not responsible to the public for them but they use them, just like Google.  Thatís what that is.  Thatís what Google is always been.  Thatís what Bill Gates and Windows was all aboutÖ to make sure you standardize a system across the whole planet.  You couldnít have separate systems where they couldnít collect all data.  So you bring somebody up to the top, you make sure thatís pushed by EVERY country at the very top, to outdo everyone else and it becomes the standard format.  I said years ago, during the Cold War, that they could never allow someone, any big international corporation, to come out with some separate system of communication.  Never, everÖ and I mean right down to a DVD player or even the old VHS players.  They all came out with new versions at the same time; ALL the brands, boomff, overnight; the same with computers.  And you think they are independent competing organizations.  Never.  Never.  Never.


Part of the whole agenda was eugenics, a BIG part of it, still is.  They have never changed.  From the writings of the late 1800s to the present you will find they have never changed their format, their beliefs, or their intentions and their goals.  There are many ways to bring down populations of course.  The old fashioned ways, as some of them lamented, we couldnít have enough wars, couldnít have enough diseases and black deaths and so on.  Now they do it covertly.  They put it in your food.  They put it in your water.  They inoculate it into you, again, through big international corporations through your health systems.  And everyone believes that, even the guys that squirt it into you, because itís all faith based, Itís on the bottle; itís got to be true, itís been approved by so-and-so and so-and-so.  Thatís how easy it is to bring down a world.  How easy it is. 


They talked about bad genes because bad breeding was always a big part of this socialist movement.  Mind you, it was also a big, big part of the elitist, aristocratic movements that had always been there, with their bloodlines, and their poor breeding scenarios for the public and the commoners.  Then you realize, itís all one bunch running the whole show.  They are bringing you to the edge.  Iíve read the articles, from mainstream again, on this radio station.  Iíve read the articles when theyíve talked about bringing down the populationsÖ oh, what will we do, there are too many people coming into the countriesÖ They are not going over the actual records, from, again, mainstream sources showing you that EVERY country has only put its population up since about 1940 BY massive immigration, that sped up during the 60s, 70s and 80s and ever increasing to the present time.  Iíve read articles from mainstream, again, where Blairís own personal secretary SAID that he was ordered to change the face of Britain so much Ė again, massive immigration Ė so they could never go back to any old culture at all.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about population increases which are intentional of course.  Weíve had different politicians and the leaders of the political parties in different countries all come out saying, well, we need this, you see, because the people back home are just not breeding enough, they are not having enough children to pay off the national debts.  Thatís been said to every country, you know.  Then, when theyíve got it just where they want it Ė because all people rush into the same cities.  All immigrants always rush into the same major cities; thatís how they start off.  Thatís what you do.  They were never meant for such massive populations to begin with and it give the IMPRESSION that they ARE overcrowded because the cities ARE overcrowded with massive, incoming, constant immigration flows. 


So what do they do, they turn aroundÖ and here is a handout, a handout to the press.  Most of what you read in major mainstream are handouts, by corporations or their PR, their front groups, their marketing groups for them, that act on their behalf, and this is one of them Iím going to read.  Itís been plomped right in a newspaper, actually a rag.  A rag, thatís what you call them in Britain; they are rags.  If you can get a hold of that documentary I mentioned, an excellent documentary on celebrities and how celebrities are used to control your minds basically and for charitable works which are pretty fake, look at the documentary StarSuckers, Part 2.  Donít just look at the first part.  Youíve got to go into Part 2 and it goes through how most newspapers today donít have very many reports.  They slashed them years ago and they depend on these handouts.  So they put in the handouts from the greenies, and the handouts from so and so, but they donít let you know thatís where they are coming from and you take that as news.  Here is a handout on overpopulation.  Itís from the Daily Mail and it says, Ďby Daily Mail ReporteríÖ that means itís a handout. 


Britain will struggle to handle 'catastrophic' population growth unless changes are made

By Daily Mail Reporter / dailymail.co.uk / 9th June 2010


(Alan:  Now, they create the problem over years, intentionally, and then they turn around and blame you for it.  Now here is what we have to do about it, right.)


Britain will struggle to handle 'catastrophic' population growth in future unless urgent action is taken, a report has warned.  (A:  I like how they phrase it.)


The predicted increase to 70 million by 2029 will put unsustainable pressure on housing, schools and hospitals as well as natural resources such as food and water, experts said.  (A:  So far they havenít mentioned The Daily Mail Reporter.  They havenít told you what organization it is or who the experts are so farÖ so far, right.)


Current trends will see a city the size of Bristol added to the population of the UK every year for the next two decades.  (A:  HhaaaahhhhÖ you see, thatís how they do it, for the reader, you see.  Psychologists and marketers and companies work this stuff out on behalf of the organizations that want to propagandize you.)


The population is predicted to increase to 70million by 2029, experts have warned


But sustainable development (A:  So there you goÖ) group Forum for the Future said vast growth would cause huge rises in pollution and waste.


Its report called for urgent action to stop numbers reaching the expected highs and causing a fall in quality of life levels.


And it urged a 'rethink' of the policy of importing labour to take skilled jobs.  (A:  Itís about 40 years too late and these same guys were behind it, the ones at the top, to bring them in in the first place.)


Director Sara Parkin warned the debate about population had been hijacked by 'extremist' groups but was a key environmental issue. (A:  Environment, overpopulation, and all the rest of it.)


'Britons deserve a serious debate about population and politicians need to start planning now to achieve a sustainable future,' she said. (A:  So they are giving you the solution as well.  We need a serious debateÖ and they will provide it for you, in front of you on television, with the politicians, and they will come to the preordained conclusion, you see.)


'By recognising population as a vital element in strategies to achieve low-carbon and satisfying lifestyles, (A:  For whom, I wonder.) politicians can reclaim the issue from the extremists.'   (A:  In other words, corner the whole market and the whole propaganda and no one elseís.)


'Only through good leadership and sensitive long-term planning (A:  ĎSensitive,í I guess thatís, you know, we have to sterilize you but we are terribly sorry Iím afraidÖ) can we make sure that UK population growth falls short of today's high projections and that we are prepared to cope effectively with any growth that does happen. 


They are telling you, they are getting you set for something coming up, big time, on television, with the politicians, all preplanned of course.  And you all sit back, in between the boob tube and all the rest of it in your kaleidoscope of psychedelic nonsense and bits and bytes and youíll get downloaded into the answer and youíre all going to suffer.  Now, who is this particular forum? Hmm?  Who are theyÖ that handed out this thing TO the media that just plonks it right into there?  They are happy for it.  They depend on this stuff to fill their pages, in between the ads.


Forum for the Future

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia / wikipedia.org


(A:  This is just the Wiki part of it, right.  I have other stuff here too.)


Forum for the Future

Type:  Sustainable development charity Founded 1996

Headquarters:  London, UK (A:  Itís almost like the Optimum Population Trust, the other ones too.  Iím sure theyíre all part of it.)

Forum for the Future is a British non-profit organisation with a mission to promote sustainable development. Its vision is of "businesses and communities thriving in a future thatís environmentally sustainable and socially just". It runs partnerships with more than 90 organisations across business and the public sector to incorporate the principles of sustainable development. Forum specialises in futures work, innovation and capacity building, (A:  That means a lot to you doesnít it?) and it also runs a Masters course, 'Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development', (A:  Thatís also part of Common Purpose, a MASSIVE organization, millions and billions of dollars.) which has been running since the inception of Forum for the Future. It publishes a magazine called Green Futures which highlights news stories on the environment, sustainable development and green innovation.


(A:  It gives you a bit of history, the partners.  Itís the same old story.) 


Forum for the Future was founded in 1996 by Jonathon Porritt, (A:  The same names keep popping up through all the different organizations to do with depopulation.) Sara Parkin and Paul Ekins. Peter Madden became CEO in 2005.



Forum for the Future has partnerships with more than 90 organisations in the public and private sector.  (A:  Now itís a private organization, right, a CHARITABLE organization, right.  So itís registered and all the rest of it, as a CHARITY.)


Governance and Funding

Forum for the Future is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. It is run by a senior management team led by Peter Madden and overseen by a board of trustees chaired by Janis Kong. The Forumís partners have no influence over its governance.


It funds its work from three principle revenue streams: annual fees from its partners; fees and grants for its work on projects which advance sustainability; and charitable donations and legacies.


In 2009 the Forumís revenue (A:  They claim, I bet you anything itís about £4.1 billion.  They say itís about £4.1 million here.) was £4.1m, of which 61% came from business, 14% from central and local government, (A:  Your TAX MONEY is funding this PRIVATE organization that is telling politicians what to doÖ by depopulating YOU and giving you, you know, the snip-snip.) and 13% from not-for-profit organisations.  (A:  Thatís the other way itís funneled, through the foundations.) Source Ė 2010 Annual Report


(A:  Then you go into their partnersÖ  from their own website, right.  Itís anybody and everybody who IS everybody.  Youíve gotÖ



We work with over 100 leading organisations in business, government, education and the voluntary sector.


Partners in the Business Sector:


AkzoNobel (Foundation Corporate Partner)

Alliance Boots (A:  Thatís the big pharmacy boys.)

AOL Time Warner (A:  Öwants you depopulated and sterilizedÖ)


Aviva Investors

Axa Insurance plc

Balfour Beatty

Bank of America: Merrill Lynch

Benchmark Software

Beverage Can Makers Europe


BP (Foundation Corporate Partner) (A:  British Petroleum foundationÖ)

British Waterways

BT (Foundation Corporate Partner) (A:  British telecommunicationsÖ)

Bupa (Foundation Corporate Partner)

Cadbury (A:  You know, the guys that want you to have your chocolate and get all fat, with the artificial stuff theyíve got on it now, like Ďchocolate-like.í  [Alan laughing.]





City of London (A:  Which is a corporation itself.)


This is on its own web site.  Iíll put these up for you.  It goes on and on and on.  I canít read them all; it would to take too long.  But itís anybody and everybody who is everybody wants you sterilized and depopulatedÖ for a sustainable future.  Well youíd think in that case they wouldnít have all these customers.  Well you see, these arenít private really.  All these big corporations are part of a big, big partnership.  Not just to do with bringing in profits either.  Itís much, much bigger than that.  Itís to bring in your whole reality.  Iíll guarantee you, they will fund every other massive group out there too thatís telling you what to do, and even the oppositions as well.  Every base is covered.  Thatís how it is really done.


So Iíll put these links up for you to peruse at your leisure.  Youíll see how they ALL, how EVERYTHING interlinks at the top.  EverythingÖ every international organization, corporation, multi national corporation, everything thatís really authorized and out there is all part of a much bigger plan.  You have to go back into the histories of these organizations too, and these corporations to find how long theyíve been around.  Where did they get their start-up money from?  Who funded them into existence?  What was the organization that the first CEOs belonged to, outside of just business?  Youíll find they all tie in together, ALL of them. 


And thatís where you are.  So itís all your fault now.  Last night I mentioned an article where they are turning around and saying, itís all your faultÖ itís the baby boomersí fault.  Everything thatís happened in the world since the 50s, late 40s and 50s, is all their own fault.  It wasnít the banksí fault.  It wasnít governmentsí fault for borrowing money and fighting wars and giving private contracts out for the Cold War for missile after missile after missile that they never used.  It was the baby boomersí faultÖ for having it too good.  You see.  They always blame the victim.  The victim is always blamed by the psychopath, no matter how crazy it seems.  Even if a rapist is caught on video raping someone Ė and itís actually been done in Canada Ė and it goes up to the high court, they will still turn around and say it was her fault.  Even if heís killed 10 of them afterwards, he still says, they all wanted it, they all wanted this and then killed.  Thatís how crazy it sounds to the average person if you hear them.  They can never blame themselves.  They must protect their own egos.  These are dangerous people.  DANGEROUS peopleÖ who want to bring down the populations. 


They all have their masters and they all wanted the overpopulation of the same countries with massive immigration to bring on the problem.  They are not after depopulating from one country or another; they want to depopulate the whole world.  You canít keep saying, itís the third world, itís the third world, youíve got to bring the third world in, massively, and a massive welfare state to make sure we are all going bankrupt; we are spending so much money on welfare.  The health care is kaput.  You canít cope with it all, there are too many people.  Well, it wouldnít have happened in the first place unless they caused the problem intentionally.  But the GOAL is the world, WORLD depopulation.  You couldnít bring in terrorism bills and laws across most of Europe unless you brought in the immigration, even though you are using it as a ruse to put anti-terrorism and loss of freedoms and rights on EVERYONE.  You couldnít have done it unless you brought them in and encouraged them in through special immigration programs in the first place.  30-odd years ago, I knew they were setting up the chess board for today.  I said, one day they will attack the homelands of these people and all hell will break loose.  They set it all up in advance.  But now itís all your fault, you see, and youíve all got to suffer and you canít have any rights anymore because NONE of you can be trusted. 


The UK, really, was the leader for this.  Itís an example to the rest that are following FAST.  In the US, they donít know what is going to hit them yet because the same system of mind control is even better there.  They have more entertainment in the US.  They have MORE newspapers throwing out different versions of everything.  They are incredibly mind-bombed with entertainment.  Plus they truly believe that their leaders really are there to help them.  They really do.  They have no idea that the right and left all work together; they always have.  They have no idea.  They truly have no idea, most of them, that they are headed for even a worse downfall than Britain because itís going to happen faster, much faster. 


Once their job is doneÖ Remember, Britain was the policeman for the world up until World War I and the beginnings of World War II and they handed it over to the US in a FORMAL CEREMONYÖ on the Senate floor.  They said, we pass the torch on to you.  The US is almost finished doing its job of policing the world.   They are in over 70 countries openly and a lot more besides, unopenly, quietly, covertly.  They owe so much money you could probablyÖ if you put it to the nearest star 5 light years away you could probably get there and back if you made a roadway of dollar bills that you owe.  Itís impossible.  Itís not meant to be paid off.  Itís meant that you do use money.  Money is a TOOL to an end.  Itís a means to an end.  The means actually is the technique to the end.  Weíve all got to believe in it as we go down the tubes.  Weíve got to believe weíve got to pay it all back, and live in poverty as that happens. 


They said at the end, of many of their books from the Fabian Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs Ė they are all combined together, by the way, private organizations, with Royal Charters to exist, on behalf of the aristocracy and the Anglo-American aristocracy as well because they were well entrenched in the United States.  They said there would eventually be food shortages and they would cut health and so on, and disease would make its appearance once more and so on and so on and so on.  2001 was really the kickoff for the final stage.  It was the kickoff to the final stage of it.  Everyoneís rights were taken away IMMEDIATELY and that was for the Century of Change.  The Century of Change that was talked about in the 1800s, that the 21st century would be THE Century of Change, where science combined with government as an expert society, the scientific dictatorship that Huxley talked about; thatís when it would be working.  It would be in total charge of everybody.  There would be no such thing as ďI want my rights.Ē  You would simply do as you are toldÖ for expediencyís sake.  Thatís where you are going. 


The US will be managed down the road to hell, the same way as Britain and all the other countries in Europe have been managed down the road to hell.  But they are going to finish off the job in the Middle East first; thatís all they have to do and keep supplying the troops, the young guys who play the video games and want to be heroes.  They are nobody before they get the uniform on and suddenly youíre a somebody.  If you come back, you know, you get a bit of attention for a little while until the novelty wears off amongst those around you.  Itís quite something.  Quite something.  They have no idea whatís coming downÖ and the massive organization above this, MASSIVE organization controlling it all. 


Now, itís interesting to see how CNS News saysÖ ďSenate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt to Collect Addresses, ATM Records of Bank Customers.Ē  Thatís all part of it too because it ties in with so many articles on total control over the individual and money and E-money.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just to finish up.  This stuff with Google collecting all the Wi-Fi addresses and so on, basically it was all intentional; Iíve got 3 articles on it. 

Google Street View secretly took your wi-fi details... and will use the data to target ads at mobile phones

dailymail.co.uk / 29th May 2010


Google is 'close' to handing over German wi-fi data

3 June 2010 / bbc.co.uk


Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data

9 June 2010† / bbc.co.uk


Google was set up in the first place to DO what they are doing and theyíll be untouchable, even if they have to pay some petty fine that probably doesnít even actually mean money passing any hands at all, that probably doesnít exist; itís just to keep the peasants happy.  Google is part of the information world data collection system for those who really run the world, like all the other ones are too, all the biggies.  Theyíve been passing information to governments from their inception.  Supposedly theyíve collected through their Street View system, collecting all the Wi-Fi connections, and theyíve actually got all your coding, everything they need to get right into your computer and your system.  And itís not just for commercial purposes so that they can target you with ads.  Itís far more than that.  Germany had taken them up on this too, and Britain had to fall behind Germany since they went first, and say, well, yes, thatís wrong and we might put charges on and so on because itís basically spying.  Of course itís spying because these big corporations are SET UP TO BE SPIES and collect all your data.  What do you think spying is?  Itís all intelligence work.  Thatís what itís all about. 


Of course too, we know they are keeping all your records for years, and forever in fact, regardless of what they tell you in their little appeasement things and blurbs that they give out in the various newspapers and so on.  This article talks about the new collection of your ATM records, for bank customers.  It says hereÖ


Senate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt to Collect Addresses,

ATM Records of Bank Customers

Friday, May 21, 2010 / By Matt Cover, Staff Writer / cnsnews.com


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)


(CNSNews.com) Ė Senate Democrats united to pass a financial regulatory bill that allows the government to collect data on any person operating in financial markets at any level, (A:  Now, you didnít think you were in the financial market when you just used your bank cardÖ Ďat any levelíÖ) including the collection of personal transaction records from local banks that list customersí addresses and ATM receipts.  (A:  You see, thatís what itís really for.  Itís nothing to do with the big boys at all, passing cash around.  Itís for YOU.)


The Senate voted 59-39 on Thursday to pass the bill, the chief aim of which is to more-heavily regulate the financial industry. (A:  Thatís YOU.  Thatís you.)  The bill now goes to a conference committee in the House of Representatives, where differences between the House and Senate versions will be ironed out.  (A:  Yeah, right.)


So itís a new bureaucracy, again, to deal with all of that but thatís whatís government is about in the socialist system regardless of what they call it, or pretend if itís right or left.  Itís all the SAME agendaÖ and they all work together.  You wouldnít be happy if you knew you were under a one party system and you had been for many, many, many years.  Youíve got to have that impression that there is always an enemy out there to fight, even if itís a country across the water somewhere.  Thatís good enough for you too, you see.  Youíve got to believe, too, they are an enemy to YOU and that they are dangerous to you and thatís why you go off and slaughter them.  It never dawns on you itís for a whole different purpose all together and itís not you thatís going to benefit nor the folk who get killed that itís going to benefit.  Itís a whole New World Order.  What do you think a New World Order means?  Öwith scientific socialism?  Öand experts running your lives?  What do you think that means?  Öand depopulation for sustainability?  You know, good genes ONLY, bad genes must go.  Any hereditary problems, well, Iím afraid you canít surviveÖ you certainly canít breed.  Youíre not allowed.  You have no idea what you are - already have been for a long time - under. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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