June 11th, 2010 (#597)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 11th, 2010:

"Banksters Loot Us Twice a Century, Strange,
They Stay in Charge, They Never Change:

"Scientific Socialism's Elite Run by the Right,
Backed by Masters of Money and Might,
With Left-Leaning Fronts from Foundations,
Left/Right Paradigm Confusing Nations,
Order from Chaos Means Chaos Created,
So Experts Come Forth Highly Elated,
In Positions Appointed, Mandates, No Swerve,
Ruling and Taxing to Poverty, So You'll Serve,
With Future Generations to Pay Off Debt
For Extravagant Lifestyle You ain't Seen Yet,
Tear Up the Debts, This System doesn't Work,
It is Designed to Preserve Those that Lurk
Behind Planned Society and Money's the Key,
We're All Trained to Earn Fiat, You and Me,
Bring in a System, Money Backed with Something,
No 'Fractional Reserve' and Con-Men Fluffing,
No Borrowing/Lending from/to Other Nations, Or,
Generations Marked Down as Guarantor,
Otherwise You'll Go Down in this Planned Hell,
Which Elitists Scheme and Work so Well"
© Alan Watt June 11th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 11th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on June the 11th, 2010.  Now I always, I know it's boring to go through this little routine, but I always suggest that newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  That's my main site, you'll see on that front page all the other sites I have up there.  These are the official sites.  Bookmark them for future use because once in a while I get problems with the com, and also too, thousands go in at the same time after I've uploaded the show, and it tends to be kind of sticky at times.  So you can always try these other sites if you have problems.  And while you're there go into the books I have for sale.  They are different.  They're different from the usual "his" stories that you get, the authorized versions.  I show you the con tricks down through time to the present day.  And they're still as valid today as they ever were.  The particular tricks that are used within language and symbolism and so on, to con you.  Everything really is symbols.  They've used it from ancient times, and those who held power understand the meanings amongst themselves of the symbols.  The general public never think about it.  They take everything for granted, and that's what it's all based on.  The same as today with politics and the terms they use in their treaties and different things they sign.  So, go in there, buy the books, it will help deprogram you.  It will help you to start to think in a non-linear fashion.  And buy the discs as well that you will see advertised.  They're DVD discs and CD discs, some with 50 shows on them.  And that will help me tick over, hopefully, hopefully, because I'm running behind right now.  This costs a lot of money to do just what I'm doing here.  It's not just a one hour show, I have to do other things all during the day, and this is how it goes with me.  It's up to you to keep me going.  The ads on this show that you hear pay for the airtime to RBN.  The ads on the show are paid directly by the advertisers right to RBN for the airtime, and to pay for the equipment, their staff, and their bills.  So you have to help me with mine.  Remember from the U.S. to Canada you can use personal check, you can also use an international postal money order from your post office, if you wish.  You can use cash, or paypal, if you want to order or donate.  Use the paypal donate button, send a separate email with your name, address, and the order, and I'll get it out to you.  Across the world, it's the same idea.  You've also got the choice of Western Union or Money Gram across the world, cash, paypal for donations and for ordering, and I'll get them out as soon as I can. 


You know, what I try to do on this show is to teach people really how to look at things, and teach them how to think about things.  Most people truly don't think very much at all.  They take everything at face value, and that's what you get when you get a socialized, trained population.  They don't question things.  They'll fall into the traps of getting upset when the news presents you with something that is obviously upsetting, but they never give you a solution.  They'll generally give you two arguments, on the particular topic that upsets you, and people being as they are, pick one or the other.  That's what they've always given us down through time.  That's why you have Left Wing and Right Wing parties, and all of these things.  There's no difference between the party system, across the world.  There truly isn't.  And Professor Quigley verified that in his book, Tragedy and Hope.  He was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American Branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, run by the big banking boys and the journalist medias, and the media barons they bring into it.  They give you your reality.  Massive organization.  They're worldwide, they even have a branch now for the whole EU Union, for the parliament.  And everybody in the parliament is a member of it.  Quigley said, same with the U.S. presidents for sixty years and he wrote his book in the 1960s, so the U.S. has been under this from the early 1900s.  Back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about Conology.  Conology is an amazing science, and it's taught in very secretive places, to people who are picked to rule over you.  And you'll find that happens with those who are picked for the Council on Foreign Relations, and they have the same laws for their organization as they do from their main parent organization, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, where they can always give a public version to things if they're authorized, but they can never tell the inner talks that they have for the real purpose.  That's not allowed.  Same with Common Purpose which I'm certain is a branch of it, trained for it.  Their job is to train future leaders across all sectors of a Socialist society.  They have already trained well over 30,000, who are now going into jobs from local councils, right up to politics in parliament, and bureaucracies, civil servant, education, and the military.  So, I'm trying to tell you here, for an awful long time, there's been a massive organization with different branches all taking over the world, very secretive in some ways, and sometimes they're very open as well with various publications that they put out.  It's just that people can't be bothered reading them.  They're too boring.  There's no sex and violence.  You have to remember too, old Albert Pike, the so-called pope of Freemasonry, as his followers called him, who said, we never talk more openly as when we do in public, surrounded by people who are not brothers.  And that is very, very true.  They put it right in front of your face.  You will get one meaning, while there's another meaning to the members, you see, and they'll have a little chuckle.  That's how your news presentations are given to the public as well.  We take everything on a face scan.  We scan it with our eyes, and we think no further.  We don't really see, or understand what we're really looking at, because we're taught not to reason, or think, or critically analyze anything at all.


You'll see the same in treaties, if you go into the preambles they have, because in the preambles they define the meanings of certain words they're going to use in the laws to follow.  So it's very important to read them, because you'll find that what you're listening to in the stuff that follows, really is a completely different outcome, with the different meanings that they intend them to have.  Very important.  And you see, that is legal too.  You can say, under this particular treaty, this word will mean this.  And that's quite lawful.  And you'll find that legalism is very important to these boys.  When they want to take your rights away, then they simply pass a law, and make it legal.  If they want to torture you, they'll pass a law and make it legal.  And we all are trained that all legalities are somehow okay, and we obey, and bend down, and allow our homes and everything to be plundered, robbed, and stolen from us in the process.  We're trained animals you see, and we're talked about as animals, we're akin to animals as far as those at the top are concerned.  They call us the unwashed masses, and various other insulting terms.  We don't seem to mind so much, because most folk today are off in a fantasy land, as I say, a sort of kaleidoscopic fantasy land of fact and fiction, and heads full of hundreds of movies today, of predictive programming, and too busy scurrying around when they're not watching stuff, to the bars to get sex or whatever, or to their work and back, and getting through the day.  So they don't want serious stuff, and therefore, they allow themselves to be managed by what's presented to them as expert societies. 


I can remember The Reckoning, a very good movie, with Defoe, the actor in it, set in the Middle Ages, well made, and it gave you the impression of being there type of thing.  And it was about a group of peasant villagers that lived down below the lord's castle, and they all knew he was a pedophile homosexual who was killing their little boys now and then.  And they didn't dare to talk about it.  And there was some good quotes that came out of that movie, when one of the sheriffs came in, and he was asked about it.  And he says, yeah, we know he's doing this, but he's awfully important as a warlord when the king needs him.  So, they were okay with it.  The peasants themselves were kind of okay with it.  They talked amongst themselves, and grumbled and all that, because the lord left them enough food, they were all farmers and stuff, he'd left them enough food, you see, to live on, which was more then a lot of the lords left the peasants around them.  So this symbiosis between the sadist overlord and the general population who just want enough to get by on, and buy their beer and do their favorite things.  That hasn't really changed today.  In fact, it's worse today than ever because they think they're free.  And they think they're not in a feudal system.  They truly do believe they have a strange thing called democracy, even though democracy was set up in the first place to be a form of takeover of socialistic society by Fabians, who, using the Fabian techniques, would run your life from birth to grave, or eventually, every individual that is, and organize your whole life for you.  That's even if they wanted you to live and serve them.  That's really what it is.  And the transfer of wealth across the world, and all the bottom Lefties thought, oh that's great, they'll hit the big boys now, and plunder them for a change.  No, they meant you folks, at the bottom.  It's your taxes that are going abroad, and it's not getting to help people in Africa, or anywhere else by the way.  But you accept it too, and that's your own problem.  You accept things.  And you'll accept, and accept, and accept, until the bitter end, until there's nothing left to do, and you're done for.  That's the reality of your lives. 


Now scams, scams you see, can be very legal.  As long as they're legal, the people who do them get off with them.  One of the big scams happening right now with all the mortgages, mortgage collapses in certain big places like L.A. is that because of the massive influx of people from Russia, and so on, lots of money, these people ruled Russia, lots and lots of money, the scam is going on.  If you happen to be behind in your mortgage payments, then take another loan out, and then you start to pay your mortgage back after a few months, if you don't look closely at the papers and what you've checked off, they'll put that money you're putting in every month, not to the mortgage, but to the other loan.  This is done deliberately, because then they can seize your house.  And that's what they're doing, because you see, they're getting clients coming in wanting certain houses in certain areas.  Since these guys all belong to the same club, so to speak, they're doing this all over the place.  So you better if you do have a mortgage, and you've had maybe a second mortgage or some other loan you've taken out, and you've been behind for a month of two, or three payments, you better check, and make sure that your payment is going to the primary mortgage, or you’re going to have your house lost.  I'm talking to people right now who are going through this process.  But I guarantee you, there are takers already there who have approached the bankers, and they all work together, because they go to the same clubs we'll say.


Another scam that's going on, and this is from a woman in Florida.  She was hired by a big shot in New York, who is in charge of homeowners’ associations.  Now everyone joins these homeowners’ associations, thinking, well we've made it now.  We can be in a homeowners' association.  Only the wealthier folk have homeowners' associations.  And you get a list of the rules to follow about the length of your grass, the color of the paint on your door, and that.  Some people like that uniformity.  They're already socialized and don't know it.  But the whole idea of the scam.  This woman is one of them.  She's sent out to look to see maybe if the grass is burnt here, or too long in one area, and makes a little record of the misdemeanors you see.  Or there's paint flaking off the so and so, and they've already been given one notice to have it repainted in the color they'll tell you to paint it, from this particular paint store by the way.  You must get the exact, right paint.  And once they've got a few lists of this, guess what?  You didn’t look at the fine print in your homeowners' association legal documents, because the guy who's in charge of it, which is the guy in New York, can take your home from you.  Whether you've paid it up or not, it makes no difference, he can steal your home.  And it's all legal.  These guys use legal means and they live on the fact that you won't check all the small print or ask any questions.  So many scams.  That's how the whole world is run. 


Money itself is a scam.  Utter scam.  Always was.  It's important to make you believe it so you will spend it.  You're getting trained at school to grow up to work for it.  Not for planting food, not to buy food, to buy the things that you need, and it's elastic.  It always go up and down like a yo-yo.  Generally up.  And you put money into pensions and that to watch them getting plundered, as they're doing now by the way.  There's articles out where they’re going to go into pensions and decimate them, to pay off the debt, you understand, we're all in bad trouble, and all that nonsense.  It was planned years ago, years ago, when they gave you all these insurance policies, and government sponsored pension plans that they were going to plunder about now.  But it's legal you see, because they are the big legal guys who make the laws.  They can do anything if they pass a law you see.  Anything at all.  And they do it all the time.  Just like the airport scanners.  You can walk through them now and get dosed with radiation, and get laughed at.  And they laugh at your body.  And you accept that now, because you've been humiliated to the extent that there's not much further to go, you see, and people accept it.  And that's something they know at the top.  People will accept pretty well anything until they're utterly starving, and then they riot like an untrained mob.  And they're ready for that too.  That's why they've been training people for years, inside the U.S., Canada, Britain and elsewhere, long before 9/11 came along, years and years before it, with internal armies to take care of the thirty years upcoming struggle that they see coming from the Department of Defence's think tank, and I say that's a 90-page report, plus the U.S. one going along with the same strategies, the same forecast.  That's the real world, folks.


You don't like hearing it, because it doesn't give you much hope, because you're always waiting for someone to come along and save you.  You know, every movie, like the Matrix even, you're the one, Neo, you're the one.  It's always the one.  The old Clint Eastwood movies, too, same idea.  All the cowards are in town, getting beaten by the bad guys, the women are getting raped, and they wait for this one man to come up and clean up the town.  You know, I'm sorry, but that's the American...Americans have had that drummed into them since about 1940-odd.  From movies, from I'll say, just from California.  Actually I'll come back with more on this topic, after this break.


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about Conology, and you'll find no better conology than in the media, because the media is owned by big media barons, who end up getting knighted by the queen for giving you a lot of nonsense that you believed, and really bringing your mind psychologically along to the roads of Socialism.  It doesn't matter if you think you're a Right Winger, you're still thinking Socialist things these days.  In fact, Lenin said the same thing, that eventually the parties will be arguing over pensions, and services and government services and so on, until basically, they're really pushing the same Socialist agenda.  And that's happened.  And apart from that, you don't have any Conservatives at the top, or Socialists at the bottom, they're all one big party, because they're run by the Council on Foreign Relations, across the whole planet.  And all the myriad of specialized organizations, sub-organizations doing specialized parts of it.  It's been on the go, long before you were born.


Now, the European Union, it's just amazing the billions of pounds and Euros that they've thrown into this black hole to stimulate the economy, it's just astonishing, so that countries like Greece can start paying off the interest on it's debt, which is incredible.  It's incredible.  You know it's not meant to get paid off ever, this is all control factor as you get taken down into a complete new way of, I wouldn't say living, it's just existing.  And more and more government powers over the head of you.  Plus of course, it gives the Central Bank of Europe the right now, through the IMF, to do everyone's bookkeeping.  That's what they were after in the first place, and this is what a lot of this is about.  And at the same time, when they joined the E.U. a long time ago, and they didn't know it, because they didn't tell the public any truths on it.  Which by the way, was one of the prerequisites for getting aid, lend-lease scheme they called it at the time, from the U.S. and Canada, that Europe must unite together.  That was part of the whole thing that F.D.R. then Truman, and then Eisenhower was after.  They said Europe must unite completely, and they meant total unification under the parliament, ala Karl Marx.  The same thing that he wanted.  So, it's no coincidence that they always go along in the same agenda, which they believe is a scientific socialism run by experts.  And that experts must run the world, because you see, democracy just doesn't work as the Club of Rome said, and all the other boys agreeing.  It won't work because there's too many competing, conflicting, fighting parties in society to ever get the jobs done, because you see, the big boys at the top have got a lot of plans to put in, and they don't want any bickering, they just want to go ahead and do it. 


So they've got all their technocrats, going across the world, and their think tanks with the real power, as Quigley said, doing the real work.  The parallel government, funded by the foundations.  In the meantime, Britain has already paid millions of pounds to the E.U. in fines over different things, like trying to sell oak trees, planked oak across Europe, and they decided, no, the British oak was too wavy, had to be straight grained you see, not wavy, and so they got fined for that.  They got fined when they said the butchers could not transport meats, the carcasses from say one alley, across an alley, a doorway across an alley maybe two or three feet wide into the air, and into the next part of the shop.  So they closed down all the small butchers, because they don't want that too.  They want big supermarket chains that will make sure you get your poisoned G.M. food, and I'm not kidding about that.  That is part of the reason for it.  But the British taxpayer gets fined.  They always say Britain gets fined; no, the taxpayer gets fined millions.  So here they are, in the hole, Britain's even paying for roads to be made in Poland and so on, Here they've got fined again, as they're broke, bankrupt, and all the rest of it, and they owe trillions.  This is June the 3rd, 2010.

UK receives 'final warning' over air pollution

(Alan: And that was from the BBC News.  So the U.K. gets a final warning, it says:)

The European Commission has threatened to take the UK to the European Court of Justice over air quality breaches.

The UK could end up paying as much as £300m in fines.

(A: And that's the taxpayers who have lost everything.  The only thing they haven't done yet is sold off their children, or maybe they have, and don't know it.)

The government received a second and "final" warning from the commission

(A: That's the Dictatoriat.  The Dictatoriat at the commission at the E.U. Parliament.  It's not a democratic institution.  Never has been. It says;)

after the levels of dangerous airborne particles, or PM10s, in London and Gibraltar exceeded EU limits.

So, naughty Britain.  We're going to punish you by fines, fines, fines, fines, until you're utterly destitute and in rags.  That's really what it really means.  One massive fine after another.  Utter farce.  You know you'll never see Mr Cameron or anybody who's elected, because they all work for the same organization, pulling out of the E.U. and tearing it all up and saying stuff it, and stuff you.  That's the only thing you can do.  And a lot of the people in Britain know that too.  And all the so-called phony debts and all the rest of it, you tear that up as well, you kick all those guys out of the Treasury, those intergenerational people who run the whole world's central banking system, because they keep getting us broke every so often and cleaning us out.  Doesn't work obviously, clean them out.  And get a new system in.  And get boards of the citizens, ordinary citizens, right down to the working class, who must go on those boards every year and take their turn, every year so many months.  That's what you've got to do across the world.  And start making your own money, backed by something, obviously.  Otherwise you're in utter slavery by your masters.  Back with more after these messages.

H folks, I am Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I'm telling you, until you get rid of these bankers, these international boys, they're all related, who have central banks set up everywhere.  We've been taught to believe they've got some special banking gene, utter rubbish, you see.  They don't.  They just know the conology that's involved, and they pay off the politicians to go along with everything.  That's not hard to do when you’re paying off a bunch of low-life psychopaths, and the thing is backed by nothing, and here we are being told now, that we've got to go into an age of austerity as they bring the whole world, and this is all run at the very, very top by bankers you know.  The Milner group was set up by bankers for the Royal Institute of International Affairs to take over the world's resources, including you folks.  You are part of the resources.  You are a renewable resource.  Until you just kick them all out, rip up all these treaties, get an honest money system.  And by honest, I mean you've got to make your own money.  Whatever it happens to be, it's got to be backed by something so that you can't borrow from abroad, and you don't overdo it, you don't spend out more than you've got.  You don't lend money to other countries either.  That's not why government is there.  Why should a government be acting like a foreign bank for someone else, using your tax money?  And that's the whole point of this conology.  They're using you as a guarantor to pay back all the money that your governments borrow from these banksters.  And they've plundered the country at least twice every century.  Read your histories, the same people.  That's the only way it will ever happen.

Now you're being trained to believe that you owe the debt, and you must go into utter poverty, and you must serve the expert world leaders and all the rest of it.  No, no, no.  This was the biggest con of all, because this was always part of their game plan.  It took them over a hundred years to get here, and it's time it was stopped.  It really is time it was stopped.  And rip up all that phony debt, and every country do the same, and they all start with their own system from scratch.  And citizens have got to all take their turn, you have to, it's more important then jury duty or anything else.  Take your turn at going over it yourself, making sure that the clique, the inevitable clique does not get in, and if it does, you've got to get them out.  Get rid of them.  That's what you do.  Right away.  That's all you can do.  You can't talk with these psychopaths.  They have their plans and they'll bring you into slavery.  Don't let the clique start.  When you find the cliques, get rid of them because they all take orders from a very well organized society, massive society above them.  Nothing to do with democracy, or republicanism either. 

President Wilson in the U.S. was the first little puppy dog, who was run by Mandell House who belonged to the Royal Institute of International Affairs through his contact Lord Grey, and that's who he got all his orders from, and they set up the whole business to do with the U.S. Treasury, with the intent of using the U.S. through a debt system to be the army for the world and bring this global society in.  And destroy them at the end as well.  He was the first one to use the term, in the U.S., saying it was a democratic government system, instead of a republic.  A republic is supposed to contain these SOBs, so they can't get away with these things.  Don't you think for a minute they'll ever stop.  You can't sleep for a minute in any generation before they're back doing it again.  Evil, evil, bar stewards that really have plundered the world because they have a big socialist plan, where you're going to serve them like utter raggedy peasants.  FOREVER.  And they will decide who lives, who dies, who gets bred, who doesn't get bred.  And so on, and so on, into Huxley's Brave New World scenario.  That's always been part of their plan.  And they've got to convince you, you know, you owe the debt, you must suffer.  You won't see these bar stewards suffering at all as they jet all across the planet.  And you pay their pollution taxes.  Another great con. 

Anyway, I’m going to turn now to armies.  Armies have always been used, as pawns in the game.  That's what the chessboard represents.  The pawn is disposable to save the betters, the better pieces.  And they never learn, because every generation of young guys wants to suddenly be somebody and go and kill.  He hasn't grown up yet.  He hasn't stopped playing with toy guns and chasing his pals around trees.  In this society, as I say, they've already been weaponized, the children, with video games that were meant to desensitize them into killing.  And they're doing an awful lot of killing abroad.  Incredible killing. And enjoying it in fact, really enjoying it, as we've seen from the exposés from Wikileaks and others.  They really enjoy it.  If you look into the military websites, you'll get shocked at all the photographs they put up there to send home.  Putting their fingers in the hole of their first kill and so on, it doesn't matter who it is or what it is.  And you're supposed to be proud of these characters.

Years ago, the military, the Pentagon, first started talking about creating a cyber warrior, and then they talked about using a pharma chemicalized warrior to turn on aggression, and for those who know about some of it, you’ve also come across the movie, it was called Jacob's Ladder, that went into that, where it was actually based on fact.  They used American troops with hallucinogenic drugs, different types of them, with a particular one that was meant to cause aggression.  They used it in monkeys and chimps, in cages, and these animals tore, literally tore each other apart piece by piece.  They used it on American troops as well, who also tore each other apart, piece by piece.  They couldn't very well have that, they want them to kill the enemy and be utterly ruthless, demonic, in fact, so they had to come up with different ones.  And they're still going at it yet.  I've read articles from their main sites from the military, talking about pharmacology and they’re using it.  We had Canadian troops come back from Somalia, and they were driving their cars into army recruitment offices and so on.  Some of them, from Somalia, said they were on these particular drugs.  One of them was a new type of malaria drug that's banned by France and other countries.  The U.S. was using it on I think half the dose of the Canadians, so the Canadians, once again, were the guinea pigs, as we are for the G.M.O. foods for everybody.  One of the guys said, he literally was tripping out from the minute he got up, right through his whole day.  He saw distortions of colors, he'd get out of his vehicle and put his pistol to the heads of children and laugh and yell and all the rest of it.  It was just like a dream, a big bizarre, kaleidoscopic, surrealistic dream.  Many others too experienced that.  They knew what they were doing, these guys who gave them this stuff.  And they're giving them other stuff too. 

This is a handout obviously, I've told you before, if you see the Starsuckers, how we worship celebrities, and the second part that goes into how the media have very few real journalists now, and they depend on public relations firms for handing out news items to them, generally on behalf of Big Pharma.  You see all that stuff you got to do with the flu was coming straight from Big Pharma, and going right into the newspapers, but it didn't say Big Pharma; it would just give you the ‘news release.’  And you’d swallow it; that was all to make you believe it.  Public relations, the advertising companies they hire, throw these out by the thousands.  And the military, I read last year too from their own website, they're going to put thousands of fake reports into the newspapers too on other items during this coming year.  Here's an article here.  It's from the Telegraph, now listen to this.  Again, I'll show you.  You've got to learn to think.

Love hormone

(A: So right off, they're giving you a premise here.  Love.  Well, everybody likes love, it's like harmony, when they harmonize taxes and then bump something up, you see.)

Love hormone Oxytocin helps soldiers like each other and hate the enemy

Soldiers form loyal "Bands of Brothers"

(A: A fraternity, right)

fighting and dying for each other because they have the same instincts that cause mothers to ferociously protect their newborns, a study suggests.

(A: Now listen to this rubbish.  It's presented as news.)

Researchers have found that in the heat of battle they have the same chemicals running through their bloodstreams as protective mothers, meaning they develop incredibly strong bonds with each other but become extremely aggressive to outsiders.

(A: Now you've heard, I'm sure, like I have about the maternity wards where the mothers go crazy and just start tearing up the doctors and killing everybody around them and then running into town and killing and raping people, haven't you?  You see, utter rubbish.  Utter tripe here, right.)

The effect resolves around the hormone oxytocin which is released at times of stress and when people socialise with each other.

(A: There's more to it.  They're telling you a lot of lies here.)

But the scientists have found that this chemical, often referred to as the love or bonding hormone,

(A: By the way, you should go into the homosexual sites for the military.  You should see some of these sadomasochistic sites they've got up there, with the swastikas, and the guys all with erections as they hack people apart.  I'm not kidding you.  This is for the U.S. and British military.  That's a fact folks.  It's rampant through it.  Anyway, it says here:)

also makes them – like mothers – incredibly aggressive to outsiders.

Using a computer simulation game they found that volunteers given a spray of the hormone bonded more quickly and deeply with their own group but became much more hostile to outsiders.

(A: So, if you don't have their little patch on, they're going to hack you alive.  And probably get an erection too.)

Dr Carsten De Dreu, of the University of Amsterdam, said that the phenomenon was known as "parochial altruism" or "tend and defend".

This meant that boosted levels of oxytocin produced "in-group love" and "out-group aggression", he said.

(A: See, we're getting sixth-grade speech here.  Then it says:)

Dr De Dreu, who published the findings in Science, said: "Oxytocin is a double edged sword. It makes you kinder to your group but more aggressive to those outside."

Dr De Dreu thinks that the production of oxytocin, which increases at times of stress and in new mothers, has evolved since hunter gathering times when food was scarce and groups had to compete to survive.

He said: "Being aggressive to threatening out-groups makes you a hero, loyal and a patriot to your own group."

Holly Arrow, an expert in the psychology of war at the University of Oregon,

(A: Well, that's what they're specializing in, you see, how to really use drugs on the minds of the troops.  Because that's what her specialty is, if that's a female, we'll never know.) 

said: "Oxytocin is perhaps an important pathway that bonds men together and makes them ready to defend the group."

(A: Actually, they'll slaughter you too, obviously, you're not in their group, when they bring them home.)

In three experiments, all on male volunteers, they compared the choices of individuals who received a dose of oxytocin via nasal spray with those who received a placebo.

The volunteers were assigned to three-person groups and introduced to a game in which they made confidential decisions that had financial consequences for themselves, their fellow group members and the competing groups.

The results indicated that oxytocin drives a “tend and defend”

(A: Oh, I love these little slogans they give them, eh.  Tend and defend.)

response, promoting in-group trust and co-operation and defensive, but not offensive, aggression toward competing out-groups.

The hormone appears to have this effect regardless of how naturally co-operative people are.


What they're not saying, you see, the female produces it, from her brain actually, it stimulates it, and oxytocin comes into play to bring you into labor, folks.  That's its main function.  Here they've got sprays now for men, maybe they can put little insufflation under their skin there and give them long-term stuff, that will bead off and compete with their testosterone implants they're getting as well, and God help us all, eh.  And at the end of the slaughter they'll want to push out a baby, out of their loins, I guess.

You see, this is the rubbish that they put to people.  And you know something, these naive characters that go into the military have not read any of the previous experiments over the last hundred years they've done on their own soldiers, and the horrific effects of it all.  And they'll never be told the long-term effects or the effects that are going to happen on them personally.  Never.  Because they're stupid enough to volunteer for it.  And people are stupid.  There's a truth here, that the elites say, and Albert Pike said it too.  They talked about using your mind and your brain for yourself, that's what your job is, to use your mind, not someone else's, or someone else's point of view, but your brain for yourself.  And he says, those who won't use their own minds are meat on the table.  He might have said steak, I can't remember, but he said roughly, are meat on the table, and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  And that's how they believe it you know.  And it's true.  It's true.  When you give away your brain, who can sympathize with you.  Who can sympathize with you?

And here's an article here. 

Homosexuals brainwashing the children in elementary schools

(A: That's been going on for years now because it's now the law.  And they've trained children from kindergarten for thirty years now that all these alternate lifestyles are okay so, when they do polls, you'll always find, it's up to about the thirty year olds, say oh, it's okay, and twenty-fives are all for it, and those at ten years old are absolutely, you know the same thing.  Folk that are over forty and fifty, all the polls always say no.  It just shows you what indoctrination can do.  They can make you believe anything, right.)

Extremely slick propaganda directed at the youngest of children! The videos below are from It's Elementary, a 78-minute feature film produced by homosexual activists. These are actual scenes from elementary schools in Massachusetts and New York. It's Elementary is meant to be a training video for homosexual activist teachers across the country. In addition, the film itself has been shown to schoolchildren in public schools in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

This is what is actually going on in more and more elementary schools across America. Watching this will really affect you! You will not believe what you are seeing.

(A: Well, I certainly would.  And then it says:)

Gay & Lesbian Pride" Day in Elementary Schools - Actual footage of teachers indoctrinating children that homosexuality is "healthy education."


And so on, and so on.  Then they have them role-playing in the third grade.  I guess they simulate having it.  Anyway, this is what it's been turned into, because as they say in Socialism, and this is a tenet and belief of Socialism, Scientific socialism, you can condition and train the public into whatever you want them to be, because the public consists of base animals.  Do your homework.  If there's anybody out there that still has anything to hold on to. 

Then you get the next part too.  People don't realize that the American food and agricultural association with the FDA were injecting pigs with human genes back in the 70s, and they got into the food supply, by the way.  That was exposed in the papers at the time too, with those with memories to remember.  This is from New Zealand:

Human genes to be injected into goats, cows, and sheep

Apr 16, 2010

Scientists have been given permission to put human genes into goats, sheep and cows for the next 20 years, to see if the animals will produce human proteins in their milk.

(A: Ha, ha.  This is what they're telling us, see.)

But people will not be pouring the genetically modified milk on their Weetbix just yet - the milk will be discarded.

(A: Yeah, sure.  They've got to test it out on someone, to see how it affects you, obviously.  Without telling you of course.  Back with more after these messages)

This is Alan Watt, and We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about all the chaos.  It's on purpose, it's not really chaos.  Everything's planned and we're right on course with everything that's supposed to be happening today.  Things that were planned a long time ago are all coming out today, with big finances behind them and so on.  I've gone on about the Kinsey report, and the reality behind it. Those links are very important to see the truth of the perverts.  And they're perverts.  That Kinsey, he was one himself, a real utter pervert.  They hired child molesters, at the time, anal penetration to see if a baby would scream with stopwatches and all this kind of stuff.  And he used streetwalkers and prostitutes for the average woman in the street, and homosexual convicts in prison for the average man in the street.  Utterly faked, fudged science to change our whole way of living.  And every court in law put that book up as a new bible, and it did change the whole of society.  And he was funded by who again, the Rockefeller foundation and a whole bunch of other foundations, and they're still going on today doing their sadistic little experiments on society.  And obviously well shielded by the rich and powerful to do this very thing.  And guys are changing physiologically.  You're seeing bio-chemical changes in men, they're going sterile.  They have no shoulders.  Many of them are more like females than women.  And of course the excess androgen and so on in women is making them more aggressive and more masculine looking, and women are putting fat on that they never could in places before.  They're being bioengineered by their food and everything else that they take, and all the cosmetics etc, and all the things they drink, because that bisphenol is in everything pretty well out there, from tin cans to their bottles, by purpose and design.  And they're not going to take it out.  They know what it's doing.  They know.  Now here's the latest article, I'll try to get it in, it's the Globe and Mail, again another handout obviously. 

Genetic finding paves way for controversial autism testing

An international effort led by Canadian scientists has uncovered the complex genetic architecture of autism,

(A: And that's a lie to start with, they haven't, but they make it sound like they have.)

revealing brand new targets for treatment and making it possible to predict with a DNA test at birth,

(A: Or here's the real thing folks)

or even before, about 10 per cent of those who will develop the condition.

(A: Now how can they do that when the later articles only say they're not too sure and all the rest of it.  See this has got an object in it, and that's just like to do with possible Downs Syndromes, anencephalics, and other various problems you can have with babies.  And I've done shows before where mothers disregarded the advice, didn't have the abortions, and their babies were fine.  There's more to it then this.  Now, here's another one they want to add to abortion.  Your child may possibly, might you know, be autistic.  They're in charge of living and dying, who gets born, folks.  And they're training us, through all these different techniques, and articles like this, to go along with it.  They're the experts. So they talk about how they did the tests and so on, the Autism Genome project that you didn't know was going on, and 120 researchers in 11 countries all involved in it, etc, etc, and then they go on to say:)

“I highly doubt you will find two families with the same combination of genetic variants,” said study leader Stephen Scherer, senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.


Then they go on to tell you how it's too vague and all the rest of it.  Blah, blah, blah, blah.  Well it might be very, very vague, but that's what they want.  They’ll get false positives, like most things today, false positives half the time to increase the abortion rate.  Thank you doctor, as you just flush Tommy into a bucket, who goes up a chimney, who could have been perfectly okay, like lots of them. 

From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.


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