June 15, 2010 (#599)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 15, 2010:

Cap-Commie Synthesis,
Free Labor for Business:

"Century of Change, On the List 'Still To Do',
Prepare for Rationing (For Me and You),
Raise to Awareness Need for Depopulation,
Propagandize Celebrities for Brain Infiltration,
Keep Raising Taxes and Fees for Government,
Then When Public is Reeling in Puzzlement,
Present New Way of Living, Glorious Fate,
Every Citizen Fed if They Work for the State,
Private Property, Independence is Not Working,
We Must All Pull Together, No One Shirking,
Like Animals in Orwell's 'Animal Farm',
Obey Piggy Politician, Oozing His Charm,
For a Brave New World with a Mission,
Rewarded per Status in Marx's Vision,
Workers Bred Scientifically for Life's Needs,
Although Masters Kept as Befits Their Creeds,
Managed Evolution, Devolution for Others,
Peace (for Masters), Slavery for 'Brothers' "
© Alan Watt June 15, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 15, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 15, 2010.  I always suggest that the newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and bookmark the other sites you see that I have up there.  One day you will go in there and I wonít be on any of them eventually, because that is on the cards.  There is no doubt about that with the coming new laws and the censoring of the internet and the licensing of those with web sites and podcasts and radio shows.  Thatís all coming up.  The United Nations has been working hard at that, of course; if they can possibly work hard at all; I kind of doubt that, to be honest with you.  Anyway, they are working on it and that will come to be.  So bookmark all the sites I have up there for future use because I do get problems with the .com site and this way you can always download the latest shows for free.  [Official sites listed above.]  There are hundreds and hundreds of talks/shows that Iíve got up there from over the years.  Youíll find on all these sites the same audios and English transcripts of them and you can print them up too.  If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you will also get the transcripts in the different languages of Europe and the same audios as well.  So youíve got a lot to choose from at the moment.  Itís a shame Iíve got to put them all up in the first place but I was getting problems with so many different servers just cutting me off and giving me problems.  Iíve still got it with Yahoo and I hope to end that shortly. 


While you are in there, remember to buy the books I have for sale and the CDs and DVDs.  Thatís the only income Iíve got.  I donít take money from advertisers.  I could be very happy sitting in a very lucrative business if I was because thatís how you get paid generally, for a host, and there is no end of advertisers who want to advertise with me.  But I have a freer hand by doing it this way and I can be more honest about certain things too, when Iím asked certain questions to do with various products and so on.  The ads you hear on this show go right to RBN from the advertisers to pay for the air time.  That pays for their staff and their equipment and upgrades too - of course, you are always upgrading Ė their repairs and their bills.  We all have that too; I have them the same as well.  So itís up to you to keep me going and that will help me trickle along.  Believe you me, Iím getting hammered here with different bills coming in all the time.  All the time, one of the taxes, one of the many, I think, about 5 or 6 taxes just for living in this shack here.  Iíve got about a few thousand to pay out for school children to make sure they go and get indoctrinated in their local school and Iíve no say in the matter.  Thatís only one of about 5 taxes you get here for owning a shack.  But thatís socialism for you and who is pretending we are free?  I certainly am not and never have.  If you want to order the products, [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Donations, believe you me, are welcome because I generally live on donations and thatís the way it goes. 


I wonít be here forever folks and when I go, so does the web site and all the talks down the memory hole and youíll get all the new stuff to keep you spinning your wheels for ever and ever.  Most topics are put out for us to talk about by the mainstream media.  We are managed.  They give us the themes and everyone prattles on about the themes.  I can tell by the email that I get, from maybe a dozen people telling the same thing at the same time, what the present themes are that have been put out to fill peopleís heads with and Ďraise their awarenessí, you see, and get them talking about things.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  I'll be back with more after this break.


I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, people think that things and events just happen happenstance during their lifetime and thatís what they want.  Most want to believe that.  They really want to believe that things that come out of the blue, like economic crashes and bank rip-offs and rewards for the bank for plundering the people are all quite natural and that people in the high places are working SO hard to try and ensure they get things sorted out for their own benefit at the bottom.  They are domesticated.  Thatís a domesticated species.  They are taught to play and be very happy, but NEVER look at the negative, always look at the positive. 


Thatís what the New Age is for as well.  New Agers are the BEST conditioned people that Iíve ever met.  They really turn away when they hear anything negative at all.  That is part of their training and part of their belief system.  That somehow by thinking about negative things they will make them happen so they concentrate on wonderful things, about their next cappuccino and stuff like that, all pretty things.  It makes them very, very happy and secure.  But it doesnít stop the train from coming along the track behind them as they are looking the other way.  Thatís their tough luck.  They are the perfectly conditioned.  Part of that, remember too, is a CHOICE.  In fact most things in life are choices.  In fact even accepting the status quo and the bank rip-offs and voting and all, thatís our choice, isnít it really?  No one forces you to go.  Well, some countries they do make you go and vote or you get fined.  They were talking about that in Canada a few years back and they didnít put it through.  But most folk really are believing that everything is really on the up and up and no one saw the things that come down, or the latest catastrophe coming down, or anything else.  Itís all just happenstance and people make decisions at the time to cope with the crises that pop up at the time.  Nothing is further from the truth at all.  Nothing at all.


The more you read of history the more you see the machinations of planning, long-term planning and thatís what the world is really about and those who govern the world and even those who govern your country.  Itís long-term planning.  Those who are put into office to govern your country, they belong to various associations before they are picked, to make sure they are yes-men or women and they will do their bit.  They have their pet projects.  They are given a list of pet things to believe in like, hate the people, depopulate the people, the people are scum bags, and stuff like that.  They have very pretty names about them, Organization for the blah, blah, blah and so on, so the public never really catch on to what they are talking about.  But when you go into [Jonathan] Porritt and these guys and the various characters like Crispin Tickle Ė who is not a funny character at all Ė and the Optimum Population Trust, they have their pet hates, you see, and their hates are generally the common people and they make no bones about that.  But of course, they canít put it over like that.  They must put it over that they must depopulate the world to save the world. SoÖ kill a good bunch of us off to save a good bunch of usÖ 


Thatís part of the technique of propaganda, which is really on a roll right now.  After all, why not?  This is time now to get us on a roll.  They like to get you off the corruptions in government thatís been exposed recently. They want to get you off all their wars across the world.  They want to get you off of the fact that youíve just been plundered by the banks and sunk into unpayable debt.  You could never pay it off; itís not meant to be paid off.  So they give you things like, thereís just too many people.  Then they blame YOU for everything.  Itís all your fault, you see.  Lots of folk accept that, oh, dear, maybe they are right, weíve had it too good they say; weíve had it too good.  They forget all the crisis theyíve been through and people losing their homes and the ever-increasing income taxes and the various taxes.  Now of course, you have people in Britain and other European countries having to pay their taxes to other countries as well, for roads and other social services and stuff like that. But no, it gets right back to, you are the problem.  In other words, it doesnít matter how often you bend over, or bend down, or whatever kinky thing these characters at the top are into Ė and they are into an awful lot of kinky stuff Ė you will just go ahead and do it and comply. 


Most folk want to comply and they donít want to cause ripples.  And because they are thoroughly clueless as to whatís happening in the world and the real reasons for things, they look for other people and see what they are doing about it and, well, what can you do, I signed it and paid it.  So they go along the same path and thatís the majority of the public.  So there is a TRUTH, you see, that there are a lot of useless people out there because theyíve never used their brains at all in their entire lives.  They are the PERFECTLY conditionedÖ perfectly conditioned.  They will go to the voting booths the next time and they will vote for the usual party, because Dad did or whoever did, and thatís the one that you vote for.  When it comes out later that their favorite party leader is actually a covert member of the other party, and always has been, it doesnít really change.  As long as he wears the right badges and colors they will vote for him.  So you canít help these people.  You never could help these people and you would kill yourself trying to convert them, like some kind of evangelical preacher with facts and information.  They donít WANT to believe it. They donít want to know.  They donít want to investigate for themselves either, no matter what depth of paper you leave lying on their desk with all the data on whatís happening in the world.  They REALLY donít want to know.  And they are AFRAID to know.  They really are afraid. 


There is a thing about knowing about how things work.  Knowing changes you completely forever.  You know that.  Even those who donít want to know, the one thing that they do know is if they understand whatís happening it will make them change.  It will make them change.  It will make them have to DECIDE about things for the first time in their lives.  Theyíve never made decisions for themselves before.  Theyíve been happy in a managed socialist bubble where news media tells them what to think and what to do.  So they like that little safe bubble even though all the signs around them should tell them itís getting very unsafe out there and nasty things are planned for them.  But no.  Most will go along with it. 


Youíll see these old documentaries of people being slaughtered in previous wars.  You know, rounded up in big batches and whether itís Soviet or German makes no difference because all countries do it, by the way, in war time.  Youíll see them lined up in a big batch and maybe 4 guys with rifles standing there.  And these were single-shot rifles; you have to cock at the bolt and push it back to reload it again.  So there are maybe 100 folk standing to the side there, whoíve just seen 5 of their own being told to run into a trench.  Then these 4 or 5 guys with the rifles shoot them and they fall down.  Then an officer tells the next 5 to hurry up and run into that trench.  Now, to be honest with you, I think Iíd get a clue what was going to happen to meÖ if I ran and obeyed them and went into that trench.  But you see, people live in utter denial right to the bitter end.  They go into a stage of, this is a civilization, this cannot happen to me therefore it is not happening to me and something will happen at the last split second.  Every one from that batch of people - at 5 at a time that go in there - are thinking the same thing.  None of them run away.  None of them storm the 4 or 5 guys with the rifles.  Iíve seen quite a few documentaries like this. 


It is because OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY is drummed into them.  Obedience to authority, especially uniformsÖ therefore they obey.  They are afraid NOT to obey.  Itís no different from the parking ticket to getting shot in the head.  They are afraid NOT to obey and thatís what happens.  They get killed, you see.  There is a good book out there that is actually called Obedience to Authority, where scientists go into all the different techniques and mechanisms that make us obey and how we are trained to obey authority.  Now itís all very well when authority is there as it was many, many years ago, with very little authority behind it, by the way, to keep the basic peace.  All of thatís changed in the new world order.  And it IS a New World Order since all the big wigs have TOLD us that.  Itís a New World Order where science has risen to the top.  All the socialist ideas of science, the Fabian techniques, including population controlÖ itís all the rage now.  Shortly it will be on everyoneís lips out there, even the ones who are into denial.  They will start prattling about it too and they will prattle EXACTLY what they say, verbatim, on the media and from the papers.  They will have no opinions of their own; that will become their opinion, whatever their favorite news speaker is saying. 


Itís interesting even going back into old books, even the New Testament where a strange thing is said by this guy Jesus.  He says to this young fella, if you are going back, let the dead bury their dead.  Because the young guy said he wanted to go back and bury his family, bury his father or something.  He says, let the dead bury their dead.  This saying has been the saying long before that was written.  The dead always referred to those who have never thought for themselves about life.  NEVER.  They are the walking dead.  Politicians have made no bones about it.  Theyíve often used the term Ďthe unwashed massedí for the general public, or Ďthose in the dark,í and so on because they have no problems with that. They know the people are kept in and trained, actually, in a system of obedient stupidity.  Iíll talk more about this when I come back from this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the dead.  The dead are those whoíve grown up thinking that everything is quite normal.  Theyíve gone through the different fads you are given from your teenage years to the outfits that you wear, the group or gang that you join and you wear their gear, all made by the Fashion Industry of course.  You go through your music scene, your drug scene, whatever it happens to be, is the scene that you are in.  You are taught to just be happy.  Donít worry, be happy.  Because of that you learn nothing and you donít know why the world is the way it is, or whoís really running it, or why it never seems to get any better.  We always have massive disasters and coming plagues and stuff like that and nothing really gets any better; the cost of living keeps going up and up and up and all that kind of stuff. 


Well these people are the dead and they keep voting, of course, when they get older.  They start to vote thinking they can get the right people in. Thatís all you have to do, you know, is get the right folk in and suddenly it will be alright.  They have no idea the world has been run by committees and groups of people, cabals if you like, associations, very different ones, and different names for them all.  But they all work together along the same agenda.  These very, very rich people gave you your world socialist system.  They even made sure that you had your teenage era for YOU, that you will think is YOURS, including the outfit that you will wear for that era, including the music that you think is YOURS.  You know, this is made by guys at the bottom that come out from nothing and they do it all themselves.  Thatís how you are trained to think, that the world is all quite natural and that wars or spontaneous things that youíve got nothing to do with, but we always have to go and pay for and sort out for other people. 


They never know about the massive opium trade from Afghanistan that it is protected by US and Canadian troops.  They donít want to know about that, of course, and that Marseilles is the main place traditionally thatís always processed the stuff into heroin and how all the big secret service agencies, of every country, are involved in it.  They all take this stuff and get it on the streets and they use that cash for their extra black budgets.  Strange democracy, isnít it, where your CIAs and MI-6s, and Mossads, theyíre not really responsible to any citizen for whatever they do, even the ones that you think youíre electing, that you think are working for you. 


Democracy, how can you have democracy and secrecy at the same time?  Where your politicians canít find anything out?  Mind you, they KNOW, because they are politicians; they are psychopathic types that go into those jobs.  They are prescreened for their ability to catch on quick and not ask certain questions.  They wonít go and ask these questions.  They stay away from it.  If they donít, they get a little Masonic, you know, tip, like Ďa word to the wise,í Ďlook the other way,í and stuff like that.  They catch on very well.  Psychopaths do. 


The same tricks are carried on over and over and over again and they are updated over and over again and we fall for it over and over again.  After all, we are being looked after by altruistic people who come on television for PR opportunities, read scripts, sound very dignified and educated Ė some of them; it depends on the script writer or the target audience they are trying to get through to Ė and we think, my God, they are really trying to do something.  Thatís part of the show.  Itís all an act, isnít it?  Itís a big stage production.  Look at the money they are spending to bring public servants from across the world to have a big massive feasting and love-in type thing in Ontario.  Itís $1.1 Billion and climbing - and they havenít had it yet - for about 2 or 3 days.  If they were truly into conserving the countyís wealth, why donít they just take them to a local place, you know, give them a few burgers here and there and a camping outside deal?  Itís good enough for the rest of Canadians, and they can get eaten alive by mosquitoes at the same time.  But no.  They have to build these massive projects.   Believe you me, what can they say when they get 10 minutes each?  Utter rubbish.  These guys are deciding? no, no, no.  They go there to sign something into law, a treaty that bureaucrats have been working on for years across the world.  This is a show folks, big expensive shows. 


Hamilton was right.  Itís better to have a King once in a while because youíve got the King, his Queen and maybe a floozy on the side, and a few children and once every 2nd or 3rd generation you get a half-decent one who isnít too much of a tyrant. But thatís all it costs you, for him and his little army and stuff.  When you get THOUSANDS of them and THOUSANDS of them living higher than most folk who live in business, WAY HIGHER, youíve got hundreds and thousands of Royal families to take care of.  Thatís what they expect, the Royal treatment and red carpets.  They even supply prostitutes for them at these meetings; thatís been in the papers in Canada when it broke out.  Mainly it was the homosexual things that people brought out in the paper about the homosexual guys they brought it.  They said, well, itís a diplomatic courtesyÖ to bring in prostitutes for them and put it on the taxpayersí tab.  Itís a courtesy, you see, and people never catch on.  They never catch on.  Weíre going into a break now, I think; I just got cut off and reconnected.  Iíll be back after the following messages.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about reality versus the land of the dead and most people are in the land of the dead.  Itís a very carefully constructed matrix system, really, for them; they donít know theyíre in it.  They think everyone else is normal too because all their friends are in it as well and their parents generally are in it.  They are still trying to do the right things, save up money and get a house, and put money in the bank, hopefully, and one day they will retire and have some cash.  Even though their history should tell them, even their recent history, that whatever you put in the bank today, in 25 years time itís worth a fraction of what it will be then with inflation.  Thatís if the bankers donít plunder it again too.  So nothing really is safe in banks.  But they still have this idea to continue like before, even when the big boys themselves have told you that nothing will ever be the same again


Thatís what they told us after 9/11 and we went through this preplanned, again, system of total control, Total Information Network, spies, all that kind of stuff, all your data collected, worldwide mind you.  They think that all happened Ė they really did Ė because of 2 towers coming down.  Itís the first time in history a whole world has gone into the same martial law scenario and the same corporations have sold their cameras across the planet and interfaced all their internet with the NSA and so on, across the whole world for total data collection.  People can literally get dragged off the street and disappear, be held forever and never be heard from againÖ actually under the laws; thatís a fact, in any country, especially in Europe.  We think, again, itís all normal, itís not hitting me; Iím a good person; Iíll be good; Iíll be good and they will leave me alone.  Thatís what the average person thinks. 


Meanwhile, the big boys are going further with their depopulation programs.  They are stepping up the injections, which Iím telling you, are going to make sure you die off all the quicker because big pharma has always been part of the big Military-Industrial Complex.  The Military-Industrial Complex deals with WEAPONIZED diseases and they have since before World War II.  Since everything is public/private, why would you have to have separate laboratories for military when youíve got big pharma dealing with all these volatile, incredibly infectious diseases, both viral and bacterial?  Naturally they do it as well.  They are doing far more experiments than the small labs are doing.  Theyíre all part of it. 


Tie it in, again, with the Fabian Society and George Bernard Shaw who said in The Soviet Story - youíll see a little piece of him on a film of the time, or an old 8mm, saying that, you, the people, will have to come to us, you know, the elite, to validate why we should keep you alive.  He wanted to GAS all the poor unfortunates, the ultra poor, and he asked scientists to find a nice gas that wasnít too painful that would kill them off humanely Ė long before Adolf Hitler was accused of the same thing.  They are still at it today because they never change their tune.  Out of that came the other boys too, who also stated that with him.  You have Lord Bertrand Russell and the Huxleyís.  Julian Huxley who also talked about using pharmacology in water to drug the people and in inoculations to make them stupid and infertile; infertility had to be a PRIME MANDATE to bring down the populations.  So a scientific socialism demands that you bring down the populations, you see Ė itís got to be done Ė to a manageable level, for the needs of the masters. 


We never catch on.  We see it happening over and over again.  Here is an article here and people think, well, itís nothing to do with us.  It reminds me, in fact, of maybe 15 years ago when an article came out in the US papers where the US Department of Agriculture had put human genes in pigs and those pigs then were on the market.  Yep.  On the market, folks.  This is from New Zealand.  It saysÖ


Human genes to be injected into goats, cows, and sheep

By Eloise Gibson / Apr 16, 2010  / nzherald.co.nz


Scientists have been given permission to put human genes into goats, sheep and cows for the next 20 years, to see if the animals will produce human proteins in their milk.


But people will not be pouring the genetically modified milk on their Weetbix just yet - the milk will be discarded.  (Alan:  So there is your nonsense there.)


AgResearch won Environmental Risk Management Authority approval to allow a handful of scientists to breed and keep genetically-modified animals at the Ruakura research facility, near Hamilton.


The work will begin with genetically modified cows, and could be expanded to genetically modified goats within the next year.


There are no immediate plans to genetically modify sheep at Ruakura.


Simon Terry, of environmental consultancy the Sustainability Council, (A:  Why is the sustainability council doing this to sheep and so on?  See, sustainabilityís about us, folks.)  welcomed conditions making it clear the milk could not be made for commercial sale but he was concerned the 20-year time limit was three times as long as the last GM experiment at the facility. (A:  I wonder what the last one was, what was it all about?)


And he feared Ruakura would become a "GM animal warehouse" because there were no limits on the number of animals.


Jon Carapiet, of GE-free NZ, said the decision was the beginning of a "mega-transformation" of New Zealand agriculture.  (A:  No kidding.  No kidding.)


So this has happened already in other countries too.  Again, you are under SCIENTIFIC SOCIALISM. The masters decided that a long time ago and wrote lots of books on it, the Scientific ERAÖ the scientific era.  You see. 


Weíve already gone through the farce with all the fake propaganda put out by Monsanto and Archer-Daniels-Midland and the others; there are about 5 of them all together that run your whole food industry now.  They donít eat the stuff themselves.  There have been reports that have come out from their own cafeterias that wonít sell GM food to their own staff; the Monsanto staff wonít eat it.  Iíve read that before.  But youíve got to eat it though.  YOUíVE got to eat it because you are just, well, you are the lower stock; youíve not to be saved in this brave new world.  This article here is the Mail Online. 


Special investigation: Do government's GM-friendly plans make former biotech lobbyist Caroline Spelman Minister for Conflicting Interests

By Richard Pendlebury / 15th June 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


As anyone who has lived downwind of a sugar beet processing plant will know, the smell produced is not as sweet as you might imagine.


A similarly unexpected stink is now wafting from the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It can be followed to the door of the office of new the Secretary of State, Caroline Spelman.  (A:  Sheís been made Secretary of State, this woman, and she and her husband were the chief GM lobbyists, paid lobbyists.  And you think you are living in some sort of natural democracy?  Caroline Spelman, who wonít be eating the GM rubbish either by the way.)


As we shall see, Ms Spelman, the former Tory Party chairman, knows an awful lot about sugar beet. But the fug caused by her appointment to Defra is rather more complex.


It is not just the lingering scent of dodgy expenses, which saw her brought to book in 2008 over 'Nannygate', (A:  She was way overcharging her expenses to the taxpayer, but they are ALLOWED to rob you.  They are up in the elite side now.) and ordered to pay back £10,000 to the public purse after effectively charging child care to the taxpayer.  (A:  Sheís an ideal winner.  She has no qualms and morals whatsoever.  Sheís on board with Monsanto.  If she was asked to make sure that cyanide was in the food for us, sheíd do that too.  You think Iím kidding.)


That scandal first suggested an inability to separate private interest and public responsibility.


Ms Spelman has since moved onwards and upwards. But a malodeur remains around this intriguing woman.


Test the air today and you might detect a worrying whiff emanating from her husband's professional interest in Defra contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds and the puzzling status of their agri-business lobbying firm.  (A:  They have a lobbying firm, the two of them.)


But perhaps most whiffy of all is that the Secretary of State apparently shares the same controversial beliefs as such biotech giants as Monsanto, the world's leading producer of weedkiller and genetically modified crops.


GM foods come from crops which have had their molecular structures altered in the laboratory.  (A:  They are then soaked with the GM chemicals and weed killers too, that kills everything off except the plant.)


But there are a number of recorded drawbacks, from the rampant growth of herbicideresistant 'superweeds' to wiping out insects vital to wildlife up the food chain.  (A:  And people too, Iíd add to that.)


There is also concern about the unknown risks to humans.  (A:  And yeah, you canít test this because itís forbidden.  No scientist is allowed to test any of these products unless the companies give you permission and they donít give you permission.  Doesnít that stink to high heaven?  You know.  Doesnít that make you want toÖ  For those who canít get it, get a pin and stick it in yourself and then listen.)


Those leading its advancement, such as Monsanto, whose gross profit for this financial year is predicted to be around the £4 billion mark, argue that it is the solution for an increasingly populated, heated and hungry planet.  (A:  So theyíre bringing global warming into it and the population debate.  Again, thatís the socialistic agenda as they bring down the populations to a manageable level for the socialists for the future.  Thatís what they claim anyway.)


There you go, the ones who are the top lobbyists get in to the TOP positions in governments.  Itís the same in the States.  Monsantoís got their own boys, and women by the way as well, whoíve got jobs now in the FDA and theyíve had them for years to make sure that they pass all the stuff that they want through.  But we never catch on do we?  We never really, really catch on.  Weíre eating this rubbish and itís killing people already. They know the medicine.  The KNOW that cancers are SKYROCKETING, especially of the gastro-intestinal tract variety.  They know it. They know where itís coming from.  Itís doing the right job.  You see, weíre overpopulated apparently.  You know, all of you, the wrong kind of people. 


I read an article a while back and itís from the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  It was about abortion.  It says abortion is about getting rid of undesirables.  Remember, I read that one?  At least she was honest. 


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Abortion Is About Getting Rid Of Undesirables

Friday, July 10, 2009 Posted by Shattered Paradigm / blogspot.com


At times it is easy to forget how completely obsessed the global elite are with eugenics and population reduction.  (A:  And folk DO forget that thatís what they are obsessed with.  Itís all over the news right now, because they are raising your awareness so youíll start prattling about it and believe them.  This quote is from the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.)  But an incredibly shocking and offensive quote from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is bringing the issue of eugenics to the forefront once again.


In an interview with the New York Times, Ginsburg admitted that abortion is about getting rid of certain types of people that the elite do not want to have around:  (A:  These are her words folks.  For the hard of thinking, Iíll repeat that.)


In an interview with the New York Times, Ginsburg admitted that abortion is about getting rid of certain types of people that the elite do not want to have around


"Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we donít want to have too many of."  (A:  Thatís what she saidÖ Thatís what she saidÖ She was honest.)


Even though thatís out there and many other quotes are out there by bigwigs, most will go out and they will dance and they will play, dance and play and watch TV, and laugh at TV and cry at TV and get downloaded with the little things that their masters want them downloaded with.  They will be prattling on about it shortly, Well, you know, there are too many of us.  They never question the massive immigration agenda, which already flooded the whole of Europe, especially Britain.  It was admitted by Tony Blairís aide who said, yep, he told them he was going to completely change the face of Britain forever and up all the quotas, an open door policy to an already sinking island.  And heís done it.  Successful.  Over. 


They are doing the same in the States as well.  Iíve read Jacques Attaliís books, Millennium:  Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order.  He went through it for the States too.  Heís at the United Nations.  It still doesnít dawn on people but they are really going ahead now.  They are really, really going ahead now with no holds barred; itís all population, too many people.  The population of the Western countries has been falling since before World War I.  Follow the statistics.  The reason they claim and yell, there are not enough people so weíve got to keep immigration going on a big scale level is because youíre not breeding enough to pay off the debts.  Thatís what we are told every year and you believe this as the excuse.  No, they must make the whole world SEEM overpopulated, folks, and it is NOT, neither were the Western countries either. 


All the massive open door immigration means that the same peoples from across the world all flood into the same cities.  Their favorite cities are there and sure enough, you go into them and there they are like ants all living together.  Itís like Bangladesh or something, or somewhere from the old pictures theyíd show you of the major cities of India.  Thatís made to be intentional.  All those folks living in the city will think itís the same everywhere else.  They havenít been outside the city, half of them.  But no. To them, oh, my God, itís just like India and thatís how they want you to think.  Then they come out with the solutions, folks, and youíve got to start bringing down the population.  Itís everywhere.  There are so many articles from the top now and the need to bring down the population.  Just too many peopleÖ too many people.  And the average Joe public will start prattling this off as well, very shortly, because they have no other thoughts in their heads.  They have no idea that they are being downloaded because they have never used their own brains.  You know, if they ever start selling organs and bodies and so on, and parts, the brains will still be VERY, very expensive because, you see, the ads will say, new brains, never used, like new


There is an article here which hits upon a fact and itís calledÖ


Chapters in the History of Daylight Robbery

The State as Protection Racket

By T. P. WILKINSON / counterpunch.org / Weekend Edition: June 11 Ė 13, 2010


I always ask myself when someone says or writes "loss", where did the money go? Even when a ship is lost at sea there is generally wreckage. Of course the ocean is bigger than the economy and it is possible that a ship's remains disappear beyond recovery. The price of abandoning the very modest social gains of the New Deal in the US and social democracy in Europe with the ascendancy of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan (A:  This was a while ago.)  has been enormous, not only for US and European working people but, for the rest of the world. In fact the meter is still running with no indication of when it will stop.


In this crisis everyone still talks about trillions in losses. If these losses are real then that means the value has been forfeited in favour of someone else. E.g. (A:  For example.) after the Great War France and Britain were essentially bankrupt: they owed nearly everything to US banks. (A:  Iíll go into this con game of losses and what it really means after these messages.)


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about The State as a Protection Racket and thatís what it is really.  Itís all extortions.  It says hereÖ


The other meaning of loss is the inability to sustain a certain valuation of an asset or income stream. The nature of the initial valuation is then the problem. The continuous attempts in the IFRS (international accounting standards) to skirt around the issue of essentially fraudulent valuation (A:  Meaning, creating bubbles out of nothing.) illustrates that even the private sector's notion of "value", whether book value or fair value is the product of casuistry. (A:  Öand imagination and manipulation.)


In other words, the "losses" hidden on the books of the USG banks, ďFannieĒ and ďFreddieĒ, are either notional or they reflect claims that were satisfied in favour of third parties beyond the capacity of those institutions to generate income. Again we know who those third parties are. The "losses" are essentially sacrificed sovereignty. (A:  Thatís what you sacrifice when that happens.) Federal institutions pledge to private persons (corporations and foreign exchange pirates) the State's capacity to pay, derived from the ability to tax the working population, (A:  Thatís what all loans are based on, that you, the working population will pay it back.) beyond any realistic possibility to extract that income. Well that is not entirely true: Just as the railroads and banks obtained control over most of the continental US by defrauding the US government in the 19th century, (A:  Thatís a fantastic book to read, The Robber Barons.) the surviving banks have defrauded most of the American population of its home equity today. The endless wars, funded by plundering the public treasury and the wealth of other countries, are part of that income extraction, too. Now the US government is little more than a mercenary enterprise, the most heavily armed collection agency on behalf of third party creditors on the planet.  (A:  Not only are they using the military, they are using all these private mercenary corps as well, that are not answerable to anybody.)


Of course there is plausible denial for any of the beneficiaries of this plunder since populations weaned on soap operas and "crime drama" are incapable of examining, let alone comprehending the most obvious operations of US corporations and their agents-- who almost never appear as criminals on television. The "crime drama" narrative dominates almost every bandwidth on the critical spectrum and as a much younger Michael Moore demonstrated in Bowling for Columbine, corporate crime does not make acceptable television. (A:  Itís true enough.  Youíre always given little stuff on the street, the cops chasing guys and car chases and stuff.)  The most elemental sociological truths, plain to anyone who has ever belonged to a club or worked in middle management of a company, namely that "democratic" and "meritocratic" decisions are regularly subverted by scheming among the ambitious at the expense of the docile (A:  A very important truth there.)-- become discredited when the insight is applied to the polity as a whole. People who do not think twice about making a phone call to a "friend" to influence a decision in their social club or place of employment, become incredulous at the suggestion that the chairman of a major investment bank would dictate policy to the head of state whose election he had financed. (A:  I donít know if youíve ever read the books put out by Peter Newman about the big families like the Bronfmanís.  Youíve got to read them.  Old Sam Bronfman said during the whiskey tradeÖ actually they had their pals who brought in prohibition so that they could sell this booze and become incredibly rich.  Old Bronfman, when his brother was up for killing a cop, says, heíll get off; I put every politician in Ottawa, the parliament in Canada.  He says, Öboth sides, Iíve paid them all in.  Theyíre all my boys.  Nothing has changed folks.  Nothing has changed.)


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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The State as Protection Racket


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