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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix and I believe it's August 29th, 2007. Please check into my website and for more programs. More previous and past shows and blurbs as I call them; educational talks that you can download for free and there's also transcripts which you can get free as well downloaded from the in different languages.


Today, people tend to get hyped up over what the media is telling them to worry about, because that's what we're told to do is when you worry about things which technically are either out of our control or won't happen at all or it may happen. If you look at all the catastrophes that could happen, you could write billions of books and stack the shelves and all the science fiction shelves and bookshelves in the stores forever and ever.


We find for instance the Pentagon is getting us all hyped us that war is inevitable with Iran. Like it's a big secret, right? They've been telling us this since the 1990s in the Project for the New American Century when they published their agenda for the Middle East. Yet, we the people across the world have no say in this agenda because it was planned, as I say, long ago. We don't have the power to dissuade them. They're an entity unto themselves. They don't follow the public opinion. They do create public opinion, mind you, when they want you to side with them on behalf of a war. That's quite easy to do. You just pull out the brass bands. Play the indoctrinated music that you respond to like Pavlov's dog and bring out the emblems and drape themselves in the emblems of their country. Very tribalistic system that we live in and the guys at the top know how to use it.


In Scotland it's the bagpipes. They call it the bagpipes and before you know it you'd follow the piped piper anywhere. It's just a conditioned response. In England it's the Royal Marines and their bands, and it's very similar in the U.S. Same old techniques and it applies – it actually works very well on 18, 19 year old young men. Therefore, war with Iran you see is inevitable. We're being given a declaration, a form of a warning to get used to the idea of it, and I noticed that they always start this when winter is coming on. Winter will be coming on and then of course the oil prices will go up for the heating back home in the colder areas of Europe and America, and it's traditional. Now it's so predictable it becomes boring. It's repetitive like a repeat program you've seen before and before and before, and that's what we're living through and that's what is supposed to be called life – this repetitive program to watch this agenda unfurl. An agenda they published twice in the 1990s and people still think that politics has a lot to do with it and that your politicians have a lot to do with it.


A parallel government runs this whole agenda, a parallel government which they set up and wrote about. Margaret Thatcher talked about it openly in her world tour. The tour was called "The New World Order" and she said we had to set this up because they're too many conflicting parties in society to get anything done. Too many peoples with irreconcilable differences, therefore they would do it all for us, and that's what they've been doing step-by-step quietly. I'll be back in a few moments after these messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and what a matrix it certainly is. It's so deceptive and multi-layered. It's very difficult for the ordinary person to get through, especially those who are just waking up because they have been touched personally by the changes that are happening in their own lives now. That's when most people start to get uneasy and know something is wrong. They just don't know the facts. They don't know the history behind this. They see what's put in front of them to see and they don’t know anymore. It's not an easy thing.


The first thing they do actually is try and get back the old system because that's what they're used to. You're used to being in that field, that sheep field with all the other sheep around you behaving in the same way. It makes you feel comfortable and suddenly you see it's changing as the black sheep's there with the different uniforms on and they've got machine guns in your streets and you're told to obey them when you go to get a train or you get into a taxi in some countries, or you want to get in a subway or an airplane. You see these different sheep around you, and what you do to change people’s behavior is to change the environment around them. If the guards weren't there we'd feel much easier and freer.


You wouldn't have the little worries that you'd normally have when you see them, because men with machine guns are rather intimidating. They don't smile much either. They're kind of like the guards at Buckingham Palace. They don't smile much at all and they do expect to have instant obedience when they tell you to do something, so you are being trained to obey overt authority, force in other words through the rest of your life in fact, because this is going to go on for the next hundred years according to Mr. Rumsfeld. This war could last a hundred years and at the end of it they want their Brave New World, the Huxlian world that he wrote about (Aldous Huxley), where you will be purpose made for your task. You won't have the ability to cause problems down the road for your elite handlers. You won't be an individual in fact. You won't be able to think like an individual. The very structure of the brain that you'll have will be completely different.


However, in the meantime you have to go down this road where they have you ID'd and they want you eventually chipped and tracked. It's a step-by-step program. Once the chipping takes place and new children are born into the next generation, they will grow up thinking this is all quite natural, including the next step that will occur in their lives when purpose made humans are actually created and put in amongst them to take over the work.


When you look at the big building projects going on worldwide you'll see that the big builders are not worried about a war with China. They're not worried about the Russians. They're doing building projects now that will take 15, 20, 30 years. That tells you that they're not panicking about the future, and of course they’re not. They're building the next system to take over from this one in the future and it will be a time of chaos for peoples within every country as the changeover occurs – the changeover from the monied system that you know. You buy and you sell. The change over from picking your own mate, that will eventually go. The change over from purchasing the energy supplies you need, including food, is going to be altered and they want to eventually put everything through the United Nations, all food, water and energy resources. All the things that you need to sustain your life and your families, they're going to come through the United Nations.


The food supply is to be basically rationed out by the United Nations. Look into the Department of Agriculture. Look into past speeches that have been given there and they say that the populations will be kept in check by the heads of each nation or state or ‘region’ as they put it; and it's your problem if you go over your population quota. You'll have to starve some to death or kill them in some other way. That's the bare bones facts, folks, and it's not nice. It's not nice. It's not pleasant but that's the truth and this kind of stuff has been written about and published by these organizations and the United Nations since before I was even born.


You see we're trying to catch up here and that's what is causing the panic with most people. They have never known that the reality that they believe in so much, the reality that they're terrified of losing was never theirs at all.  It was a temporary phase that served the elite as they move their agenda forwards, as they trained you to relax and simply be downloaded by television, comedies and movies. They were training you all through your lives to accept big changes, the big changes that are coming. They're coming very shortly and they haven't given you any avenue of complaint. There are no complaint departments in this big world structure. Try complaining to the Pentagon and see how far you get or the British Department of Defence or the head of NATO.


You see, we have no say in any of this and these organizations, which really took over power big time during World War II and then during the Cold War, are a super government. They're supra. They're over government. They're so secretive that politicians can't demand answers from them either. That's the reality of it and your vote means nothing to them. In Britain at least a lot of people there, because of the centuries of history and abuse and misuse of the people and wars, endless wars, at least a lot of the public there still retained the memory of this ‘Establishment’ as they call the real government, the old monied people, those who live in and around London area.


However, in the Americas you've been sold a fiction for a long, long time. Hollywood even put movies out, documentary movies. One is called "Hollywoodism."  Have a look at it. The biggest producers you can name in the big studios tell you that they gave you your culture. They rewrote your histories and sold it to you in a fictional form, which now becomes reality to you. That's the sad news. Before Hollywood came up the United States was like most other European countries. It was a mixture of European peoples, some of whom were segregated from other people. Some even settled into cities, from the Dutch or the German. There were lots of Germans and then were the Irish and then there were Scottish areas and they retained part of that culture up until around World War I when Hollywood came into being, and its first main movies really were to do with propaganda. That's the purpose of the movie industry and the entertainment industry.


England was the forerunner for mind control like the Tavistock Institute came up with at the beginning of World War I. They found that radio, even radio could alter peoples behavior and perceptions on things. They used radio to give daily ‘serials’ they called them. Serial is from Monday, Tuesday down through Friday. It's a play that's broken up into parts and you've got to tune in the next day to find what happened and they leave you after one hour every day with a cliffhanger and you were sure to tune in to find out what happened to the hero. That's behavior modification. You've altered your behavior by even tuning in, because I'm sure you would have something else to do if you didn't.


Television came in big time into Britain in the '50s and it was a mandate by the government to have televisions in everyone's homes by 1960. They bought up hundreds and thousands of used televisions from the United States. They bought them cheap. They reconditioned them and the DER Company, which is of course RED backwards, were the ones that were allowed to pass them out and the public were allowed to pay them up on hire-purchase because folks didn't have credit cards then. That was the first thing you were allowed to do on hire-purchase. If you had no collateral they'd make sure you've got a television anyway and you could pay a few shillings per week to keep it.


The BBC was the only, only outlet at that time for many years of propaganda, movies and news, therefore, it was well under their control. George Orwell tried to warn us about this because he worked for the BBC during World War II. His job, as he said himself, was to try and convince the British housewife that all these cheap meat cuts that they were getting at the butchers were somehow healthier than the stuff they had before. In other words, to warp a reality upside down. Sell them cheap junk that used to be thrown out and tell them it was better for them to give them new menus to cook by et cetera. That's what his job was and he saw from the inside how propaganda could alter the perceptions and the behavior of people who listened simply to the radio every day.


We fail to realize this, but, as I say, if you want to alter the behavior of people, you simply alter the environment around them. Other schools of psychology tried to deal with the individual person when there's problems and their job is to get you back into the very system that broke you down in the first place. That's what they call getting you back and healthy again. Back into the mainstream, even though the mainstream is the very cause you broke down. That's the function of psychiatry and psychology, to get you back into a crippled, deviant system that bust you in the first place.


You have to look at things from many, many different angles to come up with the real answers because we live in a matrix. A multi-leveled matrix of mind control, massive mind control and manipulation from birth and most folk live to the very end never ever knowing. I'll be back after these messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi, I'm back. Alan Watt with Cutting Through the Matrix, just telling a little bit about the multi-leveled system we're in and how difficult it is for the person at the bottom to figure it out since he turns round to the people nearest to him and blames them. It's so easy to do. They say that there are nine above and nine below all the hierarchies, with us in the middle. That's how many levels there are above and below, each one separate from the other through layers of security clearances et cetera, while the ones at the top are the only ones who understand what's really going on.


I think we have Harley in Michigan on the line. Are you there, Harley?


Harley:  Yes, Alan, good evening. How are you this evening?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Harley:  Good, good. You know I want to agree with you about what you were saying. I kind of thought about Jacques Attali's book "Millennium: Winners and Losers" and I'd liked the chapter where he talked about the microchipping. Then further as you go along in the book he also talked about they need to curve off some of things that you enjoy, so in that book I think he gave a light of insight details of what's really going on and I'm going to hang up and I was wondering if you could elaborate on that. Alan, have a good night.


Alan:  Thank you. Yes, Attali was the man that everyone went to see in France when they went to see President Mitterrand. They had to go through Attali to get to him because Attali was really the top man and he's now working at the United Nations headquarters. He wrote about the downfall of America and how it was planned, basically, and how he said the vast hordes would come up from Latin America and devastate the south of the U.S.  Then, after a generation or two, after all the commotion and destruction has died down that most of the U.S. would end up being a Spanish speaking populace. He knew the agenda because he worked in the big think tanks. He took part in the big think tanks that planned and drew all this is up, and he was also one of the main leaders for the European Union, so he knew the format.


Yes, he knew about the chipping and how when they took down borders they still needed total control of information over every individual soul, and for a borderless world they'd have to literally chip every single individual and keep track of them. Know where they were at all times and who they were meeting with and ultimately what they were even saying to people. Their banking would also be included in this chip and he wrote about that in other articles as well. The card or the chip – the card is only the precursor to train you to accept the next step and it will seem all quite natural in the progression, but the card itself is admitted to that's coming shortly has enough storage space in the active chip to do all your bank transactions, and that will be the only one you'll be allowed to use down the road. The chipping will be mandatory eventually, so that when you cross borders, all you have is a machine there anyway that registers you passing through.


They don't really care in the next few years where you come from or go to, as long as you're in the system and paying taxes and working and being a happy little slave. That's all they really care about. There's nothing in fact for the next 50 years that they haven't written about at some level or other and often put these books in your library where no one will read them, and legally they've told us where they're taking us. The big building projects are going on for the NAFTA superhighway are going on at a war-like pace, night and day, seven days a week through the winter, too, in Canada. They're actually shoveling snow in the winter to clear the roads as they blast them and blast through rocks and mountains. This has never been done before, this kind of high-powered race to get this accomplished. It's a "must be" as they say, because once the hullabaloo is over and the borders start coming down, once we've all got our ID card, then the borders themselves will come down and there will be massive flows of people from Latin America looking for the streets paved with gold, and they won't find them, of course. The gold left the country a long time ago. However, that's how it was done. The big builders are always building huge new projects, always planning way ahead like a huge business plan, and that's all it is. It's a huge business plan that goes on forever with us and every generation being trained to do their part in it, never really knowing how it's going to turn out.


We're meant to simply sit back and be entertained every night when we come back from work and drink your beer, watch your sports and zonk out. Take your downloading from the news. Believe what they say and use that for your topics of conversations the following day. That's what Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about in "Between Two Ages" and "The Grand Chessboard."  He also talked about stuff that no one's talking about right now, the technotronic warfare or psychotronic warfare that was ready to go back in the 1970s using the HAARP technology. They could literally bathe a whole continent with specific scalar wave pulsation and affect the mood and the behavior of every person inside the country. That's been happening. There's even been lawsuits launched against the U.S. government by Maine because they found out they were being the guinea pigs for this scalar weaponry and the testing of it. We live in a very, very different world than the one the major media will tell you about, and I'll tell you more about this when I come back after the following break.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back again with Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about the scalar technology that's being used now in conjunction with the heavy spraying across the sky. Something again that people tend not to talk about much, even on radio and the patriot stations, and yet, until this spraying above us is stopped completely, it doesn't bode well for us at all because the chemicals in the spray are really targeting humans in a big way, never mind the bronchial infections. That's only one side effect of this. Part of the purpose of scalar weaponry is to basically make the atmosphere a better circuit for the HAARP technologies to use. That's why they use barium particles and aluminum oxide particles amongst others. It's all to make the atmosphere a super conductor and they can then broadcast the HAARP pulsation, the secondary wave carried on the first one, the primary, and this is meant to affect your mood or your behavior. The odd thing is I've noticed when they're spraying very, very heavily, people from all over not just the world but see mainly in North America and Europe and they'll all call me about the same day or within a couple of days and they're all either depressed or they're elated or fairly happy. However, it's a generality I've noticed. Now it's becoming more common.


Mood swings, which are one of the first side effects that you will see with the HAARP or the circuit frequency, it's becoming prevalent. It's written into the treaty on weather warfare at the United Nations. It's worth looking up to see what they've written into that. All of the effects including the earthquakes, the tsunamis, droughts or floods or even hurricane creation or tornadoes are all written into that treaty written in the 1970’s, which meant that it had already been tried and tested for them to write all of that in. Definitely, the mind control aspect is rather scary.


A few nights ago I watched one of the new normals now. We get new normals all the time and it must be normal because no one else talks about it, and that was to watch the sky at night with the strange lightning effect with no thundering noise and from north to south it was as though someone was rippling their fingers down a piano from top to bottom and all over again. That's the strobe type effect you get with scalar weapon technology being used, and it's being used on the people.


Brzezinski in "Between Two Ages" put a chapter called "The Technetronic Era" where psychotronic, that's mind and electronics combined basically will affect everybody within the continent for control purposes.  I think it's being done to be honest with you because people for quite some time now are not responding to the things around them in their environment as they should.


Now I think there's Eric in Nebraska called in. Are you there, Eric? Hello.


Eric:  Yes, I am. Alan?


Alan:  Go ahead.


Eric:  Alan, just a question a little bit off topic tonight, but I think you're the person who could help me. I've been trying to figure out how the very first kings got the job as being a king or the first ruler, I mean going back further back than the Egyptian times when they had Ra going back further than Sumeria. How did it all start where there was that key leadership position and do you have any idea about how that might have come about?


Alan:  The general theory they give in the universities is that an opposing tribe clash at certain times over food in times of scarcity and the biggest man in fact would be chosen to be a leader. He's more intimidating et cetera and during his little reign during the time of strife he would be looked up to for advice et cetera, and then, once the little skirmish was over, he got accustomed to having a little bit more than the rest and got accustomed to having all the goodies. That's what they claim anyway. However, there's an occultic side behind it as well because king comes from Cane, Kain and Kingu. It all comes from the same root word including Cane, also used to be the term for a ruler. The ruler that you use in school, it was made of cane you see, it was a measurement, so it goes back to a much ancient system of builders, again to do with measurement, rulership. You measure by using the ruler and you have a cane. It became king and KinguTsar is another term that they used in the Middle East for it as well. It's an occultic language in fact going down through the millennia that still carries on today, which doesn't surprise me since you look at the same emblems that they use in the nobility of Europe, the same emblems that were used in coats of arms thousands of years ago. They try and say it was all brought up during the Middle Ages and they invented the coats of arms, but that's so far from the truth it's laughable. They've found coins from around 800 BC when coins came in with coats of arms of the particular kings and they were always predators. It's always a lion or an eagle or something like that because they were the predators. So I don't know if that helps you or not.


Eric:  But we are going back in pre-Egyptian times because the straw man theory wouldn't account for the intellect of the leader. It would only account for their strength and no one challenging them, but there had to be power.


Alan:  Even in those days they didn't need too much intellect. Physical strength was intimidating and once you had the leaders – and this is the key to all in history. Once you had the leaders, the big men in all the big tribes intermarrying with their daughters et cetera, then the whole process of inbreeding started and the priesthoods which were always there.  In the old days it was shamans in one form or another that would keep track of who was breeding with who, until you get to the stage of Sumer and then later Egypt where they actually married their own sisters, they keep this particular quality in the family.


Eric:  Okay. Thank you very much.


Alan:  Okay. I mean it's tremendously interesting and even the kings and queens they've dug up from Sumer are very interesting because we find that they wore wigs of the people they ruled over, the black-haired wigs, but they themselves were blond or red-haired. That's an interesting little fact. If you go into the Egyptian tombs and look at even the aristocracy around the pharaohs, they were often painted with green or blue eyes and they found the black woven wigs made by the local people that they wore during the day when they were showing themselves to the public. There's a thing here that goes back even into Aryan times to do with the ancient blond people, almost albino that swept through areas of the northern parts of the Middle East and then eventually into India. They were very proud of being ultra white, almost albino and that's where the whole concept of the Aryan race came from. Hitler was fascinated by that, as was Goering and a few other ones and Himmler. They tried to trace the roots back to what they thought was the Aryan race, a people who were highly skilled in war, very aggressive, almost merciless in fact; and in the Old Testament you'll find they called them "Hurrians" at one point. In Greek they called them the 'troglodytes," those who lived within caves, within mountains, very pale skin; and the supposed tribe of Manasseh interbred with them to the north and became very warlike and fierce and even turned upon the people of Israel according to their legends.


We’ll never know how much is truth or fiction or partly truth or myth. We do know that there were definitely a race of people who ruled over other peoples but did not interbred with the ones they ruled over, much the same as the European royalty. They never marry into the ordinary stock which they rule over. They only marry each other; and from the most ancient times up until really the 1600’s, we don't realize that in Europe when a king married a foreign queen, often the whole country was put down as her dowry and millions of people were handed over as property and all the land when they got together. That's what really happened, not so long ago, not so very long ago at all. Here we find, lo and behold, Professor Carroll Quigley in his book "The Anglo-American Establishment" telling us that the next system that's already coming in (it's already here) is a regurgitation of the feudal system with the top CEOs being the feudal overlords.


Now I think there's Kirk in California. Are you there, Kirk?


Kirk:  Yes I am. How you doing, Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Kirk:  Good, good. I wanted to talk to you. I have a question for you. Who or has there been any obstacles in history that have conflicted against this agenda, like certain people that have come out in history that have actually managed to modify it at all?


Alan:  I don't think so, to be honest with you.


Kirk:  Or groups?


Alan:  There's always been groups that will spring up spontaneously and they're often put down very swiftly if they're a threat to the ruling establishment. In fact, again, the history primarily of Europe was ferocious to do with how they kept control over the public, especially since the Norman invasion. Before the Normans there were Saxons and various Germanic peoples in Britain. In fact the language is basically a Germanic language and we know that they thoroughly resented being taken over by this new Norman brotherhood, really with their old, old system that really goes all the way back to the ancient Middle East. We find Scotland was one of the main countries that rebelled and fought them off when Scotland fought off the Romans. It was the only country the Romans could not conquer.


Kirk:  Really? I didn't know that.


Alan:  And even at the defeat that Scotland had were mainly just uprisings of a few clans. Scotland's biggest defeat was to be given away in marriage to royalty from one royal to another, and we find that they put up some of the biggest shows. So did parts of Ireland as well rebelling against this particular system. People think in Ireland it's just Protestants against Catholics, and it wasn't just that at all. There were many Protestants fought even in the early IRA uprisings because they did not want this feudal British rule that was very, very ancient from taking over their lifestyles.


Kirk:  Yes they definitely portray it as the Protestants against the Catholics when it comes to Ireland. That seems to be the company line if you will I guess.


Alan:  Yes. They did definitely try and stir that up because if they can get a people fighting amongst each other they sit back and laugh and manage the strife very well. It's the same in the Americas. I've noticed even amongst what they think are the patriot movements, the lines are being drawn as to who you're supposed to hate and kill and who's behind it. That's typical strategy as you all go down the sewer pipe together strangling the wrong people, because the ones above you are the guys – these are international families, very, very old families; and if you want to know a lot of their names, just look into who was on the Mayflower. May is a very important time for this occultic group.


Kirk:  Yes, they certainly want us fighting amongst each other. I wonder if there's any agent provocateurs in this movement too? I would imagine they try to plant some just to--


Alan:  They have. Some have come out and shown themselves. Colonel Bo Gritz was one of the best ones. He was on the short-wave programs for years collecting names of all the people; and being a good Mason, because he given all the Masonic clues in this talks, and then after 9/11, just when he got off short-wave radio a few months before after being on it for years, on the Congressional steps on national television he was shown talking to a reporter and he said, "I think it was those crazy patriot types that listen to short-wave radio and believe in black helicopters."


Kirk:  You've got to wonder what he did with all those names they collected, huh?


Alan:  Well I'm sure. It was so funny because he was telling them that as a member of the militia which everyone could be. Just send you name to the Department of Defense and they'll give you an old Garand rifle from World War II.


Kirk:  Right. There you go. Something that's going to be worthless or blow up in your hands.


Alan:  Well at least they've got you monitored there.


Kirk:  I don't know if you saw the article that was in Orlando from one of the television stations. They were talking about U.S. troops being deployed to Washington, D.C.


Alan:  Yes. Actually they rotate them to there anyway. They're always rotating them. They've been under heavily surveillance for a while in Washington and protection really since 9/11 happened.


Kirk:  This one is kind of interesting because this is actually an armored division, artillery.


Alan:  Yes, I'm not surprised because they're going to start the next step towards Iran.


Kirk:  Yes, it definitely seems that way to me that there's some really big things going on in the United States right now.  I'm just amazed because I talk to as many people as I can about these subjects and I try not to be to pushy, but I am passionate about this and I can see the writing on the wall especially – all you've got to do is read history. That's what I always tell people. I mean this is not some conspiracy theory. All you have to do is read history. It's right there for you.


Alan:  Yes. Everything is in the open now, if you want to see it, and the main thing is not to be stuck down on what's coming immediately next. Look at the long-term thing and everything suddenly makes sense.


Kirk:  Yes, exactly. That's what I think gives you a perspective if you want to look at history and stuff.  I know you've got other people to talk to. It was a real honor speaking to you Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in.


Kirk:  Okay, thank you.


Alan:  Look at the long-term goals of history and everything suddenly makes sense to you. See where they're going. Look at the big building projects. Look at all the deals that are being signed for the next 5, 10, 20, 30 years and you realize your government is not worried about losing any kind of war. Neither is the British government or the French or anybody else. They're doing their big long-term plans to deal with a rising population, to do with city planning, the habitat areas. That's going on full-steam ahead, and when they stop doing that then you start worrying because then you know they're running out of things to do, because then they'll know there's something coming up. In the meantime, don't be waylaid by the immediacy of things. Look at the long-term agenda. Look at the taking over of Iran as the next goal and they might just very well rush through to Syria without stopping because they don't want to stop it and then start to get public opinion again for Syria.


It's interesting even looking at George Orwell's "1984" where you had to know who you were fighting because they kept changing your targets every few months. That's how devious this system is.  I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi, I'm back. It's Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, and I think we have Robert in Canada on the line. Are you there, Robert?


Robert:  Yes I am, Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Robert:  That's great. I just have a quick question for you Alan. Recently, when you were on Red Ice with Henrik, you mentioned about the Book of Revelations and the meaning of ‘holy, holy, holy’.


Alan:  Yes.


Robert:  I was wondering if you could expand on that again, please.


Alan:  Yes. They’re always laughing about the little clues that they put into books, and remember that all holy books have been rewritten down through the ages and updated, just like a computer's program for the times ahead. The Masons love (or at least the builders in those days, the Rosicrucians) loved their little jokes and they do run by the Cabala. They called it the Christian Cabala at one time when it came into Britain. They adopted it from the Middle East, and there's different versions even in Greek. There's a Greek Cabala. However, 666 is their big number of course. We know that. The name of the beast is 666, and in Revelations if you were to look at it and you count up the numbers in the Cabala for ‘holy, holy, holy’, you've got 666, so right there it says who they are worshiping. They're going round in a circle all the different types of angels et cetera and what it's telling you there is the one you are worshiping is the beast itself, 666.


Robert:  That's very interesting and there's so many interesting things in the bible there that I guess there are double meanings of it, like Genesis I believe. Does it mean the gene of Isis?


Alan:  That's right, yes. It's very interesting because the high occultic society call their church the Mother. They always call it the Mother, sometimes Sophia, the Goddess Sophia of Wisdom. If you look at Osiris and Isis, you see Isis is the church and Osiris is the body. That's really what it means. You belong to the body of it. Therefore, the male lineage is supposed to be superior in their view to the female, as far as rulership goes, that the female is the carrier of the gene and they call them "Dollies" in the high Masonic circles and they mate them up. A "Dolly" is a carrier. Benjamin Franklin used that term himself when he belonged to the Hellfire Club in England, and he talked about even the ancestor of Jackie Onassis because that woman who ran the actual authorized high brothel – it was a breeding brothel with women with specialized genes. It was Madame Bouvier who was a direct ancestor of Jackie Onassis or Kennedy. They've been breeding selectively down through the ages and the honor for the high Masonic group who'd serve the purpose well was to actually breed with these women and it was their offspring that they were after. Offspring of genius coupled with the right carrier of the female.


Robert:  Thanks for answering my question, Alan. You take care.


Alan:  It's a pleasure. Yes, so much is going on all around us all the time, always has been in every generation. Most people are oblivious to it. They don't really know what's going on except what's right in front of their noses; and that's what the job of the media is, is to keep you in a total confusion while this agenda rushes ahead. ‘Always learning but never knowing.’


That's it for me tonight, from Hamish and myself, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)